Star date: 7th September 2011


"We feel bullied and taken advantage of by the Council - all we want is for them to put right the damage they've done to our house…"

When a stunning 14 bedroom Victorian mansion near Eccles had some bricks come loose in its chimneys, Salford Council decided to "make the property safe". It sent in demolition contractors which completely wrecked the place! 

Read this incredible story involving the Queen, Hazel Blears, looting, property developers and, of course, Salford City Council.

Full (very long) story and more photos here…

Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue
Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue
Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue
Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue Bindloss Avenue
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Welcome to the other side of Salford – the leafy outskirts of Eccles where the media, looking for sensationalist tower block stories, never treads.

Almost across the road from Hope Hospital, and a few streets away from Hazel Blears' Salford home is Bindloss Avenue, named after William Bindloss, a Victorian silk merchant whose mill was in Silk Street in Eccles. Here, in its own grounds, is the imposing 14 bedroom mansion that Bindloss built around 1840 for use when visiting the city on business. From the outside it's an incredible site. But step inside and your mouth soon drops open… Oh My God!!!

`Trashed' doesn't begin to describe this once habited family home. Holes in the ceilings, floorboards ripped up, skylights smashed, wallpaper peeling off every wall, fireplaces destroyed….the damp…the dead pigeons…The smell of decay and destruction almost knocks you out…

…It's hard to believe that £50,000 was spent renovating this place. But then Salford Council got involved. And after three years, this is the result…

It began, says the house's owner Robert Gray, when he received a phone call out of the blue from Salford Council telling him that he had 24 hours to repair his chimneys.

Robert, his wife Caroline and their children were living in the countryside at the time due to lots of really serious health issues. But Robert went back to Salford to check out the damage.

"There were around six or eight bricks that had come away but they'd only landed on the roof and the chimney pots hadn't moved at all as they were so heavy" he recalls "It was very bad weather at the time and I couldn't get anyone out to fix them for three weeks. But the Council said they couldn't wait that long and just got in these contractors, Paddy McGuiness, to take the chimneys down."

Paddy McGuiness is known mainly as a demolition company…

"They made a horrendous mess" understates Robert "There were bricks all over the roof, through the skylights and everywhere. The fireplaces were all choked up by the bricks and had to be removed."

The place was wrecked. But it got worse. The scaffolding was left up by the contractors and lead was later stripped from the roof, while antique crown chimney pots were robbed.

"We got it temporarily waterproofed but they couldn't stop the skylights leaking" says Robert "There was soot, dirt and damp everywhere and it just went right the way through the house."

The Grays' solicitors wrote to Salford Council numerous times pointing out the destruction but got nowhere. So, out of frustration, Robert wrote direct to the Queen, whose people passed the case over to the Minister responsible – their neighbour, the Right Hon Hazel Blears MP, who promptly did…nothing.

"Hazel Blears wrote back saying it was nothing to do with her, it was between us and the Council, and if we weren't satisfied to go to the Ombudsman" says Robert "The Ombudsman said we'd run out of time as it was over 12 months ago and, besides, we had a legal alternative through the solicitors and courts."

Last November Robert wrote back to the Queen about the Ombudsman

"They said I had a legal alternative which would have cost me a huge amount of money that I could not afford…This could be used in almost all disputes with local government. So why is there an Ombudsman?                                                                                                                        

"We were told nothing about the time limit" he added "I always thought the Ombudsman Service was totally independent to pursue injustice? I am sure your Majesty knows that twelve months is not enough time, particularly when council departments ignore letters of liability even from our solicitor. When they eventually did reply, they said it is not their department and do not know whose it was (etc). I believe it was to delay time…"

The Queen, like Hazel Blears and the Ombudsman, unfortunately, didn't take up the case. The Grays were left, living away from the wrecked house, with little more money for solicitors and the claim against Salford Council at stalemate. And then it got worse…

Last December, Salford Council went on the attack against the Grays. Urban Vision, the Council's joint venture property company, sent a letter threatening legal action "as the appearance of the property is a cause of great concern to the Local Planning Authority".

