Star date: 24th July 2013


A new website launched this week sees MediaCityUK move away from Salford to Manchester, in line with the `University of Salford, Manchester' and The Lowry `Manchester's most fashionable hotel'.

This latest slap in the face for Salford people comes from the Peel Group, which owns MediaCityUK and has had £millions of Salford council tax payers' money poured into its project. The website sees definitive Manchester branding and the strapline `Welcome to MediaCityUK, a new waterfront destination for Manchester…' Arseholes!

Full details here…

MediaCityUK Manchester University of Salford, Manchester
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When the concept of Media City first came about there was a storm of protest as its base was described as `Manchester's Waterfront' and BBC personalities referred to the move to `Manchester'.

The BBC finally got it right, and in all missives declared that it was in Salford. But now the Peel Group, owners of the MediaCityUK site, has taken the deliberate step and branded everything with `MediaCityUK, Manchester'.

It's in equally shame-faced company. Recently the University of Salford re-branded itself `University of Salford, Manchester'; while posh people's palace, The Lowry Hotel has always branded itself as being in `Manchester'.

The new MediaCityUK website, unveiled this week and built by digital and design agency Drumbeat Creative, virtually ignores Salford completely, apart from the actual address, of course.

The graphic logo shows `MediaCityUK, Manchester'; the home page strapline has `Welcome to MediaCityUK, a new waterfront destination for Manchester…' screaming out of it, and various sections on the site echo the falsehood…

Destination… "MediaCityUK is Manchester's newest destination and we love working with our neighbours and business brands to bring innovative events and activities to our community"

Vision and history… "With key educational and training providers already in situ at MediaCityUK, we aspire to be a new seat of learning for Manchester and the North West of England"

Living… "If you fancy making MediaCityUK your home, then our brand new apartments offer breathtaking views over MediaCityUK, Manchester and the surrounding countryside"

Talent… "Manchester is home to the second largest creative and digital cluster in Europe…"

The Peel Group has had millions of pounds of public money thrown at its development – at everything from the piazza to the lease at The Landing, to bridges and trams. Loads of that money was also handed over by Salford City Council in the hope it would provide jobs (in yer dreams!) and put Salford on the map (keep dreaming!).

Less than four months ago, the Council, which is in the process of making up to £100million cuts, wrote yet another cheque out to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra for £3million in exchange for `promoting' Salford.

Now the Peel Group has provided the ultimate slap in the face for both Salford Council and the people of Salford with its new Manchester branding. Arseholes!

* Salford Star asked the Peel Group for a comment but the wimps never phoned us back to explain their decision. However its press release bigging up the new website does state… "It has been designed to reflect the personality of the place…" That's right, no-one from Salford!

