Star date: 10th February 2017


Controversial Salford charity, Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), which employed bouncers on the door of its AGM, faced protests over gagging of members claims, and had a local councillor labelling some staff 'control freaks', is to bring in an independent mediator to try and smooth things out.

A statement by new ICT Chair, Mike Duddy, issued today, acknowledges 'a difficult period of development', appreciates that 'we will not always get things right', argues that there's 'no evidence' of corruption and explains that members should 'try to work together to find positive solutions'...

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Inspiring Communities Together Inspiring Communities Together
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It's been a controversial period for Salford charity, Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), during which community concerns have come to a head about the way it spends £90,000 of public money, a legacy of the £53million Charlestown and Lower Kersal project which ended in 2011.

Last December, members, the ICT Chair, Ray Walker, and local councillor Stephen Ord spoke out in the Salford Star about the state of the charity, with the councillor accusing the previous Chair and the CEO... "It would appear they have acted out of greed; power grabbing control freaks and self interest on a number of occasions..." (see previous Salford Star article – click here)

Since then, East Salford Community Committee has demanded answers on the running of the charity from Salford City Council, which is accountable for the £90,000 (see here). And ICT member, Graham Cooper, protested outside the organisation's offices at Salford Innovation Forum, complete with a gag to highlight how, as a whistleblower on ICT's activities, the charity had attempted to silence him (see here).

When Graham Cooper turned up at ICT's Annual General Meeting last week, he was met with three bouncers employed by ICT to keep him out (see here)

At that AGM, Graham was eventually allowed access and the members voted in a new Chair, Mike Duddy, who has since been meeting all sides to try and calm things down. Today, he told the Salford Star that an independent mediator will be brought in to investigate ICT, while confirming that he will be present at the next meeting of East Salford Community Committee to answer any questions from the community.

Mike Duddy also issued a formal statement today, acknowledging 'a difficult period of development', appreciating that 'we will not always get things right', arguing that there has been `no evidence of corruption', and explaining that members should `try to work together to find positive solutions'. He also gives his email for anyone wanting to 'discuss concerns'.

The full statement reads...

"The Board of Trustees of Inspiring Communities Together (ICT) would like to take
this opportunity to thank all those who have offered support during the past few
months whilst the organisation has been through a difficult period of development.

Some members of the organisation have become frustrated about some of the
methods of working adopted by ICT and have chosen to use social media to air
those frustrations - the Board have rightly taken the decision to conduct their
business through their own policies and procedures rather than join in the
conversation through social media.

Throughout this period there has been no evidence that any trustee or member of staff has acted in an unlawful or corrupted way. The organisation is accountable not only to its members but to the Charity Commission and our funders including Salford City Council and neither of these organisations have given any indication that the organisation is not acting in accordance with the regulations set by them.

As the newly elected Chair of ICT I appreciate that as a small Charity we will not
always get things right but I can assure the membership, our stakeholders and
funders that the Board of Trustees are always happy to discuss concerns with people and try to work together to find positive solutions. I can be contacted via

I have already met with some of you to discuss your concerns and hope that over the
next few months we can all start to work together for the benefit of the residents of
Charlestown and Lower Kersal and support our staff team to continue to deliver the
positive work many of you heard about during our recent Annual General Meeting.

Please follow this link to discover more about the great work ICT carries out in

The trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their continued
commitment to delivering a quality service during this difficult time and conducting
themselves in a professional manner whilst working out in the community. The
commitment and integrity of all our staff has never been in question and as trustees
we continue to have complete trust in our CEO to support and grow the organisation
in line with the aspirations of both the trustees and the community."