The letter laid down eleven points of "concern" including the state of the roof – which was caused, it would seem, by Salford Council's own contractors.

Then Salford Council sent bailiffs round to the Grays' house in the country claiming unpaid council tax for the Bindloss property. Understandably, Robert and Caroline feel victimised.

"When the bailiffs came round it was terrifying; they shouldn't be threatening us and making us feel scared when they've done the damage" says Caroline "We wanted to move back into the house and were getting it renovated but due to all that happened with our health, we couldn't. Every six months we cut the grass, checked the building and it was all okay. It was beautiful – and now it's devastated. It's ridiculous."

And it's got worse and worse. Thieves have broken in, stripping metal piping and breaking windows allowing access to a flock of pigeons. The damp is now endemic and the décor of the former mansion is decimated.

"My mum bought this house in 1947 and I lived here for about twenty years" says Robert "My father was a builder and every room was warm, every wall was solid. They've trashed the roof and the guttering, and now it's damp. To put it right would cost ten of thousands of pounds which we just haven't got.

"We kept some of the old mangles and copper kettles, and were going to make one part of the house into a little museum, and our kids were going to have their own flats" he adds "I loved this house, and my wife loved it. Now look at it…"

Meanwhile, Salford Council is refusing to admit responsibility for the mansion trashing. According to Caroline, when the couple met the Council at magistrates court over an access dispute, the Council was told to put the house back in order.

"We showed the magistrate the photographs and he was quite shocked" she recalls "He asked the Council official why the damage hadn't been put right and she said `It's not my department'. When asked whose department it was, he said that he'd get his manager to contact the relevant department. This never happened."

When the Grays asked for the minutes of that magistrates meeting they were told the Council had them, but then, apparently the Council didn't have them… "Conveniently lost" is how Caroline describes it.

Having experienced Salford Council's dealings with its residents, Caroline is now convinced that this was never about a broken chimney. Even if the chimneys had fallen down, the house is in its own grounds and the debris would be no risk to anyone, she points out. 

No. Caroline and Robert believe there are darker forces at work…

Location. Location. Location. The Bindloss Avenue mansion is huge and sits in its own grounds in the rather desirable leafy suburbs of Eccles…

Robert Gray's second letter to the Queen included the following allegation about a conversation a Salford Council official had with their agents on a visit to the property…

"On the visit they told our agent WT Gunnison they would not restore the damage they had caused, but threatened they would compulsory purchase it (at a cheap price), demolish it, and they would sell it onto developers (at a higher price)…"

This is alluded to in the letter from Urban Vision

"It is appreciated that a large amount of work is required to bring these properties back into a suitable condition. Therefore you may wish to consider the demolition of the properties followed by a redevelopment of the whole site…"

Caroline repeats the allegation… "The Council wants the site cheap" she says "We're not blaming the demolition people, who might have been told the house was coming down anyway, we're blaming Salford Council. Because of our health problems we feel bullied and taken advantage of by the Council - all we want is for them to put right the damage they've done to our house.

"In August Hazel Blears went to the emergency meeting of Parliament clearly asking for funds and support for people's property and businesses that were vandalised by the thugs and bullies in the recent riots" she adds "Now we say `What about us in her constituency. What about the Council's contractors vandalising and damaging our home?'"

The Salford Star wrote to Salford Council in April asking for its side of the mansion trashing story and Councillor Peter Connor, Salford City Council's Lead Member for Housing responded…

"This is a large property with many bedrooms and we're keen to see people living in it again. In 2008, we carried out work to the chimneys because they were in a poor and unsafe condition and the owners had ignored warnings telling them they needed looking at. We're still concerned the building is not being looked after properly and have issued an improvement notice giving the owners 28 days to start work."

We then asked some follow up questions…

 * Can the Council confirm that it sent in Paddy McGuiness, a demolition company to `carry out work to the chimneys'?

* Is it normal practice for `carrying out work on chimneys' for those chimneys to be knocked inwards so all the bricks go down the fireplaces?

* Can the Council give us details of any other occasions where this kind of notice for improvement has been handed out in recent years?

* Does the Council acknowledge it has absolutely wrecked this property?

