Star date: 19th August 2012


On Monday, Salford Mayor Ian Stewart is expected to agree a consultation on policy that would effectively pass on ConDem Government cuts for Council Tax benefits to some of the poorest people in Salford.

The Council report which will be seen by the Mayor states that "the funding cuts will have a substantial impact on working age claimants". Will the Mayor pass on the Government cuts? He doesn't need to – the Salford Star has the alternative!

See here for further details…


Will Mayor Ian Stewart pass on ConDem Government cuts to some of Salford's poorest people? That is the question that, over the next few months, will follow a decision expected by him on Monday, 20th August, to slash Council Tax benefits for working age people.

In April next year, central government is ceasing to direct fund Council Tax benefits and is passing on the burden to local councils, with a fixed amount to supposedly cover the payments.

Salford Council reckon it will amount to a 10% cut in funding, leaving a shortfall "in the region of between £2.66m and £3.16m" plus administration charges costing between "£0.75m and £1.23m", making a shortfall total between "£2.52m and £3.33m"

Rejecting the option to `Fund the shortfall from elsewhere within the Council'
Mayor Ian Stewart is proposing sweeping cuts for those who receive Council Tax benefits.

The Government has stipulated that the Council cannot cut benefits to pensioners, so, from April 2013 the following cuts will come into force for working age people, following the consultation period…

1)  Second Adult Rebate is withdrawn

2) Council Tax Support awards will be capped at the band A value of the council tax charge for all households in council tax band B and above

3) All awards will also be subject to a limit of between 85% and 90% of the band A charge or capped amounts as detailed in item (2) above
4) Awards will not be paid where the weekly award is less than £1

Complicated? You bet! But where there's a £3million cut in benefits, poorer people are going to be hit hard – or, as the Council report states, "the funding cuts will have a substantial impact on working age claimants".

Salford Council reckons that 40% of current Council Tax benefits go to pensioners, leaving almost 20,000 people (based on latest figures of 33,240 claimants) who could be paying more Council Tax.

The Council proposes to develop "a discretionary scheme to support residents who are for example: vulnerable, facing extreme hardship, moving into work activities, experiencing temporary hardship". But benefits experience has shown that these sort of `discretionary' payments are incredibly difficult to get - and it certainly wouldn't be in the Council's austerity cuts culture interests to make it easy.

There's also a huge elephant in the room, in that the funding the Government gives councils to pay for Council Tax benefits isn't ring-fenced. In other words, the more a council can cut benefits the more it can spend on other stuff. The temptation is there for future years…


Salford Council, via Mayor Ian Stewart, is expected to reject the option to `Fund the shortfall from elsewhere within the Council', as "unviable". Salford Star disputes this for two simple reasons…

1) Former Council Leader, John Merry, was forever telling the Salford Star that we shouldn't be criticising him for encouraging the huge growth of new apartments and houses in Central Salford because it would bring in extra Council Tax which would help pay for services for poorer people. Well now it's payback time!  Hundreds of expensive apartments and houses have been built around MediaCityUK and everywhere from Broughton to Swinton, bringing in millions of pounds in extra Council Tax. That's surely one source of filling the shortfall.

2) The Government has brought in New Home Bonus payments to act as an incentive for councils to give planning permission for new houses. For the year 2012/13 Salford Council is estimating a payment of £2.350million.

Altogether that's well over £3million that could fill the shortfall and make it unnecessary to implement Council Tax benefit cuts for up to 20,000 Salford people.

Will the Mayor take note? Don't hold your breath…

UPDATE: 13th September 2012:

Consultation on these cuts open until December - click here for latest Salford Star article





