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Around 300 people gathered around LIDL next to Salford Precinct tonight as its shelves were cleared and cars were torched in its car park.

Earlier, The Money Shop and Bargain Booze were amongst many shops on the Precinct which were attacked. By evening there was no police presence at all, only a helicopter whirring overhead.

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Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011
Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011
Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011
Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011
Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011 Salford Riots August 2011
Salford Riots August 2011
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"A man does not steal what he already has" Fredrick Engels

This was more of a party than an angry riot as youngsters handed old people packs of cigs, and tins of Carlsberg freshly liberated from LIDL which is situated across the road from Salford Precinct and less than a stones throw away from the Urban Splash Chimney Pot Park upside down houses. About 200 yards from LIDL is the Clarendon area which has the highest child poverty in Salford – hitting 75%. (see here)

By 8:30pm this evening around 300 people of all ages and races had gathered in LIDL's car park and beyond, cheering as explosions boomed from a burning car and balley-ed up kids let off fire extinguishers. Women struggled down the street with loaded LIDL bags. Beer from smashed bottles literally flowed down the road.

Pretty girls in white dresses filmed the whole spectacle on their mobile phones, older lads skinned up, the local community hung out of their tower block windows to get a good glimpse…all that was missing was the DJ. This was a very Salford riot. 

Evidence of earlier nasty scenes were scattered all over the perimeter of Salford Precinct – burnt out cars, shutters ripped off shop windows, and bricks and sticks littering the roads.

Throughout, there was no police presence in sight as smiling people completely controlled the streets, driving though red lights, parking in the middle of the road, and walking unopposed into any Precinct shop that took their fancy.

Tonight Salford was changed.


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Not Fooled wrote
at 17:18:33 on 30 December 2011
A few people looted a few shops . The corrupt banksters , corrupt politicians , corrupt local councils ARE LOOTING THE COUNTRY .
Tahira J Chakotai wrote
at 05:12:23 on 30 September 2011
TO THE SALFORD CITIZEN. First may I start by saying how horrified I am to hear such disgusting remarks coming from an adult. You wonder why Salford is in the state its in. Its because of people like you. Please tell me you are not telling this rubbish to the Salford youth. Secondly, being accepted or not, has no bearing over this issue. The riots were not started over the fact that Salford accepts me or not. They started because Salford is full of ignorant prats like you. And your statement about there are no kids living in poverty is just rubbish. Do you read the Evening News. Salford came first in the country for the worst condition of Government Housing Stock, voted worst for the amount of Alcoholics within every square mile, voted first for the worst Child Service Care System, voted first for the worst designed media development, voted first for the worst unemployment levels, voted first for the number of people cheating their benefits, and most of all, the GMP were voted as the worst police force in the country. All of this information came from, the voice of Greater Manchester, which is called "The Evening News". What I would like to say is, "your comment has done me one favor". "Compared to your rant", "you have made me", "within the public eye", "to be a very credible person". And for that I am truly grateful. Your use of english is that of an eight year old, and your reasoning borders on the Barbaric, Psychotic Moron. And in my professional opinion, you could benefit from some psychiatric help, from the underfunded Mental Health Department. I also think you are a coward, as you write under a Anon name, where I am showing that I believe in what I say, by telling the whole world who I am, and what I stand for. If there were a few more like me in Salford, the riots would never have happened. The one thing I will agree on with you, is the fact no one listens to me because I am an outsider. And that the problem in a nutshell. Salford don't listen, they simply follow. As a wise man once said in an advert, "It's time to get some nuts". And until Salford Citizens start to fight against corrupt councils, MP's, and police officers, then there will be a reoccurrence of the "Salford Riots". Reported By Tahira J. Chakotai
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:22:01 on 22 August 2011
The welfare of prisoners is hardly likely to encourage rioting on our streets. As we all know riots have been taking place sparodically over generations and no matter how tough the prisons are it serves as no deterrent. If it were so Victorian prisons would have been empty. What we need is a thorough investigation, taking all shades of opinion, find out why people resort to such actions. Then and only then can action be taken.
jim devine wrote
at 20:49:30 on 21 August 2011
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein ..........or was it Mr B R Postlethwaite of 17 Clarendon Drive?????