Councillor Peter Connor responded…

"This is a private property and the owners are responsible for making sure it's well maintained. This hasn't happened so the council had to carry out work to the chimneys which were in such disrepair that bricks had come loose.

"The owners were told several times work needed to be done and we were left with no choice but to go in ourselves and remove the chimneys" he added "Improvement notices are a last resort but where properties are a blight to the community and the owners are not looking after them properly we will take action."

The Salford Star wrote back to the Council asking them to answer the actual questions and John Merry, Leader of Salford Council responded…

"This is a private property and the owners are responsible for making sure it's well maintained. Because they failed to do this, and it posed a risk to the public, we were forced to employ contractors to carry out the essential repair work and make the property safe for the public

"Improvement notices are a last resort but where properties are a blight to the community and the owners are not looking after them properly we are forced to take action. In this case we employed a contractor to remove the chimneys and this work was done. "

Salford Council still hasn't answered the questions to anyone's satisfaction, while a request for a quote from Paddy McGuiness has been ignored.

Meanwhile, the Grays have reluctantly put the mansion at Bindloss Avenue up for sale as they can't afford to restore it, and Salford Council is refusing to accept liability for the damage.

"Please help as we have gone through all the correct channels only to find all our considerable time, effort and expense has been to no avail, which is not fair" the Grays pleaded to the Queen "We feel that in some areas of England victims get no justice for injustice and we are sure your Majesty would not agree with this."                                            

That plea has now been extended to everyone in Salford and beyond, as the Grays have created an i-petition which they are urging everyone to sign – click here for details.





