Star date: 4th May 2018


In the local elections last night, Salford Labour Party lost Kersal to the Conservatives, gained Walkden South from the Conservative and was run really close in Irlam and Cadishead by the two CO:RE candidates standing as Independents.

Elsewhere, apart from Claremont, the Lib Dems got battered, UKIP's slide continued and the Greens consolidated its steady but unspectacular support. The turnout, as usual, was low, ranging from 35.56% in Worsley to 19.13% in Little Hulton.

Full details here...

Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018 Salford Local Election 2018
Salford Local Election 2018
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There were no great shocks in the Salford local election this year, with the Conservative Party expecting to take Kersal and the Labour Party expecting to take Walkden South, which they duly did.

In Kersal, Labour Councillor, Ann-Marie Humphreys, lost her seat to Tory, Ari Leitner, who now has a majority of 750. And in Walkden South, where standing councillor and Tory leader, Les Turner, was shipped out to Worsley, new candidate Anne Broomhead lost to Labour's Laura Edwards who now has a 303 majority.

These were the only gains and losses in the twenty seats up for election, although in both the Irlam and Cadishead wards, Labour got a massive shock, clinging onto its seats with small majorities.

In Irlam, Darren Goulden, standing as an Independent although part of the new CO:RE, polled 769 votes against standing councillor and Labour Cabinet member, Roger Jones, who squeezed in with a majority of 167.

In Cadishead, fellow CO:RE member, Marcus Graham, also standing as an Independent, polled 752 votes, reducing the majority of Labour Party Councillor Joan Walsh to 207.

"We didn't expect to get in because Irlam and Cadishead has been Labour forever" explained Darren Goulden "We're very humbled at the amount of votes we got, 1,500 between us in six months is massive. We ran Roger Jones to a 167 majority, when everyone else was winning by landslides.

"It gives us credibility" he added "Tomorrow morning when people see the figures they will believe it can be done. I think it's fantastic. I'm chuffed to bits. It was our first campaign and we were a bit naive, didn't know what to do but we will in future...It's a great building block."

His sentiments were echoed by Marcus Graham... "We were up against the giants and have come really, really close...We've got to be proud of ourselves."  

Elsewhere, UKIP continued its slide in Salford, losing out in most of its mini-battles with the Lib Dems and Greens where it could muster candidates. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems, trying to come back from the dead, did really poorly, polling under one hundred votes in a lot of the wards. The exception was Claremont, where Stef Lorenz received 406 votes, beating off Independent, Mary Ferrer (200 votes) and the Green Party (117 votes) to take third place behind the Tories (473 votes) and Labour (1,167 votes).

The Greens, standing in most wards, saw a varied night, ranging from 263 votes in Ordsall to 75 in Boothstown and Ellenbrook but averaging well over one hundred votes in each ward.

The turnout, as usual, was very low, with an average of around 26%. The lowest turnouts were in Little Hulton (19.13%), Ordsall (19.26%), Langworthy (19.54%) and Irwell Riverside (19.98%). The highest turnouts were in Worsley (35.56%), Walkden South (35.3%) and Boothstown and Ellenbrook (34%).

The Full Results...

Rhona Brown- LibDem – 76
David Jolley - Labour 1,348
Eileen MacDonald – Conservative – 396
Jennifer Mellish – Greens - 111
Janice Snelgrove – UKIP – 170
Turnout 22.85%

Boothstown and Ellenbrook  
Jillian Collinson – Conservative 1,457
Phil Cusack - Labour - 906
Ian McKinlay – LibDems -  87
Morvern Rennie – Greens – 75
Arthur Snelgrove – UKIP - 57
Turnout 34%

Paul Dean – LibDems – 90
David Jones – Greens - 141
Gillian Mackenzie - Conservative - 369
John Merry – Labour – 1,492
Nicola Williamson – UKIP – 135
Turnout 22%

Catherine Bisbey – Conservative - 461
Diane Cawood – Greens – 128
Marcus Graham – Independent – 752
Joan Walsh – Labour – 959
Benjamin Webb – LibDems – 31
Turnout 29%

Mary Ferrer – Independent – 200
Stef Lorenz – LibDems - 406
Neil Reynolds – Labour – 1,167
Daniel Towers – Greens – 117
Charlotte Woods – Conservative – 473
Turnout 28%

Helen Alkder – Greens – 185
Keith Hallam – UKIP – 134
David Hotchkin – Conservative – 638
Matt Kilsby – TUSC – 23
Gut Otten LibDems – 169
Michael Wheeler – Labour – 1,748
Turnout 31%

