Star date: 5th April 2012


Ten people have put their names forward to stand for Mayor of Salford, with the election to take place on 3rd May.

Amongst the usual political parties are two independent candidates - Pat Ward, an ex-Salford Council employee, and, surprisingly, Paul Massey, a well known name on the city's estates.

For the full list click here...


May 3rd will see ten candidates compete to be the first elected Mayor of Salford.

The Salford Star is not political, has a policy of not telling people how to think or vote and will not endorse any candidate - although we might slag a few off en route!

Here's the full list…

Ian Stewart – Labour
Karen Garrido – Conservative
Norman Owen – Liberal Democrat
Joe O'Neill – Green Party
Michael Moulding – Community Action Party
Pat Ward – Independent
Paul Massey – Independent
Bernard Gill – UKIP
Michael Felse – English Democrats
Edward O'Sullivan - BNP

Candidates can still pull out of the election up to April 11th.

See previous Salford Star article on the Salford Mayoral Election – click here

Michael Felse wrote
at 17:40:32 on 31 December 2012
New Year Apology on having been part of a 2012 farce that elected a Mayor in Salford. Daily Mail (page 2) today proves Geoffrey Burg was in fact correct that Salford Council could have cut Council Tax by 50%. As the news shows local councils have £16billion put on one side in bank accounts. The action to cause an elected Mayor has backfired as many now feel we were better with the system we had. I ponder what could have been as I write my regular £150 monthly cheque to "Salford Council" with hope they continue weekly to empty my dust bin. Happy New Year to all Salford.
H.H. wrote
at 22:12:46 on 28 April 2012
FRAUDSTERS, CHEATS, LIARS, POLITICIANS . WHO DO YOU TRUST ? NONE OF THEM...We need someone with the determination , honesty , integrity, decency of DENNIS SKINNER .
Watcher wrote
at 21:48:49 on 27 April 2012
Any1 catch the debate on NBC radio Manchester? Conservative said she would take a 5% pay cut others said 50% and couple said they would take 35k a year but Paul Massey said he would do it for free! Now thAts a mayor right there.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 17:28:54 on 22 April 2012
David Davis, English democrat and Doncaster council mayor, as soon as elected mayor slashed his own salary by 60% and has been trying to cut the number of councillors by two thirds, this is what we need a man/woman with balls, how many of these candidates are in it for the job of making Salford better and how many for their own financial gain, come on candidates lets hear you say on being elected you will slash your salary by 60% and get rid of two thirds of the parasitic councillors at the town hall.Go on candidates how many of you have got the balls PS while on the subject of waste, stop this council printing its literature in many different languages, you come to this country learn the language or ship out.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 17:28:20 on 22 April 2012
@Winston Smith, think positive, labour and the lib dems didn't want a elected mayor, just read merry and Norman Owen over the months in the Salford advertiser absolutely slated the idea, both though the people of Salford wouldn't go for it and both saw their asses when it happened, but both put their names forward for the position they both despised at the beginning, remember miracles do happen.also remember the three main parties want their people to win so they can keep all the skeletons in the cupboard out of public view, time for the people of Salford to rip the bloody doors off the cupboard.
Michael Felse wrote
at 17:27:49 on 22 April 2012
I am shocked at a blog revelation on SalfordonLine saying the 2012 Salford Mayor Candidates' election booklet, paid for in many cased out of candidates' own pocket to be distributed to ever voter, appears to have been interfered with. I urge Salford Star to appeal to anyone with information about this to step forward. If deliberate acts are committed they are custodial election crimes and it could mean the Salford Mayor Election is void. Interference with democratic elections may see a custodial sentence. Strict rules apply. It would help if Salford Star readers can suggest why this happened and for what reason. We should be horrified, after all we are talking about The Mayor who looks after our money. Salford Council gross expenditure for 2012-13 is £676 million (includes Council Tax £93.9million).
Fadge wrote
at 06:12:46 on 22 April 2012
Mike Moulding , Independent , will slash the council tax extortion , dump the obscene-salaried CEO, all on a fair salary of £35,ooo.oo. This will shut up the CON/LIB/LAB traitors and their usual bullshit . Suitably impressed , and I hate politicians .
