Star date: 24th December 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 12th annual Salford Star Mary Burns Awards, which are given out to honour the most deserving individuals and organisations in the city for their stupid statements, dodgy dealings and iffy activities over the past twelve months.

This year, we introduce a new category, the Donald Trump Award For Media Dissing, handed out for blatant attacks on media which doesn't play the politicians' game. So, ladies and gentlemen, sidestep the shadows for the Mayor's sidekick, and give out your fake news tweets for our worthy winner...

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Charlie Winstanley Facebook outburst
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Ladies and gentlemen...Welcome to the 12th annual Salford Star Mary Burns Awards which will be running online throughout the festive season. The judges have been hard at work this year ploughing through hundreds of well deserving nominees – companies, politicians and councils who have made 2018 just a little less bearable for us Salford residents.

If readers could dress formally, sip a glass of warm white wine and politely applaud at the end of the citation it would be much appreciated. So now...it's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to meet the muppets on the Salford Star Mary Burns Award Show!


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Yes, for the season of goodwill, the Salford Star Mary Burns Awards introduces a brand new category, The Donald Trump Award For Media Dissing, given out to Trumpalikes, who like to, er, diss, any media that doesn't agree with them.

Back at the beginning of December, the Salford Star reported on the £1million City Mayor's 'Discretionary Fund', details of which were obtained via a Freedom of Information request. The Star reported, quite accurately, details of payments made by the City Mayor and even praised him for pushing the money towards anti poverty causes, while questioning the accountability issues surrounding the funds (see here).

This was all too much for one Charlie Winstanley (who?), as he laid into the Star on social media, calling the article on the "disgressionary fund" (he can't spell unfortunately), "shameless", an "utter disgrace" and "total bollocks", while adding that the journalist was a "wretched liar"...

Mr Winstanley then added that the Star "consistently uses an anti-establishment 'left' veneer to publish factional attacks on the left of Salford Labour Party, on behalf of Blairites, careerists, cranks and sometimes even Tories..."...Sorry, no; it's called holding power to account, and being independent with no vested interests.

He even accused the Star of "giving an uncharacteristically respectful interview to Tory candidate Robin Gurrido (sic) in the last Mayoral election in May 2016"...like when you have to interview all candidates to ensure balance? Even though Labour candidate, Paul Dennett wouldn't speak to us and we had to interview the ass instead? (see here and see here).

So, who is this Charlie 'Trump' Winstanley?  He's the Salford City Mayor's sidekick, so there's no vested interests there at all!

What is Charlie Winstanley's title at Salford City Council? No-one seems to know, not even councillors.

Who is paying Charlie Winstanley? No-one seems to know.

How much is Charlie Winstanley being paid and from what budget? No-one seems to know!

Ruling councillors at Salford City Council have tried all this stuff before – with the Salford Advertiser before it closed..."The Advertiser is perceived by sections as being very negative and misleading in some coverage...People were saying that we need to influence how the Advertiser was portraying Salford…" (John Merry)…

...And of course with the Salford Star, although the Council's 'politically neutral' PR person, Matt Finnegan, was eventually spun out the Council for political spinning, after the Salford Star revealed his dodgy doings, which was, no doubt, all 'lies' and 'bollocks' (see here).

Indeed, Salford Council could give Donald Trump himself lessons on how to attempt to deal with a dogged media. They don't like it 'up 'em'. And they don't like to be challenged in any form. It used to be called Stalinism.

But we digress. So, ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your wretched bollocks, shout 'Shameless disgrace!' and dance around your pick axes for the winner of the inaugural Donald Trump Award For Media Dissing...

Charlie Winstanley (who?)

If Charlie would like to make an acceptance speech, please use the comments box below...