James Blessing – LibDems – 48
Darren Goulden – Independent - 769
Roger Jones – Labour 936
James Mount – Conservative – 357
Turnout 30.28%

Irwell Riverside 
Max Dowling – Conservative – 189
Jane Hamilton – Labour – 1,053
Jonathan Marsden – UKIP – 97
Wendy Olsen – Greens - 178
Valerie Smith – LibDems – 78
Turnout 19.98%

Ann-Marie Humphreys – Labour – 910
Ari Leitner – Conservative – 1,660
Stuart Oxbrow – Greens - 94
John Roberts – UKIP – 70
Lucas Webber – LibDems - 78
Turnout 32.6%
Conservative gain

Stacey Olsen – UKIP - 147
Jake Overend – LibDems – 183
Ian Pattinson – Greens – 147
Craig Thompson – Conservative - 202
John Warmisham – Labour – 1,055

Little Hulton 
Nathan James – Conservative – 461
Colette Weir – Labour – 1,186
Lee Westley – LibDems – 113
Turnout 19.13%

Tanya Burch – Labour – 1,583
John Grant – LibDems – 215
Joshua Nelson – Conservative – 367
Emma Van Dyke – Greens - 263
Turnout 19.26%

Dorothy Chapman – Conservative - 531
Alastair Dewberry Greens – 79
Sophia Linden – Labour – 1,262
Seamus Martiin – UKIP – 147
Beth waller – LibDems – 151
Turnout 24.05%

Swinton North 
Andy Cheetham – Conservative - 513
Bill Hinds – Labour – 1,385
Andy Olsen – UKIP – 168
Adam Slack – Lib Dems – 91
Liam Waite – Greens - 131
Turnout 27.34%
Swinton South  
Adam Carney – Conservative – 491
Stuart Dickman – Labour – 1,185
Craig Holmes – English Democrats – 163
Jade O'Neil – LibDems - 103
Joe O`Neill – Social Democratic Party - 130
Nicola Smith – Greens – 137
Turnout 26.56%
(Classed as Labour gain because previous Labour Councillor, Howard Balkind, resigned from Labour and became Independent)

Walkden North 
Diana Battersby – Greens – 114
Adrian Brocklehurst – Labour - 1,201
Bernard Gill – UKIP – 148
Joseph Harmer – LibDems – 73
James MacDonald – Conservative – 421
Turnout 21.49%

Walkden South 
Anne Broomhead – Conservative – 1,157
David Cowpe – LibDems – 113
Thomas Dylan – Greens – 159
Laura Edwards – Labour – 1,460
Turnout 35.3%
Labour gain

Weaste and Seedley 
Barrie Fallows – UKIP – 205
Andy Markha – LibDems – 147
Rob Stephenson – Greens – 134
Nicky Turner – Conservative – 390
Ronnie Wilson – Labour – 1,302
Turnout 23.52%

George Darington – Conservative – 417
Sally Griffiths – TUSC – 46
Margaret Morris – Labour – 1,323
Jenna Murray – Greens – 129
Brian Robinson – UKIP – 116
Stuart Thomas – LibDems – 53
Turnout 23.09%

Christopher Bertenshaw – Greens – 158
Tony Davies – Labour – 841
Sara Ryder – LibDems – 185
Les Turner – Conservative – 1,705
Turnout 35.56%

For a more detailed breakdown of the voting see the Salford City Council website – click here