Brian F Kirkham wrote
at 06:50:31 on 03 August 2013
OMG! here was I thinking I was talking to the wall all this time...All that money poured into peel holdings over a twenty five year period - and we the people of Salford have been treated as its lapdog. At last somebody else aside from Salford star has spoken up! Thank you Mr McKelvey! As for Auntie / Mediacity - I'll still be watching how you are supposedly taking on the local populous. On current evidence - it'll be an improvement if just ten locals get a chance at a job there...again, i'm not holding my breath!
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 22:48:59 on 01 August 2013
What as always amazed me. Why do the tax payers in Salford have to fund these mega rich private company's. In Salford It seems even worse when we have what is passed off as a Labour Council.Who seem to endorse all the Con Dems Policy's.IE.Kick hells bells out of the poorest in our Community's. While Handing over untold millions to Business's you could call Shady.If this Council have any millions to throw about start throwing it to needy people in Salford.Let the Quays sink or swim on its own merits .So stop propping it up with our tax's
John wrote
at 11:26:45 on 30 July 2013
Hazel, Salford should be sold to Manchester as there is a better class of criminals. Look at Chapel St, still looks as if it’s been bombed by the Germans. Can the public trust the self serving politicians in Salford.
Michael Felse wrote
at 06:13:30 on 27 July 2013
Praise to Salford Star. I would not be where I am today without their unique ability to uncover the tales that really matter in this City.
john hogan wrote
at 06:13:00 on 27 July 2013
Really, what does it matter, its manchester thats it, why bother segragading oneself from one place or another, if i was from London or south africa it doesnt matter, where all here on one planet and equal in everything we are and do. Yes money and politics have a lot to do and answer for as far as demarcation but hey lets just celebrate the fact that we have something worthwhile a minutes walk from salford.
White wrote
at 11:34:37 on 26 July 2013
Is 'confused' confused or has 'confused' confused me? The War Museum is NOT in Salford.
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 09:37:19 on 26 July 2013
Mr Confused...you're obviously well confused. The only debate on Media City I've been allowed to participate in was indeed at the Circle Club six years ago, along with John Merry and someone called Lynne McCadden - so, unless you are John Merry or Lyne Mc, I certainly didn't debate with you. And, as the only report from the night shows, I was not against the concept of Media City. I hate the article but it proves the point - check it out http://tinyurl.com/lgt3cp6 PS The Salford Star isn't here to applaud £multi-million schemes that have huge PR juggernauts pushing only the positive. We're here to hold these things up to public account. We're a community centred publication, not a `big everything up in the hope we get their advertising' rag. And the Star's concerns about the `15,500 jobs for Salford people' at Media City I think have been borne out.
Confused wrote
at 08:47:35 on 26 July 2013
A reply from Salford Star, I must have touched a nerve. As you had started your article with a swear word in capital letters with an exclamation mark I thought it was only fitting to respond in the same way but it must have been too subtle for you. I have got my facts right but I did what you asked and searched all the old articles and couldn't find a single one in favour of Media City. What is surprising is the fact you say you were never against it? 6 years ago I stood in The Circle Club in (dare I say it) Manchester and had a stand up debate with your editor Stephen as he was on stage with the two chaps that ran Web Studios at the time. Stephen was totally against anything to do with Media City and has since then only looked at the negative, in turn putting the people of Salford down saying there is nothing there for them. Salford Star needs to dig its head out of the sand, its there, so is the Lowry so is the War Museum be proud they're in Salford. I will admit the naming of Media City as Manchester is odd though, why does it need to say anywhere, surely its Media City UK, there isn't another one.
Salford Star wrote
at 18:54:23 on 25 July 2013
See Confused comment below... Please don't use exclamation marks all the time! It is like shouting! And is very rude!!! Salford Star was never `against Media City in the first place'. So get your facts right there. All we do is hold such projects up to account, particularly the huge wads of public money that have been pumped into the place. It's not `moaning' - it's called accountability. Put `MediaCityUK into our search engine and you will see!!!
Confused wrote
at 18:48:19 on 25 July 2013
