Star date: 5th August 2013


Salford City Council has taken another step into the darkness with the arrogant appointment of former Labour spin doctor, Matthew Finnegan, as its new head of communications.

The post – within a ridiculously huge salary band of between £65,478 and £72,027 – is supposed to be `politically restricted'. In yer dreams…

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Matthew Finegan in Salford Council Chamber during occupation
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Even by the dodgy ethical standards of Salford City Council and its City Mayor, Ian Stewart, the latest appointment of Matthew Finnegan as `Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing' takes the breath away.

Finnegan, who worked voluntary (ie fetch the tea) for Tony Blair's propaganda posse in 1997 General Election and has continued to publicly support the Party, has been appointed to the "politically restricted" PR post on a huge salary of between £65,478 and £72,027.

It was a salary criticised by Salford City UNISON in June when news broke of the potential appointment… "Our members and no doubt the wider population of Salford will be astonished to hear that our local authority believes it is appropriate to spend £72k a year on a spin doctor" its statement read "How can this be justified to the low-paid home care workers who found out last week that the Council could no longer afford to keep their service, or to the parents of disabled children who might lose respite care? It's shocking and the Council should change its mind. You don't improve your public image through spin – you do it by supporting the needs of the people who elected you." (see here)

Rather than change its mind, Salford Council has appointed spin doctor Finnegan, who worked in a freelance capacity for City Mayor Ian Stewart from October last year until April 2013.

During that period, by pure coincidence we're sure, the Salford Star was smeared as "extremists" and "liars" by the Mayor and one of his Assistants (see here), while the Star's website was trolled by anonymous slur comments, at least one of which came from a Salford Council email address.

Eight years ago Finnegan left his Liverpool City Council PR job under a cloud, following the discovery of controversial emails.

Since Finnegan was ensconced in Salford Council, the Star no longer receives even basic press releases from the PR department, while official comments are few and far between.

The Salford Star had hoped that if Salford Council had to appoint a new head of press the person would have been politically neutral, as the job specification demands…

The job spec states…

"This post is a politically restricted post as defined by the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. In broad terms this precludes the person appointed from:
• canvassing on behalf of a political party
• speaking or writing in public on matters which are subject to political controversy"

Maybe Mr Finnegan isn't in post yet, but recently he's been happily re-tweeting Labour Party posts and political comments.

The job spec also notes that the new post-holder is to ensure that "service users and the local community's views are heard". Whilst Mr Finnegan was working on a freelance basis, the Star saw no evidence of this whatsoever …unless `service users and the local community' were agreeing with the Council and Mayor, of course.

The award of such an obscene salary during a period of cuts, and, we would argue, the political appointment of Matthew Finnegan, represents yet another dark day for democracy in Salford. And there's already been far too many of them since Ian Stewart was appointed City Mayor.

Disgrace doesn't begin to describe it…

Photos show Matthew Finnegan (far right) in the thick of it when Mental Health Service Anti-Cuts campaigners occupied the Council chamber earlier this year.


