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Margaret Thatcher has died today, as benefit cuts she could only dream about become reality this week. Only last Friday, a film was premiered in Salford showing two old men sat on a bench in Eccles Precinct still remembering the Iron Lady's impact on the city… "She shut the pits, the engineering works…everything's gone"

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The last time Margaret Thatcher came to Salford, which, we believe was in 1988, she was met by `boos, chants, catcalls' and rotten eggs, according to a MEN report on her visit to Salford University.

The `Iron Lady', who died today aged 87, was certainly no friend of Salford. In the film, The Conditions of The Working Class, premiered at Salford Arts Theatre only last Friday, Thatcher's shadow over the city was still very much in evidence (see here).

The film interviewed two old men sat on a bench in Eccles Precinct, looking around at the pound shops, still remembering her legacy… "She shut the pits, the engineering works…everything's gone"…

In another scene in the film, one of the Salford cast members recalled the morning after Thatcher got elected. As workers rolled in for work, the management was waiting for them, telling each and every one that "It's our turn now". Shortly after, redundancy notices flowed like confetti.

Today, Salfordians were hardly in forgiving mood on hearing of Thatcher's demise...

"Unfortunately many pensioners froze to death because of Thatcher and many have died through malnutrition in the private care homes" said George Tapp of Salford Pensioners Association "More people will be pleased by Thatcher's death than by the Queen's Jubilee…"

Former Agecroft Colliery worker, Paul Kelly, actually heard the news while making a documentary at the National Mining Museum

"Her legacy is the privatisation of the electricity industry, the destruction of our coal mines, steel works and textile industry" he said "5,500 pensioners froze to death this year because they couldn't afford to heat their homes, yet in Salford we're sitting on an ocean of coal. Now we've got no mines left, only museums. Thatcher wrecked that industry. Good riddance, 35 years too late."

Meanwhile, former Salford City Council Leader, John Merry tweeted "You don't have to agree with anyone's politics to regret a death…"

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See also Class Actions track `M Is 4 Maggie' rush re-released to coincide with her funeral - click here


