Star date: 30th May 2011 


The Salford Star first appeared five years ago this month, in May 2006, and produced eight big glossy, juicy printed issues, before being forced online by lack of finance – we bit too many hands that might have fed us!

The Star has been online-only for just over two years and has produced exactly 1000 articles on everything Salford, from Salford Council dealings to reports from the terraces at Salford City FC.

Full story here…

Exactly five years ago Salford Star first appeared in print. Our main story was the plight of residents in Whit Lane, Charlestown, who we called `The Human Casualties of Clearance'.

The residents lived in the Charlestown and Lower Kersal New Deal For Communities (NDC) area, where a £53 million grant over ten years was supposed to make their lives better. Instead it was stressing them all out, having been told that their homes were to be demolished.

In 2006 they had already been waiting four years for some news. Now five years later they are none the wiser. The NDC - which one resident dubbed `Now Definitely Clueless' – has gone, leaving one huge mess behind it, what kids from Whit Lane are now calling `The Forgotten Estate'.

It saddens and angers us that, after nine years for the residents, and after five years of the Salford Star, we're still asking questions about the fate of Whit Lane.

After waiting weeks for any answer on our latest Whit Lane query, Salford Council Leader John Merry finally issued a statement last week…

"I have been disappointed with the slow progress of the Charlestown Masterplan, which has been the result of a downturn in market conditions over the past couple of years. We remain committed to this redevelopment and I have asked for a full review of its progress. As this is ongoing it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage."

We asked again at the latest East Salford Community Committee last week what the hell was going on down there and Paul Walker, Salford Council's Strategic Director of Regeneration - who pulled in £131,412 including pension contributions and a £5,855 `expense allowance' during 2009-10 – told us he will be leading a review. £53million over ten years and they're still having a review? Disgrace doesn't even begin to describe it…

And this is why the Salford Star exists. To get people's voices out there, backed up by hard core investigative research.

Colin `Tiny' Brown, who graced our first cover with his wife Mary, told us five years ago "They've promised this and promised that…and nothing." And Mary added "I think it's disgraceful…All this had made me ill because I've got to lose my home".

We spoke to Mary again recently and the sentiments were exactly the same. Five years living in a demolition area with no facilities, no answers and no future in sight. Meanwhile, now that the NDC money has run out, its former Chief Executive, Tim Field, has got a very nice job with Salford Council as Deputy Director of Community, Health and Social Care.

Yes, Tim Fields who was Chief Executive of the organisation which originally thought it would be a good idea to knock Salford people's houses down to build a marina.

Tim Field speaks at events like `Sharing The Learning' – ask anyone in Whit Lane what they've learnt about the NDC and Salford Council's idea of regeneration. The answers would be unprintable – but in the very near future we'll try! 

Over the last five years we've been trying to dissect Salford's regeneration in real time – from the birth of MediaCityUK (don't get us started!), to the destruction of Higher Broughton, taking in the dodgy dealings of developers and government agencies en route…

…We brought you the Hazel Blears expenses scandal in all its wicked detail. We brought you the horror of Peel Holdings. We brought you the terrifying statistics of Salford's poverty, and the poverty of Salford Council's child safeguarding.

We've also tried to bring you the very best of Salford's creative community – the sounds, the theatre, the films, the art, and the incredible people who make it all happen. Plus the amazing, wonderful, Rhodri Giggs tangerine army that is Salford City FC

We've hopefully made people aware of stuff that doesn't make the mainstream media – right here on Salford's doorsteps. And, despite being online, the Salford Star is still winning accolades… Only last week The Guardian wrote `check out the Star; it's an excellent alternative voice'. Also last week the Star was inspiring people in Leeds to form their own magazine.

Being online has enabled us to reach way beyond Salford's boundaries. But we're well aware that loads of people in Salford still don't have access to the net. We want to come out again in print. We've got to come out again in print. And we will come out again in print. Watch this space!

In the meantime, to celebrate our fifth birthday we're going to take a rest for a  few days. And leave you, our readers, with 1000 articles to ponder.

Our front page can only show the latest 15 stories, while the `Stories' section can only handle 20 (plus highlights from all the print issues). But there are 1000 stories on the site. So please use the search engine, put anything you like in there and it should all come up. May we suggest you start with Mediacityuk or Hazel Blears or Salford Council???

