Star date: 13th September 2010  


The first Salford Music Festival drew to a close last night with a huge line up at The Ritz, which included The Fall, The Salford Jets, Girl Peculiar plus many of the bands who had been touring the pubs and playing for free for the previous three nights.

Everyone who saw the Festival agreed that it was a huge success – when's the next one?

Loads of photos here…

Salford Music Festival 2010 Salford Music Festival 2010 Salford Music Festival 2010
Salford Music Festival 2010 Salford Music Festival 2010 Salford Music Festival 2010
Salford Music Festival 2010 Salford Music Festival 2010
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The curtain came down last night on the first Salford Music Festival after a roaring all day happening at The Ritz which showcased some of the best bands in Salford and Manchester.

The music ranged from rap and hip hop to goth opera, indie and rock. Mike Sweeney's Salford Jets got the crowd going, while Spencer Cloud and the Range Brothers showed top form. The day was capped with Girl Peculiar and The Fall rounding off four days of sorted sounds that spotlit the music talent on our doorstep.

Words and photos by Lewis Harrison Wood and Jemma Cooper

main photo: Anima Animus Animal

Sam Morley wrote
at 10:35:20 on 18 February 2011
It wouldnt surprise me if everyone of these positive reviews was written by ed blain himself. Ive seen him do that kind of campaign with the Musicians of Salford exhibition at Salford Museum where his irrelevant band Trigger Happy managed to gain gallery space via an onslaughtof phonecalls from alleged fans wanting them included. He is a blatant self promoter. And although bands were just grateful to play he made sure his own interests were covered first. He is shameless. I think Salford Council took a risk funding this event with him in charge. His way of delegating and negotiating is one of bullying and intimidation . Not to be encouraged.
Paul Ashton wrote
at 11:31:09 on 18 October 2010
Thanks for all the positive comments (and we learn from all of them including the negative). Indeed Salford Council have chosen to fund other smaller events. There is reference in 1 message to Monton Festival. For the record, the annual Monton Festival is organised by local residents and shops without funding but some help with infrastructure is given by the council. However The Monton Music Festival in 2008 was totally privately funded. These events bring visitors from around the country and even from abroard. We are more than happy to promote Salford but funding is an issue that needs to be addressed
Kevin Eccleston wrote
at 15:58:28 on 06 October 2010
Heres a film I made at the Hope ,make your own mind up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rRGH128jwQ
dj hollerbusch wrote
at 07:47:39 on 06 October 2010
hey guys, as to the last three comments: you are wrong my friends! mister blaney is the man of the moment, the whole festival was fantastic! if you do not understand rock and roll, do not attend it! (or as MES says: you do not deserve it!) cheers from germany, see you next year... the deej
Silky wrote
at 15:51:43 on 27 September 2010
Jeremiah Spun said QUOTE "Firstly reading the papers prior to the show, I got the impression that the organiser has many issues regarding his self worth. for example, he was quoted saying he needed a helicopter to get round all the venues !!" QUOTE Jeremiah, I think you might find that this comment was tongue in cheek humour
Joe wrote
at 12:11:37 on 27 September 2010
In response to people complaining about the Kings Arms - And can I state here that I am not linked to the venue in anyway! I just happen to like the place - I'm not surpised that they charged Ed for using the room. Out of all the venue used, the Kings Arms is the only one that has a peoper PA system, stage and lighting rig. The music venue is also upstairs, away from the main bar - It's not part of the main pub/bar. Of course they have to charge for its use! Did the Ritz not charge?!? If the Salford Music Festival hadn't have booked those dates at the Kings Arms, somebody else would have as it's a popular venue. Why should the venue lose out - They are a business.