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Cody wrote
at 19:00:59 on 03 January 2019
Rayofsunshine - Fair enough. Though may I suggest you combat the ‘disinformation’ from all sides and not just from the right? After all, every side of the political spectrum are guilty of it and no one should be given a free pass just because they share some of the same political beliefs.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:07:13 on 02 January 2019
Cody,from memory I have only called out contributors to the site as racist who have made objectively racist comments,such as ego maniac and fantasist,Michael J Felse.I reiterate that I'm against censorship,however,I'm committed to combatting disinformation coming from the right!
Cody wrote
at 06:51:17 on 02 January 2019
Rayofsunshine - Well my apologies if I got it wrong, but I recall you baselessly accusing others on the site of being ‘racists’ and asking The Star why those people were allowed to comment. I read what you wrote and it just seems like you’re mentioning it to cast The Star as biased and right wing, in an attempt to make them look less credible at the least and shame them in to action at the most.
Mary Johns wrote
at 12:41:46 on 31 December 2018
So Lucky Chazzer gets his very own award . Show it off to your chums ! Cos they're gonna be exposed next .
The Salford pimpernel wrote
at 12:41:37 on 31 December 2018
For anyone wondering who I am, I'll tell you. I'm the elected Data Officer for Manchester Momentum, I'm one of the cofounders of Salford Community Theatre Project (we put on a local, working class performance of Love on the Dole two years ago - more news and events here:https://m.facebook.com/salfordcommunitytheatre/ ) former activist and organiser for Stop the War and Unite Against Fascism in the North West, GM Housing Activist and lifelong committed socialist./////// how can anyone say the above and support this labour controlled council. Charlie Winstanley, this council has allowed the building of thousands of flats sorry apartments, these apartments to be sold to Chinese investors, where they’ll be mothballed until there prices rise and then sold on, where does this help Salford people get on the property ladder how does this help the homeless, many who have fought for this country. No Charlie, I think your one of these new socialists, the champagne sort, you’ve got your head in the same pigs trough as our Labour Party members of this council have, you’ve gone from working and representing the people of this council/country, to representing your own interests, there’s only one way to accurately describe yourself and the Labour Party and that’s traitors, to the people, our communities and the country.//// …Mr Winstanley then added that the Star "consistently uses an anti-establishment 'left' veneer to publish factional attacks on the left of Salford Labour Party, on behalf of Blairites, careerists, cranks and sometimes even Tories. ///////—Mr Winstanley, would you say that this labour controlled council has more in common with Tony Blair’s Labour Party and the Tory Party or Tony Benn’s true Labour Party, which was more for the common people. Bet Tony benn would be spinning in his grave to be compared to this “ in name only Labour Party council”
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:38:52 on 31 December 2018
Mr.Brexit,if things are so bad in Salford,why is that year on year,Labour is re-elected with stonkiñg màjorities? Ìs the electorate stupid,indiffereñt or have they rumbled the fact,thàt looney tunes,like yourself,have nothing to offer the people of Salford?
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 12:38:30 on 31 December 2018
Cody,can you read or are you an ignorant,right wing bonehead? If you are in any sense literate,you will know that I'm against censoring conntributions to this site. I'll defend to the hilt your right to expose yourself,in print,as a crazed and embittered dipshit!
ROSSI wrote
at 12:38:12 on 31 December 2018
Look Bob the Regular, the reason why Labour and the Tories don't comment here, is because they've got better things to do with their lives than people like you and Ray Sunshine and all the other Moogs. Their policies are wrong, and they are incompetents, but they've got better things to do than write to and read from an internet rag full of conspiracy theories, presided over by an old geek who thinks that he's Orson Welles in that boring old film where he says "Rosebud" just before shuffling from this mortal coil. He won't print this, because for my opinion, the great Democratist is just a Rebel Without a Cause. I suspect that he hates dissenting opinion as much as anyone in Salford Labour. Anyway, why hasn't this rag closed down already? Isn't it getting old and irrelevant. Ol' Stevie Boy should be signing on for some U.C, and working on a placement in a charity shop, maybe SCOPE in Eccles, and not wasting people's time writing this pointless and feeble rag - the equivalent of a little chihuahua nipping at the heels of the postman.
Bob the regular wrote
at 06:21:40 on 29 December 2018
