Star date: 17th November 2013


`I don't know but it seems to me; Ain't no truth at the BBC
I don't know how it feels to you; I'm sick of being taken for a fool' Daznez

The piazza at Salford's MediaCityUK was the scene for a protest against bias at the BBC yesterday, with campaigners accusing the Corporation of failing to report protests going off all over the country against the ConDem Government and its policies.

One sign strung outside the BBC HQ read `If the news won't come to the demo, the demo will come to the news'…

Full details and photos here…

Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford Protest Against BBC Bias MediaCityUK Salford
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Campaigners – many wearing Anonymous masks - descended on the BBC headquarters at Salford's MediaCityUK yesterday to protest against the Corporation's lack of reporting of demonstrations against the ConDem Government and its policies.

The BBC's attitude, they argue, was epitomised by the non-coverage of the huge march against the Conservative Party Conference in September that saw over 60,000 people take to the streets - an example that was publicised at the time by Labour Party shadow ministers too.

"It's about what the majority of the people think, and the majority of people in the country have had enough, there's marches going on everywhere but they don't report it" said a girl called Pixie who dresses as a fairy and hands out fairy cakes on demos

"They can report on the Tory Party Conference with a couple of toffs but not 60,000 people marching around Manchester and me dressed as a flippin' fairy" she added "I've been on Anti Bedroom Tax marches, all sorts, and the Independence rally in Scotland, which really upset me because I drove hundreds of miles and even BBC Scotland didn't report it. People who talk of the BBC having a left wing bias are absolutely potty."

Indeed, speaker after speaker spoke about wider issues too in the way the news is handled in this country – and the demonisation of the NHS, the poor, the sick, the unemployed and the disabled.

"The smiling faces of BBC presenters come on and say how shit the NHS is; I don't believe for one second that the NHS is anywhere near as bad as Chris Patten [Chair of the BBC Trust] makes out" said one speaker "He's got shares in private health corporations, he's making money out of us as taxpayers. The NHS is not free – we pay our taxes on everything, and there's a NHS there for you, a pension there for you, but they're selling it off - and the BBC along with other media corporations are not joining up the dots.

"We are being lied to, we are being told that things are going on `for the good of the people'" he explained "They are pumping out programmes for you to get the message they will give you Saints and Scroungers, Britain On The Fiddle but they never ever look up – that's where the money is going. It's not you, it's not yer nan, it's not sick people or the unemployed. It's being stolen by them at the top and the BBC deny coverage. I'm sick to death of the demonisation of the unemployed, the NHS the poor, the elderly, the working class.

"Unemployment is going up, but they tell us it's going down…the BBC tells of food banks but never contextualise it" he added "The story goes like this… drama, crisis, war, death, destruction, war machine, celebrity, weather someone kicking a ball…and you've forgotten what they guy was saying at the start. They've got News 24 which could run any number of stories yet they repeat the same stories all day and all night. That's not a news channel it's a repeats station…"

As the campaigners were venting their feelings about the BBC, above them on the giant Media City tv screen, the news was being pumped out about NHS scandals, David Cameron railing against human rights abuses in Sri Lanka and the latest expensive hi-tech gadgets… 

Meanwhile, top protest singer, Daznez, led a series of songs, including a special one for the BBC…

"I don't know but it seems to me
Ain't no truth at the BBC
I don't know how it feels to you
I'm sick of being taken for a fool
1-2-3-4 Freedom's what we're fighting for
5-6-7-8 We want peace and we won't wait

I don't know but it seems to me
Ain't going to pay my licence fee
I don't know how it feels to you
The mainstream media ain't got a clue...'

The most poignant speech of the day was by a guy in an Anonymous mask who said… "I ended up in hospital with malnutrition because I couldn't afford to feed myself…this Government has to be held accountable for the shit that it is doing to each and every one of us."

Those who attended the protest gave their thoughts on the BBC's attempt to do this by lining up under the giant TV screen at the MediaCityUK piazza and sticking their fingers up in the direction of the BBC's offices…

To hear more of Daznez see his website at www.daznez.com or check him out on facebook.com/daznez

