Star date: 5th May 2012


Salford's new Mayor, Ian Stewart, promised a more open and transparent Council in his first speech yesterday, explaining that Salford politicians need to "learn from the past where our judgement could have been better".

Quoting Salford's city motto, that "The welfare of the people is the highest law", Stewart, who won the new Mayoral office with over double the number of votes of his nearest rival, also promised a "change agenda…designed to meet people's needs". Really?

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Salford Mayor Election 2012 Salford Mayor Election 2012 Salford Mayor Election 2012
Ian Stewart Salford Mayor Stalinford
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Ian Stewart, the former Salford MP who yesterday won the race to become the first elected Mayor of Salford, has promised to bring change to the political culture of the city.

Stewart hammered all opposition to win the post, polling over 46% of votes in the first ballot at yesterday's count - followed by well over double the number of votes of his nearest rival, Conservative Karen Garrido, in the second count (see previous Salford Star story for full details: click here).

As John Merry, the now former Leader of Salford Council, looked on, Ian Stewart criticised the Council's past judgement and methods of communication with its citizens.

"We need to learn from past experience where our judgement could have been better, we are only human" he explained "There will be a changing model of governance. That change will be driven by meeting people's needs. There will be changing methods of communication.

"We as politicians are not very good at communicating with the public, and the public are making decisions without basic information sometimes" he added "That's our fault as politicians, we need to get better at that. Getting better at communication means that we as a Council must be more open and transparent with the public. I will seek to generate that openness and transparency in future…"

The Salford Star welcomes this move, will hold Ian Stewart to his promise and, if he wants, will fill his in-tray to the brim on his first day of office. This was the only statement of any substance that Stewart made…

…The rest of his speech contained things like future `plans' and `visions' for the city (we've got a cobwebbed cupboard full of failed past `plans' and 'visions' if he'd like to borrow them), "an integrated city wide education system linked to generating quality jobs at decent wages for the people of Salford" (not the new `academies' we hope?), and "a co-operative" and "partnership" approach to Council business (more empty box ticking?).

Stewart's speech was small on substance but big on grand emotions…

"We must raise our voice in support of those people in Salford who have no voice" he declared "There must be tears in our voice for those most in need; there must be defiance in our voice and we must rage against anyone who promotes hate or implements qualities that are detrimental to the people of Salford and their families…But we must also have laughter and joy in our voices that we must share with the people of Salford, they deserve no less.

"I'm very proud that the motto of Salford is `the welfare of the people is the highest law', that is a profound motto. I will strive with every sinew in my body to honour that law; I prey for the strength to carry it out."

The Salford Star will be praying too. But we certainly won't be praying for Mayoral runner up, Conservative, Karen Garrido, who concluded her loser's speech in a hail of jeers by saying that when she sees David Cameron in the next few days she'll be telling him to "Carry on".

If there's was one message sent out by Salford people in both the local and Mayoral elections to the ConDem Coalition Government, to both Clegg and Cameron, it was to not carry on cutting public money aimed at the most vulnerable people in the city.

Garrido came a distant second to Stewart, despite the incredibly low poll of 26% which usually favours the Tories. And LibDem Leader, Norman Owen, who saw his vote collapse in the Council and Mayoral elections, told the Salford Star on Thursday night that he clearly blamed the "Cameron and Clegg factor" for the LibDem wipeout.

Ian Stewart now has a clear four year mandate to have a go at both the ConDem Government attacks on the people of Salford, and to bring transparency and openness to the Council. He says he comes into the Mayoral office with a "change agenda". Benefits and doubts are hanging in the Salford air. The clock starts now…

Photos by Gareth Lyons

For a more in depth overview of Ian Stewart's politics, policies and personality see his answers to the Salford Star Mayoral Challenge - click here for Part 1 and follow the links..

For details of Ian Stewart's expenses when he was an MP see Salford Star story - click here

