Star date: 17th May 2012


Salford Mayor, Ian Stewart, could be heading for £79,500 a year if the Independent Panel that decides his salary follows Liverpool's lead.

Meanwhile, following yesterday's Salford Council meeting, there are three less councillors paid on higher levels than basic allowance, but five councillors whose new jobs will be paid £3,500 more than previous similar roles. This at a time when there is a pay freeze across Salford Council

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Salford's new Mayor, Ian Stewart, could be handed £79,500 a year if the Independent Panel that will decide his salary follows Liverpool's lead. Yesterday Liverpool's Independent Panel recommended this huge salary claiming that the Mayor had "more responsibility" than being Leader of the Council.

The scouse Mayor, Joe Anderson, very generously agreed to ignore the recommendation and take a mere £66,000, adding that "what motivates me is making a difference to people's lives, not financial reward". He was previously paid £52,000, which represents a £14,000 pay rise.

Meanwhile Salford Council also met yesterday for the first time since Mayor Ian Stewart, was elected a couple of weeks ago. On the agenda was `Members Allowances', and while all salaries will be decided by an Independent Panel which will report in July and September, councillors voted themselves interim allowances…

Ian Stewart himself has agreed to take nothing until the Panel reports – which the Council Allowances report noted as a £40,000 saving, although it should be backdated.

The Mayor's Deputy will get the same as the previous post - £14,637 (plus basic allowance of £10,080); while the Assistant Mayors will also get what previous Cabinet members received - £13,011 (plus basic allowance of £10,080). There were previously eight Cabinet members and there are now eight Assistant Mayors in the Cabinet, so no change there.

What has changed is that the eight previous Executive Support Members, who advised Lead Members in the Cabinet, and were paid £6,174 (on top of basic allowance of £10,080), have been replaced by five newly created `cross departmental' Assistant Mayors who advise the Cabinet and will be paid £9,758 (on top of basic allowance of £10,080) taking their yearly pay to £19,838.

So, for instance, Councillors Steve Coen, Roger Jones and John Mullen, previously entitled to £16,254 as Executive Support Members, will now receive £19,838 as Assistant Mayors, a pay rise of over £3,500at a time when there is a pay freeze across Salford Council.

The two councillors who we spoke to argued that their new and old roles were completely different, although it is difficult to comprehend the difference.

"It's like comparing chalk and cheese" explained Steve Coen "It's evolving into a completely different system and can't be compared with the old role. As an Executive Support Member I never had any authority, it was just a support role to the Lead Member but now my role is one of delegated responsibility from the Mayor. You can't compare it because there's nothing to compare it to. No-one is doing this for personal glory we're doing it for Salford."

Meanwhile, Roger Jones wanted to make it clear that councillors had no input into the pay scales which were introduced on the advice of officers…

"What do I do – complain?" he argued "My job is different. At Human Resources I was Number 2, now at Transport I'm Number 1. There is more responsibility and in all but name I am a Cabinet member in charge of transport. The Independent Panel will make the final decision."

The interim allowances were agreed unanimously by Salford Council yesterday, and were backed by the Conservatives, the only opposition left in the city. The final pay scales for both the Mayor and his Assistants will be recommended by the Independent Panel in July and brought to Council in September.

Ignoring the savings on the Mayor's salary - which we believe will be backdated and therefore doesn't count - the total savings on this new interim system is exactly £602. But by the time the Independent Panel reports, the Mayoral system could well be costing Salford thousands upon thousands of pounds more…



