Star date: 18th November 2017


Five candidates have put themselves forward to stand in the Langworthy by-election which takes place on Thursday 14th December. Joining the Conservative and Labour Party are the Greens, LibDems and Michael Felse standing as an Independent.

Full details here...

Following the passing of standing Langworthy councillor Paul Longshaw, which was confirmed this week as suicide, a by-election has been called with five candidates now confirmed...

The Labour Party's candidate is Wilson Nkurunziza, who lives local; the Conservative Party candidate is James Mount, who lives in Irlam; the Green Party candidate is Ian Pattinson, who lives local; the Liberal Democrat candidate is Jake Overend, who lives in Weaste; and the Independent candidate is Michael Felse who lives on the Quays.

Polling will take place on Thursday 14th December

at 10:11:51 on 25 January 2018
Does anybody know why Felse left Doncaster? I think he used to give it large over there as well?
Marc wrote
at 07:28:41 on 15 December 2017
Well done on coming last Felse! Seems that 55 people share the same brain cell as you
at 11:45:23 on 10 December 2017
On the 14th day of Christmas it is Langworthy's time to stuff old Felsey. The one legged, one eyed, no brain, no vision turkey.
Noel wrote
at 20:16:36 on 09 December 2017
On the 7th day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm tutor of the year". On the 8th day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'll run the Salford Reds". On the 9th day of Christmas Felsey said to me " I've advised the Queen, Prince Philip and Tony Blair". On the 10th day of Christmas Felsey said to me "Did I mention I'm tutor of the year? Oh, and I've served on a jury". On the 11th day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm having a big gay wedding in Buile Hill park mansion". On the 12 day of Christmas Felsey said to me "Actually I am all piss and wind, an attention seeker and I just like winding people up on this website" Invite Felsey to your Christmas party. He might stay until he joins another one.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 08:02:01 on 01 December 2017
On the 7th day of Xmas Felsey says to "Noel" don't give up your day job and leave happy songs making to Langworthy Buckers.
Noel wrote
at 05:34:55 on 01 December 2017
On the first day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm standing independently". On the second day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'll be a Tory councillor". On the third day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm joining Labour". On the fouth day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm backing the liberals". On the fifth day of Christmas Felsey said to me "Five golden lies". On the sixth day of Christmas Felsey said to me "I'm a U kipper and I'm off to Alicante"
Joseph and family wrote
at 16:15:01 on 23 November 2017
'If I can dream' by Elvis Presley. WOW - yes I get you Mr Felse. What a great thing those words can bring. Thank you for your great ideas. I want a better Salford.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 12:02:32 on 23 November 2017
Greetings to all in Salford today from Birmingham's Motorcycle Live 2017 Show. This City has rebuilt itself into the spectacular living City. It inspires me to demand that Salford Council revalues all its owned land and property worth £260million and puts it all to good purpose with 2750 social housing new builds, 3200 of our high rise flats to get a total safety package, free Council Tax for all our over 55s for two years, £5.8millon to Salford food banks and £32million into community volunteering and £15million into church lead new Adult Social Care partnerships in Salford. Yes, Elvis tells me "I can if you can". Let's give Salford our best.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 08:31:48 on 23 November 2017
Had to write in answer to some of these amazing comments on the site. It takes some balls to stand for council and the flak that comes with it. What ever you think of Mr Felse it's up to the public in langworthy not the crackpots on the site afraid to address their comments, it's down to the Electorate they and they alone make the choices. If he wins well done if not he goes down in history if you are so concerned address your comments Grow some balls.
George wrote
at 08:31:23 on 23 November 2017
Marc is the funny guy. I have been following Michael Felse posts and like what I see. Labour friends say no way will they vote for Labour this year. Looks like less than 8% vote for Mr Nkurunziza let's say about 450 votes. Common sense says easily 7000+ in Langworthy alone do not want Labour to get in. Marc awake and smell the coffee cos Mr Felse can kick your Labour ass into the Irwell. Marc, Salford Labour deserves to be told to do one.
DEEF wrote
at 08:29:24 on 23 November 2017
That's not true, Kimosabi. I actually find Felse to be an inspiring and fascinating guy. He reminds me of Elvis in his glory days, hammering out American Trilogy in Vegas back in 74 to a packed house of burger chomping slot machine fiends. Just like an eighteen stone Elvis knock knock knocking on Heaven's door, looking magnificent in white suit and cape, Felse'y also has a ragged glory about him. He's like an old Spartan king who hasn't yet realised that he's out of time, that he's now an anachronism; and yet, and yet there is something absolutely magnificent about him. He could be Lord Cardigan leading the Charge of the Light Brigade, he could be an ageing Muhammad Ali taking a beating from Larry Holmes. Of course, he doesn't stand a chance, but he will never be vanquished; he will never give up.... Like I said, it's pure ragged glory, and in Felse's essence, lies pure undiluted magnificence. Res ipsa loquiter. I rest my case.....
Marc wrote
at 18:30:55 on 22 November 2017
Ha the praise for Felse is so laughable, anyone can see that he’s posting all of the positive comments himself. No one else in Salford, Manchester or wherever else he bids for power, can actually stand him!
