Star date: 21st January 2014


"Why are you kicking me?...Oh my head…You've smashed my skull on the ground" Kris during live arrest footage.

Yesterday a protector called Kris at the Barton Moss Community Protection site was left with a broken eye socket and multiple injuries, after Greater Manchester Police arrested him for apparently obstructing them. Kris filmed the whole incident which was streamed live around the world.

Those who attend the daily demonstrations against the IGas exploratory drilling site have taken to holding mirrors up to the police, as in other parts of Europe, to help them reflect on their actions.

Full details here…

Barton Moss Camp Salford Barton Moss Camp Salford Barton Moss Camp Salford
Barton Moss Camp Salford
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"Why are you kicking me?...Oh my head…You've smashed my skull on the ground…I require medical attention…"

Disturbing footage of a Greater Manchester Police arrest at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp was beamed live around the world yesterday, as disabled cameraman, Kris, continued filming as the police appeared to inflict injuries upon him under the supervision of a Chief Inspector.

On the 13 minute long videos now being seen on You Tube (click here) and bambuser (click here), after about eight minutes, viewers can clearly hear Kris shouting "Why are you kicking me?...Oh my head…You've smashed my skull on the ground…I require medical attention…"

When Kris was released from Swinton Police Station at 2am this morning he had multiple injuries, listed as `a broken eye socket, contusions to his face, back and knee'.

Earlier Kris had insisted to police that one of the lorries travelling down Barton Moss Lane had illegal licence plates on its rear and had asked what they were going to do about it. According to the video, this was about all he did, before being arrested for apparently obstructing the police.

In response to perceived police brutality, today's blockade of lorries delivering to the IGas exploratory drilling site was silent and sombre with protectors turning their backs on police lines. Reaction on Facebook sites to the police action was generally one of horror…

"Absolutely shocking!" wrote Julie "I knew the police were being out of line with the protesters, but to think they are actually engaging in violence on purpose like this, no more than criminals themselves…they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour."

Jodie wrote: "disgusting", while Janice wrote: "My perception of good policing has been undermined by the police force themselves on almost a daily basis and has left that perception in shreds and as I try to hang on to the thought that maybe just maybe there are some good ones I question why would they stand by and watch as their colleague's brutally arrest people for doing nothing unlawful. Perhaps if one of them were to have taken Kris's comments on board this evil tactic would have been avoided. Dear Kris I am appalled and deeply sickened by the senseless thuggery that you have endured and I wish you a speedy recovery and to know that all our hearts are with you and support you…"

In recent weeks, protectors at the Barton Camp have taken to holding mirrors up to the police during the demonstrations, as has happened at demonstrations increasingly in Europe, so that the police, apparently, can reflect on what they have become.


Greater Manchester Police have just issued the following statement: "Greater Manchester Police is aware of the footage relating to yesterday's arrest and this has now been passed to GMP's Professional Standards Branch. Officers are also looking into allegations that a lorry attending the site had an unlawful number plate. Enquiries are ongoing."

SOLIDARITY DAY Sunday 26th January
There is another big Solidarity Day with the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp this Sunday, with coaches coming from all over the country.
Meet 1pm Salford City Stadium

