Star date: 1st May 2014


Salford Labour Party is to face a huge anti-cuts challenge at the local elections on May 22nd, with the Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts  fielding candidates in nine of the twenty wards up for grabs, while the Green Party is fighting in eight of the wards. The Reality Party, founded by Happy Mondays' star Bez, is also standing in Irlam.

Meanwhile, the LibDems, once seen as the main opposition party in Salford, has collapsed in the city, fielding just two candidates.

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Bez Launches The Reality Party
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The political landscape in Salford looks to be getting a bit more exciting with the emergence of some new political names standing at the forthcoming local election on Thursday May 22nd.

Nationally, TUSCTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - is mounting what it claims is "the biggest ever left-of-Labour electoral challenge since WW2", and in Salford it certainly is mounting the biggest left challenge to Labour dominance, fielding candidates in nine of the twenty wards up for grabs.

TUSC – standing in Salford as Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts - is `an electoral alliance of trade unionists, socialists and community activists', with reps of big trade unions like PCS, NUT and RMT on its national steering committee, and former Labour MP Dave Nellist as its national chair.

Meanwhile, the election will see the first emergence of the Reality Party, founded by Happy Mondays star Bez, with its candidate Jackie Anderson standing in Irlam against the Labour Party's Roger Jones.

The Reality Party launched officially at Wangies Bar in Eccles on Tuesday at which Jackie Anderson said she was interested in "Finding practical, urgent ways to overcome the problems of poverty, homelessness and the range of completely unacceptable austerity cuts. I am keen to bring to life two of the Reality Party's key ideas; free food and free energy."

Meanwhile, Mark `Bez' Berry announced his aims to make national political change…

"One morning…in an angry rant, I threatened to run for Salford. Now not only am I going to run for Salford, I'm going to run for the whole country, because this is a true revolution!" he declared, unveiling the Party's manifesto…"First of all, free energy for everybody. Free food, free permaculture…Yes, and free transport, free public transport funded by the government... and to rescue our national health system!"

In a passionate speech, Bez also praised the Barton Moss anti-fracking protectors…"It's a blessing in disguise because it's brought us all together as one people, to unite under one banner... Let's save where we live…"

He has also pledged a full investigation into Greater Manchester Police's controversial handling of the protests, and a shift towards renewable energies. With a distinct attitude in his policies and approach, Bez is a forthright spokesman, and he's clearly unafraid to kick up a storm within the establishment;

"What they didn't reckon on is some kid from Salford, uneducated, brought up in Little Hulton, Eccles and all round the area, who's gonna fight back and take back the power, tell them where to go! Because they are the true criminals... and we are the people" he concluded to much cheering…

Meanwhile, the Green Party, also well involved in the Barton Moss anti-fracking protests, including a visit from its leader and members arrested during lock-ons, is standing eight candidates in Salford.

The local election will also show the true collapse of the LibDems in Salford. The party, which was only recently seen as the main opposition in the city is now only able to stand two candidates – due largely to Nick Clegg's participation in the ConDem Government coalition and the Salford response to it.

Many of the LibDem's former councillors and members have, strangely, jumped ship to UKIP at the right wing end of the political spectrum. The so-called `swivel eyed' party is standing in 13 of the twenty wards up for grabs. On the extreme right, the BNP is standing five candidates and the English Democrats three candidates.

Only four wards – Weaste and Seedley, Little Hulton, Eccles, Barton and Kersal – will have a choice of three candidates, while three wards – Claremont, Irwell Riverside and Walkden North - have six.

Irwell Riverside, for instance, will have a choice of local activist Graham Cooper, standing for Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts, against new Labour Party candidate Jane Hamilton, former LibDem councillor Janice Taylor standing for UKIP, plus Green Party, Tory, BNP and UKIP candidates. Kersal, on the other hand, gets a choice of just three candidates from Labour, Tory and UKIP.

Former Salford Council Leader, John Merry, will see his Labour Party seat contested by four other candidates from TUSC, Greens, Tory and UKIP, while the Motorcycle Alliance Party is standing in Langworthy.

The election will be held on Thursday 22nd May and one seat in each of Salford's twenty wards is up for election, with a total of 84 people standing.

Ben Dolan, Returning Officer for Salford, says: "The democratic process is very important as it an opportunity for Salford voters to decide who represents their views at Salford City Council. If you are not registered to vote make sure you do before the 6th May - make sure your voice is heard."

Voter Registration forms can be requested by calling 0161 793 3195. They must be sent by post as a signature is required by law.

