Star date: 11th August 2011


"Our members…are determined to try and provide these young people with a chance to do something better than pull the shutters off Lidl, but reduced staffing numbers make it harder everyday." UNISON

In the wake of the riots, and on the day Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in the city, Salford Council workers' trade union, UNISON, has rounded on Council Leader, John Merry, with an open letter imploring him to reverse cuts to youth services in the city. The trade union points out that `child poverty in Salford stands at 60% and in some wards youth unemployment is as high as 40%'.

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Salford City UNISON Open Letter to Councillor John Merry

Dear Councillor Merry

I would like to respond to your statement on behalf of Salford City Council with a statement on behalf of Salford City UNISON. The drafting of this letter was prepared with the help and assistance of UNISON members who work in all areas of the Council and in organisations such as Salix Homes, City West Housing, Salford Community Leisure and other groups.

We do not support the actions of those who caused unrest on Tuesday night.

The riots caused our members disruption in their communities, fear in their homes and could have placed them in danger. However, many of them still chose to continue with their jobs while the riots went on because they felt they could bring something positive to a negative situation.

Our members in Youth Services went down to the Precinct to converse with and listen to the young people there. They went to tell them to reconsider their actions, but also to remind them that there are still people who haven't written them off. Whatever punishment is doled out to those responsible, our members in those services will need to be there to work with them after that punishment is carried out.

Our concern is that they won't be. Or at least not enough of them.

We cannot condone the actions of those who rioted, but nor can we condone the cuts that have taken place in Salford's Youth Services and Connexions over the previous six months. Child poverty in Salford stands at 60%. In some wards youth unemployment is as high as 40%. Our members working in these services are determined to try and provide these young people with a chance to do something better than pull the shutters off Lidl, but reduced staffing numbers make it harder everyday.

Our members in youth services, education welfare, looked after children's teams, schools, nurseries and many other areas are fighting an uphill battle to offer young people a decent future in a world that seems unwilling to provide one. Whether a banker, an expenses-milking politician or a drug dealer, our society sends a message that the greedy and the selfish will be rewarded. And the reward for the hard-working and honest? Pay cuts, job losses and insecurity.

If you want to show the young people of this city that bad behaviour will be punished you must show them that good behaviour will be rewarded. Your praise for those who helped with the clean-up on Wednesday morning was correct. Those people truly show what is best about Salford. What was missing in your statement however, was praise for those who spend everyday cleaning up the mess that cuts to vital public services leave behind. The work our Education Welfare workers and others have put in for example, has directly contributed to the fact that Salford now has the lowest persistent pupil absence levels in the North West. Such services need praising and they need protecting.

An immediate reversal of cuts in youth services would send two powerful messages to young people in Salford. Firstly, that there are people in positions of power that have not given up on them and secondly, that those who display positive values like hard work and integrity will not be cast-aside when times get tough.

In addition to reversing these cuts, we would like to see Salford Council set up its own task force involving elected councillors, the trade unions, community groups and young people themselves so that we can start to look at providing a forum where the voice of those who feel marginalised can be properly heard.

Such an initiative would need to be genuine and those with authority would need to be willing to act on the difficult truths that would no doubt emerge. If that commitment were there we could build something positive out of this mess.

Last Tuesday should never have happened. Our members are committed to doing what they can to make sure it doesn't happen again. In order to do that they need your support.

We look forward to your response.


