Star date: 26th March 2013


This week, Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart is set to approve spending of between £25,000 - £30,000 on a prestige competition to build a bridge linking The Crescent to The Meadows.

The money is to be paid to RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competitions to manage the `international design competition' for the `landmark' bridge, and follows the spending of £3.1million of public money on  Water Taxi landing stages, walkways from Manchester to Media City, cycle routes from the University to Media City, and refurbishing a footbridge on The Meadows.

Full details here…

Before the 2013/14 Salford Council cuts begin to bite next week, Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, is set to approve the spending of between £25,000-£30,000 on an international competition to build a `landmark' bridge linking The Crescent and The Meadows.

The money will be paid to RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Competitions to facilitate the bridge beauty contest.

The subsequent bridge will, according to a Salford Council report, "strengthen and accelerate existing private sector delivery programmes", "unlock the potential of The Meadows site" and "raise the transformational profile of the area". Nowhere in the report does it say how the building of the winning bridge design will be financed.

The competition follows on from last month's approval for the spending of £3.1million of public money on Water Taxi landing stages, walkways from Manchester to Media City, cycle routes from the University to Media City and the refurbishing of The Meadows footbridge (see here).

It also follows on from the £13million Greengate Square fountain project opposite Manchester Cathedral (see here).

All the projects are part Salford City Council's obsession with completing the Irwell River Park, estimated to cost £72million, and which hasn't been subject to cuts that other Salford Council departments have suffered.

The Irwell River Park - `A new international waterfront destination for the Manchester City Region' – is basically about putting in new routes, bridges, footpaths and follies around stretches of the River Irwell and Manchester Ship Canal that run between Manchester, the University of Salford and MediaCityUK.

The Salford Mayor and Salford Council are convinced, according to the Council report, that the Park "will strengthen and accelerate existing private sector delivery programmes", while "facilitating economic growth and competitiveness".

