Star date: 9th March 2012


Salford asylum seeker cause celebre, Sukai Jack, has been released after new evidence emerged in Gambia that her life would be in danger if she returned.

However, Sukai is still facing deportation so the campaign goes on…

More details here…

Sukai Jack, the Gambian who fled torture in her home country and found her way to Salford has been released from custody. Sukai was snatched in mid February after her appeal to stay in the UK was turned down – and she was due to be deported the following morning.

After further appeals, her flight to Gambia was cancelled and she has been held in Yarl's Wood prison in Bedfordshire ever since (see here). Sukai was released yesterday following a further appeal…

"New evidence has recently come to light, in that she has been named in a state owned newspaper in Gambia" says a spokesperson for the Keep Sukai in Salford Campaign "This blows out of the water the claims from the Home Office that she was not important enough to come under the radar of the Gambian government."

Hope that newspaper article was nothing to do with Salford Star declaring war on Gambia if Sukai was returned and tortured (see here). As the new evidence is investigated an d anew appeal is being prepared, Sukai is free but she's still facing deportation so the campaign continues…

"Thank you all for caring and supporting Sukai" added the spokesperson "The fact that so many people are prepared to go out of their way for her is amazing…"

Salford Star wrote
at 05:33:55 on 27 March 2012
Given that just two people are making the same point over and over again, which could be construed as libellous, we've decided to end the comments on this subject.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 09:59:01 on 26 March 2012
Nice to see that civilised debate is alive & well. If you do feel that you are losing an argument come up with something better than simply telling people to fuck off.
caroline wrote
at 09:58:48 on 26 March 2012
may be you sould listen to brakedown song.The chrildren of this country do soft touch..not because they suffered because it is all free.there would be no houseing stortage. if everyone looked after there family.eg girls.. babys no father..grandads an nanas not with family...breakedown...........
Angus McKay wrote
at 09:58:34 on 26 March 2012
wrote - why don’t you stay with the forum you normally comment on, go on, go back to your wee cubicle, lock your door, and scribble on your toilet wall.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 09:58:28 on 26 March 2012
to wrote, like I said freedom of speech in Britain is dead, and anyone with a different view is a racist.
at 18:14:56 on 25 March 2012
Pimpernelle and McKay - you're just looking for a safe forum for your thinly disguised disgusting views- why don't you both f*ck off and start your own forum and see how many hits you get. Rather than leeching in on a legitimate campaign to save someone from a brutal regime. Go on, do one..
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 18:10:29 on 25 March 2012
Allison, you say you are paying for the likes of sukai to stay in Britain, I hate to tell you this but if all the bleeding heart brigade in Britain put their money in one pot and you became a charity that charity would be bankrupt in it's first day of opening. as it has been pointed out before, it is we the silent majority who have no choice, who pay through the teeth with our taxes for these pressure groups activities. Allison when you see sukai ask her if she would be prepared to be deported to another safe country say some where in Africa for instance, if she's what she says she is, an asylum seeker fleeing persecution, and not an economic migrant, she would be all for it, wouldn't she? she could also be nearer to her children who she abandoned to save her own neck. as said before they travel thousands of miles through safe countries to reach the land of milk and honey.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 08:21:25 on 25 March 2012
caroline. I would like to go back a few generations, notably d-day world war two, to the men and woman, who gave their lives for this country, to tell them that their loved ones they thought for, can't get the medication they need to stay alive because the national health service as now become the international health service and how our own people mainly the elderly are put to the back of the queue and treated appallingly .I would like to tell them, politicians tell us that we have a housing shortage and they plan to build and concrete over this once beautiful country of yours, when the reality is we don't have a housing shortage we have an uncontrolled immigration problem, I like to tell them that what they thought and died for, freedom of speech, freedom thought and the freedom of expression are now all but dead in the country you thought and died for, how many would have gave their lives if they could see this country today and how badly their love ones are being treated
