John Cooper Clarke On Life In Higher Broughton.

I'm from Higher Broughton, on the corner of Bury New Road and Great Cheetham Street East, opposite the Rialto picture house, and I used to go there loads. We lived above a chemist's called Friedman's and that corner was a really happening place actually. Potter's Club was there where all the North West snooker players used to go. It was open 24 hours and if you were a member you got a key so you could knock about there for as long as you wanted. It's where John Virgo, Alex Higgins and John Spencer used to practise their shots.

Also in that block was a place called Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms which had indoor fountains and a sprung dancefloor. On a Friday night Jimmy Saville was the DJ and ugly Ray Terret was his apprentice who was like a mini-me of Jimmy Saville. There were quite a few fires there which I could see out of my window but the place always rose from the ashes and would be a bit more splendid than before.

I went to St Thomas's, then in secondary modern it became St Andrews and then, just after our kid left and the Pope had gone to Heaton Park, they re-named it Pope John Paul 2nd. It didn't cut much mustard because about a year later it became a Barrett estate which it still is now.

I wrote bits of poetry at school, I had a knack for it but so did a few of the kids in the class. We had a good teacher, Mr Malone, who was actually the PE teacher doubling up. He had a glass eye and when he took us swimming he'd throw it in the pool…honest…and whoever got it the first would get off early. He was a real outdoor guy, an Ernest Hemmingway type, red blooded, literary bloke. But he was a really inspiring teacher…he used to read old 19th century stuff and say `Just do it like that but only write about what you know' which was pretty good advice from anybody.

My first job was a `shabbos goy', switching the oven on and off for orthodox Jewish people on Fridays and Saturdays. They used to treat you afterwards with a few pennies…a `shabbos goy', that was me…

I had no idea what I wanted to be, just to get a trade after I left school. I had a job cutting out linings for women's coats, got into printing and then became a lab technician at Salford Tech. They called it that but anyone who had a white coat and wasn't a lecturer was a lab technician. It didn't involve any test tubes and or anything like that – I was working in the joinery department handing out power tools.

Beasley Street ? The nearest thing that comes to mind is Camp Street as it was in those days, big houses split into flats with a lot of different things going on.

I now live in the South East – I had a girlfriend who lived down there and I've been there ever since. I've always been in and out of Salford – I worked in Plymouth for a long time in the early 70s with my first wife but I've always come back. What is it about the place ? It must be a magnet for us bohemians…"

