Star date: 19th June 2013

A Salford Star Exclusive


Salford Council staff worried about the future of services to the city's old and ill people were horrified when Sue Lightup, Director of Health and Social Care, apparently responded `At least they're being fed'.

The Council has now voted to privatise its Intermediate Home Support Service…even though three of the favoured private providers failed basic standards tests, Salford people will get less care, and over fifty highly trained staff have left the Council service. "It's back to Victorian times" one support worker told the Salford Star, reflecting on Sue Lightup's comments…

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"If you're rich and you can afford it your parents are ok but if you haven't got the money the only place you're going to end up is in the grave…" support worker

"At least they're being fed" was the response of Sue Lightup, Salford Council's Director of Community Health and Social Care, to Intermediate Home Support workers during a meeting to discuss the imminent privatisation of their jobs and the care service they provide to old and ill people in the city.

The comments by Sue Lightup, who picks up a financial package in excess of £130,000 a year, horrified those present, who, every day, enable people who have come out of hospital to become more independent by helping them in their home with things like personal care, shopping, cleaning, making meals and much, much more.

It's a short term caring service that is aimed at reducing emergency re-admissions into hospitals, and thus keeping health costs down. Previously there were hundreds of Intermediate Home Support workers employed by Salford Council but over the last few years private companies have come into the city, providing a cheaper option along with reduced care.

When the Council first aired its latest attacks on its remaining staff - including an option of reduced hours and changed shift patterns that would involve workers being available for sixty hours a week while only being paid for 25 hours - a further 24 people left their jobs, leaving just 28 Council workers to deliver the service.

With many of those left now also seeking voluntary redundancy or early retirement, the Council decided last week to privatise the remaining service. It estimates that the cuts will save £653,000 in 2013/14 and £812,000 from 2014/15. But the Council hasn't calculated the human cost both to staff and their clients.

This week the Salford Star spoke to some of the staff affected by the privatisation and they were seriously worried for the future, based on their own experiences of the private sector…

• "I had a case where we were going into a home to see the husband but a private company was going into see the wife, and when we got there the private company had just left the tablets on the side for the wife to take - but they both had dementia. They didn't know whose tablets were whose, what time of day they were supposed to be taking their tablets, yet, as far as the private sector company was concerned, it was safe enough just to leave the tablets lying around."

• "Two of us had been going to see this gentleman and we were under the impression that it was going to be handed over to the private agency with two staff. He'd had a severe stroke, his feet were bad so you needed one to hold him and one to do any toileting and changing, and he needed to be moved around on a kind of stand. Instead, a girl of about 19 came in on her own who had never used one of these things before, and looked absolutely mortified. I more or less did it for her. I should have just gone but couldn't leave that man like that. It's an accident waiting to happen."

• "There was one person in Little Hulton, we enabled her, got her walking, got her going to the toilet, got her feeding herself, then handed her over to the private agency and within a matter of weeks we got her back because the agency had de-enabled her, and she was back on her bed and couldn't get up. They don't have the time."

• "One lady was showing signs of a stroke, with her face drooping and she couldn't speak. The carers put her back in bed and said `Phone the doctor when he's open'. I got there and said `She needs an ambulance'. But they just left her."

The experiences of the Council staff are backed up by official studies and inspections. Three out of the 14 private agencies on Salford Council's list of its Care Commission Providers have failed recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission which judges providers on five standards of care.

Apex Health and Social Care failed four out of five of the standards in April 2013. Inspectors commented "People who use the service were not protected from the risk of abuse because the provider had not taken reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent abuse from happening."

They added: "Prior to the inspection, we found evidence, in two cases, of care workers attending to deliver care who had not received the appropriate training to meet those people's complex needs. This meant that the safety of those people had been placed at risk."

Guardian Angels Homecare Ltd failed in February 2013 on standards of staffing… "Staff told us there were some areas that they had not done recent training on, including safeguarding vulnerable adults and first aid" inspectors noted "Staff were not always fully supported to ensure that they were able to meet the needs of people using the service safely and to an appropriate standard."

Homecare Support, which is part of the Human Support Group, failed its inspection, in April 2013, on standards of providing care, treatment and support that meets people's needs… "People did not always experience care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights" stated inspectors.

Meanwhile, a long term study in 2007 by the Care Services Efficiency Delivery Programme on Homecare Reablement, which included Salford in its research, concluded that "often when a service user moves from reablement to an on-going package of care provided by an independent care provider, they revert to having tasks done for them rather than being supported to undertake tasks themselves. As a result the level of independence they have achieved may not be maintained."

