Star date: 15th February 2014  


"They were just hitting everybody. It was chaos…horrendous…" Diane

A woman who, we understand, was having a fit, was handcuffed and dragged through a field by Greater Manchester Police Tactical Aid Unit officers at Barton Moss this afternoon. She lay on the floor for 45 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

After another unbelievable day that saw four arrests, Peel Holdings declare people were trespassing on their Barton Moss Road and police sealing off the public footpath, solicitor Simon Pook is to bring in the United Nations… "Greater Manchester Police appear to have discarded the European Convention of Human Rights into the gutter" he said.

Full details here…

Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford
Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford
Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss GMP Brutality Salford Barton Moss 15th February 2014
Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014
Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014
Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014 Barton Moss 15th February 2014
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After the District Judge had declared Barton Moss Road a public footpath (see here), and the successful blockade of the iGas delivery lorries on Thursday (see here), today came the brutal backlash from Greater Manchester Police and its Tactical Aid Unit (TAU).

This morning, a convoy of lorries delivering to the iGas exploratory drilling site arrived as notices were posted on cars and handed out to the public declaring…

To Whom It May Concern

Please note that Barton Moss Road the A57 to Tunnel Farm is owned by Manchester Ship Canal Developments Limited and beyond that point by Peel Investments North Ltd and there is no right to occupy Barton Moss Road without the consent of the owners.

The only public right over Barton Moss Road is a footpath for pedestrians any persons occupying or possessing Barton Moss Road are doing so as trespassers without the consent of the owners and should cease such occupation.

The notice had no headed notepaper or signature, but appeared to be a manoeuvre in the face of the GMP's court defeat last Thursday, to arrest anyone not complying with the notice for `aggravated trespass'. Greater Manchester Police constantly warned people of this throughout the day.

Peel Holdings, or the Peel Group, not only own Barton Moss Road but all the fields surrounding it, including the iGas drilling site, and Barton Airport where the police are based during operations, drawing rent off all of them. It now appears that the company - stuffed with vested interests - is preparing to evict anti-fracking campaigners.

As the lorry convoy approached the entrance to the iGas site this morning, accompanied by huge numbers of police, all hell broke loose with Tactical Aid Unit officers literally running riot according to eye witnesses…

"While there was a protector on the roof of one of the wagons, a police officer said one of the guys had called him `a dickhead', so they read him his rights and the police went into the field to arrest him, pushed him to the floor and handcuffed him" says photographer Jason Smalley "Two other protectors were trying to protect him so they got chased and pushed to the floor.

"I was shooting a video of it, and I got pushed really hard onto the floor" he adds "They said they thought I was going to assault the officer… The police were being really aggressive, there was a woman fitting in the field while they were handcuffing her…"

Another eye witness, Diane Steels says… "Vanda is a mother of four, they tried to strangle her and they were just hitting everybody. It was chaos… horrendous once the Tactical Aid Unit had come in. I was scared. Everyone was scared. We were just running because they were chasing everyone

"…Earlier, they pushed us and bullied us down the road" she adds "They have damaged my knee, they were just kicking us in the back of the legs so we couldn't physically walk any faster, and then it kicked off in the field because someone swore and it escalated from there."

Jason's photos show a police officer with his hands around Vanda's neck, then handcuffing her and then, with another officer, dragging her through the field. The end of his video clearly shows that she is having a fit (see the video on YouTube - click here)

While this was happening, police officers had sealed off Barton Moss Road from the public, declaring it a `crime scene'. As well as the public and the Salford Star reporter, Lindsay, an impartial legal observer, was also prevented from having access…

"I got a call from the Camp to come because of aggressive policing by Greater Manchester Police Tactical Aid Unit" said Lindsay "I've been prevented from doing my job as an impartial legal observer. I'm not part of this protest, I just make statements of arrest in case the arrestees need a witness statement to assist them with any future court cases or action. They have refused my entry onto a public footpath."

By the time the public footpath was open and people made their way to the iGas site entrance, Vanda was still lying on the floor with no ambulance in sight and even one of the protectors, who was a trained nurse, was refused access to tend her… "I'm disgusted" she said.

"We called an ambulance and there wasn't one available" a Police Liaison Officer told the Salford Star "We are not willing to move her and can't go into the circumstances of that. We are waiting for the ambulance to come and they will take control of the situation."

After 45 minutes an ambulance arrived and took her to Salford Royal Hospital, where, we understand, she was `de-arrested'.

On the scene was the Camp's lead solicitor, Simon Pook of Robert Lizar Solicitors, who is also a legal observer.