The full list of candidates is…

Barton ward:
• Brunyee, Hilary - The Conservative Party
• Jolley, David Henry - Labour Party
• Wright, Susan Katrina - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
Boothstown and Ellenbrook ward:
• Battersby, Diana Joy - Green Party
• Collinson, Jillian - The Conservative Party
• Pevitt, Mike - Labour Party
• Wibberley, David - UK Independence Party
Broughton ward:
• Jones, David - Green Party
• Merry, John - Labour Party
• Metcalfe, Alan Paul - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• Odze, Chavi - UK Independence Party
• Purcell, Glenis - The Conservative Party
Cadishead ward:
• Cawood, Diane Natalie - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• Chapman, Dorothy - The Conservative Party
• Hudson, Christine - Labour Party
• Leather, Brenda - British National Party
Claremont ward:
• Benjamin, Ronnie - Liberal Democrats
• Dirir, Sareda - Labour Party
• Ferrer, Mary - UK Independence Party
• Goodall, Bob - The Conservative Party
• Iacopini, Rene - Green Party
• Kilsby, Matthew David - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
Eccles ward:
• Fensome, Julie - The Conservative Party
• Kelly, Val - Liberal Democrat
• Wheeler, Michael Joseph - Labour Party
Irlam ward:
• Anderson, Jackie - The Reality Party
• Croston, Glenn
• Gaskell, Noel - The Conservative Party
• Jones, Roger - Labour and Co-Operative Party
Irwell Riverside ward:
• Cooper, Graham - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• Hamilton, Jane Elizabeth - Labour Party
• Taylor, Janice - UK Independence Party
• Tumulty, Gary - British National Party
• Van Dyke, Emma Sarah Louise - Green Party
• Vaudrey, Helen - The Conservative Party
Kersal ward:
• Davies, Christopher - The Conservative Party
• Humphreys, Ann-Marie - Labour Party
• Odze, Shneur Zalman - UK Independence Party
Langworthy ward:
• Olsen, Andy - UK Independence Party
• Pollitt, Kay - British National Party
• Saunders, Arnold - The Conservative Party
• Warmisham, John David - Labour Party
• Yarwood, Mike - Motorcycle Alliance Party
Little Hulton ward:
• Burgoyne, Eric - Labour Party
• Paterson, Alexandra - The Conservative Party
• Simmons, Terry - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
Ordsall ward:
• Alayo-Arnabat, Jim - Green Party
• Burch, Tanya - Labour Party
• Griffiths, Sally - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• Turner, Nicolette - The Conservative Party
Pendlebury ward:
• Doyle, Paul Frank - UK Independence Party
• Lea, Bernard James - Labour and Co-Operative Party
• Macdonald, James William Ian - The Conservative Party
• O'Sullivan, Eddy - British National Party
Swinton North ward:
• Bulmer, Sharon - The Conservative Party
• Hinds, Bill - Labour Party
• Officer, Paul Robert - English Democrats - "Putting England First!"
• Wright, Glyn Alan - UK Independence Party
Swinton South ward:
• Balkind, Howard Saul - Labour and Co-Operative Party
• Broomhead, Anne - The Conservative Party
• Cullen, Steve - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• O'Neill, Joe - UK Independence Party
Walkden North ward:
• Brocklehurst, Adrian - Labour and Co-Operative Party
• Depares, Laurence - English Democrats - "Putting England First!"
• Dylan, Tom - Green Party
• Gill, Bernard - UK Independence Party
• Hill, Daniel - The Conservative Party
• Woodburn, Paul Stephen - Independent
Walkden South ward:
• Clark, Matthew J R - Green Party
• Redshaw, Albert - UK Independence Party
• Sharpe, Robert Andrew - Labour Party
• Turner, Les - The Conservative Party
• Whitelegg, Paul Anthony - English Democrats - "Putting England First!"
Weaste and Seedley ward:
• Kennaugh, Adam - The Conservative Party
• Quinn, Paul - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
• Wilson, Ronnie - Labour and Co-Operative Party
Winton ward:
• Darlington, Andrew - The Conservative Party
• Doyle, Paul - Independent
• Morris, Margaret - Labour Party
• Tomlinson, Wayne - British National Party
Worsley ward:
• Bertenshaw, Christopher - Green Party
• Coffey, Amy - Labour Party
• Compton, Graham - The Conservative Party
• Townsend, Andrew - UK Independence Party

Additional reporting on the Reality Party launch in Eccles by Longtom Richardson, with photos by Elspeth Moore.