vicky wrote
at 09:01:43 on 06 September 2012
so the dirty goverment are at it again. While that lizard "cameron" takes the pennys from the poor to give to his rich frends.Big companies who don't pay taxes while the rest of us are taxed to death! the dying who have 6 months to live have to work for camerons friends for free, its called working for your benefits. But the people who want a job can't get a job because why employ and pay a wage when u can get it for free? WE ARE RIPPED OFF BY CAMERON AND HIS FRIENDS. HAVE WE HAD ENOUGH YET? POLICE CUTS YET MORE EMPLOYMENT FOR TRAFIC WARDENS??? HMMM...MILKING THE DRIVERS FOR EVER PENNY, DO U PAY ROAD TAX BUT THEN HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING! THE ROADS STILL HAVE POTHOLES FROM 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!! ALL PARTYS ARE LIERS FILLING THEY'RE BOOTS WITH OUR MONEY, CUTTING NHS THAT WE PAY INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A.P. wrote
at 11:40:25 on 03 September 2012
We need a Socialist alternative. Labour , Cons , Libs are all unelectable shites , bullshitters and liars . NO MORE.
The Equation wrote
at 13:03:08 on 02 September 2012
There is a £3,ooo,ooo (3 million)shortfall in funding from the goverment so Salford council are going to put up council tax to make up for this shortfall. The orchestra costs us £3,000,000 (3 million) a year. SOOOOO----with a bit of equation solving we come up with this If we did not have to pay for the orchestra, then the council tax would not need to be put up. NO ORCHESTRA = NO COUNCIL TAX RISE
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 19:35:22 on 28 August 2012
Wrote what you have to ask are the Council handing out soft loans? money is at it's cheapest so why not go to a lender like Barclays,halifax,etc?why do peel or the rugby club come to Mr merry??And since when have the Council become a Bank? the bank of Salfords Community charge!!Their accounts state there are no soft loans perhaps we should ask to see the terms and length of the loans?
At 3% wrote
at 14:19:05 on 28 August 2012
"Wrote" I reckon at 3% interest, that is £30,000 a year that the council should be getting back in interset each year.
at 10:34:21 on 28 August 2012
Mr Merry I do NOT hate the rugby club, what I don't like is the way this Labour run council have bent over backwards for the club and for the owners of the club. First you give loans of well over a £1million,this was over 4 years ago and to date we haven't seen a penny. Now I would not call that "immediately" paying it back,would you. Have you any idea when they will be able to pay it back? The £22 plus loans the council have entered into to build the stadium is a very big investment in their supporters of how many on a good day 3000ish,if their lucky. Then there is the land they used as a car park, that we own,why are you not putting that out to tender,why are you giving it to Watson to build housing on. I would have thought you should try to get the best value for the land,not give it away because its part of getting the £1million back. We then move onto the Mansion in Buile hill Park, how long ago did you give planning permission for Wilkinson/Watson to build a hotel,4 years the building is still tinned up,we still own it and we are still looking after it. Because you gave the planning permission for the hotel, We lost £4million heritage lottery funding for the park, because they did not feel the hotel was in the best interest of the park or the park users. That is why I don't like the way this Labour run council have been looking after these people,nothing what so ever to do with the rugby or its supporters. Can't remember you looking after Swinton Rugby club like this when they were in trouble. You never did say,did you recover the £65.000 from the fairground people. Yes it would not help long term if you did get this money back, but it would help.That is no reason for not getting OUR money back. Like I have said before this is only 2 issues I know of, I am sure there will be a lot more if we were given the chance t.o look deeper
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 09:43:07 on 27 August 2012
So we get rid of the conmen government & replace it with what? A Labour party that has turned its back on the ordinary people of this country. Mt Merry do you really believe & expect me to believe that Labour will be any different? They will make cuts that harm the most vulnerable, they will refuse to do anything about the privatised money making machines. They will do nothing to protect us. We need a genuine alternative, not just another bunch of politicians. As far as I can see the only difference is the colour of the rosettes they wear when trying to con their way into power.
Makes sense wrote
at 19:10:29 on 26 August 2012
And the orchestra is costing us how much a year for how many years? Surely that money could have been used elsewhere to better effect? It was not the smartest thing to do, throwing that amount of money about (Labour Government + Labour Council) especially when it was on the cards that the Labour Government would get voted out in the last election. Or maybe you thought that Labour would get in again?
John Merry wrote
at 15:50:00 on 24 August 2012
Thanks Winston I have gone and checked and you dont need to call me mate. The Global crisis was not caused by the labour Government and we certainly would not have cut to the depth that this Government has. They have attacked the worst off and damaged the economy as a result. Mary we need to work with the Club to keep them in being and protect not just this investment but the supporters interests. I know you hate the club and would have let them go to the wall but there are many thousands of Salfordians who support them and want to see it survive. In terms of the fairground its a debt we would have sought to recover like any other but like any organisation we can only do that legally. I come back to the fact that we are seeking to minimise the effect of a cut the Tories and Libdems have imposed on us. They did this not because we lent money to a rugby club or that we have been chasing a fair for some money but because up and down the country they are attacking the poorest paid . I for one am campaigning to get them out . I know what Michael is doing and I know even though I dont agree with Mary what she is doing what are the rest of you doing?