Yours sincerely
Mike Duddy
Inspiring Communities Together

at 3:31:11 AM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Surely these voices are a "community", a real one and not some sort of "Sim city" version that somebody with no idea of these sort of areas, has come up with in 5 minutes while they are "working from home today". The community needs to get together and refuse to any of the meetings. If they did that then the people running the ICT etc would look pretty bad. The trouble is that a few will go and then the whole pie chart, graph, bar chart manipulation of figures will be rolled out again. They will talk to the foolish few, make a few promises to ensure silence and then carry on picking up their hefty pay packets. You only to go past that bit of Littleton Road on a bus to see what a shambles the entire regeneration thing has been.
Face with no name, bit like ICT wrote
at 12:36:12 AM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Mike, are you thick, these people on here with no names & faces, did once and we were all ignored, your attitude ro local Hard people are shot down by your vile comments on here...please read the first sentence of my comment, as we know you have a short memory, we the true local have a good memory, as Lord . sugar will say “ your Trully Fired Now”
Kathleen Ward wrote
at 12:35:47 AM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
OMG MikeDuddy you do insult the community. Not the sharp, clued up, witty and generous spirited people you say you are used to working with but as you say the comments on this site is from Petty School Yard calling people who are just a few people hiding behind a variety of aliases. Mike Duddy you are so insulting to the community members who are allowed a voice even though they are not the generous spirited people you are used to working with. This just sums up what ICT is about, Clued up, witty and generous people and not from the petty school of community people. Mike Duddy what an insult obviously you are from a more clued up witty and generous spirited as the people that you are used to working with. Sorry that other community members that do not agree with you are as you call them petty school yard calling people. Such an insult. I am not hiding behind a variety of aliases so do not insult me. I am allowed my views without you calling me stupid childish names and I stand by my name so please to not say that I do not. Mike Duddy just who are you to judge us in the community? are we all petty school yard people ? Well ICT ( Alledgilly ) has a very poor view of the community if that's the chairs view.
Mike Redford wrote
at 12:34:50 AM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Mr Duddy, Please do not try to belittle the community members. You have called them terrible names and have said they support each other when they have just voiced their views. Community members do have a voice. Come to the community committee meetings and say just what you have said on this page regarding the members who comment and we will see just what the community feel.
at 3:54:50 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
So it seems Mike Duddy is refusing to acknowledge what people are saying on here, seems to be criticing their grammer and quite probably their intelligence? On top of that he appears to be saying that unless you go through the channels that he wants you to go through, which will then be used to justify that the ICT is talking to the community, then he is taking his ball and going home. "Bathed in hubris"? "Christmas hampers and handouts"? I think we all know where the handouts have gone and where they will continue to go.
Gerald Ratner Moment? wrote
at 3:54:32 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
Mike Duddy's Geral Ratner moment? "Perhaps the most famous salesman gaffe of all. In an infamous 1991 after-dinner speech, Gerald Ratner wiped £500m from the value of his eponymous jewellery when he said of its stock: “People say, ‘How can you sell this for such a low price?’ I say, ‘Because it’s total crap.’"
Very Concerned Resident wrote
at 1:28:45 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
Mike Duddy, You boast about ICT getting votes in Tesco when the question needs to be asked Why are ICT asking for community funds when they already get £90.000 a year. Taking away funds from less fortunate groups is not admirable when ICT has such a large annunity from SCC. This just sums up the way ICT work. So very Sad.
Mike Bennet wrote
at 1:28:34 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
OMG Mike Duddy the voting boxes in Tesco Well they show ICT winning but how many people would take their vote back if they found out ICT got £90,000 a year from SCC. I am sure all of them would. Mr Duddy I would listen more to the community before defending ICT because until you do this nothing will change and the community will never trust ICT.
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 1:28:05 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
Interesting that various anonymous posters claim to represent “the community” – I wonder which community it is that you are representing? Certainly not the sharp, clued up, witty and generous spirited one that I have always recognised and cherished in Salford. Nor do I recognise your views in the conversations I have with members of the 2 other local Salford community groups that I have the pleasure of serving as a committee member. …………As this exchange appears to have descended in an ever-decreasing circle into petty school yard name calling, a refusal to acknowledge facts and a general dash for Christmas Hampers and cash handouts, I will refrain from further comments for the time being. There will probably be a flurry of posts predictable posts over the coming days from the same few people hiding behind a variety of aliases but revealing their source by their repeated use of poor syntax……………. I leave you all bathed in your own hubris using malice as your lather …… Ta raa
