Star date: 8th July 2013

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"They left my daughter crying in a Prom dress at the school gates in front of all her friends, all the teachers and all the parents…"

The reigning Miss Teen Salford, who last year represented the city and brought positive publicity to her school, Buile Hill Visual Arts College, was left distraught and in tears on Friday night when staff barred her from one of the biggest nights of her life.

Now the family of Lurelle Bancroft, who got to the finals of Miss Teen Great Britain, is accusing the school of victimisation and discrimination.

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"I'm just gobsmacked – how can you treat a child like that? I want them to be investigated…" Patrick Davies

The family of Lurelle Bancroft were left `gobsmacked' and `disgusted' on Friday night after seeing the reigning Miss Teen Salford in tears as she was turned away from the end of year Prom night at Buile Hill Visual Arts College.

Last year, Lurelle scooped the Miss Teen Salford crown and went on to represent the city in the Miss Teen Great Britain contest - set up to `to celebrate teenagers and their achievements, and to ultimately find a great role-model'.

As part of the competition Lurelle raised money for the Clare House Children's Hospice, brought lots of positive publicity to her school, and even had a personal `good luck' note from Salford MP Hazel Blears (see Salford Star article - click here).

Now her family is accusing the school of humiliation, victimisation and discrimination, after Lurelle was physically barred from attending Buile Hill's Prom night, having arrived in a dress costing almost £300.

"I had it made by a fashion designer in Manchester, she was so sure she was going because they'd got her hopes up that much" says Lurelle's mum, Candice "But this isn't about the money, it's about the distress they've caused my daughter.

"To actually leave her stood there in her Prom dress, crying, heart broken, in front of all the mums and dads, the teachers, the public and all her friends in their Prom dresses, is disgusting" Candice adds "She was stood there on her own, distraught – and then she had to walk away while they shut the gate behind her and she had to come home."

The end of year Prom night is now the biggest social event in any pupil's school life. To be banned from it is a major disgrace, and the school even has a points system where five official warnings are given on a `Prom card' before anyone is denied access.

Lurelle told the Salford Star that she had only two warnings, and stayed late at school and even went in during the holidays to catch up on exam work to try and turn the warnings around, after being advised by her teacher. Now the school is predicting that Lurelle will get a GCSE A* in at least a couple of exams.

"The deputy head of year got my hopes up, telling me all the things I had to do to be able to go to the Prom but she gave me false hopes" says Lurelle "I've done everything they asked and they still didn't let me go."

Apparently, the school took four days to consider the final verdict, only telling Lurelle the day before that was still barred from the Prom. On the day of the event , the Salford Star spoke to Buile Hill Head Teacher, James Inman, and sent him a subsequent email requesting a comment…

`As you know, she's currently Miss Teen Salford and, as a pupil, has brought lots of positive publicity to the school. Banning her from the Prom seems a bit harsh' we wrote `Lurelle is very upset, particularly as she actually bought the dress she was going to wear…'

Mr Inman replied… "Attending the end of year prom is not a given, students are only invited to attend if they have a good attendance and behaviour record."

Lurelle's mum tells us that her daughter's attendance is 91%, yet there were pupils at the Prom who had only 77%. The level of behaviour points set was 46. Lurelle got 68.

Meanwhile, we understand, a girl who was actually excluded from the school, for beating up a younger pupil, was at the Prom, while others who were on the `Definitely Not Going' list also attended.

"I was told there were about twenty other people on this `Definitely Not Going' list but they were those who never went into school and got no GCSE grades" says Lurelle "I'm coming out with GCSEs, I've brought a good name to the school, I've represented Salford… There's nothing I can think of that I've done to make the school act like this."

