Star date: 15th November 2010 


At yesterday's Cenotaph Service of Remembrance in Salford, residents were horrified to see British National Party leader Nick Griffin step forward from the crowd to lay a wreath.

"I was disgusted" said one woman who was there with her RAF boyfriend to pay respect to those who died fighting fascism "It was sick"

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First Nick Griffin shows up in Irlam to `comfort' victims of the gas explosion. Then he turns up at the Cenotaph laying a wreath on Remembrance Sunday which angered and upset many people present.

"Out of the crowd stepped BNP leader and convicted criminal Nick Griffin, with a platoon of scowling shaven-headed thugs, to lay a BNP wreath" said one witness "Surely everyone involved - the Mayor of Salford, the British Legion - could have taken steps to ensure the memory of those who died trying to halt the Holocaust might not be defiled by the presence of those who would repeat it?"

We asked the Mayor of Salford, Councillor George Wilson, for his reaction to Griffin's presence at the Cenotaph, and whether he thought it was an insult to those who had fought and died opposing fascism.

"Even though Nick Griffin was there, nobody seemed to know who he was" the Mayor told us "As for him being there, every citizen has the right to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph."

Meanwhile, BNP hoardings have been stuck on Salford Council's lamp posts in Charlestown, as the BNP tries to build in the city famed for its trade union and ant-fascist traditions.

The Mayor has since "informed the appropriate department to take action" in removing the BNP lamp post propaganda.

Salford City Council Leader, John Merry added: "Mr Griffin was not welcome in Salford and the BNP's attempt to politicise the Remembrance Ceremony was met with disgust. The BNP spent the two minutes of silence filming their leader, clearly not caring about the ordinary Salford people."


