John Cooper Clarke On Life In Higher Broughton.

I'm from Higher Broughton, on the corner of Bury New Road and Great Cheetham Street East, opposite the Rialto picture house, and I used to go there loads. We lived above a chemist's called Friedman's and that corner was a really happening place actually. Potter's Club was there where all the North West snooker players used to go. It was open 24 hours and if you were a member you got a key so you could knock about there for as long as you wanted. It's where John Virgo, Alex Higgins and John Spencer used to practise their shots.

Also in that block was a place called Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms which had indoor fountains and a sprung dancefloor. On a Friday night Jimmy Saville was the DJ and ugly Ray Terret was his apprentice who was like a mini-me of Jimmy Saville. There were quite a few fires there which I could see out of my window but the place always rose from the ashes and would be a bit more splendid than before.

I went to St Thomas's, then in secondary modern it became St Andrews and then, just after our kid left and the Pope had gone to Heaton Park, they re-named it Pope John Paul 2nd. It didn't cut much mustard because about a year later it became a Barrett estate which it still is now.

I wrote bits of poetry at school, I had a knack for it but so did a few of the kids in the class. We had a good teacher, Mr Malone, who was actually the PE teacher doubling up. He had a glass eye and when he took us swimming he'd throw it in the pool…honest…and whoever got it the first would get off early. He was a real outdoor guy, an Ernest Hemmingway type, red blooded, literary bloke. But he was a really inspiring teacher…he used to read old 19th century stuff and say `Just do it like that but only write about what you know' which was pretty good advice from anybody.

My first job was a `shabbos goy', switching the oven on and off for orthodox Jewish people on Fridays and Saturdays. They used to treat you afterwards with a few pennies…a `shabbos goy', that was me…

I had no idea what I wanted to be, just to get a trade after I left school. I had a job cutting out linings for women's coats, got into printing and then became a lab technician at Salford Tech. They called it that but anyone who had a white coat and wasn't a lecturer was a lab technician. It didn't involve any test tubes and or anything like that – I was working in the joinery department handing out power tools.

Beasley Street ? The nearest thing that comes to mind is Camp Street as it was in those days, big houses split into flats with a lot of different things going on.

I now live in the South East – I had a girlfriend who lived down there and I've been there ever since. I've always been in and out of Salford – I worked in Plymouth for a long time in the early 70s with my first wife but I've always come back. What is it about the place ? It must be a magnet for us bohemians…"

