Star date: 28th September 2017


'I've had enough; I feel like topping myself...'

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn made a much welcomed speech at the Labour Party Conference on 'regeneration' meaning 'forced gentrification and social cleansing'. He should come to Pendleton to see the sharp end of this, in Rebecca Long-Bailey's own constituency.

Here we report on an elderly, disabled couple, left on a tinned up row of houses in the soon to be demolished High Street estate, with no security, no chance of a new build property, a refused offer to go to Little Hulton, and the acceptance of a house in a shocking state just to stay in the area.

Meanwhile they live with kids chucking stones at their windows, as the Labour Council's plans for the area boasted that it "will lead to a dilution in the current concentration of economically inactive households" by "young professionals..."

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"They promised everyone around here that they would build us a brand new estate and that they would all move together..."

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn's keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference included some truths that everyone wanted to hear...

"Tenants are not being listened to" he said "After Grenfell we must think again about what are called 'regeneration' schemes. Regeneration is a much abused word. Too often what it really means is forced gentrification and social cleansing, as private developers move in and tenants and leaseholders are moved out."

Well, Mr Corbyn, welcome to the front line of 'regeneration', Labour Party style, in Salford, in the constituency of Rebecca Long-Bailey and under the tutelage of a supposed Corbyn-supporting City Mayor.

Welcome to the High Street estate in Pendleton, with MediaCityUK around one mile away; the old Salford Precinct across the road and in the shadow of the nine Council-owned blocks with dangerous ACM cladding half on, half off on the sides of the high rises.

Pendleton is right at the front line and sharp end of 'gentrification', with the whole estate handed over to Together Housing, with bright new 'Pendleton Together' branding ushering in 'change', fired by an obscenely expensive PFI deal (see here).

The Business Case that went off to the Government to get the PFI grants stated that the final plans for Pendleton "will lead to a dilution in the current concentration of economically inactive households" by "young professionals and individuals who wish to live in Pendleton". 

Here is the perfect storm, raining every housing issue raised on the platform of the Labour Party conference. And here, under a local Labour administration, is everything that's wrong with 'forced gentrification and social cleansing'.

It was in July last year that Salford City Council approved the bulldozing of the High Street estate. Families living in 149 social rent homes were to be handed 'decant' notices – a polite expression for 'pack your bags and get out'.

To replace the 149 houses being knocked down, just 52 so-called 'affordable rented homes' were to be built.

According to the last public figures available, over the whole of Pendleton 885 affordable houses are being bulldozed, with only around 500 so-called 'affordable homes' being built, out of 1,500, to replace them.

When, last year, the Salford Star broke the news to residents – because no-one had actually told them their houses were coming down – one person said "I think it's wrong. If they know you're going they should have another house ready for us to go into. If I am being driven out for some top bloke to come in, that's not right. If they make a decision it should be for the people who are here not for the people they want to bring in." (see previous Salford Star article – click here)

Fast forward to this week, and this family's house is now empty and tinned up, like the majority of houses on the estate. On Brydon Close there's a whole row of tinned up houses, with just one home still occupied. Living in the deserted street are disabled couple, Colin and Carol Midgley.

When Salix Homes - which now owns the estate after Salford Council urged tenants to accept a 'stock transfer' privatisation deal – originally came calling on Colin and Carol, following the 'decant' notice, they got a shock, as their son Paul recalls...

"They were hoping to get a new build but the lady from Salix Homes turned around to my mum and dad and said 'You can't have one because Pendleton Together will not put a stair lift or a wet room into a new build'. No reason just that."

Instead, they got offered properties as far away as Little Hulton, Irlam and Cadishead... "As their carer, I told them that I needed them to be around here, and their doctor is local, plus all the facilities" Paul adds.

After refusing to take a property outside of the area, the disabled couple were just left hanging on, as the houses around them were emptied and half tinned up, with pigeons nesting in the former bedrooms.

The family heard of a house being vacated on Rosehill Close – the only street on the estate that's staying up – and managed to get it... "We found this property ourselves and wanted it as my parents were so scared of being the last ones left on the row – they've seen kids breaking in setting fires, smashing windows...it took me to go into the Salix office and kick off before they'd even tin up all the empty houses properly."

Colin has COPD, type 2 diabetes, is partially sighted and uses a mobility scooter. His wife, Carol, has the early onset of Parkinson's disease. They've been living in the last habited house on the row for months on their own.

Last week the couple had kids throwing stones at their windows, front and back. There's no security at all. Again, Paul had to kick off in the Salix office, and now the couple get one phone call between 8pm and 9pm to make sure they're ok...