See more pictures from the night at: http://p-b-e.smugmug.com/Music/The-Reality-Party/

David Cameron wrote
at 14:09:30 on 19 May 2014
@bernard. Well at least every on here now knows your just a part time socialist with a bank account, mortgage, pension and probably got lots of shares in different companies, what do you say , my fair weather socialist friend. On what I stand for I couldn't have been clearer. On yourself and ken, the people on this site have worked that out long ago, the've got you down for what you both are part time socialist hypocrites who talk socialism whilst in-bracing capitalism and you both have been uncovered like all the other socialist hypocrites out there and as your maths teacher use to say guilty, boy. Still no answers for the French, pension, bank account questions, Seems now your taking your ball home Bernard and you won't play fair. ps ken, buffoon's no ken, that's how you and Bernard come across. "Labour" as ken says Tory light. Ken and Bernard "socialist light"
Bernard Brough wrote
at 21:14:19 on 18 May 2014
This will be my last post on this matter. I really can not debate something with somebody who just repeats the same old bollocks without stating his or maybe her beliefs. You know what I believe in, what you will not do is set out your beliefs other that you hate immigrants and socialist. You refuse to say why you disagree with socialist policies.
kenneth mckelvey. wrote
at 17:18:40 on 18 May 2014
TO DAVID Camoron picking the Alias of a Buffoon is a ideal Non De Plume For You
David Cameron wrote
at 17:17:59 on 18 May 2014
@bernard, everything in life is about politics, from the price of bread to going to war. Far from my argument being weak, it's quite the opposite, hence the reason you won't discuses it because it strikes at the heart of your weak socialist principles, you attack capitalism whilst profiting from it, it's called two faced socialism, a great example is Russell brand, calls the bankers slates the rich and has £20 million in the bank making interest. No Bernard, if you stand there criticising people as a socialist about their riches, should't you be criticised for using the same capitalist system to make money as a socialist, ie bank account, mortgage, pension.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 08:56:02 on 18 May 2014
I'm getting a little bit pissed off now. Dave, I have told you that my financial details are none of your business. If you would like to debate politics fine, but you obviously do not want that, maybe because your argument is so weak. Guilty, as my maths teacher used to say, "keep up boy". I am no friend of the modern Labour Party. Read my posts.
Guilty as charged, sceptic i am. wrote
at 22:17:19 on 17 May 2014
Bernard, give your head a wobble will you Tony Blair was a Tory in drag we all know that, he claimed to represent the working man and would claim to do his best for them, opening up the energy markets etc. But really he represented the rich that profited from the energy markets just like Miliband does now. How many days manual work has Milipead ever done, NONE that's the answer, he's a career politician who looks after his mates and could not give a fook about the working man. True Labour is dead. Please do go on though and tell us all how your mate Blair (aka nice guy socialist Tony) opening up the energy markets to all the confusing and over priced monopolies created lower bills for yourself?????? I am eagerly awaiting your amazing cloud cuckoo land response, go on Bernard give us all a good laugh.
David cameron wrote
at 10:17:03 on 17 May 2014
kenneth mckelvey wrote at 3:24:09 AM on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 TO ALIAS camoron + Jones just to remind you the Torys Never have, Never did,And Never Will do anything that, benifits the Working Class. And Kenneth, what the socialist leftwing Labour Party did, throwing open our boarders to the dregs of the world really helped the working class in this country, especially the lowest paid. Ps Bernard and Ken still not answers the French, pension, mortgage, bank account questions, or is google not conning up with an answer for you both. Just googled it, it came up with "socialist, part time,fair weather, when it suits, not bothered because I'm a pensioner and no longer have to work thanks to my fabulously capitalist pension, or in one word hypocrites".
Malcolm Green wrote
at 06:59:15 on 17 May 2014
@ Kenneth..what a pure Tit u Are.. I see you on here,Salford Advertiser etc..Just an embarrassment to yourself..everyone calls you... Where are your Policies.how will they be funded and if...you got in ..how much expenses will you drain from us tax payers..Just sick of ur antics all mouth..No action..you need to Join Salford Labour Party,as your acting like them...TIT
Bernard Brough wrote
at 21:29:52 on 15 May 2014
Wrote, how in the name of Aneurin Bevan is privatisation a socialist policy. It just proves that the modern Labour Party are as socialist as Margaret Thatcher. Please do not confuse the Tory lite modern Labour Party with socialists. As for Dave, if you can not debate a subject without making things personal I really don't see the point. I repeat my personal financial circumstances are my business and have no bearing on anything here. You were asked some simple questions which to have relevance, but you refuse to answer. I draw from that that you are too afraid to answer those questions because either you are 1. A well of Conservative voter. 2. Paid by UKIP or the Tories to regurgitate their vile views. 3. One of those "I know my place", cap doffing, forelock tuggers who hold back the cause of social equality because they have some kind of innate inferiority complex.
David cameron wrote
at 21:29:47 on 15 May 2014
