Star date: 4th December 2013 


Around two dozen campaigners from the Barton Community Protection Camp managed to delay the delivery of equipment to the IGas drilling site by over two hours today as wagons backed up onto the main Irlam road.

The trucks were guarded by a huge Greater Manchester Police presence, including Tactical Aid Unit riot vans and dozens of police personnel. There were no arrests or injuries during the peaceful protest.

Full details and photos here…

Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking Salford Eco Camp Protest Against IGas Fracking
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There was a massive presence from Greater Manchester Police today as lorries delivered `exploratory drilling' equipment to the IGas drilling site at Barton. Tactical Aid Unit riot vans and dozens of officers were deployed to protect the lorries from, at most, two dozen protesters, including one 81 year old lady.

Anne, who is 82 on Sunday and uses a walking stick, was at the front of the protest which, to the beat of drums, walked at a snail's pace down the lane leading to the IGas site, holding up the trucks by over two hours.

"There's definitely loads more police than were needed" she said "I didn't feel threatened, although I certainly did last week when they were pushing right in my back all the way.

"I'm a Green Party member and we are the only political party that is totally against fracking" she explained "It's yet another con by the rich on the poor, destroying the whole environment. It's totally outrageous because it's backed by the Government in secret. They're rushing it through, selling off England because they don't care. There was one of them on the tv, gloating because the whole North West was ripe for fracking."

Today's huge police operation came in the wake of Worsley and Eccles South MP Barbara Keeley raising questions in the House of Commons about police overkill and the cost of the operation.

As the protest meandered down the lane there were police photographers everywhere, a video van, evidence gatherers, liaison officers, the Tactical Aid Unit vans and dozens of officers of all ranks making sure that the two dozen dancing people in front of the IGas delivery trucks kept moving.

"The idea is to delay them as long as possible, just to get a clear message across that they have no social licence for fracking here or anywhere in the UK and that the industry will not be tolerated" explained Dan, one of the inhabitants of the Barton Community Protection Camp.

"Anywhere that they mobilise fracking equipment or infrastructure, bodies will mobilise as well to slow them down and hopefully grind them down to a halt, so they can pack in the whole idea of fracking worldwide" he added "The Camp's been good; we've got our fires, our kitchen and our toilets so everyone's pretty comfortable. We just need as many people as possible to stay or come down just for a visit, it makes a difference. We need to increase the numbers and we've got a serious chance of stopping the industry from exploiting Barton Moss forever."

• The Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group has called a Day of Solidarity this Sunday, 8th December at 12:30. They are asking for people to bring banners and meet at the junction of Liverpool Rd and Barton Moss Rd, just past Barton Aerodrome.