Mike Skeff wrote
at 15:48:25 on 21 August 2011
Jim Devine, although slightly incorrect I take your point. It almost always happens that change is brought about only through events such as those we have recently endured. The disheartening thing is we don't have a viable alternative, all trust in politics and politicians has gone. As to punishment for those wrongdoers: prison as it is now is not a deterent and hasn't been for some years. The human rights and prison reform brigade have gone much to far. I would strip all prisons of leisure facilities such as; pool table, personal tvs/radios, gymnasiums. Exercise would be compulsory and outdoors. Education would also be compulsory as would workshops. These measures may sound draconian, but in my view deterents need to be reintroduced. The prison population nowadays is looked after far better than many law abiding people and this cannot be right. Little wonder then that people lose faith.
jim devine wrote
at 20:37:23 on 20 August 2011
Yes, thank you for the correction. His quotation on that event is still more relevant today than ever and that was my clumsy point.
Jim your wrong wrote
at 18:13:31 on 20 August 2011
Jim Devine Einstein did not split the atom. It was first done by Ernest Rutherford. If you are going to state a fact at least get it correct.
at 12:07:32 on 19 August 2011
The only point I am trying to make Mike is by simply reacting in a hang them and flog them way nothing will ever change. Surely we should all being directing our energies to make sure 'our' society doesnt keep suffering at the hands of these morons. I could write a book on how many times i and my family have been the victims over the last 30 years and now its ettin worse. When Einstein split the atom he said we are now going to need a new way of thinking, this is more true today than ever. I still insist we are being mismanaged by the very people we pay to manage us. We would not tolerate such shoddy management and service from any private service, they would quickly go out of business. An analogy i would use is if we all worked for the same company and were treated equally and fairly there would be a great degree of harmony but if there was poor management and some were being favoured ahead of others and some seen blatanr discrimination then im afrraid there would be great disharmony which would probably lead to that companies demise. Our system is worse because our managers do discriminate and favour but are totally unaccountable and actually secretly welcome riots as that means they can brin out further laws to keep an eye on us all. The best book i have ever read is a book called neotech discovery by Frank Wallace in which he explains how democracy really is part of the problem as opposed to the solution, its a con really.
Mike Skeff wrote
at 11:19:11 on 19 August 2011
There are varied comments on the riots and the aftermath, many are well thought out while others are tirades of angry abuse overwhelmingly against the people who caused the damage and theft and quite rightly, but others against the Salford Star and some against people who take a more critical approach to the whole issue. I will say at the outset I was disappointed to say the least with the article which described the riots as they happened. I feared the backlash and possible dip in support for this vital magazine. I agree that you can only report what you see, but it is the duty of the reporter to use appropriate words and phrases, especially in cases of this magnitude. This was not 'a very Salford riot' and to describe it as such is extremely damaging to the city's image as well as the decent people who live here, which is the vast majority. There is no single solution to what happened just as there are multiple causes. What I would say is: every opinion expressed on this site has equal merit in my opinion, no matter how good or otherwise it is presented. Editorial pieces however, should be written along the lines suggested above so as to uphold the integrity of the Salford Star and maintain it's appeal to readers of all ages.
Carole Heath wrote
at 22:16:11 on 18 August 2011
I completely agree with some of the comments on this site the riots across England were terrible. I live not far from Croydon which was hard hit by the looting and riots recently. Many of the shops in Croydon were attacked including a furniture store called Reeves which has been trading for over 150 years and was a real landmark in the area and even had a road named after it and people's homes were also attacked as well burning and looting . I can see that some sections of our society feel disenfranchised from main- stream society for whatever reason but i do not think that is an excuse for such wanton distruction and looting in my opinion. If people want respect from others they should give it themselves back, i came from the east end of London it was quite a poor area but we were always taught respect for others and their property of course you had the crimal classes like the Krays but most people i knew were law abiding. I hope when many of these hooligans are caught who smashed up their communities they are given a prison sentence which should fit the crime they have committed in my book they deserve it. I think the police did their best the situation was very explosive and more deaths could have happened i am very sorry for the people who died in the riots so sad.