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Eddie Wright wrote
at 10:12:06 AM on Friday, June 26, 2015
Anybody remember Back Roman rd and Papermakers Arms and the tip circa 1948 to 1972.
Pam Yates ( Johnston) wrote
at 4:19:35 AM on Sunday, May 10, 2015
Someone asked where Conway street was. It was one of three street running off Fenny street, Harriet Street, Conway Street and Tully street. Each had a corner shop. Conway street had Hartley's greengrocers. The other two had off licences which seemed to sell anything and everything under the sun. I grew up in Conway street in the 40's and 50's the people were genuine, kind and caring and kept there homes spotlessly clean. Front and back steps were brown stoned regularly and windows were kept sparkling, even though my mum swore our window cleaner only ever cleaned a circle on the centre of each pane and she often went out and did them again when he had gone. When dad said she should get rid of him she just said she felt sorry for him because he could hardly get up the ladder!
Janet Murphy nee Bazeley wrote
at 1:00:27 PM on Saturday, May 09, 2015
It was amazing to read through these messages, a blast from the past. I too went to St. thomas's and St. andrews, remember Sister Geraldine, she was scary and Sister Clare she was sweet, anyone remember Father Watson people used to say he had a thing for her. I lived on Ollier St then Warren St, cheetham Hill, used to play in Mandley Park, loved to go to that club Whisky Agogo! Next to the Rialto. Peter Bagshaw was in my class, Fred Fielder, Marie Grace, just cant remember John Cooper Clarke, can someone jog my memory, happy days eh?
Mark O'Donoghue wrote
at 4:47:33 AM on Thursday, April 30, 2015
Great to hear that Miss Cashmore is still around, she taught me in junior 4 I think, I still remember them all, Miss Callaghan, Mr fiorentini, Mr Coward! It must have rubbed off I became a teacher too. I lived at 27 Bannerman st, parents still live in Hartis Avenue so go back a lot, it has changed so much
Elsa Conaghan wrote
at 10:46:29 AM on Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Hi how great to receive replies!Christopher Blakeley we have been trying to find you for years. What have you been up to and were did you go.After the shop was demolished my parents moved to Swinton. Irene went to live in Bolton after she got married.We live in Prestwich. Mike Pawson so good to hear from you, Stephen went to St.Gregs in Ardwick so left all his friends behind. We are members of a walking group and one week Kevin Clarke turned up. We did not recognise each other but after we could not stop talking. John Stephens brother unfortunatly died aged 37.Let us know what you have been doing all these years.If any of you would like to meet up for a chat let me know. My email is elsa.tomato9@btinternet.com. Miss Cashmore good to hear from you, I was on your rounders team as was Kevin Clarke, Murial Mativshefka? Anthony Wilson, Sergio Pasquarle, Ann cummings , Pauline and Ann and Frankie Quigg. Do you still keep in touch with Sister John Baptist. Bridget Santos you asked about photos of Charlotte St.try the Local History Museam on Salford Crescent.
david lalley wrote
at 5:23:08 AM on Monday, April 20, 2015
my mother used to live in Conway Street at number 26,she left there when she got married in 1937. Her name was Edith Holt, I just want to know where abouts was Conway Street in Higher Broughton.
Michael myers wrote
at 8:33:19 AM on Sunday, April 19, 2015
Great to hear from miss cashmore on here I was in your class in the late 70s and yes I remember being on your rounders team
Ellie Green wrote
at 1:36:30 PM on Sunday, April 05, 2015
Wow. I've just gone back in time. PAM E YATES NEE JOHNSTONE!! I went to North Grecian St. Remembered the rhyme about Mr Small.Loved it there. We lived in Hampshire Street. My friend and I parted ways a bit when she went to North Salford. She was Maureen Herbert. Her mate at school was Jennifer James..there from 57 to 62. I went to BHS and was in the same group as Ruth Leigh. One of the wittiest girls I ever met. She's the sister of Mike Leigh the really brilliant film director. He actually acted in a school production and everyone was enthralled. He was hilarious and clever. Love to know how Ruth is. And Maureen. Was in touch with Maureen up to us moving to Leyland when we were both in the Fire Brigade. Went to St James youth club for years. Still in touch with someone from there. Could go on forever. ELSIE ROPER
Sr. Moira fcJ ( alias Miss Cashmore) wrote
