Star date: 13th December 2016


"It would appear they have acted out of greed; power grabbing control freaks; and self interest on a number of occasions..." Councillor Stephen Ord, Irwell Riverside

Salford Labour councillor, Stephen Ord, has called for an independent inquiry into the affairs of charity Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), which controls £90,000 legacy funding from the old Lower Kersal and Charlestown NDC.

Amidst internal wrangling that has seen the suspension of the ICT Chair and trustees, Councillor Ord has accused the Chief Executive and former Chair of having "an unhealthy mutually beneficial relationship...Personal greed is not too strong a word to use"...

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Inspiring Communities Together Whit Lane Salford
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"Inspiring Communities Together is not fit for purpose and the £90,000 annuity should be withdrawn..." Lower Kersal community member

A £90,000 community legacy fund is currently at the centre of a huge storm, with Irwell Riverside councillor Stephen Ord accusing personnel working for the charity that controls the money of acting "out of greed...and self interest on a number of occasions", while accusing them of being "power grabbing control freaks"...

The £90,000 annuity is made up from rents and fees accumulated from buildings associated with the failed £53million government-backed ten year Charlestown and Lower Kersal New Deal for Communities (NDC) which ended in 2011.*

Each year, via Salford City Council, the money has been passed to a `community-led' organisation, originally called the Charlestown and Lower Kersal Development Framework Group, and latterly Inspiring Communities Together, or ICT, which became a charity two years ago...

And each year, the Salford Star and members of the local community have questioned the fact that the money didn't appear to be spent on local community projects; instead being largely paid to the Chair (Ann-Marie Pickup), the Chief Executive OfficerCEO (Bernadette Elder), and other staff.

In its first year of operation, 2011-12, and after waiting five months for a Freedom of Information response, the Salford Star revealed that one part time `staff' and one part time Chair were paid almost £35,000 from a total spend of around £69,000, with only £15,000 going towards grants for community groups (see here).

By 2015-16, of the £81,000 NDC community legacy funds (plus £9,000 for rent), £66,000 was used to pay a part-time Chair and managers – while the total amount paid to local community groups was nil, and volunteers got £13.80p between them (see here).

For community members who weren't happy with the situation, the issues have always been around transparency, accountability and why the funding wasn't reaching local groups which are struggling in the face of massive spending cuts. After all, one of the aims of the legacy group is "Investing the annuity in a way that has a positive and meaningful impact on the local community".

The Salford Star spoke to some wider community members of ICT who aired their worries...

"I was concerned about the pay scale of Bernadette going up via the City Council each year, and I was also concerned about the lack of funding going into projects in Charlestown and Lower Kersal" a local resident explained "At one point the wages were around sixty to seventy thousand pounds with only six thousand going into the community...

"...but I wasn't aware of where it was going, there was no advertising for community funding anywhere by ICT" they added "Now there's nothing, except £13.80p for bus fares. I said that they would try and take over everything and they have. I'm glad I'm out of it."

Another community member with some knowledge of ICT added: "I have concerns that Bernadette and Ann-Marie seem to make all the decisions. I have spoken to other community people and they have the same thoughts. There doesn't seem much coming back into the community – where is the £90,000 going?"

The Salford Star understands that local councillors on the board of ICT began asking the same questions and challenging the need for a paid Chair, who in 2015 was given an `honorarium' of £12,248. It was then that it all got very nasty.

Firstly, after a very tight vote, a new Chair was elected last year – Ray Walker, a former UNISON branch secretary and member of the Labour Party, who was sold to ICT member Graham Cooper as "a council stooge" meddling in the organisation's affairs...

"As a member of ICT I was approached by Bernadette Elder to put a motion to the board asking that the council representatives be taken off that board" Graham recalls "With all the floods and everything that had happened I didn't get around to signing it until one day, when both her and Ann-Marie turned up at the Broughton Trust with a memorandum to be signed. I never even read it. The way they had put it, I was under the impression that Ray Walker was a council stooge and that the Council was trying to take over the board of ICT. I signed it.

"In actual fact it was the opposite" he insists "It was certain people within ICT trying to retain that money, and the authority and power that goes with it and therefore weakening the Council's influence, or even the transparency of that organisation and its governance. That has transpired since.

"When I met Ray Walker my mind changed, as he said he wanted to alter ICT, and at that point I declared to him what I had done, and that it was wrong" Graham adds "Since then I have been trying to rectify that mistake but it seems to me that no-one wants to deal with it, for whatever reasons."