Amongst the reasons for this were… "The culture or ethos of most independent providers"… "Most staff working for independent care providers have not had specific training in re-ablement"… "Often the package of care commissioned does not allow time for staff to take a re-ablement approach, and so they simply have to 'go in and get the task done'."

Six years after the study, these problems in the private sector were brought up time and again while talking to Council staff… "We'll see someone for as long as it takes; like, we can assess someone for an hour's call but the social workers and the seniors won't put it over to the private agencies for an hour because they haven't got the staff and the time to do it. So they will be in and out within, say, twenty minutes and that person will suffer.

"We don't only do the physical we do the mental and psychological side of it as well" they added "We used to take them out, walk them to the bottom of the road, do exercises with them, take them to church or wherever - but it all got stripped away from us, and it was just `Do the cleaning, get them in the kitchen' – all the proper physical things to enable them and get them going again all got taken away. And when it goes to the private sector all these people are going to get is basic needs care."

Or, as Salford Social Care boss, Sue Lightup remarked to them "At least they're being fed"*

Salford Council estimates that the privatisation of the service will save £653,000 in 2013/14 and £812,000 from 2014/15. But even this is false economy – a false economy that is now being recognised in national politics.

Only last month, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee criticised both government departments and local councils for not figuring how cuts in one section will affect spending on another…

"For example" the Committee stated "cuts in adult social care may result in increases in hospital costs as patients wait longer to be discharged and emergency readmissions go up."

For Salford Council workers on the front line of adult social care this is bloody obvious…

"This is going to impact on the district nurses because at the moment we go in, we change, for instance, stoma care bags and show people how to do it, whereas the private sector is not trained up to do that, and district nurses haven't got the time to do that. So people aren't going to be able to be discharged from hospital which means there's going to be bed blocking."

Indeed, the privatisation and staff cuts are taking place while Salford is trying to reduce its rate for emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not require hospital admissionit's got the fourth highest rate for this in the country, which has grown as the service has been increasingly `outsourced'

"The loss of the Council's Intermediate Home Support service to the private sector will only make this problem worse" says Salford City UNISON's Ameen Hadi "What sort of care are people going to get in about 15 minutes per visit, from staff who are on low paid zero hour contracts? We will all end up paying for this."

None more so than some of the most vulnerable people in Salford…

"We asked councillors and officers how would they feel if this was one of their parents, and their answer was `I can pay for someone to come in to do whatever my mum wants'" the staff told the Salford Star "But for someone who hasn't got that amount of money it's tough luck.

"If you're rich and you can afford it, your parents are ok - but if you haven't got the money the only place you're going to end up is in the grave. They are going to become more and more vulnerable. It's going back to Victorian times."

• The Salford Star asked Sue Lightup if she did say `At least they're being fed', or  words to that effect, to staff and, if so, would she like to explain what she meant?

Sue Lightup replied: "I believe this refers to a meeting with staff from the Intermediate Home Care service who were referring to the fact that the needs of people they were now supporting were more complex and they were providing less rehabilitation and shopping and more meals.

"The Intermediate Home support service is one of about 15 or so elements of the Intermediate Care service and a number of other parts of the service focus on reablement and rehabilitation. I wanted to be clear with staff that having meals and being fed was the most basic and therefore the most important thing that this part of the service needed to do, as without this, people could not remain at home."