@ken. eu licences are "inferior", on skilled workers you say we need, go around salford precinct and tell me that the immigrants you see are the people that this country needs, none have any skills of any note, all economic migrants, go down to Dallas house, south langworthy rd economic migrants queuing outside the doors parking mercs and bmw's down the side streets and walking down to Dallas house to pick up their entitlements, seen it with my own eyes. Go to morrisons in Eccles where out side a Eastern European women sells the big issue, gone from begging on the streets of Romania to begging on the streets of Britain where she can claim benefits because she's classed as self employed, ken the above are just a drain on are economy these people are always going to be takers and not contributors to our country and meanwhile they help to force down the wages of the indigenous people, people who's parents and grandparents fought for this country, people who now have no future whilst we import cheap labour in to this country. Sorry ken and Bernard for shinning a light on to what is actually going in society which effect everyday people up and down the country. but I'm sure with Bernard's influence, the star will close down this thread as it has done in the past to stop you and Bernard's embarrassment, but then again you and your fellow lefties must be used to having your social engineering, leftwing socialism ideology taken apart in free debate. I await your next letter of racist insults. Ps found a way round the French socialist question or the bank account, mortgage, pension, ask Bernard for some idea's but then again he's probably destroying the precious few brain cells he has left trying to find the same answer.
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 12:53:25 on 15 May 2014
SCAMMY you are talking with your dick out again/ Econimic migrants with Eu driving licence/ Insinuating that Eu Licences are inferior/ I will repeat myself one more time I am against unlimited immigration I think it is lunacy but the UK through its own neglect needs Skilled Immigrants.
David cameron wrote
at 10:02:51 on 15 May 2014
@ken, a lot of bus drivers now, are economic migrants, none have sat a British driving test. Funny how people who have retired don't give a damn about immigration because they no longer have to compete for jobs in the job market with these low skilled wage reducing immigrants , ken your just like Bernard, your a part time when it suits socialist, you draw a pension which is a part of the capitalist system, I have a feeling you own your own home, have a bank account again capitalist, but slat capitalism whilst enjoying its benefits, again just like Bernard just another socialist hypocrite ( and to Bernard brough you were asked in the past on this site about your pension, mortgage, bank account. But just as then as now you said it was none of my business, typical socialist, slating capitalism whilst enjoying the fruits of capitalism. Ken as a socialist your against oil and gas exploitation yet you take a bus which uses oil to drive its engine, why don't you use a bike or walk like a proper socialist and save the environment , again hypocrisy from a fair-weather socialist. See you've left no comment on France's socialist leftwing train crash of an economy, tell me ken is it better to get 40% of the British wealthy people money or is it better to get 80% of nothing which is what France is getting, now most of its wealth generators are living in London, typical socialism, socialism is't about common sense and what's best for the country it's about envy. ken and Bernard your racist insults don't work, you both use them to try and close down the debate, a typical socialist tactic when you can't force your leftwing ideology on to people, the people of this country have had enough of this leftwing socialist shite, it's lost it's effect because people like you see racism where there is none, just like the case of the 67 year old radio DJ who has just been sacked for racism where there was't any racism. There going to be a back lash round the corner for socialists like you
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 20:46:59 on 14 May 2014
To Wrote ,or Alias Smith and Camoron which ever or who ever writes your bilge your at it again lying your pea brain of a Tory head off. When was Polish Bus Drivers ever mentioned you are assuming as all UKIP Torys do because I said " Bad Drivers" you wrongly Assume Foreign Drivers .You need to stop reading your Daily Mail and get the Independent. At least it might give you a true insight,and add a different outlook into to your warped judgement. Hope I have put the inverted commas full stops etc in the right places because when I was learning English the Second War was going full blast ( Sorry I Mentioned the War)Tut Tut Tut
at 19:45:14 on 14 May 2014
Bernard, this is what Tony Blair told us when he deregulated the energy market in 1998, cheap Gas & Electric for all! Is this not the case? Was it another Labour lie? Shame on those supposedly working class socialist politicians. Ken, well done on finding the full stop button it was not only annoying me but several others as well. Once again a Blue Peter badge for you old chap, now on to your other points (or should I say JOKES), Re privatisation see above the reply to Bernard!, oh and I am well aware of where you do your writing as several times you have slagged off the Polish drivers of the M10 bus route on this site whilst defending their right to come over here and drive a public service bus without so much as a "can I see your license sir", but hey what the heck Ken until they affect you eh! Oh and the roads in Salford are maintained by Urban Vision which is a public/private partnership entered into many years ago by your mates in Labour. That's right it's Labour and the lefties that have screwed up Salford so what are your proposals as a Salford leftie? More of the same!!!!
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:18:52 on 14 May 2014
Cheap gas and electricity through a free and open market? Give me some of what you are smoking mate.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 07:18:32 on 14 May 2014