In the run up to the Prom, Lurelle's mum contacted Salford Council's Children's Services, only to be told that it was `out of their hands' and to go through official channels. When she phoned the school with her concerns the day before the Prom, she was told `It was too little too late and it was a lesson learned'. Now the family believe that Lurelle has been singled out…

"I'm just gobsmacked" says Patrick Davies her grandmother's partner "I have concerns about Lurelle's wellbeing, and concerns about the staff discriminating against this girl, victimising and humiliating her. We're talking about a child here. The culmination was the Head and other staff waiting for Lurelle at the school gates to tell her that she cannot go to a Prom – how immature is that?

"I've watched her grow and embrace education the way she is supposed to, even when she may have been stuttering at times" he explains "The fact is that she's turned her life around, she's focussed on what was important and not done anything I would regard as offensive. She's a credit, not a bad person, yet that school has given the impression she is a bad person. I want to know what's made that change.

"Have you any idea how distressing it is for a family to go to that school and experience watching that girl being refused access to a Prom, watching her stood there, in her Prom dress, crying, distressed, upset, and not one teacher went anywhere near that girl to console her, they just left her" he adds "As a grandparent I find that disgusting."

Meanwhile, online, Lurelle has been blocked from the school's Twitter feeds, her mum Candice, has been warned off posting comments about the school on her Facebook site - "an invasion of my privacy" - and a parent unknown to the family has set up a Facebook group highlighting the school's behaviour (see here) which drew almost 300 members in 48hours.

"I want the school to be investigated" says Patrick "I would not be responsible if I let this go and didn't notify people about the kind of treatment to expect from Buile Hill."

Beyond the upcoming battles between parents and Buile Hill Visual Arts College, sits a 16 year old girl – the reigning role model, Miss Teen Salford – who has had her heart broken by missing out on the end of school Prom, the most important social event in a pupil's school life.

See also previous Salford Star articles on Lurelle's ascent to the Miss Teen Great Britain Finals – click here and click here and click here

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UPDATE: 10th July 2013

James Inman, Head Teacher at Buile Hill Visual Arts College, has been in touch to make the following points…

“Lurelle was given 2 written ‘Prom warnings’ which she ripped up and told staff that her mum had told her not to accept them.  As a result of this it was announced by staff that the criteria for the Prom attendance would be to monitor all pupils attendance and behaviour points and only those reaching the set target would be allowed to attend.  All pupils were advised of this in an assembly on 8.3.13.

8th October 2012 – Lurelle was warned that her current poor behaviour would result in exclusion from the Prom. Lurelle requested a prom invitation 11th March but was informed she did not meet the criteria so was not invited. Lurelle requested a prom invitation 10th April but this was denied.19th April 2013 - Telephone conversation with Mrs Bancroft regarding Lurelle’s behaviour and truancy. Prom discussed and again invitation denied. Meeting set up for 22nd April @ 4.30pm. Ms Bancroft cancelled the meeting with me on 22nd April to discuss the Prom. 

29th April JI met with Mum and another family member and was asked to put her concerns/complaint in writing in accordance with complaints policy. Mum had previously been given a copy of complaints procedure.  No written complaint was received. Mum rang and spoke to Heads PA to arrange a meeting with JI to discuss her complaint. PA informed mum that we had still not received her complaint in writing and that she was required to do this before a meeting could take place.To date no written complaint has been received. Mum rang several times on the weeks leading up to the prom and spoke to Mrs. Offord who repeatedly told her that Lurelle was not permitted to attend the Prom.

Lurelle’s attendance at the cut off point of 20.6.13 was 87%. Criteria was NOT just attendance but behaviour and attendance combined. Three pupils attended who had points slightly less than the target. Each were discussed at a panel and individual circumstances taken into account. The level of behaviour points set was 80 Lurelle got 68. Lurelle’s combined attendance + behaviour was points were 28 although behaviour points alone are  -56 (minus 56). Pupil concerned [in beating up another pupil] was not excluded from school and unable to comment further regarding circumstances of other pupils. 

