Star date: 16th September 2017


For Puppy Farm Awareness Day, Boycott Dogs4Us held two protests, the first in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, and later outside the Dogs4Us store on Agecroft Road... "We've had an amazing response from members of the public wanting to take leaflets and learn more" says Boycott Dogs4Us founder, Aran Mathai.

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Dogs4Us protest Salford Dogs4Us protest Salford Dogs4Us protest Salford
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Today is Puppy Farm Awareness Day, highlighting the practice of puppy farming which goes on across the country.

"At cruel puppy farms dogs are kept without light, heat or human contact before being sold, often with health conditions because of the conditions they've been raised in" Boycott Dogs4Us founder, Aran Mathai, explained.

"The mother dogs are often over-bred until they're of no use to the puppy farmer and then often killed" he added "...Today is about standing up to puppy abusers and rip off merchants."

This afternoon a rally was held in Piccadilly Gardens, and, later, campaigners protested outside the Salford store of Dogs4Us on Agecroft Road, where dogs wore Ban Puppy Farm coats and banners were held asking Where's Mum?, relating to Kennel Club advice to 'Ask if you can see the mother with the puppies, and if they make an excuse about why the mother cannot be seen, do not buy a puppy from them...'

"We've had an amazing response from members of the public, wanting to take leaflets and learn more" said Aran.

This month, Dogs4Us has been in the media, with stories in the Daily Mirror and the Manchester Evening News about puppies that had been bought from the Salford store.

The Mirror article concerned a Labrador puppy that died five days after being bought from Dogs4Us and diagnosed with parvovirus... "They offered me a refund, as if that's any consolation" said Donna, the puppy's short-lived owner "I went to Dogs4Us to speak to a manager or owner, but nobody was able to see me apart from employees. I was told on numerous occasions there is nobody to see me. I wanted answers from an owner. It wasn't to be."

The Manchester Evening News article told of three puppies that died within days of being bought from Dogs4Us, all after contracting parvovirus. Back in May, the Salford Star contacted Dogs4Us about similar experiences.

Dogs4Us responded... (edited highlights); "We are licensed and legitimate trading over 50 years and do nothing wrong! We find your online editorial biased as it is always ready to print stories that Mathai may feed you as his obsession with Dogs 4 Us continues.

"...We have nothing further to add aside from anyone who wants to read your very left wing editorial must be short of something to do and as you yourself appear to give them your full support (turning up at their protests*) its pointless even trying to express our opinion because it is never printed. Does the Salford Star have nothing more newsworthy as there is so much more going on in the local community?

"Please be aware if you publish anything that is untrue or detrimental to the business of Dogs 4 Us we shall not hesitate to commence legal action against you or the "Salford Star"..."

Find out more about the campaigns at www.boycottdogs4us.com

* Salford Star journalists 'turn up' at protests, just like the BBC, Manchester Evening News etc, to report on them as they are 'newsworthy'...

Retired Socailst wrote
at 19:26:16 on 17 October 2017
As for Cllr Balkind I would not pin any hope, he is at the bottom of the Labour Party food chain, he has the bark but in regards to teeth he lost those the day he left the Tory party leadership post. He talks the talk but in the real world needs a Zimmer frame to take two paces. In the Political world he is known as a Bandwagon jumper. My Advice do it yourself take advice and force the issue.he failed with the Salford Football stadium he will do the same for the dogs,sadly they don't vote.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 18:26:38 on 17 October 2017
Councillor Howard Balkind,wrote on here 18th September that its his intention to ask for a full investigation.Again on the 18th September (a month ago) he states that he had spoken to a "Senior"officer to ask for it to be "investigated.if he has his way, he will ask for the license to be withdrawn. So I think we all need to send Councillor Balkind an email and ask how far he has got. councillor.balkind&salford.gov.UK.

Dan Sanders wrote
at 12:15:39 on 17 October 2017
Why hasn't the Council taken any action?! What do we pay our taxes for?