Photos by Gareth Lyons

Felsey wrote
at 20:03:45 on 09 May 2018
Thank you PhilipGR for the advice. Yes I will be volunteering and will apply to the USWIM people at Salford Dock 9. Love watching deep water sports. Swimming is a great thing for all. I do hope to be providing my health and safety vast experience to support these amazingly self motivated citizens of Salford. Great idea Phil keep good ones coming. I think you've also turned over a welcome new leaf.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 09:35:52 on 09 May 2018
Felsey, how can you be considered a serious figure when you change your political affiliation on an almost hourly basis?
at 09:35:49 on 09 May 2018
@Rossi: Adding my name to my argument changes nothing, what I said is still valid and I have facts and figures to prove it. Though if you're not interested or willing to discuss it reasonably, then I won't bother. @SalfordStar: My apologies to you if I helped stir anything up, from now on I'll just comment my own thoughts on articles.
Felsey wrote
at 16:28:09 on 08 May 2018
Sorry to read these bad comments. Not befitting of responsible citizens. Have done the post election maths and what a shock. No need for snipes ,our beloved Salford is heading for a 2020 Tory Mayor. If I stand for them as a free Mayor local Labour will cease to rule.
Salford Star wrote
at 07:22:51 on 08 May 2018
See comments below - yet again everyone's off on their personal sniping and insults. No more!!!! Please just stick to the issues in the article - or you shall be banned!
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 07:15:41 on 08 May 2018
Mary, why don't you forget about attempting to be a Councillor. You see, it's never going to happen. My advice to you is try joining the Womens Institute, failing that, try becoming a big noise in your local church. Or do three months of training and be a volunteer at the CAB. If you really want to be of help to people then think about my suggestions. I say this with absolute sincerity.
Retired Socailst wrote
at 21:46:48 on 07 May 2018
Phil why should i move? i mean your the only crack pot i have ever had the pleasure to hear from, except of course bullshit Labour councillors, how many people voted?20-26% would you say Labour have a Mandate. Labour rule because they have a MACHINE,a well oiled machine, the Jewish section of our city have found out people who come together can boot Labour out, next year Peter Connor will go. The trouble in this city with activist is they are fractured placing candidates in places with no hope they split the vote and we end up with the likes of Merry, Dennett and the rest of the hangers on. You think the sun shines from their arses and for the love of me i like many are baffled when i was in Labour we had real leaders and characters galore today i would find it hard to P-ss on any.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 20:44:00 on 07 May 2018
Ray, I couldn't care less where you live, so long as it's not next to me. I play my taxes so I think I have a right to moan,if I want. Get your mate Dennett to sort the city out for the residents of Salford and I won't moan. Still independent.Staying independent. Thanks for caring.my mum used to say "while they are having a go at you,they are leaving someone else alone" I quote look forward to your rather odd comments. So please keep them coming. Before you ask,yes I will be standing again next year same ward and still independent.Have a good day
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 20:43:57 on 07 May 2018
Retired Socialist, I don't get people like you. Why do you loathe the Council so much that you just can't understand that some people think that they're doing a fantastic job? You seem to have a pathological hatred of Salford City Council. Why is this? If you're not happy here, then why don't you move somewhere else? Somewhere more suited to your political leanings. I mean, it must be hell for you, being here, in a place that's been Labour, is Labour and ALWAYS WILL BE LABOUR! Just move to Alderley Edge or something, okay?
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 18:39:53 on 07 May 2018
Wrote, don't be a coward, okay. Use your name. Without it you have no credibility. In answer to one of the claims that you made, you said that in all of the wards that Labour won that their vote was low in comparison to people being eligible to vote. Or words to that effect. All that I can say is that Labour won by landslides. They got the majority of all votes cast. Look at how many votes the others got. If you are trying to make out that Labour only won because of public apathy, then you're wrong. In Salford most people support Labour. The Conservatives and the Greens do turn out to vote. Labour voters don't turn out as much because they know Labour are going to get in regardless of their vote. And it's true. Even if most Labour voters can't be arsed going to the polling booth, Labour still get the majority of the votes cast by the twenty percent who do vote. As I said before, Salford is Labour and will always be Labour. This is fact. Now why don't you have the courage to use your real name when commenting on here, rather than hiding behind Wrote?
Retired Socilist wrote
at 18:39:18 on 07 May 2018
Why do people take Mr Rossi on? he reminds me of one of those people who where bullied at school, Criticised all the other kids for not doing well at sports, and putting in sick notes from Mummy saying he's poorly little love. I believe you live in a flat did you fight the other residents corner with the issues or push others to the front to fire the bullets? People who are willing to fight your beloved Labour deserve a pat on the back not your full range of slimy remarks. they appear to me to have a pair to stand up to the Labour Machine unlike you.
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 18:39:11 on 07 May 2018