at 12:48:07 AM on Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Well.Well.Well! Can't believe all the names I know. I'm still in touch with Sr. Clare (not the same order as me) and Miss Ginley, Mrs. Durkin(Miss Murphy) I can even put faces to names! I taught there from 1960 to 1985 then when my Mother died I became a nun. Best wishes and fond memories of you all. Some of you were in my classes for 3 years e.g. Shelagh McWalter. Happy memories! Were any of you in my Rounders teams?
Mags wrote
at 5:29:52 PM on Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Brilliant read - the school me dad taught science at (st andrews) and one of his best mates (John with the glass eye). Both passed on now, but gems of their own sort. Thanks john c-c!
Steve wrote
at 1:33:55 PM on Saturday, February 07, 2015
Can Shaun or Selina of Bannerman Street contact me please? I would like to get a copy of the Jubilee poster. I lived at 33 Bannerman Street in the mid to late seventies. I think if Shaun is who I think he is then he was my friend and we spent an awful lot of time playing Tennis (he always won, was better than me).
Mike Pawson wrote
at 7:24:39 AM on Thursday, January 29, 2015
Just referring to Elsa Conaghan's post of 16 November. I, too, was in Miss Cashmore's class and attended St Thomas of Canterbury between 1960-1966. I also remember your husband,Stephen, very well (I believe he has a younger brother who was in the year below). Many of the names you mentioned are very familiar and I recall several others who were also in the same year, not necessarily in Miss Cashmore's class. The following may jog your memory (excuse the spelling in some cases);Stephen McKeown, John Moxon, Brian Bason, Martin Dwyer, John Hoskins, Stephen Saunders, Eamonn McGrath, Wassell Hamon, Myram Kopczik, Chris Conway, Murial Maticzevsky, Pauline Ashworth, Ann Cummings, Irene McEvoy, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Vincent Graffey, John and Marie Fielder, Paul Devine and Paul Tootill. The list is not exhaustive so apologies to ones I've omitted. I hope the list brings back memories.
Janet McGrath (nee Harris) wrote
at 1:07:29 PM on Monday, December 22, 2014
Just come across this site. I too went to St Thomas of Canterbury and St. Andrews. I have just read Pauline McGagh post and was delighted to hear my name mentioned in her memories. I lived on Garnett Street. My grandad was Marco Seretti and we owned the ice cream shop. I lived there as a child and have great memories. What a community it was! If anyone out there remembers me please get in touch. I would especially love to see photographs.
Michael McCormick wrote
at 8:46:37 AM on Friday, December 19, 2014
Kevin meehan iwas a very good friend of your brother martin we went to st thomases together and knocked about together till he went to australia in 66 I used to come round to your house in hill st for a catch up but lost touch in the early 70s would love to catch up with yourself and martin
bridget santos wrote
at 10:11:15 AM on Thursday, November 27, 2014
Found your comments very interesting. I am also a survivor of St. Thomas's. I escaped in 1953, so I am much older than you. But I was born on Charlotte Street and have been trying to find a picture that shows Charlotte street, but so far no luck. Any ideas of where I can find anything like that? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Christopher blakeley wrote
at 1:13:07 PM on Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Hi elsa, I worder if you remember that I used to visit you and your sister Irene at your shop on Gt Cheetham St some time after we left St Thomas s school around 1971. I am searching for an old class photo which my mum kept which has some of the people you mentioned on it. As you said we are all around 60 now, where did all that time go. Best wishes to you and your sister. Chris. Ps 40 years wow 9 up on me!
Elsa Conaghan wrote
at 12:05:34 PM on Sunday, November 16, 2014
My sister Irene and myself went to St Thomas's up to 1965 . We both have bad memories of Sister Geraldine, I went to her office once to have my library card stamped, she hit me with the cane for disturbing her! We both went on to Adelphi House on Chapel Street. My family lived on ST. James Road , they had Lomas Greengrocers next to Andertons chippy. I married Stephen Sawczuk who was in Sister John Baptist's class. we have been married nearly 40 years. I was in Miss Cashmore's class up , there must be loads of us that will be 60 this year. Ones we remember are : Joe Boylan, Kevin Clarke , Anthony Wilson, Christine Oldham, Ann Agnew, Leo Connoly, Jerko Babczuk, Frankie Quigg, Christopher HYland, Christopher Blackely, Paul Drench, Ruth Mulvey, Sheila Morgon ,Helen Marzak, Maria Corcoran, Dave Cummings, Christopher Manning, and the rounders team. There were many more faces I remember but alas not names.We would love to hear from any of you .
