Star date: 27th June 2013 


Salford teachers, on strike to make a stand against ConDem Government cuts, claimed huge success today as over fifty schools were closed and all schools affected in some way.

Salford NUT and NASUWT members joined thousands of teachers from all over the North West in a massive rally and march through Manchester city centre, with Education Minister Michael Gove taking most of the flak.

Full details and loads of photos here…

Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike
Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike
Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike
Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike
Salford Teachers Strike Salford Teachers Strike
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Over fifty Salford schools were closed today, with many more affected, as teachers went on strike against ConDem Government attacks on education. The teachers held picket lines at their own schools and then joined thousands of their colleagues from all over the North West in a huge march through Manchester city centre, followed by a mass rally at Piccadilly Gardens.

"This is making a stand for education" said Kath Wight, NUT rep at St Ambrose Barlow who was one of more than twenty teachers from the school who went on the march.

"For many, many years education has been getting punched, punched, kicked and punched and the turnout today demonstrates that one of the best schools in Salford has had enough and we've got to show the Government" she added "For NUT members this is the third strike, we've got a general strike planned in November, and we're not going to stop." 

Salford NUT Secretary, Lesley Auger, was equally delighted with the Salford teachers' spirit…

"It's a massive turnout, and all of the Salford schools are affected in some way" she said "We are here because we're trying defend our pay, conditions of service and pensions against the inroads that this ConDem Government are making on them."

Joe Langley, branch secretary of NASUWT said that the teachers' action was crucial, not only for defending their pay and conditions, but also for defending the whole state education system.

"We are trying to make a stand about what the Government is trying to do to education, which is basically wreck it" he said "In two years time the education system will be ruined in my view. There's a massive privatisation agenda behind what Michael Gove is doing - it's going to be almost impossible to deliver learning and teaching."