Winston Smith wrote
at 06:12:33 on 22 April 2012
@Pimpernel - the mayor will not 'work for it', you won't get a chance every 4 years to vote them out and your vote means nothing. It will be a Labour mayor, this time and next, voted in by the same people, to do the same thing same old Labour have done for decades. No matter how crap things get in Salford, it'll still be Labour in control. Why some people around here want to kepp bashing their head on the same wall, year in year out, getting Labour back in, I'll never know. But I suspect it's nothing more than hating the Conservative even more than Labour.
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 10:38:57 on 21 April 2012
Alice, you don't like the idea of a mayor, but at least you get to vote them out in four to five years if they screw up, unlike the present system, only his/her constituents can kick them out as in merry's case, he was voted head of Salford council by labour councillors not me and you, we have no say in the running or in what direction this council goes. To get re elected an elected mayor will have to serve all the people of Salford and have to be seen to to serve all, this will keep them on their toe's, this will make them serve the majority and not the minority which has happened for far to long in Salford?. I take great pleasure in knowing that now my vote actually means something and now they will have to work for it.
Winston Smith wrote
at 11:43:58 on 20 April 2012
Arnie - I've often wondered about that shade of pink, it seems to have been designed by top boffins as a colour that conflicts with any environment it's in. I think it's intended as some sort of council territorial pissing, to go with the bleeding obvious yet strangely oppressive "You are *IN* Salford" signs.
Arnie Sackemall wrote
at 06:01:10 on 20 April 2012
A few questions for the mayoral candidates . Will you sack the idiots who decided to waste OUR money on the lunatic folly of having a fleet of vehicles sprayed PINK ?????????????? . Bearing in mind how this PINK re-spray will drastically reduce the re-sale value of these vehicles to near zero , will you make the idiots pay for this squandering of OUR money ? AS Salford Clowncil are historically determined to waste OUR money on lunatic schemes , will you stop the wastage and squander of OUR money , and sack the cretins responsible ?
Michael Felse wrote
at 19:18:11 on 18 April 2012
Err you gave us till the 20th, rest assured it is well in progress, loved the questions btw
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 17:03:31 on 18 April 2012
Gravy train, if the said candidate were to confess to all the crimes he has committed and has not paid his debt for and then paid that debt then maybe you might have a point. Any candidate who is not 'as Caesar's wife' should really be ignored.
Not Impressed wrote
at 17:03:07 on 18 April 2012
Winston . I mean a proper Socialist candidate , and not one allied to the Nu-Liebor disaster . Someone with the integrity , honesty ,vision and commitment of Arthur Scargill , Eric Heffer , Dave Nellist ,Terry Fields , Dennis Skinner . We need real change to benefit the betrayed citizens in this dead city , not just more of the same lies, bullshit , deceit and treachery we have become too used to .
Wakey Wakey . wrote
at 17:02:49 on 18 April 2012
Is it election time already ? A great deal of waffle , bullshit , piss and wind bits of paper keep arriving at my door . I suppose the career-politician - vermin will be crawling out from under their stones , in order to meet the despised electorate , and explain how they will work for Salford , bring jobs and investment , look after our elderly and sick , and turn this city into a desirable place to live . HEARD IT ALL BEFORE . The politician -vermin have run this dead city into the ground . There is no way back . JUST TELL THEM ALL TO P.OFF..
Salford Star wrote
at 17:02:25 on 18 April 2012
See Michael Felse comment below...Have you not filled out your Salford Star Mayor Challenge questionaire so people can see what you are made of????
Michael Felse wrote
at 16:59:25 on 18 April 2012
Time for a break? Conservative's mayoral leaflet arrived today, proposing to give Council Tax hard working families back £2million to share. And with 170,000 voters it evens out at 22pence a week. May just buy us a Kit Kat each. Two fingered Kit Kat !
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 16:59:17 on 18 April 2012
No Winston I'll lose sleep at the thought of vicious thugs running the city.
Winston Smith wrote
at 14:31:19 on 18 April 2012
@Not Impressed - "Where is our Socialist candidate"?!? Presumably back in the 1940's, along with the Labour Party's spine and sense of ethics
Anti Pollitician wrote
at 14:30:50 on 18 April 2012
Great question , Wondering . I too have thought about this . £100,000k is a salary most of us can only dream of . The grubby , greedy , Gravy Train Riders , the CON/LIB/LAB traitors , oozing their usual shite , spin and bullshit about what they will do for Salford's Ripped-Off citizens is just more of the usual puke they always spew . These traitors are unworthy of our votes. The Others have more credibility , and the Independents some great policies , but obviously the prime motive is the Financial Money Trough . My vote goes to the candidates who will slash council tax extortion , to levels comparable with our neighbouring cities . We have been ripped-off for far too long in this Deadcity .
wondering wrote
at 06:58:29 on 18 April 2012
I wonder how many people and WHO would be running if it wasn't for the £100k salary...
