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"It is the greatest disrespect for them to come and spout hatred in the way that they are doing..." Dan Hett

Around one thousand far right Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) supporters were kept from marching through Manchester City Centre this afternoon by a counter demonstration from Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism in St Peter's Square.

A huge police presence kept the two sides apart as speakers at the St Peter's Square rally condemned the DFLA, including Dan Hett, whose brother, Martin, was killed in the Arena bombing.

Full details here...

Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally
Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally DFLA march Manchester DFLA march Manchester
DFLA march Manchester DFLA march Manchester Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally
Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally
Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally Stand Up To Racism Manchester rally
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Dan Hett, whose brother Martin was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing, slammed the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) this afternoon, as around one thousand of its supporters marched from All Saints to the Castlefield bowl in Manchester.

Dan, who was speaking at the counter demonstration in St Peter's Square, organised by Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism, slated the DFLA for 'disrespect' and 'spreading hatred'...

"We're still dealing with this as a city and it is the greatest disrespect for them to come and spout hatred in the way that they are doing" he said "Ask them, 'What are you actually doing about extremism, please be specific'...I have had not one decent response from these people.

"They are doing nothing about extremism but spreading hatred in the name of fighting extremism and that is utterly unacceptable" he added.

Other speakers joined his condemnation of the DFLA, including Mike from Stand Up To Racism...

"Islamaphobia is being used right across Europe as a rallying cry for the far right, and it is absolutely the same as the treatment of the Jews" he said "When you get a situation where, in the USA, migrants at holding centres are told to wear yellow armbands by Donald Trump we know where this shit ends up – it ends up with Auschwitz, Treblinka and the rest of it...

"These bastards are trying to use the families and the dead of those attacks in order to build a far right street movement; it's disgraceful" he added "It's not part of working class culture to be a racist shit bag. It's not part of football culture, it's not part of the culture of any of our cities and towns. We have to create a proper movement – they have to be met by the majority..."

From Salford UNISON, Ameen Hadi, slammed the DFLA allying itself with football...

"I find the whole tag around football confusing" he said "If anyone looks at any football team in this country it would be difficult to find a team that doesn't have any black players, Muslims, Asians...which team do they support?

"Yet they claim to represent football supporters" he added "No, they represent a very small band of racist, fascist football supporters who are intent on violence. That's why it's so important we're here today to oppose them. Without us being here they would be able to walk the streets freely; they would be able to terrorise communities freely, and feel they were legitimate. We cannot allow that to happen..."

While the DFLA marched, surrounded by a heavy police presence, the counter rally in St Peter's Square included songs, and verse by Salford poet Rob Dunford...

'And the so sad eyes of uncertain times
Where's the Lowry to record the lives of bankers and their global crimes
Tax dodging corporates with flimsy fines
They blight my northern town

Where it's pushing care in the community
But where's the care for the community?
As government grants cut with typical Tory impunity

If we fight amongst ourselves in an orgy of disunity
It envelops our northern town...'