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Bernard Brough wrote
at 19:04:45 on 01 July 2013
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 13:21:49 on 01 July 2013
Bernard. that is what socialism doe's, it indoctrinates, locks the door then throws away the key, it stops the individual from thinking for them selves, never mind Bernard one day you may find where they have hidden the key from you and then you'll see where you have been going wrong. I wish you all the best in your quest for knowledge and enlightenment from the dark side of socialism.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:13:12 on 01 July 2013
Brain, I have tried, I really have, but maybe you are just too unintelligent to grasp certain basic concepts like deductive reasoning. Read some of the posts you have written. And please try to open your mind. Assuming the door wasn't locked & key thrown away years ago.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 20:30:05 on 30 June 2013
@Bernard Brough. no not confused, I leave that to the left wing socialists. just as I thought, just another so called socialist spouting socialism but underneath a fully paid up capitalist, don't worry Bernard I wont hold it against you, I wont have anyone call you an socialist hypocrite, hey Bernard, join the labour party and feel at home their all multi millionaire socialist hypocrites. PS ed balls labour socialist, been in the papers, seems he wasn't happy screwing the country up with gordon brown, seems he screwed up the co op bank as well, moral of the story don't let a socialist any where near banking or the countries finances. wasn't it labour in charge in the 70s when bodies weren't being buried, rubbish not being disposed of. in 1997 when Tories left power 700,000 children living in poverty, 2010 when the labour socialist party left office after 13 years 1.7 million children living in poverty, the true cost of left wing socialism. and no you don't have to be a socialist to care about other people, just human. oh and I was their in the 70s when the lights went out and the tv went off, walking round with a candel, because the unions were holding the country to ransom. seems every union took it in turns to go out on strike, great day's Bernard great day's.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 15:33:02 on 30 June 2013
Brain, you really are a confused young man. You say you agree that workers should own the means of production and share in the fruits of their labour, you say you agree with free health care & education. Then you say you are not a socialist. You try to obfuscate the argument by bringing in the unions in the 70s & the Labour Party. I don't actually need to read about the events of the 1970s, I was there. Your wild statement that the unions were responsible for the country's problems are as misguided as is the rest of your poor excuse for an argument. There were many contributory factors for the state of the country in the 1970s. The unions being part of the problem, but remember that at it's worst it always happened to be the Tories who were running the country. As for my own circumstances they are nothing to do with you or this debate.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 16:00:28 on 29 June 2013
Mike Skeffington wrote at 11:30:02 AM on Thursday, June 27, 2013 Sorry about the break in my post. To continue: Conservatism is traditionally in favour of maintaining the status quo and opposing change in social structure, that is, it seeks to keep power and influence in the hands of the rich and elite. /////////// couldn't you say the same about labour, keep them brain dead by giving them a second rate education, and so in turn keeping them poor, make them reliant on benefits and then say the evil Tories want to take away your benefits, but if you keep voting labour we'll let you live the rest of your life on benefits. so you can say the reality is, it's labour who really oppose change for their own political interests.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 15:59:52 on 29 June 2013
Mike Skeffington. people don't use there real names because of all the pc shit that is destroying this country, you and I know anyone who doesn't subscribe to this left wing ideology shit becomes a target to these left wing fascists, you have to admit the most dangerous group are from the left, every time there are union and left wing marches they always end up in violence, amazing these groups call them selves peaceful, and then call the right violent,///// @ Bernard Brough. no not a socialist, a realist, big difference, are you now saying labour are a socialist party, Bernard, weren't the trade unions socialist and communists and wasn't the red flag flown by the unions and the labour party making them both socialist, what do you find confusing about what the unions were doing to Britain during the 70s, it's quite simple Bernard they was f*cking the country up, look it up, but don't use a left wing socialist history book to find the facts, it's been doctored to only show only, how good socialism is, but proper history books show different. the unions today are the same as in the 70s but with no power, still militant as ever. you talk about capitalism imploding, keep dreaming, how many times has capitalism had a bit of a nose dive, only for it like a phoenix rise again.Bernard keep dreaming, every one is a capitalist including your socialists,i.e foot, Kinnock's, Abbot's, so come on Bernard wave the flag of capitalism you no you want to.Bernard have you got a mortgage or are you in a pension or a pensioner or have a bank account, if yes then I hate to tell you this your a CAPITALIST well done, and well come to the club.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 19:45:15 on 28 June 2013
Brain, well done you are a socialist, you're still in the closet. but come out baby and wave your red flag with pride. You do seem to confuse socialism with what trades unions were doing in the 1970s which I find a bit confusing. You also say that there is no socialist party that stands a chance of being elected then go on about Labour. If you agree that they are not a left wing party then what is your problem?