scott jones wrote
at 06:25:07 on 26 January 2014
having read some of the comments about the police,i would like to point out that being a true irlamer(ie.some one whos family has lived in irlam before 1969 after that your just a salford refugee) irlam/barton and cadishead water supply comes from the pennines in big concrete pipes so the fracking carnt pollute our drinking water FACT! also irlam/barton and cadishead has always had heavy industries of many different types (margarine works,steel works,tar works,ink works ect)all of which have contributed to irlam/barton and cadishead in many good ways so pack up your tents hippy protesters and get the frack out of here!
Chaz wrote
at 05:17:50 on 24 January 2014
Full enquiry into this anti democratic disgrace followed by sackings and prison terms otherwise we enter a very very dark place indeed. Shame on the GMP.
alan davies wrote
at 12:52:51 on 23 January 2014
No way did kris!run anyway,he hobbled.And even he wasn't disabled there was no excuse for plods to assault him.I am disgusted by the so called policing of this protest situation.Roberts n oc should hand in their warrant cards and go hide..
Disgusted wrote
at 12:50:53 on 23 January 2014
I see a change of admin in Westminster has changed our law enforcers view of assault in this country. Whether or not the gentleman protesting was breaking the law or not...Is Kicking someone in the head, regarded as common practice by OUR police service ? If so, a complaint of the highest order should be level at the new Police Commissioner - Turn it on its head - if it were a police officer - the protester would be in the new fast track court as fast as you could blink.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 05:06:40 on 23 January 2014
David Cameron you have not been right about anything up to press and now you are wrong again / You not only don't look you don't listen I will explain once again I HAVE NOT VOTED LABOUR since the Iraq war/ These new labour torys are about as much use as these Eton Schoolboys who are persecuting the Sick Old And Low Paid for the benefit of tax cuts /and 200% pay rises for The fiddling Bankers and their Bonus's/ 11% Rises for themselves/ and 1% rises for the workers/ Plus 20% cuts to OAPs heating Allowances / Pension Credits/ etc so in future either refrain from comment or get your facts right. ! And until their is a trustworthy Old Labour Candidate I will carry on voting for the Green Party . They are at least honest that is more than you can say for the rest of these other charlatans /How can any party tell the blind that they will just have to get used to their blindness and look for work And force a retarded women to look for work while she was actually in a coma/ This government is disgusting
NotAnHonestCopperInSight wrote
at 18:57:21 on 22 January 2014
The problem is the good coppers soon get forced out or leave in disgust when they realise the vast majority of them in the GMP are corrupt. So this leaves behind only the law breaking thugs with nobody to answer to. The only solution is to sack ALL of GMP and replace them with honest law abiding officers.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 16:00:16 on 22 January 2014
So Mr Tynan it is right for the police to resort to tactics that the Gestapo would be proud of is it? Maybe we should all beat the living crap out of any individual who dares to use the odd unfortunate term to describe us. As for the pillock hiding behind Cameron's name, one question, who the fuck is running this hell hole of a country Stewart or the nasty party?
Patsi wrote
at 15:59:53 on 22 January 2014
GMP are policy men not police policing is not the same as u think it is, they are all corporate security guards nowt less STOP PAYING UR COUNCIL TAX STOP PAYING POLICE REFUSE!!! lets all take a stand to not pay and tell em why no ones paying starve the beast. Let Igas pay the scum.
Piggy wrote
at 11:06:03 on 22 January 2014
Remember the police brutality , violence and fit-ups during the Great Miner's Strikes ? NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THIS CORRUPT HELLHOLE SOCIETY.
George Nuttal wrote
at 11:05:56 on 22 January 2014
It's not an arrestable offence to have a cardboard number plate not even is it for not having one at all, it's dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice and who's to say that the driver had not already been given one. The police may know if he had of been but the loud mouth protesters would not have known, maybe that's why the police did nothing, and before anyone says "why didn't they tell Kris that?" the answer is they can't disclose that information that would be a breach of the lorry drivers rights.
Kenneth Mckelvey wrote
at 11:05:17 on 22 January 2014
THE Term Moron Idiot looneys is being used all the time now by the people who are I presume Pro Fracking/ I would like to suggest to them to get the truth regarding the filth and pollution left by Frackers the millions of gallons water full of Toxic filth left by frackers the dieses that are caused by them /The people of Canada USA Are very Sorry Now the did not Protest in the first instance But they live in a more Democratic Society than us in the UK our rights to sue the Frackers will gone by the time all this filth comes out in the open this useless government is putting our right to sue in the same bin as they put all our other rights And I am sorry to tell you the looneys are the people who are aggreing with these tax dodging pollutors And certain not the people who are defending our Health not only for this generation but generations to come
