Star date: 7th May 2010 


Hazel Blears has held onto her seat in Salford with a majority of 5,725 and 40% of the vote.

Boundary changes make comparisons with the last election totally pointless as the constituency has changed drastically. There were 41,702 votes cast
and her majority is 5,725. The turnout was 55.2%.

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Hazel Blears: Labour – 16,655
Norman Owen: Lib Dem – 10,930
Matthew Sephton: Conservative – 8,497
Tina Dorothy-Rose Wingfield: BNP – 2,632
Duran O'Dwyer: UKIP – 1,084
David Henry: Hazel Must Go/TUSC – 730
Stephen Morris: English Democrats - 621
Richard Carvath: Independent – 384

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Photos by Albert Spiby

Nachtschlepper wrote
at 9:00:05 AM on Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Who came up with that last comment? Must be one of Hazel's relatives or maybe even the poison chipmunk herself.
LSC wrote
at 8:12:49 AM on Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Well Done to Hazel Blears and its shut you lot up the get hazel blears out campaign, i knew the pple od salford knew who was best WELL DONE HAZEL
David Henry wrote
at 5:47:09 AM on Monday, May 10, 2010
Everyone lost, except Blears. She was the only person (with the fair exception of Norman Owen) who submitted their nominations knowing they had any realistic chance of 'winning'. People stand in elections for so many different but valid reasons. The numerous established parties stood to raise their overall percentage share of the national vote - also known as "Paper Candidates". We saw the elections as a unique opportunity to get our message out there, and we did just that. Voting patterns would be considerably different under P.R or an A/V type system. For example - at the Euro elections many people voted tactically, voting Green instead of Labour or Lib Dem to keep the BNP out. The message wasn't strong enough in the North West and North East but in the South it worked. Success is not down to the strength of individual candidates alone. Look at all the local paper candidates from the big three parties who openly admit they have no idea what their policies are - but they've got the right colour rosette on to win a stack of votes whoever they are. Another factor is branding. It takes years to build a profile. People don't just vote for personalities, they vote for parties. The T.U.S.C emblem is probably the only logo on the ballot paper most people had never seen before. We couldn't afford a constituency wide mail shot. Financial inequality plays a huge role in politics, "if you ain't got the notes won't buy the votes" - said one senior Republican Senator.
Dr Gary Duke wrote
at 5:15:10 AM on Monday, May 10, 2010
What is clear from this result in Salford is that Labour still continue to tap into the loyalty of many working class people who (mistakenly in the eyes of this author)believe that they will do what's right for ordinary working people despite the evidence to the contrary.The widespread support that the trade unions give the Labour Party nationally and locally, also helps get discredited candidates such as Ms Blears re-elected. For many voters, to not vote Labour was never an option, as many remember the savage Tory years under Thatcher and her successor John Major. In contrast, historically, the Tories can turn out the vote.The vote for Blears for many people, was a vote for the best of two worst options. It's hardly a ringing endorsement for Ms Blears or her party. However, if elections were the terrain on which real political battles are fought and won, then we'd have something to worry about. Clearly they are not. Thatcher was not removed in a general election, but by the political activity of millions of people in the anti-poll tax campaigns and a riot on the streets of London. Blears will continue to back a system that puts the profits of bankers and financiers before the needs of ordinary people. All the main political parties will do the same including the fascist BNP. At least in David Henry, we had someone who stood on the principle of putting people first and fighting to save and improve services, not cut them back or indeed, axe them completely. Yet, the struggle to defend our schools, hospitals, pensions and welfare services like the anti-poll tax campaigns, will be decided not in an election but or by Hazel Blears, but by the mass participation of the ordinary working people who with their families,use these vital services.
Ian wrote
at 3:53:23 AM on Monday, May 10, 2010
Yes but David wouldn't have won in a PR contest. He lost. Utterly failed. And he knows it.
