Star date: 9th March 2013


This week the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is set to release its report into the fatal shooting of Salford man Anthony Grainger by Greater Manchester Police.

Last Saturday, the Justice4Grainger campaign held a vigil in Piccadilly Gardens where a whole series of questions still to be answered about the killing were aired – from the police treatment of Grainger's family, to the theft and attempted retrieval of a memory stick…

Full details here…

Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013 Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013 Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013
Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013 Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013 Justice4Grainger Piccadilly Gardens March 2013
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As the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) prepares to release its report to the Crown Prosecution Service this week into the fatal shooting of Anthony Grainger by Greater Manchester Police, his family have little faith that the report will reveal the truth.

Anthony Grainger, from Lower Broughton, was sitting in a car parked in Culcheth, Warrington, with two friends when he was shot dead by a member of a Greater Manchester Police Armed Response Unit last year.

A subsequent search revealed that no weapons were in the vehicle and Grainger was posthumously cleared at Manchester Crown Court of charges of conspiracy to rob. So far, no officer has been charged with the killing.

Last Saturday, one year on from the shooting, members of the public who attended a vigil in Piccadilly Gardens, heard speeches by the Grainger family and the families of other people whose deaths were associated with police treatment.

Janet Alder, whose ex-para brother Christopher died in police custody, has been fighting through the courts for 14 years, trying to hold the police up to account for his death.

Janet took the case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights before getting an apology from the British Government and an admittance that it had failed to carry out an effective and independent inquiry.

"You expect the system to do the right thing. That didn't happen" she said "I cannot believe that so many people willingly involved themselves in covering up. Since 1969, 1500 people that have died at the hands of the state in psychiatric hospitals, in prisons or in police custody. If our loved ones die at the hands of the state we want to know why, and we want accountability.

"Do not think this couldn't happen to you" she added "My brother was black but if he'd been any colour they would deal with it exactly the same. You must get out and support these families and must demand justice."

Earlier, Janet had drawn comparisons between the cases of those fighting for justice for family members whose deaths were associated with police treatment… "There's a pattern in all these cases" she said "Your loved one is seen as aggressive, a drug taker, an armed robber, anything to demonise their character."

Carole Duggan, aunty of Mark Duggan, whose shooting sparked last year's Tottenham riots that spread throughout the country, underlined the point in graphic style…

"The headline for the 10 o' clock News was `Gangster shot dead in shoot out with the police'" she recalled "Mark didn't have a criminal record, and then it came to light that Mark didn't have shoot out with the police either. The officer shot Mark through the heart and blew his lungs away…but apparently Mark was still posing a threat with no lungs, so the officer shot him again. He wasn't superman.

"They tried to force it down our throats that Mark jumped out of the cab with a gun to shoot 31 officers - with a gun that didn't work" she added "They proceeded to slander Mark's name and slander us a family. He was `a gangster, involved in a drug deal, he was after revenge for his cousin's murder, he was under surveillance for years as a gun man…'"

"This echoes how the police are trying to justify all of these deaths by promoting them as bad people" she added "As drug dealers, gangsters… as dangerous people, so the public will think `It's a shame but at least they're off the streets'."

In between these speeches, Anthony Grainger's cousin Wesley Ahmed, from the Justice4Grainger campaign, built up a list of unanswered questions surrounding Anthony Grainger's death…

Subsequently, Anthony Grainger, even though dead and unable to defend himself, was put on trial on conspiracy to rob charges, together with three other men, but all were cleared by a jury, which took just 45 minutes to come up with a not guilty verdict.

"After that, I went through all the police statements and was looking for a reason why they murdered Anthony" recalled Wesley "What I found was that the day after they shot him, they raided all the houses, including Anthony's house, and what they were retrieving were memory sticks…The connection to the memory stick was that Anthony had a VW scrap yard and he'd sold two air bags from the VW car which the police linked to a memory stick that had been stolen in Manchester

"I was trying to piece it all together but didn't know what was on the memory stick until it came on the news that Greater Manchester Police had been fined over a memory stick that had gone missing" he added.

Before his death, Anthony Grainger had been arrested twice in connection with the memory stick, before the charges were dropped. Amongst other things on the stick were the names of 1075 police informants.

"The icing on the cake was when Yorkshire Police raided my daughter's house just before Christmas, with no name on the warrant just the words `shotgun and cartridges'" Wesley recalled "When they raided the house and turned it upside down they were looking in hairdryers, going behind family photographs, so I think they were looking for the memory stick – or trying to intimidate me from doing what I'm doing, which is campaigning for my cousin."