One of our favourite (if that's the word) stories is one we put up in the very early days of our online venture – it's called Jam Tomorrow – But Never Today: One Shocking City Salford 2009. And while you're reading it listen to the lovely video song that accompanies it. Click here.

We'd like to thank everyone who has been involved with the Salford Star over the last five years. There's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you – our writers, photographers, graphics and layout people; our web guru; all those who have advised us and inspired us and financially and morally helped us keep going. It's bloody hard. But it's fun!!!

With attitude and love xxx
Stephen Kingston
Salford Star

Ian OBrien wrote
at 09:49:04 on 05 March 2012
@James - I am so very late coming to this debate, of sorts. But, if the person ever checks these comments, I would like to remind him/her of this: Mary and Jim. Do you really believe inward investment in the economy and wealth creation doesn't contribute to society? It is a fact that people who are unemployed are more likely to commit crime and have social issues. If Peel Holdings and the BBC don't provide the employment then who will? James. I wonder, James, if in hindsight, your opinion has changed at all? In the last six months we have seen where 'wealth creation' gets us. It seems to get us working for free in Tesco. It seems to get us greater unemployment than we have had since the last Conservative government. As for Peel and the BBC - can you point to any tangible, substantial benefits which have trickled down to the people of Salford who are not lucky enough to live on the dreamy banks of the Bridgewater Canal, or in leafy Worsley village? As far as I am aware, and according to the mainstream press, MediaCity has so far taken on 24 people from Salford, eight of whom are on government apprenticeships, learning to open doors for their betters. Hardly the great economic revolution we had been promised. The thing you fail to address, or even consider in your comments, is the obvious catch 22, paradoxical nature of 'Regeneration' or inward investment. We have witnessed it many times over the last couple of decades. In the United States, during modern times, it has been called gentrification. When it was happening to native Americans three hundred years ago they called it what it is - ethnic cleansing. Though the methods may have changed, the outcome is the same. Mass clearances of local people and the eventual death of an entire culture. Is ethnic cleansing too dramatic a term for what we are seeing? Well, with no baby unit in Salford, there will soon be no such thing as a Salfordian. So, perhaps and perhaps not. And that is the crux of the matter, James. When big business gets into bed with the local authority to get cheap land in prime locations, and all in the name of 'Regeneration' at always leads to the people for whom the regeneration should be taking place being priced out or moved on. You sound quite intelligent, so I am assuming you know all of this but choose to skip over it for some reason. So, for those of us who do not have a vested interest in the Salford of Proms in the Park, the business bohemia of the Kings Arms, or making a long term property investment in what was once out local hospital, now yuppie crashpads, the idea of regeneration, gentrification, or inward investment from companies like Peel holds little use or attraction.
eric (fletch) fletcher wrote
at 21:26:33 on 05 July 2011
I have no wish to comment on the racist angle of the debate but it is clear to me there are double standards afoot. Im sure John Merry will correct me if im wrong, and just saying im wrong will not be good enough' but the information i have managed to glean says he has received at leat £44,000 from the NWDA, most of that was when 'Steve ' was chief executive. Not bad if you can get it and no wonder he defends him.
Billy Doyle wrote
at 23:25:23 on 03 July 2011
Love the term 'meaningless debate ' .This is how thw council goons idle away their days , in secret meetings with executive bullshitters .The bluff , bluster and bullshit goes on ....ad infinitum , ad nauseum . So just why did this inept lot betray carers by slashing carers funding ?
Face to Face wrote
at 23:24:44 on 03 July 2011
Obviously JM wants a face to face chat so he can come across as a nice bloke. He would try to get maximum publicity out of of and then go away and do nothing. I see your point Jim-----double standards. I think it would be Merry,s late wife who suffered from racism rather than himself. I am curious though, where the racism occurred? Surely there are no racists in Salford? Maybe it came from "Steve"?
Felicity Arkwright wrote
at 23:23:05 on 03 July 2011
Meaningless debate . Ha Ha Ha . That's all that ever takes place in Swinton Big Top , the civic centre .
John Merry wrote
at 09:59:51 on 03 July 2011
Since it's now clear that you were not referring to me and since I have no desire to prolong what seems a meaningless debate. I will end by making it clear that you should not assume no action was taken in respect of Steves remarks and I made it clear that I condemned them but as I also made clear having been the victim of racism people are suffering worse than that. I dealt with what section covered the star it's s2 as quoted. Pity you don't want to meet you always have reported the answers back but we could have least had a conversation
Jim Devine wrote
at 21:58:44 on 02 July 2011