Local Resident wrote
at 1:27:05 AM on Sunday, December 10, 2017
Mr Mike Duddy, just for your information if people voting at Tesco knew that ICT got £90,000 every year from Salford Council we know they would not be supported by our community. Why does . ICT need to ask for more community money when they already get £90.000 every year. Mr Mike Duddy you need to connect with the community as they want the best for the community. You are kidding yourself that all is well with the community and ICT. ICT does nothing for Charlestown or Lower Kersal. Get real Mike Duddy and listen to Charlestown community rather than get on your bike defending ICT.
To Duddy ... wrote
at 1:26:38 AM on Saturday, December 9, 2017
Duddy Woody, why Should I and others email YOU.. we’ve been doing it for years to NO avail, too little too late ...Residents are so angry what’s happening just sick and tired of lies is the same people getting the same money The large percentage of the £90,000 on wages, please can you give me the lower Kersal Centre address, yes the one based near school in Kersal, all the activities you deliver times of opening And who is in charge , Merry Christmas
at 5:52:47 AM on Friday, December 8, 2017
Mike Duddy, the problem is that if people turn up at the meetings or email you, then it justifies you and the ICT as a whole. I know you will say "Well if you don't voice you concerns and raie issues, then nothing will change", BUT, and I do hear what you say, people raising issues will be used against residents and figures will be manipulated. If 100 residents attend a meeting then that will be quoted and used as an example the ICT is "listening to the community". Pie charts, graphs and bar charts will be produced to show that a percentage of people who attended such events thought a certain way. I saw all this in Higher Broughton and the result was residents were ripped off and 420 houses were demolished. All the people and agencies involved all moved on to other areas to wreak their havoc in other areas---and to carry on picking up good money to line their pockets. Regarding the voting system in Tesco, if you had a 4th box, with a picture of a puppy or a kitten on it, it would probably get more votes than the other 3 boxes. So would you throw £90,000 a year at the kitten? Rather than paying wages, that £90,000 could actually be used to do some good in the community. It could buy equipment in schools, go towards one of the clubs in the area or just be divvied up between the households in the area to spend how they want. At least that way, people would see something and not feel angry about the ICT or the people involved.
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 2:07:15 AM on Friday, December 8, 2017
Each time I pass the voting boxes in Tesco Salford Precinct for their Bags of Help Scheme – and see that Inspiring Communities is receiving more votes for its proposed community project than the other two bidding organisations put together – I see that the local community supports ICTs efforts to make Salford a better place to live. I have yet to receive any emails from local residents to the email address I have provided mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk suggesting changes or improvements to the way ICT works, or the services it delivers. I will be attending our January community forums and look forwards to meeting you in person.
A Charlestown Resident wrote
at 2:07:09 AM on Friday, December 8, 2017
The community members comments are so true and I am sure all us Charlestown residents agree that ICT offer us nothing. Community groups in Charlestown have dissapeared through lack of support. The community centres are failing due to lack of support yet The Beacon Centre who it seems gets no support from ICT is offering great opportunities and has a great cafe and great facilities and this needs to be celebrated with thanks to its good management. A great place to visit and friendly welcoming cafe at The Beacon Center.
Community Voice wrote
at 2:04:32 AM on Friday, December 8, 2017
Yes the community have a voice so please listen Mike Duddy. Stop defending and put things right if you can.
Please Listen to the Community wrote
at 2:34:48 PM on Thursday, December 7, 2017
Mr Duddy you still just defend ICT rather than hearing the community voices. This is a shame because until you listen you cannot put things right. You keep naming courses and numbers of people that have attended but this means nothing to most residents. I or my neighbors do not want to be a community reporter or want tea and tec lessons, we are not over 65 and do not claim benefits and we speak English so just what do you offer us ????? Nothing. I know you need to offer these courses for some residents but why is nothing offered to other residents or community groups ???? I would have thought that after reading the communities comments you would have taken them on board rather than be so defensive of ICT it is a shame that you have not.
J.R Hartley wrote
at 2:34:43 PM on Thursday, December 7, 2017