Bernard Brough wrote
at 5:22:53 AM on Thursday, November 21, 2013
To read some of these comments is hilarious. I can picture the writers with steam coming out of their ears, stamping their feet and almost breaking into a goosestep. Is the way the Beeb suck up to the Saxe Coburg Gotha family left leaning? Is the way Andrew Marr and Andrew Neil suck up to Tory ministers left leaning?
Jane Gregory wrote
at 12:24:35 AM on Thursday, November 21, 2013
I think the fact that the Star have covered this demonstration is fantastic. People in Salford are that busy fighting cuts and poverty that they don't have time to look beyond the bias media coverage of the BBC and the local and national press. People do believe everything they read and the quite obvious negative publicity that the media have given over the past few years about people on benefits is akin to the propaganda used pre World War II in Nazi Germany. What I don't understand is how these benefit cheats that we have in their droves of millions, if we believe the press, get away with it so spectacularly as everyone i speak to seem to be sanctioned for the most stupid things like turning up late five minutes or not having a computer log in. People are starving in 2013 Salford and that's the reality, unfortunately just like the Germany of the 1930s it seems to be every man for himself and sod everyone else.
Fat End Of The Wedge wrote
at 2:13:11 PM on Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Regarding the comment from Paul and the reply from Salford Star - Come on Star, you've censored my comments in the past, and then published selected parts - yet none of mine contained a 'horrendously long article from another paper' - just some simple facts that you disagreed with.
Ken Mckelvey wrote
at 4:02:53 AM on Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Paul might get his wish about the Looney left Parades And Marches/His Right Wing Tax Dodging Association Of Etonian School Boys And Multi National Company's Inc (THE TORY PARTY),Are trying to get such Demonstrations Banned, They of All people say the Policing is to costly to the Tax Payers/ So much For Freedom and the right to Protest/That is heading for the same bin as all our Manufacturing jobs under Maggie and Welfare State under Scammy and you seen the last of their planned restrictions on the freedoms of the British people I have stated many times I am not that interested who runs the UK as long as it is run with a Modicum of Decency and Fairness to all THIS LOT IN NOW ARE DISGUSTING TO ATTACK OLD BLIND DISABLED, STINKS!
Salford Star wrote
at 2:13:30 AM on Wednesday, November 20, 2013
See Paul's comment below...No Paul, we're not trying to censor any debate and loads on the comments on this site actually make our editor cringe as he's uploading them. Including many, if not all, of yours, Paul. However, we do draw the line on you cut and pasting a horrendously long article from another paper going on about immigration, when everyone's trying to save the jobs of 200 Salford apprentices. We are not blocking off the views of those kids and their parents for one of your divisive diatribes. If you were brave enough to put your real name and email address would have wrote and told you that.
Paul wrote
at 2:04:37 AM on Wednesday, November 20, 2013
I find it ironic that the star reports on this, the bbc being bias against left wing view's, when nothing but the opposite is true, you only have to look at the programme question time, to to see this in action, when someone from the right is on, it's more a kin to bear baiting, the audience hand picked for this purpose and anyone from the left given an easy ride on the bbc to spout their left wing views. In the last few days I have posted my opposite view to views on this site, which in no way were offensive to the person I was responding to or about the subject in hand, but the star saw fit to sensor my responses. This is what a find ironic, that the star reports on the bbc's censorship of peoples views and tries to hold the bbc and in the past this council to account when it comes to censorship, but the star is quit happy to censor anyone who has a political view opposite the stars political standing. It's funny over the last few months the people who have done more to destroy democracy in this country have come from the left, it was the left with great help from milliband, labour and hacked off group that destroyed press freedom, so come on star, don't close down debate, don't become what you fought so hard against, if the star or people on this site don't like mine or other people views on different topics on this site then do it through reasoned argument and debate and not censorship, remember censorship is the slippery slop to dictatorship. Ps to the girl named pixie who thinks 60,000 people is the majority, theirs around 65 million people in Briton who didn't march, if you want to do thing by majority consensus, then I look forward to the reintroduction of the death penalty, coming out of Europe, treating criminals like criminals, victims like victims and to control immigration which the majority of people of this country want, but our three main political parties don't.
Mat turner wrote
at 10:24:04 AM on Tuesday, November 19, 2013
I was at this protest and although we were only 130 strong we still made a lot of noise. Quality bunch of intelligent people ...a fantastic day , bring on the next march !
Paul wrote
at 10:22:55 AM on Tuesday, November 19, 2013
@colin, your so right.
The Fat End Of The Wedge wrote
at 3:54:58 PM on Monday, November 18, 2013
The BBC seems to be a prime reason that people don't vote, as watching it you would think there are only 2 parties to vote for, which are both as bad as each other. Oh, and the Liberals get the odd mention. Question Time is a joke as well. Does anyone know if the Russia Today news channel had any coverage of the events mentioned in this report? They do generally seem to be a channel to balance some of the bias (Left or Right) of the BBC. Personally I have called the BBC the Biased Broadcasting Corporation for many years - I believe it is a bias toward the left. Some interesting quotes here: http://biasedbbc.org/quotes-of-shame/
Bernard Brough wrote
at 1:47:08 AM on Monday, November 18, 2013
Just laughing my bollocks off at Colin.
Kenneth w mckelvey wrote
at 1:46:59 AM on Monday, November 18, 2013
Colin might be right when he calls us Brits basket cases/ Who would ignore a march about a Tax On A Spare Room In a council House/ When we have one family in the UK who is provided with 5 Palaces Free/ Is Fed/ Clothed/ Financed/ And has an Unestimatable Personal Fortune/ Dodges Tax /Pays nothing for the best education for their Children Grand Children Etc.And While these libertys are being taken We have poor Brits who are facing Eviction because they have no money to pay for BED TAX Colin I Agree Brits Are Basket Cases / FOR TOLERATING ALL THIS NONSENSE IT BELONGS IN MIDDLE AGES
Anonymous Poet wrote
at 1:46:38 AM on Monday, November 18, 2013
Are you going to Media City Protestors, sages, people of the time BBC remember us, the 99% The BBC once was a national treasure of ours But we now know are promoters of government crime BBC please help us to have a frack free land With all your reporters you’ve surely seen the signs ? We need our freshwater in public hands If you want more Springwatch to film Then help us keep our green and pleasant land
Rob Loxley wrote
at 1:31:22 PM on Sunday, November 17, 2013
We had a good time and the weather stayed dry. Lots of sing alongs and brave but eloquent speakers. Well done everyone for being the difference. Hope to see a few more out with us next time.
Christopher Lawton wrote
at 1:31:18 PM on Sunday, November 17, 2013
Here is my youtube footage with some snippets of yesterdays event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OjROGHUtic
Colin wrote
at 1:31:07 PM on Sunday, November 17, 2013
Salford? Seems to me this is a demo dreamt up by the BBC and Labour to counter the fact that the vast majority of people in the UK believe that BBC stands for Bringing Back Communism and daily spews out poisonous loony left propaganda. Listen to Radio 4 programmes and you would believe that Britain is a basketcase and the criminal incompetents in the Labour Party should be back in power.
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