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salfordresdient wrote
at 05:44:17 on 07 July 2013
How many teachers/headteachers in Salford have the guts/will power to stand up to all the claptrap rules the council are using to bog down CARING parents which is causing a major divide. This divide is who is actually in charge, the parents or the children or does it depend on how the council feels on the day. Teachers are working against caring parents as they are running scared of the red misted rules,rules and more rules. Society is already divided - People with common sense and respect and then Idiots who only wish to further their own political agenda..
Mike Skeffington wrote
at 16:16:56 on 04 July 2013
It's difficult to comprehend how easily people are taken in by the political rhetoric of this and previous governments, people who are willing to go along with the Tory strategy of 'divide and rule'. The aim of driving a wedge between the public and private sector workers is working well as some of the comments in this article show. To start with, teaching is not just a job, it's a professional career and in fact is much more than that nowadays. Teachers have the responsibility of providing the educational, moral and physical welfare and support of our children and grandchildren. They are expected to work within strict guidelines and to a pre-determined curriculum. To describe teaching as 'money for old rope' is quite ridiculous and insulting. As to the strike, of course it inconvenienced people and so it should but, instead of venting anger against those who are brave and committed enough to take action we should be supporting them in any way we can. This action is indeed about, 'making a stand for education'. It is also about protecting pay, conditions of service and pensions. (yes I have read the article and what's more I understand it) The problem lies, as it always has, with the government. Successive governments have tinkered around and changed the system so many times it's become almost unworkable. I'm not going in to all the claptrap about what Labour did and what the Tories did because quite frankly they're equally to blame. Schools in Salford, as in most inner cities, do their best for our children under difficult circumstances. Those who took jobs in the private sector did so from choice because they thought they could make a better living. Many were induced by relatively high wages in return for relinquishing some of their employment rights and not belonging to a trade union. For those people to complain now about their pay and conditions is somewhat churlish. People must stand together in mutual support whether they work in the public or private sector. Most working people want only what they are entitled to, no more and no less. Politicians both local and in government should be shamed and held to account which is what this magazine is trying to do. Finally, privatisation of the education system, and yes it is part of the Tory agenda as is privatisation of the NHS, will be disastrous and will divide the people of this country, possibly irretrievably.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 16:16:40 on 04 July 2013
@Bernard Brough, it's been proven teaching is very hard, that's why their are a lot of children leaving school unable to read and write, I'll support teachers when illiteracy is a thing of the past, so stop the socialist left wing crap of striking and get on with the job their paid to do and that is teaching.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:12:26 on 04 July 2013
If it's so easy to teach, if it really is money for old rope why are you not all on the band wagon? Just more bashing of public sector workers. No pay rise for six years? Maybe your not working hard enough.
Money Man wrote
at 17:07:12 on 03 July 2013
@Michael Felse, that's a new one, inventing election pledges after the election. LOL, glad you are moving we don't need you "representing" Salford's fine men and women.
Michael Felse wrote
at 14:35:59 on 03 July 2013
@Kenneth, I think you will find it is us that are paying the wage bill of Salford Council. This is simply what the majority in Salford voted for, to have elected Councillors do things on our behalf. I would say, as one who stood in the Mayor Election, that our Mayor is doing some good work. Salford is moving at a fast pace into a technological future. However we must do more for people in need. Had I won the Mayor seat I would have slashed all Council Director pay by half, but that is water under the bridge. Instead we will get a new bridge and higher paid top-class Directors. I urge my Unison to join with the NUT and others to protect low paid workers and to expose to all Councillors the error of their ways. Directors paid more than our Mayor is wrong.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 20:40:25 on 02 July 2013
Its hardly any wonder Salford Council are always struggling for money with the wages they are paying all these non producing Fat Cats.The Mayor and his entourage 70 councillors on min 10k plus exs etc Spicer on top bat wages.then a number of these people have secraterys.And then they have the Lowery Centre.The light Orchestra etc plus idiotic things like the fountains Traffic Calming on chapel st it just go's on and on in weaste we cannot even get it Cleaned now and again the place is rotten .
tony blair, say's wrote
at 20:40:18 on 02 July 2013
isn't Gove just trying to make qualifications worth something, opposite to what labour did which was to dumb down education and make them worthless, I think the teachers are just peeved that now they are going to have to earn their money instead of what they have done for the last 30 odd years which was fail the people that they was suppose to educate. how many are going to be found out that their not even up to the job of teaching, and this is why a few are against change. labour don't like it because they can see the loss of next generation of labour supporters, better educated equals less likely to vote labour.
at 12:48:01 on 02 July 2013
"punched, punched, kicked and punched"- I really hope Kath Wight, NUT rep from St Ambrose isnt an English teacher.
Hard working Salfordian wrote
at 09:36:57 on 02 July 2013
Bernard, you make me laugh when you use the phrase "nasty party", for every time you use it attacking the Tories for something that Labour have done or are doing. Take private companies running schools for example, it's a bit like Salford council forcing schools to become academies (that's where private companies run them), or the increase in MP's salaries just watch which way Salford's MP's vote when they hear the pig bucket rattle. As for supporting "public servants", teachers are not "servants" they are employees of the school they work for, it's a job like any other, the sooner people like you realise that they are the same as the rest of us workers the better. When I get a pay rise (last seen one 6yrs ago) in my job in the private sector then public sector "employees" can have one too, as for my pension it's plated with shit not gold.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 06:16:58 on 02 July 2013