Derrick smith wrote
at 12:13:11 on 25 September 2010
I would like to offer my total support for the next festival.I looked at the wrongly funded Salford not on line site, the comments on that site are so one sided also I was un able to leave a comment in favour of the festival. Sod the council you don't need them!!!! Well done
Paul Robinson wrote
at 07:59:44 on 25 September 2010
Jeremiah Spun? By the sound of your comments you need to get a life. The council? The Salford music festival was great in every sense,It brought a lot of people from Salford together, the proms was full of bullying security, a last minute headliner, etc etc and a lot of people wont be attending it again, read the comments again, you will notice a few people like yourself who sit at home writing your daft comments are the ones deluded. I work with people suffering from depression, I contacted Ed Blaney and he gave us 16 tickets for the Ritz concert for free! He even offered them the chance to meet some of the bands. How dare you critisice his efforts. The Salford star also do a great job for all in Salford and they too get no funding. People like Mr Blaney, Mr Ashton and Salford Star deserve a lot of credit for helping out local folk. What have you done? Paul Robinson Seedley
Jeremiah Spun wrote
at 14:48:31 on 22 September 2010
Firstly reading the papers prior to the show , I got the impression that the organiser has many issues regarding his self worth . for example , he was quoted saying he needed a helicopter to get round all the venues !! the venues (pubs) are close together in salford , I would assume a taxi/ car/ bus would suffice- especially considering the 'not -for -profit nature'...allegedely Secondly the festival was dubbed as the first music festival in salford .. this is a mistake on both the papers and the organisers behalf , as there are many 'real' festivals already happening in salford (not in pubs, and not in Manchester!).. whose aims genuinely are to benefit the community After reading about the aggressive manner in which the organiser conducted himself , I am concerned that this man is a menace to society - and this type of person is definately not suited to this business. It is probably a very good job that the council would not allow this event to happen at buille hill park ... can you imagine the trauma and devastation coupled with a huge loss of money that would have occured.
kevin wrote
at 16:04:19 on 20 September 2010
i went to the hope and the ritz .the night at the hope was the best i ve had all year and some of the bands were really interesting .many of the negative comments reek of jealousy .i wished the fall could have been on longer but thats my only criticism.the sound was great especially in the hope and itwas a welcome change from a usual weekend in salford far surpassing the dull proms in the park .it was a good mixture of acts as opposed to the usual four boys with guitars bring on next year well done ed
shell wrote
at 06:53:06 on 20 September 2010
congrats to Ed for putting on a fantastic festival, i had a fantastic couple of nights at the Hope and the Town hall at Eccles, the bands were all brilliant i really enjoyed Iceband, Girl peculiar and Angel dark to name but a few . Ed Blaney deserves a medal for all the hard work he has put in to this event , keep up the good work Ed and lets have a bigger and better event next year.
mark williams wrote
at 06:52:52 on 20 September 2010
with all due respect i think eddie blain should be noticed for hes challaging task and commitments that he has put into the salford festiville , eddie has done this as a no proffit organisation which leaves me to think why did the salford goverenment not help or show any respect,other neighbouring towns swinton monton have these festivalls, i think salford city should reward him in some way. mark williams salford age 47 .
Steve wrote
at 16:57:56 on 19 September 2010
I was in one of the bands that played at the Kings Arms on the Thursday night and from what I can gather, the extra band was added because they had turned up to the venue they were due to play at, only to be kept waiting for a long time, possibly by technical staff, possibly by other bands not turning up (not too sure on that one). They then phoned Ed who did the right thing (in my opinion) and invited them to play at the Kings Arms because everything was up and running there. The same thing happened to my band on the Saturday afternoon (arrived on time, were kept waiting by other bands not turning up, couldn't get into the venue until an hour after the event was supposed to have kicked off etc), so we called Ed and he told us we could change venues and he and Paul made sure we'd got the kit we needed and didn't keep us waiting around. Long story short - Ed and Paul put a lot of work into the festival and bent over backwards to help bands like us out. They're not our managers and didn't have any vested interest in us getting to play, they just sorted it out because it needed sorting out. The real villains are the time wasters who messed us and the other band about in the first place.
