Star date: 10th February 2013


`If you're not prepared to fight these cuts, we will fight you…' resident

For two hours yesterday, Salford Council workers and residents spoke out against the cuts that are crippling the city. An audience of over sixty people heard from mental health service users, park rangers, home care workers, youth workers and Ordsall Hall workers, before passing a motion calling on Salford's Labour Council to stand up to the ConDem Government – and to demand the return of £100million stolen from the people of Salford.

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Salford Against CutsPublic Meeting Feb 2013 Salford Against Cuts Public Meeting Feb 2013 Salford Against Cuts Public Meeting Feb 2013
Salford Against Cuts Public Meeting Feb 2013 Salford Against Cuts Public Meeting Feb 2013
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At the end of a public meeting called by Salford Against the Cuts yesterday, a motion was passed demanding that Salford's Labour Council pass a `no cuts budget', demand back £100million of funding `stolen' by the ConDem Government (see here), and in the meantime use reserves and borrowing to fill in funding gaps to keep public services intact.

To the motion was added a further clause… `If councillors in Salford are not prepared to fight the Government, Salford Against the Cuts will encourage and support council candidates who make a clear commitment to do so'…

Earlier an audience of over sixty people gathered at Swinton Royal British Legion had heard from those at the sharp end of the cuts…

Steve Cullen from the United Service Users Committee (USUC) explained how their members, with support from Salford Against the Cuts (SAC), had used every practice in the `protest handbook' to force Salford Council to back down from changing drop-in support for people with mental health problems – from confronting Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband and City Mayor Ian Stewart, to occupying the Council chamber itself (see here)… "We're not going quietly" he emphasised.

A representative from the Ordsall Hall Campaign (see here) explained how workers were worried that the partial closure of the Hall on Fridays would lead to "its change from a community venue to a wedding venue". It would mean forty of fifty less educational visits by school children a year, even though Salford Council pledged to fund staffing for the Hall when it received over £4million Lottery Funding, as part of a £6.5million recent refurbishment 

They added that workers were told not to go public with the closure during a thirty day consultation with staff but "we think the public should know about it, it's important for the people of Salford".

The refurbishment of Ordsall Hall wouldn't have happened without donations of around £1million from Salford residents who are now having access to the Tudor mansion curtailed… "These are a poisonous part of the cuts" they said "The Council is saying `culture doesn't matter', but it does…" 

Meanwhile, Salford Rangers, Jill Tyson and Gale Blackburn told how, in 2011 there were 15 rangers looking after green spaces in the city, now there are just six. Salford Council cuts will see just two rangers looking after the entire Salford area, of which 68% is green space.

After listing the phenomenal work that the rangers do, including supporting community events, working with young people and volunteers, and managing the environment and wildlife, Gale concluded that, if the latest cuts go ahead, "the quality of the environment will decline, and the spaces will become hotspots for crime and anti-social behaviour."

Iris, an Intermediate Home Care Worker for over twenty years, spoke passionately about the affect of privatisation of the service on the old, ill and vulnerable…

"We go into the community and enable people at the most vulnerable times in their lives to get back on their feet" she explained "We're giving medication and physio, virtually doing nurses jobs but if we're put with a private agency we'll have just ten minutes with people to look after them."

Iris added that Salford Council's own Home Care team has already had to pick up the pieces when four private agencies looking after the ill and vulnerable were closed down. Now the Council want to employ such agencies to care for the city's old and ill people.

"By using the threat of agencies they are bullying us to take redundancy" she explained "It's either take voluntary redundancy or be passed over to the private sector. Apart from saving our jobs, this is about the need to help people."

Next to speak was Skippy from Salford's Youth Service, which has faced a £1.8million cut over three years. He explained that the service had been trimmed as much as it could and now there would be a real loss of services for young people… "We won't be out on the streets diverting young people away from anti-social activities, we won't be able to properly support youth centres" he said "There will be a knock-on effect right across the city."

Cuts to culture, environment, old people, ill people, young people and disabled people met with anger as residents and trade unionists spoke out, questioning the attitude of the Labour Party, both locally and nationally, in the face of ConDem Government attacks on society.

