Star date: 13th July 2011

A Salford Star Exclusive


The University of Salford is to unveil a new brand logo in September which, we understand, loses the famous lion and has the word `MANCHESTER' in bright stand out red underneath its name.

Only fifty `brand champions' at the University have seen the new controversial logo which is set to replace the huge lion crest on the side of the Maxwell Building on The Crescent.

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University of Salford University of Salford University of Salford
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The University of Salford is about to unveil its new brand, formulated at great cost by agency, Precedent. The Salford Star has managed to get a sneak glimpse of the likely logo and we can reveal that it loses the famous lion and screams the word `MANCHESTER' in capital italic letters underneath its name (see our cheap `artist's impression' main graphic).

If our souces are correct, the re-location of the University of Salford into Manchester is bound to upset many people in the city, particularly with the University playing so heavily on its Salford heritage in its own publicity.

The University of Salford aims to be one of the top eight universities in the north of England but was recently voted by students in a poll for accomodationforstudents.com to be the worst university in the country in which to study. Manchester University was voted the joint second best place to study.

Now it seems that Salford University is trying to market itself as part of Manchester in order to gain students. Its recent Strategic Plan states clearly that "We are close to the business centre of the most vibrant city in the UK which is very attractive to potential students".

The logo has only been revealed so far to fifty `brand champions' at the University who were involved in market research and focus groups as part of the overhaul.

An article in the University's US Magazine states "The new brand will support our transformation and create a distinct presence in the higher education marketplace and provide a greater awareness and understanding of the University, whilst providing a clearer differentiation from our competitor universities."

When shown our artist's impression of the new logo, one Salford resident remarked… "This is just a cynical exercise in hoodwinking students, particularly from overseas, that they're coming to Manchester. Since when was Salford University in Manchester? Add this together with the University's new campus at MediaCityUK which claims it's `creating a new city' and it's almost like everyone wants to distance themselves from Salford and pretend our city doesn't exist. This is really shocking. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud."

A spokesperson for the University of Salford confirmed that the lion will go and the word Manchester will be in the logo… "There will be a new logo which won't feature the lion" he stated "And like the current one, feature the word Manchester."

* Update 13th July 2011

The University of Salford has been in touch to say that while "the word Manchester will be used in some of our corporate identification where the location of the University needs to be made clear...it would not be necessary to include this locational device on signage on and around the campus".

The Salford Star would like to add that the University should get a map out - if the location needs to be made clear, then surely it should read `Salford' not `Manchester'?