Bernard Brough wrote
at 07:20:03 on 16 April 2013
I wondered when the real rabid right would turn up. Yeah "reds under the bed, it was all funded by the Kremlin". It was ordinary people trying to stand up & save their jobs. So it was better to throw people on the dole & pay them to do nothing rather than trying to fix the problems that existed & keep some industry in this country, real cloth headed thinking. It was political dogma, the same as still exists. Even though the Thatcherite experiment has failed.
Michael Felse wrote
at 19:52:17 on 14 April 2013
On Looker, I have no idea where the docker line came from. To put the record straight I am the very proud son of Sid. He was a life long coal face worker until the pit was shut, killing my village. My first years from school, age 15, saw me working at the collier. I doubt any members of the Tory party, past or present, have the slightest in common with what makes me tick. Doncaster has no hate between the working class and I have no reason to fear any time with those friends.
Glen wrote
at 18:20:39 on 14 April 2013
That creature was evil personified , and that evil lives on in the thatcherites. I do not regret her passing . I regret the horrors that woman and her toadies inflicted on ordinary people . I , and many others , will party , party , party at her demise .
On looker wrote
at 18:20:26 on 14 April 2013
Michael Felse if you are going to Yorkshire try and stay clear of Doncaster. A mate of mine who lives there told me to them you are like Thatcher, ie they blame you for fucking up the area with an elected mayor. Oh and do keep the tales of your mining youth coming, last month you were the son of a docker? Make your mind up. How about you change your name by deedpoll to Micheal Walter Mitty False?????????????
Boot Straps wrote
at 16:02:45 on 14 April 2013
Selective History going on here Thatcher did not shut the pits or the egineering works (any one in particular you care to name) Thatcher is being misrepresented The bloated in many cases Soviet funded unions shut failing industries such as mines and Steel Overmanning poor production levels protective ancient practices that is what shut many of the state industries.Despite myth spending on services actually increased under her govt. I was one of her one in ten unemployed probably more like one in five where i lived i am not an outrigth supporter of hers but one of the mostr valuable things i learnt from her after 20 years of overbearing socialist statism was the world does not owe me a living. Something that some of the cloth heads on this sight and young generation need to relearn. You also knew exactly what you were dealing with with her no policy by subterfuge like new labour.
Michael Felse wrote
at 10:52:56 on 13 April 2013
I am now the proud owner of the witch is dead mobile phone ring tone. At the risk of venomous attack I am looking forward to Wednesday to visit my extinct coal mining village in Yorkshire for a pint of celebration with those unemployed and to see my third generations ex-coal mining family. None got medals for coal mined that helped forge steel in the war years! Some things we never forget even as we do forgive. I am very very proud of mining villages that were killed for a Tory political gain and I will not allow the memory to be eroded by the passage of time.
JJ wrote
at 06:25:32 on 13 April 2013
Their right to strike wasn't taken away, it was just reformed so that workers didn't strike just because union bosses told them to and bring the country to a standstill for no apparent reason. She brought in the strike ballot to see how workers felt. If they wanted to strike, they still could have.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 20:37:42 on 11 April 2013
I do not see taking away workers right to straike as possitive. It's this arse licking attitude among the British people that makes me vomit.
JJ wrote
at 19:38:39 on 11 April 2013
As I put in my post, she stood up to the unions and stopped the continuous strikes and power outages, which many prime ministers before had tried and failed to do. It would be similar to a new PM coming in today and standing up to the banks. Obviously she did take it a bit far with closures etc but as an act in itself, it's one positive shes done.
edmund wrote
at 17:26:24 on 11 April 2013
Thatcherism ruined this country , and its evil continues to do so. She deserves the vitriol .
Bernard Brough wrote
at 15:51:34 on 11 April 2013
I ask the same question of you JJ that I asked of Mr Felse, name one good thing Thatcher did for this country.
JJ wrote
at 13:58:00 on 11 April 2013
Bernard, not at all. I wasn't a fan of many of her policies, many of which have had an effect on the present day. But no government since has attempted to block or counter some of the policies, so she simply isn't to blame for that. For example when it became clear that a housing shortage was about to occur, why have none of the 5 governments since stepped in and began to build more houses or block the sale of council houses? They didn't. The trade unions were far too powerful when she came into power and Prime Ministers before her were too scared to stand up to them. She did shut down the mines and move steelworks etc abroad just because she could, but the unions were striking over next to nothing and Britain was going without power for days at a time. People WANTED a PM to stand up to the unions just like today people WANT a PM to stand up to the banks, but every Prime Minister so far is too scared to do it. She also stood up to Europe unlike every PM before and after her, again something that people today want. I must reiterate that I wasn't a fan of her or her policies by any stretch, but I can recognise her achievements and admire her drive to not back down, something severely lacking in todays policies. I'd much rather we had Thatcher heading todays government than the current shower we have got. She had balls. I'd also refute that she was unpopular with the majority, given that she won three terms in office and the Conservatives won a fourth term after she left. It's a very vocal minority that dislike her.
Not a Fan wrote
at 11:54:19 on 11 April 2013
