Star date: 13th June 2010 


A new campaign has sprung up on Facebook to get Joe Coffey's art splattered all over Central Salford. The artist, currently being hailed as `the new Lowry', produces vibrant, almost glowing pictures of how Salford is, not how the regeneration industry would like it.

Coffey's work, featuring hoodies, the Precinct, Strangeways, landscapes and old pubs has been photo-shopped and re-imagined onto Salford landmarks by local musician and poet, James Herring, and slapped on Facebook where it's receiving rave reviews.

More details and lots of photos here…

Joe Coffey Re-Works By James Herring Joe Coffey Re-Works By James Herring Joe Coffey Re-Works By James Herring
Joe Coffey Re-Works By James Herring
click image to enlarge

Can you believe that someone responsible for Chapel Street's regeneration – Central Salford URC? Salford Council? – has spent a fortune putting ugly `designer' purple boards all over the derelict properties to hide the dereliction, when all they had to do was to look locally and see the potential and talent that's on the doorstep…

James Herring has transformed artists Joe Coffey's work and slapped it on the side of local landmarks like the towerblock at Salford Precinct, Salford Police Station, Strangeways and the derelict theatre on Chapel Street. It was probably just for a bit of a laugh – but doesn't it look spectacular? And doesn't it make a comment?

Perhaps now the people who commission expensive `design' agencies and artists from outside the city will take note of proper Salford artists… Or do they find the subject matter just too `disturbing'? Everyone on Facebook certainly loves it…