Bernard Ryan wrote
at 1:01:54 AM on Sunday, October 26, 2014
Some great posts on here, I lived at Back roman road as a kid, Were the paper makers pub was, And then moved to Hacking st, Went to St Thomases and then St Andrews, Sister Geraldine the evil nun No forgetting that name LOL,
shaun wrote
at 12:28:47 PM on Saturday, October 25, 2014
Hello all,I went to Marlborough rd infant and junior schools then onto north Salford high. anybody remember the ghost stories about the junior school, the cellar was not a nice play area when it was raining.I lived on Bannerman St. I remember hearing the bell on top of the school ringing all night. Gurtys on the corner and Pete and Liz's on dudley brew. Enjoyed the times collecting bonnie wood and raiding others of Thiers! It was the best place to grow up.
David Knowles wrote
at 12:11:37 PM on Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Wow....Just like all my yesterdays, I was born in Hope Hospital in January 1950, went to Marlborough Road school then Salford Grammar, lived on Weatherall Street and had my first flat with a mate above the laundrette on Devonshire Street. Anybody remember me then drop me a line? Hung around the Rialto complex in my teens on my scooter (yep a mod)and frequented the Disc, which was the "kids" club below the Riverboat Club next to the Rialto cinema. E mail with any memories. x
Kevin Williams wrote
at 4:02:10 AM on Thursday, October 09, 2014
So many of these memories are mine too. I was born in 1957 in Basten Street and went to St James's school before our Mam transferred us to Marlborough Road because she was worried about the old building. I go back there every week to take my old Dad shopping at the Asda store now on that site and and it takes me back. Happy days spent with family and friends before life took us all elsewhere. Still in touch with Gary Broome and Geoff Turner and a few of the old guard like my uncle Trevor Williams [ex Brighton St and Hampshire St] along with his wife June are still going. Trevor ran Newbury FC for many years playing at Albert Park and Littleton Rd. Would love to get in touch with people like Dave Yearsley who also played for Newbury...
Ann Hodgkiss wrote
at 11:02:52 AM on Saturday, September 27, 2014
@ Judith Willaimson - unfortunately i have no pictures, it was just me & my mum living there, at the end, closest to the church. Wally St is still there with new houses, funnily enough my sisterlives there now! @Sol, so sorry for the later reply have never been back on hee, don't know why...what are you looking for? @ kath Beckett - it may well hve been Shaws!! Would love to see any old photos of Sr Geraldine & the school
Pam E Yates wrote
at 1:00:11 PM on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
I have loved reading all this. We lived in Conway Street. Our playground was the croft we also spent many hours swinging on the metal bar outside the Paper Makers Arms and trying to jump down the long steps in the front. My dad drove a black taxi but never made much money as he would take neighbours places for free. Big heart, empty pockets like most people who lived in Broughton. I was in the year above Elaine Bookbinder (Elke Brooks) at North Salford girls school and remember all the fuss when she made the newspapers. There were so many little corner shops, most operating an "On Tick" people buying on credit until the Friday night when they were paid. I went to North Grecian Street school where old Pop Small was the head. Feared by all. The rhyme about him was whispered well out of ear shot " Pop Small is very tall. He goes to church on Sunday's. He prays to God to give him strength, to cane the kids on Mondays. The Rialto was the posh picture house. Next best was the County there was another I think it was called The Devonshire that was where I was sent with my big sister to watch the Saturday Matinee. I went under protest, much rather have played out in the street. St James youth club featured large when I was a young teenager. Run by Ken Horrocks so many couples paired of there and later married. We went on trips out and I saw Kenny Balls Jazz Men and another time Acker Bilk at Buxton. Still have a soft spot for Broughton many good kind people lived there. It was sad to see them all split up when the old terraces were demolished. Thanks for the memories everyone. Pam E Yates (Johnston as was)
stella owen wrote
at 9:47:15 AM on Tuesday, August 12, 2014