Ray Walker, as the newly elected Chair, was actually working to make the post – his post – unpaid and put the £12,000 back into the community. However, before Graham knew what was going on `his' motion was passed and the councillors were removed from the board - not without controversy, as, according to Ray Walker, the motion was never discussed or debated...

"I questioned the validity of a motion that can't be questioned" he says "A motion normally gets debated but the constitution ruled that out. How could that be fair? There was a vote but no discussion."

An investigation into how the motion came about was instigated. And then, affairs became even stranger...

First, Ray Walker suspended the CEO pending the investigation but never strictly followed procedures so she was reinstated. Then Salford Council representative, Councillor Jane Hamilton was appointed to investigate, and interviewed Graham Cooper. But before she could report back to a board meeting it was cancelled...

"I got an email from Ann-Marie saying that the meeting wasn't going ahead" Ray recalls "I was outraged so I reinstated meeting but the only ones who attended from the board were me, James Eagle, Jane Hamilton and Linda Carr. We had our board meeting and then I get a message from Ann-Marie saying that under the rules I was suspended as Chair, as was trustee Linda Carr."

In other words, the people doing the investigating of ICT were themselves suspended – by the people they were investigating!

"At the moment they are supposed to be having a meeting to remove me and Linda but I'm not resigning" Ray insists "I believe I have been treated badly and that the Charities Commission needs to investigate.

"I think it was the shock factor of Ann-Marie losing that election and she wanted to get back in" he adds "The fact that we were working towards an unpaid chair made a lot of sense, but I suspect that it will be reinstated if Ann-Marie gets her way."

Meanwhile, Councillor Stephen Ord, who represents Irwell Riverside and was one of the councillors who got de-appointed from the ICT board in the Council cull, has provided a written statement to the Salford Star absolutely slating the personnel at the centre of the storm...

"...my perception of Ann-Marie Pickup and Bernadette Elder is that it would appear they have acted out of greed; power grabbing control freaks; and self interest on a number of occasions" he writes "The reality is that Bernadette Elder and Ann-Marie Pickup have worked too closely, for far too long. This, I believe, has developed into an unhealthy mutually beneficial relationship that has lost both the balance, and the line, of where public interest ends and private interest begins. Personal greed is not too strong a word to use to describe this issue.

"Add to this fundamental anti democratic practices, and ignoring conflicts of interest, and you have all the deviant elements of what has lead up to the current power grab" he insists "I have not heard their side of the current argument, but on the face of it, it is unethical and bullying at its worst and in contravention of the constitution of ICT. After seeing them in action for two years however, I wouldn't have expected anything less. Most of these issues start small, and on their own seem mostly minor, but put together over years, add in the serious issues, and the pattern is consistent."

Councillor Ord believes that "Salford Council should look at organising a full and independent inquiry, with the cooperation of ICT" and has called for a number of other actions... "The board to strike down the motion and re-ballot it at the AGM... Alternatively, Graham should submit a motion to the AGM to reverse the change... Salford University should replace their representative on the board...Local residents and workers within the community should become members and get actively involved in the organisation..."**

It's all incredibly complicated and very bureaucratic, about who followed what procedures and rules and points of the constitution. But behind it all is the accountability of the £90,000 NDC legacy fund and how that money is spent...

"I'm concerned that ICT aren't representative of the community and that they do not appear to follow their own rules as how they are to behave" said one Lower Kersal resident "The behaviour is entire nonsense. They're not fit for purpose and the annuity should be withdrawn."

Ray Walker is more diplomatic... "I'm very sad for ICT and the community which it's supposed to be serving because I think it's gone from being a genuine community organisation to a self perpetuating business" he says "And I think it's lost its reason to exist."

Graham Cooper adds: "It's about transparency, decision making and this organisation's involvement with the community. There should be an independent investigation and that hasn't occurred."

The Salford Star contacted the Charity Commission and asked if there had been any calls for an investigation, and whether it would be launching an investigation into the affairs of ICT.

"The Charity Commission can confirm that it received a complaint in November 2016 regarding the charity" a spokesman said "The Commission advised that it was unable to become involved in a dispute within the charity. When there are disputes that occur within charities it is the responsibility of trustees to try to resolve any disagreement or dispute.

