Star date: 2nd November 2011


As revealed exclusively by Salford Star last July, Salford Council will soon be handing £15million of Government Regional Growth Fund money to Peel Holdings for its Port Salford project at Barton.

Salford Council Leader John Merry claims that Port Salford will create 3800 new jobs…but after MediaCityUK's garbage claim of 15,500 jobs should Salford people be sceptical?

Full story here…

This week Salford Council was successful, subject to legal checks, in getting £15million from the Government's Regional Growth Fund towards Peel Holdings creation of Port Salford in the Barton/Irlam area.

The £15million grant towards the inland port which will be served by roads, the Peel-owned Manchester Ship Canal and new railway links, was approved by an independent panel that included Felicity Goodey (who led the bid to get the BBC to Peel Holdings MediaCityUK site) and Sir David Rowlands (chairman of Angel Trains which leases passenger and freight trains).

The plans for the Port and freight terminal have already been subject to demonstrations by green campaigners in the area, who see Peel Holdings' strategy to exploit land it owns in Salford, and beyond, at odds with ecological, green belt and air quality concerns (see here).

A stone's throw away from the Port Salford site is Salford Stadium (the word `community' has been dropped from the title), built and run by a Salford Council/Peel Holdings joint venture company with public money loans of £22million. Now Peel is to get £15million in public money, via the Government and Salford Council, towards its Port.

The original decision by Salford Council to part fund the Port with £15million - exclusively revealed by Salford Star in July (see here) - included £11million as a loan with Salford Council appearing to pay the interest until 2016.

Salford Council is justifying its involvement, stating it will generate massive employment…

"This is great news for the city and puts us another step closer to creating 3,800 new jobs for the region" says John Merry, Leader of Salford City Council.
"Port Salford is an important development for the west of Salford that will bring working waterways back to the city and provide a completely different set of job opportunities to those arising from the Central Salford regeneration" he adds "We want to make a wide range of job opportunities available for the people in Salford and I am pleased that this conditional offer means we are getting closer to realising our vision."

The claim that Port Salford will create 3,800 jobs has not been substantiated anywhere publicly.* Indeed, a couple of years ago, Peel was claiming Port Salford would create 2,100 jobs.

When MediaCityUK, another of Peel's projects, was first muted there were claims of `15,500 job opportunities'. This figure never stood up to scrutiny.

After researching the data it turned out that the total only related to jobs if the whole of the MediaCityUK site was filled (and so far there's only around one sixth developed), and included firms' employees re-locating from elsewhere. The actual new jobs created for Salford people were minimal in comparison to the public money invested (see here). 

Peel Holdings claims assets `in excess of £5billion', while its Chairman and Isle of Man tax exile, John Whittaker, has seen his personal wealth double over the last year to over £2billion, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

A contract tender document put out in March this year stated that Peel was also applying for more public money from Europe (`ERDF funds via the TENT Executive Agency and UK Department for Transport').

The latest £15million public money handout to Peel Holdings has yet to be approved and legally checked by Government Ministers. Let's hope they check the job claims. And the eco fall-out. Salford people have a right to be sceptical.


* We have asked Salford Council to provide this data and are waiting to hear.