Lower Kersal Centre, a place where nobody goes, a place if no hope, but under - so called-powerful control, Things are not the same in our area anymore, people and groups dismayed and over looked, and the same People getting £££s time and time again and others without nothing, People have lived here for many years and seen some radical changes, My Duddy, where are you and all the staff employed at ICT, never see them, getting a bit like our local councillors, never see them, will their be high security at your next AGM, tells me you really do not care about the community and obviously you do not trust us...
Local resident wrote
at 1:16:44 PM on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Well said Edmond Tattersall !!!!!!!
Beryl Norbury wrote
at 1:52:17 AM on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
In reply to Mr Mike Duddy. Mr Duddy do you think the residents of Charlestown and Lower Kersal are stupid because we are not. All the actions you state that are happening are for just a few ICT members because everyone else is not involved. The fact is ICT does nothing for the community members as they have their chosen few and they now have Keepmoat on board with the Christmas Hampers. We bet the same people who received hampers last year will again receive them again this year when some residents who volunteer, help their neighbours and go above and beyond will get nothing from Keepmoat or ICT and that is not fair or just.
Not Stupid wrote
at 12:29:59 AM on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Mike, Charlestown Forum was cancelled. Why... I know why and we All look forward to January 2018; Amen
Worth mentioning twice wrote
at 2:25:25 AM on Monday, December 4, 2017
Mike Duddy I saw all this crap in Higher Broughton. Community engagement, clean up days, community pantomimes etc. Her is what you do (1) Come in and say "I come from an area like this" or "I've worked in an area like this" (2)When people complain about others who have been involved, say "I'm not like that" and "That is historical. This is about moving forward" (3) Get people to fill in Questionaires. You need to stress this is important as it secures funding for the future (probably for you or the people you work with). Also it ticks a box for "Community engagement" (4) Pick the most simple minded people you can to liase with and act as a "Voice for the community" (5) There will be one loud mouth who is after a job working with children or youths. Get them involved as that ticks a box and it will stop them speaking out in future (6) Remember at any meeting when someone is raising a point to say "I hear what you say" (It actually means "I hear what you say but don't give a fuck") (7) Have coffee mornings. They count as community engagement and you can give the old dears a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and take the remainder home. (8) Introduce crap courses for people. Indian head massage etc really improves things and sorts out problems-----REALLY (9) Carry on picking the wages up for as long as you can and then move on to a similar job in another area, whilst someone from another area comes in to do your old job. (10) Rinse and repeat---the whole "Magic Roundabout" starts again. I think Mike Duddy in his response has just said "I HEAR WHAT YOU SAY".
Mike Duddy wrote
at 1:54:08 AM on Monday, December 4, 2017
I look forwards to meeting as many of you as possible who can attend our upcoming community forums at 6pm 18th January 2018 at the Lower Kersal Centre or alternatively 3pm 25th January at St Sebastians Community Centre – where for those unable or unwilling to read Inspiring Communities Togethers Annual Report – I will be happy to discuss the outcomes of the previous 11 community forums held in 2017 and the 9 new projects that have been developed from discussions at these events. I will also be happy to share with you the contents of the 5,000+ flyers and e-newsletters which were distributed to the community living within the CHALK area in 2017, the 71 stories produced by local people, the 7 different types of training course the ICT delivered, the 174 people who enjoyed attending these courses, the 973 learning hours delivered, the 500+ volunteer hours which were freely given to improve the local environment, the 300+ bags of rubbish removed, the 30 people who received hours of in depth advice and support around benefits and housing, the 3 community events held in public parks, the 14 family school holiday events plus lots lots more…… in addition to talking about the above – I am more than happy to discuss your proposals to ensure that ICT doesn’t fail the local community of Charlestown and Lower Kersal.
at 1:51:25 AM on Monday, December 4, 2017
I have been following this activity regarding ICT for a long time and have come to the conclusion that the Chair does not take any community members comments on board. This is very sad as ICT has such a bad impression within our community and the chair seems to ignore this rather than try to make matters better by listening to the community voice. And yes Mr Tattersall Keepmoat are going along with ICT and will follow ICT CEO in handing our community volunteers rewards and the question is just how many received an award last year or how many volunteer for ICT or have been on an ICT course ? and get the award again this year ? Keepmoat you are not showing yourself in a good fair light and need to stand up for yourselves rather than letting ICT bring you down.
Dissapointed Charlestown Resident. wrote
at 1:49:42 AM on Monday, December 4, 2017