Not Impressed wrote
at 22:45:59 on 17 April 2012
Gravy Train Non-Rider wrote
at 22:45:42 on 17 April 2012
Nacht . Do you mean career criminals hiding behind politics ? Or someone with a criminal past , debt paid to society , and not hiding behind politics ?
Winston Smith wrote
at 22:45:22 on 17 April 2012
@Nachtschlepper - if you really want to lose sleep, have a look at the long, long list of the crimes of Labour and Conservative parties at http://eotp.org/. There's also their insidious relationship with News Corps - institutionalised, 'industrial scale' criminality including payments to the police, the repercussions of which will be going on for years, not to mention the systematic and cynical undermining of what little democracy we still have left in pursuit of nothing but private profit and Party advantage. I could also remind you that it's only two weeks ago that the video appeared of the Conservatives selling the political services of the *UK Prime Minister* for a cash donation to their Party which, in my humble opinion, should be treated as Treason - betrayal of the country. The Labour Party are, if anything, even worse.
A.P. wrote
at 22:44:46 on 17 April 2012
Only the candidates promising to slash the council tax extortion interest me . The adjacent cities manage on much less , and so can this dead city . Sod the doomed regeneration madness .
Ste wrote
at 22:44:33 on 17 April 2012
I believe the negative comments as 'crinimal' being said are a national party people. I think your all scared of what will be uncovered from the labour screw up of Salford. You all go on about an incident 13yrs ago, at least Paul's crimes have been punished and public I wonder what crimes these suited politicians who smile to you while shaking your hand have committed? I would love to be a fly on the wall when the 'elite' answer to st Peter about there past dealings. All I know is why the hell hazel blears is still in office??? If stole money but later payed it back I would still have to endure a lengthy prison sentence time is time in Salford and as George Galloway has done power to the people not national parties or career politicians .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 17:04:57 on 17 April 2012
I am not a worried career politician. I am though worried that so many people seem to think that the idea of electing career criminals to such high office might be a good idea.
alan davies wrote
at 17:04:45 on 17 April 2012
No one who puts i vote for Massey on facebook,twitter or any other medium or indeed for ant candidate is casting a vote.They are simply voicing an opinion.The voting starts in May.
Ste wrote
at 21:01:40 on 16 April 2012
@salford boy dear god you don't know nothing! Haha you need to do your research before you have a say. Are you a secretly worried 'corrupt elite' or are you really the chief exec worried about her job. Well in any case I think you should research stuff before you speak as if you looked in to the harsh case then you would know that it was a cut to the leg once not even 'life threatning'. Plus as I recall the victim of that time even told the court it wasn't Massey. (ANOTHER. WORRIED CAREER POLITICIAN I GUESS)
Red wrote
at 08:11:13 on 15 April 2012
The Salford Star Mayoral Challenge. Great idea . Of course any candidate who arrogantly chooses not to reply is not worthy of consideration . Looking forward to some very interesting reading .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 08:11:07 on 15 April 2012
Winston, Salford is desperate, but not that desperate. This whole thing is a joke & total waste of time & money. I'm surprised that there is no "I've got fairies living at the end of my garden" candidate. Though looking at the list of undesirables who have put themselves forward I wish there was.
Winston Smith wrote
at 08:10:47 on 15 April 2012
@Alice - I didn't want a Mayor (as though anybody really wants yet another bloody politician on the payroll) but since that's the situation we're in, maybe we should take the opportunity to vote in someone who *isn't* a stooge for a national party. Theoretically, what you say makes sense - give them all a chance to speak so that the electorate can make their own mind up. In practice, though, we'll hear absolutely nothing new or truthful - just the usual valueless spin bullshit, as written and approved by a spin bullshit national party, miles away from here in spin bullshitland. Why not just cut all the time-wasting spincrap out and vote for someone from Salford who supports Salford?