Let be fair to them all wrote
at 06:14:50 on 17 December 2012
Also purely vile are most of the Liebour clowncillors we have in Salford. Don't forget them.
A.N. Other wrote
at 18:39:10 on 16 December 2012
Karen Garrido is purely vile. I despise everything she stands for.
Not Impressed wrote
at 20:42:28 on 08 June 2012
So where was Spicey midst all this bullshit ? Probably out buying a brand new car with all that money we waste on her . I can just about afford the bus . Leeching Parasites .
A.P. wrote
at 07:52:15 on 14 May 2012
Well said , Harry. Let's not forget how much of OUR MONEY Mr Greedy claimed as an MP for stuffing his face . Just another shite career politician , self-deluded in thinking they are'value for money' and ' respected', as they piss the ripped-off taxpayers money away . Leeching parasites , all of them .
Harry wrote
at 21:33:05 on 13 May 2012
Ian Stewart "A more open and transparent council" Not the same Ian Stewart who voted "against" a transparent Parliament when he was an MP then? Also voted very strongly "for" the Iraq war, then voted very strongly "against" an investigation into the Iraq war. check this out yourselves on- They work for you.com
Beam me up ,Scotty wrote
at 07:17:19 on 13 May 2012
Well , that's week one over for Mr. £100,000 Greedy. Think there's any chance he might make an attempt to actually EARN this vast amount of OUR money anytime? An impossible task. He's just another non-job , leeching parasite like Spicy . He doubtless thinks he's 'well-respected' , and worth such a vast sum , just like Spicy . They should both get out more and ask the electorate . But they will prefer to scuttle about the Civic Centre , safe from the wrath and anger of the Shafted Salford People. . Council work , a refuge for life's unemployable .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 14:41:46 on 08 May 2012
S Hall, I doubt that the Pimple has the facility to read a book.
S. HALL wrote
at 11:09:02 on 08 May 2012
Salford. Pimp . Wrong , wrong , wrong . Your hatred of true socialists is appalling .You allege 'they all turn ' and become capitalists . I will name some who did not : Dave Nellist , Eric Heffer , Terry Fields , Pat Wall ,Dennis Skinner .Enough ? I could name many more . The ones who 'turn' were never socialists. Examples of such shites : Kinnock, Prescott, Abbot . Who of the 'far left ' fiddled expenses ? Name one . Abbot is just another shite MP, never 'far left '. Michael Foot , the Great Man , had a long and distinguished career as a fine politician , author and journalist . Are you saying he was not entitled to earn money ? Read some of his fine writings . You may just learn something positive , though with your delusions , I doubt it .
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 10:18:38 on 08 May 2012
@Nachtschlepper,S .HALL. every one on the left, all the people you call real socialists once they get the taste of power they all turn, they are all capitalists underneath, some of the labour M.Ps who got caught fiddling their expenses were from the far left,trade unionists. you couldn't get more left than Diane Abbot, now a fully fledged capitalist, another one Michael Foot left £1.7 million in his will, there isn't one person who you can call a real socialist, if they got to the top of tree who wouldn't have their noses in the trough.the politics of envy
S .HALL wrote
at 22:58:53 on 07 May 2012
Salford.Pimp.. How have you reached the conclusion that the Unions are Left ? You are simply wrong . Two examples : EEPTU , NACODS, both right wing unions . The TUC is mainly composed of the right wing . The labour party , or Bliar,s Bastards , as I prefer ,are right wing thatcherites , just like blears . Salford council are not socialist. Where did you get that idea from ? They are right wing thatcherites . There is no difference between the con/lib/lab shites. No party with a true socialist agenda has ever had political power or influence in Britain , mores the pity . Your hatred and bile does you no credit . I do agree that the apathy of the electorate is appalling .We are up shit creek with this council of labour shites . We should have been well rid of them .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 22:12:58 on 07 May 2012
Salford Pimple, I'll do what I can to help with your obvious lack of education. You blame the left. Let me illuminate your lack of understanding. There has been no left of centre party anywhere near power for over 30 years. Since Blair hijacked the Labour Party and turned it into Conservative Light the left has been seriously under-represented in both local and national government. Socialist governments do not privatise everything in sight and deregulate services until things descend into a free for all with the public being shafted at every turn. You have no excuse for being so uneducated, read a book now and then. It does make a difference.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 22:12:32 on 07 May 2012
@S. HALL. who put blear in power, the unions, you know the lefties, the ones who hate their own country, he wouldn't have got any where without their support,the same unions who would like it to become a third world nation, look at all the unions and the people that run them, all wealthy and send their kids private whilst preaching socialism, but not practising it, as for slashing services I think you will find it was Salford labour council that did that, they had the choice between the reds stadium, philharmonic orchestra and the other projects, that should have been funded by the private sector, and not the public. and it was the labour party that turned a blind eye to what the banks were doing. S. HALL, if you won a million on the lottery and found out you would be taxed at 99% would you be pissed off or would you just say it's only money, when it comes to it we are all capitalists at