Jonjosalford wrote
at 15:09:03 on 11 July 2012
I know half a dozen of the younger councillors, and having battled with Salford council for the past 3 years over a couple of issues, was completely fed up with them. Do I think things will change? Yes! Ok we have a new mayor, and I hope his new people steer him in the right direction, but hes only been here for a few months, and cant be expected to make total changes overnight. Do I think he should get a good salary? Yes! But only if he lops the Chief Exec role, as that is what he is basically taking over. As for councillors allowances. £10k per year is not much for the work that those I know put in. I have shadowed some of them and it wore me out. After doing a full time job, as a lot of them do, quick bite to eat, and then out doing what they have to do. Leisure weekends? Forget it. Holiday? Well, seeing as lots of council meetings are during worktime, some of them have to take holidays to attend, so bye bye long holidays. And yes, I do believe that lots of the newer councillors are doing it for Salford, because, I for one, would not do this job for the money, which would work out way way way below minimum wage, even on some of the additional allowances. Am I a fan of salford council? Not yet, theres still a lot to be done, but my opinions are changing, because I am getting involved and using my right to scrutinise what the councillors do. In other words, I get off my a**e and do something about it.
fred jones wrote
at 20:41:49 on 08 June 2012
Putting aside the salary of the new Mayor has anyone thought about the cost of refurbishing his private office - no doubt all mod cons, no expense spared with new carpets, wallpaper and i heard someone say even a 47" LCD Televsion.
Noggin wrote
at 21:06:46 on 27 May 2012
We have now had 3 weeks of Mayor Greedy , and what changes have been made to improve the lives of Salfordians ? ???????????? NONE . A few more non-jobs for his chums , a council of the same useless , inept clowns as before , and more cuts . A circus clown would do a better job .
joe oneill wrote
at 10:23:35 on 27 May 2012
I think Mary Ferrer is being to polite,what we have today is a labour Mayor flatly rejected by his own party,turned down after his seat was no more,he stood against both Blears and the one fron Worsley that no one EVER remembers her name,only to be re-invented because Salford Labour Feared deafeat if they stood by John Merry.I have no idea if any Local Government Knowledge is or was availible to Ian so he covers himself with a team who failed in the past and some new faces that begger belief i.e international relations!! i mean in Salford for god sake.It looks like he will take a salary far on excess of John Merry and carries on to spend more on personal assistants.He won with help from the Unions and the apathy of Salford so who's to blame,well to be honest us, we failed as oppostion because we lacked the unions funds and failed to ignite the people to see what a disaster four more years of LABOUR will be.
3rd Assistants Assistant [Part time] wrote
at 10:22:04 on 27 May 2012
The waste , squander and rot just continues up at the Madhouse . Just who the hell do these arrogant , leeching council parasites think they are ? This continual squandering OUR money MUST be challenged and ended .
mary ferrer wrote
at 07:19:01 on 27 May 2012
I have heard a very strange story that I hope is wrong. I have been told that the new Mayor will be getting a personal assistant at a cost of £30.000 plus not one but two press officers and these posts have been advertised in the last week. If this is true how much are we now paying for the MAYOR,plus the deputy MAYORS,plus the ASSISTANT to the MAYOR, plus Ms Spicer, plus the MAYOR with the chains. (They get a DRESS ALLOWANCE) I feel a lot more CUTS coming on.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 07:03:05 on 22 May 2012
How is this story a rant, it merely lets us all know what theses people will be paid. Furthermore how is £25000 for a part time post the UK median wage. We obviously move in very different circles Mr McDuff.
Hermann Goring wrote
at 20:34:13 on 21 May 2012
Most interesting story. If zee Mayor really is working full time for Salford and has to take a lot of zee decisions, then some payment is justified. But how is he really in charge when his strings are being pulled by Von Eccles ? Vee demand to know zee answers.
Disgusted wrote
at 15:36:47 on 21 May 2012
Disgraceful . Time the council tax obscenity was SLASHED to the levels in the adjacent areas . Why is council tax extortion in Salford one of the highest in Britain ? So we can fund Stewart and his lackeys to a lifestyle they don't deserve ? I am sick and tired of funding these useless parasites , and all the non-jobs . We're all in this together , my arse .
irwell running through me wrote
at 09:56:37 on 21 May 2012
McDuff assumes that - "Presumably, though, there is *some* actual work to be done. A salary of £25K for being deputy mayor of a city the size of Salford doesn't seem unreasonable, even if it's part time." Well, Macca, me old china, according to Andy Russell, Professor of Politics and Manchester University, earlier this month: "The exact role of the mayor has not been defined in the way that you would have expected or hoped..." I am not sure if that helps clarify things for you. As late as two weeks the 'exact role of mayor' had not been defined. Now, even if the responsibilities of the role had been defined, I would have to say that 25 grand a year, for a part time job, is indeed excessive, especially when Salford council are raping the local budget and blaming cuts in London - all against a background of massive, uncalled for private investment on which the people of Salford will never see a return. Personally I know working men in their 40's supporting families, who are working 11 hours per day, loading and unloading trucks, and bringing home 13k per year after tax. So, it seems that the article failing to 'mention what the roles and responsibilities of any of these jobs actually are' is not so much 'tabloid ranting', but more to do with the fact that, as far as we know, there are no clearly defined responsibilities at all. Which seems odd, to be perfectly honest. I mean where else can you expect to bag potentially £79k per year for a role which, outside of a job title, doesn't really exist in any meaningful or sensible way? You are clearly a clever bloke. Perhaps you can explain?
Brian F Kirkham wrote
at 07:29:27 on 21 May 2012
