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Saturday 27th July
Anti Bedroom Tax Demo 1:30pm Cathedral Gardens
People's Assembly Against Austerity from 1:30pm Central Hall

Next Saturday sees a flurry of activity in Manchester against ConDem Government pro-poverty policies, as Greater Manchester unites in opposition.

There's a March Against the Bedroom Tax through the town centre from Cathedral Gardens to the Civic Justice Centre and back, while in Central Hall on Oldham Street the People's Assembly Against Austerity will be running workshops all day from 1:30pm on everything from education to housing, health and the media.

Full details here…

Salford Against The Bedroom Tax Salford Against The Bedroom Tax Salford Against The Bedroom Tax
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A frantic summer and autumn activity against ConDem Government policies begins next Saturday, 27th July, includes a Mass Sleep Out on 24th August, and builds up to a huge protest at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on 29th September

Meet at Cathedral Gardens, near Urbis, Manchester 1:30pm
1.30 - 2pm Opening Rally. 2pm March Departs - up Cross St, right onto John Dalton St, cross Deansgate onto Bridge St, to the Civil Justice Centre. Short Rally outside the Courts, return to Cathedral Gardens for a final rally. Ends at 3pm.

Salford Against The Bedroom Tax will be joining groups from all over Greater Manchester for this march through Manc city centre and rally, before going onto the People's Assembly to join in the Housing Workshops…

For more details see Salford Against The Bedroom Tax Facebook Group or see www.nobedroomtax.co.uk

SATURDAY JULY 27th from 1:30pm
Central Hall and venues on and around Oldham Street, Manchester.
1:30pm start Workshops will run from 2pm.

Following on from the packed out People's Assembly Against Austerity last month, there's an afternoon of practical workshops covering everything from education, to health, to housing and the media. On hand will be political commentator, Owen Jones, who's been providing some much needed common sense views in the midst of the unctuous mainstream media.

Workshops on the day include…

Social Security: Another Way: `Bebunking the myths and proposing an alternative, including the language used by the Coalition to direct the debate away from those who are really guilty of causing this crisis and onto the worst off in society.'

Confronting The Lies Behind The Hate: `We will discuss the insidious build up of misinformation fuelled by this and previous governments and ideas to build an effective oppositional voice'

An Economy That Works: `Discussions on how the economy can be made to work for the 99%. We'll cover banking reforms, tax justice, the green economy and other related topics – bring your ideas!

Do it. Film it. Share it!: `Practical media to build the Assembly and get people to the demo on 29th September in Manchester. Bring smart phones, ideas, creativity and let's get the word out.'

Housing People: `We will discuss the breadth of housing issues including homelessness, planning, bedroom tax, alternatives and how to build a better future including the mass sleep out on August 24.'

There will also be workshops on Education and the Tory Agenda, Health and an Interactive Art Project

To register for the People's Assembly Against Austerity and to find out more details about it click here