Salford Star wrote
at 18:01:59 on 08 June 2018
See all the recent comments below - all these rubbish comments are doing our heads in - no more will be published
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 12:27:36 on 08 June 2018
Are the left, the new fascists. You don't really know what you are talking about, do you? One of my favourite films is Tarkovsky's "Ivan's Childhood". It's about this twelve year old Soviet boy who is a reconnaissance soldier for the Red Army. He holds the honorary rank of something like Captain. For me, there are two standout moments in the film. The first is when you see little Ivan wading through a swamp just before dawn. He's on his own and the swamp is vast, it looks like something out of the Louisiana bayous, tall trees and rotting tree stumps are all over the place. After crossing the swamp he reaches a wide river, and with stealth, he latches on to a piece of driftwood and lets the current take him out across to the other side. You next see him being interrogated by his own side. At first the Major can't believe that he's dealing with a fellow officer who risks his life on a regular basis (after all, Ivan is only twelve) until Ivan tells him to radio his boss and provides him with a code word. When this is done, Ivan starts getting treated with a bit of respect, and we the vievers get to see that he is not just a little boy, but a highly resourceful, intelligent and resilient servant of his Motherland. One who risks his life regularly, and just gets on with it. Over the course of the film, little Ivan and the Major, who works in military intelligence build a rapport. Then one day Ivan sets off on a reconnaissance mission and is never seen again ... until right at the very end of the film, when the Russians take Berlin and the Soviet Major is in the basement of the Gestapo Headquarters, looking through a stack of files. And there he finds Ivan. In a file. There's a written report, and a black and white photograph of Ivan, looking defiant. Taken just before he's executed. Probably shot or hanged. And that final two minutes of the film make it. They ARE the film. You have to be a hard hearted bastard not to cry at that moment. And you. In your pathetic attempt at making out that Socialism is a failiure. Drawing parallels between Communism and Nazism,or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and National Socialism, when there are NO similarities between both of those ideologies. Hitler was NOT a Socialist.You simply show just how deluded you are. But for the twenty odd million Soviets who died, the Nazis would have won the war. And you have the temerity to say that Cuba is a failiure. Yes, it is impoverished, but ask yourself why? The reason why is because the USA have been strangling the life out of it since 1960 with embargoes and sanctions. And yet, even with all of that Cuba has a good education system, a good health care system and is largely a law abiding country. Just compare it with capitalistic Haiti. Also, the Cuban Socialist state has provided the world with some of the greatest amateur sportspeople that the world has ever known. Socialism does work. When it is allowed to. But when you have an imperialistic school yard bully like the United States throwing its weight around, it is never allowed to. This is what happened in the Soviet Union. The US and its piddling little allies brought it to its knees through embargoes, slowly squeezing the life out of the place, and then when it did collapse, piously spouting the mantra that socialism never works. They are doing this today in Venezuela. This is what they always do, because capitalism and the global "let's get blood out of a stone" mentality eschewed mostly by the United Corporations of America, is the only way forward, right? You Sir, are an absolute disgrace.
Are the left the new fascists, yes they are wrote
at 09:46:43 on 08 June 2018
Psssssssst, rossi, cuba’s bankrupt, is that why thousand of cuban’s get in boats and flee to the United States every year, Miami is full of them, is that why they drive around in 1950s cars. Next you’ll be holding up Venezuela as Jeramy Corbin does as a great example of socialism and their killing zoo animals to survive. Pssssssst, Rossi, don’t try to think on an empty head. Socialism, killing people since the 1920s, Stalin, pol pot, Adolf Hitler, Castro,Mao, etc, etc. Ps, Rossi, I was once a socialist just like you, unemployed just like you and like you, pissed off at the world for the predicament I was in, I clung on to an ideology that would hold my hand, pay for my life style and keep me in wall to wall benefits, just as you do, then I woke up one day and saw socialism for what it truly is, a destroyer of lives, the only analogy I can really give to describe what people become Under socialism is the Borg, the ones in Star Trek, people who have had total lobotomies, herd followers. Rossi the only person who’s to blame for the predicament your in, is yourself, not the Tories, not Brexit or UKIP, it’s you, so get off your arse, stop blaming the world and get a job, there’s thousands out there, and like me, socialism will be just a bad dream that happened.
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 23:09:27 on 07 June 2018
Psssssssst! Oy Numpty, Is Capitalism what keeps the gravy train of Cuban Socialism alive? I think not, you Numpers. Only got one thing to say to you ... Piffle.
Are the left the new fascists, yes they are wrote
at 20:37:18 on 07 June 2018
Rayofbullshit and Rossi. Did reply on many of your comments, but censored, on socialism, someone once said, socialism is a fantastic concept, until you runout of other people’s money. Short and straight to the point, socialism in a nutshell. Capitalism, keeping the socialist freeloading gravy train alive since the 1920s.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 10:48:41 on 06 June 2018