Stan wrote
at 16:01:53 on 21 November 2017
If Joe O'Neil is correct about UKIP Salford and MJF Felse is still a member then Felse must in fact be The Face of Salford UKIP. Labour need to know Langworthy loves voting UKiP...
Entertaining UKIP Election wrote
at 10:13:53 on 21 November 2017
UKIP should make a video game. Nightmare in City Hall. The perfect run up to xmas. Fill our stockings Punk. Reads like a young one and if Salford youth is backing Felsie the days of Salford Labour and Mr Mayor are doomed. Could this be end game? Words of advice to Hero Felsie - watch your back.
punk wrote
at 07:28:37 on 21 November 2017
I'm sorry, Wrote, but you Anti Feltsers make Old Feltsey sound like Damian Thorne in The Omen 3. With you Anti Feltsers coming across as being similar to the cassock clad monks who were out to get him at all costs, and whom failed miserably in their efforts. As I see it, Feltse is a successful and well meaning guy who just wants to improve the lives of Salfordians with his common sense approach and through his plain speaking. The man should be applauded. I see shades of Donald Trump during his relentless and wrongly mocked trek to the Whitehouse in Mr Feltse. Goodluck to you Michael. Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Now come what may, don't give up. NEVER give up. Keep it going, you hear. And remember, Salford needs you. FREEEEDOOOOMM!!!
at 21:01:10 on 20 November 2017
Punk you are obviously new to Salford. The simpler fact is we must stop Michael Felse. He will destroy our political stability at Salford Council with his dreadful plan to kick aside the Conservative voices while ending our ruling Labour majority supremacy.
punk wrote
at 17:49:33 on 20 November 2017
I don't understand the deep loathing that other commenters seem to have for Michael Felse. Could it, I wonder, be down to the politics of envy? After all, he does reside at the Quays. Regardless, for my opinion he seems like a good guy; a kind of maverick who is both charismatic and driven, but one who like all visionaries and seers, marches to the sound of his own drumbeat. If he makes it all the way to the haloed corridors of City Hall, I can see him being like Jack Klugman in Quincy, when he launches into a passionate tirade against the injustices and corruption that are all around him. I visualise him as an impassioned sixty plus Al Pacino in full righteous justice mode as he launches a rant against whatever is narking him. Never surrender, Michael. Keep the faith. Good luck.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 17:49:12 on 20 November 2017
Wrote I have to say, please ask the Returning Officer who will confirm it is honest to use the validated description. Standing as an independent UKIP member enables me to show how to win. The next step will be to support 6 other independents, then the Tories will lose being largest opposition on Salford Council as the Independent Group Team will become the demanding opposition in May 2018. The Tories have more to fear in Langworthy by this and know it which is why they are already door knocking. Labour will then have to give answers to an effective Independent Group Team. Langworthy has become the start of Salford's important revolution. This is what Salford people have asked me to do.
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 17:49:03 on 20 November 2017
For a point of clarification there is no UKIP candidate, Mr Felse could be a member I don't know but he is standing purely as an Independent. The UKIP branch in Salford no longer exist,
at 17:48:46 on 20 November 2017
So Mr Felse is actually a UKIP candidate masqueerading as an independent. Absolutely fabulously big gay brilliance.
at 14:51:25 on 20 November 2017
So Mr. Felse is actually a UKIP candidate masquerading as an independent. Disgraceful dishonesty.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 09:59:01 on 20 November 2017
Bob is correct. Local Councillors should only get out of pocket expenses to stop career Councillors. As for answering the one on Butterfly Effect my direct research into all political parties was essential learning and I learnt UKIP has yet to have its day. I will not trust any other than UKIP on the importance of Brexit. And hope to bring UKIP HQ into Salford. The question about big gay wedding after 35 years together - I would love to do that at Buile Hill Park. Maybe you have identified a modern purpose for a big historical treasure.
Bob wrote
at 07:42:00 on 20 November 2017
I seem to recall one of the candidates in the forthcoming Langworthy election saying something once about the desirability of councilors not being paid for their efforts. Can all our candidates let us know here how they stand on this matter?
at 07:41:55 on 20 November 2017
So MJF was always a UKIP member, while professing to be a Conservative and then a Labour supporter. He brings honesty into local politics. I hope he won't be allowed to do his personal electioneering on here.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 17:05:13 on 19 November 2017
Sorry I missed this news page. Had to attend my terminally ill brother in Nottingham. Family very important. But was asked about UKIP and I must admit I never resigned. Always welcome their support. And yes I will publish key policies starting with my promise to blow the lid off Salford Council secrecy. We pay the councillors and council bills. We have a right to know the facts. Thank you. MJF.
at 16:10:32 on 19 November 2017
Do not understand why any Church is run as a Company with Directors. Please explain. Do Directors get paid or the Church Company make profits. What is its assets and share value. Can you tell us the Company registration number to see the info.
Investigative Journalism wrote
at 16:10:15 on 19 November 2017