"What I have witnessed today at Barton Moss has confirmed my greatest fear… A fear that Greater Manchester Police appear to have discarded the European Convention of Human Rights into the gutter, and replaced it with political policing, re-enforced with overt aggression" he said

"My experience there today caused me to be concerned for my own safety, based on my observations and interactions of Greater Manchester Police" he added "I am firmly of the view that what took place today appears to be political policing in favour of a corporate agenda. I call on GMP and the Police and Crime Commissioner to tell the public `Why?'"

Speaking of the police closing off Barton Moss Road to reporters and legal observers he added that he intends to contact the United Nations about the policing of Barton Moss.

"The United Nations Special Rapporteur of peaceful protest has made strong representation to the UK Government in regards to not allowing legal observers to come through and observe the police in an individual capacity" he explained "The UK government said they would consider that report, which was produced in July 2013. From what I've seen today that doesn't seem to be the case.

"I'm happy to update the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations in regards to a full report on Barton Moss and the GMP conduct and that's something that I intend to do…"

Main photo by Jason Smalley

UPDATE 17th February

The arrested mother featured in this article has accused GMP of acting like a `pack of wolves' following her ordeal - see latest Salford Star article click here

Dave wrote
at 17:19:37 on 26 March 2014
You people writing saying that the police are nothing but Nazis etc etc are as brainwashed as you claim they are! I'm not saying every police officer is perfect, but give them a break. I find it insulting that you call them fascist and so on, because you have no idea. Try living under Stalin before you talk utter crap.
Phil'O wrote
at 21:02:20 on 21 March 2014
The smiles on the faces of sadistic men dressed as police, beating up someone, In this case a woman! with no possibility of defending themselves , their arrogance not hindered by the camera's presence. At least we know there are a few journalists out there with a sense of right and wrong, those who don't just 'forget' what they know to be true but report it as they see it and risk their own futures.Apart from Foot or Pilger I can think of few. Thank you to all of them and to all who have discovered that being on your knees isn't an option.
james wrote
at 09:48:01 on 23 February 2014
never consent to anything because courts arent real there unlawfull also acts aint a law so u cant break an act shove yer contracts thanks mr cameron thanks to you i want independence no idea how u can watch girls get dragged to the ground by scum and ignore it at barton moss
peter wrote
at 07:14:55 on 23 February 2014
peel holdings nobody was tresspasing on your so called owned road its labelled a public footpath for a reason its for the public and from the videos i have seen its shocking the cops are scum so peel holdings u dont have have a leg to stand on at court hahaha the whole problem in this world greed well done to the protesters guys keep up the good work what about cats and dogs walking that road they aggravated tresspassers to lmao bunch of tits
at 04:37:26 on 18 February 2014
SALFORD STAR ... You are doing amazing coverage over the Barton Moss, Police brutality... That is all that they know. That poor woman being dragged like a animal ? Not one bit of RESPECT ... Do I have for THE G.M.P.They are all showing there true colours .. MR FAHAY, TONY LLOYD.Who gives these orders for them to treat people, even O.A.P.S LIKE ANIMALS. They all human beings ... with human rights ....
Jeffery Salt wrote
at 22:24:29 on 17 February 2014
Great work Salford Star. The GMP are brainwashed drones, as good as nazi guards and worthless in the world i want to live in. We must continue to peaceful protest.
suzy edwards wrote
at 16:44:16 on 17 February 2014
I am an epileptic and i can tell you by moving her the way they were id she was actually in spasm when they moved her they could have broken her bones. I don't care if she has commited a crime you wait till she is conscience before you arrest her that is a danger to her life and disgusts me.
Sophie wrote
at 13:53:36 on 17 February 2014
I'd like to answer the people who ask 'don't these people have jobs?' I am a local Salford resident, as are my family and friends who have been down to protest against environmental ruin and corporate greed down at Barton Moss. My answer is: Yes, I have a job - a full-time one, in fact, and I manage to come down to protest by fitting it in whenever I can. My family and friends do the same. Some people work shifts - sometimes my friends have 4 days off in a row and are able to spend a decent chunk of time down there. Myself, I am taking unpaid leave because I feel so strongly about showing my peaceful opposition to the dangers that the fracking process will mean to our community. My other point is that the people who don't have jobs don't neccesarily 'sponge off the state' - and even if some people are benefit claimants (and I don't know who is and who isn't, if any) , is that a reason to be vilified, honestly? Would it be better if they were sat at home drinking tea and watching daytime TV? Or actually using their minds and spirits in order to do something very worthwhile and important.