Jonah Black wrote
at 13:10:59 on 21 November 2010
I believe that Mr Griffin is fully entitled to lay a wreath, in case you are forgetting he is a legitimately elected member of the European parliament, therefore i believe he is representing the people of Salford as they have voted for his to do so. Also people like my Grandfather did fight against fascism but they also fought for this country for its heritage and its identity, and yet what they fought for is being wasted the millions of life's that were lost were for t=nothing as the government let the identity and heritage of this once great nations this once Great Britain waste away. this is why i am proud to say that MEP Nick Griffin is representing me and the representing this country's last hope when he lays down his wreath.
jim devine wrote
at 17:01:11 on 19 November 2010
Fair points Fairminded but just to clarify Lord McPherson defined the term unwitting racism in his report which was brought about by Stephens death. It was aimed at the Police force and not the racist cowards who carried out the murder. It has been citicised but I believe it was an excellent report bearing in mind he is an estabishment figure.
Fairminded wrote
at 14:12:42 on 19 November 2010
Nachtschlepper and Jim Devine, I share your sentiments entirely concerning politicians, whitehall and bankers. Nacht I agree, other politicians have tried to gain political points by being filmed laying poppy wreaths which was so transparently false that it didn't fool anyone and the same is true in this case. Jim Devine, I am aware of the Woolas case and I agree it was shameful, but lets face it the tabloid press have been doing that sort of thing for years. As to the Stephen Lawrence case, this was clearly racially motivated: not unwitting racism, but brutal and deadly racism. One final point is that I was told recently that where a muslim person is standing for election to a local council any eligible Muslim voters MUST! vote for them. If this is true woe betide democracy.
jim devine wrote
at 04:24:29 on 19 November 2010
Very well said Nach and very well said fairminded in part . I make no apologies for my own extreme prejudice , not against minorities which I feel total empathy for but the dirty feckin rotten cheating lying hypocritical self serving dirty rotten scoundrels who occupy the corridors of power that we lie down and provide for them. To me they love it when different working class communities turn on each other, they feed off it. If you dont believe me Fairminded just take at Look at the Woolas case who believe it or not was an Immigration Minister and look at all his feckin crony pals like Stringer who are queuing up to defend him. Lord McPherson might disagree that there is no such thing as unwitting racism and so might Stephen Lawrences parents.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 18:21:38 on 18 November 2010
Does anybody really believe that any politician, of any party, is not being opportunistic when they turn out to lay wreaths on Rememberance Sunday? I'd rather we banned all of these lying, self serving parasites from coming along once a year & trying to fool us all into thinking they give a bucket of warm piss for those who made & are making sacrifices. As for Griffin & his bunch of thugs, surely those who fought in the last war fought for anybody's right to hold opinions & espouse those opinions. It is up to the rest of us to show how wrong those opinions are. We could, of course go down the fascist road & ban people for having views that diverge from ours. I for one would rather we win the argument by proving them wrong.
Fairminded wrote
at 14:46:54 on 18 November 2010
Jim Devine I know the poem, A Soldier Died Today, very touching and very true. If politicians and leaders throughout the world had to go and fight a war there wouldn't be any wars. As to 'unwitting racism' I don't thing there is such a thing. To be racist you must have the intent to be so, otherwise I think it is simply a matter of a bad choice of words or being ignorant of what is or is not racist, but of course this is simply my opinion. I agree with you that there are good,law abiding Muslims as there are good law abiding citizens of all faiths, but wouldn't it be much easier if there were no religion to devide us, then we could be just people, although given human nature we would no doubt find something else. Returning to poetry, I'm sure you have read, Wilfred Owen and Sigfreid Sassoon, very moving stuff.
winston k moss wrote
at 21:27:39 on 17 November 2010
bnp's leader is a Nazi sympathiser,hes been proven by association to have links with the kkk and other far right bigot groups throughout europe.his Klan followers are uneducated,misguided gullible desperate fools.they all believe whats written in mien kampf.the bnp got elected by default.their party flouted our laws(constitution)by deception/manipulation,therefore they should not be allowed to represent anybody from the uk.it has been proven how their racist agenda was the catalyse which provoked the surge in racist outbursts.the electorate are not stupid because many are verp angry after mp's expenses scandel,banking collapse,war in iraq/afghanistsn.luckily the election proved how bnp are not wanted in our country.hence we have ex bnp members again by association leading a pathetic crusade against all muslims not extremists called edl.make no bones about it this lot are bnp's bullyboy foot soldiers geared to drive a wedge and keep the racial undertones simmering for one purpose to allow the bnp to regroup.after 2008 bnp list was uploaded it awoke what i and many have suspected.we as a nation are amoungst a network of vile quiet right wing racist bigots who are desperate to gain afoothold in our politics for which they could reap the riches of money/cash.WE AS A NATION SHOULD BE PROUD THAT WE DEPLORE THE LIKES OF GRIFFIN/BRONS.it was these 2 halfwits that were behind the same gameplan of NATIONAL FRONT/BRITISH MOVEMENT,same agenda just different name.IF WE ALLOW BNP/EDL TO TAKE HOLD WE CAN ONLY WAIT TILL RACE RIOTS DESCEND ON OUR COUNTRY ONCE AGAIN.peace n unity leads to HARMONY
pete wrote
at 18:31:15 on 17 November 2010
Griffin has as much right to lay a wreath as anyone else. And he's an elected representative of the people of the North West. Those who died in the 39-45 war wanted died for freedom in this country, including the freedom of Griffin to act in any lawful way he wishes. As for Salford City Council Leader, John Merry saying "Mr Griffin was not welcome in Salford" he should speak for himself, not everyone else. Salford is not his private territory.
jim devine wrote
at 18:30:51 on 17 November 2010
This poem is worth reading and gives a fantastic comparison between our brave young soldiers and the total feckin assholes who light the fuse and then scamper away to collect their prize!!!! http://vaincourt.homestead.com/common_soldier.html
jim devine wrote
at 14:48:57 on 17 November 2010
Unwitting racism doesnt make you a racist Fairminded and being Asian doesnt exclude Asians from being racist whether its an Islamic extremist or a "taxi driver" or both. Whats clear is The BNP are a racist party as were their blackshirted heroes and should be opposed wherever possible as should Islamic racist parties. For every one obnoxious Asian (taxi driver or otherwise)I could name 10 decent law abiding Asians, roughly the same ratio as the majority white community. These are just opinions and you also have made some valid points.