Steven North
Branch Secretary, Salford City UNISON



politics student. wrote
at 08:36:29 on 04 September 2011
Can somebody please end my confusion. Is this correct that a colleague of Salford Councils leader sent this disgusting text and remained in a taxpayer funded job and also was ceo while our council leader was paid by his organisation?. Surely this is a resignation matter for Salford Cpouncils leader or am i being naive?Who is the person who sent this text , is he paid by the taxpater, what happened to him and what connection did he have with Salfords leader ?
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:06:17 on 30 August 2011
I'm amazed that some people deny that such a thing as poverty exists in 2011. The fact that people will die becuase they can not keep warm in the winter is testemony that poverty is a fact of life for many in Britain. If that alone is not argument enough I dont know what is. In reply to Jim, thanks for the compliment. I do agree that the usual enquiry would consist of some civil servant or member of the House of Lords chairing a committee that would look at evidence from accademics, the police & other sources without actually asking those who took part why these things happen. I think we need something more radical, something that will get to the root of the problem. I'm not hopeful though.
Pigs 3 different kinds wrote
at 07:28:30 on 30 August 2011
Theres a geezer on here who reckons us good people are sheep. He seems to believe we would be so pathetic as to vote for someone who lies after stealing money from us, he also seems to have the audacity to question our elected leader who wont declare how much money he received from an organisation whose ceo thinks dying pakis in a corner shop are a bit of a laugh, he also seems to believe we have been conned when our leaders kill or provoke the killing of one million innocent fellow human beings and tell us its in the name of justice. Who is this fecker who calls us sheeple, who is he. By god if i ever find out I will give him the biggest embrace he has ever had.
Salford Citizen wrote
at 07:27:40 on 30 August 2011
Im a little bit confused by what Mr Merry has said about not being able to reveal the boards findings.Correct me if im wrong but hasnt the taxpayer (me and you) pumped billions of pounds into the NWDA so whats the big secret John? Surely this disregard for transparency confirms previous allegations of secret clubs and cronyism paid for by us.
Atholl St resident. wrote
at 23:51:10 on 28 August 2011
Its a long time ago (but then again so was the phone hacking scandal that the politicians have been veracious over) but i seem to remember that four Salford police officers were ceremoniously sacked for sending racist texts.I wonder how their lives have been affected and how they feel about Salford Councils leaders alleged defence of his fellow board member or fellow councillor.I feel that would be worthyjournalismfor the Starona human interest level. I have just been burgled again on Atholl St,the 2nd time in a week and it is probably by the same people that Merry has kicked out of their council homes or at least spouted off about.If he manages to get his way then i advise all Salford householders to prepare extra security to protect their homes,its one of lifes worst expereiences.
at 02:42:10 on 28 August 2011
I would be very very surprised if John was racist or even held racist views. Its cronyism that i see as the route of a lot of evil in society and to me this is an absolute example of our leaders double standards and an unfortunate case of defending a colleague rather than upholding the statutory rules he is obliged to by law,and then how can he then enforce laws on the ratepayers of Salford and keep their respect. How can he subject us to the rules when he appears to be so dismissive of them when it comes to a colleague, thats the real point and one that frankly sticks in my throat. Im sick of people like Jaqui Smith or John Prescott or Alastair Campbell being wheeled out on te BBC and lecturing us on morals, to me tis is more cronyism. They have probably been to te same wine parties as the producers and now its a case of a friend in need. And who pays for Smith to redeem herself, yes its us licence fee payers. The very ones she defrauded. Having said all that i feel there is a glimmer of decency in John and its more a system problem.
John Merry wrote
at 08:57:39 on 27 August 2011
For the benefit of one mans offence you may not be aware that I have myself been the victim of racist abuse for having the temerity to have been married to a Muslim Asian . Mr Broomhead had nothing to do with my appointment to the NWDA. In no way would I condone a racist joke and you must not assume no action was taken but I am not at liberty to talk about any action the board may have taken . I do not normally post here because I would end up responding on a full time basis but Mr Devine whose as far as I am aware has not been active in anti racist activity seems determined to allege I am a racist a view I regard as a disgusting slur on my late dear wife
One mans offence is ..... wrote
at 22:10:35 on 26 August 2011
In reference to the above post about John Merrys apparent dismissive attitude to a text about 'dying pakis' i logged onto Salford Councils legal obligation and it clearly says "A racist incident is any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person." So what John Merry is saying about his friend (who incidentally was ceo of the organisation that sanctioned thousands of pounds of taxpayers funds into Mr Merrys bank account) isnt relevant as his own rules and the law of the land state that if anyone perceives the comments made by his friend to be racist then clearly they are. That leaves the gaping question of who on earth would find the following statement offensive "dying paki asking his family , who is in the fucking shop". Maybe the Preston shopkeeper who snapped after years of racist abuse and ended up being murdered or the thousands of asian shopkeepers who have to put up with the vilest of racism just so they can earn their family a living. Im sorry Mr Merry, i feel some of your critiscm on this site is very unfair but on this incident you have defended the indefensible and let down not only your own principles but somebody much more important. Please reconsider your position, man cant live by bread alone.