[Lurelle excluded from the prom for] Persistent unacceptable behaviour over a period of years and poor attendance.  Full behaviour log given to parent on 8.7.13. (21 pages long). Did not ring with concerns, rang  (mother and Lurelle) countless times all week and came into school ‘begging’ to be allowed to attend

As is usual practise at ALL proms, staff were stood at the door welcoming the pupils. As far as staff were aware Lurelle would not be attending the Prom as she was not invited therefore they were NOT waiting for her. Lurelle was told on several occasions dating back to 8th October 2012 that she was not permitted to attend the Prom."

Missy wrote
at 06:16:16 on 27 February 2016
She was told the day before the prom that she was not allowed so she was still obstinate enough to get ready the next day and go, that must give us a clue what her behaviour is like.
Dave Toner wrote
at 17:34:18 on 04 April 2015
Candice, Lurelle? No surprise really.
Sophie wrote
at 06:52:41 on 24 January 2015
I do not know Lurelle personally, nor do I have the right to decide whether she was a courteous/considerate/loving person, but even if the reports about her school issues were true, Buile Hill shouldn't have treated her this way. Yes, even if her mother 'told her to go anyway'. She should have been let in.
at 12:53:28 on 16 July 2013
Let this be a lesson for the school. The prom entry criteria sounds a sham and leaves itself open to interpretation. If it can allow a pupil who was involved in the assault up another, resulting in their being hospitalised into the prom then it leaves itself wide open to critisism. Surely everyone involved in that assault should have been automatically excluded, regardless of performance. I'm not defending the girl, but it does explain why so many people have questioned the validity of the scoring system.
mary ferrer wrote
at 12:52:00 on 16 July 2013
If you behave you get the rewards,if you don't then suffer the consequences. That's easy to understand. If there are rules they are there for a reason and if you ignore the rules, then that's down to you. One of my children wasn't allowed to the proms because he wasn't doing what he should at school (being late,course work not done on time,being a pain) I didn't kick up a fuss or dress him and turn up at the gates. He knew what he had to do and didn't so that was his fault. Not the schools. And regarding the story's in all the papers, have they nothing better to print.
Swintoner wrote
at 12:51:38 on 16 July 2013
To be honest, probably the biggest waste of space is the story itself. It is a complete non-event. Is there tat little happening in Salford? After wasting 5 minutes of my life reading this, fair play to the school. I simply cannot understand how they girl's parents can complain about her treatment. If my lad behaved in such a manner he'd be told in no uncertain terms to get his act together and crack on. A Prom is far from the most important night during your time at school, knuckling down for the exams should take priority. And good on the school for reeling off all the dates an times to show the number of occasions that they did their part but her family still failed to follow the school's procedures in regards to this. My final thought would be, get over it.
im not telling wrote
at 06:47:26 on 16 July 2013
this is not fair what so ever prom is a big time its a one in a life time chance for every pupil to enjoy the last night of there life with everyone of there friends who they might not see again and you still wouldn't let the girl in that's actually harsh the school needs more respect its not a bad school buile hill but not letting a girl enjoy an amazing night is horrible everyone deserves a chance at prom no one should of took a picture of her in her prom dress crying that's just disrespectful it just shows how many sly people are around I hope all those people being nasty to that girl feel guilty I hope they no how upset she was it was ment to be an amazing night for her life she would only get that chance once but the school still wouldn't let her in that's harsh I hope the girl is ok and the school feel horrible!
Salford Resident wrote
at 06:46:06 on 16 July 2013
I agree 100% with what the school has done given the circumstances. This generation have next to no respect for authority these days. Nor do the parents either it seems! Good on Buile Hill I say.
White wrote
at 21:54:50 on 14 July 2013
It’s definitely “fifteen minutes of fame” time. Someone’s photo has now made it into the Sunday Times.
at 11:06:47 on 12 July 2013