"The Commission will only become involved in limited circumstances and in line with our published Risk framework and published guidance 'Complaints about Charities - CC47'" they added "The Commission will assess any information it receives...we will look at any information provided."

The Salford Star also contacted ICT and asked the organisation to comment on some of the serious allegations being made...

"As you point out the Board of Trustees are currently going through some challenges which as with all issues the organisation face are being managed using our own policies and procedures alongside working closely within the rules and guidelines issued by the Charity Commission" said ICT CEO Bernadette Elder "As these are ongoing internal matters it would not be appropriate for anyone from the organisation to discuss any individual involved at this time.

"We continue to deliver our activities within the community to the highest standards expected by the community, commissioners and partners and despite our internal challenges continue to receive positive feedback from those we work with or for" she added.***

*See previous Salford Star article for full background on the £53million scheme: The NDC and Salford Council: an `unpredictable menace bogged down in failure' – click here

**The full statement from Councillor Ord is as follows...

"The issue that seems to have triggered the recent events revolves around a motion that Graham Cooper submitted to ICT to limit the number of Council appointees to the board. Whilst Graham has since come forward and personally apologised to me and raised this issue with a number of Councillors, the reality is he must have thought it was a good idea at the time.

"I have no doubt Graham is telling the truth and I have seen a written response from Bernadette Elder which would appear to not be denying that these events took place. Whilst this certainly raises moral questions about the actions of Ann- Marie Pickup and Bernadette Elder, I don't believe anything illegal has taken place. Further the poorly attended meeting of members to change the Constitution voted in the required manner and passed this motion.
"This situation does not surprise me, nor the subsequent events, as my perception of Ann-Marie Pickup and Bernadette Elder is that it would appear they have acted out of greed; power grabbing control freaks; and self interest on a number of occasions. The reality is that Bernadette Elder and Ann-Marie Pickup have worked too closely, for far too long. This, I believe, has developed into an unhealthy mutually beneficial relationship that has lost both the balance, and the line, of where public interest ends and private interest begins. Personal greed is not too strong a word to use to describe this issue.

"Add to this fundamental anti democratic practices, and ignoring conflicts of interest, and you have all the deviant elements of what has lead up to the current power grab. I have not heard their side of the current argument, but on the face of it, it is unethical and bullying at its worst and in contravention of the constitution of ICT. After seeing them in action for 2 years however, I wouldn't have expected anything less. Most of these issues start small, and on their own seem mostly minor, but put together over years, add in the serious issues, and the pattern is consistent.
"I believe half of the board have acted in the best interests of the organisation at all times, and part of the board has acted in the interests of one member of that board and to past positions and decisions. That person has allowed their own interests to overlap with the interests of the organisation which is fundamentally unacceptable, and this has been actively helped by the CEO.

"Whilst I fully understand that board members who have been involved since the days of the NDC may feel issues of loyalty, they have questions to ask themselves. In my 2 years on the board some members of the board did not ask a single question of the organisation at a board meeting. So why are they there?
"The Salford University representative also has questions to answer over her role on this board.
"In relation to the recent power grab by Ann-Marie Pickup, I am not in possession of the full facts, or aware of what powers she has used to do this, and I do not recognise her as the Vice Chair, nor as the acting Chair. This organisation needs a fundamental review of its structure and the events that have happened, and I am led to believe that this was actioned by the board, but what its current status is now I have no knowledge.
"Whilst I feel ICT often overlooked the environmental remit it has, the real tragedy in all this, is that both the work it does, and its team of staff and volunteers, are good, and this could all be lost if this situation continues.
"In relation to bringing the item to the O&S [Overview and Scrutiny] board, this has not been done as the agreement between the Council and ICT is a very strong one and it would currently appear that ICT are delivering the objectives of that agreement. The issues at present are of an internal, organisational nature and as such there is little the Council can do to influence the final outcome. Additionally any review carried out by the Council would be classed as partisan by one element of the board, but really it couldn't be classed as having anything but a conflict of interest.
"Personally, it is my belief that these issues need the following actions –
"The board to strike down the motion and re-ballot it at the AGM. At that time the current Chair (Ray Walker) should invite Graham Cooper and Ann-Marie Pickup to provide their background to the motion and explain its aims. Alternatively, Graham should submit a motion to the AGM to reverse the change.
Salford University should replace their representative on the board.
Salford Council should look at organising a full and independent inquiry, with the cooperation of ICT.
Local residents and workers within the community should become members and get actively involved in the organisation..."