"They call it `respecifying', `re-focussing', `modernising', `restructuring'…it's absolute rubbish, it's cuts" explained SAC secretary Kevin Curran "The officers believe their own bullshit and councillors go along with it. This Council represents us not the ConDem Government and it's up to us to put pressure on them."

Steve North, now Branch Secretary of Salford City UNISON, added that when Salford Against the Cuts was first formed two years, rather than just attack the Labour Council, they gave them a chance to resist cuts.

"They haven't done it" he said "They have abdicated responsibility. They are supposed to be the political voice of ordinary working people but they've said nothing either locally or nationally. Where are they? We should shame them and stand anti-cuts candidates against them if they don't stand up to this Government."

George Tapp, of the Salford Pensioners Association, said that the closure of day centres will result in old people dying from the cold, and that cuts to youth services would mean more attacks by youths on pensioners…

"Is there one councillor here to listen to us today?"  he asked "No! They don't care. Council officers are dictating to councillors but they were elected to represent us, to do their jobs."

Others agreed, saying that the `inept' Labour Council was just putting in place Tory cuts, and that the Bedroom Tax and Council Tax benefit reductions will have massive adverse effects on the people of Salford.

Gareth Stowers, a worker at Royal Court `wet house' which is closing down through Council cuts at the end of March (see here) explained that current residents will be moved to unsuitable premises and will end up in A&E, prisons and ultimately the streets…

"Without such services people will die" he said "We should say to the Labour Council that `If you're not prepared to fight these cuts, then we will fight you'..."

In the past, Labour councillors who refused to implement cuts were personally surcharged to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds. This no longer applies – so the most councillors would personally lose by refusing to implement cuts would be their personal allowances. But do they have the political will?

The public meeting unanimously voted to accept a motion demanding Salford's Labour Council stood up to the cuts. The full motion reads…

This meeting believes that the Coalition Government's cuts are an attempt to drive down living standards for ordinary working people and to offload on them the burden for the economic crisis.  We are opposed to the Coalition's attempt to divide the working class by offensive propaganda about 'strivers' and 'skivers'.

We do not accept that Labour councils have no alternative but to implement cuts. On the contrary we expect them to lead a fight against the Government to win back the resources stolen from Salford.

This meeting places on record its total opposition to all cuts in jobs and services in Salford. We declare our support for the trade unions representing Council employees in their battle over pay and against redundancies – only a well-paid workforce at full strength will be able to deliver high quality services.

We call on Salford Council to:

• Set a budget for 2013/14 based on last year's, with no cuts, no reductions in services, no privatisation and no reductions in terms and conditions of council staff

• Demand back from the government the £100million stolen from the people of Salford and needed to provide adequate funding for these services.

• Initiate a major campaign, alongside other Labour councils and with local authority trade unions, and involving rallies, lobbies and demonstrations, to force the government to back down

• In the meantime use reserves and prudent borrowing powers to meet any shortfall, until the campaign they initiate forces the government to back down, including an exploration of the possibilities of converting capital funding to revenue funding to maintain expenditure levels (capitalisation)

• If councillors in Salford are not prepared to fight the Government, Salford Against The Cuts will encourage and support council candidates who make a clear commitment to do so.


 Monday 25th February 5pm
Lobby of the Labour Party Group at the Civic Centre

• Wednesday 27th February 8am
Lobby of the Full Council Meeting at the Civic Centre (this date has been 100% confirmed)