Zen wrote
at 13:53:23 on 17 February 2014
POLICE LIES HARM US ALL Sounds like you face a few unpleasant system people, and, as usual, the 'justice' system is on their side. Luckily, you can invoke a higher law - The Law of Karma - because every single one of us is perfectly equal under just one law - the only law never run by corrupt human beings. Whatever we think, say, or do, the energy of it is connected to us, so any wrongdoing, is an energy, which extends itself from it's source. So if you imagine a mirror, you can return that bad energy straight back to source, and by invoking The Law of Karma ( I usually serve a polite written Notice on the person, explaining my understanding of the law, or do the same verbally ), you may accelerate the process. I have been using this process for years, and the most spectacular judgement was that of Judge Andrew Chubb, who, when a barrister, was particularly nasty to me when helping Devon & Cornwall Police cover-up council planning corruption. He burnt to death in exceptionally unusual circumstances; one of three lawyers in one case who had messy unexpected career terminations. We are not powerless, but the power is NOT ours; it is held by The Keepers of Karma. Good luck!
George w. Kerr wrote
at 13:52:58 on 17 February 2014
Britain Sold it's soul somewhere along the Line since the Forties. You all blame Maqggie Thatcher. She was just the figure-head. The real " Buck" stops on the nations people. Who, pre-occupied with their own demands ( Greed) Allowed our Governing bodies , including the Police, to shape their operations , duties and responsibilities to suit themselves, By the nature of the Job some Flexibility is required for Different situations. They differ so greatly. And by Saving Manpower the Services can be caught short. As in This case. The real fault lies in administration Shortage of Cash ( Channelled into Administrators pocket, rather in sufficient manpower to do the work and as in this case it goes horribly wrong. Mistakes were made here on both sides and Both sides are going to have to concede to that. G.M. P. must lead the way in that. But For Heavens Sake take to the Streets against the Real culprits and withdraw A L L support for a Government That just Does Not Care what happens to the electorate. As they Sip the Champagne that you pay for at the Banquets that we pay for. Do you think they discuss Our welfare ? ? Get Real DET TOUGH> Stay at home and refuse to give any of them
fiona may wrote
at 22:38:57 on 16 February 2014
Why doesn't the so called media report this? Yet again corporate big wigs
Dave Hodgkiss wrote
at 22:38:52 on 16 February 2014
Reminiscent if the miners strike 30 years ago!!
ian roche wrote
at 22:38:46 on 16 February 2014
gmp are bullys i have had it with them my self by Tactical Aid Unit thay tel mager porkys i took them to cour and won them and thay had to pay me nasty bullys i carnt say more
James Larkin wrote
at 22:38:22 on 16 February 2014
Reply to Mike the knight: fair pints about the photographs. Please visit the justice4bartonmoss and say no to fracking at Barton moss Facebook pages you will find video that will answer you questions. Also YouTube has video. Good look in your search for clarity. Hope you cone back here and post your findings. Well done salford star forthe quality of your reporting.
Lucy wrote
at 18:48:51 on 16 February 2014
Reminiscent of politically motivated police behavior in the 80s and assaults on miners,ethnic minorities, travelers, peace camp residents etc. Anyone daring to defy capitalist hegemony becomes an enemy and a target of its State. Thatcher danced with Pinochet, remember, and now her Frankenstein sons follow in her footsteps.None of the above article surprises me as much as it appalls but this is just what grubby Capitalism does. Good move to contact the UN and more journos would be good. Respect to the protesters both for their cause of fracking and for resisting this tyranny
Marysa de Veer wrote
at 18:48:26 on 16 February 2014
It's a not so merry go round, and here we go again. I would urge anybody reading this to www.writetothem.com and make the most of the power of pen being mightier than the sword. I wrote to my MP today and have written frequently over the issue of police breaking the law and have met him too. The more of us that stand up to this un-called for behaviour the better. "Dear Mr Tyrie, Please can you ask the home office why the police are breaking the law in Barton Moss and arresting protestors for 'obstructing the highway' when it is a footpath? The police brutality had calmed down quite considerably since I met you in Chichester a couple of weeks ago and they became less hostile but unfortunately that all changed again and there are more signs of police brutality happening all over again in Barton Moss. I did not feel that the letter from the home office addressed my concerns which were specifically about policing of the police themselves. My comment to you on the police policing themselves referred to the current system being rather like reporting the crime to the criminal. Thankfully our judicial system is in place and cases are thrown out of court, but this is not without first putting people through a distressing time of it having been illegally arrested. If you would like to see the footage on this please let me know. I do not want to be living in a country where our police forces are following their own laws over and above the laws of the land. Yours sincerely,"