The alleged police obsession with the memory stick is now becoming central to the campaign's search for circumstances surrounding Grainger's death.

"I put this to you" concluded Wesley "What would be cheaper – to put 1075 police informants in police protection - or kill a man who they thought had the memory stick?"

Following Wesley Ahmed's final speech, Gail Hadfield, Anthony Grainger's partner, came onto the stage with her daughter.

"One year on and we're still fighting for everything we believe" she said "As time goes by there's less and less faith in the IPCC, and less and less faith in the police…"

She was too distraught to continue speaking…

The Independent Police Complaints Commission Report into the shooting of Anthony Grainger is released this Thursday 14th March.

See previous Salford Star articles on Anthony Grainger…

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* Justice4Grainger Father's Day Protest at Piccadilly Gardens - click here

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STEVO wrote
at 04:24:41 on 20 May 2013
Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice between Merseyside Police under (Norman Bettison) IPCC, CPS, PAUL ROONEYS SOLICITORS: (from HFSG WEBSITE) Perverting the course of justice? Attempted Murder! If a Police officer seized a bus ticket roll with a registration on it which was the from the vehicle that offenders were driving during an attempted murder by a gang armed with machetes,bats,hammers etc (in which a man received multiple injuries including severed tendons and severe lacerations and bruising all over head and body). He then took a witness statement from the bus driver at the police station 3 hrs later and then: (1) Did not record his details on the back of the witness statement as required. (2) Did not book the ticket roll onto the computer logging system. (3) Left it in a locker in the police station until 2 yrs later (after the trial). (4) The court was told during the trial (21 months later) that the officer could not be called because the time, place and officer who took the statement is missing off the back. (5) Interviewed the accused several hours after the attack at the police station then released him without charge even though. He was named immediately by the victim. He was arrested 3 hours later in matching clothing to what witnesses stated he had on.The offending vehicle was owned and on finance to his family.He made No Comment during the interview (6) This same officer did not provide a witness statement of continuity outlining the relevance of the ticket roll and the fact there was a no comment interview. (7) He never attended court. (8) Never sent the No comment interview to the CPS. The defense was alibi which was given in the second interview 3 months later. Because of the absence of the ticket roll and no comment interview be absent from the trial the accused was acquitted. The jury heard no details about the supporting evidence of the ticket roll and Prosecution council could not invite the jury to draw an adverse inference re the failure to answer questions in his first interview. (9) He also never sent the clothing off for forensic examination! Has the actions of this officer “Perverted Justice”? Do his actions amount to deliberate or careless neglect? Should there be a prosecution for a jury to decide? (there are other failings by this officer but i’m just narrowing the points down for now but the custody record in relation to the above arrest and personal notebooks of this officer and the other investigating officer have been lost and were also not sent to CPS pre trial or the IPCC during the investigation). The ticket roll was lost pre trial..and the court was informed that the officer could not be called to give evidence in relation to it because “the time, place and officer who took the statement are missing off the back of the statement”…..This was described as “clearly crucial and damming evidence in support of the victim”..by defense council in the absence of the jury!…The evidence in relation to the offending vehicle bieng owned and on finance to the attackers was not put before the jury!…Both defendants denied on oath owning, knowing anybody or being in a black golf. (this was what the VRN on the ticket roll related to). Should there be a prosecution in this case?? The head officer in the case also kept me and my family out the courtroom during the trial and informed the court that the accused was not interviewed at his first arrest and that he knew nothing of the early investigation. The accused also informed the court on oath that he was not interviewed at his first arrest! They were able to do this because the no comment interview tape,transcript and custody record was with-held by the Police officers in the case and no statements of continuity were provided! We were informed that this officer in fact carried out the no comment interview by a PSD Sargent. Not realizing the damming evidential effect of this at the time. We received the interview tape 5 years later. This officer was not on it. The Tape itself is a fabrication..as we already knew which solicitor carried out the original interview…he was not on this tape! Does this amount to a deliberate set of actions to “Pervert the Course of Justice”? The information I have provided is 100% accurate and has all been confirmed by IPCC!