Confused wrote
at 17:29:08 on 28 February 2015
I have lived in Bindloss Avenue since 1957 and in all the comments nobody mentions the property being a mentally disabled children's day centre ? How did that come about ?
kay wrote
at 19:27:27 on 04 August 2014
Kevin Don't believe a word the owners say they are only out to get compensation for something they have e allowed to happen. The house and land are up for sale for 750 thousand pounds. How does that bode with your socialist principles. I can see the house from where I live and they have never in the last 40 years done anything to improve it. Up until last month it was being used as a Cannabis farm. How come if they are such caring owners did they not notice this. Maybe because they never visit the property. Kay
kevin bunting wrote
at 21:49:18 on 21 July 2014
another example of salford shitty council messing with historic building an absolute dissgrace
kay wrote
at 16:37:32 on 17 June 2014
since my last post the house has got into an even worse state of repair and still the owners do nothing. The roof is now hanging off at one of the corners. Pidgeons are using it as a hotel. The weeds are now neck high and still no sign of the owners clearing them. I saw two rats yesterday running from the house along the side of the fence to the adjoining house. And still the owners sit there blaming the council. Makes me sick. Are they waiting for it to fall down so they can once again blame the council.
Kay wrote
at 06:26:27 on 26 January 2014
If your readers and commenters would take a close look at the backgroung in the picture of the owners of the house you will notice the terrible state the windows are in. The council had nothing to do with this they only repaired the chimney which was falling down. About 10 years ago they had a chap in to sposh a bit of pink undercoat on the window frames that is the only time I have ever seen any maintenance being done. As for the forest that they call a garden they have been down perhaps once maybe twice a year to chop at it. Its full of brambles and barbed wire.............. all you people who believe what they are saying are very naive. I only wish I had seen the original postings back in 2011. Take a walk down Bindloss Avenue and see just how well they take care of the property and the gardens since 2011 when they made their complaints. If they are so concerned for the neighbourhood they should at least try to clear the garden.
Kay wrote
at 18:31:58 on 23 January 2014
I came across this posting by accident. I cant believe what a load of rubbish the owners of this house are spouting. I have lived backing on to this house for nearly 40 years and it has never been looked after in all this time. The owners have totally let it go to wrack and ruin. I remember my daughter and her friends going into the house through a broken window about 30 years ago and when I went in to get her out I couldnt believe the state it was in then. I have seen with my own eyes that it was not the contractors to blame for the state of the building but the owners of the house who coincidently have it up for sale for nearly three quarters of a million pounds.
caroline wrote
at 17:51:33 on 17 September 2011
green man..out of all the hundreds that have stayed at Bindloss,it has to the rare one. We know how your photos came about. Since then.. we had a renovation vidio of all works carried out plus photos, bills of contractors repairs ect. then photoes of emergency repair.etc.So what is your problem ?
caroline wrote
at 22:02:45 on 15 September 2011
Chris Smith..When u frist moved in next door a fews years ago u loved it. u said u wished u could have bough it. which i now find hard. you have a lovely family,and we visit this property u are always there to welcome us. So i cannot understand your demeaning remarks to u ,,, told u to speak to Robert. u never did ..It has never been up for sale and it has been owned for over 40 years,The house has been under litigation... when we where aware of repairs they were sorted..not that u ever complained..expect the once as i have said..Also odd slates do come down in in rare gales..Are your chridren out at that time?..Truth is something u do not understand...Shame your chrildren are so lovely who love our dog Teddy..who loves to play ball...If u were not so jelious and unfriendly we would not have this.same aplies to the rest
at 22:01:22 on 15 September 2011
Another fine mess caused by this inept , arrogant clouncil , ably assisted by the Grinning Rat blears and a council brown - nosing omsbudsman . A truly pathetic state of affairs that the clouncil must put right . FIGHT THEM , PEOPLE .
Long Standing Friends wrote
at 16:35:42 on 15 September 2011
We have known this family for many many years,during in which time they have been caring/supportive/and decent living people. they have encountered along lifes paths like any normal family ill health,and ups and downs. However in relation to this property YES the council may have issued a notice of repair in relation to the property, due to reasons out of this familys control ie severe weather conditions/health matters/ that hindered Mr grays ability to remedy these problems under such short notice.However if Salford Council detailed contractors to sort this problem out They should also be responsible for the safe repair/removal which should always carry a duty of care to the remaining structure. Why could the Council contractors not have used waste chutes instead of dumping all the bricks down the chimneys directly into the proprty and causing severe damage. Unless you know this family on a personal level i would suggest you do not leave any comments, they are a truly respectable family having raised six wonderful law abiding/considerate/loving/ and well educated children this family is being punished for Salford Councils act of Destruction. There are too many characters in this world where there jealousy and envy takes over,COME ON SALFORD THOUGHT YOU WERE A CARING COMMUINITY GIVE THIS FAMILY A BREAK and your support
Chris Smith wrote
at 19:33:54 on 14 September 2011
Well Salford Star, I would dispute the 'fact' that the contractors trashed the house - as I've said, the owners allowed the house next to us to be 'trashed' by the forces of nature by simply not maintaining it. No council contractors were necessary - if you don't fix broken windows or replace the roof once a century, it will just happen. Plus, even if they had done the damage, why have the owners left it to get worse and worse for so many years - just to prove a point? With just a bit of work they could have kept the rain and pigeons out.
The Green Man wrote
at 19:33:43 on 14 September 2011
I rented a bedsit in this house about 25 years ago. It was in a bad state then, not much different to the photos you show. I have my own photos of it from then. There were old motorcycles in the hallway, decay and dirt everywhere. There was a large ruined church pipe organ in the hall too and some other old impressive funiture but everything was falling to bits. It was obviously a mansion once, but I think it had been left to decay and crumble by the owners for many years. I've been past it many times since and never noticed it looking any better. They may have cut the hedge/weeds, but I never noticed anything else. I'd guess if anyone touched the chimneys they'd probably fallen inwards.