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Elaine Kramer wrote
at 10:28:12 AM on Wednesday, January 31, 2018
I lived on Fenney St in the 50's. We had a tiny front garden and a back yard with outside toilet, The back yard led to the 'entry' the narrow passages between the back to backs. We used to play on the 'croft' presumably a bomb site. We used to have bonfires on an enclosed site across the rd. There were 2 bonfires at either end of the enclosed courtyard. There were 2 corner shops. I remember the 1d box in one of them for sweets and chews eg black jacks.sorretti's ice cream cart used to visit amazing stuff. It was a friendly street , my dad would sit on the front steps on summer evenings chatting to neighbours. The street was cobbled. We used to go to the County kids matinees on Saturdays - Flash gordon, 3 stooges, etc. We also went to the Rialto - much plusher seats for 2 at the back and the Devonshire. If it was an A film we would wait outside and ask adults to take us in! I remember Radivans fruit and veg, the Co-op, a bakery Laidlaw's? on Cheetham St. Our doctor was Dr Class. We went to grecian St school and would walk there through Albert Pk. 'Pop" Small was the horrible headmaster. nunn's garage was at the bottom on Bury new Rd.
Beryl Roberts wrote
at 11:22:46 AM on Saturday, January 27, 2018
Hi, David Cohen, I lived on Coke St until the demolition set in. I had two aunts who lived on Halstead Street, my Aunty Sally who had two lads Dennis and Brian Brogan and my Aunty Nancy who had one lad Colin Thomason. My gran also lived there for a time before she moved to Coke St. I only have one photograph of Halstead St and it is my Aunty Sally walking down the street with my gran's dinner in hand. Loved it growing up there. Would love to know if you remember any of my cousins or me and my brother (Beryl and Barrie Pennington).
Dave Cohen wrote
at 7:13:25 AM on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
I was born in Halsted street just before the slum Clearance. I can't find anything online about it. It was near coke street and the now gone kilderkin pub. My Aunt Eva lived in the streets off Leicester Road. I can still remember the gas mantles in
Anne quinn wrote
at 1:56:29 AM on Monday, October 30, 2017
Hi Cathy I came across this site just recently and read all the names you recalled I also left st Andrews in 1981 do u remember Adele cuddy Lorraine McNally known as laney Margaret Breen Lydia vernosa Carol Quinn !I took a number of pics in 1979 in school yard with navy blue uniform around the time the hall was being rebuilt after the fire ? I was a paper girl at Mr woods shop on Leicester rd getting up 530 ever morning by afternoon when my lesson for history I would fall asleep I had female Irish teacher which can't remember her name she was not impressed with me lol ? Great to hear so many names after all these years !!
jennifer lockett (POOLE wrote
at 2:36:13 PM on Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Hi, love hearing all the comments. I lived in Cheetham hill born walnut street then moved to Newsholme st. I have 4 brothers Christopher, Bernard Clive Mark and sister Angela and Theresa. POOLE. we all went to St ThomasS and my mum worked at the cinema in town was it the Rialto with my brother Christopher. We moved to Knutsford which was the manchester overspill minus my big sis who could not leave and stayed close to where we grew up
jennifer lockett (POOLE wrote
at 2:14:53 PM on Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Hi, love hearing all the comments. I lived in Cheetham hill born walnut street then moved to Newsholme st. I have 4 brothers Christopher, Bernard Clive Mark and sister Angela and Theresa. POOLE. we all went to St ThomasS and my mum worked at the cinema in town was it the Rialto with my brother Christopher. We moved to Knutsford which was the manchester overspill minus my big sis who could not leave and stayed close to where we grew up
Maureen Brown .Nee Phelan wrote
at 3:09:00 AM on Wednesday, October 11, 2017
My sister is Kath Beckett. Is my cousin by marriage Roseleen Kinney.. I have lived in Perth Western Australia for the past 30 years . Used to live in Norbury st and before that Lime st off Waterloo rd Maureen Brown ?Nee Phelan .
kath beckett nee Phelan wrote
at 12:30:16 AM on Monday, October 9, 2017
I lived in Norbury street off Gt. Cheetham street. I had a sister Maureen..Teresa..brother John who sadly died in an accident at just 17 yrs old in 1976. I remember Maidens...Tom.and Walters outdoor...the other outdoor..think she was called Flo. Noras chippy near the Broughton pub..turned into a funeral parlour. Loved playing round all the streets. Went to St. Thomas's of Canterbury...then St. Andrews....left in 1966. Now in Prestwich...
