Star date: 11th June 2017


Today's so-called 'Unite Against Hate' march, organised by ex-EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, was supposed to be a 'silent' march to "Honour the victims of hate", after the horrific bomb attack in Manchester.

Instead, bottles and cans were thrown at anti-racism protesters, some of whom were CS gassed; the 'Unite Against Hate' marchers chanted 'Allah is a paedo' and 'No Surrender', and many gave Hitler salutes. As the police struggled to cope, GMP tweeted that the "protest has turned nasty".

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Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
Manchester 'March Against Hate' Manchester 'March Against Hate'
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A week after Ariana Grande's Love Concert in Manchester to honour the victims of the Arena bomb attack, today saw the opposite, as ex-English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, led what was billed as a 'silent' march to "Honour the victims of hate".

"What do I do - love?...Love for everybody in Manchester? There's no love...what's up with you?" screamed one person who went on the 'Unite Against Hate' march, during one of many vicious arguments with protesters during the day.

The day started at noon, as protesters against the 'Unite Against Hate' march gathered in Piccadilly Gardens. They carried placards reading things like 'Fight Against Islamophobia' and 'Stop Racist Attacks' and chanted 'EDL off our streets'.

Speakers told the protesters that Tommy Robinson was exploiting people's fears after the horrific terrorist attack and that Manchester should 'stand together'.

Two ranks of police separated the protesters from the marchers but as the Unite Against Hate demonstrators moved out of the Gardens towards Piccadilly Station, there were a number of ugly incidents between the two sides, with the police struggling to cope to keep them apart.

Eventually, the TAU riot police and police on horseback kettled the marchers under a bridge near the station, where they chanted slogans such as 'Allah is a paedo' and sang the England football fans notorious anthem, 'No Surrender'. Bottles were also thrown. It is believed that many of them were football 'firms' from across the country.

The protesters, many from the city's LBGT community, responded with sound systems playing soul and reggae music and the Benny Hill theme tune. Meanwhile, groups had split off from the march and were attacking protesters down side streets. One told the Salford Star how he had been sprayed with CS gas...

"The fascists came running towards our group and as they got there they indiscriminately sprayed CS Gas" he recalled "I took it in the face, then they ran off because they are cowards. I commend the people of Manchester today who came to stand against these. It's been a very difficult day."

The groups down the side streets were shouting racist comments – one called a passing Asian woman a "rat" – and were also giving Hitler salutes. A group of girls en route to Parklife were almost hit by flying bottles, and a can came within a few inches of hitting the Salford Star reporter on the head.

Meanwhile, many of the marchers protested that they weren't 'racists', just anti-Islam and anti-terrorist. One even stopped the Salford Star photographer asking where the 'peace march' was.

From underneath the bridge at Piccadilly Station, the 'Unite Against Hate' marchers walked to back to Piccadilly Gardens where they held a rally, as the Greater Manchester Police tweeted, asking people to avoid the area as the "protest has turned nasty"...

The Salford Star has tweeted Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, asking for a comment on the day but so far he has not responded...

Update: 9:30pm: Andy Burnham has now tweeted a response...

"@gmpolice are stretched to limit & in middle of on-going investigation. These EDL-types who came today need to have a look at themselves..."

And then ... "To those saying they weren't EDL I honestly don't care. They still need to take a long, hard look at themselves. @gmpolice deserve better...."

Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:22:40 on 13 June 2017
Kevin Slater, who do you think you are kidding? Sunday's disgraceful events in Piccadily was clearly a far right provocation by a mob of social dregs! Hopefully if neanderthals like you try it on again in Manchester you will be met with greater opposition. It is right and proper to use force against fascists!
Stu wrote
at 19:10:37 on 12 June 2017
I witnessed this horrifying incident on my way into town. The pathetic nazis turned up with their racist slogans and started rioting. They seemed to get upset because a group of young LGBT people called them fascists so started charging at the police line between them. The kids responded by turning up their music and dancing. That is the best way to respond to people terrorising our streets.
James Larkin wrote
at 19:10:32 on 12 June 2017
'Kevin Slater' you say you will not respond to my comments and questions regarding explosives and conduct of the hate march led by Lennon. It is laughable, though very predictable you choose to ignore all other media reports and independent footage of the hate march by Lennon. You based your point solely on a single bit of footage by guess who...Lennon. I urge you tell us how the march of hate justified throwing explosives, attacking the police, throwing bottles and glasses and the public. You by your own admission and insistence was there, you must have observed this conduct, or maybe you may have been 'looking the other way'? There are others post on here where they accept the above as true.perhaps it is you simply did not see or hear the anything. Why was one of those attending photographed in the Metro carrying a dead pig head? www.metro.co.uk and biting at it? Was this anther demonstration of hate, or is this image 'false news'? When the arrest follow, which they will, will those arrest be a conspiracy? There is no room in society for extremist and preachers of hate.
Kevin Slater wrote
at 19:10:07 on 12 June 2017
If I may add just one last thing: although the media coverage by Salford Star (AND all mainstream media) has been unacceptably biased, not covering any of the real reason or debate as to why we were protesting and not mentioning all of the Antifa thugs that there were, only the far right who did not represent our cause - I have to say fair play to Salford Star for publishing all of the comments for and against this article, fair play to you guys :) Democracy, debate and freedom of speech is so important and if nothing else they have definitely lived up to this - thank you.
at 16:11:24 on 12 June 2017
Alice, I'm sorry but you are so naive and ignorant. "Teachers and religious leaders have a big responsibility to teach and cultivate real peace and tolerance". Tolerance to what? Tolerance to extremists and Terrorists? Tolerance towards anti-gays and women's rights under Islamic Sharia Law. I think you need some education. Read the Quran and then come back and tell me that it's the 'religion of peace' it is anything but this, it is pure evil and unfortunately you're too blind to see it.
Kevin Slater wrote
at 16:11:19 on 12 June 2017
James Larkin - you're clearly a sad lonely keyboard warrior so I will not respond to your comments. All I will say is I was there and you were not by the sound of it. On the whole it was peaceful, apart from the so called 'anti-fascists' who were more racist and fascist than the demonstrators, stereotyping those taking part. There were men of all nationalities and colours (admittedly majority white which has nothing to do with anything), women and I even saw some children too. The mainstream media is fake I even have videos that I recorded of the counter protesters being violent and of them using exploding gas canisters which is shocking post Manchester and London attacks. If anyone wants be educated watch this short video from yesterday you might learn something. https://youtu.be/bADdJuN-4Ag. It's so sad that the media refuses to publish the truth, it is the end of free speech (except for terrorist preechers).
James Larkin wrote
at 12:23:16 on 12 June 2017
Reading the report provided by 'James Salter' the account given by him it at complete odds with almost every other media report of the Lennon march of hate. Insofar as the 'left' letting ofF the explosions. 'Slater' should visit the Manchester Evening News Web site and view the VIDEO, clearly showing the Lennon hate marchers throwing them. The march of hate by Lennon and those who took part, throwing bottles, using CS gas, throwing explosives, fighting, attacking police (all on video on social media and national media), provides the true account of the extremist and hate preachers who supported the event. The most disgusting and vilest action from the Lennon march was the use of explosives, no reasonable or rational person can ever think or accept that such actions went any where near a silent peaceful vigil for those who were murdered by an extremist, the same as some of those who came to Manchester yesterday. Well done Salford Star on a balanced and factual report.
Mick turner wrote
at 12:22:53 on 12 June 2017