I think Mr Mike Duddy you need to speak with the CHALK residents before you speak out regarding ICT. You will learn ICT does nothing in Charlestown or Lower Kersal that benefits the residents. I think you will find all the community members you support will have been on an ICT course and ICT will support them for rewards e.g Keepmoat Christmas Hampers. When many community volunteers who have volunteered for many years will be dismissed because they do not go along with the CEO of ICT. This also puts Keepmoat in very bad light. So let's see if Keepmoat go along with ICT CEO, let's watch this space !!!!!!
Edmond Tattersall wrote
at 1:22:46 AM on Sunday, December 3, 2017
Mr Duddy, you really need to get real and understand the community of Charlestown and Lower Kersal who get nothing from ICT. Only a few select residents get recognised and rewarded for their volunteering when residents who have volunteered for many years get bypassed because they don't volunteer with ICT. Our community members are dismissed by ICT because they don't toe the line. Also Keepmoat are keeping with ICT and will only choose just who ICT say is Ok for a reward. This is so sad and does not look good for Keepmoat who should be open minded and should feel free to choose who they think deserves a volunteering award. .Mr Duddy you need to listen to the community and stop defending the ICT CEO and board members because until you except what has happened you will not be able to address the issues.
Lillian Saunders wrote
at 10:22:46 PM on Friday, December 1, 2017
After reading all the comments my reaction is OMG Mr Duddy, same old tea and teck how many years do you promote this as I am sure it is been done so many times before and activities the same old thing. Why does ICT work across all Salford areas when Charlestown residents get nothing. Mr Duddy please listen to our community and except that ICT do nothing for Charlestown because until you listen to our community and stop trying to defend the lack of support for our community nothing will change. Just listen to the residents regarding what they want and need rather than looking after ICT and their view of what they want. Stop defending actions that the community do not agree with. So sad that ICT get over £90,000 a year and the community see nothing of this money. The community feel sad that they see nothing of this £90,000. Maybe Mr Duddy you can say just where all this money goes and please we do not want to read a report because we live in the area and see nothing.
Hacked off with the Crap wrote
at 10:21:56 PM on Friday, December 1, 2017
To chair of inspiring communities together . U All need sacking, people hundreds of them will do this work for free and invest in our community, not your community, our community information given in relation to courses meetings , is fine, but this is the first time this information has been given out to the community the community been asking for this for many many years to know avail ... again the majority of courses all over Salford and not in the area it’s designated to which I’m quite shocked about Why is not All areas of Chalk not used, it seems as ever St Sr astians and the sports village, what about the hive, Saint Aidan‘s Church , The Beacon Centre , grumpy , St Georges day centre , Abbott’s Lodge, Pendleton church , why can you not share the room hire about in a Fair way, and you saying you support groups, no you don’t.
Edmond Tattersall wrote
at 10:21:51 PM on Friday, December 1, 2017
I have been following the ICT comments for some time and again I say nothing will change with nothing going into Charlestown or Lower Kersal other than ICT's select few residents. Mr Duddy you need to look at what is happening rather than reading a lot of idealistic rubbish. Get real with the local residents before you insult them yet again.
Reasercher wrote
at 10:20:36 PM on Friday, December 1, 2017
Dear Mike Duddy 1- Turn on your computer or Tablet or even your Phone. 2- go to search 3-Type in Companies House, Lower Kersal Centre Limited, please don’t forget the word Limited 4- a no press ENTER 5 on sctrre will appear THE LOWER KERSAL CENTRE LIMITED Company number 05416266 And all the info you need is there, my 12 year old Grandson did this for me, took him 30 seconds, such a clever boy he is
Been there done that wrote
at 11:57:14 AM on Friday, December 1, 2017
Mike Duddy I saw all this crap in Higher Broughton. Community engagement, clean up days, community pantomimes etc. Her is what you do (1) Come in and say "I come from an area like this" or "I've worked in an area like this" (2)When people complain about others who have been involved, say "I'm not like that" and "That is historical. This is about moving forward" (3) Get people to fill in Questionaires. You need to stress this is important as it secures funding for the future (probably for you or the people you work with). Also it ticks a box for "Community engagement" (4) Pick the most simple minded people you can to liase with and act as a "Voice for the community" (5) There will be one loud mouth who is after a job working with children or youths. Get them involved as that ticks a box and it will stop them speaking out in future (6) Remember at any meeting when someone is raising a point to say "I hear what you say" (It actually means "I hear what you say but don't give a fuck") (7) Have coffee mornings. They count as community engagement and you can give the old dears a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and take the remainder home. (8) Introduce crap courses for people. Indian head massage etc really improves things and sorts out problems-----REALLY (9) Carry on picking the wages up for as long as you can and then move on to a similar job in another area, whilst someone from another area comes in to do your old job. (10) Rinse and repeat---the whole "Magic Roundabout" starts again.