Salford boy wrote
at 08:09:38 on 15 April 2012
Paul Massey is shown in the newspaper as donating blood - this is the very least he can do considering the amount tranfused into the poor victim Massey stabbed and got convicted for wounding. The guy barley survived. Does Salford really want this violent jerk as Mayor?
Ex-labour voter , all traitors. wrote
at 08:09:04 on 15 April 2012
Alice . We are taking this matter extremely seriously . If the wrong candidate gets elected to the mayoral money trough , we will find ourselves enduring the same betrayal we have endured for many years in this Deadcity .
D.C. wrote
at 08:07:59 on 15 April 2012
The 3 most important questions I would ask : 1 Will you be slashing the extortionate council tax ? 2 Will you be abolishing the obscene-salaried chief executive ? 3 What are you going to do to benefit salford citizens ? No politico-speak bullshit , and honest answers only , please .
Michael Moulding wrote
at 08:07:25 on 15 April 2012
The Community Action Party and myself campaigned for a directly-elected mayor for Salford. I did this in order to bring much needed change to the city. For far too long Salford has been controlled by career politicians with their noses in the trough. Besides exposing Salford's Political Fraudsters I have a whole range of policies and idea's for Salford which is an evolving project to make our city a safer, better, healthier, greener and a more prosperous place to live and visit. The year 2011 was Salford's "Annus Horribilis". Cast your vote wisely. Vote for decency, integrity, values for a better city. Vote to stop our city being a city of national and international ridicule. My policies for a better Salford can be found at www.mikemouldingcommunity-action.over-blog.com
Salford Star wrote
at 07:41:42 on 14 April 2012
See Alice's comment below et al...Worry not. The candidates for mayor are currently being sent the Salford Star Mayoral Challenge and their answers will be featured on the site in the run up to the election...
Alice Searle wrote
at 07:39:19 on 14 April 2012
I would like us to get serious about this issue. Could the Candidates put on some public meetings so we can see them, hear their policies and make informed decisions about whether to vote for them or not. I am afraid that we may finish up with someone who is uninformed, and lacking intelligence and experience and yet will gain power and a big salary out of our money. I don't really want a Mayor at all, but if we are to have one let us elect someone with some integrety and concern for Salford residents. What I have read in the comments in the Star really worry me. I am afraid that people will either not vote at all or will vote for some a very inappropriate person. GET SERIOUS about this.
Winston Smith wrote
at 07:38:42 on 14 April 2012
@Nachtschlepper - if Charles Manson is now a reformed character and Los Angeles is suffering from arrogant, expense swindling, anti-democratic parties who are in the pockets of News Corps, maybe they should give him a call, it sounds like they need all the help they can get
Stephen pav wrote
at 07:36:53 on 14 April 2012
Haha Kelly he was released start of April 2007 was 8yrs
salford pimpernelle wrote
at 07:36:43 on 14 April 2012
Salford mayor election: Confirmed candidates 7 hours ago from BBC news The final list of candidates for the upcoming Salford mayoral elections has been released by the city council. Voting for Salford's first directly elected mayor is to take place on Thursday, 3 May. Listed in alphabetical order by surname, the confirmed candidates are: MICHAEL FELSE - ENGLISH DEMOCRATS 'PUTTING ENGLAND FIRST' Michael Felse Michael Felse Mr Felse is chief executive of a health managers training academy and Salford's Community Network. "I have lived in Salford for 15 years. I enjoy fundraising for voluntary groups. "The Mayoral Alliance and English Democrats support my manifesto to cut council tax by 50%. "I will impose a council housing rent freeze and stop huge pay offers to senior council managers. "I will reduce the number of ward councillors to two per ward as well as create an anti-exploitation Green Belt Co-op controlled by local people. "I will attract inward investment into youth employment enterprise opportunities and extend pensioner bus permits to help them attend their early morning medicals." KAREN GARRIDO - CONSERVATIVE Karen GarridoKaren Garrido Ms Garrido is leader of the Conservative group on Salford City Council. "I will open the doors of democracy in Salford. Whoever you are, whatever your background, wherever in the city you live, if you love Salford and want us to thrive, I will speak up for you. My motto is 'trust the people'. "I will lower council tax year-on-year, protect and improve front-line services and give greater choice in education with fairer admissions. "I will save our green spaces for future generations and give jobs and training for our young people. "I will make sure Salford is "open for business" and have zero-tolerance of crime. "I will create a cleaner, greener city for all and have local roads and highways fixed." BERNARD GILL - UK INDEPENDENCE PARTY Bernard GillBernard Gill Mr Gill is a local businessman and chairman of the North West Counties Squash League. "I have major concerns about the lack of jobs, housing, policing, health and education. "Unemployment is an increasing problem and we need to cut the red tape and taxes hampering small businesses and raise the threshold for income tax. "There is a need for firm policing as demonstrated by the riots and we need more officers on the front line, not