John seems very prickly about an innocent scenario presented to David about the dangers of a corrupt council leader. Strange reaction, starting to make me wonder why the touchiness and why patronise Salford Star readers by thinking they cant interpretate my comments the way they are obviously meant. Why on earth would i want to meet a public leader who would rather give answers personally rather than in this forum, thats bemusing as opposed to cowardly. At risk of boring the readers with this again here is Salford Councils condemnation of the four working class SACKED police officers for sending and receiving a racist text, Salford Council's deputy leader, said: "I have no time for anyone who makes racist comments. In my opinion, the officers got what they deserved." And here is Johns condemnation of of the CEO of The NWDA who he calls 'Steve' who actually committed a worse offence, "I know Steve isnt racist" and "ive seen worse". Na your just like the rest John and of course Salford deserves better.
at 21:58:37 on 02 July 2011
Jim, its clear you have touched a raw nerve. People on this site know what Merry is like, just look at the cowardly way he hid behind Eric Pickles (not hard to do mind you) to get him out of answering further questions about why he betrayed THE SALFORD STAR. I dont know whether to salute the Star for its continued unbiased reporting or get angry. yOUR EXCHANGE WITH HIM LOOKS TO ME LIKE CRONYISM STILL RULES OK. Fadge wrote at 3:04:47 PM on Friday, April 22, 2011 What a typically pathetic excuse , cowering behind the inane , pointless gibberish spouted by tory windbag pickles .. Pathetic. John Merry wrote at 2:20:24 PM on Sunday, March 06, 2011 I have already said s2 and the legal advice we received made it clear there would be a problem. In any case Mr Pickles has now issued a code that would make it difficult for the council to fund any publication making the whole debate academic Nachtschlepper wrote at 9:46:48 AM on Sunday, March 06, 2011 I can't find any comment that staes what part of the Local Government Act would be contravened if the Council funded the Salford Star. Will you give us an example or not? John Merry wrote
John Merry wrote
at 18:04:47 on 02 July 2011
It does not alter the fact that in order to mislead people on this site you made a statement about a leader which people might have gained the impression was about me. To lecture others about personal abuse is a bit rich. I assumed you knew that I was appointed to the NWDA by the Secretary of State and not by Steve and that payments are a matter of public record. To accuse me of not answering questions when you have declined the opportunity to ask me questions face to face will I think lead any fair minded person to judge you are being unfair. How many times can you misrepresent what I said I do not condone Steves remarks.Is it any wonder that even the Star had to say they had no idea what you were on about
jim devine wrote
at 13:43:58 on 02 July 2011
Dear me, if this is the standard of leader then gawd help us all and as usual he cant answer the fundamental question i raised which is outrageous double standards. You condem racist behaviour yet when it is perpetrated by a colleague you lack the courage and moral fibre to condem it. Refusing to answer questions and resorting to personal abuse by calling somebody a bully kind of sums politicians up.
John Merry wrote
at 09:16:31 on 02 July 2011
Jim the star is not defending your comments and has made it clear that as far as they are concerned your remark was not about me as a leader . As far as they are concerned nothing they have written would justify any implication of earmarking or interfering in any tender . I did offer you the chance to meet or offer evidence but it seems you are just a playground bully who when challenged does not like it. Read what I said I did not condone the joke. I know I and my late wife suffered far worse than that and when you have really suffered racism then come back and talk about it.
jim devine wrote
at 22:38:59 on 01 July 2011
Dont even know why im bothering to reply. My post was in regard to transparency and accountability and its sad that the star are the only ones being proactive in defending those two principles. So Mr Merry isnt defending 'Steve' by saying he knows he is not racist yet slaughters the police officers, somewhat hypocritical. Im sure their families are saying they know they are not racist as they collect their giros while 'steve' collects his million pound public pension before he moves onto public funded boards appointed by ex associates. And in any case making jokes about dying pakistanis kind of smacks of racist leanings to me im afraid. But then again i could be wrong. Maybe we should ask pakistani shopkeepers who suffer from crass racial stereotypes whether they agree with 'John' or not. Im afraid on a day an ex leader of an English council is sent to jail for fraud i have every right to try and support people like the Star who champion transparency. Answer me this John, why was Salford Council so vehement in its condemnation of the 4 police officers sacked but silent when 'Steve' was found guilty of not only the same offence but arguably worse ? Also can you are the Star provide me with the details of how much public money you have received from The NWDA while 'steve' was chief executive. Im sure the readers would also like to know before they formulate their opinion.
Salford Star wrote
at 03:45:27 on 01 July 2011
See John Merry's comment below...No idea who he was on about - we're not psychic. Over to Jim...
John Merry wrote
at 03:43:08 on 01 July 2011
It seems rather a strange comment if it is not referring to me. Was it just another Council Leader he knew or one chosen at random.? Nevertheless will leave it at that
Salford Star wrote
at 23:52:05 on 30 June 2011
See John Merry's comment below...Er,don't think he was accusing you personally of anything to do with tenders, and think you might have read it wrong. We do block at least five comments a day that could be seen as slander. We know that you are pure. Don't know about the rest of them like...
John Merry wrote
at 23:43:51 on 30 June 2011