Prisoner Irlam wrote
at 06:21:21 on 22 January 2014
A very sad affair, when challenging wrong doings of the state etc etc you can feel like your up against a tidal wave !!! As a member of the electorate I feel all of our councillors at present must be on sick leave or abandoned ship, as for peaceful protests I know the police allow them as I was involved in a local one over 17 years ago of which the local police were informed and sympathetic .i am not anti police but as a local I don't believe in using a sledge hammer to crack a acorn! Labour are in the pockets of the Tories for allowing this development to proceed at the expense of our health if it all goes mamories up.else were our neighbours in Northern Ireland one of the councils has spoken and want to ban it!!! No amount of money can pay for you health once it is damaged so who a name please accepted money from Igas on behalf of the local community for Irlam and Cadishead can you ask the Question Salford Star
EM3 wrote
at 06:20:21 on 22 January 2014
are we in Russia or Syria? What is the police response please? We are paying your wages!
Kerris wrote
at 06:20:02 on 22 January 2014
I watched this with total disgust and horror, I would like to say disbelief but it's all there for us to see, the gent with the camera was most determined to draw attention to the illegal number plate, he was not, in my view, doing anything wrong, he told the police officers that he was disabled but they still attacked him. This has shaken my trust in the police! People who have questioned this mans disabled status clearly have no understanding of disability, it was obvious from the movement of the camera that he was lurching rather that running smoothly. There are many disabled folk who have the guts and determination to soldier on regardless, he is a very brave man, here's hoping that this attack has not undone the good work of his recent surgery?
rob tynan wrote
at 06:19:33 on 22 January 2014
If these protesters want to protest peacefully, why do they constantly goad the police, hurl insults etc. The only reason the police are there is to ensure these idiots don't cause any damage. I have watched quite a few of their videos, and to be quite honest, I find their behaviour quite threatening. The only reason these protesters are there is to promote their own minority left wing anarchistic ideas on how WE should live our lives. They need to leave now while holding their heads in shame. Tell you something, for a disabled man he couldn't half sprint across that field full of newly planted crops!!!
frank mcquillan wrote
at 06:18:40 on 22 January 2014
Maybe the protesters at barton moss should give back to gmp what they gave to the disabled man it should be ok as it was ok for them im sure it will be.v
David Cameron wrote
at 06:18:11 on 22 January 2014
Ken, stop blaming the Tories for this mess at Barton, the biggist wanker in all of this is Ian Stewart and labour if they didn't want this site to exist they could close it tomorrow, if they wanted to, but Stewart wont because he don't give a shit about salford or it's people. Keep voting labour
KennethMckelvey wrote
at 22:15:45 on 21 January 2014
I have noticed that the British Bullshit Company who are a stones throw from where the the Police are Brutalising legally Protesting UK citizens /Are keeping STUM about the gravity of the Police Brutality/ Tory News papers like the BBC can never seem to grasp that peaceful protesting is still one of the few rights that this Useless Gang Of Posh Schoolboys Have Not Yet Made Illigal yet/ And all the Snide and Unfounded remarks by the pro tory pro Fracking Brigade / Never sign their proper names Typical Shithouse Tory Back Stabbers TW@Ts All
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 20:25:48 on 21 January 2014
The UK is sleep walking into a Fascist State/ No Access to Legal Aid / Councils banned from investigating any side effects of Fracking / Brutal handling of peaceful protesters/ unlawful Killings of unarmed people / Changed a law which carries a prison sentence with only 1 Reading in the house of Commons/ Light Sentencing or fines for illegal Acivitys by wealthy people / PhoneTapping / Price Fixing/ Rate fixing/ Police tried and Found guilty of brutal treatment of Prisoners in Custody/Released and jobs back after appeals / In the 1930 tys the biggest admirerers of Herr Hitler were the Royals and the Tory Party / Nothing has Changed torys are still Nazis in their manner of treatment of the public just to get their money grabbing way/Never Have done anything that benefits the ordinary people of the UK Never Did and Never Will ?
Bob wrote
at 20:24:59 on 21 January 2014
Anyone who watched Kris's live stream will appreciate that he was not running through the field but limping. Kris does have a disability but like a lot of other disabled people does the best he can without whining about it.
Sharon Attrell wrote
at 19:23:17 on 21 January 2014
Absolutely appalling behaviour from GMP it seems to be getting more brutal as the days go on. Also it seems the legal observers observing the police actions are the ones being picked on and given bail sentences so they are unable to continue live streaming. We need the live stream to watch in contrast to having the unbiased MSM video edits. Bail should be lifted as to my reckoning it was constructive arrest by the GMP. How much more evidence is needed for people to wake up and stand up for the PEACEFUL protectors who are doing their best to save Briton from the devastation of Fracking. Get well soon Kris you are a brave man they are the weak ones hiding behind uniforms. Best wishes to all at camp and a message to the GMP . . WAKE UP ! ! !