Jill Mattews wrote
at 06:18:18 on 03 October 2017
It's shocking that Dogs4Us doesn't think this is newsworthy! It clearly is. National media clearly agree as well. I saw the photos on the Boycott Dogs4Us FB page of inside Dogs4Us, it's shameful that the Council just sit around on their asses and do nothing about it! Sick!

Leo wrote
at 17:14:45 on 02 October 2017
Dogs4Us needs to be closed down. I saw the pictures of inside Dogs4Us posted on the 'Boycott Dogs4Us' Facebook page - shocking! How is this allowed by the Council?! If there are any council staff on here they need to go and look at the pics on the Boycott Dogs4Us page asap.

Katherine Wells wrote
at 07:39:49 on 01 October 2017
It is beyond my comprehension why any human being would consider buying a dog from a pet shop, sadly though if no one did this place would quickly go out of business and so would the farms that supply it. Keep up the good work reporting the truth about the puppies that are sold in these horrific places i live in hope that people learn that this is wrong and that there are no pet shops selling puppies in the UK sooner than later.

J wrote
at 06:47:26 on 29 September 2017
Dogs4Us needs to be closed down. The Council is to blame for not taking any action against them. We need the current person responsible for Environmental Services out ASPA.

Emma Sutton wrote
at 13:55:26 on 28 September 2017
Dogs4Us is a disgraceful operation and Salford Council need to be held responsible for allowing it to continue. As other commenters have said, the only way this will stop is if the licence conditions are changed to either stop the sale of puppies in pet shops or limit where they can be sourced from.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 14:13:54 on 26 September 2017
Salford lad. (Not got the balls to put your name) Animals are living breathing,they feel pain like you and me.They need someone to look out for them.Because places like DOGS 4 US.couldn't give a stuff so long as that till keeps ringing. Be it an animal or a human if I could help I would. Salford council must act.They give the bloody place to trade. So you and your mates at DOGS 4 US better hope I don't get voted in.by the way, I love animals got a few myself.Start praying

Fed Hays wrote
at 06:59:47 on 26 September 2017
Salford Lad, your arguments are identical to Dogs4Us - funny that! Actually the conditions on legal or illegal puppy breeding farms are identical. The Animal Welfare Act is not enforced as part of the licensing process as confirmed by the recent High Court case. The only standards that are enforced are the minimum to keep the dogs alive, something both illegal and legal breeders want. The risk of puppies dying is hugely increased both for illegal and legal puppy farms. The only answer is to stop all puppy farming and only allow people to buy when they can see the mother dog. Salford Council have the power to do that locally and they should - for the dogs and for the tax paying, voting consumers.

Salford lad wrote
at 10:05:53 on 24 September 2017
Mary, you clearly have never ever contacted Salford Trafing stamdards about buying a dodgy car! Once again you are failing to note that animals do fall ill regardless of their source. Of far more concern of this properly regulated kennelnis the number is so called dog breeders who are bringing sick dogs here mainly from East Europe and selling them to unsuspecting customers. Unlike dogs 4nbtheae are not regulated. You are pallilbly silent on whether in your campaign humans become four legged many mutts!

at 07:31:25 on 24 September 2017
Mary ferrer, going and doing spot checks won't help. They know how to get around all that. What is needed is changes to the license conditions either to ban the sale of puppies or put a restriction on the number of miles they can source from so they are not brought in from puppy farms in Wales and Northern Ireland. We need brave action from the Council.

Mary ferrer wrote
at 07:31:19 on 24 September 2017
Right,Salford lad. I will try another view on this. Let's forget we are talking about puppies.Let's say it's a car,LOTS of cars,ALL being sold by the same garage.And they are not fit for purpose,they break down and can't be fixed.people have paid good money for the cars and they are of NO use.So do we let them carry on trading.families being let down. Trading standards can't be bothered to get involved because it's not a person. Yes puppies get ill, but don't you think it's a bit odd,LOTS of them get ill, ALL from the same trader.Lots DIE all from the same trader.Now I am not brain of Britain but something is not quite right with my pretend garage and something is not right with DOGS 4 US. OVER to you Salford lad.Just remember people pay hard earned cash for the pretend cars and for the very REAL puppies.Salford licencing department have a duty of care,not only for the living breathing people who buy the puppies,but also the poor defenceless animal. That's why it is one of my pledges should I get voted in.After all I AM an animal lovers and I also don't like crulty and injustice