Anti - Politician . wrote
at 15:48:39 on 24 August 2012
More pure bullshit , waffle, piss and wind is emanating from the Swinton Madhouse . Mayor Funky Chicken is making words up . Scary Spicer is busily stashing a disgusting amount of OUR extorted money , for no return . The unwanted army of assistant mayors are busily pretend busy , but much too busy to achieve anything . Can this rotton , shafted Deadcity get any worse? Yes , it will . But , let's blame the torybastards anyway .
Michael Felse wrote
at 15:48:17 on 24 August 2012
Mary, good points but have you seen the stadium. It is an amazing achievement and if this only cost the City Council £1million we did well to get this fine achievement, let alone the opportunity to develop the rugby former site. I would suggest a different approach, by getting the £1million converted into youth training places working with Salford Council and our University. There is opportunity for Reds to provide facilities that can "piggy back" the Olympics and Paralympics as state of art quality vocational sports training provider. If they can turn out 50 young apprentices a year for 5 years I would vote to write off the debt as being repaid to society.
mary ferrer wrote
at 07:47:12 on 24 August 2012
We are now having public consultation on this issue. God how this council love to use the political correct use of words, because that's all it is WORDS. Do you think for one moment they will take on board anything we have to say or suggest. We are Salford mushrooms,kept in the dark and covered in s--t,yet again. Mr Merry any idea when we we see the repayments on that loan to the Rugby Club,how much was it £1million plus. We Know if a bank gave a loan of this amount they would expect to see some repayments and would give a time limit on how long they would wait for full repayment. But for some reason Salford City Council are acting as a Bank, but with none of the conditions you would expect from a Bank.Oh did we get that £65.000 back from the fairground people. These are just two debts I know of would love to know how much more of OUR money this council has don't bothered to get back. Every penny counts when you haven't anything in the pot to help in your hour of need. Please don't say its ALL down to the Condems,that's wearing a bit thin. This has been going on long before they took over.
Winston Smith wrote
at 07:47:03 on 24 August 2012
@John Merry: "The fact is that every council in the country is facing difficulties". Thus proving that the Labour government of 13 years made a mess of epic proportions and the Condems are really only just finishing the job. Check Mate.
John Merry wrote
at 20:54:17 on 23 August 2012
Sorry yes it is my post. There you go I admit a mistake!
Michael Felse wrote
at 19:05:50 on 23 August 2012
I do accept cuts are across all councils. Nightmare politics will live with us for some time owing to their limited funding. My own view is going to be different to many as services local council provide include many I just do not need. My council tax is simply too high for a small return of services that I require, however the payments go out of my bank every month, contributing my equal share. This means I question services that I feel can be done differently, at lower cost. My vision tells me the third sector is a solution but the day is to come before we see it making any real impact.
"That band" wrote
at 19:05:41 on 23 August 2012
How much is "that band" (the bbc one :D) costing each year and for how many years?
Salford Star wrote
at 19:05:09 on 23 August 2012
See comment below - although this is from un-named, we assume it's from John Merry who forgot to title it, just to sort out any confusion. Meanwhile, today Salford Council issued a press release (drawing on some of our figures of course - can we have a consultants fee?)about this cut, quoting the Mayor on how awful the Tories are (agreed there!)and how the Council Tax benefit cut is going out for `consultation'. But it had absolutely no details of when the consultation starts or how long it will last. And it came with a link to a page with no details on it. Given that this consultation is supposed to start in September this isn't very good at all. Why put out a press release with no info on it???
at 18:56:00 on 23 August 2012
I assume AP that you are one of the "torybastards" you refer to. There you are its annoying when people make assumptions about you. Can we come back to the essential point that we are trying to mitigate the effects of another coalition attack on us. Now of course we can debate this and argue but I would have thought that at least some recognition of where it is coming from is in order. Even the Salford star recognises that we have some extra resources coming into the city which wiil help in dealing with the cuts imposed on us . I am proud of that and believe we are in a better place to resist than we would have been. Nachtschlepper you dont seem to understand the enormous offence that Galloway has caused. You say the women consented. How do you know? Where you there? Or is this an attempt to blacken the character of two victims? I dont know whether Assange is guilty or not but I do know that your remarks illustrate an attitude that I thought had long gone. Even the leader of Respect has felt compelled to condemn Galloway for his remarks why cannot you? Atholl St I did not remain silent as you put it. Please dont lecture me about Racism I have experienced it. Even recently a BNP activist demanded proof that I was properly married to my dear departed wife because she was a Muslim. He went on to attack the work the Feryal Rajah Trust is doing in the city to help women gain medical qualifications. So Michael I have been prepared to stick up for my convictions. If it was just Salford that was was complaining about these changes I could understand peoples views. The fact is that every council in the country is facing difficulties. Why not compare what we are proposing compared to others to see if we are trying to protect the poorest.