Mike Skeff wrote
at 14:15:51 on 26 August 2011
Cabe Vincell echoes the sentiments of one of my previous posts, (Aug 15th). When people such as those who rioted become aware of the corruption and greed by those in power uncovered over the past few years, and believe me many of those people may not be that well educated, for whatever reason, but they are aware and it becomes one of many excuses to wreak havoc. Things like the recent unrest don't just happen, there are serious underlying causes and plenty of valid opinions as to what those causes are. As to poverty being a cause I agree with Life is loud and to a certain extent with Salford Citizen. We cannot and should not apply the word 'poverty' as a cause here, (see my post of Aug 16th). I also aree with Nachtschlepper that these events will erupt again untill the cause are addressed, although I suggest other cause will be found in the future. The important thing is that forums such as this site and hopefully a printed version of the Salford Star must continue. Things may get a little heated at times, but that is to be expected. Well done to all contributors.
jim devine wrote
at 05:29:46 on 26 August 2011
I personally feel Nach is the best contributer to this site but surely Nach any inquiry would be conducted by another feckin Government crony and if like Lord McPhersons report after the death of Stephen Lawrence proved to be worthy it would soon be ignored, as institutional racism is no longer acknowledged. Merry proved that when his comments on his crony pal Broomheads text about dying pakis ranged from "I know he isnt racist" to " ive seen worse". These comments from a council leader come despite the same council having legislation to promote racial harmony. I dont need to tell Nach that real change has to be more profound than inquiries even though it has been one of the best suggestions to the recent events.
Cabe Vincell wrote
at 05:29:15 on 26 August 2011
Look to the underlying causes of the rioting , and the reasons become clear . Corrupt governance . Corrupt , lying , thieving , cheating , self-serving parasites at all levels , local , national and international . Corrupt MEPs , Corrupt MPs , corrupt local councils . Thoses at the bottom of society , trapped in a jobless and hopeless hell created deliberately by corrupt politicians have nothing to lose . They are all thieves , but the MEPs , MPs , local councils go unpunished , those at the bottom of society are persecuted . I despair as to why there is a public outcry by the hang 'em and flog 'em brigade , but no outcry against the corrupt politicians . The public are compliant, brainwashed, subserviant and idiotic sheep .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 09:46:03 on 25 August 2011
I am unlucky enough to have been around for the recent riots & those riots in the early eighties & you know something? People looted then just as they do now, they made no excuse, there was no pretence that their motives were political. I know because I was there. The underlying reasons are the same; high unemployment, lack of prospects, low expectations, government, both national & local that do nothing. I don't claim to have all the answers & I might even be wrong, though I doubt that. What I know for certain is that we need a thorough inquiry into the causes & action on the findings. I still find it a little worrying that of all the ills facing this city that other important issues raised by the Salford Star attract so little debate.
Salford citizen wrote
at 19:30:57 on 24 August 2011
The so called riots or recent were of opportunistic motives the same motives behind much of the street crime we see and hear about from ram raiding to handbag snatching, I would suggest that riots in the past were of a purer nature, as with the miners all they wanted was a fair days pay for a fair days graft. You have to admire the caliber of solidarity displayed by those great men and determined families. Please don't suggest the looters of late were sharing any where near the same nobility as somebody fighting for what is right. As for depravation and poverty, did any of the smiling soljas look like they were short of anything?  (apart from a thick ear)  I hope the day never comes when anybody experiences true poverty and depravation. They are strong words that should only be used accordingly. To water the meaning down to befit the mentality of the looting vandals blatantly playing the system, quite frankly is a joke?   
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:22:11 on 22 August 2011
These type of riots ore not a new phenomena. Thisty years ago simillar events took place and all for the same reason. You can bury your head in the sand (or up your own or anybody else arse if you like) but the fact will always remain that until some action is taken, until the problems are addressed in a rational, thoughtful manner these events will continue to happen every generation or so. I might add that if the likes of the so called "Salford citizen" had got as angry about the depravation in this city then things might not have come to this.
Salford citizen wrote
at 22:57:25 on 19 August 2011