Fairminded wrote
at 13:40:18 on 17 November 2010
Jim Devine, the Nazi party was indeed legal in Germany in the 1930s, but the economic, political and social circumstances were completely different in that country at that time. I don't argue that the BNP having MPs is right, I point out that it is legal which is completely different. As to the 'few idiotic Islamic extremists' I would argue that it amounts to more than a few, who are just as willing to incite confrontation and violence as any neo-Nazis and are intent on imposing Islamic religious law and customs on our society. Before you accuse me of racism I assure you I am equally critical of all organised religions, but over the past few years I have experienced deep hostility from many asian taxi drivers and others I have met through work etc, who I assume follow the muslim faith and are unwilling to accept that people have a right to hold a different view. It seems to me, Jim Devine, that you are of the opinion that any criticism of Muslims or Islam is 'inverted racism' yet any attack on the BNP should be endorsed by everyone. I hold a different viewpoint. I will always oppose any political party such as the BNP and any religion such as Islam, who seek to impose their doctrines of intolerance and bigotry in our society.
Mike Berry wrote
at 06:43:25 on 17 November 2010
I have a relative on a Salford war memorial, I do find it deeply offensive that people like nick griffin are so desperate for attention, that they have to try to high jack an event, to commemorate people that died to prevent parties like the bnp from gaining power. However I do find comfort from the film The Blues Brothers, Which I believe shows an amusing, but fairly accurate portrayal of 99% of the UKs view of what a Neo Nazi type party like the bnp is like!!!!. PS I have also put this on a post on the bnp party webite, But I have an Idea it may not make it past their moderator!!!!
jim devine wrote
at 22:11:54 on 16 November 2010
Fairminded, the Nazi party in Germany were also a legal party so that doesnt make it right. Also I am tired of the use of a few idiotic Islamic extremists to demonise Muslims, this to me is just the kind of naive inverted racism that the Nazis (and the BNP) thrived on.
Fairminded wrote
at 18:47:54 on 16 November 2010
I agree that fascism must be opposed at every opportunity, but it must be remembered that, like it or not the BNP is a legal political party and that Nick Griffin has the right to lay a wreath at the cenotaph. Alice Searle's suggestion that Salford Council circulate anti BNP literature in schools is wholly inappropriate and would be reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jewish tactics of the 1930s. Also, when we remember the sacrifice of those brave men and women of the commonwealth, of all creeds and colour we should reflect on how they were treated by both the British and US governments. They were underpaid, treated as second class people as well as second class soldiers, sailors and airmen. The Gurkhas, one of the finest and most feared regiments in the world is a perfect example, having only recently gained something like equal pay and other basic rights. I consider the burning of poppies, the abuse of returning service men and women by asian agitators and the refusal of some stores to sell poppies to be far more serious. Those brave people who we remember on 11th of 11th would be ashamed of how their country is allowing such things to happen. No,I am not a BNP supporter and never will be, but we must set a better example of how to conduct ourselves as a nation and not kowtow to the US, Islam, the Christian religions or Brussels. I say again, the BNP must be opposed, but equally so should religious indoctrination, be it by Muslims or Christians.
Fred McCormick wrote
at 16:15:37 on 16 November 2010
Nick Griffin has no right to lay a wreath to the war dead at Salford or anywhere else. He and his croneys are opportunistic nazis and fascists, whose aim is to remove from this country all the traditions of freedom, democracy and tolerance which the dead of two world wars fought to preserve. It is not that long ago when members of the BNP were in the habit of castigating Churchill for "leading us into a totally unnecesary war against Germany". Their view then, and I refuse to believe it has changed one iota since, was that Hitler should have been allowed to rampage across eastern Europe and Russia and that we as fellow Aryans should have done nothing to stop him. God damn the BNP.
Miss Fanny wrote
at 06:00:08 on 16 November 2010
Salford Council should immediately charge the British Nazi Party for the unauthorised use of it's public lamposts Griffin is blatantly taking refuge in Salford, presumably at the same time as the BNP membership try to oust him! Shame he sees the annual remembrance services as another easy opportunity for him to use for media attention. Salfordians are not fooled!
Joe Oneill wrote
at 05:59:57 on 16 November 2010
For two years i took a wreath to the cenotaph on behalf of the Liberal democrats,one of the proudest moments that i can remember,to offer your respects to our war dead and injured, brave men and women who serve and have served this country with honour.The sad part for me was not him being there which was bad enough ,but for one of his followers to stand there and film him with a camcorder to highlight on a website, cheap publicity? Cameron and Brown have abused this day in the past, and Griffin joins the list of shame.
Russ Green wrote
at 05:59:29 on 16 November 2010
When the people wake up to what is being done to them by the lying fascist dictators who for now have a grip on our once great and proud country the BNP will still be here for them !
Steven North wrote
at 20:31:37 on 15 November 2010
I disagree Mr. Mayor. Every citizen might legally have the right to lay a wreath at the cenotaph, but if that citizen is somebody who in the 1940s would have stood with Hitler, they have no moral right. To allow Griffin to stand their and try and gain some reflected glory from decent people who gave their lives fighting fascism is despicable. This should never be allowed to happen again.
Alice Searle wrote
at 18:08:50 on 15 November 2010
We all know why Nick Griffen is acting in this hypocrictal way. He is hoping to get a BNP candidate at the next local elections! The BNP policy is racist and vile and we should not tolerate his presence, especially at a time when we are commemorating the sacrifice of soldiers of all races, creeds and colour, who faught side by side to promote a tolerant and equal society. His policies breed intolerance and evil and we should educate people to understand that the British society has always been multi cultural from the time of the Romans. Our strength is in this rich and varied mix of people. Can I suggest that Salford Council get out some educational propogaqnda, whether in schools or in the Community Centres, to educate people on the deceit and lies which the BNP put out. We have a large Jewish population in Salford and we are all know of the history of anti-semetic behaviour which led to the most terrible human incident of the last world war. To allow the BNP to lay a wreath is an unbelievable insensitive act by the Council and the British Legion.
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