heart, and tell me this S. HALL do you shop at any of the big super markets, if so why? many of the people that work at these places are claiming family credit because of low wages, whilst they make billions in profit, but I bet you still shop there helping them get rich. not all rich people are bastards, take just one Richard Branson employs a lot of British workers, I've got nothing against rich people just the ones that rip this country off and that's whether their from the left or the right of the political spectrum . How many people sat on their arses instead of going out to vote, these are the ones who put us in the mess were in right now, they had the chance to change it. if we don't give a dam why should the politicians, each and every one of us are to blame for the mess were in. and on the unemployment score we have got 3 million people unemployed in this country but labour and the unions are still calling for an open door policy on immigration in to this country. during 13 years of labour around 85% of all jobs created under labour went to immigrants,and I can't remember the unions complaining to much about it, that's why we have mass unemployment. the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
S. HALL wrote
at 09:20:42 on 07 May 2012
Salford.Pimp. The rich love toadies like you , spewing hatred and bile about the Left .The rich you admire so much - the banksters,and their bastard politician friends, destroyed the economy by their own greed , recklesness , corruption and self -interest . The poor are paying for it in lost jobs , mass unemployment , slashed services .YOU THINK THAT FAIR ?????????? How wrong you are thinking the likes of Bliar were Left. That bastards nu-liebor are as right as Thatchers lot , the ones you admire so much . Similarly , salford clouncil are nu-liebor exploiters and traitors . When you see your rich bastard mates in their posh cars , they will have inherited daddy's wealth, avoided tax via complex avoidance schemes, and exploited the workers .YOU are a traitor .
Hermann Goring wrote
at 07:11:52 on 07 May 2012
Interesting veport on Mayor Von Stewart. Wot a shame he seems to have no idea vot to do except cling on to zee shirt-tails of Count Von Eccles, a man who, talking of zee food bills, looks like he may haf a vell developed appreciation of zee pies. So now ve haf a new dawn based upon zer vision of free pies for all peoples. And to make it interesting ve can alvays haf zee bet on the side; vill they be Varm or Koldt pies? Vee demand to know ze answer !
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 07:11:28 on 07 May 2012
@Nachtschlepper, you are right about my education. I was educated under a labour government and council that pumped out brain dead kids out of the education system and they will blindly go on to vote labour and I know, I was one of them and that's the point I am getting at, it's easier to lower the education standards than to raise them, a mickey mouse education, and that's been the problem for many years in Salford and the rest of the country, labour's left wing indoctrination and brainwashing, and Thursday proved the point, 35+ years of this labour council ripping its people off and guess what, we vote them right back in, so who's the Muppet's. the last time the masses were hood winked in to voting for a bunch of criminals was 1997 under Tony Blear.People in Salford need to think for them selves.This country has been destroyed by the left, where competition in schools that made winners, has been replaced with every one has to be a winner and no one is a loser mentality , pampering to the minorities and the left, that's why labour MP Diane Abbot took her kids out of a state education and in to the private sector, she even said she doesn't want her kids getting a second rate education ( how many people reading this would send their kid private if the could afford it ). instead of raising the standard of education at the bottom of the class to the highest levels, labour sought the opposite, and lowered the top standard to the bottom level, which was quicker and cheaper and made it look good in the league tables, and now this county is suffering because of it, we've gone down the world league table in maths, English, science, engineering. third world countries have now overtaken us in these subjects. unlike the left I don't suffer jealousy of the rich, if I see a Aston martin or a Ferrari on the road, I don't say rich bastard, if they have worked for it and paid taxes good luck to them, people who do well should be admired and not looked down on, unlike the envious lefty champaign socialist ken Livingston in London, makes millions, but pays peanuts in tax, but sits in his ivory tower like the rest of the labour party, slating the rich
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 10:06:30 on 06 May 2012
Salford Pimple, before making comments on how uneducated Labour voters are I suggest you look at your own level of education & learn to write.
Ian OBrien wrote
at 20:02:32 on 05 May 2012
Hope you all enjoyed Mr Stewarts answers in the Salford Star, because I guarantee you will never hear from him again. Say goodbye to Ian Stewart folks, because as far as the actual people of Salford are concerned, he may as well not exist. If you need to contact him, write a letter and just address it to Peel. That will stand as good a chance as anything of getting to him.
Sick of Them All wrote
at 20:01:55 on 05 May 2012
Promises more open council ? This from the man who thinks Spicer is 'well-respected' ? This council treat the electorate with contempt . The likes of merry , lancaster , spicer will not want this to change . Just more bullshit and mushroom treatment for the shafted sheeple . This gang will just continue to squander the ripped-off council-taxpers money ,on big business bullshit schemes and idiotic 'regeneration' bullshit schemes. Politicians ? Bastards , all of them .