Jim you have no evidence for your outrageous claims. I have never earmarked or participated in such a tender and you owe me an apology . At no point did I defend the remarks made by Steve but stated in my experience he was not a racist. The fact that I can be so completely misrepresented on this blog has I am afraid confirmed me in my belief there is little point in posting here . If you have the courage to come forward I am prepared to meet you and refute your allegations otherwise I suggest a donation to the Feryal Rajah Trust by recompense for what is a libellous statement
at 18:39:46 on 30 June 2011
Its all about accountability and transparency James. A lot of what you have said is correct but you really are missing the importance of the above two ingredients for a fair and equal society to prosper. This is why you should be appreciating the Salford Star rather than slating it. How would you feel if you owned a small business and put in a lot of hard work to prepare a tender to be presented to any given council only to discover the leader of the council had already earmarked it for one of his chums. You give the impression you wouldnt care as long as somebody got it but believe me you would be understandably spitting feathers. Take the recent expose the star done on the CeO OF THE NWDA sending texts about dying pakis. John Merry defended him yet when four salford police officers got sacked for doing the same thing Salford Council said good riddance to them and they got what they deserved. Merry sits on the board of the NWDA. How can anyone trust a man with such outrageous double standards. Without the Star this would never have come to light and for this and other fantastic and courageous reporting we should all be grateful.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 18:36:58 on 30 June 2011
Maybe the pixies & faries could provide jobs in Salford. There's more chance than those well known phoilanthropists at Peel Holdings or the Beeb doing it.
James wrote
at 14:21:58 on 29 June 2011
Mary and Jim. Do you really believe inward investment in the economy and wealth creation doesn't contribute to society? It is a fact that people who are unemployed are more likely to commit crime and have social issues. If Peel Holdings and the BBC don't provide the employment then who will? James
jim devine wrote
at 12:16:44 on 28 June 2011
Well said Mary Ferrer and just to show atilla the pun how its done, ref your comment "you cant say fairer than that".
mary ferrer wrote
at 07:50:14 on 27 June 2011
James I don't think Peel having anything to do with crime being down in Salford, this is because of the work our police and communities have been doing over a number of years and it has paid off. People like Peel don't care about the little man or woman in the street, all they are after are the ££££££ signs and who or what they can make more out of. Yes I think you are right for what ever reason people in Salford will vote Labour and then 3/4 months down the line moan about what the counil are doing or not doing,people moan about the counillor they voted in 3/4 months before,but they carry on voting them in. Salford Star when it was in print was a voice for the LOCAL PEOPLE the mag gave all sides the chance to have their say.It got funding at the start from the council what changed? why did the coucil change the way it gave funding to this mag,yet still wanted and gave funding to Salford on line,Salford radio.Could it be Salford star and the staff are bloody good at their jobs and can get info and put it out there for ALL to see. I hope and pray that one day Stephen and his team are back out in print so WE ALL can have a say in the things that are happening in this City. IF I have a big win on the lottery Stephen you are there near the top of my shopping list,just below me buying the Mansion. Keep up the GOOD work.
James wrote
at 08:28:20 on 26 June 2011
I would hope I am smart enough, but then again maybe I am not. In terms of the Star being sued, I think there are a couple of points to make here. Firstly an article can show bias without falling into slander or disrepute - Indeed if you read any of the red tops or the mail you will see "respectable news" have been doing this for ever. Therefore the point that not being sued justifies balance seems a little naive. While atila the hun is blunt in his/her delivery the points are valid. Private investors such as Peel Holdings who are constantly slated in this paper are assisting in real change in this city which, leading to a wealthier population and a safer city. Do you not remember the poverty and crime of years gone by when protection rackets, gun toting criminals and police car chases were commonplace and the only publicity our city got was channel four documentaries about crime and lawlessness? Your naive if you believe the public sector can provide everything for nothing. In addition I am not sure a local council with such a massive majority cares too much about local mags like the Star as much as it should. Let's be honest the Star could print what it likes and everyone in Salford would still vote labour.
at 09:23:04 on 24 June 2011
James AKA salford lad in Manc you obviously have not thought your comment through about the Star not being properly researched. Of course its well researcheed you moron! if it were not then it would have been sued by the private companies, individuals and not least the quangocrats it has gone after and exposed.As for writing for the Star I say - Come an ave a go if you think you are smart enough!
atilla the pun wrote
at 09:19:56 on 24 June 2011
you lot at the salford star are a load witless gets without a sense of humour i bet you sit round a one bar electric fire cursing the profit that honest business people are making trying to make the cess pit you live in a decent place. you would not even crack your faces to raise a smile at all the hard graft the council and your good MP Hazel Blears does on your ungrateful behalf.People like you dont deserve a good council an honest hard working MP go ahead benevolent business intersts such as Peel and Urban Splash Countryside homes ect.In fact it mkes me wonder if these people and organisatios did not exist what would you have to write about .....nothing thats what absolutely nothing