Mike the knight wrote
at 18:48:07 on 16 February 2014
To be fair 3 or 4 photos show the police making an arrest, without any context. We dont know how this woman was acting before this or what she did. For all we know she could have shoved an officer and rightly got arrested. If she was having a fit then the officers treated her as best they could, theyre not medically trained to the extent of the ambulance service and didnt put her in the van for her own safety. The rest of the photos show the police just standing there, while protesters are up in their faces. This shows that only one side where being aggressive and it wasnt those in the uniform. I appreciate good honest journalism as much as everyone else, but this reeks of propaganda. Which surprisingly can be a two way street, just because you dont have the money and power of a government doesnt mean you cant bend the truth for your own means. shame I thought this website was pretty cool
kev wrote
at 18:47:26 on 16 February 2014
The nazi's were just following orders too. Where there is money to be made the police/govt care nothing for people. Cameron has been to China and picked up on their human rights and brought them home. Media blackout keeps the majority in the dark and will eventually spin it so legitimate protestors look like hippies. Don't be surprised, this is the country we live in. The agenda rolls on. Divide and conquer.
stewart wrote
at 18:47:10 on 16 February 2014
Always intrigued me as to how these people find the time to protest, do any of them work? If you are asked to move and are obstructing the right of way and do not then the police have a right to move you. Simples!!!
Tom wrote
at 18:46:59 on 16 February 2014
We need to destroy this system before it destroys us.
HELLO wrote
at 18:46:54 on 16 February 2014
at 8:28:22 AM on Sunday, February 16, 2014 = TORY PRICK.
Lynda Weetman wrote
at 14:29:37 on 16 February 2014
I watched the live feed yesterday in tears at the way the protectors were treated. I would love to know how many GMP were present compared to the peaceful protectors and what the cost to local residents was. Was it only last week that Peter Fahy (Chief Constable for GMP) was bemoaning the cost of policing Barton Moss.
Chaz wrote
at 14:29:32 on 16 February 2014
...and in the meantime the people of Salford sit back and watch Women being brutalised, people having their bones broken and old ladies manhandled. What a shameful bunch of people!!
Anon wrote
at 14:28:57 on 16 February 2014
I cannot believe one of the comments from Natalie Windsor! "Write to Obama"? What do you think that he will do? Jesus Christ people are in such a slumber that they think the devils right hand man is a saint.
Michael Fitzalan Way wrote
at 14:28:45 on 16 February 2014
Violence. Someone once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Only when violence is managed is it possible for reason to prevail. Violence and aggression. Think about it - no-one is engaged in any form of violence or aggression at Barton Moss other than the police. Say it a few times - a mantra - "Only the police are engaged in violence and aggression" Please note - though often unwelcome, physical force is not the same as violence and aggression. If my home was occupied by unwelcome trespassers I would expect, if reasoning had failed, that some disciplined authority would be able to physically remove the trespassers without in any way employing violence or aggression. If a child or adult is struck by a bout of uncontrollable physical anger, a professional will ensure that this outburst is physically controlled to ensure the safety and well-being of the child or adult and all others around until the outburst has run its course or it is possible to place the child or adult in a safe place - without recourse to violence or aggression but calling on the professional training automatically required by anyone dealing in a physical environment with other people as facilitators and managers (as is the role of the police if called upon to allow lawful access or to prevent unlawful activities) This is the only way in which the law is allowed to operate and the only way in which police may handle/manhandle the public. If the police are in a situation where they are being fired upon by armed criminals, they are not allowed to respond with anger, violence or aggression, they are trained to respond with reasonable physical force, and in extreme situations, sadly, this may be deadly force. Note: they are trained to respond with physical force - trained. Nowhere in any training manual is a police 'officer' allowed or expected to respond with anger, personal or collective. I quit the U.K. in 1978 - Thatcher was on her way and I didn't think I could handle what she turned the country into. Brought a play to the Edinburgh Fringe in 1984 merging Orwell's masterpiece with the story of Queen Boudicca's rebellion, but the miners were already on their knees - it was called 'Orwell's Boudicca'. I can't come back now to join my fellow Lancastrians - life is too hard keeping bread on