Oh, and one last thing, Wrote. One of the reasons for the public apathy in Salford come election time is that Salford Labour have been TOO successful in running this City. People get used to things and then they take those things for granted. Salford is actually a great place to live. And this is entirely down to Salford Labour. No longer is Salford the Dirty Old Town of Ewan McColl. Salford Labour have transformed the place beyond recognition, and they've done it all quietly, never blowing their own trumpets. And they've done this despite being starved of approximately £170 million pounds by this wicked and heartless Conservative Government. Ask anybody what they really think about living in Salford. I guarantee you that they will say that it is alright, especially compared to the bad old days. The truth be told, the City of Salford works. It works because it functions well, it works because it's a well oiled machine. It works because of Salford Labour and Mayor Dennett; and it works because they operate quietly and without fanfare, in making this great City a good place for us all to live in. This is Fact.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 18:39:01 on 07 May 2018
Mary, as I'm not a resident of Claremont I have not seen your Election Address. Could you gμve me a brief summary? Objectively I would give you "A" for moaning and "E" for positμve policies. Face it, you haven't the ability to be a councillor - basically you are a media addicted, malcontent! PS what political flag of convenience are you now going to fly? Whig? Anti Corn Law League or Madam Sin's Correction Party?
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 18:38:15 on 07 May 2018
Bob, just one example of how Salford Labour have benefited the people is this. A couple of days ago I was cycling through Ordsall with a friend. We were on our way back to his house in Lower Broughton. As we cycled I said, "You know, the Council have done a lot of good in Salford, haven't they?" He asked me what I was on about and I said, "Just look around. This place used to be a ghetto. You wouldn't venture in here years ago if you didn't know people from here. Look at it now." He agreed with me. And the council have done this throughout Greater Salford. They have stealthily tamed areas that were once synonymous with violence, theft, all sorts of anti social behaviour and poverty ... and made them safer and better places. And they've done it quietly and without fanfare. I take my hat off to them for this, and this is just one of the reasons that I am proud to be a supporter of Salford Labour.
at 07:52:31 on 06 May 2018
@Rossi: You are aware that out of all Labour wards the vote for Labour is very low compared to the population of the ward? Chronic apathy won in the end, Salford Labour just capitalise on it as they're an established party with some historic local support. Though that local support is slowly dwindling as the Labour old guard voters die off. Ultimately Labour will have to re-invent itself (again) as voter demographics change to appeal to those who are disenfranchised and apathetic. It's either that or they'll be replaced by another party on the center ground/center left who do appeal to those who Labour isn't currently reaching. In your opinion as a Labour supporter what do you think causes this apathy (or lack of appeal) and what could the party do to gain more support from the Salfordian electorate?
Bob the regular wrote
at 07:52:24 on 06 May 2018
like phil, I also have been racking my brains thinking. We all know what a wonderful council labour run in salford. In places like Trafford across the river which until yesterday was run by the wicked tories, the people there look across with envy as they see how well our council looks after the people here. The clean streets , the magnificent education system, the housing policies that put the needs of the indigenous population as the highest priority.Its a socialist paradise here. Apart from all this benefit to the comoooooooooonity, what has our wonderful council done that benefits people who admire them so much? people like Phil. Perhaps Phil can tell us. What has the council done that has made Phils life better? I suspect that it is just the promise of a better future, a better future if we all keep voting labour, a future that is just around the corner. A bit like the afterlife. We all have to believe in something. Phil and his kind believe in Labourism, Salford labourism. Most people nowadays do not believe in god as the saviour of the poor as our grandparents generation did. When people stop believing in god ,they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything.
Mary ferrer wrote
at 07:52:17 on 06 May 2018
Phil the reason I stand is because I don't like the way Labour over the years have stopped listing to the people of Salford.We are living in a dictatorship. I stand because I care.I got 200 votes,that means 200 people wanted me as their councillor. I didn't have the manpowe, other candidates had,so I got out as many leaflets as I could.I am not that thick to think I could get in.But I can sit here knowing I tried. I can moan about our councillors when they don't do as they promised.I have that right because 1)I voted 2) I tried to make a difference. This coming year will show people how much labour care and how much they listen.thank you Phil for all your support and kind words. I hope you're best mate Mr Dennett doesn't let you down. We all know how much respect you have for him. Wonder if he will be able to walk on water,or turn water into wine.Or just run the city into the ground that bit more. Get lots of loans,build unaffordable houses,give the stadium a bit more dosh to stay afloat.Build his estate in Buile Hill Park. Give the go ahead for hundreds of houses on Duncan Mattison playing fields. Take no planning fees.And allow more heritage buildings vanish forever. Great move by the people of Salford. Vote labour and we have no voice.
Just a minute wrote
at 12:58:28 on 05 May 2018
I’ve just had a bit of a fright reading this....there were tories campaigning in Ordsall ? Where were they ? Entrenched on the quays ? No one from that party came knocking on my door. Well done to all those who were elected irrespective of party. Can you work together now for the benefit of all Salford’s citizens, or is that too much to ask ?