Eddie. wrote
at 09:24:29 on 23 June 2011
I think this article and comments column has proved one thing, the Star certainly does have a very well balanced publication (albeit web based), full of praise and criticism. Long may the Star continue to speak up for the people of Salford who need a voice and who wouldn’t be heard if it was not for The Salford Star.
Fadge wrote
at 09:24:05 on 23 June 2011
Salford lad in Manc appears to be writing about the Salford council propaganda rag , Life in Salford , a magazine notorious for ignoring any negativity .Salford Star has a wide following because it prints the truth about this city .The fact the council do not like this is irrelevant. The fact the Star reports council failings is to be applauded .I consider ALL local councils to be inept bunglers , devoid of ANY business acumen , and wasteful of taxpayers money . This is a matter of fact .Best wishes to the Star , and keep up the attitide .
Salford Star wrote
at 06:31:13 on 23 June 2011
See James comment below... You're obviously doing a bit of selective reading. At least half of the articles on the front page as it stands are about positive things happening in Salford. And we're not `fighting a war' with anyone - it's called accountability. Perhaps you'd like our unpaid writers to sit up all night and do Salford Council's publicity for it? There's already lots of publications doing that In Salford. And they get well paid by the Council for doing it.
Salford Star wrote
at 06:30:34 on 23 June 2011
See Salford Lad in Manc's comments below... Again, shouldn't dignify these comments with a reply but can't resist. You obviously care so much about Salford you don't even live here. So please take your arrogant, patronising little comments and shove them. End of.
James wrote
at 05:49:29 on 23 June 2011
Mike, The point I am trying to make is this: "Salford is a great city, why don't we do more to recognise that fact." Fighting a war with the local council isn't going to win you any plaudits worth having or provide the people of Salford with an objective magazine which promotes their interests. You have the responsibility to raise issues on behalf of the people with the council, but you will fail in this task if you continue your blanket slating policy as they will not then listen to anything you say. In addition you make it easy for them to write you off as some kind of left wing socialist loonatics. I expect you to show when the council makes mistakes which affect the people of Salford however if every article I read is a direct critism of the council I start to take any opinions you make have in any article with a pinch or maybe even a handful of salt. This isn't 1970's communist Russia and your not an underground revolutionary paper. I can read negativity in the Daily Mail everyday, give me something different. Come on good things happen here too. James
Salford Lad in Manc wrote
at 05:48:33 on 23 June 2011
Sorry to be a party pooper but the comments about lack of balance are spot on and is the reason that the Star is not actually taken seriously by most real Salford people. The paper is not only badly written but so clearly has an agenda. Is it any wonder people don't take it seriously and are reluctant to respond to requests for information? Unending negativity, cynicism and half-baked "research" that anyone with access to Google could unearth does not make for good journalism, nor does it help build the Star's own credibility. The people of Salford deserve better than this yet the Star has the cheek to claim to be on the side of ordinary Salfordians, writing with "attitude and love" - arrogant and lazy more like! Clearly the only love around here is that which the Star reserves for itself in its typically narcissistic way whilst cobbling together articles by exploiting mainly vulnerable people and talking Salford down at every opportunity. And this is what really upsets me, its not like the issues it writes about aren't worthy of investigation, vibrant journalism is an essential component of any successful democracy and large organisations whether public or private do need holding to account. But if the Star wants to be taken seriously and be a genuinely socially useful organ, it needs to inject some quality, balance and realism into its reporting, break out of the default mindset that 'change is bad' and that anyone who works for whatever organisation that is the subject of its ire is mal-intentioned or corrupt. Only then will the Star's "attitude and love", its zeal and energy stand a chance of actually producing something positive.
Mike Skeff wrote
at 17:00:38 on 22 June 2011
Having been involved with the Salford Star magazine from the very start I can say with some authority what a struggle it has been to keep it alive and it is almost entirely down to Steve Kingston, (head hitter) and his dogged determination. In response to James' comment on the balance of the content it should be remembered that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the magazine's editor, but it is abundantly clear that the common sentiments, anger and frustration expressed towards the city council is shared by very many people. It is equally as clear that if the council could silence the Star completely, these views would never see the light of day. The council, both collectively and individually have been and continue to be invited to answer their critics and explain strategies in the open forum which is the Salford Star. So far, with a few exceptions, they have not taken the opportunity. So James, in my opinion the charge of imbalanced surely applies to the council, especially in its own propagandist, publicly funded publication. Well done to the Salford Star.
James wrote
at 08:18:01 on 22 June 2011