Alias smith and Jones' What are you waffling on about. We heard all this bullshit off he last Tory government Private is better because their will be more competative. What we got were massive cartels of overcharging Sharks owning all the Electric Gas Water Rail and bus Services.All run like third world services at extortunate prices With a tax free licence .I Do hope my full stops and comma's are in the right place . But I do most off my writing on the bus on long boring journeys and the state of the driving and the sub standard tarmac these private road contractors use what do you expect.
Alan Jones wrote
at 19:17:28 on 13 May 2014
Lol, Ken you really need to get out more and actually listen to some FACTS, the NHS is not for sale not under this government or any other (including the previous Labour gov) what is happening is the creation of an open market and not a monopoly within the NHS you know that thing that you hate like with Gas, Electric, Water, Banks, etc, etc need I go on??? An open market meaning prices for supplies etc to the NHS come down which means the NHS has more money to spend on care for us the patients. What's the problem with that? And no before you say it, the government will not save a penny because NHS funding is PROTECTED, it will NOT go down under the current government (in fact it has increased and will do year on year for the next 4 years, what happens after is up to the next Gov). Oh and one last point, you will actually find out if you do some research that Royal Mail had to be privatised due to European competition rules (no way out, whilst we are in the EU), that's why the actual sell off was NOT critisied by your Labour mates. So you socialists want cheap Gas, Elec etc through a free and open market but oppose that same thing in the NHS???? Which side of the wavy line are you on Ken? And if privatisation is an evil why are your Euro mates are telling us we must privatise the Royal Mail???? What do we do Ken...................................................... Get out of the EU that's what. Then we can start making our own rules about our own country.
noreen bailey wrote
at 14:53:36 on 13 May 2014
it sickens me to know that all parties concerned in our elections fight so bad against each other and insult each other do you ever stop and think that if you all cant come together to talk like intelligent people you are supposed to be instead of arguing between each other like children that has lost their toys how on earth can we trust any of you, you argue and cannot see what you are all doing to this country conservatives you have ruined so many peoples lives through greed and not listening to what this country's people are saying to you people don't want to get up in a morning as they cant face another day in poverty and yes condems this is the mess you have made labour I once admired you but not any more you have let the working people down big time why would you not fight for our rights when we have all asked you to but to no avail all I can say is that you all need to take a good look at our country and see what you have done specially condems this name together says everything you have condemned us to a life of poverty a very angry mum
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 14:53:18 on 13 May 2014
D C Why bring immigration into it if their was any justice this filth of an Unelected Government should be in the clink for selling things the dont own ROYAL MAIL NHS ETC
David cameron wrote
at 14:53:03 on 13 May 2014
@ken, you'll find that it was the socialist Labour Party that introduced university fee's in England and Wales not the Tories, on Scotland both labour and the Tories have said Scotland won't be able to use the pound as there currency if they go independent and Europe won't allow them to join the euro, Alex salmon and the Scottish are living in la la land if they think their going to be independent and prosperous, the'll just become a tax haven for the super rich, one of your night mares, hey ken. you never know ken even Sean Connery might go back if they don't tax his wealth, that's why he left. It's also funny how you don't mention how well socialism is doing in France under the socialist Monsieur holland, seems under socialism the French economy is going down the pan, what's the tax rate in France, around the 80% mark. No wonder all the French wealth generators in France have left France and come to London, and that's fact not fiction ken
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:52:35 on 13 May 2014
Dave, I don't recall you asking me anything about my personal financial details, but if you did I'd tell you to mind your own business. You don't answer to my satisfaction because you never answer. I asked you simple questions. I think I know the answers and that deep down in your heart you a socialist. Come out of the closet, free yourself. I'm sure your family and friends will accept you for what you are.
David cameron wrote
at 11:16:14 on 13 May 2014
@Bernard. You've never answers my questions. when you blame the wealthy and bankers for the mess were in, remember you saying you hate capitalism but you got a bit guarded when asked if you have a bank account, mortgage or a pension, all part of the capitalist system, remember Bernard if you have a pension, this is in London being invested by those same greedy basterds you so hate so are you going to give up your pension, bank account, mortgage and become a true socialist, instead of the part time when it suits one, you now are. And as not answering to your satisfaction, is't this the problem with socialism nothing is to their satisfaction, until we get dictatorship under their socialist ideology. @ ken so you agree the Nordic countries are only wealthy because of gas and oil and not by what they produce nationally how do's someone like your self who hates oil and gas exploration ( fracking) but hold up Nordic country for praise for doing the same thing, suppose your just being a typical socialist, that is, being a hypocrite