Monkeys In Love wrote
at 07:00:08 on 19 September 2010
Fantastic festival seeing as as most of the gigs were free entry with bands playing for the love of playing, not money. A big thank you to Ed Blaney for having us on. Really enjoyed both gigs at the Kings Arms and The Hope. Looking forward to next year xx
Emma Black wrote
at 20:28:05 on 18 September 2010
Hi Ed Just wanted to say thanks very much for inviting me to come and play at The Hope last Saturday. It was great to come and play this new festival and I was really impressed by the line-up you got together over the four days...some really good players. Lovely audiences and good music made for an all round winner..nice one, I enjoyed myself. See you soon Emma B x www.emmablack.com
Michael Dique wrote
at 11:38:45 on 18 September 2010
What a great success.. Big Thank you and congratulations to Ed Blaney for all the hard work and effort put in. I manage Coldside Generals - an Urban music act from Manchester who performed at The Hope on Friday 10th September along with many other talented artists which had a great turn out, great fans and great music. Also playing the opening for the main festival at The Ritz on Sunday 12th September. After my artists performed we stayed on to see some more performances and the turn out was very successful. The music was great, the crowd was alive. As for the bad comments i've seen - it's a lot of hard work that goes into this festival which most people could not handle, i think everyone can agree this was worth attending no matter what genre of music you like there was a wide variety on each night at various venues for everyone. Well done again to Ed, the festival would not have been such a success if it wasn't for you. It gives a chance to all artists from Manchester/Salford to show their true talent and potential. Mike CSG Management Coldside Generals www.coldsidegenerals.com
Silky wrote
at 11:38:06 on 18 September 2010
Any critics please note that Ed Blaney not only organised the biggest free festival our city has ever seen, but also found time to organise, promote & host the pre-festival party, Salford's Got Talent at The Willows, where #1657.50 was raised for The Christie Appeal charity Saying that Ed was going around punching punters in the face is a complete fabrication, there was one minor altercation as a result of the promoter being treated very badly by the venue (as has been detailed above) If all the people who are slagging the festival off think they can do better please leave your contact details here & you can organise the next one Best of irish luck to ya !
Neil D wrote
at 07:37:19 on 18 September 2010
Salford Festival = a great, great 4 days. I met a girl who played on the bill from New York + also bumped into some guys from sweden who'd come to see the Fall. Their take on this festival was one word "Amazing". It made me think sometimes we have a culture of just complaining when in reality we don't recognise something when its good ...& this was really good. The Fall were ace (nice to see M.E Smith on performing duties again), thought Lowline were average as immediate support. The Folds were ace as was Girl Peculiar & before them I thought The Rainband were the pick of the bunch - all round it was a great night at the Ritz but also the three days before were a roaring success
Nick G wrote
at 07:36:55 on 18 September 2010
I ain't one for words but anyone complaining about paying £15 to see 8 acts including the Fall is short of a screw or two. I don't know this guy Ed who's done this but my mates band played at the Ritz (The Rainband) & they were great. They were on before Hanky Panky who were also top notch. The Girl Peculiar were great but I thought the Folds were amazing as to the Fall. All was good for me with this & I know untold who'd say the same. Hopefully here for many years to come!! Well done to Edmund & Paul
Terry wrote
at 07:36:17 on 18 September 2010
As a man who goes to alot of gigs, I think people miss the point about what this was all about. For me, it worked on so many different levels - 1) It promoted the up & coming + in the Ritz gave them a major platform to perform on 2) For the people going to the Ritz, they gotta glimpse of whats coming on the scene 3) I spoke to John Robb, Terry Christian, Tim Burgess & all were 100% behind this night so how can the negative comments exist with any real credance? All I'll say is that I think the whole of this festival, ideals & ethics, were a credit to the area. Stars for the future - The Rainband, The folds & Girl Peculiar Stars of today - The Fall - mega on Sunday
Hoddy wrote
at 21:56:32 on 17 September 2010
I was at the Kings & Crescent on Thursday & then at the Ritz Sunday. Both nights were the truest aspects of punk I have witnessed for 30 years. Was it polished? No Are events of this nature meant to be? No It was a celebration of the rough diamonds in our midst. Once you see that, you realise how good it was. I don't know them from Adam but The Rainband were amzing on Sunday. I use terms like that very rarely but for four songs & 20mins, they made a major impact. Girl peculiar was also show stopping in the best sense. For all the people complaining, in the true punk sense, stop moaning on here & make it happen yourself . . . .what you'll find when you try is, it ain't as easy as you think. Ed Blaney & Paul Ashton - well done on behalf of the folk of Salford for making this something to be proud of! I wanna see Girl P, The Rainband & Aslan up that bill!!