Bernard Brough wrote
at 19:45:01 on 28 June 2013
Carl, the level of debt certainly is high, but hardly catastrophically so. Historically debt at the moment, 70 per cent of DGP, is relatively not too bad considering that between 1920 & 1960 national was as high as 100 per cent and at the end of the Second World War had reached 250 per cent. Add to this the fact that £21 trillion is hidden by the supper rich in off shore tax havens and the fact that the debt is insignificant becomes crystal clear. You can blame Labour and piss and moan as much as you want about silly jokes made by politicians, but the fact remains that no political party in this country would have done an different. It is the system that is fucked, a capitalist, laissez faire, free market that will eventually implode. Then maybe a truly socialist model can be introduced.
Mike Skeffington wrote
at 11:25:00 on 28 June 2013
Not brain dead (Why are people afraid to use their real names?) There have always been a very small minority of people who abuse the system and yes they are scroungers but, you fail to see the point. There has been and continues to be a concerted effort by this government and most of the media to tar all claimants with the same brush. There are genuinely sick and disabled people being forced off benefits they are entitled to for purely political reasons. There are people being driven to their wits end trying to find work. People should not be stigmatised for claiming benefits to which they are entitled. Incidentally, there are hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits which remain unclaimed. As to education: you seem to ramble somewhat about the left destroying decent education. You say the lefts ideology is 'there should be no losers', well of course there shouldn't I would have thought that was the aim of every political party. You say the biggest losers were the children and the country. This is of course codswallop. Thatcher was a perfect example of Tory attitudes towards working class children when she withdrew free milk. From the beginning of formal education it has always been the better off who got the best simply because they could afford to pay. This has always been one of the main tenets of conservatism. As for those in the labour party who had private education destroying it for others through jealousy it's a rather silly assumption. Labour did indeed look at grammar and private schools and introduced Comprehensive schools which is a fairer system. As to the NHS, or what's left of it. Privatisation is central to conservative ideology and that it precisely what this government means to do. For instance: Virgin has invested massively in the health service in many areas to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds as have several other companies. Both the government and the companies have gone to great lengths to keep this under wraps. Privatisation in the NHS or any public service or utility always proves disastrous for the working class. If you want a system where everyone gains don't look to privatisation or the conservative model. The Bullingdon club says it all about the Tory leadership and to be honest many in Labour nowadays too. As I said in my last post, these cuts are unnecessary both at a local and national level, money can be saved elsewhere. We don't see PMs or local councillors on minimum wages.
Carl M wrote
at 11:24:50 on 28 June 2013
@Mike Skeffington, I have one thing to say regarding your comment "All this hype about this country being in deep debt and desperately short of money is completely false". What planet are you on? Do you not remember the note saying there is "NO MONEY LEFT" when Labour left office, even the Labour party nationally do not deny that this country is skint. They just have not got round yet to admitting that it is because of them.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 06:06:38 on 28 June 2013
@Mike Skeffington, you say people on benefits are not scroungers, then in the same sentence you say there are people who abuse the system, so if these people are not scroungers then what are they, on decent education it was the left wing who destroyed it, it was the lefts ideology of there should be no losers, yet the biggest losers were the children and the country, under labour, everyone was to be equal at the bottom of the ladder instead of pushing them to be equal at the top, the people who had the good fortune to have the best private education in the labour party then tried to destroy it for others out of nothing more than jealousy, labour instead of looking at grammar and private schools and seeing how they was turning out the best pupils, and it wasn't just about money, should have taken the best idea's from the private and introduced them to the state system, instead of what they did do, dumbed down the education system for everyone. for all the money that labour threw at the education system, more school children left school unable to read and write under labour. @Bernard Brough, "Do you see something wrong with workers owning the means of production and taking a fair share in the fruits of their labour?" on this no I don't, but would you like to go back to the seventies where the unions ran the the work force and brought the country to it's knee's with strike after strike, I would rather have it where everyone gains, instead of now tit for tat mentality of both employer and employee, if they put as much effort in to working together as they do trying to screw each other the country wouldn't be in the mess it is in now. on health care, again labour destruction, there was more pen pushers introduced under labour than any other party, the NHS needs a good clear out of these people, people who were employed because there members of a trade unions or labour party, we didn't need theses people 20- 30 years a go, why do we need them now, get rid of them, employ more doctor's, nurses, buy more equipment, and put the patient first. not rocket science
Mike Skeffington wrote
at 17:30:02 on 27 June 2013