we all know why the Labour don't write here, it is simple, they don't like the truth. It was a surprise Comical Charlie writing. Apart from one brief post from Bob Clarke the other day, the local torys never write here either but others like the greens do. All the Torys read the Star, all the labour as well from Miss Becky downwards. Is this proof of a Lab Tory conspiracy pact that exists in our city? You would think it would be more fun than a young tories boozy weekend, for some young smart Tories to take pot shots at our labour numbties here.
Bob the regular wrote
at 10:10:32 on 28 December 2018
Is there any truth in the last sentence of Wows comment. I do hope so.
Cody wrote
at 10:09:06 on 28 December 2018
Rayofsunshine - “The Salford Star has been "used" by rightist forces!” Go to any online news website or forum and you’ll see they generally allow multitudes of comments from lots of different people (I say ‘generally’ as this is changing). Just because you don’t like what they say it doesn’t mean they should be banned or The Star should watch or warn them. I’ve been hearing this from people on the left for the past 15 years and it’s getting worse. In Universities guest speakers are being ‘deplatformed’, in the media and online people are being shouted down and deleted from blogging and social networking sites. This only gives the right and extreme right political capital with which to accuire new followers. You don’t defeat ideologies by deplatforming, you defeat them by challenging them.
Mr brexit wrote
at 10:08:53 on 28 December 2018
,Mr.Winstanley does have a point where he highlights the anti left,"Ukip Lite" bias of some of the comments hosted by The Salford Star!........ in other words mr rayofsunshine don’t point to the facts. The facts are this council and the Labour Party no longer represent the ordinary people, not only of this city, but this country, they are as washed out as the Tory Party and about as trusted. This Winstanley being a member of momentum says all you need to know about not only about Winstanley, but also the Labour Party, scum to the core, sellouts. I may be to the right in political terms and I’ll say the star is to the left, but I’ll put the word of the star and mr Kingston way above the words of this council, I’ll bet this labour council can’t remember the last time they told the truth or for that fact Winstanley.
Wow wrote
at 09:19:32 on 27 December 2018
I thinks Charlie has shown his true side in his reply,he’s deliberately muddied the water with his disinformation about your wife and her role,more importantly he’s done something that’s more akin to his role in momentum which is recklessness in his reporting. His venom is obvious and so his the fear he and others in Salford’s politics have of accountability and the Salford Star. I for one have witnessed first hand the sacrifice Steve and the many volunteers have endured over many years,so did yourself a favour Charlie,stay of the “Charlie” it’s not good for you
Bob the regular wrote
at 09:18:43 on 27 December 2018
unusual for Mary, she seems to miss the point here a bit. Perhaps a bit too much of the seasonal sherry. Whilst of course it does not matter if the editor of this journal is married or not, or indeed the wealth and occupation of any partner, it is relevant in the fact that it proves that statements made by "Comical Charlie" were not truthful, statements that intended to show a truthful journalist in a bad light. As any good barrister or judge will tell a jury, "if you find any of this witnesses testimony untruthful, you are entitled to find all of it untruthful".I suggest the readership here give careful thought to the things Charlie says in future. It is a well known legal phrase. If indeed ,"Comical Charlie" plays some part in the governance of our city, we the citizens have a right to know, and to know how much he gets paid.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 09:17:17 on 27 December 2018
Let me make it crystal clear,I'm not calling for censoring of comments on this site. All that I'm trying to highlight is that at times,The Salford Star has been "used" by rightist forces!
Milk float wrote
at 09:17:01 on 27 December 2018
Charlie ...what is your job title in the council and what is your salary? You seem to have some fear with educated people isn't that why children go to school to better there lot ,your making yourself look kinda dumb in my ooinion
Salford Star wrote
at 05:35:39 on 26 December 2018
See Ray of Sunshine's comment below...Do you really think we should censor people's comments that are not racist, libellous etc just because we don't agree with the political leanings of them?
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 05:31:01 on 26 December 2018
Whilst the appropriate relationship between the mexia and political power should be that of "a dog and a lamp post",Mr.Winstanley does have a point where he highlights the anti left,"Ukip Lite" bias of some of the comments hosted by The Salford Star!
Bee wrote
at 05:29:52 on 26 December 2018
not really news worthy this is it? petty crap.
Gareth L wrote
at 05:29:21 on 26 December 2018
Having read Mr Winstanley's comments, I think the Star's Donald Trump award is unfair on Donald Trump. Mr Winstanley has shown a level of crassness and stupidity in his accusations which beggars belief. Mr Trump would struggle to meet this level.
Cody wrote
at 05:29:04 on 26 December 2018