A.P. wrote
at 17:38:56 on 23 August 2012
Well said , Nacht. Let's just wait for Champagne Charlie's next dose of bullshit .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 14:21:58 on 23 August 2012
I doubt Mr Galloway even knows who you are, but he has already said that no means no. The trouble is when the media want a villain they go for the easiest target. Galloway is in many ways misguided, but I do believe that in contrast to many politicians he actually believes in something & has not,unlike so many Labour politicians, abandoned his socialist principles. Maybe that is why the press hate him. I can remember back in the 70s (yeah I'm that old) how the media questioned Tony Benn's state of mind, the Sun even suggesting that he was some kind of lunatic. Funny they never did that with Thatcher.
A.P. wrote
at 14:21:16 on 23 August 2012
Pure bullshit . Just what I expect from a champagne socialist waster . Democracy is about doing what your constituents want , not bullshitting to get elected , then trashing the city , and ignoring your constituents . Let's blane the torybastards for it all , eh ?
Makes sense wrote
at 05:29:24 on 23 August 2012
So John Lets deal with a couple of red herrings. If Salford Rugby Club was in a position to immediately pay back the money then it would not have needed to borrow it in the first place. Even if it was repaid it is only one payment not one that occurs each year. I think banks are supposed to lend money? Who were in power when the credit crunch started in 2007, at both a national and local level? Your tone suggests that maybe the money wont get repaid by Salford Rugby club? Did this "one payment not one that occurs each year" ever occur to you lot when you were selling off the council (Our) assets?
Michael Felse wrote
at 05:26:51 on 23 August 2012
No matter how much we shake our rattles the fact is Labour will be the only party to run Salford Council for the next 20 years. I applaud John Merry for at least responding to comments when others elected take the easy option and say nowt. As for the more urgent issue reported across the national press I invite Mr Galloway to proclaim that No means No on consensual sex. Women must never be afraid to report sex abuse.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 15:06:20 on 22 August 2012
How in the name a of Aneurin Bevan does bringing in a middle man & giving him his pound of flesh help. You mention volunteers, going for the Conmen government option of people working for nothing? As far as I am aware there was no rape. Asange, it seems had consensual sex with two women who later spoke to the press & then complained to the police that he was refusing an HIV test. This is was gorgeous George was pointing out. If we all looked beyond the headlines that "they" want us to read we might get a better picture of what is going on.
Atoll St resident wrote
at 15:05:54 on 22 August 2012
More double standards from Merry calling on someone to resign , he still has never properly explained why he stayed silent when his CEO slandered "dying pakis ". His only comment being that he knows his colleague isn't a racist while at the same time rejoicing when four Salford police officers got the sack for a similar if not less offence. Salford council at the time said of their sacking "they got what they deserved". Merrys colleague is now leader if Warrington Borough Council. Kinda makes you sick, me thinks.
Winston Smith wrote
at 23:35:50 on 21 August 2012
@John Merry: You have demonstrated that you do NOT believe in democracy with your comments in another post, your belief apparently being that voting someone out when they've made a mess somehow equals democracy. For the umpteenth time, locking the door when the horse has bolted is not democracy. What IS democracy is elected representatives doing what their constituents want in the first place.
joseph O'Neill wrote
at 23:35:12 on 21 August 2012
John sometimes you talk through the wrong hole. You are turning more Tribal by the day. Does it ever worry you that it's you who has to defend the shambles of a party you represent and not the Scotch man who spends more time making up words?The people who come on this site are sick to death of the mess you have had the job of guiding,and soon they will get sick of ian,Do you ever read your own leaflets,National condem policy we all understand it's shite but you fool the electorate by plastering it across the city at no time offering policy of your own, because in reality you Ian and Wallace and gromit don't have a clue what to do,it was your party that brought us to this shambles in the first place,A small percentage of the city vote and sadly we don't have the backing of unite or the massive sums you take from the city in allowances to pay for our leaflets we have to dig in to our own pockets, but one day Salford may awake and see just what a bloody mess your party have made. You only crawl out of the town hall a month before elections. The latest from Labour half a day by monthly to be held to account democracy it's dead in Salford . Why not take another payment holiday from the BBC AND HELP THE poor pf this city,not a chance i just hope the poor understand waht you are doing, you can't blame the tories and the lib dems for all your failure. Oh and Ps the bit to Alice about galloway don't stoop to low it's not you.
Michael Felse wrote
at 23:34:52 on 21 August 2012
I agree with John Merry on his Respect comment, rape or hate crimes must not be allowed. There seems a bit of confusion on my position about the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I have already exchanged words with Tony Lloyd to pledge my support. Policing is a service we cannot mess around with, I want no cuts in front line police and I believe only Labour will stand up to that call. As for my reply on the idea of modernising council staff it is not sackings but a re-contract approach, re-vitalising services by rolling staff into third sector services. I continue to support the provision of essential services, this includes all care services. My vision is one that engages more with community volunteers, health services and is able to inspire young people at a time when we see an increasing older population. The solution will have to be visited before many years pass. I feel a strong 3rd Sector holds the answer.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 23:31:43 on 21 August 2012
