Star date: 9th May 2012


Salford's new Mayor, Ian Stewart, has announced his nine `assistant mayors' who will make up his `new' cabinet. And seven of them already had positions of power in the last administration.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor David Lancaster, who was also Deputy Leader previously, while there are still places at Salford Council's slightly re-shuffled top table for John Merry, Bill Hinds, Derek Antrobus and Peter Connor. The major casualty is John Warmisham but the message sent out by the underwhelming appointments is `More of the same'…

Full story here…

Salford Mayor, Ian Stewart, has kept faith with Salford Council's old guard in the new team of assistants announced last night.

Former Council Leader, John Merry, becomes `Assistant Mayor' with responsibility for `Children and Young People' – even though he was ultimately responsible for the failed safeguarding of the city's children in the recent past (see here). John Merry has also been involved in the move to push Salford schools to become academies, particularly Albion High, of which he is a governor (see here and see here).

Former Deputy Leader, David Lancaster, now has a new title, Deputy Mayor, and will supported by two ridiculously named `Strategic Assistant Mayors', Paul Dennett and Paula Boshell (previously Lead Member for Neighbourhoods, Culture and Leisure).

Derek Antrobus, formerly Lead Member for Planning, is now `Assistant Mayor' for Strategic Planning, and Bill Hinds, former Lead Member for Finance and Support Services, is now `Assistant Mayor' for Finance and Support.

Peter Connor has been shuffled from Lead Member for Housing to the equally controversial position of `Assistant Mayor' for whatever is left of Salford Council's Adult Services and Services for Older People.

Margaret Morris, previously Lead Member for Children's Services, now becomes `Assistant Mayor' for Health and Wellbeing, while Paula Boshell, as well as being `Strategic Assistant Mayor' is also `Assistant Mayor' for Learning Skills and Employment, if she can stand up with so many turgid titles round her neck.

There are only two new names in Stewart's cabinet. New councillor, Gena Merrett, becomes `Assistant Mayor' for the newly merged Housing and Environment department.

Meanwhile, the other new councillor Paul Dennett, has even more ludicrous titles. As well as being `Strategic Assistant Mayor', he's also `Assistant Mayor' for `Human Engagement and Workplace Reform'*. Is it just us, or does that sound like something from Big Brother, 1984 and Star Wars mixed up somewhere down Stalin's back entry?

We do hope that the salaries make up for the weight of all these new titles…

But there's more…

As well as the voting cabinet members above there's also `cross departmental Assistant Mayors'… Anne Marie Humphries gets Culture (what hasn't been sold off); Stephen Coen gets International Relations (totem poles and free trips?); Lisa Stone gets Communication and Community Engagement (not more Life magazine?); John Mullen gets Technology (perhaps he could start by telling us how much has been spent on IT contracts over the past decade?); and Roger Jones - he of the Congestion Charge fiasco – gets Transport and City Region (ie sucking up to Manchester)…

The major casualty is John Warmisham, who oversaw both the disastrous Children's Services safeguarding and school bulldozing programmes, and the Adult Services hiving off of home and day care. 

Salford Mayor, Ian Stewart, introducing his `new' Assistants, called the appointments part of "a brighter future for the people of Salford and their families"…

"I have taken a great deal of care when creating my cabinet as these are the people who will help me to deliver positive change in the city" he said "I have been very clear that my biggest aim is to build a strong future for Salford and this will be the team that will help me to deliver this.

"I know no politician can achieve anything alone" he added "The only way to deliver positive change is by working with others in the interests of people in Salford and their families. We are very aware that we have a huge task ahead of us, delivering real change and benefits for the city. But this is a challenge we are ready for and now that the team has been put together, we have started to work towards creating a brighter future for the people of Salford and their families."

What Ian Stewart hasn't declared yet is how much of a financial "brighter future" it will be for the new Mayor, the Assistant Mayors and their families. No salaries have yet been announced…


UPDATE Wed 9th May 1:30pm

Norman Owen, Former Leader of Salford Liberal Democrats has given us his reaction to the new Assistant Mayors…

"Having looked at the rag, tag and bobtail of what Mr Stewart has selected it's a pity we can't turn the clock back to before last Thursday" he said "Councillor Lancaster has come up smelling of roses, as per usual, Councillor Connor is past his sell by date and John Merry showed lamentable leadership for the Council and Children's Services.