See James Herring's Facebook album for more photos. Click here…

Liz Salmon wrote
at 16:09:54 on 14 January 2011
Joe, if you call yourself an 'artist' then be prepared to take the 'critiques' as well as the applaud, in fact any 'creative' will tell you that criticism is of more value than the fawning that gives nothing but a over inflated ego. to ask somebody, as you have done with Clive, to show you art they consider to be that; could see you buried beneath a mountain of real masters, what are you going to do?, denounce it?, dont go there. Liz
Markus De Rawkus wrote
at 07:29:08 on 22 August 2010
I reckon Joe and James have got it bang on,people don't realise the talent that exists in Salford as it isn't an easy way to make a living and with 60 percent of our children living in a state of poverty,they can't afford paint,microphones,instruments yet they have the energy and imagination to make most contemporary artists seem bland and meaningless,we have to support people like Joe and James and all the creative energy which is brimming over in Salford at the moment or everything will just be done by the privileged and few like always instead of the majority,its a time to share resources and support one another and get it together,Give Salford Artists a platform and they won't let you down
sened audhali wrote
at 07:07:11 on 15 August 2010
I just want to say that im loving your work joe keep it up m8
becs wrote
at 10:57:50 on 14 August 2010
Think the artwork by Joe is amazing and i for one would love to see his work all over salford, couldnt pick a brighter and more inspirational way to decorate our city :D
Sue wrote
at 10:36:59 on 20 July 2010
I've only recently become aware of Joe's work but it has made a huge impression on me. As a fan of Banksy I can see the same talent for using art as social commentary that Banksy has in Joe's work. I think Salford should embrace Joe as I feel sure national and international recognition cannot be far off for this guy.
wezzo wrote
at 07:40:33 on 19 July 2010
joe can turn places around az u can see 1love keep them cumin
at 07:40:26 on 19 July 2010
joe top at doin things like ths so giv him as chance
lewis wrote
at 07:31:42 on 19 July 2010
good work i like the way u look at and express salford in ya art hope it goes well 4 ya
Kelvin Okafor wrote
at 14:32:17 on 17 July 2010
I absolutely adore your works Joe. Great artistic concept. Keep em coming!!!! Cheers
Aimee wrote
at 21:42:20 on 16 July 2010
Joe Coffey turns places that can't be painted (as in painting a landscape of) into works of art.
maurice joseph wrote
at 21:42:06 on 16 July 2010
Hey Joe thanks for showing me your art work. I fell in love with your paint technique ,and your hood concentration is astonishing. I can tell that your very passionate about your work and you dedicate alot of time and effort into each one, stay up and keep up da good work ill check in for new peices
Gladys Edith Devetac wrote
at 21:41:51 on 16 July 2010
WOW!!!!This is amazing ! I love Joe wanted to use your art to beautify the city, I think it's a great contribution.
Katie Goddard wrote
at 04:37:09 on 16 July 2010
Wow, wow and wow absolutely amazing i love it. Great idear to use a local artist to revamp old buildings. They represent the hear and now. This is art that is accessible to the ordinary every day person. This will truly help regenerate salford and put it on the map as a town of culture.I have to go to salford to see this for myself, great artist great concept, Very exciting x
joe coffey wrote
at 04:37:02 on 16 July 2010
why dont you show me or tell me what a piece of art is clive lets see what sort of world your livin in like i said i am a self taught artist no one needs to show me or tell me what to paint i paint what i feel an i paint life in general not what other people want me to do for every person like you that doesn't like it theres another 100 that do
cliveofindia wrote
at 21:14:39 on 15 July 2010
There is nothing new or original in any of these images. They are second hand and second rate. There's a free course in art taking place at Cornerhouse during the summer - suggest the perpetrator of these lacklustre concepts joins up.
Tara Carter Brooks wrote
at 17:43:09 on 15 July 2010
Joe, your artistry work is captivating! Every stroke of your brush ties together beautifully, creating rare pieces of art that leaves an everlasting mesmerizing affect.I am floored by your work! You are truly an extraordinary artist! Awesome work that deserves high praise! Much success!
at 16:42:11 on 15 July 2010
If only every Tower Block was a 'Joe Coffey Tower Block'! Now, i have spent many years in the pirate radio game here in Manchester, so i have seen and been on the roof's of many a Tower over the years. I must say personally i have always liked the 'grimey concrete look' - esp. in the rain, always adds a certain 'edge' to it, but after seeing what can only be described as 'inspiring', im very impressed with the vision shown in the above pics. Cliveofindia's comments regarding Salford does just as much to, in his words, 'reinforce the stereotype (misguided) of our city and draw attention to poor buildings and urban lanscapes'. At least the guy is doing something productive with his life, and in the true pirate vain, it's people from grass roots level we support! Hold up your spray can's for Joe Coffey!!!
maddy wrote
at 16:41:34 on 15 July 2010
good job, well done! still keep it this way!
JoWardPlatt wrote
at 14:13:29 on 15 July 2010
The embelishment that Joe injects onto our Salford skyline is both unique and awe-inspiring. Joe your paintings are real as you have walked those Salford streets, you know what you're talking about! I have been on various sites where Joe's artwork is uniting the people of Salford from past and present. This can only do good things for the City. Love your work Joe. Keep painting. Jo x
Lek Tharnthip wrote
at 14:13:17 on 15 July 2010
Just one word only it is "AWESOME"
Jemmiro wrote
at 20:54:33 on 09 July 2010
I found it inspiring. Joe is giving another dimension to art making. The city becomes much more memorable. Keep it up mate! Well done!
Dj Meza wrote
at 13:48:53 on 09 July 2010
I've been friends with Joe for a kid, he's an amazing guy and a brillant artist and if anyone can bring some life and colour to Salford Joe's your man. Surpport this man he's heading for greatness!!! Peace and love Joe, Dj meza out one time!!!
Bridget Byrne wrote
at 06:27:15 on 09 July 2010
Absolute genius...... awesome pics, totally unique style.... speechless! ABFAB!!! xxxxxxx
euphemia p niblock wrote
at 06:26:57 on 09 July 2010
james' reimaginings of joe's work decorating iconic salford landmarks are really thought provoking and offer a welcome alternative to the usual corporate alternatives for 'improving' pre-generated buildings. this is something that could be seriously considered by Salford URC ETC. there is a great example of painted murals adorning the entire sides/elevations of a social housing estate in France which you might have heard of. Its in Lyon and has been designated an open air museum or exhibition hall because of its transformation of an ordinary district into something beautiful yet distinctly urban - heres a link in case you havent come across it - http://www.museeurbaintonygarnier.com/ these depictions reminded me of them and chould be adopted by Salford council just as Lyon did - incidently to international acclaim, raising the profile of the city and changing perceptions of social housing along the way....It certainly hasnt done Lyon any harm...
Jo the kings wrote
at 08:29:00 on 24 June 2010
I have said it once and I will say it again, paint the gable end of the kings arms!!!!
joe coffey wrote
at 05:45:23 on 22 June 2010
to brian f kirkham david henry and jay kipper whoever you are thanks for your comments left here about my artwork to clive of india theres nothing crude crass and brutal about my artwork i just document bits of salford life as it is today i have many different pieces of artwork that have all different meanings theres life in my paintings including salford life as for the paintings at the top of the page there just mockup pictures what started out by a friend the first one of salford flats does that waterfall on the side of it look bad or is it the salford shopping city sign with the giant arrow which has probably cost a lot of money to put up look bad as for hiding the buildings with trees or ivy thats not gonna take away the fact that theres a derelict building behind it and the only thing you did get right is that they do draw attention to poor buildings some of them the hoodys i do is just the style of my artwork if you look at each individual painting i've done there all doing different things some of these derelict buildings could be used for them to do better things just no one gives em a chance its left down to volunteers and individuals some of these old salford buildings have a lot of character and memories for salford people as i hope my artwork has maybe another way is to demolish the buildings and replace it with some modern apartments that wouldn't benefit anybody i am a self taught artist clive and my artwork speaks for itself everyone is entitled to their own oppinion but sometimes before stereotypin people you should take time to have a look at all my art then you would see the bigger picture take it easy joe coffey
brianfkirkham wrote
at 07:10:58 on 21 June 2010
I am one of those who signed up on Joe's page on Facebook, and would certainly agree it would brighten up the area (would Central Salford URC go for it, Maybe!?!). As for the detractor - just remember, joe, you'll always have the odd critic - the masses are enjoying the visions you create. Keep it coming.
David Henry wrote
at 07:51:25 on 20 June 2010
Absolutely top notch work Joe! Have you thought about doing a Mural?
Jay Kipper wrote
at 06:13:09 on 19 June 2010
Love your art work Joe; keeping it real and local enough for the fringes of the the world not understand. Never let the failed Uni artist pull you down mate as they never understand a true gift. Jay:)
cliveofindia wrote
at 06:07:57 on 15 June 2010
The images are as bad as the buildings they attempt to hide - crude, crass and brutal. How can anyone think these enhance the face of Salford? They just reinforce the stereotype (misguided) of our city and draw attention to poor buildings and urban lanscapes. Plant some trees around them, cover them with ivy or demolish - that's the answer Train the planners in visual aesthetics and take planning decisions away from visually illiterate councilors. If you are going to use artwork make sure its by a good artist with a vision and ability to compose, draw and use colour - not this rubbish.
joe coffey wrote
at 17:33:13 on 13 June 2010
i absolutly love whats been wrote about me here and james he's a decent bloke goin out of his way to promote my artwork as for steven kingston i cant say enough about the guy thanks for all your help you've given me in the past strphen i've got nothing but 100% respect for ya and everyone else who have been helping me out cheers everyone joe coffey
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