Salford Star wrote
at 19:38:24 on 12 September 2011
See `Salford and Proud' comment below... Thought you were boycotting the site? Whatever. The people who have put negative comments up about this piece just don't know the whole story, we would argue. Fact: Salford Council's contractors trashed the house. Anyone dispute that, rather than pouring slurs on the family?
salford and proud wrote
at 19:33:40 on 12 September 2011
It looks to me that this couple have had you over, how many empty properties do they own, when there are people sleeping on the streets? Take a minute to look at their i -petition, an artists studio, a living space for all the family etc. Why on earth have they done that sooner than decamping to their country retreat, a right load of tatersas wes ay in Salford. Sorry mate but they have led you up their garden path.
christopher Monaghan wrote
at 14:41:35 on 12 September 2011
If the council say they are not responsible, how can Councillor Peter Connor say that they have employed people to correct the chimneys on the house, if the council or its contractor representitive have entered the propety without permission by the owners surely this is tresspassing and the act carried out on the house vandalism which is a criminal act I believe.
Chris Smith wrote
at 14:41:20 on 12 September 2011
Being the next door neighbour of one of this couple's other abandoned houses, I must say I think you've been misled. The couple who own this house and the other half our semi are quite deluded. They are letting various properities they own around the area just rot - the house next to us is infested with pigeons, the slates regular come crashing into the street where children play, and when I tried talking to them, all I got was a stream of abuse and wild accusations of plots against them involving not only the council, but several other neighbours and the BBC. I would take what they say with a pinch of salt, and though I too have many criticisms of the council, in this case, I think they've behaved quite sensibly and for the safety of the many unfortunate neighbours of this couple.
Caroline wrote
at 18:23:27 on 10 September 2011
Thank you so much for all those who have made postive comments with advise ,it means so much. No words can explain what it is like to see your home decimated and personal possessions trashed after all the exspence and work that went into it. As for the negative..ARP.. localdweller..You are mistaken..The editar knows the truth with all the facts.
Gerry Mandering wrote
at 18:23:17 on 10 September 2011
The Crazy Gang in the Madhouse twist , bend and fracture the rules to suit their own grubby , greedy , immoral ends - ably assisted by the 'salford champeen ' Blares .
Local dweller wrote
at 18:22:55 on 10 September 2011
Of course the Gray family are entitiled to own as many properties as they want, but surely maintaing them is important. Yes the contractors have made a right mess of the house and should be brought to task, but please do not paint the Gray family as being completely blameless. Houses on Preston Avenue abutt onto this property and there have been reports of falling slates from the roof of this property causing damage to their houses as well as being a danger to the occupants, Finally the property on Gilda Crescent Road has a notice afixed to the front door from I assume the council warning that the house ia an environmental hazard with slates off the roof leading to pigeon infestion and other health hazards. Will the Gray family remedy this or fire of a letter to the Queen.
Do it right wrote
at 07:26:04 on 10 September 2011
It does not matter if the family own other property if they bought it/own it/inherited it legally. The point here is that there are notices that can be served and powers that can be used with a problem property. Did the council go about this the right way or not? If they did serve the notices and then use their powers then it has been done correctly. If they did not, then it has not been done correctly and has been done illegally. I dont know the people concerned but maybe they worked hard to afford the property/properties? How would you feel if it happened to your house or if your partners car got towed away and someone said "well they,ve got another car"? It has been done the right way or not. Salford should produce evidence that it has been done the right way or we can assume it has not.
Paul Withers wrote
at 20:03:54 on 09 September 2011
If all else fails,then get your own back! Bob @ caroline send in your buiders and do the same to the town hall! (this comment has been edited)
Ernie Millan wrote
at 20:00:24 on 09 September 2011
Now the inept council cretins are interfering , Bindloss ave . should be renamed Deadloss ave .
Local Resident wrote
at 20:00:16 on 09 September 2011
Good Heavens it appears this family have more property than they choose to delare,Gilda/Bindloss/other areas of Manchester and a country home and all in need of serious repair how do they get away with
Local dweller wrote
at 14:59:10 on 09 September 2011
I happen to live quite close to this property and I have to say that you are not seeing the complete picture. That house has been empty for over 10 - 15 years and is in a constant state of disrepair, in fact neighbours complained that slates were falling of the roof into their gardens, also pigeons were nesting in the roof space and the whole building was considered a health hazard. Isee that Mr Gray mentions that he lives in the country due to ill health, so he obviously has another house to live in. Strange then that he doesn't mention his other propoerty on nearby Gilda Crescent Road, a six bed roomed Edwardian semi detached which has also been left empty for over ten years or more and is in a bad state of disrepair, slates falling off the roof, a rodent problem at the rear of the house and yet it was on the market last year for £300,000+, no wonder it hasn't had a buyer it is in a terrible state. Send your camera people there to take a few snaps. Mr Gray is being a tad light with the truth methinks. As John Lydon said, "Ever get the feeling that you've been cheated" As John Lydon said,
Baxter Travers wrote
at 05:03:43 on 09 September 2011
Another success story for the salford conmen . If they cant cheat people of the proper value of their homes by the compulsory purchase con , they can use the making property safe con . The conmens dirty tricks department will be full of such con tricks , and ever ready to use them against decent salford people to get their grubby and greedy own way .
Bunty Harding wrote
at 05:03:18 on 09 September 2011
CWG wrote
at 21:00:55 on 08 September 2011