"They phoned up last night and said 'Are you alright?', and I said 'Yeah' and that was it, they just hung up" says Colin.

So what do they think of Salix Homes' duty of care to the vulnerable? "A waste of time" he laughs, in a gallows humour sort of way.

"My dad is not allowed out on his own because of his eyesight, but last week he went off in his scooter and I eventually found him riding around the Precinct" Paul recalls "He just told me 'I've had enough; I feel like topping myself with all this'. I shouldn't be having to listen to this...They know there's vulnerable people left on here."

It's not just Colin that the 'regeneration' is negatively affecting, it's Carol too... "It's shocking" she says "I'm in the early stages of Parkinson's but this has really got to me. I said the other day 'I just feel like walking out and not coming back'. It's got me that way."

Unfortunately, this couple's predicament gets even worse. Having been accepted for the house in Rosehill Close, they were absolutely distraught at the state of the place they were expected to move into.

"Salix had the property for ten to twelve weeks doing it up, and gave us the keys two weeks ago...well, the guy should have met me to go round and inspect it all but he didn't; he saw my mum and gave her the keys on the street" says Paul

"We found problem after problem after problem" he explains "...electric sockets hanging off the wall, the connecting gas pipe to the cooker left hanging off the wall, holes in the floorboards, holes in the skirting boards, cracked walls, soil grow-bags in the attic...they were expecting us to do it up out of the home loss payment of £5,800."

The Government's guide to 'compulsory purchase and compensation'* states that "home-loss payment is an additional sum to reflect and recognise the distress and discomfort of being compelled to move out of your home"...and thus not to sort out a property that should be provided on a like for like basis.

Again, Paul had to go to the Salix office and complain, and Salix workers were back in the property this week finishing off the jobs. When the Salford Star visited the house there were still huge cracks in the ceiling, there were still holes in the floor and skirting boards, a hand rail in the wet room was left unscrewed to the wall, a bulb left hanging on a wire was ripe to be smashed every time the bathroom door was opened, the gate at the back was rotten and the garden itself was totally overgrown. There was no ramp for the disability scooter.

A decorator who the family had employed to paint the property was just shaking his head at all the failings. Colin and Carol can't move in yet, so they are still just left in the deserted tinned up row fearing what will happen every night. Another person left in another row wanted to talk to the Salford Star about the conditions he was living in but was just too ill to meet us.

Years ago, when Salford City Council first announced that the estate was to be 'regenerated', there was a meeting of tenants which Paul and his family attended...

"Paul Dennett, who was then the local councillor and is now the Mayor, was there" he recalls "They promised everyone around here that they would build us a brand new estate and that they would all move together. There would also be a special pensioners' estate..."

All three just laugh ironically at the thought...

Back at Brighton yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn's words might have brought hope to many; but in Salford, where there's been 'regenerations' of virtually all central areas – Higher Broughton, Lower Broughton, Langworthy, Seedley, Whit Lane, Ordsall and now Pendleton – it's been a Labour Party administration that has overseen what is widely seen by communities as social cleansing, and documented in infinite detail over the eleven year history of the Salford Star.

"Regeneration under a Labour Government will be for the benefit of the local people, not private developers, not property speculators" said Corbyn "First, people who live on an estate that's redeveloped must get a home on the same site and the same terms as before.

"And, second" he added "councils will have to win a ballot of existing tenants and leaseholders before any redevelopment scheme can take place. Real regeneration, yes - but for the many not the few."

If Mr Corbyn wants to see 'forced gentrification and social cleansing' at its finest, for the few not the many, he only needs to visit the constituency of Rebecca Long-Bailey...

The Salford Star asked Salix Homes the following questions...

*Why was a vulnerable couple left as the only tenants in a tinned up block of houses, coping with kids chucking stones at their windows?

*Why couldn't they have a new build property in the area – is it because of a shortage of social housing?

*Why did Salix hand over the keys to a property that obviously wasn't fit for purpose?

*Does Salix acknowledge the stress that this couple has been put under?

Salix Homes never even acknowledged the email, never mind respond...