Maureen Brown née Phelan wrote
at 12:29:59 AM on Monday, October 9, 2017
Hi I am Kath Beckett's sister née Phelan ?Is Christopher Poole out there or does anyone know him I remember Mr Lundy Head teacher.At St Thomases.Also Roseallen Kinney.Cousen by marrage.I have lived in Australia for 30 years.
David wrote
at 3:02:56 PM on Tuesday, September 12, 2017
John won't remember me, it was a long time ago, but I remembered where he lived, opposite corner from the cinema. The last time I saw him he was storming out of the cimema where they were showing 'blazing saddles'. The snoooker club he spoke of was owned by an Uncle of mine. Thanks JCC, brought back memories. My God did we booze and smoke a lot.
Paul Harris wrote
at 1:23:53 AM on Sunday, July 9, 2017
The postings have brought back so many memories of Higher Broughton, especially street names and places such as the Rialto... a very regular haunt for me as I lived in Hilton Street round the back of the cinema. I attended Broughton Secondary Modern in Duke Street... left in 1964, leaving Salford a year later for Australia. Sorry to have lost contact with school friends and family. Anyone from that era... would be interested to hear from them.
Tony Pritchard wrote
at 1:13:07 AM on Friday, June 9, 2017
Emma Louise I read your post, but at the risk of appearing thick I couldn't find your email address. My email address is tony.pritchard@aol.co.uk It would be great to hear from John again, I think 1980 was the last time!
maggy wrote
at 2:58:27 PM on Monday, May 29, 2017
My dad taught at St Andrew's sec mod. Think he just missed you John, maybe not - Terry Burke, taught science, bit of a bastard but generally OK (till he got home, that's another story).I so wanted to go to that school, cos it was all modern and new. Had to go the Adelphi with the nuns and stuff instead. Terry Burke died unexpectdly in 1975. Lost touch after that.
carl lawrence wrote
at 3:35:22 PM on Thursday, May 11, 2017
Looking for people who may know my grandparents. My grandad is Brian Lawrence and left North salford secondary in 1952 i think and my nan who is maureen lawrence (mcmanus) who attended st chads highschool leaving around 1953/4. Be great to see if anyone remembers them.
Mike Bagshaw wrote
at 10:55:04 AM on Monday, May 8, 2017
I lived in Hilton Street next door to the Church Inn pub that used to be run by my gran and then auntie. The Rialto was like a palace. I remember the luxurious carpeted stairs. The County cinema was a bit more downmarket and my regular cinema haunt was the Devonshire. 'Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier'. As feral kids in the 50s we lived on the streets and at the landslide ('lanny') building dens and playing street cricket and football. My mates were Dave, Phil, Dennis, Terry, and Brian.
Mike wrote
at 1:10:36 AM on Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Way back in the 1960s our teacher from North Salford Boys - Mr Fish - filmed us with his 8mm home movie. One school outing was at Trentham Gardens and it be the only piece of movie that I appeared in. Obviously Mr Alex Fish will no longer be with us ... but where is that home movie. Love to see it on YouTube if it exists. And talking of teachers! I recently found an old image of school teachers from North Salford Boys, quite a few I recognised. If MR RH Clarke is still alive I would like to shake his hand [lol] the only teacher who ever fancied me.
Fred Fielder MBE wrote
at 4:17:52 AM on Sunday, February 26, 2017
Good memories.Remember being kicked out of the woodwork club,by Maurice Mcgee,for snoggin Isobel Eadie in the cloak room!! Some little first year dogooder grassed me up!I could have been a Carpenter,just like Jesus,but eh,thats showbiz.
Emma Louise wrote
at 5:23:41 AM on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
I noticed Tony Pritchard on here. John Tabbron who was a real friend to Tony, lost contact but really enjoyed all the nostalgia and comments. He played Pool at the Rialto, a Broughton lad through and through. The area is nothing now to what it was. Tony if you see this, email me and I can let John know and give you his details.
Paul McCarthy wrote
at 1:14:11 AM on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Great to read about peoples experiences at St Andrews RC,I was there between 1973 and 1978. Remember well Mr Lundy, Mr Williams , Mr Nixon 'get down to my room boy ' before another caning. Happy days !!! Our form teacher ( first year ) was Miss McMahon she took gym , I heard she had a car crash with Mr Henley. Left Cheetham Hill 25 years ago and UK 7 years ago,
Eileen noon wrote