For most people the type of shops you are referring to are the stepping stone into the world of work perhaps to put themselves through further education or a management roll, whichever ladder they choose too climb. But if you think you're to good to start at the bottom then how do you expect to ever progress? And don't forget some people are quite proud of the work they do. Nobody is chaining anybody to the shelves at tescos anymore than they are tied to the wheely bins at the council.  There's no shame in work? No matter what you do? Maybe that's all you will ever do but so what?! I'm sorry but if people think their too good for pound land or mcdonalds then their fucked? If you leave school with nothing, then where else do you expect to make your grande entrance in to the world of work? Sometimes you have to stoop to conquer. "Reduce taxes for prospective employers" Great idea., I welcome reduced taxes,  the carrot that is being dangled to entice business to stay or come back is not a bad shout, I hope it has the desired effect, but this was never about taxes was it. And the pat on the back.. you might as well of give the looters a shoulder to cry on.. They were scumbags out for a good old time, there was no reason other than a free telly, xbox and crisps. If half of them could pull their head out of 50 cents arse they might not be all that bad. , you crack on like it was a political movement? Or the result of horrific poverty. I bet everyone of them had a 20 bag of skunk. And the rest, you just don't fucking get it do you? It was a party! The Salford star even said so! And why does the Salford star threaten my beliefs? Bit deep init? 
life is loud wrote
at 16:45:37 on 19 August 2011
Come on Unions Can you define what you mean by Child Poverty My daughter has lived in the Far East and that is poverty with children living in cardboard boxes come on get real. There is a lot of umemployment around some people want to work and others dont for them its a way of life trying not to get a job. My son has learning difficulties and he cannot get a job either but he is not living in poverty. Dont be so patronising. Well said Salford Citizen
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 12:07:46 on 19 August 2011
Get your head from up your arse. Either you "dont give a toss" about the Salford Star or you see it as some kind of threat to whatever it is you believe in. Who said the rioters should be patted on the back? I for one do not recall ever saying that. Read the post and engage your brain before you open your gob. As for investment, is TJ Hughs & Poundzone the best we can hope for? I think otherwise. If the government can give local authorities permission to waive local business taxes under these circumstances then why cant those taxes be reduced to attract employers at other times. If you really knew anything about Salford you would know what the city was like thirty years ago. Not Utopia, but a place where you could live and work in the hope that your kids could expect the same. I have witnessed the decline of the city. Large scale employers pulling out of the place & taking jobs abroad. Nobody applauds what has happened, nobody wants to see it again. That is why knee jerk reactions are not thye way forward.
Salford citizen wrote
at 22:16:17 on 18 August 2011
Is undying solidarity to the star required to post a comment here? Do I need to fund or subscribe to state an opinion or does that make me a "part time critic" as apposed to a full-time what exactly? You talk of investment? Presumably investment in employment? Or prospective business which would invest in people? Thus creating hope? Would that be the investments recently destroyed?  decimating local business to near bankruptcy, but that's ok because their insured? So insurance goes up thus failing to retain and turning away future investment. So we applaud the the looters as some-kind of  freedom fighters? give them a metaphorical medal and a pat on the back? And if investment doesn't come who do we blame? I don't expect you will ever place any onus on the people involved, you have made that blindingly clear. But  "a reasoned examination of the root causes & a list of solutions" how do you go from condoning complete anarchy to the handbook of Hazel Blears?    Alarmingly the same candour as the human rights experts exploiting every aspect of the law to suit, not that dissimilar to the politicians you hold so close to your cause. They also slither around blame any which way they can and screw the system for what they can get. Unfortunately it's the TRUE working class that will continue to pay for both sides while they play their silly games, claiming one is every bit as credible as the other. Politics.. or.. Social?, anything else is just too much like hard work..
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 10:06:12 on 18 August 2011
For somebody who couldn't give a toss about the Salford Star the so called "Salford citizen" spend an awful lot of time on the said publications website. The only solution to the problems Salford faces is not a "slapped arse" it is a reasoned examination of the root causes & a list of solutions. People need hope in the future. That will only happen when genuine investment is made in jobs. As I have said in recent posts the cancer of unemployment lies at the heart of these problems.
jim devine wrote
at 09:55:49 on 18 August 2011
And there endeth todays lesson !!!!!!
A rioters viewpoint wrote
at 09:55:43 on 18 August 2011
IT was a fing yeah , a fing wot went off yeah . Gas them bastarrds and fing yeah . So a few bits o shit got lifted an fing yeah . Ripped of a few shops yeah . The clouncil rip peeps off year on year yeah , innit ?
james fernon wrote
at 09:55:36 on 18 August 2011