It was a brilliant turn out Tommy should have been really proud today,But for that small minority who spoilt it for the rest of the peaceful marchers,this is just a small minority and this is what the genuine peace marchers are protesting about the small minority's in the Muslim community that what to hate us and kill us.But on the other hand these minority that started the trouble at this peaceful march did have knives or bombs,and they weren't going round killing Muslim bye standers.I watched Tommys video at the beginning of the march,and he was asking the police to keep the protesters well away from the march,but as normal the police just let the protesters do as they like.I believe the police do this purposely cause they want to insert the violence to make the EDL as nazis
Kevin wrote
at 09:07:27 on 12 June 2017
LGBT kids wore bandanas to hide their faces so the fascists couldn't get photos of them and subject them to even more abuse once the march was over. Work it out!
Chris Blaylock wrote
at 09:07:24 on 12 June 2017
Alice wrote
at 07:19:50 on 12 June 2017
There seems to have been a lot of confusion about this 'peace' march. It was anything but peaceful. Those chanting racist slogans and throwing bottles and cans certainly weren't peaceful. They were motivated by ignorance, hatred and fear. They feel the need to hit out at someone or something. They use the national flag waving as a cover for perverted patriotism. It is the same mentality behind past attacks on Jews, black immigrants, Polish builders, Gay men and now Muslims. What a contrast to the previous week's gathering of people, of all religions and races in St Ann's Square, peacefully laying flowers.Teachers and religious leaders have a big responsibility to teach and cultivate real peace and tolerance.
Chris wrote
at 07:19:31 on 12 June 2017
The kids partied, the EDL were running riot, and the anti-fascist rally was on Piccadilly and kept away from the rioting. This was not a Unite Against Hate March it was a hate riot, keep them away from our city. Don't defend fascism or the people who join a fascist march.
Baz wrote
at 07:19:17 on 12 June 2017
I saw the EDL march marauding up and down the main road between the station and Piccadilly Gardens. They were fighting, pushing people over who were just going about their business and throwing bottles at anyone and everyone, even their own people! I saw no anti-protest at this point just people stood watching on the other side of the road filming it.
GP wrote
at 07:19:11 on 12 June 2017
Embarrassingly biased article. Pathetic.
Prince Philip wrote
at 07:19:06 on 12 June 2017
All violance was purposely instigated by GMP as they led the peacful marchers TOWARDS the AntiFa (lol) demonstrators even AFTER Tommy Robinson had asked them NOT to let the march go anywhere near AntiFa. It wasn't unite against hate that had their faces covered, you only cover your face when you don't want to be recognised.
Terence hughes wrote
at 07:18:46 on 12 June 2017
I am a gay man. I marched today with members of the Sikh community, black, white, gay, women and men marched against Islamic hate and terror. The only violence was from the staged anti protest! I saw BBC giving Muslims flowers and placards. We marched against sharia, against fgm against halal slaughter, Muslim grooming gangs. With Sharia comes no LGBT or woman's rights!! If your against this march your for Sharia law!
p wrote
at 07:18:35 on 12 June 2017
This article is pure propaganda. Anyone who disagress with open borders, blind cultural concession, and a massive migrant population,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is a racist. We get it already.
Kevin Slater wrote
at 07:18:21 on 12 June 2017
Former member of Parliament and labour leader reject Andy Burnham should be ashamed of himself. 'These EDL types' who are "these types" Then?? I travelled 120 miles for this peaceful protest with my friend, and on the whole it was just that - peaceful. What this fake news fails to tell you is that it was the so called 'anti-fascist' groups who were violent, majority with their faces covered screaming 'Nazi scum', and 'racists' which was quite ironic as if they bothered to look into what we were protesting against it is the values, freedom of speech and democracy that the liberals are supposed to be seen to be protecting. They were the embarrassment. And they were hugely outnumbered by the support of our cause. If Mr Burnham (AKA Terrorist Supporter) and 'James Larkin' (who commented above - and no I was there and there were no football shirts) had bothered to attend to hear the debate then he would have seen that (i) It was on the whole peaceful (yes there were some bottles thrown and some chanting which I don't agree with but how do you expect human beings to react to ignorant lefty groups such as 'Antifa' who were constantly yelling abuse at the demonstrators AND it was said counter protesters who set off the gas canisters creating loud gun shots - FUNNY HOW THE SALFORDSTAR FAKE, BIASED NEWS DID NOT REPORT THIS. If someone deliberately interferes with your protest it is difficult to remain completely calm. Which brings me onto my next point (ii) That the Police were shockingly outnumbered and did a poor job at keeping the thugs away from the protest (and yes I do mean the far left counter protesters groups), though in fairness to them this did improve as the day went on but when I arrived they tried to kettle us in but as they were disorganised and vastly outnumbered they struggled to keep control allowing the yobs to hurl abuse at us. I think if anyone should 'take a look at themselves' then it should be Mr Burnham and the counter demonstrators for being so incredibly ignorant. I would invite both said parties to take a look on YouTube regarding Sharia Law, read Tommy Robinson's book 'Enemy of the State' or view The Rebel Media and you will soon discover that there is nothing racist, fascist or hateful, other than towards extremists and idealists of Islam, the two groups Mr Burnham, the Police, the lefties AND the government seek to protect. I still struggle to understand why they want to protect the terrorists. Enough is enough. Stop labelling us as racist Nazi's and please open your eyes to what is happening. With all the information available at an instant in this modern era without having to search hard for it, claims of lacking knowledge are no longer acceptable and will encourage bigger future protests.