at 3:21:26 PM on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Hi Maureen Barratt I reckon I used to live at the back of you in Harriet Street my name was Eileen Entwistle xx
caroline craven wrote
at 1:46:33 AM on Thursday, November 3, 2016
janis wilson wrote
at 4:40:32 AM on Saturday, October 15, 2016
wonderful reading these comments. I have been married to Anthony Wilson for 40 years!! Amazing how many of you remember him from st T's he is flippin hopeless with e mails but if you want to contact him, my e mail is janiswilsonv@hotmail.com im a Wally street girl went to grecian street school, lots of very happy memories - janis wilson nee Taylor
Maureen barrett wrote
at 12:37:39 PM on Monday, October 10, 2016
Oh my so many memories reading these posts, I lived on back roman Rd . Went to St Thomas's remember frank baron the teacher ? What a nice guy . I remember playing on the paper makers steps as a child . Miss cash more taught myself and my brother Albert barrett.yes Peter louden I remember that leather jacket. St Andrews and the teachers ,miss Ritchie ,Mr Handley , miss Murphy, Mrs owens Mr during I could go on and on
Boyesy wrote
at 12:08:08 PM on Friday, August 19, 2016
My father Bernard Boyes seemed to have plenty of say regarding the Rialto once it became a bingo hall mid 70s, Office on the front where he did the books, all the United players of the time used to come in and play snooker in the afternoon and drink as much as they could, funny times considering these guys were my hero's ?
kath beckett wrote
at 8:02:34 AM on Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Mark Donoghue...do you remember Maureen Agnew?.She lived in Bannerman st...she went to St. Thomas's...passed away in 2014.....
Craig Briggs wrote
at 8:16:17 AM on Saturday, April 23, 2016
Does anybody remember the Briggs family who lived in higher broughton. My grandmother lived in Bignor St Cheetham Hill. My uncle Eric Briggs drank in the Duke of York pub for over 60 years and lived in a street at the back of the Duke. Eric had 9 kids who I believe in the area still
Terence Derbyshire wrote
at 12:17:02 AM on Thursday, April 21, 2016
I'm from higher broughton Salford went to St. James's school till it closed down then went to brentnall school head teacher mr kerns remember miss ramplyn the last class was in was the one at the top of the fire escape rember it well got finger trapped in gate at bottom of it when someone was swinging on it got bent finger from it would great to hear from anyone who went there and have any old school photos also looking for a frank leaver re cooper brother Clive and sister Jackie moved to Oldham when school closed believe frank joined army
kath beckett wrote
at 11:38:31 PM on Sunday, April 3, 2016
Janet Murphy..Father Watson had a thing for Margaret Renshaw..15 yrs old..typical of the priests then
kath beckett wrote
at 11:38:11 PM on Sunday, April 3, 2016
Michael Moran..pics pleeeaaase
Rosie O'Shaughnessy wrote
at 12:55:03 AM on Saturday, April 2, 2016
Hello Murphy Hope this link works!http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/sidebyside.cfm... Ollier Street was off Halliwell Lane and Oakhill Street- which was between Halliwell Lane and Heath Street. I am not sure it's there anymore. Regards.
Murphy wrote
at 1:35:20 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Hello, can anyone tell me where Ollier Street is/was in Cheetham Hill? I am researching family history and this street features for a number of years.
Rosie O'Shaughnessy wrote
at 12:08:06 AM on Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Sorry I should have said Leo Conley not Kevin, I am getting two people mixed up here!!
Rosie O'Shaughnessy (Kelly) wrote
at 4:10:00 PM on Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Oh my goodness what a blast from the past and all because my lovely daughter bought me tickets to go and see John Cooper Clarke so I am re looking at where I went to school and grew up. Frankie Quigg you were in my class and sat beside Kevin Conley, who incidently ended up teaching my son years and years later. He then went onto become a Head teacher in Bolton. Lovely man. Sr Geraldine was strict beyond belief, I often wonder if it's because of people like this that I went into Social Work so children would not be treated in the manner in which she and a few others behaved back in the day. I recall her telling my mam that I would never achieve anything and the welts on my hands from the cane. Have so moved on from all that. Sr John Baptist and Miss Cashmore were lovely people and I have the fondest of memories of another Miss Sheehan, so kind she was to me and I remember her spending her own money on a communion dress for one of the children. Frankie Quigg I recall the fair coming to visit near your house and we all called for you to play out, Leo included. I remember your mam sat outside, which all the Salford Ladies tended to do. I recall standing on the waltzers to impress you ha ha, silly thing to do as I nearly fell off and clearly never created any impression. Still makes me smile. Oh my!! I have posted some pictures on a face book group about living in Cheetham Hill which shows the Whit Walks, the May Crowning and I am sure Kevin Clarke is in there too plus Paul Tootill?? We used to call him the Milky bar Kid if its the same one. Anyone recall Kevin Hulme he lived up on the big brew off Marlborough Road? Character Building days indeed :)
