Star date: 27th May 2012


`Nazi salute for our darling royals, Let's pay tribute to our darling royals
They robbed us they raped us, God save 'em they're gracious…'

This Thursday to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Salford rappers Class Actions are to re-release probably the most in yer face anti-Monarchy mash up since the Sex Pistols. The Royals, released last April to `celebrate' the Royal Wedding, hit the national press and was banned on You Tube in some countries. Can there be a better Salford soundtrack for anyone who disses the Duke of Ed and his family?

Full details of free download here…

Class Actions
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`The whole Jubilee is a ridiculous waste of tax payers money, at a time when normal people are having their jobs and services cut' Aslan AK

Some people's mouths are still open with shock from last year's release of Class Actions' The Royals: the Royal Wedding Rap, that sang of Prince Harry's swastikas, anal sex with Kate Middleton, Camilla gold digger, `fuckin' thick' Phillip and seig heiling the Queen (see Salford Star article here).

If it was still possible to offend the Crown since the Sex Pistol outrage at the '77 Jubilee this was the track to end all tracks. Banned by You Tube in certain countries and coming with an `offensive' warning in the UK, it was also featured in the English national press. And this Thursday The Royals is being re-released as a free download at www.classactionsuk.com

"The song is a no holds barred attack on an incredibly undemocratic institution" says Aslan AK, Class Actions' frontman on The Royals "The satirical comparison with Nazi Germany is a reference to the fact that, like Nazi Germany, the Monarchy was (and still is) unelected. Let us also not forget that Prince Harry is rather found of dressing up as a Nazi!

"Although we released it last year to coincide with the Royal Wedding, its lyrics went far beyond that, therefore the track is as relevant as ever" he adds "The whole Jubilee is a ridiculous waste of tax payers money, at a time when normal people are having their jobs and services cut. The money spent on the Jubilee should be spent on an institution such as the NHS. Let's abolish the monarchy for good and re-distribute their wealth to those who need it."

The Royals aren't the only target for Salford's most radical rappers – earlier this year, Rip Up The Sun trashed Rupert Murdoch on the 23rd anniversary of Hillsborough (see here) and later this year an anti-Thatcher music video will be released to remind people how history tends to repeat itself. The rap collective are making the video with Manchester production company Queen Riot. There's also another Class Actions album due out later this year.

In the meantime, play The Royals, with its rather heavy dancebeat as a backdrop, loud alongside the Sex Pistols at your anti-Jubilee street party this week…

The Royals (Royal Wedding Rap) is available on free download from Thursday at www.classactionsuk.com

