Star date: 31st January 2014


Salford Council's Civic Centre in Swinton was dramatically shut down this afternoon as five anti-fracking campaigners from the Barton Moss Protection Camp locked on in the reception area.

The campaigners' action was against Government attempts to bribe Salford Council to allow fracking in the city.

Full details here

Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors
Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors
Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors
Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors
Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors Salford Civic Centre Shut Down By Barton Moss Protectors
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The front doors of Salford Civic Centre were closed this afternoon as five campaigners locked on in its reception area to draw attention to ConDem Government attempts to bribe councils to accept rates and community payments in exchange for allowing fracking in their cities.

Two anti-fracking campaigners from the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp site of exploratory drilling by fracking company IGas - superglued themselves to bars on the reception windows, while two more attached themselves to an arm tube, with another superglued to them. It took the Greater Manchester Police Protester Removal Team** around two hours to free them, while the Centre remained closed to the public.

"The protectors are here protesting against Salford Council's allowance of IGas to do exploratory drilling with a view to fracking at Barton Moss" said Darren Nesbit, an observer from the Camp "We've had one of the protectors, Boris, here on the lawn of the Civic Centre for the last few weeks and we attended the demo at the full Council meeting recently.

"Everything we do is to, firstly, raise awareness of fracking and the corruption of the Government and Council, and, secondly, to let councils know that this is what will happen to every council in the country if they allow fracking or any other corporate rape of the earth which will affect their residents."

* As can be seen from the photos, they are not best quality as we had to shoot through the windows of the Civic Centre.

** After Greater Manchester Police won the Mary Burns Award for Spelling, it's great to see that they have now spelt `protester' correctly on their Protester Removal Team jackets (see Mary Burns Award details click here)

*** The Greater Manchester Police `evidence gathering' team was taking photos throughout today's action. We would like to know from Greater Manchester Police why its photographer was taking pictures of the Salford Star photographer and journalist.

Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 07:20:36 on 06 February 2014
A report from the USA By Suzanne Goldberg the US Environmental Correspondent put on the net by the guardian.com/environment/20 Makes for some horrendous reading / Nearly 40'000 Wells have been drilled since. 2011Now their are droughts in vast areas by the Frackers depleating the water sources A report by CERES Investigators. Network Stated that the Fracking of all those Wells has used up 97 Billion gallons of Water and in those Fracking Areas it has put Fracking on a collision course with water users / Professer James Famiglietti of the University of California stated it is taking millions of gallons just to accomodate the Water needs of one well. So in the UK apart from the septic toxic polluted water left in the ground where are they going to disperse the toxic filth they say they are going to clean up.And what will be the charges for the Water they use from these Privatised Water Company's Be Will their water charges be the same as ours ? I personally pay over400 and I only have Taps bath and shower A lot of Questions need to be Answered

Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 04:06:08 on 05 February 2014
On Granada TV tonight it said 4 more Fracking sites are to start in Lancashire they are just waiting for permission off the County Council / Who seem to want more than the 1% of the profits on offer /Who cares what percentage of profits are offered or how many jobs/ Lancashire County Council have got to be made to understand that the people of Lancashire are more interested in the Health and Safety of the People who live here in this County and the Welfare of all the Flora and Fauna/ The damage done to our Countryside and the Filth and Pollution that these Carpet Baggers will leave when they have extracted all the Gas / Cleaning up after Fracking is very Expensive and these people who do the Fracking are not going to be held responsible by these Mish Mash of a Government who will be privately investing their own money in this Tax Free Con Trick/ So why don't the County Council look at this situation from the inhabitants point of view and not the monatery point/ Any money the County Council get off the Frackers will have to be spent on the Cleaning up off all the mess and pollution /Keeping in mind some of the Pollutents left are Toxic and vertically indestructible.

Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 09:48:11 on 04 February 2014
More bad reports on Fracking from the USA/It has been discovered that new born babies born within a 10 mile radius of a Fracking site the Colarado medical people have found Congenital Defects. (CHD) and Neural Tube Defects (N T D)in Unborn Children/ The Study Was Made By The National Institute Of Environmental Health And Sciences Colorado State USA/ All information can be attained on. rt.com/qfwvng What I personally cannot understand where is the UKs Health People / Why has the cloak of secrecy gone over it all / Why the Brutality by the Police/ Where is the opposition / Where is the News And Media people / Why don't the Germans French and Irish want it at any Price/ To many Questions unanswered/ After Sundays march of solidarity a Senior Tory Minister was trying to infer on TV that the march of protest against Fracking was just a few trouble makers after trouble The people of the UK have got to be told the truth / Not this bullshit being spieled by money mad Tory investors/ They did not give to Ducks for us when they binned our jobs and they won't give two Ducks for us when we are seriously I'll with the effects of Fracking as long as they make more money/ All We Want Is The Truth Are you listening COUNCILLORS

Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 17:04:05 on 03 February 2014
The Mayor of Salford mailed Cameron about Salfords New Labour Torys cutting access to Advice Centres for Salford Citizens.This one move Will have Cameron laughing all the way to his next pay me to have dinner with me at Number 10 SCAM at only 225'000 a time./ The Council must know That this Governments object is to Obliterate all rights that are still Accessible to the Working Classes Before the Next General Election/ Surely this Mayor and Council must Already know that/ In effect by Salford cutting the Access to Advice Centres they are once again doing the Torys Donkey Work for them/ Those Centres have proved invaluable to thousands of Salfords Citizens/no only on Legal Rights but advice on Gas +Elec water charges etc/ When are their going to be any cuts to these phoney side shows Fountains /Bridges/ The Lowry / Cash for Peel Holdings/ Fat Cats / and the Many Councillors who are draining our City's Resourses and Contributing Nothing in return /Behave like Socialist and Attack the rich parasites at the Top Not the weakest and poorest at the bottom That is the Tory Way

John Somebody wrote
at 08:37:04 on 03 February 2014
I just don't understand how someone like, "the end", as posted above, can fail to see that humanity's resistance to corporate lackies compliance, and threats to life itself, is about the most positive thing that Salfordians can be doing. Now what could possibly be blinding someone like that?

at 12:10:27 on 02 February 2014
heroes one and all guys - huge respect from millions of us in the UK and around the world. We are legion.

Salford Star wrote
at 12:10:10 on 02 February 2014
See the End's comment below - it is surely you who are are a miserable sod - have you never read the Star's Salford City match reports? Sheer positive joy! Don't confuse real news with negativity about this city. Get yer tangerine scarf on and get down to support Salford's only proper football team!

the end wrote
at 12:06:17 on 02 February 2014
another happy happy day at the Salford Star, go on try and write a positive story about Salford for once

anonymiss wrote
at 07:20:17 on 02 February 2014
Salford star I have also had the delightful experience of being photographed by police information gatherers for no other reason than the fact that I was there.. I myself am a photographer (of questionable success) yet even I found myself the subject of a rather aggressive photo session directed by a uniformed officer. In all honesty I think it was that very moment that tipped me over the edge from a concerned and interested citizen at a protest to a full blown, self proclaimed, activist.. I'm not saying they pushed me into it, far from it, but it concreted the fact, in my mind, that it is us versus them, sad. Peace x

sue nagle wrote
at 07:20:12 on 02 February 2014
These guys are speaking for the masses.....as the right to protest is being closed to us all, the only conclusion is that more direct action is likely to occur.....This council is spineless and misguided.....I have no respect for them but huge respect for those people who put themselves at risk of harm for the common good....well done to you and shame on the police force which mo longer looks after the interest of the community in any way....

linda jenkins wrote
at 21:07:48 on 01 February 2014
Well done lads,we are fighting our own war here in Wa;es, the threat of fracking is just round the corner here, I hope we will stand strong against it as you have. Rule Brittania.