Daniel Hulse wrote
at 09:45:00 on 12 April 2013
Its interesting how our left-leaning mayor can find the justification to spend £30k on a bridge design and then go on record complaining about cuts to welfare budgets! Absolutely typical behaviour from the labour run Salford Council who are more about style than substance!!
Michael Felse wrote
at 07:10:52 on 02 April 2013
Jay, sorry Felse has no plans to stand for election. But will purse greater protections for children and for Salford's vulnerable adults. It is a fact that since April 2011 public sector bodies have had a duty to take due regard to eliminate discrimination. They have the duty to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people across different groups. I also demand these essentials for Salford.
Jay wrote
at 19:51:03 on 01 April 2013
Michael, we already have these policies and guidelines it's just that the green spaces ones are ignored. Instead of your Salford Greener Plan we have green belt and the protection of local green spaces is suppose to be incorporated into the UDP. Your Third Sector Escalation Plan (another phrase for privatisation) is already being implemented that is what is happening with homehelps, supported accomodation, mental health day services and drop-ins, and there is more to come. And we have Vulnerable Adult and Child Protection Plans these are legal statute that the clowns at that big circus tent in Swinetown can't change, and thankfully to the likes of OFSTED and CQC they are monitored and the council brought to book when they fail in their duties, which sadly we are seeing time and time again recently. As for the council pledging a Guaranteed Commitment to prosecute child abusers, i don't know if you are aware but we have these people called the police and the CPS it is them that prosecute kiddy fiddlers not the council, however the council do have a legal obligation to report to the police and assist them in their enquiries any suspiction of child abuse, so do you know something we don't? Somebody who is doing something they shouldn't, best thing to do is call the police yourself i guarantee they will listen to your allegations because they hate paedos just as much as the good people of this city. And no Micheal i don't think the post i am replying to is hot air, no it's more a case of an unsuccessfull mayoral candidate trying to win support for the next time he stands in an election by using a child protection subject that will stir up people.
Michael Felse wrote
at 12:38:01 on 01 April 2013
Jay, you are correct we need greener spaces. This can be best achieved by having a Salford Greener Charter. This commitment between Salford Council, communities and private business(including Peel) will protect green designated spaces. The Charter will need to identify our growth build locations, such as for tackling the housing waiting list, an influx of migrant needs and increase in children with all the knock on effects of schools, shops, leisure facilities and jobs. I ask Mayor Stewart publicly to draft The Salford Greener Plan. The Third Sector Escalation Plan and The Vulnerable Adult and Children Protection Plan. These were in my Manifesto as was my call for Salford Council to give its Guaranteed Commitment to prosecute child abusers without exception. If these are "hot air" then Salford will frail into frustration.
Jay wrote
at 10:05:45 on 01 April 2013
Michael Felse, thanks for that statement of political bullshit. If only we could recycle the hot air you blow, Salford would be a much greener place. If you want Humphrey Booth to be kept open tell your mate Ian Stewart to stop fucking about with lego blocks playing bridge builder and start putting the cash into the community.
Michael Felse wrote
at 07:46:51 on 01 April 2013
Easy answer Norb is work with Modern Architectural Universities to design flood safe homes that would set the trend to combat global danger of flooding. Care Degree Students would settle into Salford as jobs become created, raising incomes for Salford Council. You are correct pubs, shops and private landlords will get more income, that is called a sustainable future at the risk of teaching you to suck eggs this Easter. My one Salford Vision is a diverse community that cares about all residents. Students I value as our futuristic innovators with their modernisation visions as they can inherit the best place in England to enjoy future living. But this means we have to keep Humphrey Booth open and value services to prove we have Council ability of investment growth and a community cohesive belief.
ima norb wrote
at 13:27:01 on 31 March 2013
Michael Felse, you seem to have the vision of a little village full of senior citizens being cared for by the uni students, 1) What happens to the care provided during the holidays of which students have may? 2) Do you really think it would be a good idea to house hundreds of vunerable older people on what is basically a flood plain, what happens when the river goes into flood? As for the income from overseas students of £9m a year can i just point out that non of this would be heading the way of the council as students don't pay council tax and according to national statistics are during their learning years a negative on a councils resources. Only the pubs, clubs, shops, private rented housing etc in the local area thrive on student spending. P.s to create a world class leading uni you need more than alot of land and money, you need good management and leadership as well, something the council and Salford Labour lack en-mass so please don't tell your granny how to suck eggs.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 10:44:22 on 31 March 2013
Is that the area right next to the footbridge from Peel Park?
Michael Felse wrote
at 10:43:49 on 31 March 2013
While I fear it could be a Tesco, my voice would be for affordable sheltered homes, like The Meadows in Cadishead for older Salford people to enjoy life in comfort + peace but enable Salford's University to provide care vocational courses for UK and oversea students. Integrated Learning is all about building bridges across the age divide. Salford has a great history to excel on a world stage by providing care degree courses. City income from overseas students can be £9million a year. Enough to keep the Humphrey Boot and support our vulnerable services. Win-Win
Salford Star wrote
at 06:30:43 on 30 March 2013
We've noticed all the comments about development on The Meadows. If you look at the plan on the graphic, the area next to 2b, shaded pink, is the land they are trying to develop.
Save our green space wrote
at 06:25:29 on 30 March 2013
Michael Felse there are already two foot bridges which cross to the meadows from peel park, and another which allows people to cross the river again on the other side of the meadows. The only reason i can see for building another is for direct access off the crescent, and the only reason for such access is to be able to market the land for commercial development. If the uni wanted to build on the land why would they need more access when the existing access is direct from the back of the uni onto the site, the proposed new access would be a longer walk for students as the vast majority live either to the west of the site or at the bottom of adelphi st, both locations which as i have said above already enjoy direct access. No the only reason for a new bridge is commercial, the question is, will is be named "Tesco express bridge" after the name of the likely land buyers?
Bernard Brough wrote
at 06:25:24 on 30 March 2013