Salford Star wrote
at 13:37:49 on 05 September 2013
See all the comments below - we think we've all had enough of this thread now, which is absolutely nothing to do with the Spin Doctor article it's attached to, so we're closing it. No further comments will be posted - unless it's to do with the Spin Doctor, of course.
joe oenill wrote
at 13:34:28 on 05 September 2013
It's really funny to listen to the level of shite you put out Paul and even more surprising Steve prints it. I have read Many of Bernard's comments the difference he tries to put out a concise argument you mate belong in the stone age, if you are the level of UKIP SUPPORT and people vote for people like you then god help this city. You seem more on par with a blended BNP model your not Nick Griffin are you? Don't worry mate people would have latched on by know with your level of disgusting views I for one am surprised any one reading the Star as responded to you are you what they term a Troll do us all a favour and fu-ck off
Paul wrote
at 13:34:00 on 05 September 2013
Bernard you made a racist comment, and now your tying to backtrack, don't deny your iner feeling, just come out in to the open, your always labelling everyone else as racists and now we find your a racist or are you saying just because your a lefty you can't be a racist , your just a typical lefty, when it suits. On the DNA, it was crimewatch and it was a bout the boy's DNA. On the gready bastards,the point is there are gready bastards in all walks of life, and trying to say that that you can only be gready if your right wing, is just left wing propaganda crap, you only have to look at people like Diane abbot, ken Livingston , John Prescott , Michael foot, tony Blair , the kinnock's the list go's on and on, capitalist champaign drinking socialist's. Bernard if you have nothing to be proud of this country, then go live some where else , may I suggest Cuba or Russia these might fit in with your ideology . There is a lot of things I am not proud of this country for but that is because of the left wing brain washing indoctrnation ideology route we have gone down over the last 60 odd years, and getting rid of hanging is one of them, I'd bring back hanging for killing police officers, kids,eldery and treason for a start.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 05:29:40 on 05 September 2013
You really don't irony do you Paul. As for hanging anyone, no I wouldn't because I disagree with capital punishment. I suggest you find the programme you say you watched and watch it again. There is no way that DNA can prove your nationality. To start with if a child is born in France with an English father and Russian mother what would the nationality of his DNA be? You see it makes no sense does it? Is your stock answer that every party has "greedy bastards" in it making it ok to run the country into the ground? I'll ask you again what you are so proud of, but I don't think you have a clue so don't really expect an answer to that.
Paul wrote
at 14:13:11 on 04 September 2013
To Bernard, our utilities are owned by foreigners, Bernard why do you hate foreigners so much, allowing them in to enjoy our benefits but not to own our service industries that sounds racist to me, oh my, my, my , who'd have thought it Bernard a racist , well it just go's to show there's a bit of a racist in everyone, hey Bernard. On the DNA I watched the programme on it and it was all about the DNA, I can't take information off a person who slates other people, who read a article correctly and commented on it , then you ripped in to them by claiming they could not read and that they were idiots. On thatcher, she saved the country from the unions, don't you remember the strike after strike of the 70s we were known as the sick man of Europe nobody wanted to invest here, people leaving, know as the brain drain, income tax and inflation were through the roof, 3 day week, I they were great day's the labour socialist 70s you knew where you stud, usually on a picket line stud round a fire. Bring them back, hey Bernard. On the murdering scum, would you hang them or is it holiday, counselling then freedom, or are you going to keep avoiding the question, not a Green Party member are you Bernard , they can't answer questions either, oh sorry you can't be, because there not racist, the'll let all the foreigner in. To wrote, on greed, there are as many greedy bastards on the left as on the right, just look at labour and the lib- dems, didn't nick sell his party out for wealth and power?.
at 19:54:29 on 03 September 2013
Thatcherism destroyed this country. Her evil permeates every corrupt and sickening aspect of this rotton society to this very day .
Bernard Brough wrote
at 12:35:48 on 03 September 2013
Man, it's worse than I thought. How did Thatcher stand up for this country? She divided the country, she ran industries into the ground, she sold utilities that belonged to us and now most of them are owned by foreign companies. You can beg all you want you would still be wrong. The child's bones were analysed and comparison made with soil samples because what we eat has traces of the soil it is grown in. The bone analysis matched soil samples from areas of Nigeria. Nothing to do with DNA. Are you going to tell me what you are so proud of?
Paul wrote
at 06:59:53 on 03 September 2013
To Bernard. Thatcher was great, the only pm with balls who stud up for this country . On DNA I beg to differ. I watched the the one off crime watch programme on the murder oh by the way this is what multiculture means, a backward cultures that led to this murder. Hey Bernard what do you think of the survey that says that 5 out of 6 Britons say that immigration has been bad for Briton. Seems like the lefties are going to get there arses kick at the next election, mind you don't choke on your muesli this morning. Signed, still British and proud.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:46:00 on 02 September 2013
OK you got me I fell for it hook, line and sinker. You know until you mention the word "great in relation to Thatcher I thought you were serious. Nice one really had me going. As for the DNA thing, no it wasn't Adam's DNA that showed that he came from Nigeria it was chemicals in his bone that showed the part of the world he had lived. DNA has nothing to do with nationality.
Paul wrote
at 17:26:56 on 31 August 2013