less as government cuts demand. "Making Salford a safer city is high on my priorities, as is bringing unoccupied premises back into use. "I know the importance of sport and strongly believe that leisure centres must be kept open and improved to make them more attractive to all age groups, particularly young people." PAUL MASSEY - INDEPENDENT Paul MasseyPaul Massey Paul Massey is a local businessman. To fight for the people of Salford on all fronts focusing on drugs, crime and a better quality of life. To prioritise all areas of youth concern to create employment and better education, to re-establish recreational pursuits To work in partnership with the council, police authorities for a better future To fight for small businesses with emphasis on better parking facilities and relaxing charges at certain times of the day To help the elderly with transportation to and from venues and create more leisure facilities for them MICHAEL MOULDING - COMMUNITY ACTION PARTY - EXPOSING POLITICAL FRAUDSTERS Michael MouldingMichael Moulding Mr Moulding is from Swinton and has 25 years' public service experience. "If elected we will review the city's association and seek to abolish AGMA as it is another tier of government we don't need. "We will reduce council tax and review public transport and end the monopoly of First buses in the city which has resulted in expensive bus travel. "We will increase the number of allotments, adopt zero-tolerance to crime and anti-social behaviour and expose political fraudsters. "We will reduce council house rents, protect essential front-line services and stop the destruction of 'real' Salford and protect all Salford's heritage. "We will support a separate 'real' Salford constituency and a separate Swinton and Eccles constituency." JOE O'NEILL - GREEN PARTY Joe O'NeillJoe O'Neill Mr O'Neill is a former Liberal Democrat councillor who has represented Swinton South. "For too long we've seen money wasted with little seen for all the spending. "We hope to see a productive Salford and a sustainable Salford. We want a city powered by unlimited energy, with greater access to the region. "A city where people get the services they deserve, attracting new business, getting jobs for the people who live here and giving the entrepreneur room to grow. "A city leading the way with the best education for the next generation. And a city that stays a city. "The city will be asked to vote for a Green New Deal; we believe we can be the missing link in a political system dominated for too long by two party politics." EDWARD O'SULLIVAN - BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY Edward O'SullivanEdward O'Sullivan Mr O'Sullivan works for a telecommunications business. "Although not a native born Salfordian, I have lived here for over 20 years. "I am 53 years old, make my living in the telecommunications and technology sector and have been a business owner. "My commitment as mayor of Salford is to ensure that Salford people come first, every time, in respect of housing and public services. "They should benefit from common sense policies and not suffer from the ridiculous political correctness that has paralysed the machinery of government today. "Cutting business rates and eliminating car park charges, amongst other things, will provide the financial boost this city needs." NORMAN OWEN - LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Norman OwenNorman Owen Mr Owen is leader of the Salford Liberal Democrats and councillor for Claremont Ward. "As mayor, I will appoint a cross party working cabinet, ensure every child's education counts across the city and improve support to older people and those with disabilities. "I will fight the poverty and deprivation in Salford, restore heritage sites such as Buile Hill mansion and promote Salford tourism. "On regeneration, I will definitely reverse the atrocious record of Labour. "Also on environmental issues, I will invest to make Salford's streets cleaner and greener. "I will tackle serious crime and anti-social behaviour and ensure that Salford's local communities get the chance to set their own priorities and manage budgets where applicable." IAN STEWART - LABOUR Ian StewartIan Stewart Mr Stewart is the former Labour MP for Eccles. "Salford is a great city with a proud history. If elected Mayor I promise to work for the people of Salford in these tough times to ensure a more positive future for our city. "Together we can change this city for the better. I pledge to: • Work hard and listen to your views; • Always put the residents of Salford first; • Bring regeneration and jobs into our city; • Demand a better deal for Salford from this Government; • Ensure Salford provides efficient, value for money services." PAT WARD - INDEPENDENT Pat WardPat Ward Ms Ward worked for over 20 years in Salford city council. "I plan to carry out a transparent review with a view to reducing council tax. I will invest in our ageing community by supporting their services and offering them a decent quality of life. "I want to preserve childhood by supporting play and restoring access to swimming and leisure activities; supporting schemes for young people to actively reduce antisocial behaviour. "I plan to incentivise new and existing businesses to recruit local people. I want to restore the sense of community to people of Salford using a stronger, safer, cleaner, greener initiative. "Most of all, I plan to give the people of Salford a voice and take action to manage these tough times, without the pressure of a political agenda." The Salford mayoral election is being held on 3 May.