What has George Galloway got to do with this?
John Merry wrote
at 13:47:44 on 21 August 2012
So "Makes Sense " you at least take Mary and Joes view to the logical conclusion that if you cannot trust the people of Salford then you should take away their right to vote. For myself I still believe in democracy even if I do not get the result I want . Lets deal with a couple of red herrings. If Salford Rugby Club was in a position to immediately pay back the money then it would not have needed to borrow it in the first place. Even if it was repaid it is only one payment not one that occurs each year. Secondly sacking half the workforce as Michael suggests would destroy the services provided by the city including our adult care services widely awknowledged as some of the best in the country. Thirdly yes the expansion of the council tax base is helping to support the finances of the city but use it to fund the council tax benefit cut and something else has to be cut. Mary there is no formal partnership with the Emerson Group but we would work with anyone seeking to invest in the city. Finally Alice if you are a Respect Party Member I hope you will be calling on Galloway to resign from Membership after his reported views on Rape which should offend anyone regardless of their views on other matters.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 06:45:01 on 21 August 2012
Mr Merry, I am not embarrassed and I am no longer a member of the Lib Dems.I have nothing to apologies for.I am sure there are lots and lots more "amounts" as you put it that we don't know about where we could make saving or return to the city.I do feel that the way cuts are happening within Salfod could and should be done better.There is too much waste and poor management of our money.You only have to look at what we spend on Urban Vision for one,wages for top management another,consultants. The list could go on and on that would save monies for the city. May I ask when will the Council be putting out in the public domain the spends of over £500,because it has been some time since I last read this list of spends. Before I forget is the city in partnership with the Emerson Group? Have or when will we see the loans to Salford Reds payed back and what interest will/was paid.
Ex Liebour wrote
at 06:42:52 on 21 August 2012
Well said , Alice Searle . Champagne Socialists are the worst kind of Wasters . Pure bullshit , piss and wind . They make me puke . Respect is the way forward .
Makes sense wrote
at 22:38:17 on 20 August 2012
What Joe O'Neill and Mary Ferrer say makes sense. Lets get back all the money that a Labour council have been throwing around whilst trying to convince us we would get a return on OUR money. I think the return we will get from these ventures will be a bit like playing on a one armed bandit or 10p cascade machine. Every now and then you might get some of your money back but keep on playing and you will keep losing. If the council is so ineffectual and have to do what the government tell them to do, then why do we have a council??? Didn't the government threaten to take over some council services a few years ago because they were so poorly run? Let the government run Salford. We get rid of Stewart,Merry, Spicer and crew PLUS we don't have to hear them blaming anyone else!
Alice Searle. aosearle@gmail.com wrote
at 18:12:41 on 20 August 2012
I am again disappointed in Salford acceptance of Government policy. Where is the fighting spirit of socialism when Labour gave us the moral and caring services of the Welfare State. Don't say we can't afford it. We certainly had more debt after the war and yet we did not put the responsibility on the poorest in our community. I am a Respect Party member and will be doing my very best to get over the message of Kate Hudson [CND national chair and Respect candidate]in Central Manchester on 15th November. Respect does not believe that any of these cuts are necessary. It depends on what is seen as priorities. Money is wasted on people's egos and greed seems to be the norm. Does anyone really need such big salaries? How on earth do you jusify cuts on the benefits for the poorest people and yet take these salaries and continue to endorse expensive and unnecessary projects. Don't forget these are the people who voted for you to support them. Next time they just wont vote at all!
m irlam wrote
at 18:11:51 on 20 August 2012
Its time you stopped blaming everyone else but Labour Mr Merry. No matter who won the latest election drastic cuts needed to be made due the over bloated spending of the previous labour government – and before you ask, I voted Labour. You need to get a grip of reality, cut Salford’s cloth accordingly , including less councillors, assistant mayors etc. in response to your previous comments, how does not asking Salford RL for £1m back not significantly cut a £3m deficit
J wrote
at 18:11:31 on 20 August 2012
The issue with throwing up apartments and bringing new people to Salford is that they will also be using some of the services so the overall costs will have a proportionate increase in line with the population increase. If they were to successfully fill the shortfall then it can be assumed that they aren't using the services, in which case it isn't really fair for them to be paying in the first place.
Michael Felse wrote
at 18:10:55 on 20 August 2012