So Bernard , would you put these low life anti British scum against the wall and shoot them, no I don't think so with you being a lefty, you'd probably give them a holiday a bit of counselling and then free the scum. I would not only line this scum against the wall I' d deport every member of there family as well, sending out the message that anti British and treason won't be tolerated. Time for multiculturism to be outlawed it's a complete and utter failure, you can't have cultures within a culture, this just promotes separation, a county divided . Ps on DNA it was actually proven that your country is in your your DNA, body of a kid found in the Thames a number of years ago with no arms, legs or head after a ritual sacrifice, Scotland Yard traced through his DNA ,his family to within two miles of his village in Africa, so proving your countries is in your DNA, look it up, it was a famous case in London and was also on tv's crime watch. On the train set you wouldn't have a figure of the great Margarate thatcher tied to the railway line would you, lucky it's set in the 70s it will give her a couple of weeks to get off the tracks, with the trains being on strike.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 22:59:39 on 30 August 2013
Is somebody getting upset and throwing his toys about? If you keep making stupid statements what do you expect? I defended nobody I merely pointed out that we all share the same DNA. As for the rant about BR, please don't get me started on the great privatisation rip off. Have you used public transport lately? If you can afford it the trains are late, if they arrive, are over crowded and as I already pointed out bloody expensive. What is it you are so proud of exactly?
Paul wrote
at 07:31:18 on 30 August 2013
To Bernard. Being a lefty your train set is probably set in the 70s era,it won't run or arrive on time and that's when it's not on strike and I hope your using smokeless coal to save the environment. Suppose your favourite figure is the unionist who is always taking them out on strike. Ps Bernard so you defend and support the low life scum who killed a British soldier, what did that say when they killed him, he was killing our brothers in other countries,and you say these low life are British, sorry not in my book they aren't ,these people are the enemy within and you lefties are just their apologist's to this hideous and treasonous crime. Signed, British and proud.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:13:11 on 29 August 2013
I've heard some delusional rants in my time but that last one takes the biscuit. UKIP are not the only racist party so that makes it ok? Being British is in your DNA? I'm really very sorry, but where I was is irrelevant, we all carry the same DNA wherever we are born. As for being proud, proud of what? A country that treats its people as commodities, a country that condemns people for being sick or out of work through no fault of their own. We should be hanging our heads in shame. When the Second World War ended a socialist government gave the people of this country hope for a better, brighter future. Since 1979 those principles have been betrayed by governments more interested in turning everything over to market forces. And screwing the people to the ground. UKIP are merely another rabid right wing mob intent on screwing the rest of us. Right now I'm going back to playing with my train set.
Paul wrote
at 09:42:56 on 29 August 2013
To Bernard. You talk about racist parties but leave out the biggist racist party which was the left wing Labour Party. a party in the name of multiculture destroyed our country and abandoned our own people, a party that put other cultures above our own culture. people on the left need to stop looking through binoculars at far away countries, then they might see the people in need in this country . Ps on the ancestor front, French but 110% English and proud, difference Bernard the people that are coming in to this country don't give a damn about our laws, culture, history and way of life, we have to change to fit in with them when it should be the other way round, all because of our soft touch left wing political parties we have in this country. Our flag is now just a flag of convenience for certain groups in this country, you only have to look at the murder of one of our brave soldiers on our streets, a street he should have felt safe, the perpetrators of this act of treasonous cowardice were so called British born and bread, being born in this country doesn't make you British, being british is in the blood and DNA you car't be born into it, as the saying go's, a dog born in a stable is still a dog, it don't make it a horse
Bernard Brough wrote
at 05:53:40 on 28 August 2013
Paul, I only point out that UKIP is a racist party, how is that "playing the race card"? What Bloom said was repulsive, he in no way represents the views of the vast majority of people in this country. You claim to be patriotic, but might I remind you that a previous generation fought a regime that held similar views to those espoused by more than one senior UKIP member. I would also point out that there is a rather better than even chance that your ancestors were immigrants.
Paul wrote
at 05:53:08 on 28 August 2013
To wrote ,everything you wrote about ukip members views on the issues you discussed can also be found in other parties members, that's why other parties have what's known as party political whips to keep them in line and towing the party line, or in other words they have had their heads replaced with a cabbage brain dead politics,this is probably why our armed forces are going to get involved in another no win war, because we have politicians who follow the party line, I like to know who I am really voting for so you can sort out the wheat from the chaff . How can you do this now when polititions tow the party line, how do you really now what a polititions real motives are. ps you seem to think for some strange reason that people in left wing parties hold the moral high ground but did't Cyril smith of the lib-dems was found to have interfered with kids . A classic case of political parties covering up the misdeeds of their members. Nigel farage said on radio on some of the comments of his members " We should let the voting public decide who they want to elect and represent them, in other words sort the wheat from the chaff, not like other parties where they force their candidate on us. This is why we now have third rate polititions bland and void of common sense and who read from there party political hymn sheet.