David Henry wrote
at 12:16:03 AM on Monday, May 10, 2010
TO be fair though Bob, 78% of the Salford & Eccles eligible electorate did NOT cast a single ballot for Hazel Blears. The biggest share of that percentage did not vote at all. The national mess over who gets the keys to Downing Street explains why so many people have no faith in the electoral system. Minority candidates simply don't have the resources to get our message out to the entire constituency. If we did then I'm certain we'd have polled higher but every single vote was earned. With no disrespect to them - as they all worked hard, we took more votes than the vast majority of Green Party candidates in the North West who all lost their deposits too. Many of them are experienced campaigners - www.greenparty.org.uk/elections/general_results_2010.html - an established party with two MEPS and which has just gained their first member of Parliament. Unlike Hazel, my partner is not a multi-millionaire, and we're not bankrolled by the super-rich to send out glossy scaremongering propaganda. Until that changes people will continue to vote for brand-names. New Labour invited the BNP in to Salford, those who voted BNP will tell you the same. Many people abandoned Blears and took a chance and due to their massive publicity blitz of this city (on a par with Blears) they were viewed by many as the alternative. Tthe fact is we stood against Blears as a direct result of behaviour, we offered a credible alternative and doubled the previous genuine Socialist vote. Blears is now under tremendous pressure not to fail her constituents, and with a significantly reduced majority will find it difficult to achieve recognition amongst the people she proposes to represent. Feel free to hurl childish insults, it merely exposes a level of maturity. I notice many of those who do have not bothered to contribute to any other Salford Star's excellent articles. I wonder why?
Anna Williams wrote
at 12:14:33 AM on Monday, May 10, 2010
I wonder why 20,000 signatures were not translated into votes? Was it because instead of knocking on doors, Henry & co drove around Salford (in the evening) screaming into a megaphone about class war like lunatics? As a resident of Ordsall, I would like to thank you for waking up my kids with your childish behavior. It's why you didn't get my vote.
andrew behan wrote
at 2:52:11 PM on Sunday, May 9, 2010
The Salford Constituency had an increase in electorate of over 21,000.Hazel only picked up 3,648 of these votes. It's clear that the Labour voters voted for Hazel with gritted teeth. In total Hazel had 4 seperate leaflets sent out to the electorate.Over 40,000 delivered by the royal mail free.The others were delivered by paid staff alongside takeaway leaflets. Hazel was seen in Ordsall on May 6th where she was told to P--s Off by residents of Chancel Avenue. Later in the evening student volunteers hoping to get into the lucrative employment of Politics in later years were seen hanging around Polling Stations wearing red rosettes.If asked not one could tell you what Salford Royal used to be called. They could not tell you why Hazels husband should be earning £13,000 a year on the Salford Royal Trust which is cutting 750 jobs over the next 3 years. They could not tell you why he failed to mention in his application for the position an affiliation to Hazels campaign. If Johnathan wants to visit Ordsall I'm sure the good people would tell him that both David Henry and myself have spoken to hundreds of residents(and I do not own a tracksuit)The first time I saw any of the other candidates was at the count on May 6th/7th.I have no doubt that Hazel will be of back to London not bothered about being on the opposition benches but keen to show new members of the house how to fill in their expenses forms. and the Local Councillors will be able to settle for another year into the cosy committee rooms of the civic and quickly forget their wards.
Jack Danies wrote
at 1:27:01 PM on Sunday, May 9, 2010
David Henry got less than 2% of the vote. Well done. The people of Salford spoke, and they didn't want such a poor, inconsistent and sanctimonious candidate. He even lost his deposit, and was beaten by the BNP, and bearly got more votes than the Eng Dems. What a fool. Complete waste of time, and a complete anti-climax.