salford student wrote
at 19:38:56 on 12 September 2011
Well, the University of Salford was lying when they said "it would not be necessary to include this locational device on signage on and around the campus". I was there today and it says "University of Salford Manchester" on signs all over the campus!
Student (still) wrote
at 19:38:46 on 12 September 2011
Bring the lion back!
salfordstudent123 wrote
at 03:49:00 on 05 August 2011
My bad. Blinded by annoyance. Fiver says the real one is no better.
leroy wrote
at 12:17:37 on 29 July 2011
@salfordstudent - perhaps you should have read this particular part of the article....''(see our cheap `artist's impression' main graphic)''
SalfordStudent123 wrote
at 17:02:06 on 28 July 2011
That's horrible! Serif and sans serif fonts, red and black and white I assume for the background?! The choice of red capitals couldn't be screaming MANCHESTER any louder. Salford uni pay a PR team a lot of money to do that kind of thing yet they can't get assignment marks back to students within a month of handing in. Any Salford student could have done a better job using only microsoft word '98. The idea of being linked to Uni of Manc is laughable, Salford students see them as a bunch of pricks, poncing up and down the Oxford Road in their uni hoodies. Saying all that, I see Salford's main problem as apathy. Of both students and staff. If this link to Manchester attracts people who will shake things up at Salford then its a good move. But the logo still sucks.
at 17:40:02 on 21 July 2011
Aside from all emotions, quite simply, Salford is not in Manchester, this is factually incorrect. Not a great slogan for an educational establishment to put forward; I wonder how they mark examinations; “well it’s almost near the correct answer, tick.” As for being in Greater Manchester, I’ve always hated having an “M” postcode; it wasn’t so long ago that Manchester was indeed within “Salfordshire.” It sounds from people who actually attended Salford University, that the name is the least of their problems and that this decision is really them grasping at straws. If a university is located within a city, then it is the university of that city; “simple.” All in all this is both disappointing and disgusting.
What next? wrote
at 21:57:31 on 16 July 2011
They may as well go the whole hog and have a giant red flashing neon sign outside Maxwell building. They've been languishing at the bottom of the league tables because of poor retention, poor staff:student ratios, low levels of spending and poor graduate prospects. They've now got the triple wammy of rising tuition fees, having to try and compete for UK students when public recognition of their quality is at an all time low (league tables) and a likely contraction of overseas recruitment (visa restrictions). On top of this they've just made huge financial commitments at MediaCity, taken on new commercial loans and have committed to large scale redundancies. This is a 'perfect storm' which is unlikely to end well, and we musn't forget that other Universities have invested in expensive pet-projects, MediaCity style, and had to suddenly withdraw when the financial going gets tough. I'm not saying the University is likely to close (or anything of the sort), but it is quite possible that there may be large scale cut backs a-la London Met. Sticking the word "Manchester" in the logo isn't going to fool anybody.
at 15:12:24 on 16 July 2011
Its a sad day for education when "Salford University" Salford, isnt deemed good enough to attract students
James wrote
at 10:25:48 on 16 July 2011
@fed up. Behave and take off the rose tinted glasses. Maybe it is because Salford is a constant towards the bottom of the league tables and student experience surveys that they want to align themselves with the largest university in the UK.
fedup wrote
at 23:29:53 on 15 July 2011
Having studied at both universities I have been underwhelmed with the standard at Manchester. It is way below the standard expected at Salford so why does Salford want to ally itself with its neighbour? Get a Grip Salford and stand up for your integrity
Ed wrote
at 16:13:42 on 15 July 2011
So what is the point in being a CIty when it seems to mean nothing these days.
jimdevine wrote
at 16:13:34 on 15 July 2011
Apologies for being off topic but is anybody else in here sickened by the nasty vindictive conduct this week of our paid "we are only here for our costituents " mps. I didnt think my view of them could get any worse but to see people like Brown, Campbell, Prescott and that Billy Bunter lookalike Tom Morgan spouting moral indignation while they have the blood of our young men on their hands has depressed me even more. At least if we dont like Murdoch and News Interenational we can make a stand like Liverpool did and dont buy their newspapers.And at least Murdoch hasnt engineered illegal feckin wars . What stand can we make against these hoorible disgusting parasitical, hypocritical, self serving,arrogant, pompous, untouchable, vainglorious, 4 ft 6 politicians.......
Salford Uni Student wrote
at 21:39:04 on 14 July 2011
I'm not in favor of it. The black lettering with serifs is very lazy and reflets the style that was popular in the 50's and 60's. ie. the Granada logo wich is still on show on the side of the studios. Manchester in bright red and all capitals just doesn't fit in. Espically in itallic and suggests most of us support Man U not Man City. Its Rubbish. (BTW. I don't care about football.)
Nachtshlepper wrote
at 21:38:17 on 14 July 2011
It might be better to have a coat of arms comprising an arse being kicked by a size 12 boot. It seems to keep happening to the city. No James I don't blame Coronation St for Salford's ills, I blame 32 years of tory government, I know some will say that Labour were in power for 13 years, but they just carried on where Hilda's hatchet men started, and an inept council that refuses to listen to the people. As for living in Greater Manchester I think of myself as Lancastrian, because I was born in the County Palatine of Lancashire and, despite whatever the wild bunch at the funhouse say I still do. You want to call yourself Mancunian go & live there.
Buldozer wrote
at 06:45:42 on 14 July 2011
How about a Salford coat of arms? Bulldozer and knee rail---the symbols of "regeneration"
Measured View wrote
at 06:45:29 on 14 July 2011
James, It's agreed we are in the GM Area its been the case since 1974. However, Since then, Dear old Manchester has pressed its sister city and others in the GM Area moving everything in its general direction. For the record, developments by the moneymen have produced some impressive buildings on Salford's waterfront - but even in this respect the developers get it wrong - marketing one city as another. There are 10 local authorities in the GM Area and despite existing since 1974 The southern districts (parts of trafford, stockport and most of tameside) still insist on calling themselves 'Cheshire' All 10 districts are still (according to the P.O) in GREATER MANCHESTER with Salford , we have a unique situation, where four out of five districts swearing blind they're independant of the city - labelling themselves as 'mancunian' despite keeping their share of the social, education, environment budget and in turn making life hard for the rest. Anything goes wrong..they're back as Salfordians . As a previous correspondent mentioned, civic pride is on the wane. If our local governmental and educational bodies don't recognise the city and its areas - why shouldn't we just pay Manchester and be done with it all? A Salfordian, living by the quays, in Lancashire.
@James wrote
at 06:44:19 on 14 July 2011
I suppose you're going to join former Vice Chancellor, Professor Michael Harloe, in blaming Coronation Street for Salford's fortunes next?
James wrote
at 20:52:20 on 13 July 2011
Well we are in Greater Manchester. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Also with publications like yours slating everything that happens in Salford is it any wonder our organisations have to use the Manchester connection to attract people??
Munford wrote
at 20:52:02 on 13 July 2011
Why why why would they do this Is it because they want to associate themselves with their more successful neighbour. There is a lot to learn from Manchester they have welcomed business and residents. I don't see Salford attracting many new business when it's own prefer to look on the bleak side. No doubt someone from the Star will write some more bleak and largely distressing reports or perhaps find they might find some positive things about Salford or it's residents to share
UoS wrote
at 15:42:21 on 13 July 2011
They've tried this before - "University of Salford - A Greater Manchester University". They dropped that tag line because it didn't wash with anybody. I'd love to know how much money was p!ssed away on this idea.
Disgusted wrote
at 15:41:53 on 13 July 2011
To those at the University - Thank you for confirming the long held view i've had for a while now. Salford Council can approach Sir Richard Leese with a view to merging the two cities. Why? Simple. You don't need a degree to work this one out. Salford has had its neighbours encroaching on its borders for a while now. Aided and abetted by Peel, elements of council , Auntie Beeb, the Postal Service and Developers alike. Now i read the University is intent on assisting them. As mentioned in another place, four out of five districts say they're not 'in salford' so i humbly ask the question - why the heck are we paying for their folly? University, Peel, College, Council, Hang your heads in Shame!
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