Just boycott this rag of a paper, your coverage and portrayal of what has happened in Salford and your attempts to crawl out of the mess that you have caused by sloppy journalism, do me a favour, I come from Salford and I feel that I too have a opinion to express, you were virtually applauding young gobshites stealing and burning cars, shameful, and I will bet that you will not publish this
Salford citizen wrote
at 18:06:05 on 17 August 2011
Jim I couldn't give a toss about the Salford star, the absolute bottom line, arson yes or no? Looting yes or no? In some city's murder yes or no? Stuff you and your apologists who keep mollycoddling the crazy ideal that somehow it's all ok, i doubt any of the victims would share your view! Their short of a slapped arse not a social worker. Police brutality don't make me laugh! If only! 
jim devine wrote
at 23:00:39 on 16 August 2011
Well said Nach and Mike as always, i see most of the part time critics of the Star have disappeared only to leave this citizen chap who reminds me of another poster called 'James'. I also praise the Star for not grovelling to the mob and now we can spend the next few weeks listening to stories of miscarriages of justice and police brutality which people like Salford Citizen have been baying for. Shame on that individual, shame.
Salford citizen wrote
at 22:58:48 on 16 August 2011
Mike, I couldn't agree more, but it makes my blood boil when I think of someone going swimming with dolphins because they have stolen a car, or rewarded with KFC because they climbed on someone's bungalow and wrecked it throwing slates at the police, I don't like seeing the good kids getting nothing because you have to do something wrong to be selected for special outings and such. The good kids don't get the rewards the scrotes get. Culturally that doesn't seem the right way to go?
Mike Skeff wrote
at 16:22:03 on 16 August 2011
I've experienced the attitude of Salford Citizen many times. I'm in my late 50s and seem to hold very different values to many of the young people today. I'm not going to get onto the old cliche about how much better it was when I was a teenager, but I must say one thing, it was better. There was violence of course, mainly football related though and the odd fight outside the pub. I wasn't born with a silver spoon either Citizen and I don't know anyone in Salford who was. We went to work aged 15 and worked hard as apprentices or whatever and enjoyed the weekend. We bought clothes and records etc when we could and most, but by no means all, had the support of parents and family around them who instilled a sense of discipline and guidance. I'm sure you've heard all this before too, but the point I'm making is that our society has changed almost beyond recognition. Salford Citizen and those who hold the same viewpoint let me tell you this. Many of the young people in Salford would welcome the opportunity to buy clothes and music, to go out with mates and talk about their 'job', to have conversations about what they did at work or what they plan to achieve with money they have 'earned'. The painful truth is there aren't any jobs, the family support isn't there any more so in those terms the young of today are more impoverished than we were. I agree with Hilda Palmer: 'trying to understand is not to condone', the events of the past weeks cannot be condoned on any account, but there are serious underlying causes which must be addressed. Of course not all those involved in the riots are aware of the impact their criminal activity has had nor do they care, that must be admitted, but very many are aware and would not have participated if their life offered some opportunity for them. As I said in my previous post there are many causes for what has happened going back many years and I'm not going to reiterate my condemnation of those in power, that has been done by others, but I will say this: where there are problems there are solutions. Punish those who deserve it? yes, but what kind of punishment will prevent this from happening again and what about the punishment for those responsible for the underlying causes. Poverty is not a cause in my opinion, in this society poverty is reletive and we do not have to watch our children die from hunger and desease. But societies can be impoverished in other ways, as I mentioned above. Education is a vital factor, but educate for what?, to get into debt and have no job at the end of three years of study?. There is no manufacturing base any more in the UK, poor standards of basic education, lack of discipline and guidance and all the other ills of corruption and greed. However, things can be done to start to repair the fabric of our society but it lacks the political will and would no doubt be opposed by those in power wishing to maintain the economic status quo. The so called 'national debt' can be reduced without any cuts to services. Jobs could be created, revenue raised and some kind of stability installed but not under this government nor I fear under a labour government also run by public schoolboys who have no idea of real life. There are solutions though which must be used to reclaim and help the next generation.
Salford citizen wrote
at 16:21:49 on 16 August 2011
My point is that recent events was not "power to the people" suggesting such is downgrading the true plight or fight against common injustice.  A big part of the problem is with culture, the point about the can't be arsed brigade is.., how many mountain bikes do you see lying around because they can't be bothered to fix a puncture? How much litter do you see on the streets because they can't be bothered to put it in a bin? How many times does polite society have to make way for abuse because somebody thinks they have had it tough, its not good enough. And if you wait for the government you will wait forever. I believe Salford people have a lot more tenacity, I'm not suggesting everybody should be dancing on the rooftops but even if things are diabolically shite, you get on with it. the people of Salford I know are made from tougher stuff. Speak your mind but Don't let the bastards grind you down. Tuesday nights actions not just in Salford nation wide, proved nothing more than opportunistic vandalism and theft and left good people with even less than what they had in the first place it was not a proud moment.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 05:47:18 on 16 August 2011
