Star date: 9th August 2011


4pm latest. Photo Exclusive.

"Tell everyone this is because of the Government cuts"

Police swooped to block off Salford Precinct this afternoon as people gathered around its perimeter in a riot stand off.

The police sealed off access from Pendleton roundabout to the shuttered down Precinct as more and more squad cars arrived with their sirens blazing. By 4pm the whole area around the tower block side of the Precinct was cordoned off.

More photos here…

Salford Precinct Riot Alert Salford Precinct Riot Alert Salford Precinct Riot Alert
Salford Precinct Riot Alert Salford Precinct Riot Alert Salford Precinct Riot Alert
Salford Precinct Riot Alert
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"Tell everyone this is because of the Government cuts" said one bloke hanging around Salford Precinct who obviously wished to remain anonymous.

As people both old and young gathered around the entrance to the Precinct and across the road at the old Broadwalk Library, police sealed off the area with around 15 vans and cars. 

As passers by scattered there was an uneasy truce going into the evening rush hour…

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Karl wrote
at 5:11:13 AM on Tuesday, February 28, 2012
most the salford people are all right there is just one or two scruffs that have been brought up like tramps i lived around pendleton were it all happened i moved away from there time ago before all this kicked off i do feel sorry for the family's of the people that were involved the police have more to do with this than people think the goverment aswell for letting the terrorists in this will all happen once again
Hoffie s.smith wrote
at 6:24:25 AM on Monday, August 15, 2011
What are you doing the youth of salford? It used to be a neat place to live in. Ive run away. These people distroy everthing for everybody,
at 1:49:31 PM on Thursday, August 11, 2011
I actually know people who work for the youth service in Salford and the young hood rats who partook in these riots did so not because they had nothing to do or no "youth club" to go to - but because they just wanted to get in on some free stuff and cause some mayhem! There was no sense or no reason behind it, no government failing spurred them on... I highly doubt any of them have a sparkling knowledge of politics in their tiny minds anyway! People walk the streets each night from the councils youth service trying to reach out to the "unreachable" teenagers even taking them on trips for free and providing them with activities to entertain and educate. Some kids are just from bad breeding and there is nothing anyone can do to show them they can be better.
Bernard Jaggers wrote
at 9:21:00 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Brian wrote
at 1:13:09 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Quite amazing how the only photos of rioters on here don't show their faces,yet there are plenty of clear ones of everyone else. I wonder why??
Chrissie wrote
at 1:12:21 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2011
These riots have been simmering for years, from the Blair/Brown admin., and the unholy Cameron/Clegg alliance has lit the touchpaper.If the government, by its own choices, or because of the results of the previous one, has had to cut policing,student grants, make other cuts in education,give over housing and healthcare tenders to private companies, and reduce our standard of living,then something violent is bound to happen. That's history, and has occurred since the Middle Ages in this country. However, this time, there's a more sinister motive for some. Whilst,during the 1970s and '80s, revolution was for the sake of a principle, and whilst there IS a principle , described above, in the current riots,it appears that 90% of these riots are in order to loot items to wear, use and sell.Looting has always been part of revolution,but never, until now, the main objective.Does this mean that people need stuff to sell because they are so poor, or is it a total lack of morals,with individuals believing that they are entitled to take others' belongings? Whatever the reason,this behaviour indicates a serious fallback in civilisation, and reflects on the way governments have misgoverned, going back to the Thatcher era, when the "Get a baby, get a council flat" mentality began. Another reason could be total boredom.In Salford,groups of young men are common sights, loitering sadly in bus shelters, outside off-licences and even chippies, for God's sake!If anyone passes by,in a car, (as walking would be risky, sorry to say,)they are scrutinised and glared at, by hostile and pale faces,almost covered in hoods, as though they were invaders to an exclusive territory. Where are the youth clubs and free places young people used to go to at night,(their time,)to listen to music, dance, meet people without this being a threat? OK, there were occasional fights about girls/boyfriends/football teams etc., but this was inevitable. Young people are restless and need to have a goal, (no goals now, except for the privileged few,)or something to struggle for, which, I am afraid, has led to the current life-threatening disruption. I believe that I shouldn't criticise without being able to suggest analternative:- *Churches of all denominations should open their halls for twice-weekly music nights, even crap-rap.The vicar/priest should be around to talk to people and attempt to be someone young people can approach, with problems. If there's a fight,call the police, if you can't sort it out there.At least it's localised. *Cafes should stay open at night, in Salford,without serving alcohol.At least that beats standing in a bus shelter.Same applies if there is any violence. *John Merry and His Merry Men could organise, via the council,sponsored nights at gyms and swimming baths, where young people could perform tasks, to further causes for supporting developing countries, and give them a sense of pride in doing something for others. I honestly believe that, despite the looting and violence, there is an element of decency, buried, albeit deeply, in the hearts of this Salford youth desperate crime culture, and I honestly believe, that, with the right stimulus and effort by older and responsible people, that these youths would be much happier doing positive actions, rather than destroying the city we have all felt proud to belong to. If we can't have this hope, and put ourselves out to do things for our young and deprived generation,we may as well resign ourselves to an anarchic, Mad Max future. All things are possible!
Salford citizen wrote