Nice try John, but attack is not the best from of defence here. Mary has made some good suggestions. As has Joe and let's reflect back to the previous idea, from Paul Massey, who offered services free to our "Mayor" on Youth Work. We can see a pattern of untapped public minds not a given consideration they deserve. There are always alternatives. So if Salford Council need the quick fix in finding just £3m, when it will spend £700million this year, we can be sure it can be done. My own plans maybe too eccentric for Council but to help Salford's lowest paid meet their urgent need just sell Ordsall Hall to The National Trust for half its market value and keep a 50% sake. Put £3million from the sale into sustaining "working age claimants" put £4.5 million into a "Massey Youth Apprenticeship Programme" and the rest into a new referendum to abolish the Mayor at the earliest opportunity. From this horses mouth I honestly say the Elected Mayor idea has proven to be a disaster at the end of its first 100 days. If these heads in the sand go on for 4 years I predict Salford Council will go bust.
Winston Smith wrote
at 18:10:04 on 20 August 2012
Next up on Britain's Got No Political Talent: A load of Anti-Democratic, Party Politicians all saying it's the other Party's fault. I think we've seen this one before Simon, so I'm scoring them zero out of five for originality. One of them mentioned 'eco' so a consolation point for the buzzword bingo round, but on the whole they'd be better off concentrating on their singing careers. Sorry guys.
John Merry wrote
at 11:02:26 on 20 August 2012
I can understand Mary why you are embarrassed by what your party is assisting the Tories to do to the people of Salford but surely you must know that none of the amounts you mention would bridge the three million pounds a year that the star mentioned in this article . I am not mates with Peel but it is your mates in Government who are mounting this attack on the people of this city and elsewhere. You could start by apologising for that
Mary ferrer wrote
at 07:49:55 on 20 August 2012
Mr Merry get your house in order. Start by getting back the loans that you have given to Salford Reds,well over £1million there should be quite a bit of interest on that. Put the former car park at the willows that we own out to tender, don't just give it to Mr Watson to build on it.Cut back on Ms Spicer, why do we need her full time and the Mayor. Trim down the new mini mayors,do we need so many, what are they doing? Oh before I go are we in partnership with the Emerson group,if so how much will we get from the sale of the outlet to your mates Peel.Another thing, did we get back the £65.000 from the fairground people there should be a good bit of interest on that as well. If I think of anything else I will get back.A few million there if I am not wrong.Better get the housekeeping in order,you never know who might want to have a look at the books.
Joe O'Neill wrote
at 07:48:30 on 20 August 2012
Strange how Cllr Merry has to defend Labours Record in this period of openess from Mr Stewart, a mayor who is never seen and fears open debate,strange how Cllr Merry talks of unpalatable decisions by councils,strange how this council has a Mayor who takes £69k per annum a deputy mayor on double last years wage,more assistant mayors than ever with made up names, all dipping into the council purse,Rugby clubs and peel all borrowing from the city and yet we have to take the unpalatble decision of not easing the burden on the cities poor,labour use the title of the party of the people,more like the party who looks after it's self
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 20:41:46 on 19 August 2012
This modernisation of public service delivery is the same old crap New Labour & the Tories have been foisting on us for the last 30 years. It is not working. Privatisation of public services in any way, shape or form is a bad thing. Get it? Furthermore there are some who need a lesson in politics. There are no socialists in any position of power in this country. Maybe if there were the lot of ordinary people would not be anywhere near as bad as it is.
John Merry wrote
at 20:41:23 on 19 August 2012
Yes you can use 3million pounds to support council tax benefit , Problem is that is three million pounds of extra cuts to services. Don't let's get distracted by the Tories and Lib Dems saying we can choose. Every council in the country is having to make unpalatable chices as a result of their detmination to cut spending
I . Forkemall . wrote
at 15:33:56 on 19 August 2012
The Salford Star's proposals are perfectly viable and workable . Let's see if Mayor Greedy has the sense to implement them . Or will the Champagne Socialist Wasters just cheat poor folk who cannot fight back , and squeak about it all being the Nasty Tory Bastards Fault . Will it just mean more Big Word Creation : CheatThePoorAgainIsation. Great to see that Mayor Greedy is carrying on the fine tradition of these inept clowncil gangsters in continuing to trash this Dead City , and rippping off the Inmates .
Michael Felse wrote
at 15:32:48 on 19 August 2012
The problem needs a drastic change that I fear goes beyond comprehension of Salford Council. My change approach would see half the council staff taken off the payroll and placed into the third sector, each able to sell services to the council, residents and businesses. This triggers a local jobs creation at a proven third sector ratio of 5 to 1. In addition eight ward specialism projects can see over 40,000 jobs created, including 2735 affordable "eco" style new homes. The solution needs a method of creating "added wealth" by modernisation of public service delivery, but local councils have little incentive to make drastic change, even though no council tax benefit cut is necessary, their easy option is to hit the poor lower paid workers. Despite the fact that most of Labour votes will have come from the very people about to be hit.
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What Pete and Nigel don't seem to understand is that the EDL aren't interested in freedom of expression - they use the pretext of... [more]
Just be quiet Ray, You Plastic Socialist. You got no credibility now. You just a mouthpiece for the council. A little red parrot... [more]
I agree with Pete. By having a counter demonstration, it means more police are required and more expensive. ... [more]
Rossi,you're just a layabout - you whine and bitch but achieve nothing! You're so puddled that you don't realise that you're bei... [more]
i agree with Pete an Jane we need to come together to stop this..an we can ...united we stand divided we fall ..all area of u.k. ... [more]