Just wondering in what alternative reality the so called "Salford citizen" lives. After forty years of decline and neglect the Salford is a black hole of deprivation. It is impossible to take so many thousands of jobs from a city and not expect the social problems we experience. I see the usual crap being written about how life on benefits is so marvelous. Does the fact that the type of relative poverty experienced by some Salfordians means that they are not starving to death mean that that poverty is acceptable? I would suggest it is not in any way acceptable. This problem demands real solutions, not the reactionary shit you are trying to pass as reasoned debate. Only when these problems are faced in a calm reasoned manner can the events of last week avoid being repeated. The alternative means we will be faced with growing and unending civil unrest.
john wrote
at 20:52:31 on 15 August 2011
if the rioters see a problem in society that is worth rioting for then they should take that riot to the door step of the problem not YOUR own community not YOUR own shops and not YOUR own people
Salford citizen wrote
at 20:52:01 on 15 August 2011
you can put the full cast and crew of parliament incorporated's head on a pike for me, but if that's the case get on with it! Stop crying about how hard it is and disadvantaged people are and there's no opportunities and no hope, no wonder nobody gets any where with that chip on their shoulder. You have to fight for opportunity! Stop banging on about it! The more you tell people they are deprived the more they believe their deprived (self fulfilling prophecy) Why not encourage success in people?! you have to fight for your place in the world not throw your toys out of the cot because you see something you can't have because you don't have the arse for it.
Salford citizen wrote
at 16:14:46 on 15 August 2011
Salford has always been a tough place, people had to be because yes it was poor. But the days of people getting an apple & orange for Christmas are long gone. People should be proud of where their from without feeling the need to advertise it as some kind of hood, if someone was to come to your house and say it was a shithole I'm certain they would get a smack in the mouth. So why let the politicians and the sympathy brigade publicly pity you, your house and your city. You shouldn't take that from anyone? When did we fall in to this sulk? "got nowt, everfins shit, it's so unfair." what  do you think people did before there was a telly?  With all this new privileged  technology at our fingertips it might do some people the world of good to get out of their self created goldfish bowl, knock Jeremy Kyle or big brother etc off for a second and have a look at the people who are fighting for their life every day, people truly suffering, theres plenty of them. Instead of buzzing off the latest happy slap. Ignorance is bliss but it's getting nobody anywhere fast. Galvanising society with your political treacle will give you something to debate until the cows come home but oiling the cogs of the disdadvantaged you are not
Hilda Palmer wrote
at 12:24:34 on 15 August 2011
Great reporting. Have top speak truth to power, telll it as it is and be prepared to think and debate the causes and underlying issues. Less knee jerk hang 'em and flog 'em, trying to understand is not to condone.
Mike Skeff wrote
at 11:08:56 on 15 August 2011
There is little doubt of the condemnation of the violence and damage inflicted on Salford over the past weeks, anyone with sense would agree that what happened was shameful and very disturbing. What will undoubtedly follow is the debate into the causes with every political party trying to score points. It is my opinion that there can never be an excuse for the events we have all suffered, but there are causes which go back many years. Thatcher and her cronies changed the social landscape for ever by promoting the ethos: 'there is no such thing as society, there is only the individual'. This led to the break up of the family unit and wider family support networks. It created a culture of greed and a growing contempt for authority. When Labour came to power under Blair there wasn't much difference. The nation was led to an illegal war through bare faced lies and propaganda. More recently the banks have been exposed for their shameless mishandling of public money and paid millions in bonuses for doing it. Then politicians of all parties were also exposed for their unforgivable breaches of trust, their lies, fraud, theft and deceit, which still goes on whith only a couple of minor punishments. Many of the people who took part in the riots across the country I'm sure have little knowledge or interest in politics, but they do know about the corruption and lies I have mentioned above. This has led to a general feeling of, 'fuck it, if the politicians and the rich can rip the country off and get away with it, so can I'. Social unrest on such a scale doesn't just happen and it doesn't just involve uneducated yobs. We have seen similar scenes in other countries and these things will happen again. People in power and the so called 'experts' must realise that the rich and powerful, the politicians and bankers must answer for their crimes. Many of the looters were mindless thugs, but there were many who would never have thought of getting involved if they had a chance of work. Make no mistake, very many of the young people nowadays want jobs, they want to create a little self respect, unfortunately as things are they have little hope. We shouldn't think of retribution, nor should we allow politicians to make political gains by spouting how tough they will be on those involved in the unrest. Of course the law should take it's course, but more fundamental changes must be made to create a fairer society with equal chances where they can be created.