Gerald Tierney wrote
at 7:34:54 AM on Sunday, February 28, 2016
It's wonderful reading all the messages from people recalling their early years in Higher Broughton. I went to St Thomas' before moving on to St Peters in 1970. I was in Miss Cashmore's class. She was a great teacher, although she had a word in my ear when I first started in her class as I'd given the previous years teacher a hard time. Best mate at school John Lavin. Only girls I can remember are Dolores Bradbury and Marie McWalter both of whom went on to Adelphi. Only found out recently that the small building Miss Cashmore taught us in for the final year was originally a police station.
Angela Shaw wrote
at 12:16:58 AM on Saturday, February 27, 2016
Just found this site by accident and so interested to read all the comments about Broughton. I went to St Thomas's and recall so many names mentioned on here. Was in Sr John the Baptist's class in the club and really have so many memories of the play we did in the gym one year. Fr Kirkland wrote all the words to some classical music and she was in awe of him. The Whit Walks were a highlight with such a long walk down into town and back but the pipe bands were brilliant. Saving up all year for the new uniform and being allowed to wear it that day. Walking up to Cheetham Hill baths and having a bar of chocolate from the cafe on the way back, if you were lucky ! Sr Geraldine coming into class on a Monday morning and asking who went to mass the day before, she knew who hadn't put their hands up after 8,9,10 and 11 o'clock mass and you got 6 of the best for it. David Cummings used to cop for it, if I recall correctly. Anthony Wilson broke his leg before the 11+ and came in in full plaster for it. I passed and went to Adelphi, more nuns ! We lived in Hampshire St and it's just an empty field now. Miss O'Gorman taught us in 2nd year when JFK was shot, I remember her slamming her well used cane up and down on the floor so much it went down a knot hole one day and she went mental when we all set off laughing. Kevin Clarke was so funny in that class. My best friend was Muriel Matyszewska, we are still in touch. My maiden name was O'Connor.
Kev Morrow wrote
at 12:31:03 PM on Saturday, December 26, 2015
After leaving school I used to deliver Mothers Pride Bread Old Trafford as a van lad 1965-1967 My journey started at Lower Broughton cafe at bridge near Strangeways Milkbar, Crossleys Bakers, Cade, Kenton’s, Carlton mini market (Carl Hackett’s) Jadzines, Delanties, Nunn’s for Ford, Reliable Rainwear, Ward and Goldstones to name a few. And late morning to Higher Broughton; John O’Connor’s, Babs Cafe, Nellie Bakers, Warrenders, Crowthers, Monks Leicester road, Forshaw’s, Tommy Armstrong, Ron Rutters, Broughton House, the Convent. Very fond memories
Brenda Walker nee ( Oddie) wrote
at 2:09:01 AM on Sunday, December 20, 2015
This is the second good site I have found on Higher Broughton and couldn't resist leaving a few comments. I along with my parents Bill and Alice and my sister Barbara lived in Beaumont Street Higher Broughton. My sister and I both attended St James school and remember headmaster mr.Kearns,Mrs Yule,mr Wright and miss Rampling. Went on to North Salford girls school and remember Elkie Books( Elaine Bookbinder) Also remember lining up with the rest of the children to go into the county cinema for the Saturday matanee. Loved the Rialto,remember the ice cream shop on Cheetham street. My mother used to manage Hames confectioners in the same area. My sister and I new what it was like to keep the front doorsteps clean and what can I say about the bonfires. Paid my first visit to the area recently and couldn't believe it. So sad, such happy childhood memories.
Selina Higson nee Millward wrote
at 11:03:58 PM on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
I used to live on Eskrigge St and went to Marlborogh Rd infants. My nana and Grandad was Gert and Ted owned the shop on the corner of Bannerman St. It is lovely to read about people who knew my grandparents and visited the shop. I have lovely memories of that time.