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Star date: 20th October 2018


In the midst of a huge police presence, only around thirty EDL members turned up for a rally in Piccadilly Gardens this afternoon. The fascists were easily outnumbered by hundreds of protesters shouting 'Nazi scum off our streets'...

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Star date: 20th October 2018


Women In Bloom Superhero Day
Saturday 27th October 9:30am-3:30pm
Angel Centre £10 adult/£18 family

A pamper and play day is coming to the Angel Centre next Saturday, as Visit From The Stork CIC holds a Women In Bloom Superhero Day to encourage parents to find ways of taking time out for themselves and improving their mental health and wellbeing. It will feature massages, 'relax time' classes and loads of stalls.

Full details here...


Star date: 19th October 2018


Three earth tremors have been recorded by the British Geological Survey near where Cuadrilla has begun fracking in Fylde..."The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered" says David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at the University of Glasgow.

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Star date: 19th October 2018


EDL Protest
Saturday 20th October 12:30pm
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Having abandoned plans to march in Didsbury this weekend, the fascist EDL is instead holding a rally in Manchester tomorrow, and Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have called for a counter demonstration, backed by politicians and trade unions... "The EDL are never welcome in our city" says Kate Green MP "We stand together against division and hate."

Full details here...


Star date: 18th October 2018


Peterloo, the movie, starring Maxine Peake, was premiered in Manchester last night at Home. The Salford Star was not invited but we did manage a non-exclusive twenty second interview with Salford director Mike Leigh on the red carpet, and a viewing at the peasants' overflow on Deansgate. Is it any good? Read our review and that crucial interview with Mike Leigh.

Full review here...


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