Salford citizen wrote
at 11:07:20 on 15 August 2011
Number 1 I don't read the daily mail and number 2 I was brought up in salford with the same disadvantages and I have managed to rise above the bullshit, where was my silver spoon? I didn't sit on my arse complaining, I got on with it!
Harry Toon wrote
at 09:53:42 on 15 August 2011
Salford citizen , you read too much Daily Mail . Life on easy street is the life we fund for the MPs , MEPs , Lords , Council executives . These are the enemy , not some poor disadvantaged underclass rotting on the dole in this hopeless , jobless hell society . This underclass goes back to the evils of thatcherism and tory values which created it. Where are the jobs for the jobless ?
Salford citizen wrote
at 09:53:37 on 15 August 2011
"Our members…are determined to try and provide these young people with a chance to do something better than pull the shutters off Lidl" Your motives for making such a statement are questionable, it's either for your own gain ie to jump on the back of the publicity, or stick your fingers in the funding pie. Or perhaps you simply haven't got a clue what your talking about, just looks good on paper, something to draw more bogus statistics from. To quote just one of the many intelligent comments made on a previous post but I think it is entirely relevant  "I actually know people who work for the youth service in Salford and the young hood rats who partook in these riots did so not because they had nothing to do or no "youth club" to go to - but because they just wanted to get in on some free stuff and cause some mayhem! There was no sense or no reason behind it, no government failing spurred them on... I highly doubt any of them have a sparkling knowledge of politics in their tiny minds anyway! People walk the streets each night from the councils youth service trying to reach out to the "unreachable" teenagers even taking them on trips for free and providing them with activities to entertain and educate. Some kids are just from bad breeding and there is nothing anyone can do to show them they can be better"  I can also vouch for the people who work with the young people of Salford and they provide a service that is second to none, to say you would like to give them something better to do than rip the shutters off lidl is an insult.  I suggest you visit the the youth centres in Salford And witness first hand the amazing work that is already being done.  Why do people insist on painting this picture of Salford as if we are this poverty stricken city full of cobbles and poor people?
jim devine wrote
at 09:53:31 on 15 August 2011
Very patronising response. If you simply spout off without consideriing a solution you might well be part of the problem. On a day were it has been revealed that another half a million people came to live in this country this year and have taken 70% of the jobs this low life behaviour is only going to get worse. Open your eyes and your mind fella, simply spouting off doesnt seem to be working. And before you make crass statements again my family had to put up with 11 burglaries from this kind of scum and when we asked for a council exchange the council official said we have to understand as they have had bad upbringings. We moved out and the same council official was inspecting our empty house when the same scum came in and beat him to a pulp.That was twenty years ago and nothing much has changed.
Salford citizen wrote
at 20:00:44 on 14 August 2011
On second thoughts now I've had a chance to think about it?! Let's give the rioters a big round of applause! Well done lads, top notch, you really stood up for the people and made a huge difference, I can't thank you enough! Perhaps next time you could burn my house down or perhaps murder one of my family members, but first let's give you some more money because I don't think you get enough, I don't think we have rebuilt enough council estates for you to reck, and also the education system has let everybody down because the teachers should put up with more abuse, why didn't I see this before, we have all let you down big time, you poor thing, have the youth clubs not taken you on enough outings this year? It's an absolute tradagy that people are giving you such a tough time. Orr bless! Don't worry it's them nasty politicians fault. You have not made any of the choices in your life, so don't you worry your pretty little head about it.  Just a thought though while I'm counting up all my taxes perhaps you could count the money invested and actually spent  from the tax payers purse toward the endless void that is the social benefit system we all know and love. You can't blame all this on bad management, accept the fact that some people are scum - on both ends of the scale granted. But don't think this is because we haven't been invested in enough?! It boils down to basic mechanics? Once a cat has had milk it will never go back to water. So why should anybody work for a living once they have had a taste of easy street? And don't think for one minuet they won't fight, lie, and cheat to keep it that way.
jim devine wrote
at 14:39:44 on 14 August 2011