Contact Salford Against The Cuts:  salfordagainstcuts@gmail.com


Photos by Steven Speed

Main photo shows Salford Rangers Jill and Gale

Real Labour with values wrote
at 08:49:50 on 13 February 2013
Fact is most of the unions representing Salford council workers are in bed with the management. The unions put money up for the cllrs to get elected, then when they attack the workers the unions tow the management line behind closed doors, whilst shouting off in public about cuts. The unions are just a glove puppet for management, the fact they are talking about the cuts to services being the fault of the government instead of their puppet masters proves this. They will not call a strike over these cuts made by their masters because they support them and their twisted tactic of negative politics, it keeps all their noses in the trough together.
salford pimpernel wrote
at 23:13:05 on 12 February 2013
sorry I am with Joe on this one, this labour council is deliberately making cuts to front line services to rile the ordinary man and woman on the street we've seen it all before with this lot, and every one falls for it. every one on this forum knows where to make cuts, but these type of cuts wont get labour votes at the next election, cut money to Salford reds and other projects and no one gives a toss, cut money for the elderly, disabled, and the poor and it's lets bash the government.
Do They Care? wrote
at 19:24:01 on 12 February 2013
If we wasn't spending good money on The BBC Orchestra,mushrooms,lowry and other pet projects that are the brainwaves of the Labour Elite we would not be in this position. So much energy wasted in argument, what is the solution? Strike? Flight? Shite? or what actually will occur!People from Salford have always been kicked about the political football pitch and they will always get by and look after each other. I have seen families destitute through DWP sanctions and there saving was there neighbors and friends, not the council, not the unions and defiantly not some Councillor. I am sorry people but this is what will always happen in communities so afflicted by lack of employment and real opportunities. When the goodtimes was here the council squandered Millions on grand designs and marketing specialist to "Draw there picture" The ROT has set in this city in those good old days when our council/and in that respect U Unions had your Fill of what you could get, there was no forward thinking it was EAT EAT EAT till you nearly burst. Now we are being kicked back into our own half and all I can hear is how bad it is going to be. Well I am sorry folks but its always been BAD for some people/Areas, nothing has changed.....
Joe Oneill wrote
at 19:23:10 on 12 February 2013
Sue my concerns are simple the unions have the power to bring this Government to it's knees we have people losing their Jobs and services being ripped apart, your good self I have a deep respect for and your work within the union , but I really am concerned that when I have been to these cuts meetings I am seeing a pattern that sadly does not bode well, it start off and ends the same way people go away with hope and sadly I see little results. I would be far happier if you had a new voice within your union leading your fight and not a band of socialist paper sellers, The post was unfair but I did it to see if I got a reaction and the reaction I received made my mind up as to the skills needed to handle situations from some one not offering support and counter argument I think your man failed, If you as a union fight using the arguments that I have seen you will fail, Steve tries to talk about budgets and the use of reserves those reserves are at their lowest for years at one point large sums where taken out to pay for equal pay settlements and have to be there to cover emergencies but there are answer to where savings could be made but your man and is socialist friends just push for no cuts without a valid alternative it's no wonder the LABOUR councillors laugh, his response show immaturity and that is my concern I wish you every success but I will stick to my view he is not the man to fight for you I believe a new face willing to listen and take advice would offer you a greater success in your fight Regards Joe
Sue W wrote
at 07:31:03 on 12 February 2013
I am saddened by some of these comments; Joe, why such an aggressive post and comments towards Steve? You share anecdotes of what you consider poor representation when you were a councillor, please remember Joe, stewards represent members in the work place, if that workplace is a poorly paid council department, there is a considerable chance that the steward cannot put 'Oxon' after his name! Steve wasn't in tenure when you were a councillor, and as a Branch Secretary he has done much to turn the branch round, to the extent of the Salford branch having the highest recruitment in the North West, increasing the number of stewards tenfold and more importantly he has the respect of officers, stewards and members, that shows the true character of the man! Chris Slater you make some valid points about union management, but you are talking about regional and national levels. Steve is a grass root activist. Wrote, I think you will find Steve has defended himself against personal attacks; he hasn't instigated them. Gareth (@1.33pm) I totally concur. The meeting on Saturday wasn't a UNISON meeting, but a Salford Against the Cuts (SAC) meeting and I would agree that a SAC need to publicise campaigns on a far wider scale. Salford Council are decimating services, cutting pay for many and threatening redundancies for staff, as well as looking to privatise services but Salford City UNISON will continue to fight and campaign against these vicious and unnecessary cuts that are Tory ideology. An ideology that a Labour council appears to support.
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 07:29:38 on 12 February 2013