***To read about the work of ICT see its website – click here

The Charlestown poet wrote
at 06:50:55 on 15 January 2017
Two little Dicky Birds sitting on a wall Looking at the community Thinking they are big great and tall Along comes the kestrel Who has lived here all is life Gives them two an almighty big bite eventually they're right out of his sight So the moral of this story is so very true thank God these two little people are out of his fecking view.
The Charlestown poet wrote
at 20:49:12 on 10 January 2017
Two little women,there names we shall not tell. Think they have the power to simply dominate But people of Charlestown & Lower Kersal have better things in mind, To trip up these 2 devious gets and get our money back So hello to all you great people,this year will be be the best, to get these two little women ,right out of our bloody heads.
Happy New Year wrote
at 07:21:59 on 02 January 2017
Let's hope that 2017 will bring justice for our community. Inspiring Communities Together should be investigated and the CEO and former Chair should answer the questions about the bulling, power grabbing, dishonest dealings, and the manipulation of all community activity in Charlestown and Lower Kersal. These two people have a lot to answer regarding their disgusting behaviour towards the good community members of CHALK. Please let's hope 2017 will bring the truth to our community and remove the dishonest people.
Dissapointed wrote
at 20:32:18 on 30 December 2016
These two people should get a Mary Burns award fot their dirty dealings.
Things are moving wrote
at 17:23:18 on 28 December 2016
For what it's worth I can honsley say it defibatly won't be forgotten,2017 will see more out in the community and on here in relation to these 2. So sit back and all will be revealed, as I'm sure not Just me bit others are now pushing forward to bring this to the national papers & more.
For What its Worth wrote
at 10:41:59 on 28 December 2016
Not Forgotten is spot on, they will ride out the storm, people will forget, they will remain, doing what they do best. That is running their own self serving organisation with no regard to Community or honesty.
Not Forgotten wrote
at 11:12:32 on 26 December 2016
Do these conning people think that because this story is getting lower on Salford Stars website ( and because of the community interest it should go back to the top so come on Salford Star put this story back on top ) that our community have forgotten just how they have been taking the P....) that residents have forgot about their ways then no we have NOT forgot.
Fuming local lass wrote
at 21:13:57 on 23 December 2016
And I thought MPs were bad with expenses, but these two really do take our community to the cleaners...... How can an organisation still run despite having still NOT had the AGM which was for October of this year. What the bloody hell is going on something is disturbing here and immediate action from Salford city council Who are the accountable body of this money , Come on let's stop these two who think they are very powerful in OUR community ... 1 thinks she's Margaret Thatcher power control freak and the other Dick Turpin, well we all know what he did as a Irving...enough said.
Mrs Honest wrote
at 19:02:22 on 23 December 2016
Well said Mr b r exit. An investigation needs to happen regarding these two people and an investigation also needs to happen regarding why SCC still hand the communities monies to these terrible people.
ABC1 wrote
at 06:36:18 on 23 December 2016
I'm shocked at all of what's happening, if nothing is done by new year these comments to the national press Will go head and hopefully this will continue to make sure our community is better without them.
Mr b. r exit wrote
at 03:41:01 on 22 December 2016
Sorry, but why has the police not been involved in this, if an act of fraud is happening with tax payer money, then the police need to be informed and all monies need to be accounted for.
at 18:29:10 on 21 December 2016
My family and I are all watching this story and agree with the comment from WHAT It's Worth and MERRY CHRISTMAS. I can also confirm that the newsletter with the full story is in the shops as I picked one up in the local shop. I am sure the whole community will be very shocked by the terrible actions of some. Thankyou Salford Star for bringing the truth to us all.
For What it's Worth wrote
at 05:47:28 on 21 December 2016
For all the comments made and the fact is that 'they', the 2 main culprits, Elder and Pickup will remain in office, even though they are not fit for purpose. This will be a fact of life in Charlestown unless the other board members not tarnished by the unacceptable behaviour of the dreaded 2 some take action and reclaim their and the communities organisation
Merry Christmas to ALL wrote
at 05:47:25 on 21 December 2016
Please go to the website inspiring communities together Salford and you will see the faces of those robbing Us of a great area. Newsletters in shops about corruption of this ICT
F Fuming wrote
at 05:46:50 on 21 December 2016
These two F...... Con artist just taking the P... out of our residents. Thanks whoever produced the newsletter going around with the truth about these C...... B....... From ICT. Spread the truth about these C...... B........
The Truth after all this rime is at last out wrote
at 07:14:58 on 20 December 2016
When I volunteer in my community I do it for no pay as that's what volunteering is and when local people say Thank you it means so much that you continue to work hard for all in the community, not using £12,000 of our community's money for a chair you never see....and the CEO literally empty the account,leaning pennies for us and holding the purse strings to keep St Sebastian's community alive and open,really sickens me.. Thank you Salford Star & councillor Steve Ord.
Very Dissapointed wrote
at 19:32:42 on 19 December 2016
It is good if a newsletter with the full dissapointing story of the dirty dealings of the ICT officer and former chair is now out in our community for everybody to read and take note. This newsletter needs to get to as many residents as possible in Salford especially those in Charlestown and Kersal so our residents can call for an investigation. Thank you to whoever has put the newsletter out in our community and to Salford Star and Councillor Ord for giving us the truth.