@ asdf "Is it just me or are all the posts and comments in defense of this girl are horribly written with bad grammar, bad spelling" Since when did you become a language expert? No, its not just you. In the UK it is widely accepted that word 13 of your comment is spelt defence, not defense... and perhaps word 17 of your comment should have been omitted, or followed with the word "all". The article isnt about language and literary, its about a girl being excluded from a prom. Stick to commenting on the article, not judging the language skills of contributers to this site.
Robert Teasdale wrote
at 11:06:42 on 12 July 2013
I find it quite ridiculous that this girl prepared herself (no doubt aided and abetted by her mother) for a prom to which she had already been clearly told she could not go. Had she stuck to those instructions then she would not have wasted her time, would not have become so upset, and this whole fiasco would not have become a story. What is evident is that this girl has a problem with rules and with authority, evidenced by her 'ripping up' the prom mark sheets in front of her teachers. Also she has no good reason for having such a poor attendance at school and has regularly been seen out shopping with her mother in Salford during school time. Behavioural problems and attitude problems, brought about by a lack of respect that she has probably learned from her chav mother. Neither the school nor the girl are really to blame. Look no further than her upbringing and therein you'll find the problem.
david mill wrote
at 06:22:43 on 12 July 2013
I would like to make a comment on this subject as my children went to buile hill high school they enjoyed all the years whilst there and i think the teachers do an eccellent job,what parents seem to forget is that their children all play up when there away from them,so may be you need to look closer to home instead of trying to blame the wounderful staff at buile hill.Your daughter was also informed not to attend shes bought all this on herself nobody asked her to turn up and involve the papers keep the good work up to all the staff at buile hill.
asdf wrote
at 06:22:38 on 12 July 2013
Is it just me or are all the posts and comments in defense of this girl are horribly written with bad grammar, bad spelling, and with the fishy smell of originating from the same person - possibly the mother herself? I find it a bit hilarious.
Do They Care? wrote
at 18:52:35 on 11 July 2013
That response typifies the system I work with all the time. Why is it just based on the last year.What if she had 100% over all that time before year 11. You headmaster, and the rest of you have a role in creating disengaged young people. Your whole tact stinks and devalues the majority of this young persons contribution throughout her school life. This is not an isolated incident,it happens with a large number of young people from every school. The excuses are always the same Attendance,bad behavior (Dont nod your head to Sir/Miss) but these decisions re always based on the last year and everything achieved before is disregarded. Your system of education stinks and it is a pity you yourself are not measured on progress/results looking at your past eight years work and achievement. If you ran a garage you be shut based on your lack of success and yet you and your staff are still highly rewarded for failing in your Jobs of getting young people to recognised A-C in Maths and English.. Your hypocrisy is symobolised by your yearly expulsions in Oct after you have received your pupil premiums. You know who you are going to exclude now,but you and your ilk will wait till the cash drops in and then find an excuse to exclude in mass. I have heard employees like you blame all young people or there parents for your schools and others lack of achievements time and time again. I don't suppose you have the same action for teachers who are failing or have poor attendance over a year when it comes to your Xmas do? No didn't think so! That would take balls of which sadly people like you are lacking. I do not know this particular girl but I do know at least 100 young people over the last ten years that have had to live with your policy of exclusion, and the ruined last memories of there education.
Lisa wrote
at 18:50:38 on 11 July 2013
This is a no win situation. Before a pupil starts secondary school, they need to sign a contract adhering to the school rules and policies during their transition period from year 6-7. If the pupil fails to follow the rules then there are sanctions and procedures that are put into place. I back the school 100% due to the fact that if a pupil isn't following the procedures and not completing individual targets then they should accept the consequences of no prom invitation. Too often some pupils think they have the right to qualify going to prom. However, if they don't abide by the school rules they are breeching the school contract. Why should pupils who have inhibited other pupil's learning and prevented staff from teaching high quality lessons because of other pupil's poor behaviour be rewarded? The young lady was informed on the early stages of year 11 she wouldn't be allowed to go. Why should other pupils who abide by the school rules and work hard then see someone who has failed to meet her individual targets to attend the prom? However, despite whether she is an A* student or not, it will be her attitude and communication skills which will determine her success in life. As a school, if they allowed the pupil in question to attend the prom, this would send mixed messages to the co-operative and respectful year 11 pupils. Wouldn't YOU be more annoyed if this pupil had been allowed to go?
