Star date: 29th August 2013


A United Nations expert on the right to housing will meet people affected by the horror of the Bedroom Tax, including reps from Salford Against The Bedroom Tax, at a special meeting on 7th September in Manchester.

Raquel Rolnik, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing will take evidence which will be reported to the Human Rights Council at its 25th session in March 2014.

Full details hereÖ

Never mind Egypt and Syria, the United Nations is coming to Greater Manchester next week to hear evidence on how the Bedroom Tax is blighting the human rights of people living in this country, thanks to ConDem Government policies.

Raquel Rolnik, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, will be meeting with the Greater Manchester Anti Bedroom Tax Federation, which includes reps from Salford Against The Bedroom Tax, on Saturday 7th September 3pm at Friends Meeting HouseÖ

"We will be spelling out in human terms the injustice, insecurity, debt and despair caused by the Bedroom Tax and other benefit cuts" says Eileen Short of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation

"Our rights to secure homes and communities are under attack with evictions already threatened" she explains "We are glad to welcome the UN Special Rapporteur to expose the scandal of the UK's attacks on the poorest and disabled tenants."

The Anti Bedroom Tax Federation adds that the UN Special Rapporteur has said that she welcomes the opportunity to join the meeting. A spokesperson said: "She's told us that she is 'keen to get first-hand stories, insights and analysis of the situation of the right to housing in the UK, in particular of those whose rights are most at risk'."

The Special Rapporteur is on an official visit and will meet with Government officials as well as Bedroom Tax campaigners throughout the UK. Preliminary findings and recommendations will be presented at a press conference on 11th September and an official report on the visit will be presented to the Human Rights Council at its 25th session in March 2014.

For further details see the official UN website Ė click here

Patricia wrote
at 17:47:16 on 05 September 2013
I have lived in this 2 bedroomed house for approx 38 years,i have built up a lovely community where we all look after each other and check on the elderly etc,to be ripped from all i know is so wrong,i am on my own and petrified of being thrown out!! i have 5 grandchildren who love to stay at their nans and there are NO 1 bedroom flats here at all so where am i supposed to go???people who have never missed their rent payments are now getting into debt for this dreadful bedroom tax and getting desperate enough to kill themselves,it is a horrendous state to be in,a catch 22 there are not enough flats or houses to move us to which is not our faults!!

carol wilkes wrote
at 23:00:37 on 30 August 2013
I am a disabled lady and my husband is my carer. We had to move from our family home to a 2 bedroom ground floor flat. Because of my disabilitys my husband has to have his own bedroom which is why the council said we could have a 2 bedroom flat. When this bedroom tax was coming in I thought we wouldn't have to pay as we don't have a spare bedroom, how wrong was i. We was told because we are married we should sleep together even though we have told them we carn't they say there is nothing that can be done and pay. We put in for help with the bedroom tax and they took my D l a in to account. Which we have been told in the past that money is to help me not for bills. We have now received letters giving us 5 days to pay or they are starting court proceeding. I am worried out of my mind. I am now waiting for my blackouts to start because of all this stess and upset. Wish someone could help us. We don't even have a spare. room

Andrew Peacock wrote
at 23:00:28 on 30 August 2013
im also disabled with MS and my 4 year old son stays with me 3 nights a week and as done so for over a year now ,he stayed for a week whilst his mum went to malta and as also stayed with me for 3 weeks of these school hols and yet i still have to pay bedroom tax reguardless of my son staying with me in his own bedroom as ITS HIS MUM THAT GETS CHILD BENEFIT ,making her exempt .THIS AS TO BE ILLEGAL SURELY !!!!! THEY CANT CHARGE ME FOR A BEDROOM THATS OCCUPIED .BUT THESE UN ELECTED ARSEHOLES ARE CHARGING ME !!!!!