at 1:07:13 AM on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Could all the people empathising and protecting this scum with political dribble take your head out of your arse. The scum that is parading our streets looting and destroying our neibourhood and our society have not intention of integrating in any way shape or form. Do not underestimate the work shy parasites they have had plenty of practice in manipulating the system. All your doing is handing them more excuses?! Take your Rose tinted glasses off for a second... We the people of Salford are NOT deprived of anything, do you see anyone starving to death? When will people wake up to this charade, it boils down to choice, everybody knows if you want a job hard enough you will find one... But the bottom line is they think their too good for it. Fuck them all, feed them to the fucking wolves, scumbags stop their benefits and remove them from their rent free house courtesy of the working people. I have nothing but seething hate for you scally bastards
Nachtsclepper wrote
at 12:17:26 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
A great idea, conscript them all into the armed forces, teach them how to fight. Then wait until they cant find jobs, get really pissed off & then see what damage they can do, brilliant. This has been simmering for years, denude a section of society of jobs, hope & any idea of self respect. then sit back & reap the whirlwind. The only way to prevent this from happening again is to rebuild our society as one in which we all have hope & the expectation of a decent job. This type of behaviour is not a new phenomenon, people have resorted to it for hundreds of years. Food riots in the 18th & 19th centuries etc. Governments usually come down hard on it & then do nothing until it starts again a generation later.
lindsay wrote
at 11:25:33 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
bring in mandatory military service for everyone16-18 show these little shits real men fighting for their country not ruining it
Proud Salfordian wrote
at 11:25:25 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
THESE RATS ARE NOT SALFORDIANS. the scummy participants are merely a pack of wild animals, which unfortunately breed all over the UK. they should be castrated to start with, as this is the only way to be sure they will not bring further rats into our world. please do not defend them by blaming the government, as the vast majority of these smelly rats will have no idea who is even leading the country, never mind what a coalition is..... yes there are a lot of cuts, more people out of jobs and a lot of sadness around, but these people have never had a job to start with - so they should be even happier as there are more people out of work, and it strengthens their ploy to never work!
movedaway wrote
at 11:03:32 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Well all this has petty much sounded the death knell for central salford now. There was a moment when I lived there that it looked like the area was on the way up which would have benefited everyone. Howevver after all this, Salford center is just going to get worse and worse, and now 1000 residents have criminal records the area is just going to get poorer, I used to be all for the social system in this country however now i honestly feel these people think they are owed something by the rest of us. Well guess what, they arent owed anything. You have to work for things. Oh and what a dreadful article from the star. Embaressing
life is loud wrote
at 11:03:05 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
I suppose the bloke who is shouting off that this is about Government cuts did he vote then because if he did not then he does not deserve anything. You make your voice heard through the ballot box.
at 11:02:59 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Close the social networking sites this is how they all get their information about where its all kicking off if that happened they would all be in the dark like decent people
rinesa wrote
at 9:57:51 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
this is a problem i mean if you find it funny well, it shouldent be. STOP IT becouse just becouse it started london and a person that died non of you should not know him but maybe you no him for badness. this must stop and never happen again.you should think before doing it or saying it. you are just breaking your own country and you will go to hell. must stop thankyou
salford heroes. wrote
at 9:57:29 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
it's embarressing that you're all that scruffy and hard-up, get a job... like every fucker else. seriously you all think your absolutely untouchable, well i hope every last one of you gets ran over severely, including 'Alisha' who has just made the most embarressing comment i've ever read in my life. I'm 20, and wonder why a bunch of 11-18 year olds are running riot over government cuts and no jobs.. MAJORITY OF YOU AREN'T EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO WORK. get a mind of your own you silly silly boys and girls. and alisha get a firm grip.
at 9:55:32 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
we can now tell ourselves these people deserve cuts
Vernon Protheroe wrote
at 8:07:39 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
This IS because of government cuts and the failure of Torybastard cameron's big society bullshit . This mass exploitation of ordinary people has always existed , but accelerated greatly during the horror years of Thatcher . The 'labour ' traitors under blair and brown then continued this exploitation , and encouraged mass immigration to provide the employers with even cheaper cheap labour .When your life is lack of opportunity , joblessness , hopelessness and exploitation , a violent reaction is inevitable . The real criminals are still in government , and stuffed in corrupt town halls .
wow wrote
at 7:17:00 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
wow every1 tryin to slag people, every1 was there nt just 1 or 2 people so get over yaself
Anon wrote
at 5:15:05 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
The people who are even trying to justify this with the government cuts are just as bad. These people don't feel the cuts as the majority are not UK taxpayers and have never/will never work a day in their lives. I used to love being from the city of Salford, it has always been plagued by its bad reputation but the heart of city were the salt of the earth, hard working people. No local person (IE Salford Precint, Clarendon) even attempted to stop any of the stuff that went on last night and a good few of them were happy enough to accept looted cigs and alchohol!! Not to mention the family of four that pulled up at lidl to fill their car!! Should all be hanging their heads in shame and feel truley responsible for the mindlessness of those children who were taking part. Would also like to point out that most of the true salfordians did not take part last nights actions but were too terrified leave their homes.. weaste and seedley were like ghost towns!! Ashamed to be from Salford!! We may aswell now accepted we are merely a shadow of Manchester as we have nothing to be proud of!!