faceitfaceit wrote
at 18:05:06 on 17 August 2011
welcome to salford the home of scummy mummies
Doctor Proctor wrote
at 17:59:46 on 13 August 2011
Look every body calm down whether in response to Lancworthy Pete or not there is an article from a regular contributor just posted that provides something of a counter view to the above article. At least that and the fact that so many critical comments have been published displays the magazines ability to take criticism.
dave skinner wrote
at 17:57:18 on 13 August 2011
come on all those defending the morons that caused this riot..You can blame who you want..Goverment local authorities..the cuts or whatever..but 95% of the damage and looting was done by halfwits who wouldnt even know the name of our prime minister nor would they give a shiney-shite because all that was on thier tiny minds was causing ma-hem and damage and stealing anythings in site which is what they do on a day to day basis so they never really needed this riot as a excuse for doing what they do best!! They get everything they deserve but unfortunatly this will never be enough because do-gooders like you lot defending them and pretending its down to poverty and lack of work etc..Because we all know deep down that the whole situation of this thug culture society is well out of control and unless something is done soon its only going to get far worse if thats possible!!!
Ian wrote
at 17:56:52 on 13 August 2011
I agree with the earlier comment about the workshy scum of Salford. Born in Salford in 1953 and I was proud to be a Salfordian. Not any more, I visited Salford precinct recently. Please, buy these people some soap for Gods sake! I am so glad to be away from this grotty hell hole. I have to acknowledge that parts of Salford are very nice, but these areas were not a part of Salford when I was born. The precinct area appears to be populated by a moronic underclass who have no pride in themselves. With regard to the riots, it just proves how little pride these people have in themselves. So many times we hear some of the criminal element telling us how they are family people who love their children. If this is true why are they prepared to leave their children so often, when they do things that are going to send them to gail over and over again.
Cabe Vincell wrote
at 08:16:45 on 13 August 2011
Great to see the machinery of law enforcement working so well to bring these criminals to justice . I will be faxing a list of all MPs , except Dennis Skinner , in both houses of Wasteminster , a further list of all local councillors and executives , and a list of all MEPs , to the Plod , and expect to see these criminals arrested and prosecuted with the same haste . Isn't British justice wondeful when applied so fairly ?
jean wrote
at 08:15:14 on 13 August 2011
A VERY SALFORD RIOT!!!!This journalism was an insult to all the respectable citizens of Salford.The Star likened the thieving scum to latter day Robin Hoods,what a joke.This was a gang of moronic ferral youths simply out to mindlessly destroy their own community no political motives ,they are too stupid to think for themselves.The Star is a missinformed communist rag
Salford citizen wrote
at 18:57:01 on 12 August 2011
On the back of it all though I would like to thank human rights for pulling the chain and flushing any remaining common sense in the law of our land, down the toilet. A bill which clearly wasn't needed as we already have our civil rights that were fought for by people who TRULY fought for peoples liberties. so thank you Tony & Cherie Blair, thank you for empowering every lowlife in England to do as they please, I don't know why the rioters didn't demand a Kentucky after a hard nights looting, the emergency services would of happily obliged, as we have previously seen with Barry Chambers, it was his right to destroy someone else's property and like many of the vermin we see and read about, rewarded for their crimes with luxuries, they are milking and  exploiting the system for everything it's worth, when will the tit run dry of human kindness / stupidity? 