Mr Peter Lowe wrote
at 22:59:43 on 30 August 2013
This my story.but I have now offered to pay £15 a week until my pension comes through so as not to be evicted from are home. Hunts Post News Paper. 30 High Street Huntingdon PE29 3TB Telephone: 01480 411481 Cambridgeshire hywel.barrett@archant.co.uk Dear Hywel Barrett, 10th June 2013 As per are telephone conversation this afternoon regarding this bedroom tax that this government has now inflicted on the 5+ Million people that are out off work which includes the many very vulnerable people, i.e. the poor, the old, the sick and the disabled and so on. I now find myself like many many thousands at the age of 61 and worked 44+ being penalised by this wicked governmentís bedroom tax and also my housing association LUMINUS Homes being threatened with being made homeless and put onto the streets because I am trying my hardest to find this NEW money (£15.00 weekly) to pay this bedroom and (£5.00 weekly for my none dependent son) (£11.00 water rates weekly) Council tax (£5.00 weekly) and all this has to come out off the £79.00 a week i receive. So yet again I find myself and my 23 year old disabled son that suffers with epilepsy since 2008 but in which I have never claimed for. He on averaged will suffer four fits each and every day and at any time, there is no set pattern to when he will go into a fit. So after myself and my son had to go for an ATOS medical assessment in August 2012 only to find ourselves Magically Healed. :) But after writing in on my sons behalf and putting these morons straight about how epilepsy works, he got his benefits back, but i did not and was put on £27.44 a fortnight to live on until my court case comes up when ever this year to prove that my heart and kidneys or packing in. Yes they compliantly ignore all the paper work on my operations and medication. So trying to live on this £27.44 was very hard, so i opted out for cares allowance in January 2013 as its pays more, £59.00 a week. Not a fantastic amount of money, but its better than nothing, I also charge my son rent of £20 a week, which now brings my weekly money to £79.00 a week. But as you will see from the eviction letters, even though i am paying each week an avenged of £30/40 pounds my so called debit is increasing by hundreds off pounds? LUMINUS Homes are fully a where of my situation though the many phone calls we have had. I have asked to them to help me down size, but I got, we donít have any two bed bungalows, you need to join a house swap, BUT YOU CANT MOVE BECAUSE YOU ARE IN ARREARS.lmao no shit Sherlock. So i have since found out about a mouth ago that I will be in titled to my pension credit this July 2013 and i have also notified LUMINUS Homes asking them to hold fast on the eviction, but as you can see they donít give a shit. Once i receive my pension credit i will no longer have to pay this council or bedroom tax because i will be classed as an old git. Now what many Councils and Housing Associations are doing? is to show some kind of COMPASTION for the more vulnerable of us, is to re classify some of their housing stock from a 3 bedroom to a two bedroom, Duse helping the very Vulnerable by given them more time to find this elusive 2 bedroom house. Once they have moved out, there old house is then re classified back to a 3 bed home.SOOOOOOOOOOO SIMPLE TO DO DONíT YOU THINK. Thank god there are still companies out there that think off the people as human beings and are still wiling to help and not compound and inflict more misery on people. How many more people do we have to read about is SOME news papers,Because as we all know, we have a complete media black out in the National News Papers and also the BBC and SKY channels, that have committed suicide because they just donít want to live any more and they also cant find this poxy £20 bedroom and council tax money. You will also fined a copy off a letter for my heart operation dew in Papworth Hospital in about a mouths time. Yes eviction letters like these and knowing no one listens or cares any more has put more strain on my heart with worry, not for me, I am old and i no longer give a shit,but for my boys, thatís who i worry for. But the really stupid part in all this is: I Personally have not refused to pay any monies. I Personally can not control or dictate what the government should pay me in benefits to LIVE on. I Personally am NOT making myself Intentionally homeless,The Government / DWP and with the help of Luminu Homes are trying to make me homeless,FACT. I Personally have not made my heart and kidneys and now my general health deteriorated.The government has done this to me when i first started work at age 14 by working a 60 hour week for 44+ years just to keep the great in Great Briton going and up until the present day. So the plain FACT is.Its the present and future Governments that are making ME and others like me deliberately Homeless,AGAIN FACT. Yours Sincerely Mr Peter Lowe.

Alexandra Smith wrote
at 07:31:55 on 30 August 2013
I am one of those people affected by the bedroom tax and also have to pay towards council tax even though I am on ESA and DLA and my husband is my carer they take off us nearly 2 weeks food money. We have a car not DLA funded and somehow have to pay for that, if we don't we will not have one and then I will not get very far. As my illness is mental as well as physical it stresses me more which makes me more ill so I end up in a vicious circle. I have a 2 bedroomed house in case a nurse or carer has to stay, rare but could happen but I still have to pay a government that would have me in a mental institution,(which costs 10 times more than my home and my hubby caring for me) without a home and garden that we have loved and cared for over 20 yrs. But none of that matters. HELP

denise clendinning wrote
at 07:31:45 on 30 August 2013
yes i have COPD and heart problems and osteoarthritis. Out of my disability money i have to pay the gas and electic bills and part mortgage and i have to by food i do have a pension but the government has taken a quarter of my pension away because my husband is 62 and gets 14 pounds a week now pension credit we are living on fresh air and it is not right that we should have to live like this