@Life is loud - sorry you didn't know about the meeting, regular surfers on the Salford Star website would certainly know it was on, if you send your email to salfordagainstcuts@gmail.com we'll make sure you are on our mailing list. Well said, Gareth Stowers, you speak for many in Salford. If Labour would make a stand there would be massive support for them. Pickles can send in who he likes, the people and the unions wouldn't take orders from his quislings. The ConDems might even ban the odd councillor for a few months - and then they'd get re-elected with bumper majorities. But as Gareth puts it: if Labour support these cuts or effectively pass them on, they are part of the problem. Sadly no elections in Salford this year but we'll just have to see about it in 2014. You have effectively answered Joe O'Neill too - if we work with a supine Labour council we'll soon have nothing left. Let's hope Joe's whingefest will now subside.
joe oneill wrote
at 07:28:48 on 12 February 2013
I wonder to put this one to bed would it not seem conceivable that Unison and Salford against the cuts put together a legitimate budget and ask the Mayor could they present it on Budget day , A budget working within the confines of the financial constraints put on this city by the Conservative led Government. I for one am a realist and would like to see if those who shout the loudest have the ability to offer some answers. We all understand the damage these cuts are doing and the long term effects will be on going for years to come but perhaps if the rhetoric was dispensed with and alternatives offered people would take these groups on a serious basis.
Steven North wrote
at 07:28:14 on 12 February 2013
Joe, you've never done anything than peddle your own name. The moment any party, campaign or group no longer allows you to do that you walk away. And by the way...Salford has £11.8m in Reserves. £3.4m above the minimum risk assessed threshold. Using those Reserves and unsupported borrowing would not be a panacea but would buy time while they campaigned for the return of the money stolen. We're asking them to fight. Losing would place us in no worse a position than we are now. The Council should lead such a campaign. If they do so I will stand behind them and so will many others for this isn't about personalities, it's about more than that. Hence why you shout loudly across the keyboard but don't enter the breach.
Gareth Stowers wrote
at 19:33:38 on 11 February 2013
Joe, I think if we work with what we have( this labour council) I think we will very soon find we have very little left indeed. If however this council is prepared to stand against these cuts actively as opposed to cutting frontline services to the marrow I for one would stand with them. I feel the only we would be listened to by labour is if they no longer feel Salford is a 'Safe' seat. If thats what it takes so be it!! The people of Salford cannot afford these cuts, if this situation is allowed to go ahead there will be a massive rise in homelessness, drug and alcohol issues,crime and all that goes with it. Creating further poverty is obviously not going to get this country out of debt and I feel that these cuts are something we need to fight at every level of society. If labour support these cuts or effectively pass them on to us then they are part of the problem and need to be treated as such!
Independant Ian wrote
at 19:32:23 on 11 February 2013
With all this focus against government cuts the people of Salford will not listen, it's a fact that most of the population are not against cuts that are targeted properly, and most of the rest that are against know that nobody in Salford can change government policy, all Salford Labour do is keep playing the same record saying "it not us Mr voter, we are trying to protect you". The key to winning public support and ultimatly protecting services is getting across to the voters that this council has wasted £100m+ on pet projects regular readers of this site will know of them all Media city, Reds, Halle, Fountains etc, this needs cutting these projects that will not benefit the vast majority of Salford residents in any way. Those of us who oppose these £100m cuts to services made by the council who whilst at the same time are still spending money on crappy pet projects need to focus on getting rid of the scum that run this city. Yes the unions need to stop funding Labour candidates at the next election, but the unions need to fight the incompetant idiots running this city now. The way i see it the only way that can happen is if all the unions work together and get ALL of their members out on strike, people start to notice when their bin has not been emptied, or when the dead have not been buried, then the people of this city will wakeup and start asking questions and the answers they should get is, it's because of the incompetant idiots who run this city, those who are willing to support peel, bbc, reds, etc and cut vital services. Unfortunatly the voters will need this ramming down their throats until election time in 2014 and then again in 2015, then when Salford is rid of the spineless people who run it the new council can have a vote of no confidence in the mayor rendering him powerless, then the decent people can start repairing this city and make it a fair and decent place to live and work. Make history happen, grind the bastards down then drag em out of office.
life is loud wrote
at 16:12:30 on 11 February 2013
I think the reason not many people turned up at the meeting was because it was not advertised if it was I did not see it anywhere neither did anyone of my friends so noone knew about it, when you consider the size of Salford there should have been hundreds of people there I really think that people are not interested in politics anymore and have just become complacent
Joe Oneill wrote
at 16:12:22 on 11 February 2013
Well Steve I think your out burst on this site shows your true character, and you are perceived to be the voice of the union. Funny really one position I held on the council dealt with people who were at the last stage of dismissal and I have witnessed first hand how your union dealt with those issues having to step in on occasions when your representative was lost. I stood up on many occasions in council and fought the issues where Labour members sat and followed their masters like sheep, I helped case after case but how would you have a clue what I did, i witnessed a cuts group on mass shrink to nothing yes don't forget I get the minutes still only to reappear when issues arise and then sit back, I have nothing against unions I spent six years as a shop steward but I object to those that go through the motions while jobs are lost and services slashed. You come up with answers like the city should use it's reserves but there are none I said time and time again its not the amswer, you say borrow have you seen how much this city is in debt? what it needs is direction you have a go at our party what of your political steps Hazel out? what should have been a success was a failure you even failed to get out your free post, so lets just say to the people who came on Saturday work with what you have and try to make it better what I see coming is rhetoric and spin and that we don't need,You call me a part timer I have walked the streets for four years building a base gathering activist and putting my own money where my mouth is and you?