Bob wrote
at 1:26:34 PM on Sunday, May 9, 2010
MIND have a banner add on this page. No wonder when there are at leat 16000 people in Salford with serious mental health problems
David Henry wrote
at 1:24:43 PM on Sunday, May 9, 2010
Jonathan you appear to be suffering from a severe case of false memory syndrome. I reject your defamatory accusations. If lying is the best you can do in order to discredit me then you are going to try harder. FACT: On Friday afternoon I was at home all day - the day after the election. I was taking a well-deserved break from working tirelessly for several months with my colleagues on an incredibly successful and upbeat campaign which has always been about so much more than the elections and challenging Hazel Blears. FACT: I have never actually worn a track-suit at a protest. It's not my style, you may be surprised to hear I only own two pairs of "trackies"! Which I adorn when taking my dog for a walk. What a terribly negative, classist stereotype you are attempting to paint of young people in Salford. It is an insult to the entire voluntary and community sector to claim this appropriate attire is 'unprofessional'. As a youth worker it is standard practice to dress casually. Young people do not tend to relate very well to people who dress like car-salesmen, and as it happens neither do people on the doorstep. FACT: On Thursday afternoon I was out campaigning in Irwell Riverside, Swinton, Pendlebury and Langworthy before attending the count at Buile Hill Arts College for over six hours. Hazel Blears turned very late in the evening accomanied by her enterouge towards the end of the evening. Two other candidates failed to show up at all (maybe they had good reasons yet to be explained) Some good-humoured member of the public suggested (on another website) I dress as a make-up-caked drag queen in a bright ginger wig wearing a velvet frock and Gucci stilletos, but as you can see from the photographs above I was wearing my familiar suit and tie. Sorry if it's not Armani or anything fancy! Most working class people in Salford don't tend to own such attire. ;) FACT: I was wearing grey jeans, black walking boots and a sweatshirt (no, not Nike, but one I purchased from this very website ages ago). For the majority of the campaign I have worn a suit and tie! FACT: For around twenty minutes in Langworthy I joined several young Salford-based muscians who were participating in a local non-profit, indepedent filmmaking project. One of whom was indeed wearing a red tracksuit top - perhaps you confused me with them? Where you present Jonathan? Maybe within the Labour office? Maybe you were washing your hair (in the Salon a few doors down). The majority of people who witnessed the street theatre that afternoon were school-kids on their way home and local shop-keepers who told me they'd already voted by post or earlier in the day. Politics is BORING to most people. I'm all in favour of those who wish to liven it up creativley and peacefully. Those who dismiss our efforts on the grounds we didn't 'get elected' or prevent Blears re-gaining her super-safe seat should realise that standing in the election was only one element of our campaign, which has been ongoing since June last year. In the 11 months 'Hazel Must Go' has been in existence we've collected over 20,000 signatures from supporters - more names than Hazel Blears got votes. Standing for any election for the first time is an acheivement in itself, especially true without an established party brand. Our objective leading up to May 6th was not only to provide an electoral protest vote in the form of a Socialist alternative to New Labour, but also to encourage more people to vote and remind people how New Labour isn't working - even if that didn't transcribe into votes for our campaign directly. Our consultations with local people concluded there was a need to stand up for the principles long abandoned by New Labour. In nearby constituencies there existed several similar alternatives along these lines - Manchester Central and Gorton sadly had many left/progressive candidates competing against eachother. The fear of a Tory Government quashed many on the left badly. One beacon of hope exists in the Brighton with the election of the first Green MP, and the fact that unlike 2005 there was an alternative this year in Salford. the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coaltion (T.U.S.C) was the ONLY clearly 'left of Labour' choice at ballot box in 2010. At the 2001 Election the ONLY minor party to stand in Salford was the T.U.S.C's ancestral predecessor - the Socialist Alliance. At the 2005 Election there was no Socialist challenge, only UKIP stood against the main parties and still lost their deposit. In 2010 supporting the Hazel Must Go campaign we managed doubled the previous Socialist vote. Of the 42 varieties of T.U.S.C candidates nationwide, here in Salford we