Sorry about the break in my post. To continue: Conservatism is traditionally in favour of maintaining the status quo and opposing change in social structure, that is, it seeks to keep power and influence in the hands of the rich and elite. In political terms it encourages free enterprise and private ownership. This system by it's very nature is divisive and inevitably leads to social injustice, deprivation and unrest. I won't site any example from the past, I'm sure you can do that for yourselves. All this hype about this country being in deep debt and desperately short of money is completely false. This country is one of the richest in the world, the problem is that wealth is not fairly distributed. Also, anyone who is on benefits is not a scrounger and those who suggest they are have simply been taken in by the political rhetoric of the government and the media. Of course there are those who will abuse the system but, there always has been. If we look back to when the welfare state was started in 1948, Britain was bankrupt and in deep debt to the United States yet the labour government pressed ahead with the plan. Socialism and communism are not the same thing. As for taking the moral high ground: A decent free education and health service in return for paying tax and insurance are basic human rights. Being able to earn a decent wage is not unreasonable and please don't say there are plenty of jobs out there because it simply isn't the case. This country needs investment in it's people to create jobs and bring back industries, it does not need investment in weapons. But, to get back to the central point. Privatisation is not the way forward, it is definitely not in the best interests of our aging population or the people who need care, in fact it is the worst option. One thing I would say to those carers who work for private companies: if you are given a time schedule for each client but don't think you can give them the care they need in that time, simply ignore it and give the person the time and care you think they need. Trust me, these health officials haven't got a clue. So, Not a brain dead and Carl. It's not socialism that is at fault, it is the councillors who run this council. It's people such as, Sue Lightup and the private sector bosses who run the services who are to blame. You shouldn't need to read books on political and economic theory to realise that.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:43:06 on 27 June 2013
Brain dead, at last you agree that the modern Labour Party is not socialist. I agree there is no truly electable socialist party right now, a time when we really need one. This probably down to the attitude that has been engendered by politicians and the right wing press for the past three decades that socialism was a backward looking and bad. The reason that left wingers take the moral high ground is because morally they are in the right. Do you see something wrong with workers owning the means of production and taking a fair share in the fruits of their labour? Do you think it immoral that people are given free health care and education? Do you think it right that shareholders receive premiums from companies without lifting a finger?
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 07:04:56 on 27 June 2013
Mike Skeffington, made boo boo , I meant Switzerland was the tax haven, not Sweden, my problem with the left is they always seem to hold the moral high ground, you only have to look at the story of the brave woman who highlighted the deaths at Stafford hospital, and the way labour activists set about destroying her, all because she spoke out about the disgraceful way patient were being treated, and was to be proven right in court, there are lots of great people who work hard in the NHS and they should be applauded for the work they do, the small number who discredit the many should be brought to justice, thank god we have men and women like this who hold these people to account and they shouldn't be targeted in this disgraceful way for their bravery.
Ludwig goldfinger wrote
at 21:14:21 on 26 June 2013
@Mike Skeffington, you are totally bang on this is "A very lively debate, one that has gone from the dismal plight of care services in Salford", you are also correct in Labour losing it's socialist soul when Blair became leader, Labour used to represent the working man now all they represent is the benefit claimant and the cheats. All that happens in Salford is the d1ckheads being told what to do, to keep the benefits they have been granted by a government that was so far up the benefit claiments arse only it toes were dangling. I promise I will stand in the next local elections, I will stand on a ticket of FUCK YOU ALL I am in it for what I can get, maximum expence claim, attend the MINIMUM number of meetings I need to ETC, but vote for me, i am better then the NASTY party, or them UKIP loonys???????????????? Remember on MAY 8th vote for the NUTTER in the green hat I will screw u all good and proper but at least I am .telling u that. Vote scum vote Goldfinger
Mike Skeffington wrote
at 12:33:17 on 26 June 2013
A very lively debate, one that has gone from the dismal plight of care services in Salford to the pros and cons of socialism and others. Where to start? 'Not a brain dead' (Not a real name but never mind) Not a boo-boo with Sweden. Sweden has very good education and healthcare systems, in fact the NHS has been studying it for years. As for the Labour party being socialist? I think most people with the slightest interest in politics would agree that Labour lost it's socialist soul when Tony Blair became leader. Socialism seeks to promote public ownership of public utilities and services. It also seeks to encourage and support the private sector to invest in business and industry to ensure economic growth and a fair distribution of wealth. I'll complete the rest of this post when I have more time and please don't be so childish as to ask me to go and read a book, this space gives the opportunity to enjoy sensible debate, not to sink into petty name calling.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 06:56:38 on 26 June 2013