hi,dont know if any one can help as this is a long shot...i am trying to trace someone called gerrard lamb,as a child in the early 80s i remember my late mother taking me to see one of her good friends she was called margaret and she was scottish very strong scottish accent,she lived on zebra street,does anyone know anyone who lived on that street in the 80s is the street still there,i know she knew gerrard lamb and as i carnt find him finding margaret might help me to trace him,thanks
John Booth wrote
at 1:13:10 AM on Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Hi I used to go drinking in the Dover near Albert Park with my father Mickey Lyons & Bridgete used to run it also used to go in The Post Office Pub bit further up from the Dover all the places now no longer standing TSB bank opposite the barbers somebody had before Melvin took it over the barber that refereed in the bury league used to hang about with Anthony Fernihough Paul & Dave Bush Paul & Steve Marshall & Maxine forgot how long its been since returning playing football for school & getting plastic tokens to pay bus fare to away games.
John Booth wrote
at 1:13:03 AM on Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Great reading all these articles brought back a lot of memories I went to St James Brentnall then North Salford used to live in Brighton Street right opposite St James used to climb over the wall and have a sing song in the coke shed used to get chased from the school caretaker who knew who we were so when we went back to school the headteacher always had us in the office then moved to cheetamhill then Murray Street used to go to the Saturday matinee at the Rialto remember roger Moore living near the Rialto Friedman's the chemist Dr Malimson & Dr Klass
Anthony Blakeley wrote
at 3:14:06 AM on Sunday, July 20, 2014
To Kevin Meehan, Cath O'Hare Died in early in the 1970's. Denise O'Hare lives in South Carolina, USA, just a stones thro' from Folly Beach, Charleston.
kath beckett wrote
at 5:26:36 AM on Monday, July 14, 2014
Just love all these memories...altho' I think I'd rather forget those two horrible nuns. We wouldn't allow them to ger away with what they did these days. They were barbaric pieces of work!!! I lived in Norbury st from 1953....not the same anymore..no friendliness around like bk then....
Janine Holt wrote
at 1:17:33 PM on Saturday, July 05, 2014
Reading JCC's article brought back a lot of memories of the area. We lived in Prestwich but my dad, Harold Holt, ran the Stockdales butcher's shop on Great Cheetham Street East for donkey's years until it closed in 80s/90s. As a kid, I recall him telling us about all the local celebs in the area - Giant Haystacks, Jimmy Saville etc., and my nana told us she used to babysit Elkie Brooks and DLT. Whenever I drive past these days, I always miss the Rialto and the Chemist's on the opposite corner.
michael myers wrote
at 12:25:21 PM on Thursday, July 03, 2014
hello sellina higson just read your post on bannerman street we lived number 35 bannerman street i remember the shop at the top gurty,s have got two pics of the shop and the 1977 jubilee
Marie Hinson (nee Grace) wrote
at 6:40:42 AM on Tuesday, June 17, 2014
I lived in Buile Street, just behind Great Cheetham Street, from 1950 to 1963. Went to St Thomas' primary, senior and finally St Andrews when it first opened. John (Cooper) Clarke and I were in the same class most of the time. I remember Mr.Malone and his spontaneous poetry, quite a character. John was quiet (mostly) but had a great sense of humour. Always his 'own guy'. Went through all the Sister Geraldine stuff. My mother was horrified one morning to see her hitting every child on the legs with her cane as we walked into morning Assembly. 'What had you done' she asked? 'Nothing' we chorused innocently. 'Well you must have' she said 'nobody carries on like that'. Such was our standing in those days. Grown-ups were always right! ?!?!?! Was (and still are) great friends with Catherine Norris, Christine Cutler, Helen Ashworth and Lorraine Doheny. Remember all the boys too, Fred Fielder, Ian Guthrie, Peter Bagshaw to name a few. Count myself privileged to have grown up when and where we did. Great days. We had it all!
Pauline Mcgagh wrote
at 3:40:43 PM on Saturday, May 31, 2014
Hi,Just found this site,I went to St.Thomas of Canterbury 1959-1963/4.I rememder Sr Claire,Sr Bernadette,and the Headmistress Miss Walsh.My first teacher was Miss Euston.I lived at 56 and 53 Charlotte St.My friends were Pauline Forrester,Janet Harris and Caroline Daley. Other names I remember were Gail Williams,Kathleen Power,Sheila McWalter,Bernadette Graffy.Jean Leech,Bobby bannister,James Graham,Jacqueline Rathmill.Happy days!!!! I remember Fairhursts grocers and Jackie olivers Greengrocers on Charlotte St and a Mrs smith who made the shakers for the whit walks...Lots of very Happy Memories :)