beige beret wrote
at 15:53:29 on 11 July 2013
I think Lurelle should prove everyone wrong and use this new found publicity for the greater good. She's already raised money for charity during her Miss Salford time. Maybe she could head the campaign to stop cuts to The Grange. It would certainly be a good way to stick two fingers up to the establishment that she feels let her down
The Kid wrote
at 15:53:24 on 11 July 2013
Are the people of Salford really this thick? Can anybody spell? Anyway, she is plank for turning up to a party she knew she couldn't go to and what a silly publicity hungry family too. Minus 56 points for behaviour – Wow she must be an awful pupil, therefore no prom young lady. Maybe her mum should have been more concerned about her education than her just going to a blooming party. Who has the brain cell today? None of the above.....
Dave wrote
at 15:52:28 on 11 July 2013
She was told she was banned but still turned up. I know her from the school and she acts very spoiled and thinks she's amazing. I hope she understands, no means no in future even for princesses with big egos! She made a fool of herself, it was funny.
debra macdonald wrote
at 11:44:50 on 11 July 2013
Firstly WHY would Lurelles Grandparents maybe as put up earlier want 15 mins of fame or Candice or Lurelle ???? Everything has been put up in black and white ,for you all to see and why would Lurelle ,need fame Hello people @ anonymous comments and made up names, (MISS SALFORD )She happened to represent SALFORD. Why would Lurelles family let her go and get ready only to be humilated and shown up in front of everyone at the school and shunned by the so called Teachers ..Leading her on it would be fine to go to the prom ....Err Gary why did you even bother to comment it is news and important to Lurelle and family ...Hey guys READ IT ALL AGAIN for all you YOU PUT DOWNERS ...Yes everyone ones entitled to there opinions ...So there fore the family came straight here the Star named and shamed and WHY not, it would have been brushed under the carpet, otherwise left to go on and on with, we will get back to you ...keep up the campaign ..everyone has rights ...goodluck to the family ie Candice Lurelle and grandparents. This is the real world @ meme clearly more to the story err hello read it all again and tell us you wouldnt do the same if it was your child that had this done to him/her .As for the note from Mr Inman why wasnt all these documents given to Lurelles mum before hand did you have to quickly get back and write a statements or other to cover yourselves ...Candice and family beat you to it .So you need cover notes @ the school now just happens that you have been put on the spot Buile hill and now your statements have come up...How many times have us as parents gone into a school about bullying or a about a teachers constantly having a go at the same pupil and they say we will look into it and its been left only to carry on till its to late with another pupil being left to be ridiculed shown up left defeated all the trauma there left to deal with the pupil ...Well Lurelle is the pupil in question and her family fight back good luck guys with the campaign ...
Good wrote
at 11:44:45 on 11 July 2013
It's clear from the heads comments that this young lady had never been invited to the prom, yet her mother encouraged her to dress up and arrive at school knowing full well she was not allowed to attend. It's the mother at fault here, not the school. If the mother was so intent on her daughter attending the prom she should have gone through the appropiate procedures as described by the school. Prom is a reward NOT a given right - too many people these days are too aware of thier rights but not thier responsibilities. There are consequences to your actions and you are held accountable, hopefully this will be a lesson learnt.
at 05:35:14 on 11 July 2013
Whatever side you take on this - its a storm in a teacup. The school hasnt done itsef any favours either. There is something very distasteful and nasty about educators who willingly expose a childs shortcomings in a tabloid. Better to have said nothing and let it go. Least said, soonest mended.