lorraine king wrote
at 17:00:53 on 29 August 2013
I want to highlight the rights of the welfare of the people of this country, we have had all our welfare benefits overturned and now this govt is making life so very hard for the people who through no fault of there own find themselves without a job then not too soon afterwards find they have to go to foodbanks to feed there children there is not enough jobs in this country for everyone so some will manage to get others won.t you then find that the welfare benefits that you are entitled too are not sufficient for keeping your home warm and dry for your kids then the bills start to soar you then find you are with less money coming in this govt have really hit the welfare bill and then we go onto the bedroom tax in which this affects me I have severe copd I have lived in my home for 17 yrs all specially adapted for me now they want to put me out to another house away from my family where I will have no support whatever my name has been on the waiting list for 4 yrs now and to be quite frank as every yr passes I will be unable to move by the time a suitable house becomes available. due to this I have to pay £94 a mth from my DLA and now I have to monitor every lttle thing I buy so you see this govt have no feelings for its people and attack us at every angle.

John magire wrote
at 17:00:48 on 29 August 2013
I am shortly to be tested for work by Atos?. I Have a nasty feeling that after ten years of disability I will be found fit for work and after a while will be found a job at tescos or marks n spencer on work fare by our caring, I don't even like saying the word GOVERNMENT Because a government wouldnt do this to its own people when they've finished with us the rest of society should look over their collective shoulders because believe me YOU WILL Be next

Gary Travis wrote
at 17:00:42 on 29 August 2013
Propaganda the greatest weapon the Govermant as to use,disabled people getting abused in the street the best of it some these people where in the Paraoylmpics,the sick and infirm named as scroungers I always thought the British public where more savvy then to believe this rubbish,and by the way one of the biggest culprits is the J Kylie show I don't know how that idiot can sleep at night.

Mick Brown wrote
at 14:14:41 on 29 August 2013
To dictate that people on low income and dependant on benefits should be allowed only limited space to live in without penalty is not humane

Dougie McPherson wrote
at 14:14:36 on 29 August 2013
I'm NOT holding my breath let's put it that way :)

marie reade wrote
at 14:14:29 on 29 August 2013
please contact bedroom tax and disabled group they have thousands of letters presented to number 10 ten downing street and we have not had those letters acknowledged in any way. I do not suffer from the bedroom tax but I did met a lady outside an hospital in Walsall she was very sick could barely move crying her eyes out saying she had got behind with her bedroom tax money she only had five pounds a week for food after paying every thing out, the poor lady was very very thin and I just had to give this lady a hug and advice to apply for dhp which she had never even heard of having no access to a computer , then I contacted age uk who made enquiries about her situation they said she had been allocated a social worker that is the last I saw of her.this lady expressed a wish to die as she could not afford to live , how in gods name did the government allow this to happen ? the government has labelled all those sick and vulnerable and poor scroungers and the governments propaganda has lead to other s in work demonising these poor people , these people go through atos who deem them fit for work and 10,500 so far have died soon after , but the government don't keep records no its too incrimininating agaist them !! I see and hear so many desperate storys they truly believe that this government is making a return to the work house after making homelessness a criminal offence and there is no entitlement to a fair hearing any more as legal aid has been cancelled for all but the very rich !! please help !!

susan coleman wrote
at 14:14:22 on 29 August 2013
The MPs get paid by taxpayers for 2nd homes travel for everything , avoid tax , rent out properties, have cosy deals for they're pals against the public interest,and at the same time they put on expenses for a breakfast , which costs more than some people have to eat for a week, but call the unemployed and sick scroungers!

Katberine Demeter wrote
at 14:14:17 on 29 August 2013
It is psychological torture to place such pressure on the most vulnerable people in this society. I am blessed with my own home but am older and disabled. Whilst I am not in immediate danger of losing my home, I know I am one of the useless members of society who are perceived as scapegoats by my government. I will be targeted next in some way, somehow. This is not paranoia but congruent response to the government's policies of victimising people like me. Most of my friends who are disabled and who live in social housing are terrorised by this impossible threat to their homes. Most have had some degree of adaptation but are being targeted for this tax when there is no where for them to move to. This is tantamount to acts of genocide to rid the population of those useless people who are seen as non-contributors to the market economy. Although I have my own home, I am certain this government will find a way of targeting older and disabled people like me next!

Anna wrote
at 14:14:10 on 29 August 2013
Please discuss the illegal welfare assessment criteria which finds most with degenerative, life threatening condition such as heart failure, fit for work. The UK government is intent of finding very sick people fit for work!! Many are dying each week as a result.

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