Gareth, firstly thanks for the contructive response. As a Salfordian I think it is essential to look at a broad range of media to understand my local community, therefore I chose to read the Salford Star. Surely not agreeing with something shouldn't exclude me from reading it, my opinions would be naive and immature if I chose only to read publications which share my view. There is a lack of local media since the local papers were all bought up and gradually the excellent Reporter eroded into something which is now clearly written elsewhere. This is sad and Salford needs more local media. However I fail to understand your final comments. You seems to misunderstand my comments, I did not compare the Star to any other publication and I feel your choice of linking it to the local government publication is unfortunate for your cause. It again just hints of the underlying agenda this paper appears to have with the local council. I am personally not involved in local government and whilst I see a more desirable place to live than the Salford of the 80's do agree there have been some shortcomings. However I really believe most articles in this paper have bias council undertones running through them, I love my city, love the chance to shout off about it and tell the world how great we are. There are so many good stories in Salford let's hear some of them. I would be more than happy to write a few articles for no fee to demonstrate. James
RWL wrote
at 17:58:19 on 16 June 2011
Congratulations to the Salford Star and well done to the people who've kept it going. I would hazard a guess and say the Salford Star doesn't have the resources of the BBC or M.E.N Media, so to keep it as informative as it is, for 5 years, is bloody amazing. Regarding the comment about balance: 1) When all the power is in the hands of big business and a council that apparently doesn't give a shit about what the locals actually want, I would argue the Salford Star *IS* helping to restore some balance, and it has my gratitude for that. 2) Beware of anyone who is claiming to be 'objective': "Objectivity is the delusion that there can be an observation without an Observer" (von Foerster, 1995). Anyway, keep up the great work!
Gareth L wrote
at 15:37:48 on 16 June 2011
I think James should write some articles, but I do not see why if he is so disgusted with how and what we write. Why do his read the Star? I do take offence at his comment about lack of balance. For the few articles I have had the opportunity to write, balance has been one of the most important things. However, if the people you speak to think something is wrong you have to report this and if when you ask the other parties ignore your questions, you can not put their view properly. It is however laughable that whilst we are criticised for our lack of balance, the established local media often only tell the story from the press releases given and quite often don't research the story enough, for example my last article highlighted and questioned the numbers used to justify the new Moorside High School using 2 different council reports, the other local media had a rewording of their old stories and the council's press release, but no mention of discrepancies. Finally let us not start about being one eyed when Life in Salford is a magazine full of direct and indirect propaganda.
James wrote
at 19:10:19 on 15 June 2011
Wow 1000 articles. Shame 999 of them are unduly negative. All you ever write about is Salford council failing however as a born and bred Pendleton lad I find it impossible to comprehend your view that the progressive Salford of today is worse than the crime ridden poverty stricken crap town I grew up in during the 80/90's. Let me write a few articles for you and your readers may then benefit from a balanced objective viewpoint rather than the cynical tone you chose to adopt In most articles. James
Fadge wrote
at 11:40:49 on 13 June 2011
They ALL sleep on a spiral staircase.
f j crawford wrote
at 09:51:13 on 13 June 2011
I married a salford girl in 1966 bridget sweeny we lived in the council flats at lower kersal what a wonderful enviroment to live it breaks my heart to see the demise of the area chippy on littleton road racecourse hotel 92 bus up to cross lane church inn broad st ship cross lane cliff evans prince line peg georgey farrah happy days not a bit of bother and back home safe to wonderful 22 blake house but the councillors must not have changed we had murray corwin he slept on a spiral staircase [bent]
Steve wrote
at 15:36:55 on 06 June 2011
5 Years, who would have thought it! Here's to another 5!! 1000 online articles in just over 2 years, very impressive.
Graham wrote
at 15:35:44 on 06 June 2011
Happy bday Salford Star, Five years ago and still no better off in Whit-lane. There aint no developer any more, and no-one wants to print that SHAME ON YOU ALL.....................
Davey wrote
at 15:33:49 on 06 June 2011
Many thanks to the Star for telling it like it is , AND EXPOSING ALL THE TREACHERY , DECEIT AND DODGY DEALINGS . Long may the excellent Salford star continue .To see the Star in print again would be superb .
Paul Gerrard wrote
at 15:33:16 on 06 June 2011
Happy birthday to Salford Star! Indispensable reading for anyone who lives or works in the city, or simply cares about its future. The Star has provided an outstanding public service, doggedly asking the questions that councillors, officials and developers don't want to answer. Congratulations on five outstanding years, and here's to seeing hard copy on sale in the not-too-distant future.
phil lockett wrote
at 15:32:30 on 06 June 2011
to stephen and the team, a happy 5th birthday to u all keep up the great work, it was a great privilage being in one of your earlier paper editions and gave our football club (beechfield utd) a big boost.
rithak wrote
at 15:25:49 on 06 June 2011
Really good one.
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Star date: 21st January 2019