Anon wrote
at 22:10:12 on 10 July 2013
Stop complaining about the Headteacher responding. You've all had your say.From the response of the headteacher it seems quite clear their is more to this than the parents/Grandparents are letting on. Perhaps they just want 15 minutes of 'fame'?
White wrote
at 15:49:10 on 10 July 2013
Wrote is “appalled that a head teacher would resort to discussing with the press the finite details of this child’s case history prior to the school holding an internal investigation.” I would hope that Wrote is equally appalled by the number of comments below making most serious allegations about the running of the school and the conduct of its staff. All without evidence. The parents and family brought this matter into the public domain so the head therefore has every right to respond and put his/the school’s standpoint forward.
at 14:52:22 on 10 July 2013
Surely March of this year is rather late to publicy announce at assembly that the prom invites were subject to a specific set of criteria. Maybe it is set out in the schools portfolio, and if it isnt perhaps now is the time to do so. I am appalled that a head teacher would resort to discussing with the press the finite details of this childs case history prior to the school holding an internal investigation. Have the governors met since last week to approve and sanction the head teachers statement about this childs school history to the press? I would like to see the minutes of that meeting!! Lurelle is still a school pupil until the end of term, surely this is a breach of confidentiality and an abuse of trust on the part of the school.
Trevor Olner wrote
at 06:28:13 on 10 July 2013
Why don't you,the parents of Lurelle speak to the Ofsted inspectors about this incident and your concerns. I have just read the 2012 Ofsted report and note that the the head and deputy head where only recently appointed. Any parent with concerns about their children at this school should first raise the matter with the school and then if they are not satisfied, or there is no satisfactory outcome should speak to Ofsted
PK wrote
at 06:27:58 on 10 July 2013
Lots of differing opinions here, but I really enjoyed the fact that people who are claiming they have attended or are attending this school, have the most basic of spelling mistakes. Surely that says enough for the schools overall level of teaching competence. I still think this is an utter disgrace and I do genuinely feel sorry for Lurelle.
beige beret wrote
at 20:40:32 on 09 July 2013
Gosh I wish some of the posters on this thread were as passionate about things that REALLY matter in the local community.
Sam Soper wrote
at 19:26:56 on 09 July 2013
She was clearly banned from the prom and told a number of times, but still turned up. If anyone has left her upset and humiliated surely the family need to take responsibility for this. Did they think the school would change their minds? She has obviously been banned for a reason - as the head said, pupils earn the right to go, and she clearly didn't.
Jodie Ball ex pupil from Albion High wrote
at 16:33:17 on 09 July 2013
i think its discussing how Lurelle has been treated it was heartbreaking seeing her so upset that she couldn't spend the last school days / night with her friends. I think some of the teachers need to go back to school or its the teacher that need to learn to respect the pupils. Buile hill your going down hill not up hill
at 16:33:12 on 09 July 2013
Margaret Ball wrote
at 16:33:02 on 09 July 2013
in my day school days where spouse to be the happiest days of your like not the worst years of your life, seams to me that Buile hill high school has forgotten this. to see a young girl so upset all she wants to do was go to her prom and spend the last night of school years with her friends SHAME ON YOU BUILE HILL HIGH !how would you feel as a teacher if your daughter /son couldn't go to there prom. I hope the family get the true answers of WHY ???
Em walker wrote
at 16:32:37 on 09 July 2013
Why do people have to be so horrible Lurelle is a polite young lady and it is obvious that the teacher(s) have targeted her. As for people saying they're is more to this they obviously have no clue what high school teachers are like nowadays. The person that said is this really news well yeah it is it was news enough when she was representing the school in a good light last year. Finally people picking up on people's spellings (get a life) a lot of people would of commented from their phones and are use to "text" talk we all know what they actually mean so let's not get petty!! The story is to highlight that poor Lurelle has been victimised her prom should of been a night to remember for good reasons not this. Oh n someone said why did she go if was told the day before she wasn't allowed Maybe because she had worked damn hard during holidays and after school to meet their demands and had a tiny ray of hope that The teachers would actually show some heart and let her in !!! Disgusting !!