Mr felse, so what you are saying is that the Meadow will be a meadow no longer just another bunch of buildings? I'm guessing you will alos expect the City of Salford to make some huge contribution to the cost of that. No it's simply not right. All the bullshit sbout wordl class this world class that while the good people of this city suffer cuts. The University can go to Ecclefechan for all the benefit it brings to the population of Salford. Get into the real world & stop spouting the party line. By the way they could take the Civic Centre to Ecclefechan as long as they take the crazy gang with it.
at 06:24:51 on 30 March 2013
Mr Felse if they relocate the civic, hope its on another planet and take the idiots who are running this city with them.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 06:24:27 on 30 March 2013
Michael FALSE, if you was mayor of Salford and you was given the choice or scrapping ORDSALL'S HUMPHREY BOOTH DAY CARE CENTRE or this bridge and remember you've only the money for one of them which would it be. take as much time as you need to answer this, as you are now a labour party convert.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 06:23:23 on 30 March 2013
@ Michael FALSE when are you going to announce you are running as a labour councillor.
Michael Felse wrote
at 12:13:14 on 29 March 2013
If Salford is to become a world stage university city it must open access to the Meadows to capture future Government capital build investment.Otherwise for it to achieve the growth the University campus will have to relocate most of its faculty to MediaCity. Then we would have an outcry from those that oppose a bigger expansion of MediaCity, which would become the focal point for our colleges, academies. adult education. It would also take with it a relocation of the Civic Centre no doubt. Build the bridge, split site campus is better for Education across Salford communities.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 18:25:31 on 28 March 2013
Nonsense, are you a Salford Councillor by any chance. You appear to be dim enough.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 14:00:20 on 28 March 2013
@Nonsense, I can't believe you think that they can build a bridge that size for £30,000, it probably cost that in tea, biscuits, and cakes for our greedy labour councillors to get round the table to discuss this project in the first place, if labour councillors are pricing this then your probably looking at a couple of million, remember labours red ken in London on the Olympics he said £2.2 billion to stage it, from start to Finnish, final cost £13 billion, it cost £2.2 billion just for security. trust labour, not on your life
at 12:54:34 on 28 March 2013
@nonesense-sorry not sure what you are saying-but if SCC are paying the £30k to the Royal Instutute of British Architects to facilitate the bridge design competition-thats not building costs and that will be dictated by the winning design, who is to say it wont exceed a million? I would have more respect for local councillors if they had vetoed commisioning the RIBA. Does Salford/Manchester alumni/business forums have no architects in their midst who are capable of project managing the competition. Were they ever approached-or perhaps the Mayor and his Cllrs thinks they dont have the skills required I also thought any "work" over £10k had to go out to tender?
Uni-lever wrote
at 11:02:24 on 28 March 2013
@Nonsense, if the clowns are spending £30k on a colouring competition to design the bridge, then a few million will not be far short of the cost once the project is finished. For validation of this just look at the other projects that were not properly costed in the first place.
White wrote
at 11:01:54 on 28 March 2013
Reg Hardly relevant to this main discussion but I would suggest that the 'otters' were in fact wild mink. There have been problems with these a little further upstream and I myself have come across one next to the Irwell at Clifton.
Reg Howard wrote
at 08:48:30 on 28 March 2013
Not being a gambling man myself ,but,if i was, I would bet that Messrs Antrobus Stewart and co,are already hatching a plan to build on the meadows,let us face it, prime land surrounded by the now clean river irwell which teams with fish and a wealth of wildlife,(rumor has it that otters have been seen along there), must be worth a fortune, could it be part of the plan to build pavement cafes etc ? we will see !!!
Nonsense wrote
at 08:46:53 on 28 March 2013
So we've now gone to a multi million pound bridge from a £30,000 one. It's a wacky world with the SS - and its readers! Need massive investment in Salford schools obv
Brian Francis Kirkham wrote
at 17:14:51 on 27 March 2013
Have to ask a Logistical question here - this multimillion pound bridge - who's it meant for? You see, Unless they're also forking out for an extra rugby pitch - the pathway's go all the way round the meadows - which the uni uses for sports facilities aside of the playing fields further down the road. The mention of watertaxis to media city makes sense - but is there a problem gaining access to university sites now ? or has Salford's academic change to being "Manchester" now led to a mad rush by students and staff to getting to lectures on time? (believe it when I see it!)
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:45:24 on 27 March 2013
Were going to build a bridge from a road to a big field. Are they having some drugs parties down at the funhouse now? Get real or get out, you are a bunch of less than useless nonentities. I have an idea, there are several bridges into Manchester, why do you not all take a walk over one of them & not come back. We could then get a bunch of 12 year olds from a local school & let them run the city as a class project. They could surely do no worse.
insider wrote
at 22:21:17 on 26 March 2013
Last year a Christmas card competition now a design a bridge competition - this Mayor is priceless he'e even more wacky than Boris! we could have design a huge debt competition sponsored by Salford Reds or spot the overpaid Chief Executive sponsored by Bankers bonuses .com. When is this Mayor going to do soemthing useful for Salford?
Curious wrote
at 19:50:11 on 26 March 2013
Before the council resurect the salford journal colouring competition could they please answer one question...... Why would anybody want to cross the river at that point? Could it not be because the council want to develop on more of our green space, but this can be the only reason because nothing is on this land. So come on salford cllrs answer the question.
Michael Felse wrote
at 19:49:26 on 26 March 2013
Great to see ideas flooding in for the bridge. Praise to Salford's Mayor for going ahead with the important flagship bridge, adding prominence for the Salford to Manchester financial corridor. Small price to pay for the new investment that this will attract. We can now see Salford is going places with this iconic bridge a world artifact beckoning thousands of new students to our University campus.
Mr Bridge wrote
at 17:49:05 on 26 March 2013
Design a bridge competition ???? Dear Mr Mayor, a bridge is a simple structure, basically you have two sides and on each side you put some sort of support (concrete piling etc), then linking the two sides you put something flat (few large pieces of wood will do) add a couple of sides for safety and bobs your uncle. If you want, my 2yr old can draw you a picture and i will drop it in at the town hall tommorow for you, a donation for the colouring crayons would be appreciated, about 50p should cover it.
at 17:49:00 on 26 March 2013
Why does it have to be an international competition and at such cost-It would be more palatable if SCC harnessed the potential on their own doorstep-surely there are design students at the local uni who would are more than capable of designing a flagship bridge? The Civic centre and the uni have shed loads of space where the entries could be displayed. Then perhaps if there a still such a thing as a philanthropists left in the RIBA, they could be invited to judge the competition gratis.
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