Bernard Brough wrote
at 19:26:27 on 05 August 2013
I was being abusive and offensive? I was merely pointing out that stating over and over that the blame is with immigrants, the Labour party & socialists is not an argument. I'll ask you, do you believe in free health care & education? Do you think it is wrong for those who produce the wealth to take a decent share is the fruits of their labour?
grf wrote
at 18:46:22 on 01 August 2013
Bernard is quite right . Thatcherism , the evil tories , and greed have destroyed this country .
tony blair, say's wrote
at 13:08:26 on 01 August 2013
@Bernard Brough. just because you have lost the argument there is no need to get abusive and offensive..... yours faithfully Goebbels. ps do a lot of talking to wood do you, probably why you talk a lot of left wing crap, suppose wood is the only thing that will listen to you, hey, each to there own..
Bernard Brough wrote
at 06:55:09 on 01 August 2013
It's like trying to have a conversation with a plank of wood. I cant see where I acknowledge any of your bigoted clap trap. I was merely pointing out to another bigot that you brought immigration up not I. The housing shortage is down to Thatcher's selling off of council housing stock. You can not sell of vast swathes of housing without building something to replace it. Families do grow & as young people leave the family home they need somewhere to live. Of course the bedroom tax is about saving money. Who are these socialist you keep going on about? Left wing press, such as the Telegraph, the Mail, Sun, Star. You think they are left wing? I see you still blame immigrants and socialists for all the ills faced by ordinary people. Maybe you should change your alias to Goebbels. Not a Racist, If you read my post properly you will find that I was addressing Mr Blair. You will also find that it was he who brought up immigrants. As it happens I'm a perfectly well balance bloke, I have a chip on each shoulder. One caused by the Tories who are slowly strangling this country, the other by the bleeding idiots who keep voting them in.
alan jones wrote
at 20:01:12 on 31 July 2013
Fuck me that's the first time I have agreed with anything "Tony Blair" said, shame it's not the former PM saying these things and then maybe the country would not be in the state it is now! To Bernard I will say, please do get out in Salford a bit more, find out the feelings of the real people of Salford. You are more disconnected than David Cameron.
Not a racist wrote
at 20:00:56 on 31 July 2013
@Bernard Brough, as I said NOBODY commenting here mentioned immigrants apart from YOU, I pointed this out to yourself without attacking you for your views in what I deem to be a non political or racial way. Your responce to my comment was "maybe you are using the template set by the Nazis, they blamed the Jews and the Bolsheviks as you blame immigrants and socialists". Wooooooh WTF when in my post did I say anything about Jewish folk or anyone who is not of the "airian" race that you seem to be obsessed with, it seems to me the biggest racist on this site is YOU, I am disgusted that this website chooses to accept articles from someone who is not only narrow minded but also clearly has one fucking hel of a chip on his shoulder, I don't know what your problem is but I do suggest you get some help for it ASAP.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 12:46:08 on 31 July 2013
@Bernard Brough. thanks for acknowledging that it was labours open door policy that caused the housing shortage and not the selling off of council housing, it wasn't even the fact that councils weren't allowed to build new stock that caused the problem, it was the overwhelming number of immigrants that were allowed to enter the country putting a massive burden on the infrastructure of this small island of ours, before labour did this, what I can only call acts of state treason and vandalism with no mandate from the people of this country to force this on us, did we have a housing problem on scale we have now. on this site we have write up's on the bedroom tax, do you believe that this bedroom tax is about raising money, because I don't, I think it is about moving people out of their homes, like the elderly to make way for people with large families and most of these tend to be from the immigrant section of society. on the Nazi's and the Jews analogy, I agree with you that immigrants aren't to blame for this mess, this rest's at the feet of labour the left wing press, unions and socialists, as said before, they tried to rub the rights nose in it, but it wasn't the Tories, the rich, big business who got hurt in this game of the left wing organisations were playing, it was the poorest in society who now have to compete with these newcomers, our part of the cake has now got smaller thanks to this, the rich, big business rubbed their hands with glee, this helped to force down wages. you've talked in the past on workers rights, this also helped to destroy even that, immigrant, especial illegal one's are prepared to ignore safety laws and the minimum wage, so what labour did was more of an advantage to the right than it was to the left or the poorest, but this is socialist thinking, jumping in with both feet without thinking about the consequence of their actions to others.ps on NHS and education you'll find these are not free, these are paid for through taxes and taxes are part of the capitalist system we live in, nothing in life is free. sorry to burst your bubble on this, I think it sad that people on the left have to use words like racism and analogies to try to close down debates on issues effecting this country, wasn't this what the Nazi's tried to do, have the left now become the new Nazi's, in trying to close down debate
Bernard Brough wrote
at 15:01:44 on 29 July 2013
Not a racist, whoever it is hiding behind the nom de plume tony blair claims that 3-4 million immigrants came into the country causing a housing crisis. It was not so much the selling off of council housing stock but the refusal to allow councils to build more housing that contributed to the crisis. Had replacement stock been built there would be no housing shortage. I did give a list of countries that were in one way or another using socialist policies. Not really my fault if you do as you accuse me of. I will assume that if you disagree with these awful socialist policies you disagree with free health care, free education, the people who create the wealth sharing getting their fair share of that wealth. As for the racism, maybe you are using the template set by the Nazis, they blamed the Jews and the Bolsheviks as you blame immigrants and socialists.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 13:43:38 on 28 July 2013