Tonight a Special Community Committee Meeting took place for Irlam and Cadishead to discuss the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework which proposes 1,600 houses to be built in the green belt near Irlam Station.

Passionate opposition speeches from the community covered all issues, from infrastructure to pollution, affordable housing to loss of Grade 1 agricultural land and the unstable site proposed for development. Not one single person present spoke in favour of the proposals.

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Star date: 21st January 2019


Star Wars characters landed in Eccles Shopping Centre at the weekend and raised £132 for the Autistic Society of Greater Manchester. Alongside Darth Vader were Stormtroopers, a Wookiee, Jedis and more.

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Star date: 20th January 2019


Manchester Meltdown 4
Wednesday 23rd January
The Peer Hat, Manchester

Four ace bands feature in Manchester Meltdown 4 this Wednesday, including two bands, Four Candles and Matthew Hopkins, who played at the Eagle Inn Salford Star Benefit last November. Ian Leslie chats with Matthew Hopkins' Julia about tales of mystery, magic and prostitution.

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Star date: 20th January 2019


Salford's Margaret McHale turned one hundred this week as her six children and relatives gathered for a huge party at The Broughtons Care Home. Born in Hanky Park, Margaret moved around central Salford, to Ellor Street, Warburton Street and finally to Littleton Road, as part of the slum clearances.

A proper Salford lass, Margaret worked on Lancaster Bombers during the war and as a machinist in Strangeways, and, as the family partied with residents and staff, there were a zillion anecdotes that will echo with loads of local families.

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Star date: 20th January 2019


Electricity North West, the region's power network operator, is looking to take on young Salford people and has places for craft apprenticeships, which include overhead line workers and cable jointers, and higher level apprenticeships, which include roles such as design and control engineer.

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