See also YouTube – click here

For the Salford Star interview with Class Actions – click here

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caroline wrote
at 20:42:03 on 08 June 2012
I am not the brigtest button in the pot.So i will try again.Sewer rats was reguarding the use of profanity..an how there is no need for such..you can only fail if you do that..ex.If someones comes etc talking in this way ..you can join in or walk away..All people have the right to say whatever..but ?As for the war it was as always about the money God.England had to think of lost of money so did the rest..did they care..some did..but they are forgotton mainly good was on all sides.. as was bad..
caroline wrote
at 20:40:58 on 08 June 2012
o.k who am i to talk,,, aslan... etc,....forgive the sins of the father.....my chrildren are asian we all suffered...from racists..my family past, Dev.ira. plus kennedys etc husbands family adnmirall Collingwood ,,bishop of durum etc....We are both other side of the fence,,but we came together understanding as always greed and cruel behaiover....---note not all people with money are evil.---is not acceptable talkas if all..greed etc destroy my home.Bindloss.Do not give the rubbish ..if your father plus family worked hard ..why not past dowm ..you talk a double edged sword..you say no i say this is not always fair...
Aslan AK wrote
at 12:46:34 on 01 June 2012
Thanks Paul, ldev (and the others who have supported us) you learn something new every day and there has denitely been some decent debate. Too damn right of course we don't seriously believe their Nazi's (we're not the first to make the toungue in cheek comparrison - 'God Save the Queen, the fascist regime' springs to mind'). No-one should dispute the links, the fact both are undemocratic and that the sheeple of middle england Daily Mail types blindly support them. These and many other reasons are why we parodied them in this way.
celtician wrote
at 13:59:56 on 31 May 2012
Heard this song on facebook a year ago great stuff. The Royals are parasites @ best imperialists @ worst. They have proven links with Nazis, well said ldev & paul gerrard. Prince Harry & Phillip are racists just google it.....
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:20:58 on 31 May 2012
Leon go and lie down a dark room & keep taking the tablets. Read the posts, the point is not about whether the Nazis were good or bad, just that they were elected.
Republican wrote
at 17:48:00 on 30 May 2012
Well said , Paul Gerrard . The Royals and their kind were great admirers of Nazism . As for Churchill , the man who sent armed troops to break the justified Welsh Miners Strike .
Winston Smith wrote
at 17:47:55 on 30 May 2012
It cuts both ways - by trying to equate the Nazis with the Royal Family you are simultaneously also implying that Nazis are really no more harmful than a load of rich buffoons who appear on tea towels when it's their birthday. They are nothing like the same. Royal 'crimes' such as inherited wealth and power might be (is) unfair but the Royals don't come close, (even in 'satire land'), to what the Nazis did. And @Paul, it wasn't just the Aristocrats who were hobnobbing with the Nazis, Moseley had a hell of a lot of working class support. In the end, right thinking British of all classes told the Nazis to fuck off. And *then* it was back to business-as-usual with the upper classes fucking the people - same as before, same as Parliament does now :)
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 14:27:41 on 30 May 2012
This is an interesting debate and there's a lot coming out about how Hitler came to power. Of course Class Actions aren't claiming that Liz Windsor is a Nazi - and even if they did that wouldn't stop their music being great. But there is another point - that in the 1930s significant sections of the British ruling class were attracted to Hitler's 'solutions'. Von Ribbentrop, a leading Nazi and German ambassador to Britain, courted the 'top' 200 families and was a guest at many a country house party. He is rumoured to have had an affair with Wallace Simpson who later married the King. People like Lord Rothermere and, yes, Winston Churchill, openly admired Hitler's detsructions of the trade unions, until the inevitability of war forced them to denounce him as a madman. BTW the Queen has powers, not unlike President Hindenburg's, to make or break governments. Who would she ask to form a cabinet if we had a Greek Syriza style party opposed to the cuts and which emerged as the biggest party? That's why we should get rid of the monarchy.
slycrew@fsmail.net wrote
at 14:27:29 on 30 May 2012
Bangin tune. 'give you a 12 gauge engage it with your face' I love it
leon nineteenseventeen wrote
at 14:26:38 on 30 May 2012
Nachtschlepper is a Nazi apologist, thats nutty.... fascists don't believe in democracy.... catchy beat there brothers - POWER TO THE PEOPLE
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:28:41 on 30 May 2012
OK, who let the nutter in?
Aslan AK wrote
at 12:09:21 on 30 May 2012
Apols for the typo I meant 'the Nazi's never won a democratic election' (not ever lol!)
Aslan AK wrote
at 11:02:37 on 30 May 2012