I bet Salford Council are well chuffed with the results - a couple more months and they can move in and demolish it - it is over 20 years old after all and SC don't want any of that marlarky in their wasteland. I wouldn't mind if what they were replacing it with was innovative and well thought out but it's not - it's utter rubbish. That said don't they have a case for SC giving them only 24 hours notice in the first place - surely there should have been more communication?
Caroline wrote
at 20:59:51 on 08 September 2011
Re comments from VoS. The property was in good order the neighbours watched over it. As for equity you cannot get borrowed money on a house that the roof is trashed etc, lenders do not lend on prperty unless it is in reasonable good order.
paul withers wrote
at 20:59:14 on 08 September 2011
Bob and Carloline You are still in control of the site! may be the local council may be up to something.... but now it is in the open I doubt if the council will admit to anything easily, apart from employing paddy and co (sounds a bit of a traveller to me)PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING; Please ask the council for a copy of their public liabilty insurance policy, also ask the same of Paddy and co,(via the council to check out the integrity of paddy and co company to act on behalf of the council from outset please check the dates involved) and provide same to your solicitors.I will be interested in the outcome please keep me updated there are legal reasons for this Paul Withers
paul withers wrote
at 16:00:40 on 08 September 2011
Robert and Carloine,as your friend let me quantise matters; 1 It is as you know, your responsibility to upkeep the property from outset 2 if same is not dealt with the council have a right to intervene 3 If they cause damage then this has to be proved 4 if same cannot be proved the battle may not be in your favour 5 You should not involve the queen for goodness sake. 6 Your solicitor will/has advised you of matters 7 Robert please take control and get rid as all this is doing, is creating more worries for you and your family! 8 More to life than this 9 Sell off, even put it on ebay for the whole world to see with a reserve!! 10 get rid! 11 Use the proceeds to improve your lives and happiness will follow! 12 Tell caroline the same please 13 Have a party 14 Invite me PW 15 end of story
CB wrote
at 07:22:24 on 08 September 2011
Live a few doors away. Always wondered why it looked a mess. Now its clear. Those chimneys aren't / weren't a risk to anybody (other than owners if they were indeed dangeroud in the first place) because the front garden is massive so no passer by could be injured anyway. Anyway, its a shame its got to this. I see the owner and his fam trimming the hedges every several months.
disillusioned with Salford wrote
at 07:22:02 on 08 September 2011
sounds familiar - look at Monks Hall just round the corner and Buile Hill mansion further up the road. Council using delaying tactics and hovering like vultures to pick up the land at a knockdown price. Bet that if Lancaster House closes it will be demolished and cheaply built apartments put up in its place. The council needs to preserve some of these lovely buildings. If it wants to knock down something it could start with the concrete monstrosity opposite the civic centre.
ARP wrote
at 07:21:17 on 08 September 2011
UoS - You're making a lot of sense. You don't write to the Queen, you contact your solicitor in the first instance. They can then advise you on the best action and save you writing pointless letters to the Queen and MP. Bare in mind their MP was living next door. Bet the neighbours were fed up of seeing the mess and empty house. This country has first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder and other people like this family owning empty 2, 3??, 4?? or more?? properties and just letting them rot away... I am fortunate to own a house and look after it. When you DO NOT pay your council tax DO NOT expect a nice, pleasant service from the council. Question, why has the house insurance not been mentioned on this. Answer, we can assume no house or building insurance paid, similar to the council tax. No sympathy, Sort out your house or hopefully have it auctioned and let someone put their heart into renovating it. Robert what an awful way to part with a long term family home. You have shown it no respect to let it get worse and worse and JUST expect to be fixed by the council. Should have repaired it and then sent the invoice to the council. Lastly, pay your taxes like everyone else has too.
Daz Goldberg wrote
at 20:51:36 on 07 September 2011
This looks like an act of evil by the council and Mrs Blears It deseves the same outrage as the recent rioters provoked. The onl;y difference is one is legal and the other act is not. My thoughts and sympathy are very much with this cruelly treated family.
UoS wrote
at 20:51:21 on 07 September 2011
I'm sorry, but these people own a mansion in Eccles and 'another property' in the countryside. Without presuming to know anything about their financial affairs, why have they failed to keep a property in good order? From the sounds of it the Council do have some legal liability for what has happened, but what on earth are these people doing writing to the Queen? They need to instruct a solicitor. If they can't afford it they should seek a Conditional Fee Agreement or simply release some of the equity from their mansion to pay for it. If they win the Council will be liable for the costs. Something just doesn't add up here. Can't say I have my sympathy.
hidden agenda? wrote
at 10:01:06 on 07 September 2011
I htink that since 1990 ish, councils have had the powers to serve notices on properties to force the owners to bring them up to scratch etc. They never seem to do this in regeneration areas as they obviously want the land to build on and having sub standard properties bloghting the area helps the councils case. I have had experiance of McGuiness doing jobs on houses. They tried to remove and undamaged waste pipe from the house next to mine( I assume for another job) and when they couldn't, left it swaying over my yard! I would be quite intersted to see if hte council had followed their own complaints procedure and the timescale---BECAUSE, you cannot actually go to the ombudsman until you have gone through all stages of the councils complaints procedure. THis should actually take about 2 months but will often take nearer a year if you are persistent in chasing it up. Shoddy council yet again
Fadge - No Hope in this dead city wrote
at 10:01:01 on 07 September 2011
Another fine example of how the Swinetown Cretins treat the Salford people . With utter contempt. Complete arrogance from the self-serving grinning rat MP, and a useless pro-council ombudsman . The entire inept , bungling , arrogant , self-serving gang just make me puke .
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Do you go the extra mile in pursuit of an icon? Fangirl, at the Kings Arms this Thursday and Friday, deconstructs the 'condition' through songs, rhymes and laughs. A Greater Manchester Fringe must-see, enthuses Ian Leslie.