Violet Flashman/ now Angela Hess wrote
at 1:26:47 AM on Monday, November 16, 2015
I lived in Duncombe Street, Higher Broughton until 1962 I went to St James's. Head teacher was Mr Kearns and drove what I thought was a Rolls Royce. It was probably an Austin A 40! Teachers, Mrs Yule, Mr Smith, Miss Rampling, Mrs Roff, Mrs Higham ( horrible!).
Stephen Nuttall wrote
at 1:23:29 AM on Sunday, November 15, 2015
Me and my family lived at Numbers 8 Bannerman Street Higher Brought Salford my Mum and Dad were Henry and Mary Nuttall my Mum's maiden name was Holt my Dad was a very big guy 7 foot tall liked a beer his best mate was John Holt who is the younger brother of my Mum John Holt he was also a very big guy indeed if enyone does remember my family members my email address is Stephennuttall77@gmail.com it was in the 1960s when we lived on Bannerman Street it would be great to hear from enyone who remembers eny of the family
Tony Pritchard wrote
at 10:48:19 AM on Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Some brilliant memories and nostalgia on here, great to read. I used to live in Taylor Street just off the Bury New Road - just up from The Grove pub, we had a football pitch at the top of our street named 'the croft' with goal-posts painted on the factory walls. I've recently got back in touch with Vinny Mulvey, Billy Crawshaw, Paul Jackson (Mendips, Greptona Grundish, Gellingellers - to name but a few of his nick-names) Wayne Taylor and Billy Rea amongst others. Frank Wongs was unstoppable for Chips & Gravy, Jeff's Ranch House over the road never stood a chance. Cheap Jack's could serve you anything from a tin of beans from 1958 to a new football. Back on the other side of the road seemed to be festooned with laundrettes, and I also recall The Chittagong restaurant, TSB Bank on the corner opposite Dr Mulvey's. The Rialto cinema was great, still has a magical pull for me even now. The swimming baths is still there but looks as if its had its time and probably needs raising to the ground for a new replacement of sorts. I went to St Thomas's from 1967-'73, it was my favourite school - most of the teachers were great, my favourites being Miss Coyle and Miss Cashmore. I went to De La Salle afterwards, but it was never the same, can't say I'm sorry that its now a new housing estate. If anyone has any photo's of the area from the '60's & '70's to share I'd be very grateful to see them.
"Frankie" Quigg wrote
at 6:41:54 AM on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
THE song @ The County cinema, minor's matinees: "We are the boys and girls well known as Minors of the ABC And every Saturday all line up to see the films we like And shout aloud with glee (yeah I know, it doesn't make sense!) We like to laugh and have our sing song Just a happy crowd are we We're all pals together We're minors of the ABC!" ( the last bit shouted, not sung) Always had to get our "rations" from Duckworths first and do the washing @ the "bag wash" just up the road. I remember being in the "bag wash" when hearing JFK had been shot. Happy happy. xx Frankie Quigg The Inkman
at 1:36:24 AM on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Wow. Just seen this site. I have lived in London since 1985 and I am still in regular touch with Kevin Clarke and Joe Boylan. Remember many many names and faces from the 1960's, very fond memories indeed. Miss Cashmore? Wow again. I was in the Rounders Team that won trophies, man! Real success story. Sister Geraldine was a toughie, I agree. But I was recipient of a number of extraordinary kindnesses from her which helped me on tremendously.... Sr. John the Baptist I remember as having a beautiful singing voice and a luvverly gentle and kind demeanour. I am an artist now and they all encouraged me along the way. O Salford, my Salford. What a place and such wonderful, gritty yet warm memories! Tantrum Ergo and O Salutaris Hostia. Gawd, my kids are sick of me telling them about it all. Proud is an understatement! Salford I salute you. St Thomas' too! Wow wow and wow again. xx Frankie Quigg the Inkman
Mike wrote
at 6:13:35 PM on Thursday, October 8, 2015
How interesting to read about the old witch sister Geraldine. My sister got expelled at the age of five for biting the headmistress Miss Walsh. Mother sent her to Marlborough Road School but did not want us to be separated. Sister Geraldine would not release me from St Thomas. A battle raged and my late mother fought and won ... which I regret to this day 51 years later. I ended up at North Salford and all my friends went to St Andrews. ... I use to wash the van for Tom who had the grocer on Great Cheetham Street. I recall his son painting the shop and forgot to take Billy the mimer bird out. The bird - so popular - died from the paint fumes.