made boo boo on Sweden, thinking of Switzerland, trying to get lottery number on in time, still did not answer question on name socialist party or organisation that is electable in this country
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 19:21:44 on 25 June 2013
Bernard Brough, fantastic countries these, now let's try countries people would want to go to live, oh yes china that great bastion of democracy and now so capitalist, Bernard, you are scrapping the barrel a bit with these countries, if the people reading this won the lottery tonight do you think they would pick one of these countries to go live in, I think not, and on second world war, both Germany and Japan weren't allowed weapons, who was going to attack them the four main powers at the time occupied them already meaning they could channel all there energies back in to rebuilding there countries. meaning of socialism, "do as I say not as I do",I think this describes it perfectly don't you, oh Sweden isn't this where all the capitalist you so hate, put there money, to hide it from there governments. on socialism "back to the drawing board". socialism is so far fetched I'm surprised Walt Disney hasn't made a film about it. on the air craft carriers £13 billion NHS computer would have bought these two ships and the planes to go on them, only problem socialist labour was in charge at the time, and as usual leave country in financial mess.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 17:23:30 on 25 June 2013
Carl we do not need two aircraft carriers. We need a small coastal defence force, strong air defences both air based & ground, an army large enough to defend the UK. That's it all we need. The trouble is some people think we are some kind of global superpower. The Second World War bankrupted this country and even though we were the biggest recipients of post war Marshall Aid we threw it away on trying to be a superpower. Germany & Japan on the other hand invested in industry and infrastructure, not on weapons they clearly could not afford.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 17:23:25 on 25 June 2013
Brain dead, some countries with broadly socialist structures in place; Cuba, China, Vietnam, Belarus Laos, Sweden, Zambia. There are others with programmes that are socialist concepts. It would be interesting to find you what you think socialism is.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 17:23:13 on 25 June 2013
Dazza, there were warnings at the time & ever since there have been those warning us of the consequences. One of the being Nigel Lawson, one of the pigs chancellors.
Dazza wrote
at 05:55:00 on 25 June 2013
@Bernard, just the one point for you, in your comment below you say " The cause of the current crisis can be traced back to the stock market deregulation in 1986. Just go and read some books then come back & debate these matters with a little knowledge. ". My question is, Why did these knowledgeable socialist authors not warn us of the impending doom in the 13 years up to it happening?????? Really looking forward to your answer. Dazza Brain dead, you know sod all about finance as well as politics. The cause of the current crisis can be traced back to the stock market deregulation in 1986. Just go and read some books then come back & debate these matters with a little knowledge. Look up socialism in a dictionary.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 05:54:15 on 25 June 2013
@Bernard Brough,on your left wing socialism, tell me where in the world it is put in to practice and actually works, and don't say Cuba, if it was that great in that country Cuban people wouldn't risk their lives trying to get to America on flimsy boats. as before you asked me to read books by this person and that person on socialism, that is the only place socialism works and that is in theory and in books, if it was that great every country in the world would be doing it, with it be utopia like. isn't labour leader a left wing socialist, sat round the table when he was younger with his brother, listening to his father, and jack Jones and other unionists talking politics, talking communism, socialism, now he distances himself from it because he knows it will make him unelectable, this is what did for Kinnock and foot before him. two so called socialists, foot leaving £1.7 million in his will, Kinnock family multi millionaires through Europe, a Europe he despised when labour leader, but quick to embrace when the British electorate kick him in to the long grass.tell you what Bernard you keep reading your fictional books on how great socialism is, and I will keep reading my books on reality.ps, Bernard, tell me a socialist party or organisation in this country and one that is electable to the people of this country?
Carl M wrote
at 05:52:57 on 25 June 2013
@Bernard, the reason why we will be relying on the yanks is because your mates Tony Blair & Gordon Brown dragged their heels to the point at which we nearly had NO aircraft carriers, the decision over the air support the carriers deployed was deferred several times by the last Labour government with eventually a decision being made, resulting in the ordering of a strike force the carriers could not even deploy, utter incompetence is the only way to describe the acquisition of the new carriers by your socialist mates. Oh and please don't get me started about the empire, we had one until your socialist mates GAVE it all away along with OUR gold.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 09:07:56 on 24 June 2013
Brain dead, you know sod all about finance as well as politics. The cause of the current crisis can be traced back to the stock market deregulation in 1986. Just go and read some books then come back & debate these matters with a little knowledge. Look up socialism in a dictionary.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 09:07:49 on 24 June 2013