at 18:06:28 on 27 August 2013
So Paul we have issues with Race,,women who get pregnant in jobs should be dismissed and in your party seem to be of a lower class than men, and according to one of your MEPs Gays prefer sex with animals! and you think the majority of salford residents should vote for you? sorry i honestly think if people took less notice of the daily scandal sheets and looked closely at your party they would run a a mile, The UK Independence Party has surged to a record high in the opinion polls under its brash leader Nigel Farage. But a Sunday Mirror investigation today reveals a sickening catalogue of racist and homophobic views held by some of its biggest supporters. They use the party’s official online “members ­forum” to ­express extremist and offensive opinions on issues ranging from gay marriage to bogus links between ­homosexuals and ­paedophilia. Their outbursts are exposed as the party gears up against both the Tories and Labour in next year’s European elections, with its flagship policy that Britain should pull out of the EU. On the forum, senior UKIP member Dr Julia Gasper branded gay rights a “lunatic’s charter” and claimed some homosexuals prefer sex with animals. She added: “As for the links between homosexuality and paedophilia, there is so much evidence that even a full-length book could hardly do justice to the ­subject.” The former parliamentary candidate and UKIP branch chairman in Oxford now faces the sack over her comments. Tackled about her remarks yesterday, she said: “I’m not going to talk about them. It’s none of your business.” Will the last person left in Salford Turn Out the light,,,,
Paul wrote
at 12:37:33 on 27 August 2013
To wrote. What bloom said on foreign aid went down well with the majority of the people of this country,the only people who hated it was the left wing PC brigade. People hate and don't trust the political parties we have now and that is why ukip will still do well in elections, they are prepared to to tackle the issues the other parties are to scared to talk about. To Bernard, always got to use the race card to try and close down the debate, on immigration, yes there is to much and that's weather it,s white, black, brown or pink with white spots, immigration should be about quality not quantity, remember Bernard we've got nearly 1million unemployed youngsters in this country and were still allowing cheap low skilled immigrants in, to keep our own people unemployed, we need to put our own people first and if that makes me a racist in your eyes ,then tough sh*t, a'm glad to be patriotic, unlike you left wing anti British fifth columnist's. what this country is missing are politicians who put us first and not as now, putting the rest of the world first.
at 10:52:34 on 26 August 2013
Things are looking bad in UKIP land. Even Nigel Farage admits they need to "get a grip on things". Because this is the month when politics goes on holiday, when politicians generally have no more to worry about than flying eggs and portly tummies, yet Ukip have been making crises for themselves on an almost hourly basis. Crash! One of the party's leading figures, Godfrey Bloom, has to apologise for the racist overtones in his speech on foreign aid. Clang! Ukip is revealed to be using a psychometric exam – dubbed "the fruitcake test" – to sift the nuttier nutters from among its candidates. Bonk! The party's new chief executive, Will Gilpin, steps down just eight months into the job. Ouch! Gilpin derides Ukip's shambolic practices behind the scenes, calling the party "a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs". Smash! Feeling ignored, Bloom swings back in with a radio interview in which he says that employers should be able to sack women for becoming pregnant. (Women are also good in pantries but bad at parking, we hear.) Splat! The party's assistant treasurer, Hugh Williams, is found to have written a book in which he explains, among other things, that people make too much fuss about the child abuse perpetrated by the Catholic church and that, when you look at it, the Nazis had a bad rap too.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 10:52:27 on 26 August 2013
Paul, if you are really interested I am opposed to a biomass generators anywhere for the following reasons. Far from being safe and free they produce large amounts of gasses such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. The extraction process is also hugely expensive. Now please explain how I am being offensive. All I ever hear from you is that I'm being offensive and losing an argument. What exactly is your argument? Is it that we allow too much immigration? That women of child bearing age allowed to get jobs? That we pay too much tax? That we don't spend enough money on weapons? I have no problem with race. I might respectfully suggest that you on the other hand may have.
Paul wrote
at 10:42:21 on 25 August 2013
What's wrong Bernard got a touch of the greens have we, can't answer a question, the greens can't answer the immigration question and you can't answer the biomass one. Well Bernard, are you for or against the biomass centre in Trafford, remember Bernard sitting on the fence only gets you splinters up the arse, just ask the green party. Thought you being a left wing greeny type of person you would be for it, you know, it being a safe free green energy resource. Bernard as said before there is no need to get offensive just because your loosing the argument . Try to stop using the race card Bernard because no one really gives a shit any more, it's been over used over the last 20 year and it is loosing it' s effect as a way of closing down debate, because that is why you and a few others use it, is it not Bernard, to try and close down debate when your loosing the argument.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 17:29:54 on 24 August 2013
It must be the Brothers Grimm writing UKIP's manifestoes. I doubt that the people of this country are stupid or gullible enough to believe in such fairy tales. And with the racist and misogynistic rants of Godfrey Bloom thrown in who in their right mind would vote for such a bunch?