Michael Moran wrote
at 8:46:31 AM on Sunday, September 13, 2015
Great memories of old Salford here. I grew up in Bangor St off Back Roman Rd at one end and Bradshaw St at the other. Amazingly the barber Melvins is still there. I remember Jacobs bakers (can still taste their bagels) 'Dirty' Dicks hardware (he was always black with oil hence his nickname), Wongs chippy (great gravy), Dr Mulveys (used to play at their house) Tom & Walters corner shop, the pair of them were like a comedy double act! Also went to St Thomas's and felt the fear of Sr. Geraldine. I have some old pics of the area if anyone is interested mamoran@gmail.com
Peter Louden wrote
at 9:21:25 AM on Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Hi Kathy - yes it is me and thanks for remembering me. I thought I would throw some names and memories into the pot as I did St Thomas from 1970 to 76 and then DeLaSalle in my Cherry Blazer ! First of all - am I going crazy or did we have five sets of twins in one year at age five? Brian and Alan Jones (caned by Sister G for playing football with me and five others with a brick which hit a girl on the head). Coolest boy in school - Barry Marshall and his brother Neil then I run out. More names - John Woods, Eamonn Considine, Carl Butler. Kenneth Bethel ran into a lamppost when we racing to get to a football match. Mandy Churchill, Cathy Foley, Yvette Warwick. Anderton's Chippy was always better than Frank Wong's ! No one has mentioned the baths next to The Rialto and North Salford Youth Club. Playing football on the bowling green at Mandley Park. Learning to play table tennis on a door painted green in the green keepers hut. Spending your bus fare on sweets and walking home. Brian McGahey, Albert Barrett and his leather jacket with John Tabbron. My head hurts now!
Joan Ilott wrote
at 2:01:52 AM on Saturday, August 15, 2015
Janet McGraph. I remember you and your lovely brother. I was born in 1959 and lived in Larch Street next to Garnett St., from the age of 4 to about 9 or 10 before moving to Whitefield. I can still taste Serettis ice scream now, delicious!!!
Anthony Blakeley wrote
at 10:42:47 AM on Monday, August 3, 2015
It is evident that many folks posting attended St Andrews RC. I wonder how many remember the outstanding production of "Toad of Toad Hall" with Liam MaGrodan in the lead role as Toad. My contribution was a minor role in the crowd scenes.
Tina roberts wrote
at 2:29:12 PM on Friday, July 24, 2015
i went to St Thomas's from 1963 to 1971 but haven't got any photos at all, does anyone have any' My name was Tina Pritchard and my brothers are Gary and Darren Pritchard x we lived in a hill St.
Brian Mcnichol wrote
at 10:17:40 AM on Friday, July 24, 2015
Great time in my life living in broughton lots of old friends haven't seen for years, use to be a paperboy at the Broughton depot, Mr Pickering had that shop, then there was radivans fruit shop. Then Jeff's ranch house next to the. Sun pub , giant hotdogs, then Toms off licence on Fenney St , Maidens paper shop on fenney St what about cheap Jacks shop on gt cheetham St with the whitewash on the windows, got all pics for anyone if wanted .
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On Friday 23rd February between 2pm and 5pm, Salford's 'hidden gem' Working Class Movement Library is holding a drop-in as part of a HiDDEN8 event.

"If you've kept meaning to drop into that big Victorian house on the Crescent, today's the day" states Lynette from the Library "We're targeting Salfordians who've always meant to come in for a nosey." Not to be missed.

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Star date: 17th February 2018 


Despite pleas from Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, and various Labour councillors to work together to save the five Salford Council nurseries threatened with closure, a packed meeting of hundreds of people voted this afternoon to lobby and protest against the Council unless a consultation on the closures is stopped.

"They can't have a consultation to close the nurseries, and ask us to have a joint campaign" said UNISON's Ameen Hadi "The two things can't happen..."

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Star date: 17th February 2018


Salford star, Peter Hook, is to perform New Order albums Technique and Republic with his band, The Light, at Albert Hall Manchester on 29th September. Hooky has garnered a massive following touring the world with previous Joy Division and New Order material, and his live shows have met with huge critical acclaim.

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