Catherine cooke wrote
at 4:58:38 PM on Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Hi I went to st Thomas of Canterbury between 1959 to 1665 I was then known as Kathleen Daly although my real name was Catherine I too remember st Geraldine and father Foley also Mrs cook and Mrs Walsh my best friend through school was Elisabeth o Donald I went on to st Andrews I would love to hear from anyone from both schools Caroline Daly was my auntie even though she was 20 days younger than me Kathleen power and Angela goeghan were also friends
garry pritchard wrote
at 3:10:39 AM on Thursday, May 22, 2014
Hi does anybody have any pictures of rosa house maisonettes
Julie wrote
at 1:20:26 AM on Thursday, February 06, 2014
John Clarke as he was then known, was in my class at school. I was quite shy and was bullied a bit. I can remember John and a friend of his at that time called David Austin always sticking up for me. I always thought that they were my heroes.
alfie maughan wrote
at 2:36:58 AM on Monday, February 03, 2014
kevin and brendan foley my cousins lived down the road from me. i lived in bond stfirst then the shop on the end of bond st then the sun inn, right opp frankie wongs chippy. i ended up working at melvins as a barber. i remember thomos too plus st andrews. anyone remember bren magrath? he ended up as my brother in law.
tommy harris wrote
at 8:47:54 AM on Monday, January 27, 2014
mike rosebury, did you have a sister called susan, and was your mum called jenny, and live on salford brow flats ?..
Paul Kelly wrote
at 11:52:42 PM on Saturday, January 11, 2014
Hi Salfordians, I remember St Thomas of Canterbury age 5 in the infants with Mr Lundy and the "nit lady" visiting. I remember St Geraldine and St Clare and doing catechism in the lunchtime. I remember Kevin Foley and Ged Heap and Maria Merriman and Anne Riley and many others. My system Margaret went there too. I ended up up at De La Salle and her at Adelphi House. I was only talking to ten pound pomme relatives in Oz today about Manley Park and Albert Park and the Rialto and County. There was the pubs like the Star, the Broughton and the Sun. I recall Jimmy Saville doing the collection in his track suit having driven up in his bubble car. I could go on all day. I was born in Bannerman Street and moved to Hampshire Street. Live in Gloucestershire now.
Wendy O Donnell wrote
at 1:00:37 PM on Wednesday, January 01, 2014
Trying to trace my cousin John Stone sister Candace Stone were brought up in Perth street Hr Broughton. Thank you
David Short wrote
at 12:15:14 PM on Thursday, December 19, 2013
@ Pete the Jeep I used to deliver papers to the Wellington Street hermit ( tied the newspapers to a piece of string hanging from the upstairs window! ) and also to jimmy saville when he lived at 301 Gt. Clowes Street. There are some recent photos of Higher Broughton on my website - http://www.bluepoolimaging.com/salford/ which include what used to be St. Johns junior school, the croft ( Hope / Gt Clowes st.) and the local shops where Higgins was.
Mike Rosebury or Razza to Cooper Clark wrote
at 1:59:31 AM on Sunday, November 03, 2013
Saw John on TV,a while ago having sat next to him in class for many a year my memory of Mr Malone was very different I remember him taking his glass eye out at the end of swimming lessons throwing it in the pool, and shouting fetch it boys. Freddy Fielder got it threw it back at him so hard it hit the wall behind him and bounced back in the pool again. PS anyone know if the class of 1964 St Andrews RC SM Tetlow Lane Salford is having a 50 year reunion in 2014
Pete the jeep wrote
at 12:37:58 PM on Sunday, October 27, 2013
Hi top article.Remember the wellington st hermit. Mr Malone taught me english at de la salle Knew Hilda mother of John. Always dam building to streams in the Lanny with Boylan bros. Playing and bonfires on Murray st croft. Remember John living in st Pauls rd Sedgeley. Corner shops selling firewood , mackeson and rody bacon. The sun Inn facing Frank Wongs, buying matchbox cars at the Broughton depot ,first hair cut at Syd and aubrey, then moving on to Melvins.
Kath Beckett nee Phelan wrote
at 1:20:15 AM on Friday, October 18, 2013
Anne Hodgkiss...the toffee shop on corner of Wall st and Kenneth st....was it Noras or Flo's.....tall thin woman.....my daughter was just two yrs old when she used to go to Maidens for my Dads cigs...no list....she could speak and get a penny arrow bar...good old days....
Dave Healey wrote
at 9:52:24 PM on Sunday, September 22, 2013
I lived next door to both of the Foleys on St James RD - number 41!
Selina Higson nee Millward wrote
at 12:24:10 AM on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
