Star date: 10th May 2011


An old three storey dairy with a cobbled courtyard is just one of over a hundred houses about to be demolished in Higher Broughton at a cost of £228,000.

While Salford's housing waiting list grows, and without a developer confirmed to build any new houses, the demolitions in the Top Streets of Higher Broughton begin this month…in what people might see as an act of intimidation towards residents holding out against Salford Council.

Full shocking story here…

Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford
Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford
Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford
Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford
Top Streets Higher Broughton Salford
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Some of these properties on the open market would be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – but they are about to be bulldozed as part of Salford Council's strange plan to regenerate Higher Broughton's `Top Streets'.

If you look over the fences that surround the old dairy on Leicester Road you can see an original cobbled courtyard, a milk shed and some stunning architecture – now spoiled with overgrown weeds and tinned up windows.

Further along Leicester Road there are double fronted houses full of what estate agents would call `character'; while Devonshire Street, leading off Leicester Road, boasts  four bedroom family homes which, bar two, have been left to rot by Salford Council.

Now all these houses, plus terraces in Wiltshire Street and Cardiff Street are being pulled down – to add to the acres of grass crofts and knee rails that already make up the landscape of the Top streets `prairies'.

108 houses out of 138 in the area are being bulldozed, starting this month, at a cost of £228,000. No developer for the area has yet been confirmed and a bid by Salford City Council for a portion the government's Regional Growth Fund to kickstart the failing regeneration, er, failed recently.

Meanwhile, some houses in King Street and Devonshire Street are being preserved, pending a High Court injunction taken out by three residents after Salford Council tried to renege on its promise to renovate 23 properties.

Four residents are still holding out in the Top Streets – two in Devonshire Street, one in Cardiff Street and one on Leicester Road. Salford Council is demolishing all the houses around where the residents are living in a move that some might see as intimidation. The demolitions begin this month in Cardiff Street.

Originally plans were put forward by the Empty Homes Agency (see here) for the area to be turned into a conservation zone – with the old dairy, shops and perfect examples of fast diminishing terraced houses. Indeed, the terraces in Cardiff Street have recently been used as film sets for Coronation Street (see here) and the forthcoming drama on Fred and Rose West (see here).

Now, by the time the Salford Council's much trumpeted Higher Broughton `community hub' opens in September, there's unlikely to be much of a community left to use it…

* We asked John Merry, Leader of Salford City Council, to comment on the lack of funding for the Top Streets…

"Although the Higher Broughton bid for funding from the regional growth fund was unsuccessful, the grant we applied for only accounted for a small percentage of the overall funding needed to complete this project" he said "While it is disappointing the application was unsuccessful, we are confident we will be able to find an alternative source of funding to ensure this project is able to go ahead as planned."

* On the last set of accounts that we've seen, the Higher Broughton Partnership had liabilities of £5.681million, of which Salford Council shared 19%, and was directly liable for £1.079million.   

UPDATED 21st JUNE 2011   - click here for details              

For a full Salford Star history of the Higher Broughton and Top Streets regeneration click here and follow the links