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 9:01:42 AM on Friday, December 1, 2017
Dear Dissapointed Charlestown Resident - In December ICT are holding 13 different events in CHALK which you might consider attending - If none of these meet your approval - or you have any other suggestions - please email me at mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk or attend one of our local community forums (details of which can be found in a post below) FYI heres a list of some of whats being delivered in CHALK in the near future – Learning - Community Reporter Meet Up - Tuesday (monthly), Innovation Forum, 12.30pm - 2.30pm........... Have you been on a Community Reporter training course? Perhaps you are interested in finding out more about it. Every other Tuesday from 12.30-2.30, we invite people in to improve their Community Reporting skills, develop some new ones and set up their own creative projects........ Older Person's Network - 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, 10am - 12pm at Salford Sports Village..............Are you aged over 65 and keen to work with others to help make your community a better place for older people? Join our friendly network of older people who meet once a fortnight to create and get involved with projects aimed at making East Salford more age friendly...........Information, Advice and Guidance - Every Friday, 10am - 1pm at St Sebastian's - Do you need help with your benefits? Perhaps you are not sure about a letter you have received and need some advice? Every Friday between 10am and 1pm our development worker Tina is there to help. To book an appointment with her please contact Tina on 07824 833 063...................Learning English from Scratch - Mondays 10-12pm, Salford Sports Village, starting in September - On Monday mornings 10am-12pm at Salford Sports Village, we are partnering up with Europia to help offer English speaking courses to people who are living in our community and do not have English as a first language. Our Development Worker Natalie feels that our involvement with this project is vital; "It's important to help and support those people who do not have English as a first language. We are really interested in working with the groups and help them get involved with community projects. - If you know of anyone who may benefit from these free sessions please contact Natalie on 0161 743 3625......Tech and Tea Drop Ins ........Have you attended a tech and tea course and have a question or want to continue finding out more? Come to one of our drop ins across Salford where our tutors and volunteers will be able to help you:..............SWINTON AND PENDLEBURY - Critchley Cafe, 75 Chorley Road, Swinton, M27 5AD (All sessions are 1pm-2pm) Mondays: 4th December 8th January 12th February 5th March 9th April….....LITTLE HULTON AND WALKDEN - The Height Library, King Street, M6 7GY (All sessions are 10am-11am) Thursdays: 4th Jan, 1st Feb, 1st March - (Please note this session will be 1.30pm - 2.30pm), 5th April, Wharton and Cleggs Lane Church and Community Centre, Cleggs Lane, M38 9RW (all sessions are 10.30am-11.30am), Thursdays: 18th Jan, 8th Feb, 22nd March,19th April..........ORDSALL AND LANGWORTHY - Langworthy Cornerstone 451 Liverpool Street, M6 5QQ (All sessions are 11am-12pm Thursdays: 25th Jan, 22nd Feb 29th March 26th April.........EAST SALFORD - Salford Sports Village, 325 Littleton Road, Salford, M7 3NQ (All sessions 1-2pm), Thursdays: 18th Jan 15th Feb 15th March 19th April........CLAREMONT AND WEASTE - Dates and times TBC........ECCLES - Eccles Congregational Church, Wellington Road, M30 0NP (All sessions are 2.15pm - 3.15pm).......Mondays: 15th Jan 26th Feb..........IRLAM AND CADISHEAD - Dates and times TBC............WORSLEY AND BOOTHSTOWN - St Mary's Church, Ellenbrook Road, Worsley, M28 1ER (All sessions are 10.30am - 11.30am Tuesdays: 19th Dec 23rd Jan 20th Feb 27th Mar 24th Apr For more details about any of the courses on offer, please contact office@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk Community Events Lower Kersal Festive Sing-A-Long - Thursday 14th December 5pm - 7pm in Riverbank Park ----Come along to Riverbank Park and enjoy our annual festive sing-a-long with live music, carols, a Christmas tree and even a visit from Santa!
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 6:45:01 AM on Friday, December 1, 2017
Dear Wrote – the merger between the Lower Kersal Centre and Inspiring Communities Together hasn’t been completed yet so I am in no position to comment. Even if I were, I wouldn’t be sharing the personal details of staff members on the comments section of someone else’s website. I am very sorry to hear that you have in the past contributed ideas as to possible events that ICT could hold. If you look at the diary of events on our website you will see that we already hold a comprehensive calendar of community events each year – ranging from clean ups of public parks, riverbanks and community open spaces, school holiday events, family fun days, older persons meet ups etc. Please take the time to read our latest annual report for a comprehensive overview of the events we have held over the last 12 months https://tinyurl.com/y9sscc2c Our charity has never operated a closed door policy – we hold 8 community forums per year – if you haven’t already been to one, it would be great to meet you at one of these events in the near future. The Charlestown Community Forum meets at St Sebastians Community Centre at 3pm on Thursday 25th January, Thursday 26th April, Thursday 26th July, Thursday 25th October. The Lower Kersal Community Forum meets at Sports Village at 6pm, Thursday 18th January, Thursday 19th April, Thursday 19th July, Thursday 18th October. There will be a trustee of Inspiring Communities Together present at each of these meetings with whom you can discuss your ideas.. any which are reasonable/practical can then be brought to the board of trustees for consideration.