the table here in Ireland - if I leave, the little we have would fall apart completely. It breaks my heart knowing that the outlandish outcomes in the play are becoming a reality in the hands of the State Police. QUESTION: what is reported above contains a number of clear breaches of protocol, principle, property law, laws concerning public access, breaches of police regulations, failures to safeguard the rights of the individual, health risks, duty of care failures, endangements, assault, bullying, harrassment etc. WITH the expert legal advice and representation clearly present, or obstructed going about lawful business, and the multitude of cases which could be brought against the police, the transport companies involved, the owners of the land in question and the government, local and national, IS IT WORTH considering a tactical withdrawal of the protesters and simultaneous flurry of applications for injunctions against all offending parties with a clear date for the return of the protests set should the legal process fail to achieve the intended objectives, namely: 1/ No police violence or aggression (brutality) 2/ Public access to public places guaranteed by court order 3/ access to Barton Moss by contractors denied until the affairs of all the parties concerned in the intended development of fracking at Barton Moss have been found to be in order 4/ cases prepared against individual police, contractors, drivers etc. who elswhere would automatically have been charged with an offence or offences for their actions at the Barton Moss site. Plus many more, I am sure. Best wishes to all - Michael (b. Chester, grew up in Lancaster, now living in Wexford, Ireland)
Andrew wrote
at 14:28:22 on 16 February 2014
Police doing great job, keeping the peace and dealing with these disgusting hippy types protesting on private land,they should be all in jail , simple as that , they arebreaking the law and should be locked up. thesecompanies are trying to earn an honest living getting natural resources out of the ground to help fuel britain, bloody hippys deserve a good kicking, god bles the queen and GMP.
James wrote
at 14:28:06 on 16 February 2014
Police and government are there to serve the people, but only serve themselves?
alan davies wrote
at 11:36:59 on 16 February 2014
The national media seem to be absent in all this,wonder why? Since when does calling someone a name give cause for the reaction we got from the GMP?
Natalie Windsor wrote
at 11:36:55 on 16 February 2014
Glad you're going to the UN. Go to the EU as well and write to Obama. The police should not be allowed to physically hurt people who are peacefully protesting. They should be subject to the law if they do so, and not above the law. If this means rewriting the reasonable use of force law, then so be it.
Nick Ward wrote
at 11:36:33 on 16 February 2014
Hats off to you Salford Star! May your powerful stand against the eerie silence in mainstream media enhance your reputation worldwide. Thank you!
Richard Wheatley wrote
at 11:36:25 on 16 February 2014
Funny init, that the government enforcers are there to clear a peaceful protest, but when travellers rock up on private land it takes a few weeks to move them on... Just saying and I don't have an agenda against either group, just comparing.
Jenny Shepherd wrote
at 11:35:49 on 16 February 2014
Linked to your article from Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker, here, many thanks for reporting this horrendous police abuse of public's right to peaceful protest http://www.energyroyd.org.uk/archives/11190
Kenneth Mckelvey wrote
at 11:35:34 on 16 February 2014
Why the big surprise at the police Brutality and the Tax Dodging Peel Holdings having all the control and shout when it comes to who controls the law Is the judge who stated it was a public footpath Wrong Or have Peel Holdings with this bent government done another dirty dastardly deed same as one that was done on the the Miners The torys make the laws without going through the Parliamentary processes they profess to be the party of Law and Order That is only when things are are going there way When they cannot get their own way Out comes the True Tory sA rat bag collection of Nazi loving Fascists
Kenneth Mckelvey wrote
at 11:35:20 on 16 February 2014
When the Tory Press and the BBC Finally let the public know what is going on at the Moss / You will get the most one sided Story you have ever heard/ Some of those tory Papers the only truth you read in them is the Sports Results And the date on the Front Page / Their Readers are Brain Dead
chris green wrote
at 11:35:10 on 16 February 2014
Manchester police have been violent, abusive thugs for over 40 years. Many (including the highest ranks) have had long standing personal connection to the far right going back to the 1970s. In the 1970s many male Manchester police were known to have assaulted protesters, especially females. Nothing has changed.
Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt wrote
at 07:36:38 on 16 February 2014
So good that you are all surviving up there and living our her/istory for ALL of us Thank you I hope Vanda sues and thatb SPook gets UN support for all.
Simon Turner wrote
at 07:36:30 on 16 February 2014
So refreshing to see some proper journalism.
martin wrote
at 07:36:18 on 16 February 2014