Eddie wrote
at 05:26:36 on 15 November 2011
James . Then why are you an apologist for the dross influx ? Why do you not have sympathy for the disgraceful plight of unemployed British people whose jobs have been stolen ? Why can you not understand how mass immigration is used as a tool to drive down wages by corrupt employers , and corrupt governments ? Why can you not understand the Betrayal of ordinary working people by the bastards in government ? It makes perfect economic sense for all british jobs to be filled by british workers , without exception . The foreigners are not needed , and should not be here .
James wrote
at 19:39:45 on 14 November 2011
Eddie, if you took the time to read my posts you will see I am in support of public sector cuts. Hardly the stuff of a local council worker. Maybe that makes me a terrible Tory because I work in the private sector. Or maybe my views are perfectly reasonable.
Eddie wrote
at 16:29:52 on 14 November 2011
James .I suggest you have a nice, cosy council ' non- job' up at Swinetown Clowncil Centre . Where your days are spent in an idyllic stupour of belching shite, brown-nosing and shuffling papers , completely insulated from the real world of work . The most taxing part of your ' working day 'will be making the important decision of what to have for lunch , and whether to put in a full 'working week ' of 29-1/4 hours , or throw in another sickie .Nothing else can explain your odd views .
Fadge wrote
at 21:13:56 on 13 November 2011
James .So now you have run out of arguaments and resort to childish comments . What about the dross influx who steal the metals to weigh in . No doubt in your deluded reality they also benefit this dump britain . I stand by my comments . Immigration is disasterous , but suits this corrupt society and corrupt employers . The ordinary british person has been betrayed . No foreigner should be allowed to steal british jobs . But the fight-back has commenced .
James wrote
at 19:54:42 on 13 November 2011
Fadge, I think the problem is you watch too much TV your fantasies and conspiracies belong in a novel.
Fadge wrote
at 05:28:35 on 13 November 2011
James . Are you naive , or just politically and economically inept ? More truths . I am neither , labour , or liberal , and certainly not tory . All are traitors to the working people - the wealth creators . Corrupt Captalism , a failed economic model based on exploitation , boom and bust , greed , self-interest and corruption has betrasyed the working people , and will be smashed . Brits who emigrate are not stealing jobs .They have needed skills or are self-sufficient , unlike the mass dross influx to Britain . It suits capilalism , and the employers to use immigrants to drive wages down ,. It suits captalism and the employers to have mass unemployment . The unemployed are now being forced to work for benefits , that is , less than the minimum wage . EXPLOITATION . You think this is fair ? I really do despair . James please go watch some daytime TV and have a few cheap lagers and cigs . Goodbye .
James wrote
at 22:11:36 on 11 November 2011
Fadge, I am certainly not a Tory. However I think your claims are at base racist. Can you point me to a statistic which backs up your claims? How come all the Brits dream of living and migrating to Oz or Spain yet hard working Poles or Latvians cannot be allowed the same oppertunity in Europe. If you look at the stats you will see the number of Poles for e.g. claiming benefits as a proportion is lower than that of the native "British" (and I use the term loosely) population. Surely if I was a Tory I wouldn't advocate immigration in any way shape or form. For sure there will be some immigrants on benefits, that's just statistics, If you don't like it move somewhere else - your welcome anywhere in the Eurozone. Perhaps Greece or Italy would suit you with their bloated public sectors, large nationalist and far right parties and inevitable bankruptcy. You have a lot of anger but don't seem capable of channeling into a constructive viewpoint. It is simply ignorant to tag one of my views to a political party and assume I support them. I guess you are one of the blind labour followers who agrees with everything they say rather than trying to understand each issue.
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 14:27:29 on 11 November 2011
James .TORYBOY. How arrogant of somebody with your thatcherite views to call anyboby an 'absolute idiot'. Some facts . 'lazy english folk' are a minority . 'hardworking immigrants ' . If you consider selling the big issue AND FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMING BENEFITS hard work yuu are a bigger fool than I already believed . We are talking NOW toryboy . EU immigrants are stealing British jobs . Decent , hardworking British are out of work due to this . I suggest you run along to thatcher for some answers . After all , all you torybastards love to create unemployment .
caroline wrote
at 08:22:30 on 10 November 2011
We need a canal up and running ,note tesco have learnt and are using them...It is cheaper for transport and takes some of the conjestion of motorways and roads so great. But how is it that these big companies seem to always get public money to help fund their projects when small business struggle to even get a loan that has to be payed back? Jobs are welcome but how many would be for Salford people?
caroline wrote
at 08:22:10 on 10 November 2011
Hey,,can I have some of the money for the damage they have done to my home Bindloss..Sorry it all takes the mick,..all this money for what ever... while they destroy ...to get ther own way.
James wrote
at 08:21:53 on 10 November 2011