Carl, who are we defending ourselves from with two 65000 tonne aircraft carriers? The fact of the matter is that we can not even afford tow equip the ships and as a consequence the United States have said that they will provide the fixed wing aircraft for the carriers with the condition that they will have a permanent presence aboard the ships. This country can no longer afford to swagger around the globe acting as if it still had an empire. Leave that to the yanks, they at least can afford it. The project makes no sense. Maybe you should drop into the library and read some books.
Carl M wrote
at 14:16:34 on 23 June 2013
@Bernard, when I get my time machine I will let you have a go if you like, you could go back to the 60's cover your volkswagon camper in flowers and shout ban the bomb, oh and don't forget any nation wanting to defend themselves are baby killers! Or maybe stay in the times we have now and get yourself a job at Salford council (not much chance with everything being outsourced) there you can enjoy eroded pay and conditions thanks to the left wing nutters that run this city.
not a brian dead labour voter wrote
at 14:15:46 on 23 June 2013
@Bernard Brough .tight regulation on banks, that's what Gordon brown the great labour socialist did regulate the banks, one of the first things brown did on entering downing street back in 1997 was take away control of the banks from the bank of England who knew about banking and give it to the FSA who didn't, who labour then over the following years stuffed it full of labour cronies who knew nothing about banking or financial matters, and this is what caused the financial crash in 2008, this just go's to show that your left wing socialists parties haven't got a clue on how to run the finances of this country, they are brilliant at spending money but crap at making it. Gordon brown and labour actively turned a blind eye to what the bosses of these banks were doing at the time but didn't give a dam, he just seen all this money rolling in, that he and the labour party friend could spend on their pie in the sky projects, why do you think we have not heard nothing from Gordon brown since he left office, because he realises what a shit Chancellor he was, and it was he and labour who put this country in the financial shit it is now in. on the labour party not being left wing don't make me laugh their left wing, their just like any socialist or socialist party when they get any power and get their noses in the trough of tax payers money, their all capitalist underneath, just look at your socialist unions always ready to shaft it's members, and I have seen it first hand.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 08:15:08 on 23 June 2013
Maybe some people should try reading something on political theory. Todays Labour Party are not a left wing organisation. They are merely a Tory lite party. Only by using a mixed economy with tight regulations on banks & large companies can we struggle out of the mess that over thirty years of free market, laissez faire economics has left us in. I might suggest Political Theory an Introduction by Andrew Heywood as a good start to learning something about political ideologies.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 06:07:00 on 22 June 2013
@Bernard Brough, on dismantling peoples work rights I think labour in salford has already beaten them to it in the council that is, and on daft spending didn't labour spend £13 billion on the Olympics, £13 billion on the supper duper NHS computer system they scraped because it did not work, open our boarder to cheap labour, so forcing down the wages of the lowest paid in this country, remember over a million young unemployed, why employ one of our own when we can get two immigrants for the price of one British worker. oh how thing changed for the better under the socialist labour party.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 20:42:48 on 21 June 2013
Your brain dead rantings say enough.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 15:42:40 on 21 June 2013
@ wrote, I read plenty. just the lefty books I burn, especially the ones that tell you how to become a rich socialist at the expense of the poor, just like this labour council. oh by the way all the other parties in the country have not got and had their idiots in them, Ian Stewart,Hazel Blears, Dianne Abbott, Ken Livingston, George Galloway, Michael Foot, happily named because he was always putting his in it, need I say any more.
at 11:07:38 on 21 June 2013
Hey brain dead try reading some books instead of burning them.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 11:07:34 on 21 June 2013
Carl M, "I hope hundreds, thousands of jobs will be lost" "No self-respecting small business man with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child bearing age" Some of the drunken, drug fuelled rantings of one Godfrey Bloom MEP. Among some of UKIPS hare brained schemes are to keep two aircraft carriers that the country can not afford, replace Trident with another unnecessary nuclear weapon. They will dismantle legislation regarding working hours, holidays, overtime & redundancy. I suggest you try to find a time machine and go back to Victorian days.
at 11:07:05 on 21 June 2013
Sue Lightup is Cllr Lightups wife, so there will be no challenge to her proposals. Whilst the makee up this council is practically a family affair. Husbands, wives, sons, partners et al are all sitting on the panels or working groups which approve these decisions.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 09:47:42 on 21 June 2013
@Carl M, spot on, absolutely right. but this is what your born in the wool lefties don't understand, most lefties don't read for themselves, their told what to think how to think and then how to vote, and then they just comply with the mantra, totally brain dead. this is why labour gets back in, f*cking sheep and lemmings the lot of them, and they wonder why Salford is in the shit it is in, look in the mirror salfordians it's because of you.
blooming good wrote
at 07:15:50 on 21 June 2013
so, the museum in buile hill park is now to be sold as private apartments. can we who have lived in Salford all our lives or our families afford one? I think not!
Tom Hulme wrote
at 07:14:08 on 21 June 2013
Keep going left and at 270 degrees you end up going right!!!
Tom Hulme wrote
at 07:13:55 on 21 June 2013