GMP needs to be disbanded and a new separate Police force covering the individual parts of the north west should be created. The IPCC and CPS are not fit for purpose. GMP(Gangsters, Murders, Ped**)
Nigel Woodcock wrote
at 07:35:56 on 16 February 2014
I note that Ed Miliband has been talking about climate change today - but why does he remain silent over this dreadful situation at Barton Moss?
amanda simpson wrote
at 07:35:44 on 16 February 2014
im disgusted this is another way the tories will get what they want they dont care who or what they hurt as long as its not thier pocktes the next thing is there will be someone murdered and this will also be covered up by the so called law enforcement officers who at the moment are one big fat joke. karma my officers what goes around comes around and lets see if anyone normal civilized person will come to your aid let me think NO.
dean rush wrote
at 07:35:26 on 16 February 2014
lies lies these oil companies and government are fixed on getting what they want on a short term gain ...we I and many many more don't want there destructive energy,,, these people must stop ...the world cant take it any more its insane
Kevin wrote
at 07:35:13 on 16 February 2014
All police at Barton Moss should be named and shamed so their families can see what utter SCUM they really are.
Gillybob wrote
at 07:34:41 on 16 February 2014
Why is it always GMPs fault? Is nobody else ever in the wrong here?
Sean Jenkins wrote
at 07:34:27 on 16 February 2014
Welcome to nazi britian.
Richard Ford wrote
at 07:34:15 on 16 February 2014
Words almost fail me. It is such a sad day when the UK police have become so politicised and so blase with the notion of justice that they feel that brutalizing people is OK. What a sad day for peace and love and rightful protest.
Sylvia Macklin wrote
at 07:33:58 on 16 February 2014
Well said James Larkin. I will never trust GMP after the appalling way they have treated PEACEFUL protectors of our land. Yes Peel ITS OUR LAND, OUR RIGHT OF WAY. I have seen the brutality with my own eyes and have put in a complaint to GMP. The only reply I have received is "the matter is being looked into." Well that is not good enough. The violence is still happening. If this government does not sort this out NOW then I fear for this country. It seems we have no rights anymore and violence can only breed more violence. I am truly disgusted.
butlincat wrote
at 07:33:43 on 16 February 2014
How come these characters get away with this? This is outrageous - sheer thuggery by those in the pay of the taxpayer! It is a pubic scandal how they use violence and fear as a means to an end. This is not policing but thuggery - completely unacceptable.
Patrick Tracey wrote
at 07:33:22 on 16 February 2014
Why did the police remove all the permanant metal footpath signs last week and put them in the back of their transit vans and whisked them away where are they now? Who authorised this? As no tools used, just brute force is this not criminal damage? How could this not be a political intervention to cause uncertainty and chaos and enable purgery in court? Is this not a conspiracy to confuse the truth of evidence given in court? Are the council and courts aware of police actions? Appalling bully boy tactics, I will never look at the police in the same way again.
Brian F Kirkham wrote
at 07:33:03 on 16 February 2014
I refer Salford Star to the Note plastered on the car windscreen, This isn't a legal notice - more like a veiled threat...why? simple! Even when the police themselves issue notices it has a) a place and number to respond to and b) the name of the person issuing the notice. Has any Councillor been notified? has the road been adopted (the note mentions its private) because I would guarantee if any holes in the road appear it'll be the people of Salford and not peel paying for its upkeep.
Paul reeves wrote
at 07:32:27 on 16 February 2014
what I have seen is that the police are doing what the government has told them to do and this is being allowed even though a lot of people around the country don't want this fracking do the goverment listen NO its there saying " we do as we please we run this country so sod every-1 else " we will run tis country the people don't have a say well I'm sorry but this is way out of hand and the police responsible should be punished and sacked the way they have injured and the ay they are being to heavey handed yet as we have seen nothing will be done except coming out with the protesters are in the wrong yet it a public footpath so why cant they be there ??
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Star date: 8th December 2018


Salford Star Exhibition, Auction and Event
With Nigel Pivaro, Simon Williams, Chris Flynn and Sandra Bouguerch
Sunday 9th December 10am - 4pm (events from 1:30pm/auction around 3pm)
Salford Shopping Centre (next to Lloyds Bank)

Tomorrow sees the final day of the Salford Star pop-up shop and exhibition, with an auction hosted by Nigel Pivaro of weird and wonderful Salford relics and bargain Christmas presents; plus street poetry from the spirit of Salford himself, Simon Williams, songs by the ace Chris Flynn and a Party On performance piece for all the family by artist Sandra Bouguerch.

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written and produced by Salfordians for Salfordians
with attitude and love xxx