Paul wrote
at 13:22:13 on 24 August 2013
Someone seems a little worried about the rise of ukip,but then again if I was a lefty I'd be. Seems there's going to be another by election in weaste and seedley, Thomas murphy has steped down as labour councillor. wonder if the greens will knock on doors this time, they have had enough time to make a manifesto up, may be they can get Disney to write one for them
Bernard Brough wrote
at 10:48:43 on 23 August 2013
What the hell is the UKIP mouthpiece on about now? I'm guessing that if we all vote UKIP that they will abolish taxes. They will make the sky bluer, the grass greener, the starving shall be fed the blind shall see the lame shall walk. And they all lived happily ever after in UKIP land. Goodnight children.
Mental health service user wrote
at 22:13:12 on 22 August 2013
If you want to see SPIN then just read this weeks "Mayors comment" in the Salford ragvertiser, the two faced back stabbing bastard tells us all how he is "realigning" mental health services in Salford to create more one-to-one support and drops in's, he very vaguely "drops in" how he has privatised it all out to START, that's right START the people who are all about money, money, money and do not give a fook about service users as long as the numbers of them are big enough to increase their funding. So the message from shity mayor Ian Stewart is fook you all we are providing something, it's better than before but when the suicide figures are released we will just blame it all on the Tories. Because my name is Ian "ain't got a clue, let's blame it on someone else" Stewart. Oh and by the way WHO is paying for this propaganda to be published in the Ragvertiser, as the last I knew it was £1250 for a half page "advert"?
Tony Blair, say's wrote
at 06:07:08 on 21 August 2013
@Bernard Brough & Kenneth . Aren't peel holdings, proposing a biomass plant in Trafford, so this would meet with both your approval & the Green Party, or is it going to be not in my back yard scenario. Hope you are all going to condemn the demonstrators who oppose this facility. To Bernard (Costs are so high because of privatisation and the need to make profits as high as possible at the cost of the consumer.) this would also apply to green fuel, the government are not going to miss out on loosing all that tax because it is green, like Paul said if cars ran on water they'd charge the same for water as would for petrol, they need the tax to make the economy run. Government's give with one hand and they takeaway with the other.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 15:47:39 on 19 August 2013
According to the ONS renewable energy contributed 11.3% to electricity generation last year, not the 2% claimed. It has been calculated by some that up to 35% of the country's energy needs will be met by renewables by 2020. The reason energy costs are so high has nothing to do with the Green Party. Costs are so high because of privatisation and the need to make profits as high as possible at the cost of the consumer.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 19:22:10 on 18 August 2013
The reason why/ to my way of thinking this government do not want Solar power is simple/ No profits in free energy/ 90% of all the new office blocks in the UK are now made of glass/ So why not Solar glass /. In some country's that is all they build with even in country's who like the UK do not get the same amount of sun as the Med etc/.As for Fracking in Lancs/ The ground in Lancs.must be like a Swiss Cheese full of holes and twice as Crumbly with nearly every town and village having had a Coal Mine in it . They had minor tremors in Blackpool so what would they get in Wigan St Helens etc.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 19:22:01 on 18 August 2013
Paul if green energy is no good how come The Germans have now got 40 % green energy and are hoping to double their use of it By Investing in it . The UK sold its energy GAS /Oil/ To the Germans and French they are now selling it us back through Tax Dodging Multi Nationals. That's why The People of the UK are now paying nearly the highest bills for Gas /Elec. In the EEC. Just a point Oil will one day run out Bio Fuels Won't ?
Paul wrote
at 07:22:54 on 18 August 2013
@joe. Just another politician who won't answer questions to their bosses, we the public. Yes joe you save your fingers and we will save a vote and give it to someone who puts us and this country first, if you can't defend your policies on here, how you going to do it on the door step joe, going to lie to the public, harder to do on here, that's why you won't answer the questions. Ps Kenneth the greens alternative energy proposals don't work, if you want to try these, watch your energy bills go through the roof that's why there high now paying for so called green energy, these are heavily subsidised by the tax payer, what we have now only provides around 2% of our energy needs now, people who think this is going to be the answer to our energy problems are living in cloud cuckoo land.. If we follow these energy policies we'll be walking round with candles in our hands. your right Kenneth they know a lot about wind and hot air our greens, they talk enough of it. Kenneth if cars ran on water how much would water cost to fill the car, think about it. The government is not going to lose it's revenue.
Paul wrote
at 07:22:48 on 18 August 2013
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote at 1:44:41 AM on Saturday, August 17, 2013 Anybody interested /The best energy programme I came across was the Greens Partys it consisted of Wind.Wave.Hydro.Solar. Biomass. Nearly all Free Once Set Up. No need for fossil fuels required.And no need for Tax Dodging Multi National Company's for Oil And Gas.?. ####### It does not work, if you covered the whole of this country in wind farms and solar panels and the rest of your devises it wouldn't provide for our needs, its to unreliable ,what we have now can only provide two % of our needs now and that's when there switch on.sorry Kevin don't listen to the bullshit of the Green Party, by the time they finish you'll be walking round with a candle in one hand and your d*ck in the other.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 07:45:04 on 17 August 2013