Gareth L wrote
at 16:06:42 on 05 May 2012
just 12% of the total electorate backed Mayor Stewart, it is disgusting that people are so happy to moan but won't get off their backsides and vote. SHAME ON THEM Mayor Stewart talks about transparency and criticised how the council has been run, I found it strange that his second in command in his campaign was Council Lancaster. Are things "really" going to change? I hope so but wont hold my breath I can't wait to see what the Mayor has to say when the Star gets him!
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 16:04:48 on 05 May 2012
R.I.P, DEMOCRACY. only bad day's ahead.
Alex C wrote
at 14:37:41 on 05 May 2012
Salford is DOOMED with Labour in charge all those CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISTS lining their own POCKETS while the "trash" as we are frequently called are left with poor housing low employment prospects and the "political" destruction of basic services and acres of servicable housing mostly carried out so the LABOUR council can blame the Tories/LIBDEMS. In my view the Labour councillors should be done for abuse of office and misfeasance as per Shirley Porter.
Peter Tully wrote
at 14:36:33 on 05 May 2012
Labour are a bunch of lying takers! Lets see who will gain from the new situation. I can tell you now it will not be the People of Salford. Shame that more Salford folk did not vote, things may have been real.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 10:23:06 on 05 May 2012
So Salford has just become a one party state, Ian Stewart is the overall top boss, fantastic, labour in full control. so Mr Stewart, in 4 years time if it all go's pear shaped who are we going to blame then Tories/LibDems ,sorry the blame will be right at your door Mr Stewart, chose your friends very carefully your future and your name depends on them, may be if you want to be a one term wonder you could pick no better man then Mr Merry he'll show you how to be hated and despised. I hope you won't follow in the foot steps of merry in sucking up to multimillionaires and property developers, I hope you will put the real people of Salford first which has not been the case for a long time now. I have to say labour played a blinder, the government has to cut back on the countries spending after 13 years of labour's frivolous spending spree which left the country bankrupt, so Salford gets less money to work with like other cities, this is where the blinder comes in, doe's Salford labour party rain in its non essential spending I.e Salford reds, BBC philharmonic orchestra,the lowry centre,peel holdings, evicting people from their homes and many other get rich schemes, no the people of Salford wont miss paying for the above, instead labour attacked the services the people of Salford would hate to lose, elderly care services, schools, police,hospitals. it was the Salford labour party who chose what was to go not the national government Salford people wouldn't of cried if £22 million wasn't spent on the reds stadium or £3 million a year on the orchestra, but they care for a care home or hospital and police and this is what labour relied on, the people of Salford were hood winked in voting for labour. now labour has complete control of Salford, dangerous for the citizens of Salford because we all know that councillors follow the party line in Salford and can pass any controversial development they now want, unopposed. but there is now another danger to Salford that is ,now that virtually all opposition has now been wiped out in Salford will the government tighten Salford purse strings even further, after all they have nothing to lose, it's only a socialist council, the Tories are not the first party in history to do this. Salford has always voted labour in Salford, you ask any Salfordian why he/she votes labour the usual answer is I've always voted labour, or my father and mother and grandparents votes labour, or its the low education standards that labour adopt, better educated people tend not to vote labour because they can think for them selves, labour has never been big on the type of education that frees people to think for them selves because this puts Labour out of a job, they need people that are easily indoctrinated in to their social ideology, of keeping Salford in the gutter and blame the Tories for all our problems, this is what keeps labour in power. the Tories are finally going to get a grip on the education of this country, they are going to pay poor performing teachers less money. they also need to sack the incompetent ones as well, for which there are many, maybe then this country can then start competing with the rest of the world, on a equal footing.I wonder if Ian Stewart is going to be his own man or just a another part of Salford problems.
Ex - Liebour Voter wrote
at 10:22:56 on 05 May 2012
It's the Independents and minority parties I feel sorry for . They made a valiant effort and really tried to connect with the People . They tried for REAL change , not the usual traitorous lies and deceptions of the con/lib/lab traitors . Pity the shafted Salford electorate are too apathetic , lethargic and crushed to understand this . With Mr Greedy and his Crazy Gang running this dead city , the despair , hopelessness and horror that is Salford life will just continue.
at 10:20:08 on 05 May 2012
Yawn . Different day , same bullshit . Heard it all before , too many times . Meaningless POLITICIAN- SHITE-SPEAK . Another politician -turd trough-wallower who ' passionately cares about Salford and its People ' . Just like 'Grinning Rat ' Blears . Just another £100,000K of OUR extorted money wasted and squandered . I am absolutely sick of funding all these politician- parasites . Time to emigrate .
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