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Star date: 14th July 2018


Thousands of people packed Albert Square in Manchester last night to voice anger over US President Donald Trump's visit to the UK. Groups from every section of society that Trump has dissed were represented on stage – from Mexican dancers to an ex-US soldier, to trade unions, peace, climate change, refugee, LGBT and women's rights campaigners, plus spokespeople for youth and children. 

To kick off the evening, Manchester councillor, Pat Karney, called Trump "The most dangerous leader since the 1930s...we have to stop the ideas of Trump going across the world..."

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Star date: 13th July 2018


A red open top double decker bus toured Salford this morning covered in slogans reading 'Trump Go Home'. It stopped off at Salford Precinct, Salford Royal Hospital, Langworthy Road and the Civic Centre before heading off to Manchester.

The bus was sponsored by Swinton-based Mary Monson Solicitors, and Mary Monson told the Salford Star that "the idea that he'll come and be feted like a respectable person is appalling". Meanwhile Paul Kelly, President of Salford TUC, called Donald Trump an "ultra-capitalist maniac".

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Star date: 12th July 2018


Many of the actions used by protesters at the Barton Moss anti-fracking demonstrations in Salford were outlawed by a judge at Manchester Civil Justice Centre yesterday, including slow walking, lock-ons and any obstruction of the highway.

The judgement, in relation to Cuadrilla's fracking site on Preston New Road, Lancashire, has implications for all anti-fracking protests... "This is an incredibly sad day for the right to protest peacefully" said Jonathan Bartle, co-leader of the Green Party.

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