Thatcher earned the eternal hatred of the majority . I am glad she is dead , but her evil legacy continues .
Bernard Brough wrote
at 11:53:40 on 11 April 2013
@ JJ, I suume you will be making the same argument for Adolph Hitler?
Michael Felse wrote
at 11:53:16 on 11 April 2013
Sorry Bernard, I give up on this quest. Not a single good thing found. But as JJ wrote, better move on to help the people living in Salford's pain that suffer daily under the shadow of the Con-Dem Government that RIP Thatcher helped her political party to create.
JJ wrote
at 07:37:01 on 11 April 2013
Wow, even for this website I'm amazed at the level of vitriol aimed towards an 87 year old lady that has just died. Undoubtedly, there was a Britain before Thatcher and there was a Britain afterwards. Whilst many jobs went, Britain was far more economically stable when she left power than when she joined. For every bad decision she made, she made a good one too and that is often forgotten amongst the negativity. She was revolutionary and every government since has continued her work, good and bad, yet they receive no criticism for that. Whether that work is good or bad is, of course, open to very intense debate because she polarised people when alive and now she has died. But she left power in 1990, 23 years ago, and has remained largely out of the public eye since. If people haven't already moved on whilst the government has then they never will. What has happened has happened, it cannot be changed. I am not a fan of hers, but I can appreciate the input and determination she had to do what she thought was right. That is something severely lacking in todays government where there are more u-turns than an F1 track, and to me that is more indicative of why the country is currently in such a state. And above everything, it is important to remember that this is a mother and a grandmother. There are some absolutely disgusting comments on this page regardless of any historical government policies, and for one am ashamed that there are people like that living in Salford.
Red Eccles wrote
at 15:51:34 on 10 April 2013
Good riddance! History will judge her as: Destroyer of communities, figure head of the ruling class, friend of paedophiles, Killer. She will be missed just as much as Princess Di and the Queen mother. Not at all. Because they were all the same. She was just more vocal about her hate for the working class.
Michael Felse wrote
at 15:50:52 on 10 April 2013
Bernard, not forgot your question, am still trying to think up one of her good things.....
Kersal bar wrote
at 11:30:26 on 10 April 2013
Valerie,You forgot to mention the thousands of people's lives she wrecked without a second thought for them. People even took their own lives as a result of her policies .She laid waste to communities all over the north of England , how can you possibly defend that ? I for one will not mourn her passing !!
not happy wrote
at 06:55:39 on 10 April 2013
Lady Thatcher died at The Ritz in central London on Monday morning after suffering a stroke. She had battled ill health for a number of years. Thatcher is having a ceremonial funeral, rather than a state funeral, and the costs will be borne jointly by the Government and the state. Policing could cost around £4 million if security is as tight as at the Queen Mother's funeral. She will be accorded the same status as Princess Diana Police are bracing themselves for the likelihood that Margaret Thatcher’s partially state-funded ceremonial funeral will attract protesters as anger mounts over her controversial legacy and the Government’s decision to honour her with the help of taxpayer’s money. FROM VAREOUS NEWS AGENCIES;; Policing going to cost 4 million pounds how much more is it going to cost the tax payer ; The Tory’s want a full state funeral well let them pay for it because she did nothing for the workers. All she did was make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Took away all our industry to other countries. Where Bosses got richer by opening sweat shops and having cheap labour. So comparing her with the Queen Mother and Princes Diana is a load of rubbish. They deserved a state funeral she doesn’t, the best thing they could do is have quiet funeral for her with a Hurst and one car because with the price of funerals this is about as much as a working class family can afford.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 06:52:55 on 10 April 2013
Mr Felse, please name one thing she did that benefited anybody but the rich, just one.
Aslan AK wrote
at 18:39:34 on 09 April 2013
Magaret Thatcher, was the very definition of evil. She had no compassion, she actively encouraged greed and outright selfishness. The fact there are street parties to celebrate her death says it all. She destroyed my mum's home town of Barnsley as well as many working class communities nationwide. Her vile ideals sadly are still very present in the UK today and haven't died with her. I won't be shedding any tears for her. The true heros of the '80's were the Militant Tendency, Arthur Scargill and all those who had the balls to stand up to the vile woman.
Michael Felse wrote
at 16:01:57 on 09 April 2013
Bernard has his points, but what about the good done by this Iron Lady. There will always be two sides to any argument. Millions did vote for her, although I never was one of those. However, time is now for us all to respect the memory of a unique figurehead in the high realms of British Politics. RIP.
Bernard Brough wrote
at 12:26:40 on 09 April 2013
@RIP Iron Lady, are you clinically insane? The excuse for a woman put millions out of work & you say she would have everybody working. Everything wrong with this country today is down to Thatcher. She privatised public utilities, we are paying through the nose for that, public transport, expensive & unreliable, sold off council housing & stopped councils rom building more, thus causing the housing crisis we now have. We are well rid of her, we now need to eradicate her legacy.
Eddie Banks wrote
at 12:26:37 on 09 April 2013
I celebrate her death. Good riddance . The Wicked Witch is DEAD . But her evil lives on . In the thatcherites , and in Salford clowncil .
Norman wrote
at 09:45:13 on 09 April 2013