Brian Robertson, what do you mean by the phrase, "Islamification of Britain"? What evidence do you have for such a claim?
Brian Robertson wrote
at 10:14:13 on 06 June 2018
Philip Giuseppe Rossi is a part of the problem. Calling everyone who disagrees with the Islamification of the UK a racist a) Does not make them racist, b) Does nothing to increase community cohesion, very little of which exists in the first place.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:27:46 on 04 June 2018
Wow things are reaĺly changing, is the case, as you contend "that integration isn't working" or is not the casè that the far right,leeches that they trulý are, is using public unease about child abuse as a pretext for peddling racist hate? What I'd like to know, Wow things are really çhanging, are you an out and out racist or just an out anđ out moron?
Phil G Rossi wrote
at 19:27:26 on 04 June 2018
The Fat End of The Wedge, I don't get people like you. Fact is I've never been able to get people like you. I get the impression that you have a distinct lack of empathy for your fellow homo sapiens. You are obviously not a socialist. I suspect that you are one of those pitiless right wing types. The kind of twat who is a member of Mensa and believes whole heartedly in social Darwinism and survival of the fittest. The kind of pseudo Nazi who sees a morbidly obese person waddling down the street, and then feels the need to vent his spleen on the poor unfortunate by making snide and hurtful comments to others by saying things like : " Look at THAT! We're paying for people like that. Our taxes are paying for people like THAT!" In essence Fat End of The Wedge, specimens of compassionless inhumanity such as yourself fill me with a deep and righteous socialistic loathing. Long Live SALFORD LABOUR!! 😂
The Fat End of The Wedge wrote
at 14:14:04 on 04 June 2018
Mr. Rossi should embrace his eviction as an opportunity to house another refugee. Quite selfish of him to hang onto his flat with millions of people around the world in need of it, they are queuing in various lands as I type... Poland receives billions in 'aid' from the EU, yet of course take little to no 'refugees', or immigrants - I assume they must at least have some empty properties, what with outward migration being quite high. Of course, they don't have a problem with Islamic extremists either...etc.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 14:13:16 on 04 June 2018
OK Try and see what you can get for the Phone, anything so we don't have to read your constant stomach churning Labour propaganda.
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 11:45:48 on 04 June 2018
I don't have a computer You balloon. I type out these epistles on an old Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. We're not all like you, Retired (National) Socialist. We don't all have money to spend on the unnecessary fripperies of modern life.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 09:15:31 on 04 June 2018
Rossi speaks, some guiding advice free of charge, first if your really struggling to pay salix your rent a quick tip, sell your computer, cut off your internet and put the money towards your rent that way we can all get some peace.
Rossi speaks wrote
at 07:52:10 on 04 June 2018
Oh and Retired Socialist, I'm a prick am I? Sticks and stones, sticks and stones. It's just so juvenile. It's water off a ducks back to me. Insults only hurt if you are brittle and weak. Oh and you say that people shouldn't fear to be British and proud. Scratch the veneer, Retired Socialist and the racist Little Englander mentality comes wafting through, kind of like a rotten egg smelling fart. Coincidentally, you say that you're a Retired Socialist, I'm scratching my head and wondering if what you really mean is that you're a Retired National Socialist? I mean you certainly don't sound like a real Socialist, although your comments often come over as being a bit on the Teutonic side, so with your intolerance of others and your personal crassness and bigotry, it wouldn't suprise me if you've deliberately left the national out of your nom de plume.
wow things are changing wrote
at 07:49:41 on 04 June 2018
This is so great to see, @rossi its people like you that hate free speech and the truth. This is why this has been going on for 20 years. I watched some of the youtube footage and there were a lot of people supporting it. MPs, the Government, the councils are sitting on a reports that point to the evidence that as many as 1 million victims. I am too sick of this been buried because it points to the fact, integration is not working
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 19:40:33 on 03 June 2018
" Are the left, the new facists" - why are you attempting to racialise discussion arround rape and sexual assault? Do you consider it a new "analytic" or is it ussful trope for spewing racist filth in the public realm? Who needs "new facists" when there exist in our midst ignorant boneheads like yourself? It is right and necessary to confront,in all its manifestations, Fascism!
Rossi speaks wrote
at 19:39:45 on 03 June 2018