So let me get this straight Salford Star didn't want Media City in the first place but now its changed its name and saying its not in Salford your complaining about that too? Typical Salford Star! Only one selling Salford short is you! You talk about the jobs that were promised!! They're there, all you have to do is apply! At no point did anyone say they would be just handed out to anyone from Salford! The whole place is built on the old 'Manchester Docks' anyway, I am old enough to remember that! Salford, Manchester, who cares! Stop being so small minded and blaming everyone else. Every city in the world would jump at the opportunities that have been given to Salford in the past few years but all you can do is moan about it all, shame on you! Does it matter who is building what! The fact is they are building it here, on our doorstep and for that we should be glad!
Michael Felse wrote
at 18:47:26 on 25 July 2013
Maybe this will be a good act as Salford Uni seem to have not developed the top 7 floors of the MediaCity building. Possibly do a deal with Manchester Uni as a dual Media Studies site, or better still as a North West Regions Uni with space for a collective from all the North West Universities. Vision is needed but at the same time I would much like Salford Quays, home of MediaCityUK, to remain recognised as Salford.
One big unhappy family wrote
at 13:21:52 on 25 July 2013
Better get used to it folks because our great leaders in this city are moulding us into a Greater Manchester jelly mould. Look at TFGM, AGMA, the list of quangos running things in this city is endless, all licking up the Salford gravy and shiting on our plates in return. Get ready for one big Greater Manchester council, Salford did it to Eccles back in the 70's and now Manchester is doing it to them.
Lee Morris wrote
at 13:21:16 on 25 July 2013
I for one am very proud to be a Salfordian. I live in Ordsall, my wife and daughter work on Media City and we all cherish everything Salford stands for, but while I do sympathise with the sentiments of the article as regards to the geographical "name" used, the fact of the matter is we are in Greater Manchester. And this kind of labelling of that area is nothing new. The Docks were called "Manchester" Docks long before Media City arrived. Its the attitude of wanting Salford kept in the dark ages I dont like. I love the old and new image of Salford. The heritage is very important, but so is prosperity, and for us to compete with the south we need to use everything in our power, and part of the power is the "Manchester" label. The romance of cobbled streets and rag and bone men is all well and good, but fortunately we have tarmac and recycling now!! Time moves on.
William Booth wrote
at 11:21:01 on 25 July 2013
I live in the CITY of Salford in LANCASHIRE, All this rebranding bull means nothing to me or any true Salfordian. Give us back our stolen identity Manchester!
Bernard Brough wrote
at 11:20:40 on 25 July 2013
I didn't realise the term referred to Greater Manchester. That is because it does not say Greater Manchester.I am in no way shape or form mancunian greater or otherwise. I was born in the City of Salford in the County Palatine of Lancashire.
Phil Mair wrote
at 06:30:40 on 25 July 2013
Are you serious? Everybody realises that the term "Manchester" refers to GREATER MANCHESTER of which the City of Salford is one of the 10 metropolitan boroughs. In the same way as Wembley (borough of Brent) is in (Greater) London; Buckingham Palace (city of Westminster) is in (Greater) London; Houses of Parliament/Big Ben (City of Westminster) is in (Greater) London; White Hart Lane (borough of Haringey) is in (Greater) London. Oh and Old Trafford (borough of Trafford) is NOT in the city of Manchester (but is in Greater Manchester).
Kimberley Dayem wrote
at 23:04:20 on 24 July 2013
Peel Holdings are a joke! How can they miss the chance to tap in to the rich rich history associated with Salford. Fools! You will not find Manchester in the Magna Carter but Salford was good enough to be there! Idiots!!
Award giver wrote
at 23:04:04 on 24 July 2013
OMG and u are all shocked by this? Peel used Salford council for one thing and one thing only CASH. It's no surprise to me that they are using the Manchester tag that's what they are about (aka big business pleading skint) . But Manchester council were not thick enough to lend them the money, step in Salford. ...... And prise for the biggest mugs goes to ......................................Salford...well done Salford.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 23:03:46 on 24 July 2013
Salford is not in Manchester, never has been. Do the people of Wigan, Stockport, Rochdale etc.. think of themselves as mancunian? No they don't. I have no idea what course Tin Tin did at Salford University, but it could not have been history or geography. This is another kick in the bollocks to the people of Salford (sorry girls it's only a metaphor).
Hi Paul wrote
at 23:03:19 on 24 July 2013
Hi Paul not in response to this but a tip for you Paul Walsh former director of regen who got a massive redundancy payment has formed a consultancy Pam Bridlington or similar has been given a 150 k contract tas a consultant for 40 days work to advise the council on stock option appraisal iecsalix. Standing orders have Ben waived to obtain his expertise. Another disgrace
PHD not, but cleverer the Tin mong wrote