Charlie Winstanley - You're a "Socialist"? So you're not down with the direction Salford Labour are going with the knocking down of social housing with very little replacing it? And a lot those new houses being priced so high the working class Salfordians cannot afford them? You must also not be ok with £200,000,000 being used to invest in office buildings, Manchester airport, Worsley Gardens and propping up Salford Reds? I can only assume you told Mr. Dennet to put that money in front line services like Nurseries and and the like? Um, and you're a Socialist and a member of 'Manchester Momentum'? Should we expect toxic Momentum members to start baselessly accusing the writers of this site and those of us who question the Council of being "racist" and "Fascists"?
Mary Ferrer wrote
at 10:39:01 on 25 December 2018
Does it matter if Stephen is married or not. He reports stories that our council don't want us Salford mushrooms to know about. Sounds as if this bloke who has won this new award deserves it. Hasn't got a title or job decription, but gets a salary, but we don't know how much or for what. Wonder if he's married to a barrister. Because he sure has an obsession with barristers. Bet there were a few morons up at the civic who were pig sick when Salford folk clubbed together to keep the Star out there keeping ears to the ground about what is going on in OUR CITY,that others would like to keep quiet.
Bob the regular wrote
at 10:38:25 on 25 December 2018
It seems Mr Winstanley has just confirmed what we need to know about him.
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 20:23:08 on 24 December 2018
See Bob The Regular's comment below...Does the editor of the Star have a wife, rich or poor, who is or was a barrister? (or solicitor ,just in case this clowns got his info wrong). And the answer is 'No'!
Charlieboy wrote
at 20:21:23 on 24 December 2018
If Stephen Kingston had a rich barrister wife (he is so piss poor he would settle for a barista wife), do you think he would have all the crap he has off Salford council? I think she might also sue someone for slander if she was.
Bob the regular wrote
at 19:23:25 on 24 December 2018
Dennetts right hand man makes a statement about an alleged wife of the editor of this journal. Many people who have barrister wives have some of the cleverness of their spouses rub off on them in the way they answer critics. For example Milliband , Blair, and Boris the menace. So let us put this question clearly, so that all the many readers can call this man for what he is. A teller of truth, or a teller of lies. Does the editor of the Star have a wife, rich or poor, who is or was a barrister? (or solicitor ,just in case this clowns got his info wrong). If he does not, then Mr Winstanley has proved all we need to know.
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 18:24:11 on 24 December 2018
See Charlie Winstanley's comment below...So, let's talk fake news...Rich barrister wife? Rich barrister wife! Where? Gimme one!!! Is this the same Salford Community Theatre who asked for (and got) three articles in the Star when it first formed and was desperate to reach the community? The same Greater Manchester Housing Action that invites the editor of Salford Star onto its meeting panels? Oh, and by 'any odd soul who has a gripe with the left of Salford Labour Party', do you mean tenants living with dangerous cladding on their blocks? Or Swinton residents against rampant development on their doorsteps? Or working class people who have had bailiffs set on them by Salford Council? Or people who have had their affordable houses bulldozed while new ones costing over three times more are built on their former homes? Meanwhile, if you see my 'rich barrister wife' tell her I'd love to meet her!!!
Charlie Winstanley wrote
at 18:11:09 on 24 December 2018
Wow, my very own Salford Star Award. Christmas has come early this year - I guess Steve Kingston AKA 'The Salford Star' must have been wounded at someone pointing out his shoddy journalism, the non-existant disgressionary (oh no!) fund to keep homeless people off the streets, and his shameless dishonesty. For anyone wondering who I am, I'll tell you. I'm the elected Data Officer for Manchester Momentum, I'm one of the cofounders of Salford Community Theatre Project (we put on a local, working class performance of Love on the Dole two years ago - more news and events here:https://m.facebook.com/salfordcommunitytheatre/ ) former activist and organiser for Stop the War and Unite Against Fascism in the North West, GM Housing Activist and lifelong committed socialist. For readers of the Star, I would ask you: who do you believe more? Someone who has committed their life to making the lives of working class people better? Or someone living out a pathetic vanity project of being a real journalist whilst sponsored by their rich barrister wife - and taking his cues from any odd soul who has a gripe with the left of Salford Labour Party? Merry Christmas Steve Kingston - sure we'll be hearing more fake news from you in 2019.
Anonymous wrote
at 18:10:59 on 24 December 2018
So a 'legitimate' journalist is now attacking a member of the public for a Facebook post? Way to use your platform...
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