Salford citizen wrote
at 17:19:29 on 12 August 2011
All you're doing is justifying the riots by making this connection between mp's and recent events it's a fucking scape goat, take responsibility for your OWN ACTIONS, reaching out for excuses and hiding behind dispicable politicians doesn't make it right in any way.. It's misleading you from the real agenda. This is exactly why it happened, BLAME CULTURE, it's never your fault?! It's always for someone else to pick up, somebody elses fault, it wasn't me, it's because of the cuts, there's no oportunities, blah blah blah you know it's all bollocks so why entertain it? Don't go down the road of.. their doing this (the politicians) so we the uprising (don't make me laugh) are doing this. It's boring and well trodden, a conspiracy theory it is not, yes there are other bad people and things going on in the world but don't take your eye off the ball, this isn't two wrongs making a right, you couldn't be further from the truth
Cabe Vincell wrote
at 14:17:54 on 12 August 2011
There really is no difference between the underclass looting shops , and the corrupt MPs , corrupt councils , and the corrupt system looting the taxpayer . It's just that the self-styled 'great and good ' [ howls of laughter ] loot with impunity , and have done since inception .
Liz Salmon wrote
at 13:44:37 on 12 August 2011
Salford citizen and D.Savage; I totally agree with all you both say, decent folk are sick of being sandwiched between the scum on the top and the dregs on the bottom!. The pity is the losers of all this will be the likes of both of you, because the government/power will not allow this to pass without grabbing some advantage; Taking away your right to protest/demonstrate through legislation or fear of taking home a rubber bullet in your backside, I am amongst those that wanted to see more action, or at least some visible evidence of police in full charge of the situation, and rubber bullets appealed to me as good medicine for bad behaviour, and the availability of baton rounds may have deterred further looting, ( cannot call them 'riots' as this somehow gives respect to what was theft), having said that, the down side to 'available baton rounds' is they will stay 'available' for all of us. I question; Why did PM/politicians wait so long to return to England whilst watching the country burn and its people live in fear?. Who directed them to be so inactive?, and why?. I do not think the answers to any of the above were because each group believed the problem would subside naturally, but if this is the case, each can be fairly accused of not being up to the job of managing a P up in a brewery let alone a country and its order.
jim devine wrote
at 13:44:06 on 12 August 2011
Well said D Savage, a different kind of looting is being done but just as obscene by our so called respectable leaders. The system has clearly created this underclass by a crass benefit system that rewards teenage pregnancy which is now the highest in europe. We are now being visited by the sons of the sons. But make no mistake, the system want a ready made pool of potential soldiers to help fight the wars they continue to lust over.And they actually like these riots as they enable them to bring out further laws that affect not only these scumbags (and yes the looters are scumbags) but us aswell.I think even the police are fed up with their masters, hence the very poor response.
Salford citizen wrote
at 13:43:52 on 12 August 2011
Without question the other end of the social scale are every bit the parasites as the young people we witnessed rioting on our streets, if not worse! But don't be so naive to think one has anything to do with the other. This was brought on be nothing other than sheer opportunistic motive. Those of whom should count themselves lucky to live in a society which will provide housing and benefits for, without having to lift a finger. But this evidently is not enough? As a wise man once said to me... What do you want for fuck all?! It would be nice if some people got off their arse and met the rest of the world half way.
D.Savage wrote
at 10:11:10 on 12 August 2011
Salford citizen .Fine comments .Dont forget the atrocious vermin at the other end of the social scale , who are even more parasitic . The corrupt , lying , cheating , self-serving MPscum , corrupt , lying , cheating local councils , corrupt banksters who caused the economic collapse of society and remain unpunished . The entire system is corrupt , and as long as this lot continue to fleece the taxpayer resentment will remain , and rightly so . What is needed is decent education and job creation , but it suits the atrocious vermin at the governing end of society to have a massive underclass - the corrupt politicians created it .
Salford citizen wrote
at 06:49:00 on 12 August 2011
If one good thing is to come of this, it's the working class uniting and speaking out about the atrocious vermin we share our city with. It's apparent we all share the same feeling of injustice as the social parasites sloth and ponce there way through their entire lives. And we work and work hard to be good to our society and provide for our communities and what thanks do we get from the bastards we pay for? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! sneered at and mocked as if we are the idiots and then the grande finale smash burn pillage and loot the community the bastards have put nothing in to, shame on them and shame on anybody sympathising with them. It's about time this scum was outed, what fucking use are they really? I'm sure greggs would miss them but it's a small price to pay.