@ ldev too damn right, there are plenty of reasons to compare the two and thanks for the support! @ Nachtschlepper, I have not bent history. I repeat the Nazi's ever won a democratic election and therefore have to mandate to claim to be democratically elected (they didn't even win the election you have refered to). They came to power via undemocratic means as I have previously pointed out. Let us not also forget the intimidation they used on their rise to power which is hardly a democratic method is it? Nevertheless I think you're reading too much in to the whole Nazi thing my friend, it was a tounge in cheek reference and it's hardly an ultra serious song!!! But a good old history debate is fun :) We can at least agree the monarchy is an unjust institution.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 05:26:50 on 30 May 2012
I'm really sorry but you can't bend history because it disagrees with your weltanscaung (there's a good Nazi word for you). The Nazis were the largest party in the Reichstag after the March 1933 election, though they had to form a coalition with other right wing parties. I am not defending the Nazis or the monarchy, just historical fact. As I pointed out in my previous post Hitler then took an unshakable grip on power. The fact is though that initially the Nazis were democratically elected. I am not defending the Nazis or the monarchy, just historical fact.
ldev wrote
at 05:26:19 on 30 May 2012
Top tune- reality lyrics. Real music dealing with the issue that needs addressing. The Nazis who act like they are 'harmless'.. The Monarchy costs 204.5 million pounds a year to the Tax Payer. They are estimated to bring in around 4 million pounds through Tourism. A massive loss making venture for the people. Massive earner for HM Dictatorship PLC. The Queen is unelected.unnacountable . unremovable through democratic means-that is Dictatorship. They have Nazi links a plenty.Prince Philip has sisters who were married to members of the SS and he has expressed praise and understanding of how the Nazis must have seen appealing to the German people. http://www.911omissionreport.com/philip_nazi.html As for the German Nazis them being democratically elected-They were -but then Hitler took away the power for him to be voted out. Those who see the Royals as harmless are swallowing mainstream propaganda. They have gained personal fortunes from the UK Tax Payers-The Queen herself is said to be worth 17 trillion pounds.She is the Largest landowner on the planet -owning 1/6 of the non Ocean surface of the Earth-33 states/territories. Control the Medias and the Banking sytem and you can drip-feed them any facade of theatre you desire..
Me... wrote
at 05:26:09 on 30 May 2012
Fuck sake guys... So what about Uncle Adolf... You werent even thought about when he was in power... Why not talk about Pol Pot??? No, wait, he's Asian... President Marcos, no wait, Asian... I know, lets pick on some white guy... Easy target coz he's all fucked up and deeeeeeed... So what if the Queen has German blood and Philip is Greek... Nobody cares... But ya right about the expense of this Jubilee... It wont get cancelled... Never... So no point in protesting about it... so please, next time you wanna protest anything, THINK THE FUCKER THROUGH... You fuckin' half wits... One last thing... I bet you cant even name one of those blocks of flats being demolished... I can, coz I lived there for a few months... Wadda shithole... Now STFU and get on with ya lives... Nuff said... Adios arseholes...
Aslan AK wrote
at 20:28:14 on 29 May 2012
@ J and Nachtschlepper, the Nazi's were not democratically elected in to power. Hitler was invited to become chancellor of Germany as a way of containing the left wing of society. Hitler was effectively handed power on a plate by Paul von Hindenburg who had recently beaten him in the national presidental election. The Nazi's never properly won any democratic elections (they contested elections in 1933, 1936 & 1938 after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, where they were the only party - all opposition was banned by then! no one would view this as a legitimate democratic election!). As I said before the comparison is one for satirical reasons. The monarchy and the Nazi party both are (and were) undemocratic.
at 20:27:43 on 29 May 2012
@Nachtschlepper, @Asian AK, I'll clarify: a Republic put the Nazis in power, therefore a Republic, I would argue, has no intrinsic superiority to any other system, including a Monarchy. You want an 'elected' Head of State?!? You are joking? You want to swap a Head of State paid for by the UK taxpayer for one paid for and owned by international big business (as per the USA)? Because that's exactly what you'll get - and it will be far more expensive than the Monarchy when you take into account the cost of the damage caused by their usual party dogma, self-serving, bollocks decisions. The Monarchy can come or go, but for sure we need less politicians not more of the f*kkers
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 20:26:54 on 29 May 2012
Actually the Nazis polled around 45% of the vote in the 1933 election and formed a government with the German Nationalists so to a degree they were elected albeit in coalition. The Weimar Republic came to an end when Hitler forced a bill through the Reichstag give the new government almost absolute power without referring to the president. @ J, Here are a couple problems that I have with the monarchy, the monarch is not elected, the monarchy cost a vast fortune when people are being forced deeper & deeper into poverty. You say the jubilee gives us an extra bank holiday, not much of a holiday when you have lost your job because of government cuts. Cuts from a government that can find extra millions to fund the life styles of the monarch & the rest of the idle parasites that cling to her. I don't have a chip on my shoulder, I just believe in a fairer society, something that can never happen until the idea that an individual is born to "reign over us, happy and glorious." If you can catch up & get into the 20th century, then one day you might be able to join the rest of us in the 21st.