@Bernard Brough.Bernard Brough wrote at 9:32:25 AM on Sunday, June 30, 2013 No wonder the government can do as it likes in this country. Read the fucking article you blind deaf reactionary idiot. They struck in protest against cuts! Got it yet? They went on strike to defend education not in support of wage claims ect. If you are going to comment read the article, if you can that is............the end wrote at 2:29:23 PM on Sunday, June 30, 2013 Ref Bernard Read the article before you spout your abusive drivel. "We are here because we're trying defend our pay, conditions of service and pensions against the inroads that this ConDem Government are making on them." oops!!! .............tony blair, say's wrote at 7:21:41 AM on Monday, July 01, 2013 obviously Bernard Brough, didn't read the article him self, Lesley Auger said "We are here because we're trying defend our pay, conditions of service and pensions against the inroads that this ConDem Government are making on them.". don't slate someone else's reading ability when your own is not that hot either. teachers went on strike for there own gains and not the children's education, that was a side issue............Edward Clarke wrote at 7:21:30 AM on Monday, July 01, 2013 @Bernard Brough, for gods sake just hold your hands up, you clearly stated in your first post that the strike had nothing to do with pay, those of us who read the article properly unlike yourself can clearly see that it is in fact regarding pay and pensions. It worries me that people like you have the right to vote, if you can not read a very small article on a web page correctly then how can you be expected to understand what political parties stand for. I will now take all your previous posts stating "facts" with a very large pinch of Salt, you clearly twist and bend facts for the political gain of those you favour.......... who are the thick ones Bernard, at least we can read an article. and on the racism bit typical left wing socialist fascist when you can't get your own way throw the racism card in and try to close down the debate.
Not a racist wrote
at 13:43:17 on 28 July 2013
Bernard, nobody has mentioned immigrants, only you.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 13:42:59 on 28 July 2013
oh, Bernard Brough. which socialism are you going to explain to us thicko's, the one that doesn't work or the one that doesn't work. we've had this conversation before and you could not tell us a country that uses it that isn't backwards thinking. ps answer the question, if all the houses that you say thatcher sold off, were back in council controlled hands do you think there would still be a housing shortage.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:09:34 on 28 July 2013
Mr Baldray, I'll repeat, private tenants were already paying the bedroom tax before it was introduced to social housing. Not being as omniscient as you and the other UKIP spin doctors posting here I have no idea why there were no protests. I see the old, "it's the immigrants fault" card being played by the racist bigots. Supply and demand you say. Duh if you sell off a massive tranche of the social housing stock and refuse to build more what do you think will happen? Ohh I forgot you don't bother with thinking. I'm not going to explain socialism to you again, you are obviously too thick to understand.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 15:20:39 on 27 July 2013
@Bernard Brough. The reason rents are so high is because Thatcher sold off so many council houses and refused to allow councils to build more with the proceeds?. no it's called supply and demand, it wasn't the selling off of council houses that caused the increase in rents it was labours open door policy on immigration that created the demand in the housing market, you know the one that said were going to rub the rights nose in it and flood the county with immigrants. we have got an extra 3-4 million immigrants and some say as many as 7 million living in this country who never paid in to the system but who are entitled to social housing, health care, and all manor of other benefits, you can't flood this country on this scale and think everything is going to be hunkydoory as they say, no Bernard this is what has caused the housing and many other problems, not selling off housing stock by thatcher, it's left wingers who don't understand financial economics, who put us in the shit were now in, so Bernard put away your socialist history books and come in to the real world of life. ps Bernard if all the houses that you say thatcher sold off, were back in council controlled hands do you think there would still be a housing shortage, answer yes, because the majority of people who bought them are still living in them. remember Bernard it's the free loaders coming in to the country that's causing the problem's in this country.
Dave Baldray wrote
at 06:12:34 on 27 July 2013
@Bernard Brough, Talk about avoiding answering the question! I asked when were the protests against the so called bedroom tax that affected private tenants? Your reply was "I think it's a bit late for protests", no I was not suggesting one I was asking when it happened. But then the fact is there have been non, so either you live in a land where you dream up policies that are not true or maybe you did not join the protest because it did not affect you as you live in social housing. NIMBY?
Bernard Brough wrote
at 08:47:40 on 26 July 2013