* For details of home-loss compensation see the Department of Government and Local Communities booklet number 4 – click here

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Robby wrote
at 18:15:01 on 08 March 2018
I passed Brydon Close on the bus today and was intrigued about its current state. I certainly didn't expect anyone to have remained. I hope the duo have found an adequate property since this blog was made. Peace.
Sarcasm Salford wrote
at 14:35:20 on 29 September 2017
I'm absolutely disgusted and outraged by the way these tenants have been treat by their landlord. Vulnerable Disabled Adults being left to live in fear, combined with the uncertainty of where they will be moved too, is an act of abuse, in my opinion. You cannot just rip Vulnerable Disabled Adults out of their Support Areas and communities. If the Salford Council knock down 200 Social Housing Properties then there should be 200 affordable properties built in their place. I believe that the knocking down of Social Housing Properties within high demand areas is a direct act of social cleansing. This needs to stop. We should make those who treat Vulnerable & Disabled Adults like dirt, live in their properties for six months. I'm pretty sure by doing this, the Salford Council would start to see things from the Vulnerable & Disabled Adults perspective.
Bob wrote
at 14:34:00 on 29 September 2017
It's that phrase isn't it. "dilute the concentration of inactive households", it is obvious what it means, but what do our senior politicians say it means, you know string us along stringer and long dropper bailey.lets see exactly what they say it means. let us see how they spin it. come to think about it, why do we not ask jezza as well. perhaps we could get long dropper to ask jezza. if you'd seen her on tv this week she was closer to the cheeks of corbyns arse than his underpants. When will people realise what is going on ,and wake up.
at 11:43:21 on 29 September 2017
I hope Colin and Carol get all this sorted out quickly and enjoy their new home. I have lived through "Regeneration" in Higher Broughton, had my windows put in several times, worried about my house or a nearby one getting set on fire and all the other "Joys" that come when the council decide to run down and then "Regenerate" an area. Despite the fact that they know that it is going to get really bad, they seem intent on making or allowing things to get really bad to "encourage" people to move out more quickly. If any break in or thefts happened after late afternoon, a property would be open overnight and probably until mid morning the next day. A break in on a Friday afternoon would result in property being open all weekend until Monday morning. Sometimes an "emergency" fix might be done, which was somebody coming out and "securing" a door with 4 nails. Try getting hold of somebody on a Friday afternoon------NO--they had all pissed off for an early finish or a "Work and flirt" involving a drive round such areas, not actually going for a walk round and checking for any break ins. It was similar with any dumping and fly tipping, officers "monitored the area on a regualar basis", which was actually about once every 3 or 4 weeks. Although MP's Hazel Blears and Graham Stringer were aware of what was happening, they were content to let the council carry on with it's plan of "Social Cleansing" SO Mr Corbyn, having lost my home and endured the "Regeneration" that came with Prescott's Pathfinder scheme, I will not vote for your party again until such a time as you recognize the damage the scheme did to the people in these areas and apologize for it. Ones man's "Regeneration" is another man's "Social Cleansing" You may think it is harsh, but for the harm they caused to woeking class people, I class "Fuckwit Prescott" alongside Thatcher.
Crip In The Corner wrote
at 11:43:17 on 29 September 2017
Unfortunately, this does not shock me one bit. Being disabled, I've waited over 5 years then put on a Management Move and waited another year and half for a DDA Compliant home. Nothing! Time passing on and I'm getting physically and mentally worse. I fear being left in a property I can not move in and house bound to one room. When will our Labour Council acknowledged there is a real problem in Salford? When will we escape this hell hole? Till we die of neglect?
Linny loo wrote
at 06:50:14 on 29 September 2017
Yet again disabled people one of the most vulnerable members of society get a bad deal. What is the world coming to
at 06:50:00 on 29 September 2017
I used to go to school with Colin. nice lad. never done anyone any harm, never had a bad word to say about anyone, lived in salford all his life. This is the way they treat you.Would not mind betting he has always voted Labour, like a lot from our generation. It is a disgrace. That turd Corbyn should get off his arse and come to Salford and see whats going on. I watched newsnight last night, Libby weiner I think going on about the days goings on , you know Labour in waiting to be the next goverment and all the rest of that crap. the hall was empty, but did you see all the shit and rubbish on the floor. These high command members just all chucked that rubbish on the floor. no one else could have done it. Are these people to lazy to put their rubbish in bins ? there was plenty of bins all around. Does it show the filth and squalour minds that these people have?
Alice wrote
at 18:39:43 on 28 September 2017
Jeremy Corbyn's speech yesterday must have given hope to so many who have lost faith and given up. Sadly, it is a Labour Council, in Salford, that has given favours to Developers, torn down social housing to replace with private houses and, as illustrated by this sad case, ignored its responsibility for vulnerable residents. The Salford Labour Council is not recognisable in Corbyn's terms. I hope it will renew itself and turn back from its current path. The people of Salford need to feel glad they have a Labour Council, not disappointed.
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