Angus McKay wrote
at 05:42:46 on 24 March 2012
Monster Munch, add to Sukai’s "route to a country over 2000 miles away" the fact that she chose to leave her family behind when she could have chosen to flee to her nearest area or country and be as close as possible to the family she supposedly left behind.
Angus McKay wrote
at 05:42:28 on 24 March 2012
Hi Allison, I do not have allegiance to any political party - not Con, not Lib Dem, not Labour, not SNP, not the one to which you were alluding, ie, BNP. You do not help your argument by your usage of such rhetoric as "because of your allegiance to a particular party you show hatred for anyone who does not share your views." You do not share my views - I do not have hatred towards you. Now, if you have a view on the position of asylum claimants and the law you wish to discuss, I am more than happy to do so with you. By merely posting random accusations alluding to BNP sympathies you will win few supporters and merely appear immature.
caroline wrote
at 05:41:19 on 24 March 2012
I do not no the answer..But i do no you have to agree with the devil or else you will not be free..So mistakes made..So bein so nasty....
at 15:49:07 on 23 March 2012
Hi Angus. I will defend your right to an opinion even if i do'nt agree with it. I have compassion and humanity for you also. Thats the difference,because of your allegiance to a particular party you show hatred for anyone who does not share your views.
Monster Munch wrote
at 15:49:02 on 23 March 2012
I've always been proud of Britain's historically welcoming attitude, and the safe haven it has offered to persecuted people. It fills me with pride, for example, to read about Jews fleeing the onslaught of Nazi Germany and setting up home in Salford and Manchester. Stories like this, however, do not fill me with pride, they fill me with disgust. As has been written here, if you're genuinely worried for your life you will escape to anywhere that is safe, you do not plan your route to a country over 2000 miles away. You state that she "fled torture in her home country and found her way to Salford". Just like that? People like Sukai Jack are not asylum-seekers, they are economic migrants.
Angus McKay wrote
at 10:36:01 on 23 March 2012
Hi Allison, as a taxpayer you are footing the bill for Sukai Jack and that suits you. I have no wish to foot the bill for Sukai Jack or any other asylum seeker. Problem is, I have no option - my taxes are being used to fund asylum and that does not suit me.
Angus McKay wrote
at 06:51:50 on 23 March 2012
Allison, "yoghurt knitting, sandal wearing, muesli eating", extremely mild insults used against those who would support asylum seekers. "Scum is an accurate description of those who support the BNP / fek off / low life creep / fraud / dumb one / racist scum. / deluded saddo / pathalogical liar as well as a mouthpiece for the BNP / moron / purveyor of falsehoods / fraud - a liar / racist / you are racist / idiot / a racist YELLOW COWARD / What a shower of racist **** infest this thread, I hope to Christ you don't live here / You moron. Please die / I see der BNP SCUM are on der march again / hurrah furraa blackshirts / its the BNP SCUM show "alive and well" in the gutter somewhere / whit about the swastika armband? Jackboot wearing neo-fascists take delight in watching weans forcibly removed from their homes / BNP supporting intelligencia - The upside being everyone having to have blonde hair and blue eyes, wee hitler moustaches all the rage, sticking in your neighbours for being non-white becomes a national sport, kids goose-stepping around the playground" - all insults and lies used against me by asylum and immigration supporters in their attempts to stereo type anyone who has humanity and compassion for their own people as being some weirdo.
Angus McKay wrote
at 06:49:58 on 23 March 2012
Allison, strange that you "should feel a bromance coming on" - I don’t have any such feelings, and I am sure pimpernelle is similar. Perhaps you are confusing bromance with romance, perhaps that’s the real reason you don’t wish to be separated from Sukai.
caroline wrote
at 21:45:49 on 22 March 2012
how many of you go back in time at least 6 genterations england .? If not Then you can moan ? But then again..It could be your turn next time ?..This country is for all people...Just as the Star is...T.U. Salford Star..for listening to both sides ...xxxx
Allison wrote
at 15:15:19 on 22 March 2012
Scarlet and Angus I can feel a bromance coming on and you owe it all to Sukai.
Allison wrote
at 14:30:02 on 22 March 2012