Salford lad wrote
at 13:20:36 on 23 September 2017
Mary Ferrer you are comparing apples and pears. Cigarettes and alcohol are not living organisms! Dogs fall ill particularly puppies it's a fact. As a prospective Councillor get real Humans first four legged creatures last!

Mary ferrer wrote
at 05:05:56 on 23 September 2017
Salford lad. The licensing department I am sure could find the time to do unannounced visits to Dogs 4 us. It wouldn't have a great impact on the rest of the city if they pop out and just check.WE know there are lots of very important things happening or in some cases,not happening in the city. But these people are selling puppies that are ill.families are paying money and NOT getting what the paid for. It's not fair and I think you will find its against the law.it's just the same as selling countifit cigarettes,alcohol to name a couple of things covered by the licensing department.And it's cruel on the poor puppies.

Ollie Benson wrote
at 05:05:27 on 23 September 2017
It is totally shameful that the Council refuse to act. It is a national shame to have the biggest pet shop seller of puppy farm dogs here. We need some brave action here and fast!

Tommy wrote
at 07:53:48 on 22 September 2017
Salford Lad, engaging in whataboutery is a known tactic of defending all sorts of bad things in the world. It isn't just about dogs but the working class people who save up to buy a dog only for the dog to die on them. Why do you think Dogs4Us only has stores in working class areas? Because they know we can't afford to sue! If you don't get paid to post for them, you should! Shameful.

Salford lad wrote
at 07:30:35 on 21 September 2017
To Salford Mark . Re read my comments not one seeks to defend Dogs4us.. they point out that there are more important things for humans happening in Salford that the council needs to prioritise.

Kenny Mattrews wrote
at 07:29:40 on 21 September 2017
The biggest pet shop seller of puppy farm dogs in the UK is certainly newsworthy! That's why all the national media cover it and why Salford Star does as well!

Ellie Smith wrote
at 22:30:07 on 20 September 2017
The only way Councillors will get my vote is if they will remove the ability for pet shops to sell puppies in Salford or put mile restrictions on where they can be sourced from. "investigations" never go anywhere!

Salford Mark wrote
at 22:29:55 on 20 September 2017
Salford lad, you are on every article about Dogs4Us. If you are not working for them, you clearly have nothing better to do than defend them over and over again! We pay our taxes for Salford Council to deal with this place! Time they did!

Salford lad wrote
at 16:33:20 on 20 September 2017
Firstly I have nothing to do with Dogs4us so don't waste your time with nonsense of conspiracy. Perhaps this nation of dog lovers would like to foot the bill for any legal challenge. The Council must have for more important priorities than 4 legged mutts!

Alex Howard wrote
at 07:01:48 on 20 September 2017
The only way the Council can stop this is for them to add conditions to pet shop licenses either to prevent the sale of puppies or to limit the number of miles the puppies can be sourced from. DEFRA have confirmed the Council have the power to prevent any species of animal being sold that they choose. Yes, this will mean a legal challenge from Dogs4Us, and yes, this will be a test case because this hasn't been ruled on by the courts, but the Council needs to be brave. Whatever the outcome at court, if Salford Council at least try they will have the support of animal lovers nationwide. Right now they just have the reputation of allowing the biggest seller of puppy farm dogs in the nation to go totally unchallenged.

Retired Socalist wrote
at 09:31:01 on 19 September 2017
Mark Jones I Have nothing to do with the kennels for you information I could not afford the prices, my dog came off a bloody internet page, your comments only support someone who missed the boat yet sees a few votes he as no concern for anything on four legs if I felt he did I would offer support sadly all I have for bandwagon jumpers is distain.