"Those who have come in are just a new clique with little experience and know-how" he added "The people of Salford have to understand that we've been sold out by this. It's a joke and I'll be monitoring this crew very closely. This isn't sour grapes on my part, I just don't think it's healthy for the city. I'm very disappointed."


* UPDATE: Earlier, the Salford Star stated that Councillor Dennett had become `Assistant Mayor' for `Human Engagement and Workplace Reform'. We changed the original wording from `Humanegement and Workplace Reform' because we thought it was a spelling mistake. Surely! There's no such word!

The Council has clarified that it wasn't a spelling mistake and that Councillor Dennett is, indeed, the new Assistant Mayor for `Humanegement and Workplace Reform'. It sounds even more like something from Big Brother, 1984 and Star Wars mixed up somewhere down Stalin's back entry...

But what is `humanegement'? And how do you pronounce it? We're waiting on an official quote from the Mayor and will relay this as soon as we hear…

UPDATE 4:30pm 9th May 2012

The mystery of `humanegement' is solved! Mayor Ian Stewart has given the Salford Star an explanation. And we were right - there is no such word...

"Humanegement is a word I have created to describe humane engagement with staff" he says "It is an alternative to the term human resources, which I feel makes employees sound like commodities. I therefore prefer to use this term as effective working with staff is about engagement, working with them to get the best possible outcomes."

We hope this softly, softly management speak doesn't come back to haunt the Mayor, with more job losses and attacks on working conditions in the pipeline through Council cuts.

You can try and read more about `humanegement' at Ian Stewart's website www.humanegement.org

...And it still sounds like something from Big Brother, 1984 and Star Wars mixed up somewhere down Stalin's back entry...