at 23:01:21 on 24 July 2013
@TinTin, you speak volumes for Salford university of which you can not spell the name. Close it down, along with Peel. dud urealy goe therre tuntun duuuuuuuurrrrrrrr.
Brian F Kirkham wrote
at 22:59:58 on 24 July 2013
Tin tin - If we are Manchester, then why not just let those who keep on referring to us as Mancunians , take over? We could scrap the council - and the Mayor in one whole action. Decisions would be made from Manchester town hall, and those good old area boundaries would be redrawn! (remember that tussle over the Westminster seat?) - You'll be poking a civic ant hill though, as things like schools hospitals and Old folks homes come under Manchester's wing. I'll just remind you all again we are all residents of the City of Salford, part of the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester - Our Sister city on the other side of the Irwell has often coveted the Good things of our city (with a little help from districts who want their autonomy!) - I think of all the "Greater Manchester" projects which suddenly developed an over-mancunian twang (MOSI springs to mind). And Amanda, I studied at MMU - It didn't make me want to say i'm a Manc! For Senses sake - Don't let them take over with Peel Holdings Help. The University of Salford merely changed its branding in an attempt to challenge its neighbours over the bridge. Final Thought - for fear of repeating my self on here (sorry steve) Why have we got a Manchester Postcode? - its the nearest Sorting Office to Salford in the Northwest. There's one at Bolton, Oldham, Wigan, and Stockport before you cross the Admin boundary.
not happy wrote
at 22:59:46 on 24 July 2013
I wonder if our elected Mayor has had some thing to say to peel holdings about the change of city;; but there are a few more that don’t like to be in Salford the Copthorn Hotel Manchester; The Holiday inn Manchester, Aparthotels Manchester, Bibby factors Manchester, Premier inns Manchester, all on Salford Quays; so what’s wrong with Salford nothing at all. Salford is a City on its own and nothing to do with Manchester. So Mr. Mayor go to Peel Holdings and kick some arse ( AS IF ha ha).
the end wrote
at 22:58:55 on 24 July 2013
Salford star would rather see the docks as an un-used waste land, we in Irlam were in Lancashire, never in Salford, but have been dumped with all your rubbish
Louise Williams wrote
at 17:58:34 on 24 July 2013
Arseholes indeed ..... hit the nail on the head there
Brian Francis Kirkham wrote
at 17:58:28 on 24 July 2013
Sorry to say this star, but you can't tell me you hadn't seen this coming. That glorious organisation that lives on the other side on the dual carriageway, has been getting away with how shall I put it dubious behaviour for too long now. I'll await the usual voices of support from sections of well to do districts of Salford and our city leaders - but then they too refer to themselves as Mancunian - so long as they get something out of it - Preverbial hits the fan such as a road through a village - We're all salfordian again - strange levels of "City" Pride in the place I call home. And Given the problems enforced by outsiders recently...Isn't it high time (1) Peel Paid its own way and (2) showed some responsibility for the land it claims to "develop"...When I was younger my late grandfather taught me to clean up my own mess - Peel should take a leaf out of this book, and as for Mayor Stewart - Unless this organisation shows a bit of pride in the area it lives in - the Money can stay in council coffers - he may not have been around when this was first broached - but the "JUMP!" , "HOW HIGH?" approach of Peel and This council has gone on for far too long - Want summat else on the Quayside, Peel? - Pay for it Yourselves - Its not as if you're lacking a bob or two is it? Suggestion to Councillors - Its Time you came clean on how much you're handing over to Peel. How much cash has been poured in that Hole over the road? and against that WHAT have LOCALS in the City Gained from it apart from an arts complex and (I believe) a shopping centre??
TinTin wrote
at 17:57:20 on 24 July 2013
We all have Manchester postcodes and Salford is in Greater Manchester. Salford is a city inside another city and you have to face facts we are Manchester, nextdoor to Manchester City Centre. In order to become a power house and therefore bring more money to both Salford and Manchester we need to unite. Peel have done nothing but brilliant things for us all (Well, in most cases). I am from Salford, Manchester. Born, bred and educated at Salford Unversity.
Amanda Bickerton wrote
at 15:44:00 on 24 July 2013
If Peel Holdings wishes to be associated with Manchester that is fine - but the company should receive not one penny more in loans, grants, consultancy or support from Salford's coffers for any of its projects. Simple. And a full audit of what they have had already would be educational. Where there are loans, time to call the debts in - they are good for it, having saved paying all that tax by skulking in an offshore tax haven....
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