People can slag each others party off .that's the name of the game.But when it comes to the nitty gritty in council elections its when are you going to sweep our Street empty our bins.Bed Tax /Council tax/National Politics comes second place.I want myself a councillor who is young and energetic adrift of all the Party's National Line.Who lives in the ward who understand the problems of the locals.And that person could belong to any party that can be named.We need Councillors who work for their constituients.NOT THE PARTYS MANIFESTO.!
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 07:44:41 on 17 August 2013
Anybody interested /The best energy programme I came across was the Greens Partys it consisted of Wind.Wave.Hydro.Solar. Biomass. Nearly all Free Once Set Up. No need for fossil fuels required.And no need for Tax Dodging Multi National Company's for Oil And Gas.?
Leveller . wrote
at 07:43:02 on 17 August 2013
As long as the Electorate are preparared to accept this sham 'democracy ' things will never change . Professional politicians are all the same , both locally and nationally . They are playing the game for their own selfish interests , robbing the taxpayers and enriching themselves at our expense . They are corrupt , venal ,lying , self-serving scum . The Electorate need to wake up to this reality .
Paul wrote
at 07:26:14 on 17 August 2013
@joe oneill. Taking a long time to think of some policies. 12 £billion on foreign aid, two aircraft carriers+planes 2-3 £billion, 9 £billion left over,not rocket science, and history has shown us skimping on defence costs us more in the long run ie Second World War, Falklands .time for Britain to stop being the health & social security office for the rest of the world. As the saying goes charity begins at home. After all joe arn't our people just as needy
Joe Oneill wrote
at 07:25:13 on 17 August 2013
Well Paul I want offer a reply just let the people read your letter in full. I think it speaks bounds for you.If this is the level of your debate I don't think it's worth my fingers typing.
paul wrote
at 06:26:54 on 16 August 2013
@Joe Oneill. is this what your going to say when you knock on doors is it joe, when you finally have the bottle to,is it going to be ,hi I'm Joe Oneill of the green party if you want to see my manifesto look it up on the web, bye. come on joe you've got the perfect opportunity to put your manifesto on here and champion it, or is it that crap your embarrassed by it, I see you never denied the immigration question, so I take it, it is an open door policy of the green party to immigration. so we all know now who not to vote for at the next election, the greens. go to one of your meetings, hell joe how do you manage to get four green party members in to a telephone box, twenty if it's a national green party conference, sitting round a table knitting thick woolly jumpers listening to radio four discussing the fate of polar bears and eating muesli, sorry joe not for me.ps you said, "I CAN'T Make my mind up" yes I understand your dilemma, first your in the labour party then you get kicked out of the lib-dems and now your with the greens, in politics joe your supposed to go up the ladder not down, I've asked the monster raving loony party if you can join them, and they have told me they've still got ambition of being elected, so no go there then joe, sorry I did try .I need policies? answer joe, no I don't, I'm not up for election, but I think you and the greens need an awful lot if your going to improve on fourth place. wasn't it funny how left wing labour tried to accuse tesco and next of ignoring British workers and employing immigrants, then had to do a complete u turn, when they found out it was labours left wing open door policy on immigration that caused the problem in the first place, that's right people of Britain, keep voting left wing if you want to see yourselves out of a job.
joe oneill wrote
at 22:39:48 on 14 August 2013
You need policies Try the party web site, or would you like a copy of the Local manifesto? pass me your address and I will send it or perhaps you would like to come to one of our meetings:)or perhaps your busy scape goating ethnic minorities. Are you really UKIP or the BNP I CAN'T Make my mind up.
paul wrote
at 22:39:44 on 14 August 2013
@ joe. who cares if ukip cream off a little bit of money and don't turn up at the European gravy train,the kinnocks have made a living doing the same thing. at least the money that ukip get they repatriate back to this country, we put more in to Europe than we get out, and by the way the reason they don't give a shit about Europe as do the majority of the people of this country, is because they don't want us to be ruled by them, unlike the greens and brain dead lefties. the clue is in the name joe, the united kingdom INDEPENDENT party, independent joe, means freedom to do as WE please and not to be dictated to, and not the fascist dictatorship you envision for this country. if you need any more clues joe just ask. ps by not answering the immigration question, you just scared off the twenty people who were going to vote for you in salford next year. also the reason ukip are getting all the publicity is because there talking about the same issues we the vast majority of this countries population are talking about, the greens after the next election will be confined to a foot note, in the history books.and why did the lib-dems kick you out of there party, wasn't amnesia was it kept forgetting the parties policies did you, must be easy to remember the greens policies hey joe, they haven't got none.
Former floating, fence siting voter. wrote
at 18:41:18 on 14 August 2013
Oh Joe I am really sick to the back teeth of numpties like you spouting absolute crap, by quoting Chris "let's all have a joint" Davies all you do is make yourself and the Green party a laughing stock. Tell us as requested by both myself and @Paul what your polices are for Salford, come on Joe it's not a hard question unless you have non or maybe you don't want the voters knowing about them? I suggest what you do is slag off all the other parties and then maybe no-one will notice that you do not have a clue or any polices (sorry Joe you beat me to that one). You say the Greens are realists and you say in your post "we have a plan for jobs our youth and the elderly" so tell us what these plans are and tell us some policies and figures, if you can't put them up, then SHUT UP. .. P.S I have noticed in previous posts of yours you are attacking people for not using their real name, I suggest you change yours to "I have a plan, but I ain't telling you ------ Vote for me, Mystery Joe"