Photo by Gareth Lyons






New Salford wrote
at 8:33:24 AM on Sunday, July 1, 2012
2 months down the line - why has it all gone quiet? Wish I could start a new job & do nowt for 2 months...
life is loud wrote
at 3:33:10 PM on Sunday, May 13, 2012
Pleased with the result noone from the younger generation is interested in politics or voting thats why things dont change someone has to do it
Irwell Running Through Me wrote
at 1:22:11 AM on Sunday, May 13, 2012
Adopted Salfordian Wrote: "Its hardly Ian's fault if the great majority of Salfordians could not even bother to get out and vote." Well, this native Salfordian would like to take exception to this clueless comment and explain something very very basic. If most Salfordians didn't go out and vote for this parasitical gang of toerags, it is not because they could 'not even be bothered'. It was because they knew there was no point. Apparently Adopted Salfordian either doesn't live in the Same Salford as everybody else (which is easy enough - just move to Chinmey Pot Park or one of the other 'regenerated' areas) or he/she doesn't live on the same planet. I suspect either or. Anyway, this really basic thing I mentioned. Here it is - but try to keep up Adopted Salfordian, will you? What Salford people did in not voting, was take action. Not refuse to be bothered to do anything. They, like the Greeks, decided to exercise their very democratically enshrined right NOT to vote for people who continually steal from them and make their lives worse every single day. In case you hadn't noticed, in recent history, there is barely a single politician, from either side of the fictional political divide, who has not been caught fraudulently taking from the tax payer - whether by dirty, thieving, expense claims, or by selling off locally owned assets such as land, to big business. Salford, of all our cities, being a bit out of the way and largely unnoticed, has gotten away stuff not seen since prohibition era Chicago. So, before you come here, trying to defend the indefensible, the corruption and greed that people of every nation are finally rebelling against, in a nation where even the police force want to go on strike, sit down and have a little think before you start hammering, hamfistedly, at your keyboard. Voting figures are down around the world and across all parties. That you seem to think this is particular to Salford just goes to show what an infantile grasp of local and world affairs you have. All this makes me think you probably ARE Ian Stewart, one of his cohorts, or somebody else close to this tit. Hope all that helps. I will look forward to the usual silence which comes from your kind of commentor when challenged. Bye for now.
Steve Middleton wrote
at 1:17:25 AM on Sunday, May 13, 2012
We'll find out "members allowances" at the first full council session on Wednesday. It's on the agenda. I assume that will include the Mayor, Assistant Mayor and Strategic Mayor (or whatever they're called) allowances too. Question is, will it cost more than the old cabinet? I'm guessing yes.
mary ferrer wrote
at 11:50:38 PM on Friday, May 11, 2012
very interesting line up of cabinet and mini mayors. Merry is now in charge of children's services. He has been for the last 4 or 5 years and during that time it went from adequate to inadequate. Nice going Mr Merry, just hope you make a better job now. Can some one please tell me how much each member of this cabinet will get on top of their allowance. Also how much the mini mayors will be getting. Take it Ms Spicer will keep her post that was near £200.000 per year. How much will the new mayor get??? This is a very costly line up. I do like some of the new titles they sounds very grand. Just wonder what we the tax payers of Salford will get out of this.A hefty bill somewhere down the line. Are we also keeping the other mayor and lady mayoress. More bloody money. Will we have to go down the freedom of information act to fine out the true cost of this line up. Labour in this city have got away with murder over the years now we have given them more power to do what they want. Steve have we had the latest list of over £500 spends last one I saw was from September, thought they had to make this list public each month. Happy days
Not Impressed wrote
at 1:00:59 PM on Friday, May 11, 2012
Nice suggestion , Alice , though I greatly doubt it will merit any consideration by Stewart. Nor will it reduce the anger many feel . Many , like me ,are thoroughly disgusted by the antics of these self- serving greedy parasites . Why are WE paying Spicer such an obscene salary of over £200,000 p.a. ? Why does Stuart greedily assume he is worth £100,000 p.a. of OUR money? Other mayoral candidates would have settled for much less. Why not Stewart ? How has Blears emerged from the expenses farce unpunished ? How have the majority of the greedy MPs at Wasteminster escaped punishment over their expenses claims ? Why is there no investigation into the antics at the Swinetown Madhouse ? No wonder people are angry ,bitter, apathetic , and disinterested in the politics game . Politics is VENALITY. These snouts-in-the-trough parasites PROVE IT . .
Alice Searle. wrote
at 7:11:18 AM on Friday, May 11, 2012
A suggestion for Mr Stewart. A 'little knock'[not negative]on your door. On Labour Day, 7th May, you promised an open and accountable policy would be your approach. So here's a suggestion. Set up regular forums for different groups in our communities, which you and any of 'your team' would have to attend. This would be a democratic way for those specific groups to inform you of their concerns and make suggestions. Different from the Community Committees which are based around neighborhoods, because these would be focussed on their areas of experience and interest. There could be a Forum for the Elderly, a Forum for those in the Health and Social Services, for Education, for Environmental concerns, Transport etc. The purpose would be for you to listen and feed in any opinions and suggestions to any decisions you have to make. There is another agenda also which is psychologically beneficial.It would make people feel less alienated, more involved and could reduce some of the anger that many seem to be feeling. I think you must read the Salford Star, so hope you can take this suggestion on board. You can always email me if you don't like to 'go public.'
Winston Smith wrote
at 4:27:50 AM on Friday, May 11, 2012
Caroline - another site worth having a look at is www.eotp.org (Enemies of the People). It seems that the mainstream parties have a higher percentage of criminals than the general population. The inmates really are running the prison...
Beam Me Up , Scotty wrote
at 4:26:30 AM on Friday, May 11, 2012