Salford citizen wrote
at 21:14:34 on 11 August 2011
"pretty girls in White dresses" don't you mean skenks in pyjamas!
Very Sad wrote
at 21:14:28 on 11 August 2011
Having witnessed two lovely people being interviewedon BBC news, the lovely Lisa Moore and attached family member and a man who called Riot like he was on Shameless,peoples view of Salford is one of a racist, lazy community. When these businesses leave Salford Shopping Precient please don't claim to be a neglected community, the true people of Salford have been betrayed by the yobs and the people whoi watched it all on the streets, i pity the decent folk.
Steve wrote
at 19:49:36 on 11 August 2011
Why is no one asking why "these' people haven't been rioting in this way before. If the left doesn't start coming up with some decent solutions to these problems the right will continue to run away with politics in this country and these incidents will only get worse.
Inside Job wrote
at 19:49:22 on 11 August 2011
@Gareth L - While we're on the subject of flippancy it didn't seem very 'good natured' when a gang tried to kick my neighbour's door in. Do you always feel compelled to trivialise this in some way?! I am lost for words.
BECKY wrote
at 16:33:27 on 11 August 2011
I have just read this article and the comments posted by people, i am so annoyed by the comment from PETER !! peter wrote at 3:36:07 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2011 the people of salford are workshy scum, i have lived here for the past three years and its time to move on!!!! you are all a joke, and you all need to start thinking about your personal hygene as most of you look like you dont wash especially you single scum bag mothers!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you i am SINGLE MOTHER who lives in salford i am not work shy i have worked for the last 13 years since i left school, i own my own home in salford and contribute to my community by helping out where i can!! Small minded people like you need to stop making SILLY remarks and stop judging everyone by apperances etc. Since when has clothing made a person. Not everyone who was RAISED in Salford are of the same breed !! Unless you can start making sensible comments i suggest you keep your opinions to yourself!!! Oh and as for the reporting this is appalling, you clearly didnt see the scared elderly people of Salford who feared for there safety - it certainly wasnt a party !!
Gareth L wrote
at 15:21:38 on 11 August 2011
As a contributor to the Salford Star, I know the paper is not what is has been called here, and that every one works hard and for free to ensure the people of this city are kept informed of what is going on. I do feel though that this article although a description of what was seen by the journalist, is rather flippant. Although what went on at Lidl may have been more good natured compared to elsewhere in the country. It was still looting and stealing. It is unfortunate that it was not made clear enough in the article that you meant people were stealing food presumably to feed themselves. This still isn't an excuse as 300 people is not population of the area and the majority who have very little didn't resort to these actions which sully the name of our city. Those who did take part should be asking themselves how their night's effort has benefited them as presumably their local Lidl or the shops trashed on the precinct wont be open for business for a few weeks. If this was really a march against oppression, cuts etc then why destroy fellow workers cars? or the local supermarket?
at 15:20:32 on 11 August 2011
Mawgan Treliske, Tahira J Chakotai; Old Salford names?, its clear you have some misguided 'student' ideals, which do not match the reality of the so called 'riots' of Salford, nor do you know anything what so ever about the type of people that you are defending here, they are not local hero's they are the destructive element of the City, breeding generations of the same, to align this trash with real political dissidents is an insult to them and the intelligence and experience of Salford people. Your 'hero's would be as quick to rob and terrify you as they would anyone/thing, not in the name of working class glory but for selfish greed and thuggery, because its easier than working, which is something they do not want to do, your 'Hero's' are not Robin Hoods they are robbing B/stards. Were they the warriors of the people, were they to have a political agenda, were they to be representative of the HONEST, HARD WORKING SALFORDIAN, then they would not have been given out fags and booze they would have been given the respect, support and man power..at the entrance to Council offices in Swinton,and not the centre needed by ordinary people for WORK and amenities, as it was, they were the very scum the people of Salford have suffered for decades on a mass smash and grab for themselves and not for the good of the community, nor in the name of it. You know nothing of the people or their experiences, Salford 3 is only part of Salford, may I suggest you take a walk round the rest of the City, after dark...alone?.