mary ferrer wrote
at 18:33:12 on 01 February 2014
I wish I had the bottle to join them. I wish them well. IGAS and this council/Goverment are walking all over us. We don't know what long term problems this could cause to the enviroment.They are selling us the "this will bring jobs" and " save us money" at what cost to the future generations to come???

em3 wrote
at 13:22:30 on 01 February 2014
Great show of strength and unity. thanks for putting yourselves at risk for our benefit x

Lol wrote
at 13:22:27 on 01 February 2014
Excellent work. Well Sone..keep it up..

Andy wrote
at 13:22:16 on 01 February 2014
That's the truth of it - CORRUPTION. At both local and national level . These rotton , corrupt , greedy , self-serving bastards playing the game of ' Democracy ' are in the deep pockets of the Exploiters . We , the Shafted People , must REVOLT and end this Undemocratic Hell Society .

David Henry wrote
at 09:37:31 on 01 February 2014
Brilliant!!! Well done all involved. Its about time the people of Salford charged down the gates of this so called democracy. People Revolt! as our past Salfordians have done in generations past to stand up for our future. Political mediation has failed. Oust these incompetant corpes of hope and replace them with whatever puts the peoples needs before gross corporate-facist peddling puppets who represent the 1%.

walter teddybear wrote
at 09:37:26 on 01 February 2014
to mike pevitt these lovely people can only protest one area at a time its for you and your local people to go and start a protest in trafford and other areas. the country needs everybody to come together against what the dictators of this country are doing to our enviroment! please stand up and join the fight and be part of a good cause please thanks from walter

Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 09:37:20 on 01 February 2014
What has slipped quietly onto the stature book is what Councils cannot do regards these Fracking Companys/ Cannot investigate any damage done by the Frackers / Any damage done by the Fracking Companys cannot be sued for more than 100s/ No information has to be given to House holders / Property Owner about any Fracking under they Aforesaid property's/ All the access to freedom of information Regarding subsidence / pollution / Chemical spillages / etc have gone in the bin ( Do's this sound democratic to any of you Pro Fracking Brigade ?

Prisoner Irlam wrote
at 09:37:16 on 01 February 2014
Salford Clowncil have remained flacid since fracking hit our neighbourhood,but when you see people protesting peacefully and then Rent a Security mob , they must have missed the diversity course!!!!!!as a local person to the site ,I am disgusted they are being used as an instrument of enforcing political will, I remember the miners strike !!!! It all about vested interests they don't care a fig about Salford and neither do the Clowncil,free speech hahaha,Security camera installed as soon as Barton protest started!!!!wrongfull arrests!!!!!IGAS cash bribes!!!!!radioactive waste in the Manchester ship canal !!!!!!!no comment from Salford Clowncil!!!!!!!Earthquakes!!!!!!!Orange tankers with no chemical hazard plates !!!!!!! Footpath signs removed!!!!!!footpath signs Reinstalled!!!!!!!Constructive arrests!!!!! Salford clowncil in pockets of Igaz,orange peel !!!!! Can we have some answers to all of the above please

Frances Leader wrote
at 19:25:53 on 31 January 2014
Your reporting of events surrounding the whole Fracking debacle have been spectacularly up to the minute & informative. Brilliant journalistic quality for the people of Salford! ps Maybe the Evidence Gatherer fancies you!! Tee hee!

mike pevitt wrote
at 19:25:42 on 31 January 2014
Why are they not demonstrating in Trafford and Wigan where similar test drills are taking place?

local wrote
at 19:25:24 on 31 January 2014
Meet the guys today just before their action, well done lads, Salford labour council would sell it's own granny if it had one, instead they a sh*ting on the people from a great height. GMP don't care how many laws they break and how many peoples rights they trash to support IGAS. Just scum the lot of them. If the council get the money i bet Ian Steward wants to buy a gold plated royals Royce.

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