…They claim it was “inadvertent and down to a lack of due diligence by the officers”. Whilst I do accept the odd mistake can be made, I do not accept that so many mistakes can be made in a case!..The investigation has been a white wash…the PSD and IPCC have stated that they “can not interview the CPS Lawyer because they have been on sick leave for the duration of the investigation” (7 YEARS!). They are also refusing to investigate the CPS Barrister!…These two people should be the first to be interviewed/investigated…because they will either confirm or deny the officers claims. Is this acceptable? Regarding my family members in court…I was with my sister and my dad!..I gave evidence for 4 hours whilst being intimidated by at least 40 men in the court room, the head officer in the case put his arm around the Brother of one of the defendants and walked off wispering in his ear! Furthermore, at least 3 static CCTV cameras covered the area of my attack. We asked the PSD why the officers in the case never investigated the local cctv. The PSD wrote back stating “The officers have been asked and have stated that their local knowledge of the area negated the need to check for cctv. We then informed the PSD that the security guard in the lodge were the cameras were connected to informed us that the officers attended the lodge and seized the tapes on the same day.The PSD then wrote and said that after further speaking to the officers they did attend and view the footage but did not seize the tapes!..They refused to take a statement from the security guard?..Also the head officer in the case admitted failing to create a “crime scene log of events and exhibits”….this was communicated to us by the IPCC…who claim all these actions were accidental!…is there anybody of sound mind who would accept this??Paul Rooneys Solicitors: I wrote to them outlining the following and also and sent them transcript of the interview..(Not signed or dated..apparently the tape transcribed itself)!I also sent them the letter from Cobleys outlining that it was actually Cobleys who dealt with the interview(as was stated to us on the day of the attack and has always been an accepted fact between us and Cobleys) The Police did not know this when they made the Tape!I asked Paul Rooneys the following questions: If they did represent “—” during the no comment interview and received the tape when the master tape was opened at an earlier magistrates hearing ( as claimed by PSD but there is no record of this being done in the magistrates attendance notes)! did they provide their barristers with the same tape? Did they refer to the no comment interview in the Brief to Council? Did the Addendum refer to it? Was it referred to in the Defense Statement?As would be required! Their Barristers were present in court during the trial when their client “—–” informed the court on oath during the trial that he was not interviewed at his first arrest! The Barristers made great play of this point during the trial! They are either clearly a party to perjury/perverting justice by their client by misleading the jury! Or were they not informed by Paul Rooneys Solicitors of the no comment interview and were not aware of it’s existence themselves? If so why?? Was it because Paul Rooneys had agreed with the Police, CPS,and their clients pre trial to withhold the existence of the no comment interview to pervert the course of justice? Or was it that they knew nothing of its existence because they were not involved with it??? Cobleys solicitors wrote to us confirming that one of their staff attended and represented “—-” during the No-Comment Interview! The Police made the tape to cover up the original conspiracy! The Person acting as a solicitor on the fabricated tape is an ex Merseyside police officer who has never worked for Paul Rooneys and yet he states he is there at the interview on behalf of Paul Rooneys!….The Police refused to seize the file from Paul Rooneys or Interview Andrea Jameson (the solicitor who dealt with the case from Paul Rooneys) or to interview the staff from Cobleys Solicitors?? This is a serious failing by itself by the Merseyside PSD as very serious allegations have been made in a SEC9 witness statement in a full Criminal Inquiry that the no comment interview has been fabricated! The one document that would confirm who was at the interview is the custody record which we have been informed by the Police is LOST and the personal notebooks have also never been disclosed to the IPCC or CPS???..Paul Rooneys are refusing to state their position! Either they have conspired with the Police,CPS and their clients(attackers) to cover up the existence of the no comment interview during the trial, if so have they also conspired against other clients of theirs with the Police and CPS??? Or the Police have fabricated the interview with the people who tried to murder my Brother??? Its as simple as that!…..They cannot use client confidentiality in the light of such serious accusations! These Criminals cannot keep hiding behind Legal Privilege! If anyone agrees that Paul Rooneys has a lot to answer to and should come out and state their position then please like and share this post!I distributed 3000 copies outlining all of the above and more. Nobody challenged me???… Ive just sent her (Debrah Glass IPCC) my file and fabricated No Comment interview lasting (8 MINUTES) on CD Rom. (what her predecessors made in a massive cover up)!