Hi Angus. the Gambia Standard is not up to date on line, however we do have a paper copy from the country itself, for legal reasons i cannot discuss its contents in terms of its relevance to Sukai's case. as a tax payer i am footing the bill for asylum so i also want to ensure it is being spent correctly and in this case i believe it is. Salford pimpernelle; museli? I'd rather have a bacon butty, the only sandals i possess have a five inch heel, please do not stereo type anyone who has humanity and compassion as being some weirdo. please dont assume anyone who eats yogurt is also not right, you may have something to say but it is lost in your daft insults
Angus McKay wrote
at 14:17:16 on 22 March 2012
pimpernelle, I know all about the joker-in-the-pack racist card. I’ve had it played against me - many times - doled out alongside insults of "Hiltler", "Holocaust", "smoking chimneys" et al. Here’s one of my "favourites" .... "You are a cancerous blight. You are a disgrace to mankind. I sincerely hope you catch a painful disease in a country that's never heard of morphine." All used by asylum and refugee supporters, y’know, those nice, gentle, kind, caring, upstanding people who support asylum and immigration. The fact that they have to resort to such rhetoric proves the shallowness of their claims. To carry on risking their lives to get to the UK after having reached a safe area or safe country negates any asylum claim. Since asylum seekers have already achieved safety, it proves that their over-riding aim was not safety, but to get to this country. Therefore all those who have used and abused the asylum route should be deported without appeal as bogus claims. Should Sukai Jack be granted residency in Britain, her next usage of our laws will be to bring her family over to Britain - her rights to a family life. Strange how asylum seekers and their supporters are consistent in their reference to the rule of law being applied in support of seekers but they refuse to accept the rule of law when such is used against seekers.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 20:41:25 on 21 March 2012
spot on Angus to many labour party supporting, yoghurt knitting, sandal wearing, muesli eating, left wingers in the country, that's why this country is broke. careful Angus, people with these views eventually get accused of racism, then you have the thought police on your back sukai jack, travels all the way from Gambia, wasn't,I believe the 1947 - 1948 Geneva convention act the protection of people of persecution after the second world war, don't it say that a person has to claim asylum in the first safe country they come to ( not the country with the best benefit hand outs ), amazing that all these asylum seekers travel across all these safe European country's ( thousands of immigrants in Calais, France waiting to come over, why not claim asylum there )but only want to claim asylum in Britain, if your fleeing for your life does it matter where you claim asylum as long as your safe, seem to me that the majority of these so called asylum seekers are not asylum seekers but economic migrants. remember a couple years ago a Somalian asylum seeker who murdered a British police woman fled back to Somalia dressed as a Muslim woman in full face vale, amazing, went back to the country he ran away from, for being persecuted. SOFT TOUCH BRITAIN
Angus McKay wrote
at 15:27:26 on 16 March 2012
What’s the matter Alison? Is your "new evidence" just another 11th hour piece of paper "discovered" to halt the legal and morally rightful deportation of Sukai Jack? Now, if you and your asylum supporters were footing the bill to support asylum seekers, then you and yours could be left to carry out your money-guzzling, farcical capers in muddling up the asylum process - but all taxpayers are being forced to assist in contributing towards the ever-growing negative and damaging asylum system in Britain.
Angus McKay wrote
at 09:21:56 on 14 March 2012
Allison: Thanks for the lead, I couldn’t find any article or comment on Sukai Jack. Perhaps you, or another, could supply a copy of the new evidence which has recently come to light. If being concerned of the rising homelessness, unemployment, failing NHS, appalling care homes, rising costs of living, reduced benefits my own people are now experiencing - whilst countless numbers of failed seekers, refugees and their money-guzzling charity" supporters continue to siphon off our money intended for my people, then I am happy to be called "angry".
at 04:04:25 on 12 March 2012
Why are you so angry Angus? It can't be good for you. The paper is The Gambia Standard.
Angus McKay wrote
at 20:40:50 on 11 March 2012
First of all, Sukai Jack was not "snatched". She was collected for legal deportation. "snatched" - the usual emotive, stupid rhetoric used by asylum supporters. Supply the name of the "state owned newspaper in Gambia" which named Sukai Jack. Supply the new evidence which emerged in Gambia that her life would be in danger if she returned. Just so we can all keep up with the story, you understand.
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