Spicer great value for money ??????????????????????????????????? Based on what exactly ? The sycophancy spewed by Stewart is an obscenity and an insult to the Salford taxpayer .
TDH wrote
at 3:24:51 PM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
Plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)
AB A CUSS wrote
at 3:24:33 PM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
Ian Was not present to answer questions re CEO's pay packet at recent hustings.But more ominous was his first interview with Andy Crane (Radio Manchester)5pm friday 4th. BarbaraSpicer is great value for money and will not be going anywhere.Is this a hint of the kind of renumeration that the Newly elected Mayor is expecting.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 10:52:24 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
It might be better to turn the clock back to the last General Election. Then the Lib Dims might not have sold out to the nasties & left us all up shit creek. I also see the Mr Stewart has added talking bollocks to his list of talents.
Gareth L wrote
at 8:31:20 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
How the hell can Gina Merrit a new councillor (voted in last Thursday) become an assistant Mayor? I only wish I had the means to get out of this city. Its taken Mr Stewart to show us his words at his appointment were utter rubbish.
Adopted Salfordian wrote
at 8:31:14 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
I'm not sure what many of your correspondents expected from Ian Stewart. The electorate made it quite clear that they wanted a Labour run council, the new mayor can only use the talent that is there. The Councillors chosen to be assistant mayors etc and to make up the cabinet had to come from the existing members unless you expected Ian to get rid of all of them and run the city as a dictatorship. What we have got is democratic and what the voters wanted. Its hardly Ian's fault if the great majority of Salfordians could not even bother to get out and vote.
Mark Armstrong wrote
at 8:31:09 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
Did anyone seriously think that anything would change?
caroline wrote
at 8:30:55 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
All please go to a site called ombusman watch and sign on.Its worth reading.The more members the more hopefully change.I ask all staff at Salford Star to read it.There are tales from all over.Maybe do a write up.
A.P. wrote
at 8:30:42 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
So creating big words and pocketing £100,000.00 p.a. of OUR money is supposed to be good value , is it ? It's more profitable than being on Countdown . But Countdown would not put up with all the bullshit .
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 5:46:25 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
I think the glitter is Salford,the mayor is the turd.
Business as usual. wrote
at 12:43:33 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
If it wasn't so sad it would be really, really funny. But it isn't funny, its really really sad. Our city has a poor future.
Piss off wrote
at 12:43:27 AM on Thursday, May 10, 2012
It the same old shit in a new box, four year of more job for the boys and welcome to the grave train have some more tax payers money and bollocks to the people of Salford.
The band was still together wrote
at 12:54:56 PM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
All I can say about this is You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter. I guess Salford having a mayor is the glitter.
caroline wrote
at 12:54:38 PM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
J.S.A do you think we could both get a job..Some how i do not think they would be to happy..for maybe we would tell them were to get off. thanks for that
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 10:48:17 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
I think Mr Stewart's choice of cabinet members shows how much things will change.
J.S.A. wrote
at 8:22:31 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Unfortunately , Caroline , stewart won't be remotely interested in your disgraceful Bindloss problem , or any other 'ordinary people' problems . We exist just to be exploited . But , 'we're all in this together' . That's fine then . Now , where can I get a job pocketing £100,000 a year for spouting shite and ripping-off the council taxpayer ?
caroline wrote
at 7:43:36 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Do you think Ian Stewart can undo the trashing of my home Bindloss by the councils workmen and creat a brigher future for my family...?So we can go home..
Irwell Running Through Me wrote
at 5:47:42 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
My goodness. Look at that photo. All I see is greed and avarice, shot through with old and beffudled men, wearing rosettes like they mean anything. And there, in the bottom left, a perfect example of New Labours nasty little careerist wannabes. There is no hope.
Salford Star wrote
at 5:47:06 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
See TA comment below... WTF! We thought it was a spelling mistake and asked the Council to clarify it, which, of course, they didn't,so we assumed it must have meant `engagement' and been a spelling mistake. This is even worse, they're not even speaking English now!
TA wrote
at 5:43:16 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
You've got the job title for Dennett wrong, it isn't 'Human Engagement and Workplace Reform', it is actually 'Humanegement and Workplace Reform'. 'Humanegement' being a made up word by Ian Stewart. And you said it was ludicrous when you changed it to something that actually makes a slight amount of sense.
Nachtschlepper wrote
at 4:45:41 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
So somebody please tell me the point of having an elected mayor. I really can't figure out whether these people are stupid, in the pockets of big business or if they just do as the party tells them. All answers in plain, brown envelopes to be handed over at a well known motorway service station toilet at dead of night. For those with a sense of humour bypass I am being facetious.
Dead City Resident wrote
at 4:45:16 AM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Stewart is a master of 'Politico-bullshit speak'. Spewing meaningless words, empty promises, oozing bullshit . With the same traitors , with the same rip-off agenda , the horror that is salford existence will just continue . All who voted this shower of traitors back into office should weep .You are deluded, brainwashed fools . Any resident who wants a future should leave Salford . Salford is doomed .
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