Emma roberts wrote
at 09:29:28 on 09 July 2013
My son attends this school and i recieve weekly calls from them sayin my son as said an done things when they know fine well my son was in special school till the age of 12 he has special needs but im so annoyedwith the one teacher that is always at my son i know candice an her daughter very well and they are such pleasent people an her daughter does not deserve what they done disgusting and im thinking now to remove my son from this school !
beige beret wrote
at 09:29:25 on 09 July 2013
To quote Janet Meese "This school should be ashamed of itself spoiling what was the most important event at the end of a young persons time at school." Isn't that EXAMS?
nikki newns wrote
at 05:38:19 on 09 July 2013
My son attends the school, he suffers with a life threatening illness which the school are aware of, there's been a trip organised for children with good attendance, needless to say my son who has spent the last 12 months in and out of hospital once on a ventilator was turned away from the trip due to his poor attendance, even gettin on the phone didn't budge their decision, only when I got the team of the hospital involved they said he could go... It is discrimination, its shockin, and the other local schoola arn't up to scratch either...
Joanne carruthers wrote
at 05:38:15 on 09 July 2013
Absolutely Terrible thing to do to a 16yr old !! And she looked amazing!! Shame on Buile hill high school!! Everyone in yr 11 should be allowed to attend you cant single people out thats terrible x 3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Candice bancroft wrote
at 05:36:19 on 09 July 2013
For the anynomous person who wrote that my daughter must have been givin everything on a plate !!! I doubt that very much !! My daughter is very respectful to people and especially if they are respectful back !!! Un like yourself !!! and if she was not well behaved then she would not be coming out with the grades she is targeted for!!! Also she has raised money in her spare time for cancer research :) And she is by far a demanding child how u have quoted it!!! but if she was aren't all children??? Does that mean there bad??? It isn't abt the beauty competion either !! Lurelle represented salford & her school with pride last year, and then they turned for no reason that we know of , you obviously have not read the article properly ?? Very sad life's some people have !!!
pupil of buile hill wrote
at 05:35:28 on 09 July 2013
i am a pupil at buile hill and I absoulutely despise it mr. davies who's name lurelles mother said told me to "go away" the other week
Ex Lib Dem wrote
at 05:34:20 on 09 July 2013
Well done Bystander for using this non political story to have a pop at the council, well you are a Tory so no real surprise
spelling!! wrote
at 05:34:04 on 09 July 2013
I think people commenting on this need to go back to school to learn to spell.
Sarah Banbury wrote
at 20:20:35 on 08 July 2013
I think this is disgusting. Lurelle and her mum are lovely people, the kind that are salt if the earth but either way this shouldn't be happening, this is bullying!! Well done to her mum Candice for showing this school for what it really is.
julie oxton wrote
at 20:20:26 on 08 July 2013
Lurelle is a lovely beautiful girl n neva does anybody harm well all the time av knew her she as neva harmed hurt or upset any1 this is disgracefull n they all shud b ashamed of ther self the load of scumbags!! The teachers av singled her out the poor girl awww it brought a tear 2my eyes readin this :'( how upset n embarrassed lurelle must av been I wud av twated all the scummy heartless teachers the evil wankersa they r I hope u get this sorted becoz this shouldn't av been aloud 2happen to her not in a million yrs shud they be aloud to treat n disrespect a lovely young talented girl this way. Hope lurelle n family r ok. I think use r a top family n av neva ad a bad word 2say about any of use. Takecare lurelle u beauty they probs jelous coz ur a star n ther fukall xxx
at 20:19:28 on 08 July 2013