Stephen. I think this is a public issue. If you are correct why is a Director of a London Church standing in Langworthy Ward. Why did the Labour man resign from The Broughton Trust and when. I am fielding other questions soon. Like why no full answers from the Salford Labour group. If they plan a quiet campaign walk over in Langworthy they are wrong. Even Salford Tories have already been motivated into using social media and door knocking.
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 12:58:47 on 19 November 2017
See comments below from The Salford Way et al...There's only two active directorships, one for a community organisation and one for a church (the London one) - hardly a big deal. The others are dissolved or resigned (The Broughton Trust). All this is just not an issue. But hey, I am hardly the spokesman for the Salford Labour Party! Ask the candidates yourselves when they come knocking if you really want more details. How about concentrating on their policies?
Jelly Bean wrote
at 12:52:28 on 19 November 2017
Interesting stuff. Am I hearing UKIP is backing Michael Felse as the Independent with their 1000 Langworthy votes. Is Felse still a member of UKIP? How many Directorships does he have. And is Felsey planning a big gay public wedding at Buile Hill Park? Just asking.
The Salford Way wrote
at 12:52:22 on 19 November 2017
Thank you Stephen for confirming 3 Directorships but Company House lists 5. What of the other 2 especially the London one in the £million pound property. Let's know all andeverthing about all the candidates as soon as. Before any is elected. Why not them have to attend a public platform. Langworthy is now the Salford defining battle ground. Surprised BBC is not doing it as a drama. As for being too hard, why, only asking for answers, the facts and and for public open truth. Do tell us why is no Norman standing?
Just asking wrote
at 12:52:06 on 19 November 2017
Labour man directorships! Who are the other Directors on those companies? Any other Labour members that maybe took part in the Langworthy Ward selection. How much do Labour ordinary members get told about who is on a selection panel for Salford? One thing for sure the number of Likes on Salford Star exceeds what Claremont Labour got. Makes you think Langworthy is not a Labour safe seat. Whatever went wrong for them in Salford?
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 10:36:38 on 19 November 2017
See comments below re Wilson Nkurunziza...I think you are all being a bit harsh on Mr Nkurunziza - the two companies you refer to have a combined turnover of around £2,500 per year! The London address is just where one of the companies is registered and has a turnover of £1,085. PS I am not his mate and have never met him - just putting some reality in here!
at 10:21:48 on 19 November 2017
Are we sure Labour's Nakurinziza has directorships? Was them declared in 2016 when moving into the social housing high rise block near Mr Dennetts block?
Smithy J. wrote
at 22:07:56 on 18 November 2017
Never seen Labour's bloggers flood out of the woodwork as fast. Looks like the word has gone out to get Felse. They look terrified of loosing Langworthy.
Sarah wrote
at 21:09:16 on 18 November 2017
Wilson has been active helping people in pendleton langworthy and ordsall for a longtime i am pleased to see him standing and wish him luck. The irony is several of these candidates have lovely opinions of the people in Ordsall some of which i have heard first hand and for that alone i do not understand their desire to represent and have little faith they want to help these people to the fullest. Normans had his day and he was not the greatest then and he was not popular with local people in Weaste
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 21:08:54 on 18 November 2017
We bumped into Wilson Nkurinziza the Labour candidate at our Socialist Party stall on the precinct this morning. It was good to meet him and we were glad to hear he is a keen supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. We think Jeremy needs to tackle the Blairites in the Parliamentary Labour Party - and the right-wingers in councils like Salford who continue to make ever deeper cuts at the behest of the Tories and drag Labour's name through the mud. We hope that Wilson and others will realise that working class people need a Labour Party that is anti austerity in deeds as well as words.
at 21:08:49 on 18 November 2017
I just hope that these columns are not going to be used for personal electioneering. And I think everyone will know who I am referring to.
RIch List wrote
at 21:08:20 on 18 November 2017
Labour saying candidate lives local, then why does Companies House have him with Directorships and an address of 27 RUTLAND GATE, LONDON, SW7 1PD. The Georgian five story house worth over £3million?
Bob wrote
at 18:36:37 on 18 November 2017
I would not be surprised if something happens that gives momentum to MJF's election campaign and propels him into the clown hall.Not surprised at all. Norman Owen , why have they not selected him? He knows how to do things.He is not that old. He is local, {or very close ). Perhaps they know they are going to loose this one. I think they do. What I now ask, is for the star and its team to give all the candidates a good grilling, so as to help the electorate come to the right result. I know for sure who I want to win. Sadly I do not live in that ward.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 13:51:06 on 18 November 2017
This should be one to look out for, low turnout mixed bag of candidates who knows. I have to say it sparked my interest with Labours choice when you have people of the Calibre of Norman Owen sitting in the wings. Labour have taken a gamble and I have to ask could we see another Kersal result. One more surprise is Michael decided to throw is hat in the ring. like others some of his comments have surprised me on the site but he is no idiot. Take into account not everyone reads the star we could see a surprise to the People of Langworthy he is a complete stranger and a surprise bet would not be out of the question.
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