at 07:36:08 on 14 April 2012
Why would hove i done the oppisite my dad was relesed from prison over 5 years ago he was on remand for a while before his case was dealt with and that get knock off your sentance an also he got think 4 years off his sentance at an appeal he was released in 2007 and the police and law will no this so you tell me why I would of do the opposite if they had a chance like that to get him off the vote then they would ok I no a lot more than any of you so dnt tell me I'm wrong
Red wrote
at 07:35:08 on 14 April 2012
Cannot believe there is not one left - wing representive among this sorry looking lot . Most of this lot are career politicians , only interested in shafting the electorate, crawling to big business , and wallowing in the taxpayer-funded trough .. Just pathetic . Who will repesent the shafted and exploited people of salford ? Is Arthur Scargil , Dennis Skinner , Dave Nellist , or one of their like out there ?
Tony Salford wrote
at 07:34:35 on 14 April 2012
Vote Michael Moulding – Community Action Party This guy would make a serious difference to Salford. Totally independent and trustworthy. Give him your vote and back Salford
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 13:11:12 on 13 April 2012
Maybe that sensitive, misunderstood soul Mr Charles Manson should run for mayor of Los Angeles
Steve wrote
at 13:10:57 on 13 April 2012
The Guardian is providing a forum in its Northerner section for candidates for election as mayor of Salford. Could the Star do something similar to help make sure all the issues are aired and people are encouraged to vote?
Not Fooled by Politicians wrote
at 13:10:50 on 13 April 2012
Well said , Kelly . Great comment . We need someone to fight for the shafted , ripped-off Salford People , not another career politician who only serve Big Business and themselves . Time for real change .
at 13:10:37 on 13 April 2012
Both Labour and Conservative parties have had their fair share of involvement with criminality (with ref to 'Expenses', 'Donnygate', 'Cash for Questions' - the list goes on. And on.). Both Labour and Conservatives have extremely deep connections to News Corps, an organisation whose crimes are allegedly on an industrial scale and whose victims include murdered children and their families, dead servicemen, grieving mothers, etc). The (Metropolitan) Police have been accused of corruption in conjunction with News Corps 'activities'. What this adds up to is a lot worse than any criminality that came out of Salford, not just because of the much bigger scale, but because it is *institutional*. Demonstrably, not one *individual* in any of these organisations can promise with any certainty that their whole *organisation* has turned over a new leaf and is now heading in a positive direction. Paul Massey, as an independent who speaks for himself, *can*.
Cynical Cyril wrote
at 13:09:43 on 13 April 2012
If I was cynical , I would think that the sudden , well-timed [ ? ] , 'investigation' into Paul Massey was merely a stunt to discredit him,dreamed up by the career-politicians who have run this city into the gutter and betrayed Salford . Obviously , they will do anything to maintain their place at the Salford Trough . This is reason enough to give Paul Massey , and the other non-career politicians , serious consideration .
Stephen Morris wrote
at 13:09:00 on 13 April 2012
I note the comment from Insider about Spicer having her contract renewed, although this may seem a problem to some to us it isn't. When we handed in the petition for the referendum she openly admitted she would not be able to comply with the law in declaring it valid or not (we still have the letter). We reported her to the Secretary of State, she wasn't brought to task by her pal Merry. Under our English Democrat Mayor we would produce the letter and ask for her to be investigated under Gross misconduct in High Office (this does carry a prison sentence). As for Norman Owen, please review his comments at the Salford Mayoral debate on 14/12/11(On You-tube) where he coments about Salford “It doesn’t need fixing, it’s not broken, it doesn’t need the Mayoral status” This showed how out of touch he really is with the people and will say anything to get votes with his u-turn.
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