Dissapointed Charlestown Resident wrote
at 6:44:35 AM on Friday, December 1, 2017
I live in Charlestown and see nothing that ICT does. The area is worse than ever. I used to use St Sebastian's centre for community activities but now nothing happens for us residents. I agree with everything Mr Ellis said. I think ICT must have a few favourite residents because I see nothing and neither does my friends and neighbours. I don't need to read a report to know this. Actions speak louder than words.
at 2:02:24 AM on Friday, December 1, 2017
Mike, Lower Kersal Centre, please give us all the activities names of staff what goes on in the centre .... Please give details of money spent on St Sebastian’s Community Centre via events put on by ICT Ideas from residents have been given and alway literally ignored When is your a AGM, Will local people be allowed in ....will they be stopped by members of ICT saying you are not a member and you’re not allowed into this meeting and will they be stopped by big, intimidating security
Mike Duddy, Chair, Inspiring Communities Together wrote
at 11:36:48 PM on Thursday, November 30, 2017
Am very saddened by many of the comments below which do not reflect the work that is being carried out by the fantastic LOCAL employees, volunteers and trustees of your local charity Inspiring Communities Together. I urge people to read our latest annual report (please click the link below) which gives great insight into the amazing community work we do in Charlestown, Lower Kersal and across Salford. https://tinyurl.com/y9sscc2c If any Salford Star reader would like to further discuss the work we do in CHALK and Salford or might want to suggest future projects for us to consider - please don't hesitate to contact me via mike@inspiringcommunitiestogether.co.uk
Joseph Ellis wrote
at 7:10:26 AM on Thursday, November 30, 2017
It is a very sad and distressing when Salford Council hand this Inspiring Communities over £90,000 each year and the community does not see anything. There is no environment improvements or clean ups, no support for community groups, no community activities. Indeed the community spirit has gone and the area is worse now than it has ever been. Inspiring Communities what do you do with £90,000 you should feel ashamed and Salford Council should also feel ashamed and made to be accountable to the residents who get nothing. £53 million wasted and the same people now get £90,000 to waste each year. I don't think Mr Felse can get answers because nobody in the council does anything.
Michael James Felse wrote
at 7:10:23 AM on Thursday, November 30, 2017
Angry beyond belief at "Not Again". My friend it is called life. Just ask Chesterfield Hospice to check their visitor book if you doubt a time for family overtakes my time for elections. I am proud of my loving family and proud to live in Salford where my many friends make up for the nasty people.
CP-HDK455N wrote
at 3:40:13 AM on Thursday, November 30, 2017
Thank you the word community is going for impelling me to write again , The Lower Kersal Centre, A place where we used to meet, A striving little community lots of things to see, parties and celebrations and quiz night and bingo too, It seems now this little community no longer has a street name and no longer can be found even looking for a number makes me confused and down, So after researching this Community, it really does exist, it’s sits in someone’s back bedroom across the great big Red bridge.
Not again wrote
at 8:03:25 AM on Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Fesle every time you say you are going to stand for something, something crops up. I do not think you are telling porkies about a family member being ill, but last time you were going to stand it was "jury service and your martinique properties" and when you were running for Mayor something cropped up then. Why not take your bullshit and f-ck off somewhere else?
Michael James Felse wrote
at 4:05:28 AM on Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Yes I too fear the word community needs a massive boost. I now will use my Langworthy weeks to demand Salford Labour Party and Salford Tory Party get out to local people and explain what is their excuse. Sell our Salford Council assets that belong to us all and put the £260millon into giving jobs to local students, warm beds to our local homeless, stock our food banks for Xmas and replace our high rise flats with safe warm panels. I demand this action now and demand a post Brexit investment plan on jobs, green spaces, litter collection and safer streets, or expect my Professional Headmaster skills to train Independents in every ward in Salford that will derail your gravy train, replacing this Council with the youth and dedicated citizens of Salford.
The word Community is going. wrote