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 12:34:08 on 11 February 2013
It's a shame that people don't post under their own name as Steve and Chris(and I) do. I chaired Saturday's meeting and was proud to do so. It's two years since Salford against Cuts was set up and at that time there was a mood to give Labour the benefit of the doubt - 'let's see how they handle the cuts, they might not be so bad'. No longer. What was different about Saturday's meeting was the number of calls from the floor to reject Labour and call for others to come forward and lead the fight against the cuts. That resolution was carried UNANIMOUSLY, no abstentions even. Yes, there's a lot wrong with the trade unions - inertia, not listening to members, in the pocket of Labour. That's changing and give credit to people like Steve North and his colleagues on the UNISON committee who are starting to change that - more members, more stewards, more communication with members, stronger defence of members. And sooner or later they will succeed in wresting their union from the deathly grip of New Labour.
Steven North wrote
at 12:33:16 on 11 February 2013
As a Branch Secretary I do not have the power to authoritse a ballot. I would very much like one, but I don't have that level of authority. Equally I don't have the power to disaffiliate our union from Labour as much as I would like to. As such, I and my colleagues need to do the best with what we've got...and we've done a damn sight more than you. What is your record on the Council? Seriously? We can point to keeping Day Centres open, supporting mental health service users to keep drop-ins, preventing a 5% pay cut to Council staff last year and getting those agency workers you refer to 18 new jobs starting in April. We can point to real things. And when we don't win guess what...we still try. No grand election campaign, no jumping from one organisation to another because it doesn't suit our chances of getting elected. Just bloody hard work. And we'll keep doing it...again and again and again...until we get somewhere. Part-timers like yourself are welcome to wade in and out, but there are some of us who actually mean it!
at 10:13:05 on 11 February 2013
There you go Steve a range of personal attacks but you never answered the question will you strike? The funny part was when I was on the council I remember a certain union asking me to put forward a petition over the shocking practice of using agency on the bins I remember fighting also with the Liberal Democrats over numerous issues, You on the other hand surround yourself with your socialist worker comrades meeting after meeting I have seen you go through the same process the people listen with intent but what is the end result? People are losing their jobs and services are being slashed and the unions carry on to support Labour, why was I not their Steve working with the elderly but why should I attend a meeting when I already understand the outcome, how could we afford to fight a mayoral campaign remember Steve the unions back Stewart and we can't compete with that but at least we tried. I can hold my head up with my record can you? Oh by the way when you offer answers like the council should use their reserves and borrow I think you need a script that makes sense they have no reserves and borrow don't you think that was one of the causes that Labour have already tried and failed with.
Salford Resident wrote
at 09:51:37 on 11 February 2013
Before I moved to Salford, all I knew of it was its not so good reputation and the precinct. I moved here 6 years ago to live near my elderly mother and have grown to love and care about this city & its people. I am dismayed and disappointed in the cuts Salford Council are planning to take. I live in Swinton, have a young family and regularly go to my local park as well as others throughout the city. I regularly attend the events that the ranger team put on for free in the parks and my children (and I) really enjoy them. I have often been walking my dogs and seen the rangers working with troops of volunteers, who look happy to be dedicating their free time to a good cause. My mother has recently started going on health walks (on the advice of her doctor)and has met a new network of friends and it seems to be doing her a world of good. I will definitely be contacting my local Councillors to oppose the cuts that will damage this city and I strongly urge others to do so too.
Gareth Stowers wrote
at 09:51:12 on 11 February 2013
As much as I understand the unions have a part to play, this is not about the unions,let's not get bogged down in that. This is about the people of Salford making a stand against the cuts, if that means taking on the council then so be it! Personally there are few people I wouldn't work with as long as they have the shared cause of fighting these cuts! If we start talking about this unions line or that persons politics we can never make a united stand against to fight these cuts!!
graham wrote
at 09:51:05 on 11 February 2013
Labour do not represent the working class and have not done for a long time. The Unions should remove funding, if the local Labour party are not willing to fight for the people who bank roll them! Ian Stewart recently told the people at langworthy/Odsall community meeting that the reason so few Salford people where employed by the BBC was that Salford did not have the talent needed. I think this is a shocking view from the mayor of the city and gives you an indication of what he thinks of the people of salford!
Steven North wrote
at 09:50:18 on 11 February 2013