Liz Salmon wrote
at 15:20:05 on 11 August 2011
Quoting Engels?, how does Engels words relate to this looting?, The folk he speaks of; Stole for basic survival, they did not have the state paying for everything without the need for tripe to rise from bed!, what insulting BS!, as is the rest of the article, no surprise as the same can be said for most of what one reads in the Star, I just wished you would have gone a little further, into 'incitement'. The truth is, this on mass destruction is not people revolting, its revolting people, The real Salfordians know that and will be highly insulted by your smug view of the attack on their City. Shame on the 'old ones' that accepted the fags and booze from the scum that looted and terrified your City's good people, Salford Star, shut up shop your an embarrassment.
Chris wrote
at 15:19:12 on 11 August 2011
I agree with the majority of posts on here, the article was written in a totally inappropriate style. I also find it very interesting that both responses from the Salford Star are badly written. Please can you at least teach your journalists punctuation and grammar, before moving on to morals and apprpriacy.
John Garang wrote
at 15:18:36 on 11 August 2011
What people who previously supported the Star will find hard to accept is your unwillingness to take responsibility for the language you have used, how you have shaped this story: 'freshly liberated' Carlsberg, 'smiling people controlled the streets.' It is appallingly mis-judged. If this was the night Salford changed could we have some analysis from Salford Star as to how? The only change that I can see is that the Star has lost any last shred of credibility it once had.
Berny B wrote
at 15:18:15 on 11 August 2011
So disappointing from a magazine that claims to legitimately speak for Salford. Do you understand the people who live there? Seems to me you want to glory in the seemier side of the city's poor reputation. Carlsberg "liberated"? Cigs and booze handed out to passers by? Are you painting these people as freedom fighters or modern day Robin Hoods? A very Salford riot? Can you explain exactly what that means? It is cheap, sensationalist, emotive, badly thought out rubbish masquerading as journalism. Insular, Salford-centric journalism like this reflects the narrow mindedness of the minority of residents who helped further destroy an ailing community. Tonight Salford was changed. Lazy. This article is worthless and you should be ashamed.
lidy wrote
at 10:42:55 on 11 August 2011
lived in salford kersal precint 4 40 years new all the so called boys pm et ect it was poor and we realy had nowt no phones no playstations but we were still proud 2 call salford our home . then about 20 years ago the salford gangsters took over every pub shut down then hero worship of these people took over try and do the right thing ie work and u become the target 4 the you have more than me so i will just take it brigade so salford star dnt tell me about poverty when the children of salford all have i phones ect moved away 2 years ago becase decent people cannot win when we have apologists such as yourselves fueling there hatred of anything decent
Salford Star wrote
at 09:44:25 on 11 August 2011
See Rita's comments below... You asked for an editorial response to your criticisms - there is one further down the comments list but basically the piece did not condone what was happening, merely describing the scene and what the mood was in one place at one time. Had the piece been about what happened earlier at the Precinct the description might have been completely different.Interestingly, there was an article in the Manchester Evening News describing the same scene in a similar way. You can only write what you see. Don't shoot the messenger. As has been shown in the comments on this story, everyone is free to describe it in the way they saw it.
Rita wrote
at 09:36:16 on 11 August 2011
Poor journalism., I have always respected Salford Star....not any more...Please report accurately like you have always done! where is the Editors response to these comments please?