Ali Adams wrote
at 05:30:12 on 19 September 2017
Interesting to see the conspiratorial nature of Dogs4Us thinking. Of course Salford Star is going to cover a business in Salford that regularly appears in the national headlines and never for anything good. If Dogs4Us animal cruelty is worthy of national news coverage, and it is, of course it is worthy of local coverage as well!

Mark Jones wrote
at 05:29:39 on 19 September 2017
Councillor Balkind, don't worry about the fake comments all in one style having a go at you. It is Dogs4Us main tactic to do this. They have a blog with comments all written by their own staff members. If the Council does something about this problem you will get tons of support from dog lovers in Salford and all over the UK.

Salford lad wrote
at 05:29:03 on 19 September 2017
Well Balkind I have really rattled your cage. Perhaps the same council senior officer recalls the previous failed attempts at prosecuting this kennel which you clearly know nothing about as i said clueless! As Mary Ferrer says your attempt to intimidate me, a voter, because I have a different view is quite pathetic. Your pithy insults typify the type of ruling labour councillor we have at Salford these days. From recollection weren't you a Masonic Tory or have I got the wrong Balkind? As I said people first (unwashed or not) before animals! Get your priorities right!

Mary ferrer wrote
at 18:26:07 on 18 September 2017
Nice to see a councillor has at LAST decided to take action.Couldn't have anything to do with one of my pledges on my leaflets. Salford council have given Dogs 4 us a licence and from what I can see have never once taken any action.this hasn't happened over night. Families have been deverstated when DAYS not weeks after getting a puppy have had to have them put down because they were ill and it sounds like they were ill when sold. Councillor where have you been the last few years. Don't you and your fellow councillors read the paper or listen to what is going on around you.I would like to see the record of any visits your licensing department have made in the last 5 years. Well should I get voted in guess what my first job will be.yes that's right investigate your licensing department and get trading standards and RSPCA to investigate.

Retired Socailst wrote
at 18:26:02 on 18 September 2017
Cllr Balkind first we had the unknown soldier today the unknown councillor, hard to spot in a crowd unless it's may, like his colleagues quick to spot a couple of votes where were you over the past year while this debacle was going on? You insult the reader by calling him the great unwashed, why because he shares a different view? Late on Salfords ground and running up the rear with the dogs true to form Mr Balkind. '

Howard Balkind wrote
at 15:46:05 on 18 September 2017
Reply to Salford Lad. You are an unnamed moaner probably of the unwashed variety. Name yourself and tell us what you have done for Salford. I have today spoken to the senior officer a the council and the death of the pups is now being investigated. So put that in pipe and smoke it

Salford lad wrote
at 06:29:22 on 18 September 2017
Councillor Balkind like so many of our elected members is clueless about what his own council officers are doing. It was well publicised in the media that Salford Trading Standards failed miserably in an attempt to procescute Doga R Us and to threatens to withdraw a licence just to get a fee measly votes is quite pathetic. There are far more urgent things happening in this city like homelessness rather than a few wealthy idiots being duped out of money for a mangy mutt!

Howard Balkind wrote
at 19:52:51 on 17 September 2017
As a dog lover and local councillor it is my intention to ask for a full investigation into Dogs are Us. The death of pups is happening to often sold by this company. If I have my way. I will ask Salford City Council to withdraw its licenceFAST

The Pound Hounds wrote
at 07:36:31 on 17 September 2017
Whoops...forgot our Pound Hound Anthem ... "Pound Hounds United, will never be defeated!"

The Pound Hounds wrote
at 07:36:24 on 17 September 2017
Woofs, Barks & Licks! Greeting bipeds! Me and my sister, Oscar and Sadie, are rescue dogs from charities. Please, please consider getting your quadruped hound - be it a puppy or an adult canine - from one of these centres rather than a pet shop or alleged "puppy farm". After all, if all you responsible bipeds got a K9 from a hound charity, giving it "an forever home", the alleged puppy farms and their outlets will eventually go out of business!! Even more kisses and licks and doggie bikkies, Sadie & Oscar xxxx

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