David cameron wrote
at 11:16:08 on 13 May 2014
@ken, Britain also imports garbage from around the world, there called low skilled economic migrants and 10% of our prisons are made up with them.
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 09:24:09 on 13 May 2014
TO ALIAS camoron + Jones just to remind you the Torys Never have, Never did,And Never Will do anything that, benifits the Working Class,
Bernard Brough wrote
at 20:03:58 on 12 May 2014
Dave, not to my satisfaction. All you seem to do is bang on about immigrants and how bad socialism is. When you are asked a few simple questions you do not have the grace to answer.
Alan Jones wrote
at 20:03:46 on 12 May 2014
OMG sorry but got to throw my bit in on this one, Ken I see you have not come down yet from your Green party "love Miners, hate Coal" trip. I also see you have not yet found the full stop on your keyboard, it's the one to the LEFT of this one " / " that you keep using, thought you would have spotted that! Anyway lets get down to business Kenneth as I have pointed out in other threads your arguments about "the Nordic countries" are without merit (I notice how you are failing to name them now, or mention "Danemark") LOL. On another point you say "we will have to pay extra in cuts to welfare" how can anyone pay extra if something is CUT it's a no-brainer that one Ken. As calling anyone who does not agree with your views a Nazi, then get over it Ken Labour tried and succeeded with that for years, but now even they realise that reversed racism is not the answer, get with the times Ken lad, it's not racist to air your views on immigration, education, welfare, jobs, and the economy, but it is DEBATE and open discussion, something I think you and your militant socialist union comrades fear. On your Magic roundabout dole figures can I just say that actually 2.24m are on the dole not 3.7m and apx 10-15% of the figure are immigrants, and the biggest drop in employment in the last 25 years happened in 2003, no not due to the recession that happened 5 years later, it was due to IMMIGRATION. I unlike you don't tell people how to vote as I do believe given all the FACTS people can make up their own minds. For the FACTS on dole figures look on the ONS website, and before you say they are in with the Tories the worst figures are from when Labour were in power.
David cameron wrote
at 16:23:24 on 12 May 2014
Sorry Bernard, I'm afraid I did, when leftwing socialists like your self and ken start throwing their dummies out of the pram and start banding round words like nazi, goose stepper, fascist, people like you do this because you lost the argument and you can't debate, frustrated you car't force your 1970s militant socialism on people, and after the election we will see weather the people of this country supports militant socialism or capitalism and freedom.
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 16:23:17 on 12 May 2014
Scamoron at least the nords got the benifits of their gas and oil the people of the UK got a dole queue 3,7 million people long So Stick to attacking the Blind Poor And Unemployed. Your lot are good at that Not much good at anything else By the way the Nords import garbage from around the world to fuel their green energy programme Sell oil to the other Dopes
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 16:23:07 on 12 May 2014
SCAMMY so you think the reason the Scotch will vote no to indy is because of our NHS free prescriptions Universitys etc all the things the Socialist in the the Labour party implemented/ Unis for all not just the rich All the good things your lot are trying to sell off to their tax dodging paymasters are
David cameron wrote
at 07:38:22 on 12 May 2014
@ken, the Nordic countries standard of living is mainly down to gas and oil fields there floating on, and as for Scotland don't make me laugh they know which side their breads buttered, their not going to vote for independence their just trying to screw more money out of the English tax payer, the've got it to good under the Barnett formula as it is, I hope they vote for independence that will mean the end of the Labour Party in England, let's see how many years Scotland has free prescriptions a NHS and universities after independence and remember Scotland's population is dwindling so who's going to be left to pay all of the above and also remember ken that Scotland also has to pay its share of the financial debt that happened under labour in 2008 orchestrated by their fellow scots Gordon brown, tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, time we had a English parliament that represented the English.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:37:26 on 12 May 2014
David Cameron, no you have not.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 19:45:05 on 11 May 2014
David Camoron If that is your name he never puts up anything other than bigoted bullshit if he has any qualms about the advantages of Socialism just lookat the Care and Welfare of the people in the Nordic Country's / They have the Highest Standard of living in the World / Soon Scotland maybe joining them and that will be a body blow for the working class of England / Because we will have to pay extra in cuts to welfare and higher tax to keep the bloated parasetical establishment in greater London. The Royals Lords Dukes etc who just live a life of luxury and Indolence at the expence of the already underpaid and over taxed working people We have to endure the PAYE system They are nearly all Non Doms or Off Shore registered or just legalised Tax Dodgers..So do me a favour you stick with your Nazi Party who punish the Old Sick Blind Disabled and Unemployed. And give massive pay rises and Tax Cuts To Them selves And I will stick with my lot who want more better paid jobs with first class Health Care . And for working people to get a decent Standard of living/ decent housing /and a decent Education for the Children./So Sieg Heil und Gotten Nauct)