…Its embarrassing how bad the 2 police officer’s, the defendant and the ex police officer (acting as a solicitor) are at acting. But when they made the Interview they did not know that a couple of things were already known to us. (1) We already knew what Solicitor was present during the original interview as he stated this to us along with his colleague and confirmed it in writing! (2) We already knew which officer was involved because a Police Sgt from PSD confirmed it to us verbally(not knowing the consequences and implications at the time). They refused to take statements from both!They also refused to go to the solicitors and seize the attendance notes that were made by them! (because they could not..a different solicitor firm were present on the original interview as confirmed both verbally and in writing to us they also refused to investigate this)…instead they chose to get rid of the Custody Record and Personal notebooks of the Officer’s!…this would have to be done because these items would confirm our assertions as correct and that they had made the Interview some years after the original! To cover the original conspiracy up in coercion with the IPCC, CPS and Merseyside Police under Norman Bettison and Bernard Hogan Howe! FACT!!! The details are posted onthe HFSG. (Hillsborough Family's Support Group)..website..they have a copy of the file and interviews. They would not put my posts up on their site unless they agree with my assertions. THE IPCC WILL NEVER DELIVER JUSTICE!FACT! THEY SIMPLY COVER POLICE CRIMINALITY UP!
R Dostum wrote
at 06:05:25 on 01 May 2013
The suckers continue to shelter people who declare their trade as "handyman" while driving a fully tricked out 6.3L Mercedes as their display car. You suckers keep on paying the tax that flows upward toward the "handymen" of Salford.
marina schofield wrote
at 19:21:01 on 17 March 2013
wesley ahmed justice4grainger is nothing to do with me anthonys mother i will speak to the press when im ready
at 05:30:56 on 14 March 2013
Do they car makes a valid point. Publicity is important in a bona fide campaign. But publicity tainted by threats from those of us whose opinion differs is not. Whether it be Anthony's cousin or Veronica we people of Salford deserve honesty from all concerned. What was Anthony doing in Culceth? Waht was Tottons role? why is Wesley an articulate man ostracised? I know the answers but are the campaigners willing to share them? I think not!
Do They Care? wrote
at 22:17:43 on 12 March 2013
Campaigns need publicity otherwise how do we challenge, change and get transparency that is equal for all to see and hear. Some of the comments made by the pope, and insider are nothing but malicious and easy to do from afar, but they should never distract this family (whoever that maybe) from getting the answers they need for themselves, Anthony s children and Anthony. To suggest that you should be shot for sitting in a car as a form of summary justice only intends to hurt more the family of Anthony. The Salford Star I believe, is seeking to give publicity to this campaign alongside many others that politicians/police/Councillors/developers would rather disappear or stay silent. One of the biggest differences to the Salford Star and others is that it gives people the opportunity to debate what it reads in a public forum. People should not use that opportunity to cause harm or distress to others.
Paul wrote
at 22:17:00 on 12 March 2013
I asked this question on another post but it did not get a reply. Anyone know? The person who was with Mr Grainger when he was shot, Mr Totton, would he be the same person who was shot several times at a pub in Salford in 2006 in a failed assassination attempt which went wrong and the gunmen were shot dead themselves in the pub?
veronica shelton wrote
at 22:16:35 on 12 March 2013
To Insider: Didn't know voicing your opinions through the 'Comment' box of the 'Salford Star. was a 'Spelling Test'? You are at it again! So what! I was typing with such anger towards your misinformed 'guessing' of the Grainger CASE', that I missed an 'h' out of RHETORIC, oh dear' how simply terrible of me. Just to add, I am really to nice' to tell you to look back over what you! yourself have written, and spot the deliberate mistakes? "Do not make your threats toward me with your reverse "psychology". You haven't a chance, not while you have got an hole in your arse, which you are speaking through at the moment. If you understood the 'story line' you would know, that you are not on the same hymn sheet. I have given NO 'support' to the vigil, on 3/3/2013, organised by Westley Amhed, niether did his mother Marina. I have given NO support for the past eleven months, to the Anthony Grainger Campaign, niether has his mother. You would also know if you 'listened' that Wesley Amhed, is NOT the brother of Anthony Grainger. You would further know that NO BALACLAVAS were mentioned. Also, ALL were aquitted of attempted armed robbery in Culcheth; which the Crown Court Judge gave posthumously to Anthony Grainger... "you know posthumoustly, because he is DEAD". Now the next time you comment to me, let me know exactly where.... I made any kind of threats? Furthermore, you have the cheek, to think that I have the time, to take five minutes out of my life to make you a visit to you? 'Grow Up' Please read again, and 'absorb' what Martin Cooke made comment about, it might just help? You are barking up the wrong. I do NOT support Wesley Ahmed, how many more times? Last thing, I am a 'proper' Salfordian, born and bred, 'PROUD' of it, so please, do not speak for me. Most of us are well able to speak for ourselves, irrespective of how we are often portrayed. Fact: Salford people are more than able to string more than two sentences together, we are warm,, welcoming people, we are street wise and educated. Oh! just in case you didnt know, Winston Churchill, was not brilliant at spelling, but he took this country, successfully through the 'second world' war. In my case, "Don't try to tell your 'Grannie' how to 'suck eggs' However! I will warmly accept your apology for getting things a little out of context. No hard feelings!