in the know wrote
at 13:07:03 on 19 December 2016
when will the rest of Salford city Council act? When hell freezes over by all accounts. john Merry was instrumental in setting up ITC, they pay £90,000 a year out of public funds but for what exactly? Ben Dolan- "its nothing to do with us" attitude us attitude and councillors alike are amazingly quite (apart form Steve Ord) They are hiding and hoping it will go away, whilst washing their hands of any accountability. Where does our new and energetic Mayor stand in all of this-What happened to his shout of more transparency and accountability? Could the local councillors officers and Mayor grow some and give a lead and demonstrate that they care
Salford Star wrote
at 08:57:03 on 19 December 2016
See Steve Adams comment below... Def not us!
steve adams wrote
at 08:55:52 on 19 December 2016
I've been keeping an eye on this story and have just seen a newsletter in the whit-Lane shops with all this information inside it. Has the Salford Star t produced this letter?
Paul, Kersal Resident. wrote
at 15:26:41 on 18 December 2016
Well said Councillor Ord. "Greedy, power grabbing control freaks" This CEO and FORMER CHAIR have had thousands and thousands between them from this community money. They should walk before they are pushed from a great height. Our good honest community need to ask questions at the next East Salford Community Meeting and make sure the minutes are taken for reference. WE NEED ANSERS from SCC and our elected Councillors.
Sadie Parks wrote
at 08:02:34 on 18 December 2016
Salford Council demand an independent inquiry. Why after all the terrible practice and being found out do they still carry on recruiting friends and colleagues to get them on the board. Words that come to mind Manipulating, control freaks, corrupt to name just a few. OMG is this for real?
Ellen Fitzpatrick, Charlestown. wrote
at 08:01:18 on 18 December 2016
Thank you Councillor Ord for bringing us the truth when many people just brushed it away. Our community admire you for supporting us and being honest about terrible happenings in Charlestown. One question when are our other Councillors and SCC going to stand up to such behaviour. Let's wait and see.
Colin Kemp wrote
at 07:56:20 on 18 December 2016
I have said before and will say again the CEO and former Chair of Inspiring Communities Together must know what our community feels regarding greedy, bulling, power grabbing and manipulating behaviour that has been brought to light. Salford people support their community and will be saying GO you Conning B.......
in the know wrote
at 15:43:35 on 16 December 2016
yes there are some good and honest charities operating in Salford. What concerns me about all this is how can the CEO an employee have a seat on the board that she is accountable to? Why if they think they have done nothing wrong did they get a third party to submit this proposal, a cowardly act at best, a devious treacherous and dishonest at worst! Why are they preparing at the moment to back fill the positions in the board with there own cronies Gerry Stone manager from St Sebastian's who gets massive amounts of funding from ICT and also a Mike Duddy who not only gets lots of additional support but also free room space at no costs to himself from ICT.Lastly why after all that has occurred are ICT and the non legal board still trying to arrange secret meetings without reference to the elected Chair (ray Walker) and community members? They are trying to pass off minutes of previous meetings with actions that never were discussed to cling onto there posts. They have brought this organisation into disrepute and must GO
Doesnt make sense wrote
at 13:41:09 on 16 December 2016
Wait let me get this right. Allegations and accusations are made against an officer and a trustee and they both then sack their board! how does that work? Does this organisation have policies or governance documents detailing such issues. How can the accused investigate them selves! It beggars belief that this could occur whilst at the same time our local authority funding such an outfit. The people of this area feel so much disgust to this organisation that has for years made many a broken promise. Its time for change-although some may not agree (i.e. the greedy twosome) merry xmas
The truth comes out in the end wrote
at 21:10:38 on 15 December 2016
Well done to Councillor Steve Ord for speaking out about the goings on at ICT, And the bullying tactics that have emerged from this report from Salford Star and many thanks to the star for bringing this issue to the communities attention. Just hope this will come out in the wider domain for all to see, it s as bad as when the MPs robbing us of there expenses. So the two mentioned in this report need to step down,clear out and let the TRUE community who really do care take the reigns, let's hope and pray that 2017 will be a better run and cared for community in the right and law abinding way that it should be.
Colin Kemp Charlestown wrote
at 21:10:07 on 15 December 2016
This CEO and former chair of ICT must know that community members are now asking for an inquiry into such greedy, power grabbing and bulling actions. They should just be honest and stand down but with the past actions they will brush things under the carpet as usual and count on Salford community forgetting about their disgraceful actions and it's CARRY on CONNING as usual. Conning B......s
SCC wrote
at 17:56:26 on 15 December 2016
We have the power.
Sickened Resident wrote
at 17:56:21 on 15 December 2016
What will happen now that Councillor Ord has shared his knowledge with our community? A full independent inquiry needs to happen to stop these people. Thanks Councillor Ord now let's see which of our elected Councillors will start asking questions and support the call for an independent inquiry to happen. Don't hold your breath.
Very Dissapointed wrote
at 17:56:08 on 15 December 2016
It's about time a Councillor has come forward with the truth about ICT. If people act in such a terrible way as this CEO and former chair have then the community need to know. Salford people will not except dirty dealings from them.
Salford Star wrote