Janie Britton wrote
at 21:56:27 on 17 September 2010
Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had playing at The Salford Festival. Its not often that you get an event organized and publicized to such a high level, where the venues and artists put on free shows for the public. Our personal experience was brilliant we arrived at the Hope pub on the Thursday and the place was pretty full. Hope had a great band on first which was a band setup by Salford Arts and they were followed by Dark Angel who played some wonderfully original music. All in all a great night and all for free - what more could you ask for. ICE www.iceband.net
Katy Norman wrote
at 21:55:02 on 17 September 2010
The Salford Music Festival, in my eyes, was a major success. Most bands in Manchester/Salford, get taken for a ride & treated like fools by promoters but in these four days, the one's I know best, were all given great slots at the local venues & then given the priceless opportunity of supporting "The Fall" - come on, some of the jokers on here were obviously not there & are on the winde up. It was a great event & not being biased but "The Rainband"'s set on sunday was something else - roll on 2011
Darren wrote
at 20:38:41 on 17 September 2010
I attended the urban night @ the hope and the ritz on the sunday. Both nights were fantastic!!!! I even got to meet and listen to 2 very good acts called " cold side generals" and "misfits" they were the highlight of the nite at the hope. Iv read a few bad reviews here but for somebody to put something together like this for no profit. Hats off to you sir
Kurt wrote
at 20:38:20 on 17 September 2010
Kurt and Holger it was, from Cologne and Neuss, respectively. And we loved every second of it. I must say I do not agree with the two comments above. Ed was absolutely right in stopping a moronic "soundman" at the Kings Arms from spoiling what he had worked for so hard. And it wasn't only that the "soundman" was cutting bands' performances off like he was the lord of the manor, he was responsible for the muddy sound there, too! People moaning about the little altercation (nobody was hurt, nothing was damaged, Ed was just being a gentleman) would have been better off at the horrible "Proms". Salford is the most hospitable of places, the festival was truly wonderful and the organizer even took care of us foreigners. Thank you, Ed Blaney - and "dankeschön" from Cologne, Germany
Lawley wrote
at 20:04:08 on 17 September 2010
The gig at the Ritz was a blinder. It was a pure eclectic of music but played by people who were great at what they do. Can't believe people are moaning - The Fall, girl peculiar, spencer cloud & the rainband were the one's who took it up a level. Lets have 2011
Michelle wrote
at 20:04:03 on 17 September 2010
Well done - a really great event - roll on 2011 - viva la Rainband
Lawley wrote
at 20:03:55 on 17 September 2010
The gig at the Ritz was a blinder. It was a pure eclectic of music but played by people who were great at what they do. Can't believe people are moaning - The Fall, girl peculiar, spencer cloud & the rainband were the one's who took it up a level. Lets have 2011
Sandra wrote
at 20:03:49 on 17 September 2010
I am so annoyed people in this area come on here slagging off initiatives for young people to make something of themselves. This was a great event & all who only have complaints should keep their opinions to themselves. Sunday was brilliant. Well done Ed & Paul + all the bands. Mark E Smith is still as brilliant as ever but if I had to spot an up & coming act, it'd be girl peculiar or The Rainband. Both were brilliant & embrace the "festival" spirit. I'm still at a loss at what there was to complain about
Loin wrote
at 20:03:28 on 17 September 2010
I hate seeing people slating anyhting about live music in the community but even worse, I doubley hate it when the event was as mega as the salford festival. Sunday at the Ritz was rocking & I was there to see my mates band "The Rainband" who were mega but to be fair pretty much all bands were. It was a mix of genuinely great musicians. There was no jostling for position in the order, it was done with a great community feel - anyone who thought different, obviously wasn't there. Well done the promoters & all who played - especially "The Rainband" - sorry finny lad, had to say that x
Danny wrote
at 16:00:51 on 17 September 2010
The music festival was a great celebration of salford/manc music.I loved walking(staggering)from pub to pub watching bands without having to pay.Ed Blainey might have blown a fuse on the thursday night but he deserves a great deal of credit for organising the festival.it was a big undertaking.with so many bands taking part you cannot please everyone.there was some great nights with stand out performances from Spencer Cloud and the range brothers,Dings AAAK,Dislocation Dance and pearl Divers to mention but a few and all for free!so well done to all involved and hope the next one will be even bigger and better. Danny(the hidden gem)