at 1:21:41 AM on Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Looked at Company House and looked up The Lower Kersal Centre, I notice has been very quiet lately like nothing going on! it’s ncalled Ghe Lower Kersal Centre Ltd, and their main address is at someone’s back living room and also inspiring communities together address, what’s the hells going on, what’s happening there, it really is concerning that the community are Not aware of this being a company
Charlestown Resident who will not be fooled. wrote
at 2:06:25 AM on Monday, November 27, 2017
I said over 9 months ago that the new chair person who does not live in Charlestown or Lower Kersal would sweep everything under the carpet as has always been the way of some very narcissistic members of a so called charity that does nothing for the Charlestown and Lower Kersal area. I am sure everyone in the CHALK area knows just who these narcissistic people are because they still strutt around with no shame. It is so sad that SCC hand these people over £90,000 every year when the residents see nothing. Wages for the select few but nothing being put into the community. Shame on all responsible but very sad for the residents who get nothing of what is after all their community annunity money. Questions need to be asked but we know they will never be answered.
at 11:19:27 AM on Saturday, November 11, 2017
Done simpler to Langworthy. Community gone no more Salford in Bloom trophy here. Thank you Labour!
Kathleen Ward wrote
at 5:17:25 AM on Saturday, November 11, 2017
I agree with the comments that the word community has been ripped out of the area. ICT control everything in the area and the residents deserve an answer from SCC why they allow a few very controlling manipulators to do this to our community. Just why keep handing the thousands of pounds when the community see nothing no support whatsoever. Community groups have almost dissapeared and that is very sad. SCC you also should be accountable.
Enough is Enough now. wrote
at 11:22:31 PM on Monday, November 6, 2017
To Beryl Mills..the money simply goes on high wages, and about 2% on the community to which we don’t see, The word community at this very moment is being ripped out of this area be no such thing as community anymore ICT Are making sure that this happens....I’m quitting this area after 54 years, definitely drove me out what a great community we use to have
Beryl Mills wrote
at 6:15:17 AM on Sunday, November 5, 2017
After reading the comments about four people who clearly are deluded I do not understand why SCC keep handing them money. They have already wasted £53 million and yet still receive over £90,000 every year. The community doesn't see anything so where does the £90,000 go every year ?????? Somebody should be questioned ??????
Edmond Tattersall wrote
at 1:07:49 AM on Sunday, October 22, 2017
Great someone is researching the CHALK area. Welcome Mr Researcher. Lots for you to research, like just a few control freaks (as had been quoted before from community members) AMP and BE to give no names and no need as all CHALK community know these two control freaks as they strut around our community with no shame or remorse. Hope for justice for the community but with ICT and their lack of respect for hearing community voice in will not happen. So very sad.
Jacob Hersh wrote
at 1:07:22 AM on Sunday, October 22, 2017
Hello Researcher, I can also help you with your research. I have lived in the NDC ( now the ICT area ) all the way through the regeneration program and the now so called charity ICT. Biggest waste of £53 million and an annunity of £90 thousand plus each year. Nothing for local residents, board made up of the same controlling few AMP, BE, RP and GS. Questions have been asked in the past regarding the few controlling manipulatating greedy people yet SCC do nothing just hand ICT the money still. Maybe Researcher you can help and investigate during your research. Ask the local councillors who have all distanced themselves from such behaviour well maybe not all just one supports them, just allegations I have to add but you just have to look. Researcher and Salford Star please keep us up to date on this very interesting community story or rather horror story. Ask about the wages paid from regeneration and annunity monies when researching I know you will be shocked. Thank you Salford Star for keeping our community informed.
Alf wrote
at 4:01:16 AM on Saturday, October 21, 2017
Researcher I agree with you. I must say if you are researching NDC in Charlestown I can help you. I live in Charstown and the NDC wasted 53million. I live here now and the area is much worse than you can imagine. New Deal did nothing to improve our area. To make matters worse one NDC manager is still in and controlling our community. Why does she not give Charlestown back to our community members who live in Charlestown. The answer is she thinks she is above and superior to our community members. New Deal for Communities was a massive waste of money. 53 million down the drain.
Very concerned wrote
at 4:00:43 AM on Saturday, October 21, 2017
Members of ICT would today have received a voting pack, said a membership resolution information and vote pack, just very confusing pack. This was put to the board before and the decision was ICT should not take the responsibility for the LKC staff payments from the annunity from ICT. Again control by BE, RP, GS and AMP a joke but just not funny. Salford Star please show your readers !!!!!!!!!!
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