David cameron wrote
at 18:33:45 on 11 May 2014
@Bernard brough, been through all kens and your points in the past and shot them down one by one, like I've said before let's see how many socialist candidates and parties get elected after the elections, your militant type of socialism is confined to history where it belongs
Lee Craven MBE wrote
at 23:37:26 on 04 May 2014
We need change here in Irwell Riverside..had only two Councilliors covering the ward in three years..the other seemed to be abducted somewhere along the line ( But dull claimed their allowances) Another Ward council says they won't talk to me now about issues because I no longer support Labour, so Therefore I have now other option than to Vote Graham Cooper who will act on your concerns and will listen. Looking at Salford Councils rules on being a councillior , it seems the current ones haven't really acted on the Rules..
Bernard Brough wrote
at 23:37:14 on 04 May 2014
There is a very simple reason David Cameron (or whatever his or her real name is) wont go through all Ken Mac's points, the fact is they are all true. It is the fault of governments of both colours we are in the shit we are in. You can blame the unemployed, immigrants, whoever you like, the fact is it is down to the government, tory lite, the nasties all of them.
Martin V wrote
at 23:36:37 on 04 May 2014
If anyone thing voting for COUNCILLOR JOHN WARMISHAM, the man is a walking disaster and putting his ego before the safety of the children in Salford. SALFORD COUNCIL CHILDREN’S SERVICES IN TURMOIL BUT JOHN WARMISHAM REFUSES TO RESIGN… “I’m proud to stand behind Lead Member” says John Merry, Leader of Salford City Council, as he blames the media for “negative headlines”. At a stormy Salford Council meeting yesterday opposition councillors tore into the ruling Labour Council over its record in safeguarding the city’s most vulnerable children, following the suspension of Jill Baker, Director of Children’s Services… Citing consecutive damning reports on Salford Council’s Children’s Services from OFSTED, the Demi Leigh Mahon Serious Case Review and the Criminal Justice Inspection , Lib Dem councillors lined up to call for the head of John Warmisham, Lead Member for Children’s Services. Councillors Mary Ferrer, Joe O’Neill and Lib Dem leader, Norman Owen, attacked the Council’s record on child protection but John Warmisham, backed by Council Leader, John Merry, refused to budge.
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 23:36:31 on 04 May 2014
SO sad for you David if that is your proper name as usual the bigots attack the person who is rubbishing their bigoted views) I was fully employed for 50yrs paid all my Tax +N/I contributions To blame immigration for the ills of the UK is a cop out if you cannot see that well stick to your Nazi Logic and carry on thinking you are better than others/ We will have immigration as long as it suits the Bankers.By the way I personally think Unlimited Immigration is lunacy. Through the penny pinching Employers the UK has no skilled people so we have to bring in Foreign skilled Immigrants.But to think the wrongs of the UK are their fault that is disgraceful and just shows me that the people who attack them are empty selfish BIGOTS LIKE YOU Go into hospital and say you will only be treated by non immigrant staff and then you might see how stupid your views are
Brian F Kirkham wrote
at 08:03:08 on 04 May 2014
Have to say, given the critique of the libdems of the council over a number of years...I'm surprised the Libdems couldn't be bothered to turn up in a number of wards (including, I may add - my own, in Ordsall). Has the con-dem link become so fused they'll be posting for the conservatives this campaign? or will it be most will be coming from positions of safety in their strongholds in other districts of Greater Manchester? Local Democracy is poorer thanks to the antics that led to a toxic coalition.
David cameron wrote
at 08:02:55 on 04 May 2014
@Kenneth w mckelvey I would like to go through all the points you mentioned, but life is to short, you car't teach a man to think for himself that has been brainwashed for 60+ year on leftwing tripe. If your right on what your saying about how fantastic socialism is, the day after the election all your socialist parties and candidates will be in charge of this council and country, your greens and your tusc parties will be lucky to get out of double figures and as the saying go's pigs might fly, on immigration you need to get out a bit more, instead of just talking to your socialist circle of friends, immigration is the number one topic throughout the country unless your a lefty living on benifits with no intention of getting a job then your happy for immigrants to come in to the country to give you the excuse of staying on benifits
Jeb wrote
at 08:01:47 on 04 May 2014
Paul Quinn is correct . A fine resume of the continuing betrayal of Salford People by arrogant Salford Clowncil , and made even worse by Mayor Greedy and his parasite associates . Let's vote them out .
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 22:58:07 on 02 May 2014
According to Salfords own Dave Cameron(Salford Star comments) all the ills of the UK are the fault of the immigrants) Having no jobs available has nothing to do with the 3'7 million production jobs the Tory Party binned. Cuts to the Health Service/ The Armed Forces/ Police/ and Education Has nothing to do with the £67 billion lost to the Treasury by Tax Evasion. And totally ignored by the Governments of all the main Party's. Nothing to do with the Billions paid out to loss making Banks Nothing to do with the millions paid out in Bonuses to the aforesaid inept Bankers Nothing to to do with the £100 Billion going to be spent on Trident. Nothing to do with the £40 Billion going to be spent on HS2 train The list is endless / So stop spieling fascist Tory bullshit . Blaming immigrants as been going on since the days of the Vikings .So change the record blaming the immigrant as the culprits is finished 1