Retired Socialist, I will try answering some of your questions. Yes, I reside on The Broadwalk, in a Salix Homes high rise. For how much longer I don't know, you see with the swingeing welfare cuts that this wicked Tory Government have brought in in order to persecute the unemployed and the disabled, for purely ideological reasons, I may add, I am only ever three months away from a Salix Homes eviction and a life of wandering vagabondary on the mean streets of Manchester. This is the harsh reality of being unemployed and living in England in the year 2018. Do I love Mayor Dennett? I think he is a man of compassion and principle. That he is a genuine believer in the power of Socialism to change lives, and yes, I think he's fantastic. The right man for the job. I sincerely hope that when he moves on from being Mayor, that he becomes a Member of Parliament, and is fast tracked into a Cabinet position where he is allowed to let his talents shine. Do I like "taking" free food from refugees? I actually like refugees. I find the ones that I met to be both humble and clean people. They're also by and large very quiet. They just want to live a life free from the things that prior to coming here they had the misfortune to experience. From memory, many of these refugees were Eritrean. Some were from West Africa, and some were Arabic. The food that they made in the kitchen was both authentic and superb. It was also free. Believe me, it was a joy to be around these people, watching how they all got on together. With no sense of tribalism or bigotry, be it religious or otherwise. No, I don't particularly like Tescos. Equally I don't like drugs. And I don't take drugs. Occasionally I will have a pint of Magners pear cider, and a rare glass of whisky, but that is about it. But what I do know is that prohibition NEVER works, and if the Government ever truly wants to combat the perfidious scourge of organised crime, then it needs to legalise drugs. Then Government shops could sell the drugs, be they soft or hard (after all, they're going to be taken anyway) and with the Government selling them they would be much safer, without impurities, and they would also be cheaper. Overnight organised crime would be dealt a crushing blow. Shoplifting, prostitution, gangsterism, all would go down massively in comparison to today. The Government would even make money from it, which they could then use to help heal drug ravaged communities, and fund drug rehabilitation centres. In yesterdays Guardian, a think tank said that by legalising cannabis alone, the Treasury could rake in three and a half billion pounds per year. One last thing People; remember ... Socialism now ...Socialism FOREVER!
at 19:38:52 on 03 June 2018
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk...although the church you refer to was demolished, it was re sited on Langworthy Rd and continued to deliver the free meal on Wednesdays-also prepared by refugee and asylum seekers
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 16:09:48 on 03 June 2018
Are the left, the new fascists. Are you insane? Whatever gave you the idea that the Left see Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris as heroes? Jimmy Savile spent ten Christmases as a guest of Maggie Thatcher at Chequers. That old dragon is the reason why that filthy pervert was knighted. And Rolf. Both he and Savile were as far from the Left as it is possible to get. Are you so brain cell deprived that you don't realise this? Edwina Currie, when she was the Secretary of State for Health, actually made Savile the Manager of Broadmoor Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He used to regularly hang out at the Palace with Mountbatten, Charlie and Di. Fact is, he had those wasters on speed dial. Get your facts right you Berkshire Hunt. Your comment is an unforgivable and utterly disgraceful slander. Fact is it's so slanderous I can imagine you as a Sun journalist.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 16:09:29 on 03 June 2018
So Mr Rossi I am just trying to gleam into your innermost workings. We can gather from your post you live in a flat close to the Precinct, you don't work, your in deep love with Mr Dennet . You love free food taken from refugees. dislike Tesco and love the idea of free drugs. Labour in your eyes are like gods and can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees with your point of view is a steaming Racist, Question have you ever felt like standing for Labour you appear to have all the credentials. Julie is right we have major issues that need to be brought into the open, PC and the fear of being branded a Racist by narrow minded pricks like yourself is dragging this country down people should not fear to be British and proud.
Are the left, the New facist wrote
at 16:09:12 on 03 June 2018
@rossi, if Julie is a racist, then your a spokesman and cheerleader for these grooming paedophiles gangs that roam our streets, as all lefties are. On the stories that these fefugees give, that’s all they are for 98% just stories, if they were fleeing persecution and torture, they’d have claimed asylum in the first safe country they went to and that isn’t Britain, we’ve just happen to have the best benefit system in Europe, their not refugees, there economic migrants. Julie ignore the racist remarks, the left always throw it about when they loose the argument, the word racist has been thrown about that much by the Labour and the left, it no longer has any meaning or power.
Are the left, the new fascists wrote
at 16:09:01 on 03 June 2018
Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio said. And who can disagree with the following. Are you reading this mr Rossi, when you band the word racism about like confetti. The EDL founder - whose real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon was listed on court documents - was sentenced to 10 months for contempt of court. He was given a further three months for breaching the terms of a previous suspended sentence. Robinson was arrested on Friday outside Leeds Crown Court after using social media to broadcast details of a current trial which is subject to blanket reporting restrictions. Standing in for James O'Brien, Maajid said: "For too long in this country, we have ignored the issue of grooming gangs. Of young vulnerable teenage girls who have been victimised, drugged, raped and abused. "Whether it's the Rotherham case or all the other cases that were replicated across the country, it is both the conclusion of the prosecutor in the Rotherham case, British Pakistani Muslim Nazir Afzal or indeed the official inquiry into why it took so long for these young vulnerable under-age girls to get justice - both of those concluded that fears of racism prevented us from coming to the defence of vulnerable under-age girls. "Fears of racism meaning that the state was scared that it would be accused of being racist if it rightly arrested and prosecuted largely British Pakistani Muslim men in their abuse of under-age white teenage girls. "If we hadn't all been silent, if we had all addressed this issue head on when it needed to be addressed, when it was time to address it, then the void would not have emerged for the populist agitators to fill that gap and become popular actually as a result of addressing what is a legitimate issue. Maajid Nawaz spoke about Tommy Robinson's imprisonment. Picture: PA / LBC "They ended up hijacking what should have been the concern of every right-minded citizen in this country. "There have been multiple cases now and it's beyond any level of doubt that there's a disproportionate number of British Muslims involved in grooming gangs against under-age white girls. And to say that is to say is to report on the facts. It's not to be racist. "I just wish that those young girls had seen justice served for them as fast as the judge served Tommy Robinson justice in this case. "Because in this case it's very easy for us to pick on the bogeyman, but actually the truth is that our silence over decades in this country is the real bogeyman and that's the real thing we should despise, our own cowardice in the face of grooming of young girls up and down this country and our conspiracy of silence."
Sakib wrote
at 16:08:32 on 03 June 2018
I think the use of horses was completely unnecessary. Also what the hell is wrong with leaning on a police van, I'm a professional leaner.
The Fat End of The Wedge wrote
at 11:31:06 on 03 June 2018
The first anniversary of the arena bombing was also the fifth anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby, who, despite being from Manchester, seems to have been completely forgotten about. I wonder why?
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 11:11:57 on 03 June 2018
Julie, You are a racist. A despicable racist. What you need to do is a bit of voluntary work at a charity that helps refugees. Then hear some of their stories. There was a church near salford precinct. They used to specialise in helping refugees. I used to go on a Wednesday afternoon for the free meal. The food was authentic foreign cuisine, mostly Middle Eastern, made in the kitchen by the refugee eomen themselves. It was great. Until the powers that be had the church demolished and a huge, souless 24 hour tescos was built there. Anyway Julie, you're a despicable racist, and you need to change.
DB wrote
at 11:11:54 on 03 June 2018
I would love to know what the Freedom of Speech sides view is about GMP putting pressure on the family of a victim of the Manchester bombing not to associate it it with Muslims. It blatantly was committed in the name of Islam. The head in the sand attitude of people towards what is happening in this country is frightening, we have allowed a culture to flourish who have an element that feel if everyone doesn't think the same as them that they should be neutralised. That is worrying.
Are the left, the new fascists wrote
at 11:11:50 on 03 June 2018
Well put Julie, the new fascists are the left, they hate the truth from being told. For thirty years grooming gangs from a certain religion have groomed and raped white school girls on a industrial scale. Back in the 80s these same grooming gangs did the same in the Sikh community in Birmingham, only the Sikh community stood up and gave these grooming gangs a lesson they didn’t forget, 20 Sikhs went to prison, none of the groomer went to prison. The FLA are the voice of the many in the country who have been betrayed by the political elite, the higher ranks in the police forces up and down the country, we’ve been failed by the judiciary, all the above have stood by and whatched as girls as young as 11 have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, appeasement to this religious ideology. I only wish this country had the men we had in 1939, men like the brave men of the Sikh community who stood up to be counted, to protect there young children from these vile predators. Shame on the left and the socialists for trying to stop the FLA from highlighting and trying to stop the rape of our children. Nothing surprises me about the left, where the likes of Jimmy savile, Rolf Harris and the like are like heroes. The PROTECTION OF OUR CHILDREN comes before the protection of a religion
Julie Lyon wrote
at 07:55:38 on 03 June 2018
These people are totally missing the point of the March and really do not have any argument other than the whole march was full of racists... The March was not full of racists but what is happening in this country is wrong on every level from immigration to taking away freedom of speech and everyday people from every corner of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are very worried for their children's and grandchildren's future. I for one will be attending every march I can until things change for the better.
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