James Larkin wrote
at 07:16:19 on 12 June 2017
'Jack Reed' clearly wasn't in Manchester today, maybe he should vist the Nanchester Evening News website to watch videos of Steven Lennon march. Explosives being thrown from within the protest area where !ennon and his followers gathered. Bottles and glasses being thrown from Lennon followers outside the Piccadilly Tavern, Bottles being thrown from Station approach down onto the public. Lennon followers spraying the public with CS gas. Maybe 'Jack' can tell us how throwing explosives at the public showed respect to those who died at the hand of a murderer who used explosives to kill. Maybe he can tell us, what impact hearing those explosions had on members of the public. I see no difference between those who brought explosives to my city today and threw them and the public and the murderer who brought explosives and killed 22 people...both extremist Or
GarethL wrote
at 21:45:33 on 11 June 2017
I think people on both sides need to look at themselves. When I see photos of people with anti Nazi flags etc and their faces covered seemingly from the LGBT community it is wrong as they didn't turn up to protest peacefully. It is a sad indictment of our society that people have to resort to violence when someone has a differing view. You arejust like kids.
Jack Reed wrote
at 21:45:30 on 11 June 2017
This is a terrible article and 100% fake news. For starters, it wasn't EDL that marched. The people march were marching against Islamic hate. The marchers consisted of LG, Sikhs, blacks, yellows, whites. All colours and creeds. This was not a racist march, but a march against the ideology of a specific religion that has blood on its hands. These people want to protect the country from a hateful ideology that spews hate over 100 times in its "holy" teachings. The only people causing trouble where "ANTIFA" - who ironically enough, claim to be against fascism, yet are the only ones trying to stifle freedom of speech and diverse opinions. The general March Against Hate protesters were peaceful. The ANTIFA were the only ones causing trouble and throwing bottles. The truth was exposed today, and Tommy Robinson is a true hero. The people are waking up and are fed up of our children getting blown to pieces. Law of averages states, the more islam, the more terror. This is also backed up by stats. I repeat, the people are waking up and Tommy is a hero, all fake news aside. (Anyone who isn't awake, I advise you read the Qu'ran as I have done, specifically the bit about worldwide Jihad)
James Larkin wrote
at 21:08:33 on 11 June 2017
Lots of people had been duped by the slogan for the march. Those loyal to Steven Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson should explain how throwing explosives at members if the public in Piccadilly Gardens showed respect for those who were murdered by an explosive device. This march was about footballs fans most of whom had their teams badges on display. Using the events in Manchester for some kind of thug game is disgusting. Let's hope the police go through CCTV and arrest those who threw bottles, glasses and explosives and the people of Manchester.
Curtis w wrote
at 20:55:18 on 11 June 2017
So what your saying is a peace protest was legally organised an during the march protesters turned up and instigated violence and riots because they dont share the same view as the person who organised it. Winds me up how they can instigate from sideline and then point the finger. Supressing peoples voices and branding them because of their view of the organiser.
Bob wrote
at 20:15:23 on 11 June 2017
It got worse. The EDL turned out their biggest numbers for over 5 years, and here in Greater Manchester, and our opposition was not strong enough. We really need to crank up our organising now, so that next time we can act in small groups with strength, rather than a mass. There's all sorts of protest techniques which we need to put into action. Some tips, and it's worth practicising in advance, are in the Guide to Public Order Situations. Well worth sharing with others. http://www.earthfirst.org.uk/publicorderguide.pdf
salford resident wrote
at 20:15:17 on 11 June 2017
Today, I went on a peace protest in Manchester only to find, i was rained down with bottles, and people calling me a fascist bastard, i do not have one bad bone in my body, and all the people, who were throwing bottles should have a little respect, i went for the twenty-two that died, i was meet by football firms from across the country, sometimes i should just stay at home, violence my arse, I ain't up for that, one love SALFORD RLFC and the 22 that will never be forgotten
John Smith wrote
at 20:15:14 on 11 June 2017
Wow, how bias can you get? you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves
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