.. Its shameful to know (not think) to actually know that our children are being looked after through the day by people who are narrow minded spineless bullies. Lurelle is a beautiful young girl who brought a lot of publicity to Salford with her competition win,, also publicity to her school who were apparently over the moon with one of their students. I've heard and also read different things that have been going on at this school for many years now, not only do the children have to put up with the usual child to child bullying, they also have to put up with it from teachers. Its obvious that staff and governors alike have no interest in the childrens wellbeing at this school so a full enquiry needs to be had. Lets also get the media involved, this is not a one off incident. How can teachers expect respect when they are dead heads. My heart goes out to Lurelle and Candice and family, you are a well loved and respected family in our community and to be treated like this is an actual crime of child abuse. I also know a lot of people reading this now know me and know how much I am holding my tongue. Love to you all, xxxx Media City is on our doorstep now, get them involved and lets start employing people who can actually be there for kids instead of taking the piss out of them.
Anonymous wrote
at 20:18:31 on 08 July 2013
Maybe she should have behaved herself instead of expecting everything to be given to her on a plate because she 'nearly' won a beauty competition. Good grades don't count for anything if the pupil is not well behaved and respectful, something I doubt this demanding young woman is! ALSO if she was advised she was not allowed to attend, why did she attend anyway?
debbie livesey wrote
at 20:18:11 on 08 July 2013
I think its discusting. Lurelle is on all the corridors of the school from when she has represented the school in a performance. Prom night means everything to a young lady. To have this night taken away from her is really discraceful. It doesnt matter what Lurelle has done (if she has) in my eyes because a young lady was allowed to attend (just as long as Lurelle didn't find out) who had put another young lady in the hospital. If it was over attendance issues then why has Lurelle been allowed to perform for the school? My own daughter is going through hell at the moment because of a teacher who she constantly clashes with. She was even escorted from the school premises without a phone call to me or anyone else. My daughter suffers from anxiety and is sick every morning as a result but she was left to walk home alone. I am the first to admit my child has an attitude that stinks but we now know so has the teacher who removed her from school that day. My childs safety was at risk but the teacher spoke to my mum like a piece of dirt.
By-stander wrote
at 20:17:17 on 08 July 2013
Why are you all so surprised at how this school is being run? Just look at who, was it's shining star at the helm of the ship, none other than Cllr Gina "fuck you" Merret. Just look at her, over the top & extremist remarks about this site when she was called to account. Watch out for the head teacher standing in the next local elections, him, Gina and UNITE the union all standing together together for what THEY want.
christine wrote
at 18:11:07 on 08 July 2013
I have known Lurelle for a very long time . Shes a great person loving, considerate young girl. The way the school as treated her is horrendous. My own daughter was not allowed to go to her prom at that time it wasnt a big thing but still she was upset. The way that the teachers can decide wether ur in or out is a disgrace. Next years children should say no to prom if one or more of there school mates are not allowed.
meme wrote
at 18:11:02 on 08 July 2013
There's clearly more to this story than the relatives of this girl are letting on.
hm wrote
at 18:10:36 on 08 July 2013
DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!! The schools a bag of s**t anyway ...but how sad to do that they way they have why not tell her weeks before that she would defo not be allowed ..instead of letting her get dressed up and hopes up and looking forwa o it ..to turn her away at the gates ....and seeing her upset like that ...well i would of caused a scene ....glad my children didnt go this school i hated the whole time i was there and know alot of peoplthat hated it aswell ....shame on them
Candice bancroft wrote
at 18:10:11 on 08 July 2013
I am lurelles mum , all I can say is that BUILE hill left my daughter heartbroken as well as her family, to leave a 16 year old girl in her prom dress the headteacher mr inman, deptuty head miss bleakley. & mr davies just stood there SMURKING at her is a DISGRACE!!! I had reported a member of staff to the authority's 3 months ago !! As there are many incidents that my daughter went through whilst at BUILE hill , it was a different story when the teachers had relized that my daughter was targeting a* on her g.c.s.e's as that goes well for the school , they have victimised ,HUMILATED and singled her out her as well as doing it in public !! She met all standards the school needed and more , so I will be asking for a investigation to take place at the school as this should not be allowed to happen they are children !! Dnt want to sound rude Gary but have u got a daughter? Probably not or just no heart !!! :(
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