paul wrote
at 18:41:09 on 14 August 2013
@joe oneill.just a quick one. on a number of occasions now you have been asked you opinion on immigration and you have avoided the question, so let me tell the people on here what it is then, joe believes in a open door policy on immigration, where immigrants come before the indigenous population, using immigrants to force down wages and conditions of the poorest in society putting us at the bottom of the health, housing list just so your left wing lazy politicians can gain a easy vote, that sounds about right, hey ,joe. like i've said joe lets hear about your policies, if you ask ukip they might let you use there fag packet to write it on might even be enough room left over to add a picture, as you said in one of your comments
joe oneill wrote
at 11:13:47 on 14 August 2013
Out of interest this should offer a clue to UKIP IN ACTION representing the voter. Between them, the party’s 12 MEPs have tabled no reports, 11 have tabled no opinions, nine have signed no written declarations or motions, and seven have tabled no amendments to reports ranking them at the bottom of the pile out of all 753 MEPs. Or at least that is what the Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies claims, after poring over the figures. “In Brussels the UKIP representatives reduce our country’s reputation to that of a laughing stock. The nearest thing to a UKIP MEP you are likely to see is an empty seat,” he said. It could be argued that given that UKIP MEPs have better things to do than hang around in Brussels, since their mission is to get Britain out of the EU – an argument that would stand up better if they had not trousered £11.5 million in salaries, staffing and office costs. And that is not counting their expenses.
Joe Oneill wrote
at 05:15:23 on 14 August 2013
Well folks you can see how UKIP react in their post make your own judgements would you feel safe with a party where the BNP are flocking to join? Google UKIP and check out the range of candidates the press have taken the time to Highlight and some of the issues raised, Policy made on the back of Cig packets one expert wrote last week. In Europe they cream off the cash cry we should leave but do quite well from their allocation of allowances. Strange how they resort to calling people fruit cakes possible they should look a little closer to home. I honestly think they are riding the press and that will die of soon enough we will offer candidates next may with experience of working within local council and a track record to boot, UKIP on the other hand will offer a party with well I don't honestly have a clue apart from policies that range from vote catchers that the country does not have the money to pay for. we are realist we understand what we need to stimulate growth and services, we have a plan for jobs our youth and the elderly and our resources UKIP on the other hand think we should be spending cash on air craft carriers I think that says it all deluded party with a list of priorities we don't need.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 05:15:15 on 14 August 2013
What chance has an anti immigrant Party got in a City where about 60% of the population are the children or grand children of immigrants.Irish in the Adelphi.Jewish in Higher bro.Arabic in Eccles. Maltese in Ordsall. Polish in lower Bro.sprinklings of Greeks Pakistanis Indians West Indians etc in other wards.Its the Three Main Party's who have the shout on Immigration .Them three made it a problem let them solve it in a far and humane way.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 20:12:04 on 13 August 2013
Paul are you saying their is only labour worth a vote.Any other party has not got a chance.So in Salford it is a wasted vote.I would vote for labour at local elections. But you don't get labour you get this mish mash flying labour colours but acting like Torys. You only after look at labours Regeneration programme.The winners in Salford were TheDevolopers .Housing Associations. Private Landlords and the Council.Salfordians were robbed blind by this so called labour Council. Nothing has changed they just move chairs about.I think if we get people with some fresh ideas .Why not give them a try.Could it be any WORSE ?
Former floating, fence siting voter. wrote
at 20:12:00 on 13 August 2013
Joe let me make this clear I am NOT a member of UKIP or any other political party, take a look at my name above and you will see I am a floating "voter" (voters are the people you claim to represent). I am a free minded individual citizen of this city who is sick to the back teeth of wanabee "leaders" (I use that term lightly" like yourself slagging the current leadership without offering any policies or opposition, fact is UKIP are telling us the people of this city that there is an alternative, they are out there on the streets with hundreds of supporters showing us the people that there is another way. The fact that you have failed to do this should not lead you to slag off those that have achived such. On the questions you pose I will fire some figures back at you, these were obtained via an independent non political Wiki website. You ask "how many councils do you run? or how many MPs do you have?" Please do not try to insult the intelligence of the readers of this site, we all know the Greens have 1 MP and UKIP have none & the greens have 1 council again UKIP none. Now lets look at some other stats that Joe does not want to mention, MEP's first, the Greens have 2 - UKIP have 10, House of lords UKIP 3 - Greens 1, LA Cllrs Greens 141 - UKIP 147, & finally NI Assembly Greens 0 - UKIP 1. Oh nearly forgot UKIP Mayor of Ramsey, Cambs. If this was a football league you would be looking at relegation, Joe if you want to play statistics then bring it on baby I have access to masses of data on political parties, elections, and referendums, as a "voter" I see it as my right to know all the polices of the parties standing and know all about their candidates. And I suggest you cut the racist crap because the only person inciting racial hatred is extreme lefties like you, who shout fascist when they can't win an argument.
paul wrote