Dave the raver wrote
at 22:57:27 on 02 May 2014
@Graham Cooper "Whatever income I receive will go to a charity", WTF!!! "income" you are already thinking like the current Labour Cllrs, it's not an income but allowances and expenses just don't claim them in the first place and let the council + ulimately the Clowncil Tax payer keep the cash for vital services.... Remember if u don't claim then Salford tax payers gain, simples. Oh and your comment "any elected member does not represent everyone and in the case of UoS I can honestly say that will be a privalge", so can we take it you do not wish to represent "UoS"??? Maybe you need to read up the job description of Cllr and what it is all about, in the job of Cllr you must represent ALL voters in the ward regardless of who they voted for at the election, your ideology is the situation we have currently with the Labour Cllrs who don't give a toss about you unless you sing their tune. You seem to me to be a carbon copy of Salford Labour, so please on that note why not do as they do and tell us again about your policies!!!! Oh what's that! Salford TUSC don't have any apart from everyone else is a wasted vote? . Pot... Kettle.... Black
Graham Cooper wrote
at 16:25:16 on 02 May 2014
I am not a parasite, Whatever income I receive will go to a charity End of. Im campaigning on behalf of TUSC who are challenging severe cuts across this city by the labour ruling elite. I have been an active volunteer in Central Salford for over eight years giving many valuable hours to our communities and the people who live there. In this time I have seen many changes some bad some good. What I know makes a difference is people collectively lobbying/campaigning/or taking direct action via peaceful protest. I think its fair to say that any elected member does not represent everyone and in the case of UoS I can honestly say that will be a privalge.
slurp wrote
at 16:25:02 on 02 May 2014
Interesting .How can you go from the Lib Dems to UKIP? Have they all undergone a mass conversion on the road to ........Swinton? Or are they all just opportunists.Actually it might make for some interesting results - in some wards the Labour vote is going to be split 3 ways. Some sitting Labour councillor might get a nasty surprise. That said i expect it all pretty much to be same old same old by the time its all done and dusted.
White wrote
at 16:24:41 on 02 May 2014
What a miserable choice we voters in Swinton North have; Labour [Bill Hinds] - a vote for the status ; one of Stewarts lackies. Conservative - I have never ever even considered voting for them. UKIP - you must be joking. English Democrats - I am deeply suspicious of their motives. I do not want the present council to get a vote of approval, so which of the others has any chance of getting in?
Eddie wrote
at 16:24:26 on 02 May 2014
Can't agree with UoS. Why should the TUSC not succeed ? These are people of decency and integrity , unlike the career - politician parasites of the traitorous con/lib/lab parties. Read Paul Quinn's comments regarding the heinous betrayal of Salford citizens by the current Mafia. Spot on , and good luck ! It is imperative that we end the treachery so arrogantly displayed by the current mobsters .
kenneth mckelvey wrote
at 16:23:57 on 02 May 2014
All we seem to be getting on the Tory propaganda network is the UKIP Party which is a party that speaks out loud what the torys say in the privacy of their cloak and dagger clandestine meetings. UKIP is led by a dishonest fly by night City Spiv. Who has already been caught fiddling his Euro expenses. Never forget it was the Torys who took the UK into Europe. And have not stopped Whinging and Moaning ever since they found out they could not bend the rules in Europe as easy as Westminster The UK will not leave Europe till the Bankers want us out
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 16:23:32 on 02 May 2014
UoS had it wrong about TUSC - we're here to stay. We've been fighting elections in Salford since 2010. People said the Labour Party wouldn't survive when it was first emerging from Liberal Party domination. Yet it became a mass party because the working class needed representation. And they need it even more now that the Labour Party has turned its back on them - cuts, austerity, bank bailouts, Trident etc. Finally can I remind UoS that the Marx quote about 'dustbin of history' applied to the capitalist system, and it's as true now as it was then.
David cameron wrote
at 16:23:09 on 02 May 2014
@ uos, don't worry about candidates that are from the left of the political spectrum, Communist socialism is dead in this country, there is only three parties in the race in these elections UKIP, Tories, labour anyone out side these parties is a wasted vote and the biggest issue in salford and the country is the massive influx of cheap low skilled immigrant labour that is also putting massive pressure on social housing all caused by the labour parties open door policy on boarder control
UoS wrote
at 23:11:31 on 01 May 2014
TUSC will go the same way as all of the other movements before it - straight into the dustbin of history. I realise people may find "Bez" superficially appealing, but remember he will be called upon to take legally binding decisions and to represent our views in doing so. There is something wrong with local politics when a candidate's central quality is that he is not trying to rob you! That so many Liberal Democrat candidates have jumped to UKIP illustrates how vacuous and self-serving local government really is. All local representatives are interested in is collecting their Councillor's stipend at the end of the month. I will not be voting as the very act of voting is to give consent to being expropriated by these parasites.
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