Louise wrote
at 5:06:20 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
It Stops Now, only the people of Salford can stop this. Join our campaign. http://itstopsnow.webs.com.
Ian wrote
at 2:59:49 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
I will be driving past Salford precinct by 9 am. Part of me wants to see it razed to the ground so that the mothers (there aint no dads) of these twats have to pay bus or taxi fares to go further to shop thus taxing them. On the other hand I know many good people from Salford and why should they suffer? Capital punishment I will be voting for.
Amanda wrote
at 2:59:02 AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
To steve, how dare you say 'I get the feeling many local people support the criminal activity' im a local and i do not support these scum bags one bit. And you will find that some locals work for a living. So dont tie us all with the same brush!
Dave Wroe wrote
at 4:55:57 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
It wouldnt happen on a Thursday as all the "Salford Yoof" would be up and busy selling their pirate dvds, cds, contraband cigs and counterfeit clothes and perfume! The Precinct is a hive of criminal activity from the above mentioned to drug dealing, shoplifting, mugging and pickpocketing.Not many work, but have money in excess of any benefits. Most,girls and lads alike,are ill-educated and are very "Jeremy Kyleish" I'm hardly surprised that they take part (and great delight) in the sort of events in Salford this day.
Wendy Olsen wrote
at 4:15:04 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Class War Was Suppressed - Now Outs itself. The class system in UK is clear: a tiny aristocracy, a larger ruling class of business & industry leaders, including financiers; and a working class split into three-four sections. In the 1980s the large working class was represented politically and publicly by the labour party. Since labour began around 1998 to strongly resist representing the interests of working class people, there is no party among the top 3 parties that reflects working people's interests. Without representation people feel frustrated, without jobs young people lack hope for involvement, and without hope for future joy there is a sense of meaninglessness. The symbolism found in online games (us-and-them), gambling (something-for-nothing) and among the political elite themselves - (get clothes and show them off! fashion conscious) are now being used by some urban ramblers. Yes this random violence is a response to the cuts, but it's also a response to a longer-term lack of feeling involved. Let's grow more solidarity in Salford! The working class has a lot of answers but it needs political representation, and to be united would be useful.
alisha wrote
at 4:15:00 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
haaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! goo madd salfordd its all going of tonight !!!!
mike wrote
at 4:14:52 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Grow up and get a real life - this isn't about cuts. Looting shops and homes and violence are about thuggery, greed and the animalisation of our society. Don't justify this with talking about cuts -
Anyonmous wrote
at 4:14:45 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
this is just stupid all over nothing stupid little kids ( youths ) just copycats they dont realise how much danger they are putting other people at injureing and threatening lives just sick parents should know where their kids are at all times you see whats happening this is what kids get up to and this shouldnt happen
PJ wrote
at 1:24:14 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Was unable to access Manchester Evening News site, so well done to its neighbouring city for reporting on this so quickly
Steve wrote
at 1:24:05 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Scum on the streets. Youths with parents helping them attack the police according to the news. Hope the local community comes down hard on them, but I get the feeling many local people support the criminal activity.
Ben Clay wrote
at 12:34:33 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Its going off in Salford. There are a load of lads having it out with police on the estate off Churchill way near the precinct, someone said 200 or more. I went down to check it wasnt all bollocks, there are loads of people hanging around the precinct and while I was there the shutters got ragged off the Money Shop and people started kicking the windows in, you can smell the atmosphere and there are plenty of people who are well up for some mischief.
at 12:34:29 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
just an excuse to rob innocent hard working people shame on you scum bags. A man gets shot in tottenham by a police officer who was defending himself and all hell breaks loose but your forgetting this man who got shot was a drug dealer and everything else but thats ok hey get a grip
Ben wrote
at 12:34:10 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Look, I can't stand this government and its cuts as much as anyone else resents them. But this is because of the cuts? Thieves who just want to smash things are nothing to do with the cuts. This isn't politically motivated, this is copycat violence and theft. Nothing more, nothing less.
Emma wrote
at 12:13:48 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
1752: BBC reporters in Salford say looters are breaking into Bargain Booze and the Money Sho on Hankinson Way. A BBC cameraman has been assaulted.
Respectable Salford Residents wrote
at 12:13:43 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
What's the point of looting pound and pawn shops!!! Get real - where's your pride? If you cant afford trainers, wear flip flops dont steal them. Why are you following idiots and criminals. Wasting police resources, when they're already stretched.
at 12:13:35 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Get a job u fucking scruffs! Too mamy ganster wannabies!
Ben Wallsworth wrote
at 12:13:28 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Most of the scum in Salford are not even from Salford and get hand outs left right and centre an they have not even put a penny in the kitty. Let em wreck it and give them no funding hopfuly they will return with thier parents back to where the came from.
at 12:13:09 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
What is this? A free for all?
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