at 07:51:44 on 15 December 2016
Please note that we have had to block loads of comments because of potentially libellous comments. It's a shame because other points raised in some of these posts were extremely informative. Please could we ask posters to refrain from anything which could be perceived as libel. Ta!
Moral Turpitude wrote
at 17:27:16 on 14 December 2016
MORAL TURPITUDE sounds about right. " That element of personal misconduct in the private and social duties which a person owes to his fellow human beings or to society in general, which characterizes the act done as an act of baseness, vileness or depravity, and contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between two human beings." THese people have no shame.
rotten wrote
at 17:27:10 on 14 December 2016
Let's get old white wash BEN DOLAN to investigate. How hypocritical the council is, every one of the accusations can be laid at the council's door, only you have been doing it for over 30 years and as for transparency, you have just been taken to court of a freedom of information request!!! I would assume that the idea was to use a thief to catch a thief ?
Salford'een wrote
at 17:26:42 on 14 December 2016
As Councillor Derek Antrobus works for the University and is the Lead Member for planning & the Chair of Planning Cllr Raymond Mashiter is Salford University ex student.....don't hold your breath on anything that helps vulnerable people over fee paying students and the interests of Salford Uni
F Fuming wrote
at 17:26:29 on 14 December 2016
Pick-up getting 12 grand for nothing I work full time and get just over 11 grand. The twisting robbing B......
Conor wrote
at 11:09:22 on 14 December 2016
An 'Honorarium' of £12,248. ...that's more than my salary and I HAVE to work for it. At the same time the £90,000 is chicken feed. While it is chicken feed that might keep Albert's going for a while...(a place that actually does do something useful around here..) look at it against what happens in the postcode. The Castle Irwell site, has been left to rot for 18 months - over 1,000 empty rooms idle while we're all being told there's a crisis of homelessness in the city. On top of that the University's new Peel Park Halls of Residence were built and AVOIDED £2.5M in Section 106 payments. As a matter of fact can I ask when was the last Section 106 payment made? There is another 'Development' in the pipeline at the University's Frederick Road site soon and rather than scrabbling around for crumbs I'd be interested to see all our Councillors insist on Section 106 payments. What they might do with it is another matter but the £90,000 is Chump Change. It might be a good name for them when they decide they need to rebrand themselves (again)
Parasitic Bastards wrote
at 09:12:23 on 14 December 2016
In every area that has been "regenerated" the people who are supposed to benefit are the ones to suffer, either by losing their homes or being left to rot for years in a wasteland. People are brought in to "Liase", "Oversee" or some such term and the first thing they try to do is secure more funding to keep themselves in a job. Whilst "liasing" with the people affected (the existing community) they will usually identify some halfwit that they can exploit and may sort them out with a job, which means they have the leverage to shut them up and feed them crap to pass on to the community. Once they are employed and involved in the regeneration, these halfwits are usually exploited and manipulated by the the people who were brought in. The halfwits won't speak out for fear of losing their job, which is usually some bollocks "community engagement", "youth work" or "play group" sort of bollocks. As the areas slide into their inevitable doom, because there was never really any intention of actually improving it for the people living there, but just clearing it for some developer to make a killing, the people overseeing it continue to be employed and raking money in. As the area goes down, there is less and less for them to do, but they claim it is important (Ie--important for THEM to keep getting paid). It is shameful. I'll leave you with this. MORAL TURTUDE " That element of personal misconduct in the private and social duties which a person owes to his fellow human beings or to society in general, which characterizes the act done as an act of baseness, vileness or depravity, and contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between two human beings."
Salford lad wrote
at 09:12:20 on 14 December 2016
A new word for Salford "Cooperism" signing memos without reading them! Don't make me laugh,
Wendy Olsen wrote
at 07:57:01 on 14 December 2016
Tough words in public from a councillor who has been involved. Arguably that board rubber-stamped these payments for years. While he sat on it! End the cliques! please let more sense prevail. And check your Community Committee minutes where again in past years a cozy power share had Pickup getting and exercising decision making power. Luckily Salford people have a great sense of justice. So things are changing. . . . (I refer to East Salford Community Committee)
Omg wrote
at 04:27:53 on 14 December 2016
OMG, this is disgraceful, this should be given to the local press for this is pure robbery of the community, heads don't need to Roll but definitely two need to be chopped off, an absolute Idisgrace...pure greed.
Sad Socailist wrote
at 19:20:08 on 13 December 2016
Strange month after month the Star highlighted the story, and yet nothing no real concerns shown by anyone living within the area. The words used are strong to say the least so for one Cllr who very really speaks to show such an outburst he must be sure of his facts, well I be a little worried to have been on this committee and not seeing what was happening and yes I would be shouting for an enquiry but by whom? SALFORD COUNCIL HMM, we have seen their efforts at enquiries, Surely again we see inept housekeeping of city funds not going where they are needed. Time to start shouting for someone's head to roll I wonder who's
James Kersal wrote
at 14:14:05 on 13 December 2016
Shame on all involved is all I can say. Are there any honest people left?
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Star date: 22nd October 2018


Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of letters have been sent by Salford City Council to elderly people threatening them with the loss of their single person Council Tax discount as it states 'Records show that multiple adults are living at your address', even though they are widows and widowers. The letter tells them to fill in an online form 'within the next 14 days' or the discount will be cancelled.

"It's not fair to be treating your senior citizens in this way, it's just callous" says Jill Royle, whose 92 year old non-computer literate mother became totally agitated on receiving the letter "Salford Council needs to know how much anguish it's caused."

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"We stuck together and we won!" Vicky, cleaner at Royal Bolton Hospital

Bolton Royal Hospital workers are celebrating a massive victory after taking two days of strike action over pay parity earlier this month, supported by Salford UNISON and many other trade unionists.

The workers, who include cleaners, catering staff, porters and security staff, are employed by Bolton NHS Trust's subsidiary company iFM, doing the same jobs as other NHS workers but were offered pay at a lesser rate. Now they have won an increase in line with other NHS workers, backdated to last April.

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Next Saturday, 27th October, Save Our Nurseries campaigners are to hold a rally, from noon, on the lawn of Salford Civic Centre to reinforce the push for a long term solution to closures.

While Salford MPs Graham Stringer, Barbara Keeley and Rebecca Long-Bailey have confirmed attendance, campaigners are putting to the Council ten demands which must be met to avoid a clash.

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Tonnes of Salford's paper and card recycling collections are being rejected as people put the wrong stuff in blue bins, including dirty nappies, plastic bags, polystyrene packing and even electrical items.

Now Recycle for Greater Manchester has teamed up with Salford City Council to launch a What's In The Box? campaign to remind residents that only newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, paper wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and junk mail and envelopes can be put in the blue bins.

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Dick Whittington
Monday 22nd–Saturday 27th October
St Luke's Parish Hall, Derby Road £6.50/£5.50

St Luke's Arts and Drama Society, well known for its class performances, is putting on the classic panto, Dick Whittington this week, from Monday until Saturday.

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