I was born on Eskridge St (1970). My nana and grandad had a shop on Bannerman St. I am looking for any photo's of either street and to find past neighbours. Had lovely memories of the area, playing skipping, marbles and digging in the tar with a lolly stick in the summer.
Gary williams wrote
at 2:18:06 PM on Saturday, August 31, 2013
hi and congrats to a local Broughtonite just started a group on facebook, higher broughton old school characters. would be great to hear your stories or anyone else's whom come from higher broughton 100's ov old pics and proberbly some old friends over 300 members and growing best wishes John.
at 4:52:48 AM on Monday, August 26, 2013
Hi, I was called Lindy Garside in my youth and I lived at 1 Hope Street from 1948 until c. 1953/4. I can't remember exactly when we left. Next door lived a Mrs Kitchen. I lived with my two sisters, Diane and Patti and my mother Rebecca and my dad, Leonard. Our grandparents lived at the bottom of the cliff on Hugh Oldham Drive, right at the end near the river. We were Catholics but after a fall-out with the priest, we attended Grecian Street primary school which was tough but had high standards. I loved our house which had been the Greek embassy, apparently. It had terrazzo tiles in the hall and stained glass windows and central heating - in 1948! Sounds bizarre, but there was a trade link between Greece and Salford - google the history of Salford for details. It also had a leaky roof and plenty of mice and we rented it. The place has given me delusions of grandeur ever since. I am so glad that the Cliff is a conservation area. I visited recently and realised why it captured my imagination so vividly in my youth. It is beautiful and spooky and magnificent. Who wouldn't want to live there?
chris maughan wrote
at 12:31:50 AM on Wednesday, August 07, 2013
been nice to read the above comments i myself was born at number 43 bond street 1963 also whent to st thoms and then on to st andrews i can rember moveing in to the shop at the bottom of bond st on lest/road as a kid next door was battersbe shop was here for a few tears then moved on down the road to the sun inn again there for a few years till we moved up to a brand new pub the mechanic arms just of waterloo road would be good to hear from any one that may have known me .
Steve Rutledge wrote
at 12:46:35 AM on Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Hi I remember some of your names but can't put faces to you sorry. I grew up in norbury st the shop with the penny tray was that madiens on the corner of tully st and fenny street ?. I remember john coming round our house looking for his brother paul he used to knock about with my brother. Remember my aunt who was over talking about all the safety pins on his blazer don't think punk had hit belfast at the time. All seems so long ago.
bonnie adderley..was emily johnson at school wrote
at 1:22:35 AM on Saturday, June 29, 2013
just found this site..i left ST Thomas,s in 62 with my twin brother john..we lived in charlotte st opposite the dover castle pub..until we moved to walkden when I was 17..i too remember the dreaded sister Geraldine and the nicer sister clair..also mr Lunday..I moved to st Andrews when there was just two classes built ...
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Saturday 4th July from 7pm £1
Broughton Cricket and Rugby Club

Next Saturday there's a great night of music lined up at Broughton Rugby Club when the ever popular young people from the Salford Musical Youth project put on a showcase, joined by guest singers James Herring and Clarice Herring, plus the band Revolver. It's only a quid to get in too.

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Star date: 28th June 2015


Salford Community Theatre Project is looking for anyone from the community to take part in a stage play of the Walter Greenwood classic Love On The Dole. Workshops are taking place through July at the Working Class Movement Library and everyone's invited to take part, either in acting or backstage. 

"Just come along and see what it's about" says Cat from the Project "No-one will be turned away..."

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Star date: 28th June 2015

JB Barrington
Saturday 25th July 7:30pm
Salford Arts Theatre £10

Little Hulton poet, JB Barrington, returns to the Salford Arts Theatre for the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, following a tour and growing critical acclaim, with a show called POETRY? What's that all about?. It will feature verse and mirth with subjects ranging from Salford dockers, to Saturday night turns and, of course, JB's mam...

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