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Bernard Brough wrote
at 5:38:08 AM on Monday, December 9, 2013
The End, it is about opinions, but you seem to think anybody out of work is not entitled to an opinion. Furthermore do you really think that trying to belittle other peoples opinions makes yours any more valid? I'll leave you to try and figure that out.
the end wrote
at 3:10:47 PM on Sunday, December 8, 2013
the usueal bull shit Bernard statements - is about opinion, not just yours
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 11:39:59 PM on Saturday, December 7, 2013
I wish the NO FRACKING protesters All over the UK every success /More so the local ones on the Moss/. BUT These Power Company's Mainly Tax Dodging Foreign People Who Have Been Given A Right To do What They Want In Their Search for this Obnoxious Gas / By a Government who has never had any regards for the North/ Never did have any regards for the North And never Will have Any regards for the North/ They can leave us with the same FILTHY MESS their forefathers left us in the past / If they let these spoilers leave us the same polluted rivers spoilt woodland all devoid of fish birds wild life flora fauna It would not concern them one bit as long as their is plenty of tax free money for them they are just wealthy SCUM
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 11:39:26 PM on Saturday, December 7, 2013
The End all I can recollect was that theAtomic PowerApperatus were built in Trafford park the only time in my working life I was in the park was when I was the Main Contractor for the brickwork on all the Warehouses on Guinness road For I D C An American Company I went back into the park years later to do some. brickwork on the ESSO Plant and what was left of the massive industrial complex the biggest industrial Estate in Europe the one I had seen Was Gone/ I made inquiries what had happened with people I knew who were Engineers who had worked all their lives in the Park They Said Thatcher Closed it but you sayBrown Did Brown also sell our Oil /Gas /Water/Trains/ Planes/ telephone / Coal /Ship building / Blah Blah
Bernard Brough wrote
at 11:19:48 AM on Saturday, December 7, 2013
The End, what business is other peoples employment status? If somebody is sick or out of work does that make them unable of have and express opinions? I must also object to you referring to me as a "loony local", but what can one expect from a blind bigot?
the end wrote
at 11:18:53 AM on Saturday, December 7, 2013
Kenneth w mckelvey - i think you will find Labour sold Westinghouse just before we decided to build new stations (ask gordon brown), we are now looking at EPR and the GE hitachi ABWR, this is because westinghouse has not passed the GDA, Or did you forget that one. Check your facts about UU, you will find in this area (Irlam) its for the aquaduct ring, suppied from the lake district. Ground water is from the pennibe ring area , The land her is not suitable for ground water collection once again you are devoid of the facts
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 12:48:00 AM on Saturday, December 7, 2013
I Wonder if THE END realises that since the privatisation of the North West Water the private Water Companys Sold A Large Amount Of the Collection Resevoirs So for emergency or time of drought they have been taping into the Water Tables / Which are subterrian lakes/ So now with Profit being the water Authorities main object /The water Authoritys will not be unduly worried about pollution of any description as long as it dosent intefere with profit (PROFIT RIDES SUPREME)
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 11:45:33 AM on Friday, December 6, 2013
The End reckons only a few local looneys support the Anti Frackers/ Anti Frackers are now everywhere that this useless Government are considering Implementing this dodgy system for getting Gas/ As for the people who are against the use of more Fossil Fuels The End thinks that they are all a Slate Short.The UK led the World with the use of Atomic Power Invented it Built it and Manufactured It nearly all the Mechanics of Atomic power was Built and Assembled in Trafford Park/ Another useless Government led by Maggie Binned It and handed it to the French There is your fully Qualified Looneys
the end wrote
at 1:17:08 AM on Friday, December 6, 2013
I suppose you are on annual leave then?, Just to be correct 1)only a few loony locals support you, most of us do not 2) our drinking water comes from the lake district, check you facts before you talk bollocks, it may be an issue in the south where water comes from aquifers, but not here, I bet you are alos pro wind power, anti nuclear as well. PS all the crap you are burning on site is alo a polutant
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 1:10:17 PM on Thursday, December 5, 2013
82 Year old Lady Protester Anne was spot on when she Stated that this Government do not care as long as they get the Fracking started/ Osbourne was literally slavering at the mouth at the thought of another UK source of power to sell off to his well heeled Tax Dodging Backers. Even though it do's not carry a safety Warning/ And do not expect any covering from the BBC they are in this Governments Pocket. And as another Protester said the Government do not care what happens to our Children or the environment done by Fracking/.Just a note to the protesters though you are small in number you are admired in thousands.
Truthster wrote
at 1:10:11 PM on Thursday, December 5, 2013
@Geoff, do you actually travel down the A57, if you do you will find it is massively congested all the time during the rush hour due to the road "improvements" because of port Salford and the Reds stadium, oh and forget match nights at the stadium, there is no congestion on these nights, just gridlock. As for "house prices" it's true what you say some of the protesters will not be affected by the inevitable drops in the Irlam and Eccles areas, but does that not tell you something about those protesters who personally stand to gain NOTHING financially? Maybe just maybe they are protesting because they CARE, unlike the local council.