First of all, Chris Slater, in what way am I "towing the party line"? I've just told you that I refuse to pay into the fund that goes to the Labour Party, despite the fact that unfortunately at the moment it is the only party political fund the union has. I am not a member of the Labour Party and think that UNISON's affiliation to it amounts to nothing more than buying your boss a pair of steel toe-capped boots to kick you up the arse with. I don't support Ian Stewart. I voted at the Trades Counci last year not to let him speak at May Day, but was outvoted. I've been involved in the National Shop Stewards Network since it started and trust me pal, I too was arguing for national action a long-time before it becamse de rigour. Plus, despite what you may choose to believe those of us who are ELECTED officers at the Council still get the salaries we got for our old jobs before we were elected. Yep, I get paid what a Care Worker gets (no expenses, no honorarium) and that's the way it should be. Before you go spouting off check your facts. And Joe...which political party are you representing this week? Who is it that is pandering to your own wasted ambitions at the moment? Still the Greens? Despite the fact that they are voting through cuts on Brighton Council? Although I can't imagine that would bother you too much. While you were wasting your time failing to attract virtually anybody to your pathetic mayoral campaign, our Branch was successfully defending two Day Centres for elderly people and those with learning disabilities. You're right we haven't beeen on strike against the Council, and we need to keep fighting for the right to be able to do that. Unfortunately as Chris points out, there are those with power in the unions who don't want to rock the boat. We're still at the mercy of that in Salford, but we're having a go. Plus I'd like to think we've done a damn sight more than the keyboard warrior and party swappers on here would like to admit. Oh and the final point is this...were either of you at this meeting? Chris, I don't know you so I'm not sure, but you weren't Joe...probably because nobody cared to ask you to be on the platform. "Rhetoric and nothing more?" You've got some cheek for a man whose ambitions have always outshone his principles. We'll keep fighting and those of us in our UNISON Branch will keep pushing or union and the TUC to do a damn site more than it is. If you want to be involved - critically or otherwise - wonderful. If not, just ask yourself how much good sniping at those having a go is actually going to do?
Joe Oneill wrote
at 20:08:54 on 10 February 2013
How will you take on the council Steve? strike? you have the power subject to the other unions coming on board but do you have the balls to take Labour head on? some how I think I smell rhetoric and nothing more. The reality is the unions keep labour afloat the unions back Stewart and Stewart leads Salford Labour. So Would I be wrong on thinking you wont take your man on? over to you, I understand you extreme socialism but do you think you have the answers the people wont? I don't think so
Chris Slater wrote
at 20:08:48 on 10 February 2013
As usual a Union official tows the party line. Until those in a position with a voice stand up to the Fascist, yes Fascist regime that run the Unions nothing is going to change. I am a paid up member of Unite and an ex Shop Steward, I called for a vote to our members on strike action a full year before the long awaited march on 30th Nov 2011. That was at a regional meeting in London. My suggestion was put it to a vote, if the members voted to strike we as a member led Union should strike to show other Unions that true power is with the worker. I was ignored in favour of a less direct long winded disempowering action. If Your going to fight stand up and fight, do not play it like WI sitting on Your SOFAS. Our problem as unionists at the shop floor level is we are not career unionist that say they lead us. Bullshit the management of Unions are no better than the Politicians or Bankers for that matter. How can a regional Representative on £45,000+ represent a worker on minimum wage or less, and remember these reps are just two steps from entry level full time unionists. look to the Shop Stewards Network and form a new union for all workers not this disjointed bunch of spineless yes men with empty rhetoric. Stand up and fight.
Salford Resident wrote
at 17:27:16 on 10 February 2013
Salford residents need to 'wake up and smell the coffee', 60 people, it should have been at least 600! I listened to committed Salford Council staff who may well soon be losing their jobs, speaking about how cuts in services will leave a profound and lasting legacy in our city, while not one councillor shows up. Shouldn't our councillors be leading this fight, on behalf of those who elected them? The Youth Service can not afford any further cuts; the service has been decimated in the last couple of years, what future will there be for Salford's youth when we have no services left? Is Salford Council hell bent on becoming a commissioning authority? It seems so, with the rate they are privatising services, without full consultation. Salford residents, support your city, fight for services, if the people of Levenshulme can, so can you. I hope to see you on 25th and 27th February respectively. It really is time to take a stand and say NO to further cuts.
Steven North wrote
at 14:55:19 on 10 February 2013
Great story as usual and thanks for coming to the meeting. As UNISON is affiliated to Labour through our Affiliated Political Fund - a fund I do not pay into for reasons I'm sure you'll appreciate - I have to say that my comments on anti-cuts candidates were the views of a Salford resident who would like to see Councillors who'll fight for the people of Salford, not a UNISON Branch Secretary. I can say as a Branch Secretary though that we are absolutely committed to fighting not only for our members jobs and conditions, but also the services they work in and we all need. If the Council won't take on the Government, then we will take on the Council.
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After two auctions, two exhibitions and a pop-up shop over just ten days, the immediate future of the Salford Star has been saved, with around £3,000 raised by the community.