polled 4th highest, and 1st in the North West. We came within just 1% of beating UKIP - the second largest UK party in the European Parliament. We came ahead of the English Democrats who had Party Election Broadcasts on National TV this year. It would only be fair to mention the admirable effort of Richard Carvath (despite his unpopular beliefs). Although he failed to win (as he famously predicted) his independent/anti-politics line faired particulary well for last place. For some reason he got more votes than his 2001 Independent predescors Hazel Wallace & Roy Masterson combined. Let us not forget the reality that there were FIVE right wing candidates including the British National Party standing against us. Just WHO, I wonder is responsible for giving these groups the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the apathy of the dignified Salfordian electorate? Answer rhymes with 'Cheers' - especially from the BNP. Despite being around over ten years they never actually stood in a General Election in this city until now. They will naturually be greatful to Hazel, she even saved them £500, and another £500 next door in Salford's 'abandoned landS' of Kersal, Broughton (now with Blackley). Blears has disenfranchised many life-long Labour supporters in this city, not only by her involvement in the expenses furoe leading to her own party's failed attempt to de-select her, but more significantly the years of aligning to unpopular Blairite loyalist pro-war, pro-cuts and anti-civil liberties policies. Sadly for Blears (deserved or otherwise) the general perception of our city's MP is one of 'irritating arrogance'. Her downwards spiraling majority year after year seems to be the only certainty. If Saford Labour got their act together and selected a candidate not been tainted by the skidmarks of Westminster then you would be doing us all a favour - especially the 60% of people who voted, but didn't vote Labour. Just the other day, a of mine in Langworthy witnessed an elderly woman in the street shout "I'd rather vote for Adolf Hitler" as the Blears Brigade knocked on her door. Before anyone screams 'bias' at the Salford Star, like many other candidates (including my opponents Blears and Richard Carvath - pictured wearing a Salford Star sweatshirt like mine on his website) although I openly support the existence of Salford Star, I firmyly believe it is staunchly independent, more than can be said of most local media empires. I am greatful for the Salford Star for challenging the status quo and for looking beyond the bore of the mainstream parties, which get seriously biased coverage in the mainstream press. Sorry for the long reply and well done for a supurb article, the Salford Star reported the events of Thursday evening into Friday morning perfectly and accurately.
Denis Lucey wrote
at 3:27:33 PM on Friday, May 7, 2010
It's a sad day for the electorate of Salford when they have to re-elect a money grabbing, expenses fiddler such as Hazel Blears to be their MP. It will be an even sadder day to see her ilk in the house of commons again,Why did they do it? Is it that they trust such an unworthy person such as la Blears rather than a Tory that might vote for cuts in their benefits? It is not beyond human memory when the poor but honest in our society would have voted her out in a trice. they would have elected a stuffed poodle before such an unworthy forever tarnished person.
jack london wrote
at 2:07:10 PM on Friday, May 7, 2010
Sickening to see such a devious crooked schemer get elected whilst spouting populist waffle. Who will rid us of this British disease!
Jonathan wrote
at 1:20:47 PM on Friday, May 7, 2010
David henry's unprofessional attitude has been reflected in the amount of votes he received. Sorry, but turning up in trackies to protest on a friday afternoon is not an effective campaign and the people of salford vote for people who put the time and effort into making a difference, not those who shout the loudest.
Steve wrote
at 5:30:25 AM on Friday, May 7, 2010
There are two disappointing aspects of this result. The first is that a candidate with a poor record has been returned. The second is the high vote for the racist, nationalist BNP. Amongst the highest votes for this party in the country. One reason for this is the failure of the Labour party to actively campaign for radical, progressive politics. The party seemed to think that their best tactic was to keep a low profile for their local candidate and rely on coverage of national events in the media. This neglect has contributed to the rise of the BNP vote. Salford Labour Party really needs to get it's act together and to make sure that the BNP does not get a foothold on the local council as it has done in Burnley.
Albert Spiby wrote
at 1:46:06 AM on Friday, May 7, 2010
It just shows the need for Electoral Reform doesn't it?
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