at 20:11:12 on 13 August 2013
@joe. there we go again with the race card, and there we go again talking about other parties manifesto's, where's your manifesto joe, enlighten us joe to the utopia world of the greens, where hundreds of pounds are added to our energy bills because of the greens wishy washy climate change brain washing policies, sorry joe the greens have always been active in salford, just the people have ignored you for the fruit cakes you are, for far to long now successive governments have given to much time to minority parties and pressure groups like yourselves instead of standing up for the majority, and now it is starting to come to an end. on the increase in your numbers, don't make me laugh, so now your going to fight for two wards instead of one, must of been a big increase in your member, how many have you got now ten.the green party have been around since the early 70s, ukip for the last ten years. who did best in weaste seedley, ukip or the greens. ps answer the question joe, what's your thoughts on uncontrolled immigration joe, is it an open door policy like labours, and do you want an amnesty for illegal immigrants that are already here, adding to our already over burdened social services, health and housing system, you'll see on this site joe the ramifications of labour open door policies on immigration to this country, with the masses of new school places we now need in salford, to cope with the influx of immigrants, people now need to now that their children are now no longer going to be give a choice of what school their children will go to, now you will have to compete with the immigrant population for the best schools, thanks to labour and the left wing socialists that destroyed this once great country, out of pure spite. are these the type of questions the reason you don't want to knock on doors for?
joe oneill wrote
at 09:29:09 on 13 August 2013
So from your post we can all surmise you are a UKIP Voter.and of course believe in most of the racist remarks of your parties leadership down to Our friend in Europe in regards to BonGo Bongo land. Sorry the Greens in Salford have only been truly active in one ward for the past three years, only with the increase in membership have we decided to push in to others areas. Of course I am a relist I understand it will take time and patience but we have both, of course when the papers stop reporting your party and the large number of people with should I say chequered past the bubble will burst and UKIP will sink back even the Tories who joined I believe are skipping back, By the way how many councils do you run? or how many MPs do you have? your record in Europe speaks for its self ,I don't mind knocking on doors at all I did it when I won under the Liberal Democrat so no fear on that one. I even remember when your party put out a full card in the locals and won bugger all so lets wait till 2014 Labour will pull out all the stops and we will fight where we think we have a chance like all the other smaller parties you well to honest I think you will be at square one nothing.
Former floating, fence siting voter. wrote
at 09:28:47 on 13 August 2013
Joe you say "Ukip’s manifesto is a collection of promises selected, seemingly, on the basis of “twenty things that really annoy people”". Good because that is what "representation" of the people is all about, if it pisses us off then we want it changing, the way you are talking is more like a dictator, do you realise that you are saying "it annoys you but I don't care". I am so glad that you took the time to comment about both yours and your parties feelings towards the electorate, shame you didn't highlight any of your policies. What's the Green party stand on tax again? I'll tell everyone don't worry Joe, according to the Manifesto for the last election they want to increase income tax by 2%, change NI limits raising £9.1bn for government coffers, increase fuel duty by 8% every year, and the best and most extreme of them all, raise beer and fag tax by a whooping 50%. Tell me again why I should vote for the Greens Joe.
paul wrote
at 22:17:31 on 12 August 2013
@Joe ONeill. lets start with the 9000 people who could vote in the weaste & seedley ward, the clue is in the figure 9000, these are 9000 people who can vote, people who did vote around 1700 leaving around 7300 who didn't vote, amazing joe your party is so flush with green party voters you just dismiss these 7300 voters as not worthy of your or your parties time or effort, you say you didn't knock on doors, is this because you were not able to defend your parties policies on the door step like ukip did, remember joe ukip got 400 votes to your 80 and how long has the greens been around, a damn site longer than ukip, a bit of advice don't knock on doors, you don't what to turn those double figures in to single ones do we now, and as for the foreign aid comments by the ukip member,he was absolutely right, and if you and your party would have had the bottle to knock on peoples doors at the local elections these are the issues people are discussing on the streets of this county the same issues the three main parties are getting their knicker in a twist about, on the greens policies, I think the people of salford told you what they thought of your policies and that is why you only got 80 votes, time to go back to the drawing board don't you think. on europ, the greens know if we come out of europ the green party ceases to exist because it's only europ's stupid left wing laws that keep them in a job.once were free from the shackles of europ we can get rid of the wind mills and carbon emissions crap that is holding this country back. lets get fracking. on the racism crap, typical left wing politician, when you start losing the argument lets use the racism card, what a loser, mind you your with the right party, a party of loser's.ps on mary ferrer, norman o is right, mary go it alone you don't need this party of losers, your much better than this, join ukip they've got the finger on the pulse of the people of this country and there electable, unlike the greens. what's your thoughts on uncontrolled immigration joe, is it a open door policy like labours, when you start knocking on doors joe tell the people this and in your leaflets and lets see how many votes you get in salford.
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