Marysa de Veer wrote
at 19:21:54 on 21 January 2014
I logged on last night to be confronted by the footage of Kris being brutally attacked by our own police force! They are supposed to protect us not attack us! This behaviour is totally unacceptable. I'm so grateful to the SalfordStar for taking up the story, as the more people that get to hear of it the better and the GMP should hang their heads in shame. I have forwarded footage to the BBC news and written to my MP www.writetothem.com and also to the GMP themselves complaints@gmp.pnn.police.uk I suggest that if readers feel as horrified as I do that they also write in to the papers, to the MPs and district councillors and email GMP. The more that do the more likely that these atrocities will cease.
dave b wrote
at 19:21:41 on 21 January 2014
after watching this it made me glad that i no longer live in Greater Manchester, they have turned into nothing more than paid uniformed thugs. i hope the officers involved in this and the other assaults previously at Barton Moss get charged same as anyone else would, unfortunately this wont happen because the pen pushers in higher authority will turn a blind eye.
Chris wrote
at 19:21:25 on 21 January 2014
"wrote at 11:09:07 AM on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 So disabled that he managed to run the length of a field first" You clearly know fuck all about disability, and fuck all about our right not to be assaulted or censored.
Mrs Tracey Bawden wrote
at 19:21:12 on 21 January 2014
The police are ment to protect the health and safety of the general public not damange it
Annoyed wrote
at 19:20:54 on 21 January 2014
To the sender called Wrote, I'm also disabled and I'm not physically disabled..but I have another form,not all of us are classed as physically disabled...people in society are Just so Naive.
Eric Knight wrote
at 19:20:38 on 21 January 2014
This is a reply to 'wrote' (11.02). Please keep your clearly ignorant and sheep like observations for your friends at GMP. The subject is not about lawful pursuits such as field walking, with or without a disability. Its about corrupt, ignorant brutal state sponsored but corporately paid thugs attacking innocent members of public. Get a life...stop reading the Mail and start thinking for a change about why this protest even exists.
Reverend David Barker wrote
at 19:20:17 on 21 January 2014
It seems that the GMP have taken lessons from the MET. They are here simply to help the large corporations raping mother Earth for a financial reward, nothing more nothing less. In the mean time, the good news is that more and more people are waking up to this fact and the ruling elite will undoubtedly meet there cummupence soon enough. I can not wait!!! Wishing this brutalised man a speedy recovery and good luck in any forthcoming lawsuit!
Andy wrote
at 19:14:32 on 21 January 2014
Runs very well of a disabled fella , likes the sound of his own voice too much for my liking. Do you expect professional police officers to react when somebody is shouting rubbish at them , it's white noise to them !!
at 19:13:52 on 21 January 2014
Kris is a friend of ours and from what I know he is registered disabled.. he recently nearly lost his leg .. having undergone serious surgery from which he was still recovering. He can walk but clearly displays signs of the fact he is not fully fit.
cbp wrote
at 17:09:29 on 21 January 2014
The behavior of the GMP on site at Barton Moss is completely unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable, they are making fools of themselves. Mark Roberts and a few of his heavies really need to get a grip. I hope Kris isn't seriously injured and is able to make a full recovery.
at 17:09:07 on 21 January 2014
So disabled that he managed to run the length of a field first
Lee Craven MBE wrote
at 16:28:08 on 21 January 2014
I'm very shocked at the Footage and hope the Disabled Gentleman is ok
linda Davies wrote
at 16:28:04 on 21 January 2014
I think it is just total overkill, brutality and bullying. I have complained twice to G.M.P. Heard not one thing back . Also contacted Barbara Keeley M.P. Come on people wake up and support the Protectors/protesters. This is your home .
Frances Leader wrote
at 16:27:46 on 21 January 2014
Thanks for this article! Your support is greatly appreciated by all Protectors!
diane steels wrote
at 16:27:23 on 21 January 2014
We came in peace to protect Mother Earth we still maintain our peaceful right to protect and this is the sort of daily bully boy tactics by the GMP. This is not the first time GMP have hospitalised a disabled man on our daily marches remember Chris Pannell? The more serious injuries are put into the media but every day we are bullied verbally and physically only today a local man along for the walk was subjected to verbal nasty abuse regarding his weight this is surely wrong on every level. There is no longer any respect for the law. What next?
Kim wrote
at 16:27:09 on 21 January 2014
I watched the footage of Kris' arrest live yesterday and felt sick to the pit of my stomach at the brutality of GMP officers. Fighting crime, protecting people is their motto...it's more like fighting people, protecting crime. GMP have lost their credibility with me, I'm appalled and disgusted at their foul and unprofessional conduct. Get them sacked.
sandra lowe wrote
at 16:26:58 on 21 January 2014
SHOCKING!! No other words. Hope he recovers very soon.
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