Hi All, while the vitriol is rising - can I make something perfectly clear - You Voted for This! I hate to be the bearer of Bad News but who was it who pressed for a change in the system? Hmmm...Oh Yes, The English Democrats and their partners! You won your referendum - Fantastic - Congratulations but did you really think after that Salford would Elect an ED Mayor? Particularly one airlifted in from Next Door? There was more chance of an LD Mayor being elected. What is positive about this is that the Current Executive have No place to hide Mr Mayor and his Assistants Set the Policy , Set the Budget and now get cash direct from government, - And they can't blame govt in London for the budget Salford Sets! Dont like what they are doing? - Vote them Out Next Time and don't sit on your hands!
McDuff wrote
at 07:28:32 on 21 May 2012
Nachtschlepper, you obviously consider this to be so important as to not be worthy of explanatory context. But I'm not one of "the usual suspects" at all. I'm an interested party who prefers journalistic accuracy to tabloid-style ranting. If there's an argument to be made that you can take all these part time jobs and do them all before breakfast, by all means make it. But the article fails to mention what the roles and responsibilities of any of these jobs actually are, so as a reader I'm left to wonder and question - myself, using my own brain - what the role of "Deputy Mayor" might involve and why £25,000 is an unreasonable amount. Perhaps one of you fine people would direct me to some past reporting which would educate me as to why, specifically, this role really doesn't deserve to be paid the UK median wage?
McDuff wrote
at 07:27:52 on 21 May 2012
And, really, "council lackey"? You could not be further from the truth. But by all means stick to rhetoric over facts, I'm sure that not being able to back up your arguments at all will help you be the change you want to see and all that, kid.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 07:27:23 on 21 May 2012
Are you kidding? Would you employ any of that lot?
at 22:09:40 on 18 May 2012
Just out of interest does anyone know if any of the new cabinet members have a full time day job?
Winston Smith wrote
at 22:09:28 on 18 May 2012
All these big job titles and not a leader amongst them...
ex-labour voter , all traitors wrote
at 22:09:15 on 18 May 2012
I have nothing but disdane for this greedy bunch of venal, avaricious ,despicable ,self-serving leeches . Anyone that leeches from the taxpayer like this lot deserves nothing but comtempt . All local councils are the same , stuffed with little-hitler jobsworths who are unemployable in the real world of work , the private sector . Get in the dole queue , with the rest of salford .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 12:03:42 on 18 May 2012
I see the usual council lackey is here spouting excuses. Tell you what I'll do McDuff, all these part time jobs at £25,000, roll them into one & I'll do it before breakfast. In fact I have an even better idea, turn over the running of the city to a group of fourteen year old school kids as a class project. I guarantee they would do a better job than the bunch of incompetent fools do the job right now. Until Peel Holdings come along and promise them a new iphone each that is.
Sick of them all wrote
at 10:37:18 on 18 May 2012
Perhaps Camoron could remind the greedy , leeching parasites at the Madhouse that 'we're all in this together' . AUSTERITY obviously does not apply at salford council , only imposed on the shafted residents , the elderly and needy . Why should S.C. care ? After all , the ripped-off, extorted taxpayer is forced to finance the squander at the Madhouse .
Stephen Morris wrote
at 05:43:08 on 18 May 2012
I read with interest the number of Labour Councillors the new elected Labour Mayor of Salford has appointed to his cabinet, This is 4 times more than the English Democrats require to run Doncaster, Doncaster is only half the size however the Labour Mayor in Leicester only has 6 in his cabinet for an area with a larger population than Salford, once again proving that Salford labour is a Costly Labour. In setting out his stall in this way he has shown that council costs will continue to escalate on bureaucratic red tape rather than making savings and putting that money where it belongs, into front line services. Another more serious matter appears to be that in appointing 13 to his cabinet Ian Stewart appears to have broken the Local Government Act 2000 on the number of people he may appoint to his cabinet. Under the Local Government Act 2000 the number of members of a Mayor and cabinet executive or a Leader and cabinet executive may not exceed 10. If he has broken the Local Government Act 2000 within 2 week of being elected what hope has Salford got of pulling itself out of the financial mess it currently finds itself in?
McDuff wrote
at 18:49:16 on 17 May 2012
Presumably, though, there is *some* actual work to be done. A salary of £25K for being deputy mayor of a city the size of Salford doesn't seem unreasonable, even if it's part time. Surely the issue at hand isn't the numbers, but the job descriptions, accountability, structure etc. Is this what having an accountable Mayor as the face of the local city government is supposed to fix?
Mark Armstrong wrote
at 17:14:42 on 17 May 2012
All the usual pigs have their faces straight in the trough? That was predictable as all Labour party MP's and councillors seem to put their personal and party interests. Sad self serving individuals and what makes it worse is that like the voting sheep you are they fleece you every time and you never change or complain. Examine your loyalty as its truly misplaced.
Gareth L wrote
at 17:14:35 on 17 May 2012
PARASITES! I've not had a payrise for 2 years, the shop staff where voluntarily went on a four day week, working an an extra day free every third week to keep their jobs. We're in it together, don't make me laugh. Labour Councillors doing this to Labour people.
Salford Star wrote
at 17:13:59 on 17 May 2012
See McDuff comment below... The roles are as part time as the councillors want. Basic Allowance is what every councillor gets £10,080 - and then they get extra for whatever titles they get. Call it what you want - allowances, pay, wages, salary whatever...
McDuff wrote
at 17:09:29 on 17 May 2012
Are we to assume that some of these roles are part time? And what's the difference between "salary" and "basic allowance"? There's a lack of explanatory context here, just numbers pulled out of a report and inserted into a news item.
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