Her legacy lives on thanks to Salford council and their privatise everything policy. She would be proud of the bunch we have running this city.
Gareth L wrote
at 09:45:07 on 09 April 2013
I think if someone charged a tenner to dance on her grave the national debt would be paid off in no time.
insider wrote
at 09:45:01 on 09 April 2013
We have our own version of Thatcher in Salford Council - Scary Spicer full of spin and in it for the money!
at 09:44:43 on 09 April 2013
Like it or not she was democratically elected by the British voters more than once. Love her or loath her she certainly motivates debate.
RipIronLady wrote
at 09:44:35 on 09 April 2013
So ! million in work when she got into power and 3 million when she was kicked out. Hmmm
Stephen Kingston wrote
at 20:26:54 on 08 April 2013
See Michael Felse comment below... No, Mr Felse - a much more fitting Spitting Image tribute is here...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T3OwB6mARI
M3 wrote
at 18:13:02 on 08 April 2013
Fireworks are going off all around us - but the celebrations will soon be over 'cos Cameron's even worse! She had no respect for working people and instigated the most draconian benefit cuts ever seen, chopped down the unions and criminalised thousands. Why should she rest in peace when she caused so many to rest in pain and poverty.
Munckin wrote
at 18:12:43 on 08 April 2013
Did they drop a house on her or throw a bucket of water on her? Where are the flying monkeys? If I said "lying monkeys", then I can think of 2 answers, one down in Westminster and one much closer. When you are paying your gas,electricity,and water bills, think of her. When you are buying a train ticket, think of her. When you read about greedy bankers and bank bail outs, think of her. Her policy of privatising what the country already owned, has caused a lot of the problems that the country is facing now. Being cynical, I,ll be looking at what bad news Salford council tries to sneak through while this is in the news.
Michael Felse wrote
at 18:12:31 on 08 April 2013
and... it just leave us to pay our tribute to the lady. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1jY5fYjV-U
Alice Searle wrote
at 18:12:22 on 08 April 2013
Margaret Thatcher was a very selfish, arrogant woman unable to empathize and full of her own importance. The start was the stopping of school milk and then she seems to be set on destroying any part of the welfare state that she could. The selling off of council houses is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of houses now and private landlords can charge such high rents that the tenants have to ask for housing benefit. Young couples, unable to get together a deposit, would have applied for a council house once upon a time. She said there's no such thing as society, thus implying that caring communities where unimportant and didn't exist. She didn't know Salford! She sold off our national treasures such as the coal mines, telephone services, steel works and public utilities. So now we have all these private companies competing to see who can get the most profit from SOMETHING WE ONCE OWNED. She encouraged individual creed and the pursuit of money. I have no good memories of her or her policies.
Michael Felse wrote
at 18:11:40 on 08 April 2013
As a Christian I believe The Iron Lady will have to answer for the pains she caused my mining community and to many others who suffered from what was proven to be a political attack on the working class. That said, I pray a RIP for Mrs Thatcher and hope people will understand that all are answerable in the end.
RIP Iron lady - one in a million wrote
at 18:11:29 on 08 April 2013
R.I.P Lady Thatcher a wonderful woman who did alot for the honest working people of this country, the scroungers will always hate her but then they would because she wanted to sort em out, she would of had you lot off your arses and into work if she was still running the country, that's why you lot hate her.
Dave wrote
at 17:15:32 on 08 April 2013
Her legacy is still coming back to haunt us. Water shortages, greedy utilities companies, SSE £10 million fine, the prospect of power cuts in the near future. Now an importer of Gas, that people struggle to afford. Wasted North sea oil revenue. Poll tax riots and attacks on the poor and unions. (Germany has good union relations and is prosperous) The list goes on and on and we are going down the same old road again.
allison wrote
at 17:15:28 on 08 April 2013
she lived a lot longer in poor health than the average pensioner, she did not spend her old age in poverty or isolation. we have a culture of not speaking ill of the dead, however without her influence the working mans industries, such as steel, the mines or Salford docks would not have been left to bleed to death. imagine if the banks had been left to the same demise. she was a true conservative in that she gave a lot to the serving elite and little to the majority. her government was the inventor of the sick note, it covered up those who were left without jobs . i do not rejoice in anyones death but as my gran would have said, she had a good innings
Winston Smith wrote
at 17:14:40 on 08 April 2013
It's not black and white. Nobody is 100% self righteous ignorant bigot or 100% lacking in empathy but, credit where it's due, she gave it 100% effort
Angela Hilton wrote
at 15:31:35 on 08 April 2013
Swinton/Pendlebury was badly affected by the decisions Thatcher made. My family were largely pit and mill workers who worked hard, she took away all the industry, didn't provide any retraining and then blamed the 'working' classes for being lazy and not wanting to work. Disgusting.
j fellowes wrote
at 15:31:31 on 08 April 2013
76,000 of us(from both sides)celebrating her painfull death whilst the world is watching would be wonderfull tonight.enjoy today cos tommorrow ian duncan smith will bring a law out banning smiles,champagne and street parties......
Valerie wrote
at 15:31:14 on 08 April 2013
Whether you agree or not with her politics, I have been reading some pretty disgusting comments on-line about her death, those people should be ashamed of themselves. RIP Margaret Thatcher.
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