Aunty Fracking wrote
at 12:03:57 PM on Thursday, December 5, 2013
It'll take more than rain, snow and ice to stop us. Believe me, we are well supported by the local community who deliver fresh food and supplies on a daily basis and ask for nothing in return other than that we continue blocking the fracking while they are unable to. Unless you're on the ground seeing what's happening, don't judge. Before making claims that we're all jobless and workshy, try GOING and TALKING to activists on site, you'd be surprised just how many different walks of life are in attendence.
Erin wrote
at 10:10:17 AM on Thursday, December 5, 2013
One has to wonder what the governments excuse will be if we end up with a child cancer epidemic due to polluted waters. Provided they have had a turn at the new carnival attraction allegedly opening next to the london , madame guillotine.
Geoff wrote
at 10:10:11 AM on Thursday, December 5, 2013
So all you have done today is cause a traffic nightmare for everyone trying to get to work on the A57. That's not going to get people on your side is it? I wonder how many of these "protesters" house prices will be affected by the "fracking". That's all they are trying to do so don't be fooled by the nonsense they spout.
Nona Suomy wrote
at 11:43:04 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Laughs @ ''The End'' it's already hit minus five down there and snow acts as insulation. ''Job dodgers'' Hardly, go down there and find out who these people really are. When your water is on fire and melting your bath... and the Canal and the Irwell are dead just remember to go and thank Peel holdings and iGas for their services. Wake up dick slap!!!
Ecclesian wrote
at 11:42:54 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
What stinks here most is the fact Salford Council stopped the peat moss extraction industry in this area last year on "grounds it caused unescessary vandalism to the moss".. Well if this exploratory drilling of the moss isn't vandalising then what is????? It seems our council are as bent as a nine bob note with no ones health , safety and well being and sliding through planning and drilling permits in green belt area faster than you can blink. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-20268223
Ecclesian wrote
at 11:42:17 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
And with regards to policing costs , they're probably fronted bt Peel Holdings as they own the land ... suprise suprise.... it also probably explains as to why the bbc hasn't given so much as a blink of an eye in real terms as reporting wise goes as Peel Holdings (yes them again) rentvthe BBCs new premises to them at media city.... You can't shit on your own door step right ????
Ken Mckelvey wrote
at 11:41:56 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
How can the end as he/she calls themselves /Just assume that the protesters on the moss are job less/I Worked for 50yrs Paid in full Tax and National insurance/ And it is only my age and Health that is stopping me joining them At least they are doing something about a very unproven type of Gas/ Reports vary from poison methane in the water supply / Mini Quakes/ Harmful to Wild life/Even Gas coming through the kitchen taps /Llike all money making Scams by tax dodging Multi National comps they just Hit And Run/ When the Damage is discovered they are back where they come from counting their tax free wealth
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 11:41:19 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
@the end: actually, 'the 'bell'(?) end', I'm retired, as are quite a few of the anti-frackers who have turned up to the protests. We have done our stint at the workplace and are trying to make the world a better place, whether fighting cuts which you probably approve of, or in this campaign. We, unlike you, are prepared to fight for the future of our children and grand-children. And from the attendance at last week's meeting at S. Michaels, 55, including at least 30 local people, we are winning the argument.
Robert Davies wrote
at 11:40:51 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
The end. Most of the people do have jobs. Some are self employed and some spend their spare time trying to protect the environment for your children and their children. Instead of spouting your bile, I suggest you do a bit of research
Michaela wrote
at 2:11:55 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Does that give me licence to run you over, you 'moaning bastard'? For the record, if you begrudge other people their rights and opinions - never mind that they benefit your family as well - you forfeit the right to your own.
salfordian wrote
at 2:11:25 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
@ The end, why dont you crawl back in your brainless cowardly hole?
Sue Lees wrote
at 1:10:09 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
IGas has confirmed today that the company isn't paying anything towards the policing. It stinks.
alan davies wrote
at 1:10:04 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
I am very much in favour of fracking free barton/chat moss and urge locals to get behind these protectors.Including the Eccles citizens who have decided I am politicaly undermining,no pun intended,their pathetic little site on facxebook..
the end wrote
at 1:09:57 PM on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
just run the moaning bastards over, we need some rain snow and very cold nights to sort them out. Lazy job dodgers
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