OK I made a mistake and it takes a big man to say sorry. I am not a big man. Why are people so against public servants defending their working conditions? On a day when the nasty party have finally admitted that they want private companies to run our schools, on a day when news breaks that MPs will be recommended a 10 per cent pay rise there are people who are prepared to do down valuable public servants like teachers. I have given up hope for the future of this country. You deserve everything that is coming to you. Your apathy in refusing to enforce change, your rolling over as the corporate boot is put into you. If only the ordinary men and women of this country could stand shoulder to shoulder and fight what is so obviously an ideological war being waged on them by all the mainstream parties change for the better might come. There will be those who say that we cant fight it, that it is wrong to strike or disobey the law. It was ordinary people breaking laws and going to prison that gave us so many of the rights we take for granted today. Those people must be turning in their graves at the way we have so easily given up what they fought so hard to get. Shame on us all.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 06:16:09 on 02 July 2013
Bernard Brough, are you really michael felse.
Davey Brown wrote
at 19:05:27 on 01 July 2013
Why is it that some people think teachers are worth anymore than any other public sector worker. All this crap about them teaching the next generation, teaching them WHAT, standards in schools in Salford are going down, it has nothing to do with how much money a school gets or what social class of children go there, it has everything to do with the quality of teaching and that ain't there. @Micheal G makes a good point, do a shit job get shit rewards, at the moment it's do what you want then expect parents to defend you, and your rewards. It's like taking the little gits who nick cars on holiday and asking the car owner to?
tony blair,say's wrote
at 19:04:14 on 01 July 2013
typical socialist's, only seeing and reading what they want to see and hear.
tony blair, say's wrote
at 13:21:41 on 01 July 2013
obviously Bernard Brough, didn't read the article him self, Lesley Auger said "We are here because we're trying defend our pay, conditions of service and pensions against the inroads that this ConDem Government are making on them.". don't slate someone else's reading ability when your own is not that hot either. teachers went on strike for there own gains and not the children's education, that was a side issue.
Edward Clarke wrote
at 13:21:30 on 01 July 2013
@Bernard Brough, for gods sake just hold your hands up, you clearly stated in your first post that the strike had nothing to do with pay, those of us who read the article properly unlike yourself can clearly see that it is in fact regarding pay and pensions. It worries me that people like you have the right to vote, if you can not read a very small article on a web page correctly then how can you be expected to understand what political parties stand for. I will now take all your previous posts stating "facts" with a very large pinch of Salt, you clearly twist and bend facts for the political gain of those you favour.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:12:59 on 01 July 2013
Some could also do with reading my posts correctly. There are some people falling into the old divide and rule trap (that's assuming some of the comments don't come from council/government spin doctors). Get behind public servants people.
at 20:29:38 on 30 June 2013
Bernard Brough is sooooo funny.....
tony blair, say's wrote
at 20:29:32 on 30 June 2013
Micheal G.hear hear,great solution,fair all-round.and lets bring a bit of discipline back as well.
the end wrote
at 20:29:23 on 30 June 2013
Ref Bernard Read the article before you spout your abusive drivel. "We are here because we're trying defend our pay, conditions of service and pensions against the inroads that this ConDem Government are making on them." oops!!!
Micheal G wrote
at 15:32:50 on 30 June 2013
Are some of these the same Salford "hero worshiped" teachers that work in Salford's FAILING schools. And lets be honest that's a fact as reported by OFSTED. I see the work to rule comment below, how about performance related pay instead? Crap results means teachers get the bottom grade pay, outstanding results means they get the top grade. Quite simple really and fair.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 15:32:25 on 30 June 2013
No wonder the government can do as it likes in this country. Read the fucking article you blind deaf reactionary idiot. They struck in protest against cuts! Got it yet? They went on strike to defend education not in support of wage claims ect. If you are going to comment read the article, if you can that is.
salfordresident wrote
at 11:36:32 on 30 June 2013
All teachers who FORCED our children to take a day off should be taken to court and fined/locked up. They have caused our children to lose out on a days education during term time. This behaviour is not acceptable and has caused detrimental loss of education. Can I reclarify that strike action should only be taken during holiday time or at weekends. Parents are hounded if a child takes a day off for good reason. Strike action is not a good enough reason, get to work and do your job teachers. If you dont like your terms and conditions go and find another job. The gravy train is ending, face it. The tax payer has had enough.
beige beret wrote
at 16:01:49 on 29 June 2013
Why didn't you stay home Mr Robertson...? oh hang on because you seem to have completely abdicated responsibility for your children. My partner had to stay beyond his hours until 7 pm last night to help with an after school club. He has children too! I do think though that instead of striking (and giving parents fuel to argue) teachers should work to rule instead. Start at the time they get paid from, finish at the time they are paid to. Extra curricular activities (AKA childminding according to some parents)wouldn't be run,breakfast clubs would stop etc... Parents would still have to start work later or leave work to collect them but teachers couldn't be accused of anything because they are doing what is required and parents may then just see what teachers and the rest of the staff do in order for them to work! (as well as educate their children)I bet some parents don't stay late at work because they have to pick up their children from school...
beige beret wrote
at 16:00:59 on 29 June 2013
p.s What Bernard said!
at 15:59:45 on 29 June 2013
Of course school isnt a babysitting service, but teachers wages and their pensions ARE paid for by taxpayers. Hands how many teachers would take a day off work to support the dinner ladies in their schools who are probably on minimum wage?
Bill Williams wrote
at 19:45:29 on 28 June 2013
Sorry that your wife lost pay Mr Robertson, many others also did. The strikers lost pay standing up for the education system that hopefully benefits your children. However it would appear you only value that system because it provides a free child minding service. That is very disappointing but not a surprising viewpoint given your closing words. I really do feel sorry for your children now.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 19:45:22 on 28 June 2013
Teachers are professional educators, not your baby sitter. You want to see a selfish twat, look in the mirror man. Ohh and by the way you want baby sitters pay for them.
Steven Robertson wrote
at 16:41:32 on 28 June 2013
Well done everyone - now, how about reimbursement for the day of pay my wife lost while she had to stay at home to look after the kids. Selfish twats the lot of you........
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