insider wrote
at 06:32:00 on 12 March 2013
Veronica your threats of you know who I am just serve to prove a point. A campaign based on threats and intimdiation is doomed to failure from the outset amognst the good right thinking souls of salford. So was Anthony in a car with his mates at Culceth wearing a balaclave on a shopping trip or not? Cut the rhetoric (this is the correct spelling) and get to the point? If you do know who I am I await your visit !
martin cooke wrote
at 06:31:53 on 12 March 2013
Wesley Ahmed is reading from the wrong script !! He has copies of David Totton's case and none of Anthony Graingers case as the reports are not out yet !! and when they do come out the last person to get a copy will be Wesley Ahmed as he is not the face for the Grainger family !! so Mr Salford Star you are reporting on david totton's police statments that Wesley Ahmed has !!! PLEASE TRY TO KEEP UP TO DATE !!! ;o) xx
veronica shelton wrote
at 16:55:31 on 11 March 2013
To Insider: You know what they say, dont you? Sarcasim is the lowest form of 'wit' Yes, the readers will make up their own minds and the general public will get to know the 'full truth' all in 'good' time. You clearly, haven't got a clue, coming out with such stupid empty, retoric. Also, if as you say, you are not intimidated by anyone, why don't you give the readers, your 'real' name? Mmmmmmmmh got a good idea why. You are 'aware'' that we know' who YOU are don't you now?
marina schofield wrote
at 14:46:56 on 11 March 2013
to the pope when they executed my son that night they left 2 children without a father i just hope it never !!! happens to a member of your family !!!
marina schofield wrote
at 14:46:40 on 11 March 2013
to the insider my son was executed by the police on that day 3rd march the only people that dont think he was murdered are police officers so mr insider get back on duty and go and arrest ashoplifter or a child molest instad of slagging my son off sat on your backside !!!!!
insider wrote
at 07:20:19 on 11 March 2013
Wesley Ahmed Grainger's (deceased) brother has become triesome with this campaign. Grainger was allegedly involved in armed roberry, was it a family outing to shop in culceth where he met his demise shot by the police.? Ill leave your readers to work that out|! tony lloyd might have felt intimidated by wesley and his mates but Im not!
Salford Star wrote
at 19:54:02 on 10 March 2013
See Martin Cooke's comment below...We censor nothing and show all comments unless they're racist or libellous or some such thing. The allegations you made could potentially be libellous (we don't know) so we couldn't put it up. Everything else is on show.
veronica shelton wrote
at 19:47:58 on 10 March 2013
Thank you to the Star for reporting my 'comments' and for getting back to me so swiftly. I am aware that you are a 'community paper' and you have backing. It is my belief, that the 'Star' continue to do a great job of covering many of the 'social'issues' plagueing our city, which would otherwise, pass over quitely, or, be swept under the carpets on the corridors of power'. I understand that you have a job to do, and have a social and moral obligation to your readers. However, whether the people,involved with organising the vigil, gave personal interviews or not, they are 'guilty' of ignoring the express wishes of Anthony Grainger's mother and those of her legal team. My comments were not about attempting to disparage the 'Star', they are out of concern for a bereft mother, what is the 'truth,' and against the injustice of 'using' the sad death of Anthony Grainger as a 'promotional' tool for their own gains. "Still I dont think what I have to say will make any difference to the guilty parties. WHY? because you need to have a 'Concience' in the first place, and more importantly, 'loyalty' to 'family' and 'friends' which seem, to be one of the missing ingredients in our society today.
martin cooke wrote
at 19:47:42 on 10 March 2013
The Pope wrote
at 19:46:32 on 10 March 2013
I hereby announce the beatification of Anthony Grainger as he was clearly a saint.
Salford Star wrote
at 07:34:07 on 10 March 2013
See Veronica Shelton's comment below...Please note, that while the Star wishes to respect all aspects of this case, the article above is purely a report on a very public meeting in Piccadilly Gardens. There were no interviews with anyone, just reports of what was said in public on the stage. Many other media outlets did exactly the same. The Star is not in this to sell papers, as we don't sell any and are a voluntary non-profit making community group. If any member of the family or campaign wishes to do an interview with the Star we'd be quite happy to do this.