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 12:58:24 on 05 May 2018
I do believe that recent history has proven me to be correct when I said that a vote for an independent was a wasted vote. I mean look at it, the Old Battler, who heoically hand delivered 4000 leaflets, probably knocking on doors and canvassing tenants, gets a total of 130 votes. And for all that we know, some of them may have been his family members, and the rest, old folk that he knows from nursing homes. And look at Mary, getting the grand total of two hundred votes. I ask myself what is the point of all of this? The conclusion that I have arrived at, is that quite possibly it is all a right wing conspiracy to try to cost Labour votes, with the intent to cost them, initially, a few councillors, but with the ultimate aim being to take away overall control of the council from Labour. Now who benefits from this? Yes, that's right, the only true beneficiaries are the Conservative party. Now what I would like to know is this, is it possible that the Conservative party locally are funding the campaigns of these foolish independents? Or is the campaign funding coming from wealthy Ukip types? You see I've wracked my brain thinking about this, and I just don't get that the independents would campaign for months and spend their own money to get a few paltry votes. Now maybe they do, maybe I'm wrong; but what would be the point in their following such futile folly? No, I can't help but believe that such people are Fifth Collumnists working to split the vote so that the Conservatives can try to steal in. The thing is it will never work. Not in Salford, for Salford is Labour and Labour is Salford. This is the way that it was, is and ALWAYS shall be.
Rayofsunshine wrote
at 09:42:29 on 05 May 2018
So, Bob, how would you stop the cuts? If you recall,at the beginning of the campaign,via the Salford Star,I asked all the non Labour Candidates to outline their strategy towards the cuts. To date, no one has got back to me! What does this say about the so-called "opposition" in Salford?
Craig Holmes wrote
at 09:41:51 on 05 May 2018
Can not believe the english democrats did'nt get a mention in swinton south. After posting 4000 leaflets single handly and beating the green party who has one MP, the old battle axe Joe O'neil and the Lib Dems who have quite afew MPs and have ran the country and finishing 3rd place out of 6 candidates, wether you like it or not it was a big achievement and these writers need to get a grip and admint when some makes a big gain.
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 09:41:02 on 05 May 2018
I can't help but laugh at all of those foolish predictions from the commenters on here, that Salford Labour were going to be hammered. You have egg on your faces now, don't you? And you know of whom I am speaking. As I said above, I am happy that Labour did the business. After all, they always do. But you haters out there, you need to get off your high horses and get with the project. Capice? Under Mayor Paul and his people, Salford is going to be going places. And Michael Felse, I think you need to humble yourself and eat some pie if you want to be part of Salford's municipal socialist future. In your comment you state that that is what you want. I imagine that you would have to earn that. Maybe do a bit of penance in a charity shop on the precinct for six months, and do a bit of atoning for your renegade sins. It's a thought anyway. And Mary and Joe ... you tried. You were close, but no cigar. But don't feel bad, a combined total of 330 votes between the pair of you is quite an achievement.
Felsey wrote
at 13:55:52 on 04 May 2018
Hi Bob. Please do not call voters sheep. They made their choice and we must respect theirTrust. I voted for Tanya and believe me I am no sheep in voting for the one I felt best qualified. Time for a new approach if our UK is to have any real chance of us ditching Mrs May. Personally I would prefer Jeremy Coybyn as PM and I am no sheep. Just a total believer in social inclusion and better social care. I know that needs a Labour Government as I scratch my head in thinking how the miracle can be achieved. Low turn out damages their chances - maybe I need to shake hands with Mayor Paul Dennett to start a UK Labour-Socialist revolution.
Philip Giuseppe Rossi, The Broadwalk ... wrote
at 13:55:37 on 04 May 2018
... A message of love from Philip Rossi to Salford Labour ... Congratulations guys. You did it! You bloody did it! You got a victory. You won! I always knew that you would and I'm so happy now. You won, despite the odds. Despite the Salford Star, and despite the best efforts of Felse, Ferrer and the "Old Battler" Joe O'Neill. You won. We, the people, love you. Congratulations, and long may you serve us, the citizens of this great, great City. Long may you reign.
Bob wrote
at 11:11:09 on 04 May 2018
Well now the sheep have all voted Labour again, be prepared for further cuts in services with huge rises in rents and council tax. usual people running the City into the ground with cuts and more cuts. Are they really fir to run the City?.
at 10:02:46 on 04 May 2018
Absolutely fantastic news for Kersal, we are rid of Ann Marie Humphreys, party time.
Felsey wrote
at 10:02:42 on 04 May 2018
Congratulation to Labour for doing better than I expected. The big test now is the dropping below 20% turnout in Labour wards with many only hitting into 20% turnouts. With 80% not voting it means Labour could not today win a General Election majority and that is good news for the Tories. UKIP now need to close down while Salford Council need a long hard look at why the growing number of the local people do not vote. I will monitor the next year in Salford on every front in every ward and I expect exbarassment for Councillors if any services fail to improve.
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