Dave Baldray, I think it's a bit late for protests against the bedroom tax applying to private tenants. The reason rents are so high is because Thatcher sold off so many council houses and refused to allow councils to build more with the proceeds. She also abolished any form of rent control allowing landlords to charge whatever they liked. Paul wrote "Bernard Brough. a socialist with a pension managed by those greedy capitalist bankers in London." I know I'm repeating myself here, but it's because some just don't get it. There is no mainstream left wing socialist party in this country today. You can keep droning on about the lefties being responsible for everything from the black death to the price of a ticket to the national opera, but you would be wrong. You can blame immigrants, Europe, "benefit scroungers" and the prince of darkness for the mess this country is in, but again you would be wrong. The fault lies with a laissez faire, free market economy that has no controls and a tiny minority who stash away £14 trillion in off shore tax havens. UKIP will do nothing about either, they are a party formed and run by rich businessmen and will look after their own interests above all others.
Not commented b4 wrote
at 04:38:45 on 26 July 2013
@Mr Brough I don't think anyone mentioned you having a "private" pension did they? Maybe it's a LA pension but whatever it makes no difference they are all run at the end of the day by the "elite greedy bastards in the city" that you despise so much, so the point of @Paul is valid. As for "any party that alienates well over half the population" then look no further than Labour, the fact is well over half the population are in work and these people are not represented by the modern "new" Labour party, Labour are now the party of the benefit claimant & not the working family and that's a fact. Get over it.
tony blair' say's wrote
at 04:38:35 on 26 July 2013
@Bernard Brough. ukip may not get in to power as you say, but you will find that ukip are changing the three main parties policies because ukip are connecting with the majority of the uk public, a crack down on immigration,health tourism, benefit scroungers,low life criminals. the right for this country to govern it's self and not to be governed by some unelected no marks from Europe. not in power maybe, but their policies will be.ps for someone who thinks ukip are just a protest vote you spend a lot of time trying to destroy them, your just like the three main parties you fear them because their connecting with the way the public are feeling.and we the decent majority have had enough of this left wing socialism everyone has got rights but no responsibility crap that has destroyed this once great country of ours
Dave Baldray wrote
at 18:46:38 on 25 July 2013
@Bernard, I must of missed the protests against the "bedroom tax" being introduced for private tenants, when you have finished your corn flakes perhaps you could tell me when they happened? It is a great idea maybe you should recommend it to the government, maybe then market rents will come down after being inflated due to housing benefit payments. Most landlords will sell the houses when the big fat benefits cheques stop dropping on the mat and maybe then the young hardworking people of Salford will be able to get a foot on the property ladder.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 13:21:43 on 25 July 2013
You will find that the bedroom tax already applied to private tenants before the nasties started hitting those in social housing. As far as UKIP are concerned, any party that alienates well over half the population with it's misogynistic, xenophobic crap stand no chance of getting into government. Though we all know that they are merely a protest group. It seems that some people here know so much about me, I have a private pension do I?
paul wrote
at 22:58:15 on 24 July 2013
Bernard Brough. a socialist with a pension managed by those greedy capitalist bankers in London.
The 3scumbags wrote
at 06:32:37 on 24 July 2013
@Bernard Brough, I am sick to the back teeth of the fucking morons who post comments designed to twist the truth and distort the facts, do you work for the Labour party? The extortionate rents you talk about are in the private sector, not social housing, the bedroom tax does not apply to the private sector so what the fuck are you on about?
Bernard Brough wrote
at 06:32:10 on 24 July 2013
Which political organisation are you referring to?
the end wrote
at 06:30:54 on 24 July 2013
You are wasting your time with Bernard. If you have any thoughts he disagrees with he just hurls insults.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 17:06:06 on 23 July 2013
bernard. name a electable party that says it will abolish it, don't say labour, they have already been asked and they have said they will look in to it, meaning were not going to abolish it, we agree with it. on ukip there electable your political organisation are not
Bernard Brough wrote
at 13:18:51 on 22 July 2013
I'm sick to the back teeth of the fucking morons who post such drivel here. Most people claiming housing benefit work. The problem is that they are not paid enough to pay the extortionate rents being charge. I suppose UKIP will abolish the bedroom tax, alcohol duty, income tax and carpet the streets. The sooner these cretins crawl back under their rocks the better.
,live like rest of us wrote
at 21:27:39 on 21 July 2013
Sooner I stop subsidieing other peoples houses tha better................................................................................
Let's get it right wrote
at 16:06:57 on 21 July 2013
People's Assembly Against Austerity? No a more appropriate name would be "People who want to live off others", when will the extreme left wingers learn that to have a fair society means to stop robbing off the workers and start working yourself. Don't ask me to pay your rent, why the hell should I?
The 3 scumbags wrote
at 16:06:19 on 21 July 2013
The fact is this country is skint it does not matter now who caused it ,be it the last Labour government or the bankers, the fact is as a country we do not have a pot to piss in. The article says these are protests against "ConDem Government policies" such as bedroom tax and Austerity, what about Labour? What's Labours answer to the bedroom tax? Condemn it and don't offer an alternative! Remember that Labour have refused to say they will axe it if elected in 2015 because the fact is that they secretly think that's great save a fortune that and we can blame the Tories thus increasing our support! Don't fall for the lies of Labour all the three main parties are SCUM, only one direction in future and that's UKIP.
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