At Salford Shopping Centre yesterday, over £1,000 was raised as actor and long time Salford Star contributor, Nigel Pivaro conducted an auction of Salford relics and memorabilia... "This isn't just about raising money for the Salford Star" said Nigel "It's also symbolic in terms of raising awareness of what we've done over the years...shining the torch where councils, developers and companies don't like it shone..."

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Star date: 9th December 2018


Tony Kinsella - More Jokes about Girls and Chocolate
Sunday 9th December
Bolton Socialist Club

Eccles comic Tony Kinsella debuts a show dedicated to The Undertones at the Bolton Socialist Club tonight. Ian Leslie checks out the laughs...

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Star date: 8th December 2018


Salford Star Exhibition, Auction and Event
With Nigel Pivaro, Simon Williams, Chris Flynn and Sandra Bouguerch
Sunday 9th December 10am - 4pm (events from 1:30pm/auction around 3pm)
Salford Shopping Centre (next to Lloyds Bank)

Tomorrow sees the final day of the Salford Star pop-up shop and exhibition, with an auction hosted by Nigel Pivaro of weird and wonderful Salford relics and bargain Christmas presents; plus street poetry from the spirit of Salford himself, Simon Williams, songs by the ace Chris Flynn and a Party On performance piece for all the family by artist Sandra Bouguerch.

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Star date: 8th December 2018


Salford Star Auction and Events
Sunday 9th December from 1pm
Salford Shopping Centre (next to Lloyds Bank)

The great Salford Star Auction takes place tomorrow, Sunday 9th December at the Star pop-up shop and exhibition at Salford Precinct. It's being conducted by Nigel Pivaro, with events from 1pm and the auction around 2:30pm.

Lots include a Holiday With The Salford Star (plus a night in a dangerously cladded tower block), the original Salford Star (£1,000,000 ono), artworks and photos, prints, amazing children's items from the Savannah-Rose Collection and loads more...

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Star date: 8th December 2018


A brick from Ringo Starr's birthplace home in Liverpool is to be auctioned by Nigel Pivaro at Salford Precinct tomorrow in a bid to save the independent community news outlet, Salford Star.

The brick, taken from the former Beatle's house in the Welsh Streets of Liverpool, is hugely symbolic for Salford in loads of different ways..

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