WHO CARES! Not the pigs on the farm? After all the council can afford; close on 2 Million £2000,000.00 for lots of none life saving stuff like A Rugby stadium loan Trees being planted in the midddle of the road Traffic management system to elevate the traffic problem created from previously wasted money on the stadium? Please! This council is so far LEFT but they need to realise there are now to many pigs at it's trough, as some are paid £80K and they need to have deputies and 13 assistants others who give not two shiney shineolas are paid 130K. Hey folks shut up and pay your rates/taxes and then please kindly die quietly without any drain on the trough. Please fill in the blanks for yourself B--ta-ds!
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 07:13:16 on 21 June 2013
absolutely amazing, must be at least 20 labour canvassers including the fiddler hazel blears out side the house at this moment, so it's official labour are bricking it, so come on weaste and seadley give labour a good kicking, first time in my memory that labour have actually come out of their ivory tower to meet the actual people they spend so much time shitting on. remember to vote GLYN WRIGHT UKIP . you can vote up till 10.00pm
Carl M wrote
at 07:13:03 on 21 June 2013
Bernard, you are talking shit, have you read the UKIP leaflets? Do you actually live in the Weaste & Seedley ward? Have you looked at the websites of both UKIP and Salford Labour? If you have done all the above then I suggest you and your mate Micheal Felse jog along to your local GP together and get yourselves checked out for a mental illness. To say UKIP would erode employment rights clearly places you on another planet for a start local councils have no say whatsoever over employment rights and nationally UKIP want to stop immigration of eastern Europeans which will allow many Salford citizens the chance to work, when faced with the dilemma of who to look after I will choose the old Salford saying of "I will look after my own, the people of Salford". If you want to integrate yourself into Europe then may I suggest a cheap one-way ferry ticket for yourself, but please when you get there don't come on here shouting about no jobs, benefits, having to pay proper housing costs, a shit pension, etc, etc. Just make your bed then lie in it. Bye, bye Bernard go off to your utopian homeland and please do enjoy it.
not a brain dead labour voter wrote
at 17:48:10 on 20 June 2013
well done Salford labour council, you deserve to be in the political wilderness, you political cowards. a plague on all your houses, a labour councillor who disagrees with what your party is doing, and doe's not stand up and voice their anger at this, is just as guilty as the labour councillor's that have implemented this and deserve to be tared with the same brush as them, go on labour councillor's, get a back bone and put the people of this city first.
Matthew wrote
at 14:43:33 on 20 June 2013
Please have a read of UNISON's report on homecare to see the disasterous state of homecare services across the UK Privitisation is not the way to go. Economically it will lead to poorer levels of care that will only ultimately lead to greater demands on the NHS & Council services. https://www.unison.org.uk/upload/sharepoint/On%20line%20Catalogue/21049.pdf Morally it is absolutely indefensible. People receiving care and those providing it are really going to suffer as a consequence of these actions Can the Councillors and commissioning officers & senior managers look the people of Salford in the eye over this issue? How would they like to receieve 15 minutes of care for a poorly paid, poorly trained and poorly treated homecare worker?
Bernard Brough wrote
at 14:43:25 on 20 June 2013
When are spineless idiots running this city going to realise that if you want a decent service don't ask some money grubbing private company to do it. Their first, second and third motivations are to make money. I would warn that voting UKIP will not ameliorate this situation. They would take away all employment rights, such as they are right now. The Lightup woman should be sacked immediately. She is a public servant and to make such utterances concerning a section of the people she works for shows her utter contempt for us all.
bob wrote
at 14:41:41 on 20 June 2013
The words about this labour council coming from the people while i've been out canvassing are, Corrupt and dishonest Don't care about salford people Rotten Useless not a single person I have spoken to in seedley and weaste have a positive thing to say about the Labour council, please lets hope we have a change today
Beige Beret wrote
at 10:53:50 on 20 June 2013
Only an independent can stand up for local people. Others are constrained by party politics and have toe the party line....
Michael Felse wrote
at 10:53:19 on 20 June 2013
Having seen both my parents die during their 50s due to stroke and cancer I know the difficulty placed on any family members to care for parents. The problems are even worse on an individual basis where the older person has no close family. This matter should not be a political issue but one that demands the very best service. I urge anyone hearing about poor service to whistle blow and help ensure health care services in Salford are a top priority for all those in need.
Louise Williams wrote
at 05:46:17 on 20 June 2013
I am going through a similar thing with the Council with regard to my elderly mother. It stinks how we have been treated and the Council have not even had the decency to reply to my concerns..... I could go on and on .
mary ferrer wrote
at 05:45:59 on 20 June 2013
This city is getting worse. I am ashamed of the way we are allowing the most vulnerable members of our community down,This council can find funds for bailing their own projects out, but are willing to make cuts that could put peoples lives in danger. And as for the comment of Ms Lightup, would she feel the same if it was a member of her family. I hope they are very proud of the way they are letting each and every resident of this city down, again and again
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