Salford citizen I think most people accept the Star's article looks a bit clumsy in relation to the disgraceful behavior of last week but surely our hard earned taxes over the years should have created a society where this kind of behaviour didnt occur. It is therefore not slight of hand to question the very peolpe we have paid to create a better place to play. People moan about petrol companies and the price of petrol but the real thieves are the government who rake in 75% of it and still cant use it properly. Sadly the Star is one of the very who has the courage to question how this money is being spent and even though i have never met them, retain my admiration and support. Salford citizen sit down and work out how mch tax you have paid over the years and we are still not safe in our own businesses and homes.
Zachary David wrote
at 11:01:17 on 14 August 2011
Perhaps what we are seeing is the beginning of a fightback against the corruption that has always existed in this corrupt society . A society that robs the workers through the illegality of taxation , and allows criminals in Westminster , Brussels , and local councils to enrich themselves through this illegality . A corrupt society where we are forced to fund illegal wars , bribe corrupt officials in foreign countries - called 'aid', bribe the plod to run riot through mining comunities of rightly striking miners and their families in the 80's , terrorising with impunity and framing the innocent . Maybe one day people will wake up to the fact that we do not have Democracy , and want to do something about it . One thing is certain , the only time those overseeing this sham democracy consider ordinary people ,is when they are unable to pay taxes to further fund and maintain the excesses of those in ' authority ' .
Salford citizen wrote
at 19:58:29 on 13 August 2011
Debating the unforgivable actions of politicians, bankers and Rupert Murdoch still does not take anything away from the fact that we had a slight problem on Tuesday, one that cannot be made right be latching this on to other distracting events, that is nothing more than slight of hand, "keep looking at the left hand and nobody cares about the right hand anymore?"  Nobody is in favour of bankers and politicians raping our economy any more than Rupert Murdoch taping you phone? I don't condem anybody for their sense of loyalty to want to protect "their own" but this vague attempt to change the subject is short-changing the truth of the matter. Keep issues separate or find yourself lost in reels of red tape the politicians will happily go along with, as it keeps them securely in place.  P.S Hazel Blears stop piggy backing this as your crusade agains crime you are no better!
V. Everemond wrote
at 17:58:41 on 13 August 2011
Great to see torybastard Cameron setting foot in Salford to try to evaluate the reason for the riots . He looked ready to crap himself with fear . At least he was ably assisted by the Grinning Rat blears , well placed for the photo opportunity . Only one missing was 'labour ' Merry . He could have posed for the cameras chucking people out of their homes . Blears could have asked why the kids aren't in school . With cretins like these bastards , responsible for this dead city and dead country , Things can only get much worse ....
Gerry Mandering wrote
at 17:57:29 on 13 August 2011
Jim Devine . I too have wondered about this . The flog em and hang em brigade of lunatica , appalled at the riots , but shamefully silent when the corruption in 'authority ' is exposed . Why are these same righteous people prepared to excuse the corruption of the, lying , cheating MPs , Local councils , MEPs , police , bankers , rich tax dodgers ... ? Appalling double standards . Thanks to the Star for great reporting .
Salford citizen wrote
at 17:51:22 on 13 August 2011
A poverty percentage based on statistics, which are taken from a count of heads that are unemployed people who are receiving certain benefits. If we were to further the mathematics behind this and extend the equation to include, those of which who are running a car, partying every weekend, casual use of canabis and other recreational drugs Monday to Friday, or those who enjoy a few days a week in the pub or the bookies or both. The sum would surly be respective of the real amount of people living in impoverish conditions and reflect on those who are not, let's be clear about this, people in Salford are not washing their designer clothes in the Manchester ship canal as much as they are sleeping on the floor. The children are also very well catered for, well fed, well clothed etc... Poverty, you have used this term loosely at best, if not completely patronising to the Salford residents. We are not any where near third world proportions? Why don't you just describe this as people on benefits? Does it give the coucellors something to do when their not having their picture taken?  "The fight against poverty"  I suspect somewhere along the line the council will find a way to line there own pockets as they always do. This is political propaganda and the Salford people are patsys every time.
jim devine wrote
at 08:16:52 on 13 August 2011
I just wonder why so many people have vqueued up to slaughter a small website who receives no money yet when the same website exposes the obscene corruption that leads to these scumbags stealing from me and you there is abject silence. Rather than the Salford Star holding its head in shame, maybe the assholes who continue to vote for these self serving parasites and only use the 26 soldiers when it suits should be deeply shameful. Yous must feel proud you are singing from the same hymm sheet as Cameron and Merry. What a crass idea of Merrys to take council homes off them, if that happens they will my house and yours will be next. I understand your anger but for gods sake find the right target.
Albert wrote
at 18:57:09 on 12 August 2011
Well said Steve. I suspect it will go in one ear and out of the other one though.
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