F.Gallagher wrote
at 1:02:15 PM on Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Evict some people and dont move anyoneelse in. The houses will rot and no one will want to live there. In ten years it will be a wasteland. SHAMELESS
Salford Star wrote
at 11:42:31 PM on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
See Scott's comment below...The photo was taken a couple of days before this piece was written - May this year. The cat was wondering around as if it owned the place and it has been seen since around Gainsborough St in Higher Broughton. Great cat! Hope this helps
Scott Williams wrote
at 11:38:08 PM on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Does anyone know when image 11 (with the ginger and white cat) was taken and uploaded? As it looks like my missing cat. If anyone can help I would very much appreciate your guidance. Thanks, Scott
Vince st wrote
at 8:21:43 AM on Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I bought one of the "shoddy new build" houses in Vincent st. There have been ongoing problems with the houses and it is getting harder to get the problems sorted out. Also, we were given sheets by the council showing how much our houses were going to go up and how much of them we would own percentage wise. I,d guess my house is now worth 25,000 less than when I bought it 4 years ago. It is not helped by the fact I am stuck in the middle of a wasteland with no prospect of any change soon. The council told us that the land where my old house stood was going to have new houses built there. I cant see that happening any time soon.
C wrote
at 4:14:47 PM on Tuesday, June 28, 2011
So Alice what does your party represent then? How do you propose to turn this dogshite excuse of a city around?.....yeah i know the area in Harpurhey you talk of doesnt your dad or whoever live there Richard Searle as Respect party member?? they only managed to save those houses cos there were lawyers living there though or people in the know cos they managed to snap a few houses up for 10k each no doubt and are renting them out now prob, either way they should all be saved not just Chimney pot park so the likes of Tom Bloxham can cream the profits off either, but so that they are affordable renovations bringing back some pride to these forgotten areas and rivalling the shoddy new builds were are all brainwashed into thinking are better!!
Mike Skeff wrote
at 6:18:21 AM on Tuesday, June 28, 2011
What a good idea from Alice Searle, a new independent political party the, Community Party. At the last election I simply put, none suitable, on my ballot paper and was so disappointed. I'm sure there must be able people out there who are more than capable of standing under the banner of the, Community Party. They would certainly get my support and no doubt the support of many more Salfordians who long to see an end to this inept council. I'm sure the Salford Star would support such a venture.
The Truth wrote
at 1:51:46 AM on Monday, June 27, 2011
Well James---the problems were that a few anti social families moved into the area and started to drag it down.When the council got involved in 1995, there was 1 ONE long term void house in the area out of 420! Rather than use common sense and sort it out by dealing with those families,who were often moved in by housing associations, the brains (sic) decided to use £250,000 of European srb money to stick up a couple of fences in the alleyways,tarmac a couple of those alleyways and plant a few trees in the area. From VERY early on, the council never listened as I am sure that Broughton Green was on the cards from the start. It was actually first talked about publicly in 1997 so draw your own conclusion. And another bad thing about this is that most of the council officers and other people involved are still working in regeneration! Others are still doing digestive dunking jobs (jobs that involve *community engagement" by having coffee mornings and the like). Why not drag Harry Seaton and Bob Osborne back to see the result of their work? How about former neighbourhood coordinator Keith Smithies and a few of the others.
James wrote
at 2:28:28 AM on Sunday, June 26, 2011
It's a sad thing to see such glorious houses destroyed, victorian style terraced houses are fantastic and should be preserved where possible. However let's not forget areas like Langworthy and Broughton have declined gradually over the years leading to ghost estates. We need to find a way to regenerate these areas that doesn't involve knocking down house but looks at new uses. My idea would be to entice young families into the area. I believe this could be done by using the budget for compulsary purchase and demolition to provide grants for young starter families to move into area replenishing the populatio gradually and encouraging others to join. This worked fantastically well in some of the old Yorkshire pit villages.
Caron wrote
at 3:22:13 AM on Friday, June 24, 2011
The dairy featured was my home too (see Nichola, above) where I lived from the age of 10.It was a home I loved to return to with my family where we would tell the stories of the fun we had in the house and the cobbled courtyard. We played in the stables and had many adventures their in our childhood. All our children have fond memories of visiting grandad in this house and we were all sad when we were told it was to be demolished! That was over four years ago and its still standing! These structures were made to last and this house in particular should have been a listed building. There are archive pictures of the house when it was surrounded by fields and later pictures show a tram line running by it. This is our heritage.
Dave ex-labour thanks to blair and kinnock wrote
at 10:41:17 AM on Thursday, May 26, 2011
I fully endorse Alice's suggestion for a Community Party . One that cares for the community and residents .An excellent suggestion .One thing is certain , the Salford people have been failed miserably by all the other parties , and this will not change .
Alice Searle wrote
at 8:45:56 AM on Thursday, May 26, 2011
I have read the SS report on the demolition of these good houses, which have character, a history and hold so many memories. It makes one feel sad and so mad that it has been allowed to happen. It is much cheaper to repair and remodel houses than destroy them and their communities. Did our Councillors do research into other areas around the country which have carried out renovated programmes? There are many. An area in Harpurhey in Manchester [one of the poorest areas in the country] was due to be demolished by Manchester Council but it was faught for by its residents and now it has been renovated with EU and local money and, guess what, the Coucil now proudly shows it off. The community is even stronger because of their success and the houses even have solar panels! It is possible if the will is there and the Council listens to the people rather than those with business aims. Perhaps Salford needs a new party: a COMMUNITY PARTY.