Ed Blaney wrote
at 15:59:54 on 17 September 2010
A few teething problems, the Kings Arms and myself resolved the situation within minutes and remain friends, the festival was a success, well over 1000 people attended and came from all over europe and even New Zealand and the USA, regrets? not really, with no funding at all we managed to make it happen. Big thanks to all who supported and attended this event and all the bands that played for free,without them it would not have happened, we never made a single penny in profit, It was worth every single minute getting this off the ground. Roll on 2011 " Loyalty was born a bastard, amd critics never stood a chance " www.salfordmusicfestival.co.uk
Dave Rogers wrote
at 15:58:42 on 17 September 2010
I came up from halifax along with 3 friends, we witnessed the whole thing at The kings Arms and infact recorded the whole night. Blaney added another band to the line up on the Thursday night and that seemed to push the times back. After only 22 minutes Girl peculiar's set was pulled which prompted Blaney to jump on the stage and said, " are you having a laugh " the lady in charge shouted, " you have been on for 45 minutes" anyway it sort of got out of hand from that point, a man in the crowd who was well worse for wear called Blaney a tosser, Blaney reacted and in my opinion rightly so. Aparently The kings Arms were the only venue according to Blaney to charge for the use of the stage etc and the way they switched off the mics was totally wrong. We all agreed that Blaney had a point to raise and given the fact it was a free festival and The Kings event had been in all the press as a " not to miss event". How true this was, In total 4 bands got to play. Dislocation Dance, Monkeys in love, Girl Peculiar and The Inflictors. On the Friday we attended The Hope pub for the " Urban night" which was over 10 acts all performing fantastic stuff, the landlady was called Trish, she was lovely and very welcoming to us and thanked us for comming and even gave us free sandwiches! We then headed down to The Cresent and caught the last 5 minutes of a band called KIN and then watched a duo paying tributes to Marc Bolan. I spoke to a few people who were at The Kings the night before and they all agreed it was out of order the way Blaney was treated given the fact he had organised the whole event and had not charged the public for entry. I also spoke to a man claiming to be the only promoter in Salford, I never got his name but he was slagging Blaney's efforts and making a complete fool of himself, at that point we left and went for a curry. On Saturday we went to The Hope again and watched several bands play,Rocking Train(dark angel)?, Emma Black, Stacey Cohen,Mr Heart, Anima Animus Animal, Missing Link, Hanky Park and Girl Peculiar with Ed Blaney, the atmosphere was great and again the landlady gave us free sandwiches and a pint each. I spoke to Blaney about The Kings Arms and told him we agreed with what he had said, he thanked us for comming and smiled. We met up with 2 guys from Germany called Kurt and Rold? i think who were big fans of The Fall, they too were at The Kings Arms on the opening night and said the night had been " Fantastishe". As for the main event on Sunday at The Ritz, excellent and well organised as you can read many reviews here www.visi.com/fall on the live review page on the forum Well done to Mr Blaney for putting this non profit event on. I look forward to next years!
Paul wrote
at 06:32:43 on 17 September 2010
We headed off to the crescent pub on the Thursday for the start of the festival, waited waited waited some more after 2hrs and still no bands walked down to the kings where we too witnessed the organiser smashing the place up and trying to smash up the people supporting the festival? I am in full support of Salford music festival but that man should not be allowed to do it, he gives Salford a bad name. I felt sorry gor the venues and bands willing to give it a chance the organisation was just not there...
Anon wrote
at 06:32:32 on 17 September 2010
What a joke I witness the organiser throw a piece of equiptment at a speaker which could have really hurt someone then proceed to not only punch a fellow audience member but start shouting none of these bands would be on if it wernt for me so f**k them???? I would not recomend this festival to anyone
Sean wrote
at 19:23:11 on 16 September 2010
A success? You are joking? The organiser was going around punching punters in the face. Most of the free gigs were a farce. It was a joke
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