Aslan AK wrote
at 14:43:18 on 29 May 2012
Firstly special thanks to the Salford Star for this article. @ Winston Smith, the Nazi's did not come to power by an election. Hitler was invited to become Chancellor of Germany as a way on containing the left (both communists and social democrats). Besides the comparrison is purely satirical :) both are undemocratic in their own right. I think it would be far more in touch with the 21st century if we had a democratically elected head of state. @ Caroline I'm sorry but you've fallen for a tabloid myth that the Royals are good for the country and bring in a load of money. Please consider the following facts: •The estimated total annual cost of the monarchy to taxpayers is £202.4m, around five times the official figure published by the royal household (£38.3m last year). •The official figure excludes a number of costs, including round-the-clock security, lavish royal visits and lost revenue from the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall. •Civil List expenditure has increased by 94 per cent in real terms over the last two decades. •£202.4m is equivalent to 9,560 nurses, 8,200 police officers and more than the total annual Ministry of Defence spending on food. The total cost is also equivalent to a number of high profile government cuts, including cuts to the Sure Start programme. •The British monarchy is 112 times as expensive as the Irish president and more than twice as expensive as the French semi-presidential system. •Britain's royal family is the most expensive in Europe at more than double the cost of the Dutch monarchy. •Taxpayers are kept in the dark about the exact cost of the monarchy, due to the royal household's exemption from the Freedom of Information Act and widespread misunderstanding about the nature of the royal family's finances. Can you honestly say the Monarchy represents value for money at time when people are loosing their jobs and services. Are you Caroline, not against the cuts? What has the question 'How many of you have family that let you down?' got to do with the monarchy? I can understand why some may find the song offensive, but it's hardly an ultra serious song is it? It is adult satire essentially. There is also the issue of free speech, you can compare us to 'sewer rats' if we can satirically compare the Royals to Nazis. Sounds fair doesn't it? Finally your family were poor? How then can you support such an institution? The Royal's wealth would be far better off re-disributed to the poor!!!!!!!!
J wrote
at 14:42:49 on 29 May 2012
Don't really see the problem some have with the royals tbh. I can't say I like them, but don't dislike them either. In things wrong with the country they are pretty near the bottom. They haven't done anything to affect me (which works in both ways) and anything that brings everyone together (or most people) at times like the jubilee and gives us an extra bank holiday is no bad thing! The Nazi's were elected in Germany so its a stupid comparison and just undermines the whole thing. It just makes whoever said that look stupid. Chip and shoulder come to mind.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 14:41:11 on 29 May 2012
Brilliant logic, the Nazis were elected so that makes an unelected head of state acceptable. Why do people keep coming up with the most idiotic of excuses for this institution. Pity somebody with a modicum of talent cant come up with something worth listening to to get the point over though.
Socialist Pat. wrote
at 05:15:21 on 29 May 2012
Saw these guys @ Islington Mill once plenty of energy. Loved their version of the internationale and the Maggie song, they gotta do this track live just to piss off the Lizzie brigade..... ps royalists are no better than scabs.
Winston Smith wrote
at 05:14:56 on 29 May 2012
Eh?!? "...like Nazi Germany, the Monarchy was (and still is) unelected". The Nazis *were* elected. Much better to have an idiot non-elected fancy dress Nazi than an elected real one. But that's voting for you...
billy wrote
at 15:35:44 on 28 May 2012
The mob that support queeny and the gang must have the same mentality as the no-hoper mob that elected greedy- mayor stuart .
Robbie wrote
at 11:25:19 on 28 May 2012
I find it amazing anyone can support the monarchy...... Ignore the sheeple lads, more of the same.
salfordian1985 wrote
at 07:19:21 on 28 May 2012
Sick tunes, sickening truths. The guys who told the truth about 80's Liverpool have done so again about that family of tax dodgers, this band are freedom fighters!
caroline wrote
at 18:40:47 on 27 May 2012
The monarchy brings in money to u.k..do you? Have you met them ? They do a lot to help .. which most people never here of..oops bad press teen drinking being a fool..How many of you have family that let you down?.We may have had to go into mum or dads trade..they had to..Could they follow there dreams? Just as some of us wish to ..not always we can..as for the sex pistrols ..they could get there point accoss without being so foul mouthed.My family were poor but we did not talk like sewer rats...
Upstarter wrote
at 14:30:17 on 27 May 2012
Love the techno punk beat nice!
Re Publican . wrote
at 10:23:39 on 27 May 2012
Wonderful stuff . We are certainly re-living the Horrors of the Thatcher Years , and this cheap , fawning, boot-licking obsequiousness to the Windsors is an obscenity .
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