Fadge. cannot believe I missed your ridiculous claims on immigration. Just look at any migration watch statistics. Remember when the war finished and we were desperate for immigrants to rebuild the country, remember when the poles came from Europe and we enjoyed fantastic rates of economic growth. Walk around Salford and see the lazy english folk who are too bone idle for work and contrast them with the hardworking immigrants who come here and create jobs. Maybe we could go back 60 years, recreate the empire and act all superior whilst raping the world of everything they have. That's ok though isn't it? You absolute idiot.
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 12:49:21 on 07 November 2011
My bold ideas are too REVOLUTIONARY for one with your blinkered outlook and love of the corrupt system in which , for now , we are trapped. But not for much longer .
James wrote
at 20:23:10 on 06 November 2011
Fadge, maybe you could enlighten us with your ideas for change? We get the idea you don't want the current system but what is yuor bold idea for change?
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 20:13:37 on 06 November 2011
James , I have a degree in economics , thanks . Never heard of the Dummy's Guide to Economics . Could I borrow your copy ? I stand by my beliefs and so do many others . We do not want your obscene society of corruption and greed any longer , and it will be smashed .
James wrote
at 13:12:02 on 06 November 2011
Fadge, I recommend you take a look at the dummys guide to economics or something similar. Although it might give you nightmares having all of your naive beliefs smashed to pieces by page 2
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 21:58:12 on 05 November 2011
James .England has never been great . Certainly not for ordinary people . A land fit for heroes ? Betrayal by corrupt governments . Exploitation , mis-rule , deceit , treachery , corruption , hopelessness , despair . It suits these bastards in government and the shite employers to have mass unemployment . The entire corrupt system must be smashed , by ANY means. James , my views are quite reasonable .
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 21:57:12 on 05 November 2011
DIM JAMES .' England was made great by immigration , ? Sorry to disagree , but NO, it was not . Please explain how you expect this influx of dross to contribute anything positive . EVER. As for the Daily Mail , A shitbag tory rag . How can you think it right that British people are unemployed because of the mass influx of foreigners ? Not racism , just ELEMENTARY ECONOMICS .? Not difficult to comprehend , is it ?
James wrote
at 08:46:53 on 05 November 2011
Fadge, May I suggest the daily mail? They share your extreme views although they are a bit light on charity for the poor. England was made great by immigration. Are you one of those 100% born and bred British people who are too stupid to realise such a thing doesn't exist.
Voice of the people wrote
at 08:46:29 on 05 November 2011
Does this mean more work for that over paid scouse consultant Chris Marsh(who also worked for Felcity Goodey at URC) ? The one who gets jobs for Salford people !!! When is Merry going to stop wasting our money!
Fadge wrote
at 11:16:51 on 04 November 2011
Silly James .A few truths . This inept council do not care about Salford people , only grubby deals with business chums funded with OUR money . Mass influx of foreigners to steal British jobs and drive wages down . A complete success for the corrpt governments and corrupt system . You think it right that British people are jobless due to this ? The entire system is corrupt and must be smashed . Wake up man . There is no communist dream , only worldwide corruption , deceit , treachery ,mis-rule, chaos , destruction . You must have a nice smug life . Lucky you .
James wrote
at 09:00:39 on 04 November 2011
Fadge - that is the silliest comment I ever heard. Do you really believe the council are happy with living standards in Salford? Do you really believe there is a mass conspiracy to keep wages down? Maybe the revolution you require is the communist dream where the government really do control wages. I hear Belarus is nice this time of year!!!
Jon Whittaker wrote
at 09:00:21 on 04 November 2011
This is what Conservatives do in government. We roll our sleeves up. We get stuck in. And we deliver. And we could not do it without people like you, look at all these jobs we’ve created you lucky lucky people We said we would be a pro-business, pro-enterprise government, getting behind those who could create wealth and jobs in our economy, and just look what we've done. Cutting corporation tax. Scrapping Labour's jobs tax. Promoting enterprise at home - and British business around the world. So remember next time you vote, vote Conservative *thumbs up*
Jobs for Salford people? wrote
at 22:56:42 on 02 November 2011
How about getting rid of the likes of Spicer and Walker and giving their jobs to someone from Salford? The government should make it illegal for councils to form joint venture companies with private business. How the hell can there not be a conflict of interest??? We never get a chance to see the figures because the council hides behind the "commercially sensitive" label.
don draper wrote
at 16:06:03 on 02 November 2011
Happy about the new port will hopefully spare me the 10 minute waits at barton swing bridge. But the council and Peel Ports do themselves a disservice with the overestimation in job creation. Furthermore why do profit making dividend paying companies constantly qualify for public money hand out to allow them to make profit surely that is what risk capitalism is about investing capital to make profit without state subsidy. But can wait to be come a pirate again...............eeyare Jim Lad
Fadge - THE HANGMAN wrote
at 16:04:47 on 02 November 2011
These bastards have no idea about job creation , or care about it .Just more bluster and bullshit . It suits these bastards to have mass umemployment in this deadcity to force wages down . We need Revolution .
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