>>> wrote
at 09:36:12 on 11 August 2011
This is a terrible, juandiced piece of journalism.
peter wrote
at 09:36:07 on 11 August 2011
the people of salford are workshy scum, i have lived here for the past three years and its time to move on!!!! you are all a joke, and you all need to start thinking about your personal hygene as most of you look like you dont wash especially you single scum bag mothers!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Manchester wrote
at 07:15:37 on 11 August 2011
Shame on you 'Salford 'Fallen' Star for glamorising the brain dead robbery and violence in your area You should have a moral duty to be more positive and use your website to motivate and lift up the young lost souls that don't know any better! If you want to move forward and be professional you need to write in a caring and sympathetic way else you will just appeal to the negative people that have access to the site and not the bigger group of hard-working respectful and honest citizens you are upsetting peace, RM
Anon wrote
at 07:15:03 on 11 August 2011
I happen to come across this website when googling for Salford Riots - I have no idea what the "Salford Star" stands for (nor do I care). However, I am disappointed by the portrayal of last nights scenes as being "more of a party than a riot". Since when did wanton and flagrant abuse of law and order constitute a party atmosphere? I can imagine that local residents, particularly the elderly would beg to differ. Like all cities, Salford has its problems - they have now just got worse. So will the punishment fit the crime? I doubt it. I know a magistrate who's sitting in court on Friday and the sad fact is he believes there is not much he can do. A caution for a first time offence? Hardly a deterrent. Those under 18 will be in front of a youth court - and who knows what sanctions apply there. I hazard a guess that they will not be proportionate to the massive damage that a selfish few have caused. Parents need to take responsibility for their children. I recall a friend once stating that people should have a licence to have children - with youth like this, he may have been right.
Lennard Sands wrote
at 07:14:19 on 11 August 2011
Fine reporting Salford Star . Keep up the work on behalf of Salford's crapped-on people .
mpc wrote
at 07:13:44 on 11 August 2011
sadly salford star you have lost my support with that article, you have also revealed your true colours,and by so doing lost any crediblity you may have previously had as the voice of the people its a pity because the salford star originally looked very promising salfordian 50+ years .
Proud Salfordian wrote
at 07:12:58 on 11 August 2011
DISGRACEFUL 'REPORTING'- Utterly shameful to this proud city, let's all come and loot your office and smash your homes eh Salford Star? It's OK it's only a party! 75% Child poverty? Well get off your fat Daytime TV arses and get a job and stop having children that you cannot correctly bring up. These looting scum are not representitive of Salford they are just vermin, who have no-one to blame but themselves. Why should companies like Lidl invest in Salford if this is how the community repays them.
Heywood wrote
at 07:11:07 on 11 August 2011
Im a proud salford boy who now lives is the US. This is a sad time for the UK. This is what happens when you let the liberals/ the left mould society, hoards of ill educated morons who have no moral compass. People who think their enemy is that hard worker and NOT a government who keep them doped up with dole money, video games and getting pissed. It cracks me up to hear those defending these poor angry children, when people not much older than these are dying in foreign climates to ensure their right to riot. Thank you god I live in a country where I can defend myself. My dear mum and family who live in salford and manchester are screwed.
Ben wrote
at 07:10:05 on 11 August 2011
Tahira J Chakotai You said: "What the writer of this story has done is to quote what Salfords youth really think and to record in print what their resoning (sic) was behind the riots" If Salford Star are QUOTING what Salford youth say, then this should be acknowledged as such in the article. Otherwise, they shouldn't say it. It is not being reported as objective journalism. Example of lack of objectivity? "Pretty girls in white dresses…all that was missing was the DJ."
Buckley Travis wrote
at 20:53:18 on 10 August 2011
Once again excellent reporting Salford Star . Keep up the excellent work . Journalism at its finest .
Your Future wrote
at 20:52:41 on 10 August 2011
Criminal acts should be punished. Existing laws should be enforced. The Police should be freed from a health and safety culture that ties their hands. Unless these things happen this is just the beginning.
johnnyboy wrote
at 20:47:56 on 10 August 2011
Salford lad. My first comment ever on here. Because this piece is disgusting. Ordinary people are being terrorised by yobs and you choose to make out like this is some political game. This aint about cuts, its about people not knowing how to behave in decent society and some people expecting everything for nothing, not working,not contributing, not paying their way, just taking. The people in these riots arent protesting, they'r looting. Salford Star - be ashamed.
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