Bats? wrote
at 2:32:46 PM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011
I am sure the bats will be as well protected as a child under the children@s services.
G.Griffiths wrote
at 9:56:24 AM on Wednesday, May 25, 2011
For the last two years in summer and autumn I have seen bats flying above the alleys of King Street and Cardiff Street. I,m pretty sure that some of them are in the houses at the top of Cardiff Street. I hope that this is checked before any demolition as I believe bats are a protected species?
at 3:18:13 AM on Friday, May 20, 2011
c.gray wrote
at 9:19:53 AM on Thursday, May 19, 2011
It is cheaper due to high costs of building matereails. to do up buildings..As always Salford seem to wish only t5o destry anything well made old ..why cannot old an new work side by side
AND WHAT wrote
at 9:19:23 AM on Thursday, May 19, 2011
And what did they do with the £50 million in Chalestown and Kersal? Dis fffff ing gusting
s bradshaw wrote
at 9:27:06 AM on Monday, May 16, 2011
Unless you live in the northumberland street area of higher broughton you get nothing. I have lived in salford all my life and I am proud of being a salfordian. The reason merry gets in time and time again is the apathy of the people who live in salford they have lost the will to do anything as we get nothing done for us. I once asked why lower broughton got flower tubs and hanging baskets and I was told to give them incentive to keep the area l;ooking good higher broughton didn't need them as we looked after our streets. Merry allowed Broughton green to be built on the football fields which were given to the children of salford we were told that they would be replaced we are still waiting I suggest that if we don't get our playing fields back we should apply to have the houses demolished that are built on our land lol fat chance of the labour party doing anything for salford people. Still baffles me how hazel blears got re-elected after all the cheating she did another farce
nichola wrote
at 8:19:46 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2011
The dairy you see in these pictures was my home since i was eighteen months old, i lived there with my mum, dad, two brothers and my sister. We had such fun in that house, it had an old cellar, stables, hay shed and lots of other exciting places to explore. Everybody wanted to be our friends and we had lots of fun growing up there. I left the house when i was twenty to start my own family, this just left my dad and his partner, they were settled no mortgage, no worries, living in a home, which was a home, watching everybody grow up and leave the nest. When my dad was told he was going to have to leave he was devastated along with us all, it is discusting what has happened, it breaks my heart. We may have all been thrown out of salford so it could be filled with, what i dont know, but our happy thoughts and memories carry on in our hearts. We were a strong community and still to this day keep in touch and talk about those streets. I love and miss you all xXx
Joe wrote
at 8:19:29 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2011
Not only the buildings destroyed, but the families and community that once thrived in what was once a lovely part of the City...
sarah wrote
at 5:56:36 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2011
The 3 story house at the top of this article was my uncles.... i have sooooo many good memories there, so sad to see it go
Not a Merry fan wrote
at 2:59:16 PM on Thursday, May 12, 2011
Ian, I think he is from Coventry and his family are councillors. What a pity he did not stay there. I agree that he has not done much for Salford people.Taking their homes off them, telling them that they got a good deal and then giving the land to big business is no a socialist thing to do. I have noticed that whenever regeneration stories come up on this site that Merry and his cronies don,t comment. A crew of dodgy dealing, morally bankrupt arse holes.
Ian OBrien wrote
at 2:58:14 PM on Thursday, May 12, 2011
John Merry has done nothing at all for the people he is charged with representing - not the people of Salford, but rather Salford People. He seems to dismiss the gulf of difference between the two. He has helped the people of Salford alright - those that have come in from other areas, usually the south looking for cheap homes near Manchester City Centre, but he has done ZERO for SALFORD PEOPLE - the natives of our city. He is so far up Peel's arse it is untrue. how can he represent us when he represents the big business interests that are tearing Salford apart. If your parents are from our city, they must be deeply ashamed of you -
D Clemo wrote
at 11:50:01 AM on Thursday, May 12, 2011
Disgraceful , wanton destruction ,solely to appease big business interests.
useless council wrote
at 11:49:31 AM on Thursday, May 12, 2011
Salford Council are useless. Really useless, they let areas with hard working tax-payers go to rack and ruin, whilst investing in estates riddled with criminals and anti social behaviour. There is no doubting that certain parts of Salford are ripe for re-developing. This thirst for destruction is quite sad though. Many of these areas would be great if re-developed and with some green space freed up. Then sold or rented to people who will look after them. Roll on 2014 when the Merry has to retire.
Dismay wrote
at 3:11:38 PM on Tuesday, May 10, 2011
The demolition in Salford City is as shocking as it is relentless and indiscriminate. It makes me sick to my stomach. Its a tragedy.
EH? wrote
at 12:12:56 PM on Tuesday, May 10, 2011
RE Merry,s comment "go ahead as planned"-----was,nt that all supposed to have happened about 5 years ago? How the hell did the council get away with applying for AND getting the CPO (compulsory purchase order) if they did not have the funds in place, as they are required by law? Maybe it was that they did not have the funds in place and told a porky or 2? I suppose all the council people who read the SALFORD STAR will put their eye patches over their good eye as this is another regeneration story.
D Boyes wrote
at 6:48:28 AM on Tuesday, May 10, 2011
The clowncil run this dump city like a ponzi scheme .Disgraceful .Just where do these idiots get their insane schemes from ? Big business chums ? Expect nothing but destruction , rot and decay in this dreadful hellhole salford .
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