veronica shelton wrote
at 07:23:02 on 10 March 2013
My following comments are to do with the press coverage the 'Star'refers to regarding 'Anthony Grainger'. Furthermore, my comments, are in no way referring to any other speakers or their supporters, who particpated, at the Vigil which took place in Manchester on 3/03 2013. Anthony Grainger, was a most popuar young man, well loved by his two children, mother and family. We also know, that Anthony had numerous friends who was left with the disbelief of never, ever, being able to see their friend again, 'Why'?because he 'was' allegedly,murdered by the GMP. Since the death of Anthony on, 3rd March 2012, people up and down the country, have been made aware of the alleged unlawful killing of Anthony brought about by the legal hit squad of the GMP. It seems however, the correspondent for the 'Star' has not been 'correctly' informed about the finite details of the case. 'Facts', which only Grainer's Mother and her 'Legal Team' would be privy to. The information given by your interviewee, to your corresondent, have allegedly, been based on pure supposition and NOT the facts. Obviously, they would not know what the 'true' facts are, because they are not 'officially' involved in the legalities of this case. Furthermore, for those who might follow the Justice4Grainger campaign. You should all know' that Anthony Graingers, mother Marina, has not been involved in any of the latest planning of events, such as the Vigil and the latest splurge of negative press coverage. Could the 'Star' please explain to me, why the Mother of Anthony Grainger has NOT been approached to give an interview lately? I suppose, its only fair, that I explain to the Salford 'Star', and your readers. It's quite simple really' simple' because..... the Grainger 'family' have been ADVICED not to, by their 'legal team' Why! you might ask yourself? Reason' as follows...because, in doing so... would 'certainly jeaopordise' the court case, and/or legal enquiry thereafter. At this jecture, I would beg the question: WHY! genuine family members and friends of Anthony Grainger, would, given the circumstances, talk to the press, about sensitive information. Information that could be crucial to the outcome of any potential criminal case.? Some people might argue, 'that some of the information printed by the 'star', has already received similar press coverage. Well! this might be the case, however, the difference being, Grainger's mother Marina, did the interviews based on 'facts'. Moreover, she is Anthony's next-kin and wouldn't, under any circumstances do anything that could potentially interfere or harm,the possibility of a 'criminal. court case being brought to bare. The Star has simply listened to a small group of people who are not only, 'camera happy', but are no different to the gutter press in this country, who, what they dont know, will 'make up' to sensationalise, and in order to sell newspapers and raise one's profile. Now the 'dirty deed' has been done, how can anyone say, they have earned the 'right' to call themselves family/friends of Anthony Grainger. If for one minute, they do'....they are simply DILLUDED. It is clearly evident, that there are some people, hell bent, on jeapordising the Anthony Grainger case, and are simply out to 'hurt' people. Personally, it doesn't appear to be about Justice4Grainger anymore, its appears to be about, seeking personal and'petty' revenge, for whatever the reasons, only certain individuals are aware of. It was interesting to see how the pictures you have shown are NOT of the crowds in attendance, but of people who love nothing but the lime light. Also, you mention, the Grainger Vigil on 3/03/2013 in Manchester. This vigil and any recent press, has never involved the mother of Anthony Grainger. In addition, the picture of the woman with the microphone with the little boy, he is not the child of the Grainger family as the picture makes it out to be. In conclusion: 'Where is loyalty in the justice4Grainger campaign, when certain people have gone out of their way to persistently 'gang press' others in to doing what is not in the best interest of the alleged 'Murder' of Anthony Paul Grainger, who the Salford 'Star' have made reference to'? I implore all the readers of the Star, and any other media they might read/watch. That in the 'future' 'don't always believe what you hear, unless its from the horses mouth.'I here rest my case' Veronica Shelton, Salford. Loyal Friend to the Justice4AnthonyPaulGrainger&MarinaSchofield Ahmed camapign.
marina.schofield wrote
at 18:05:11 on 09 March 2013
how dare you wite this report without my pemission im gonna take injuctions out against all of you on monday wsly ahmed dosent speak fo me !!!!
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Star date: 17th January 2019


After Lower Broughton's 'at risk' Grade II listed Victoria Theatre was sold last year, there were fears that it would be pulled down for development but the Salford Victoria Theatre Trust has today announced that its new owner "has engaged with the group to seek out a way forward, even vowing to consider plans to restore it for its original purpose".

The Trust is now putting together a business plan and pitch to present to the owner at the end of the month, with a meeting planned with Salford City Council next month to discuss the theatre's future.

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