Star date: 15th April 2012


Paul Dyson's late step-dad, Stan Horrocks, took hundreds of photos of Higher and Lower Broughton, Pendleton and Central Salford between the 1960s and 2005. Now he's making the whole archive available to any Salford people who want to own copies.

Full details here…

The Broughton Pub
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Our two photos show the Broughton Hotel on Great Cheetham Street, taken in 1973, and children playing in a den on Basten Street in 1976. These are just two photos from a unique archive of hundreds of shots taken by Stan Horrocks between the 1960s and 2005 featuring scenes of Higher and Lower Broughton, Pendleton and Central Salford.

These photos are to be kindly donated in digital format by Stan's step-son, Paul Dyson, to any Salford people who want them.

"They are not professional pictures but taken out of interest by a Broughton
 man" says Paul "I'm keen to make these pictures available to people who are interested in various streets and buildings in Broughton and elsewhere."

Anyone who would like to get hold of some unique Salford history can e-mail Paul with any requests.

E-mail paul@dyson151.plus.com

kath beckett nee Phelan wrote
at 13:16:01 on 18 June 2018
Hi Janet Murphy...I saw Freddie Fielder last year at a funeral....He has moved from Simister near Prestwich..not sure where he said now. Not far away. He has two sisters and a brother. I was in Mrs. Doyles class 1965/66..
Angela Hill wrote
at 07:39:32 on 12 June 2018
This may be a long shot.... I’m trying to find my dad who I have never seen and I am 56 years old now. All I know about him is that he was known as Cyril Humphries not sure if it’s spelt differently he use to sing in the pubs and clubs in and around Salford and his stage name was Gary Lane again the surname may have been spelt different. I have a feeling that he may have passed but I would love more than anything in the world to have a picture of him so I can say that’s my dad. Never met him but I know I love him. I would appreciate any help possible.❤️
martin wrote
at 22:41:22 on 20 April 2018
Hi Paul. I lived for my first 8 or so years on Pine Street off Hough Lane in Lower Broughton (1966-74) All very long gone obviously like everything else. I saw this in The Salford Star when checking out the sad demise of The Ascension Church and wonder if you have anything from around Pine Street or re The Ascension school which I attended. My mother is Salford born and bred so any pics would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards M
Frank McConochie wrote
at 12:21:38 on 16 April 2018
Hello Alan j Roberts... I can't say I remember you but I do remember Barry Jackson. I remember your news paper shop. I worked for Cockers on Sussex St. Yes I remember Harold Musk I was in the Land Scouts. Bob Waters was our leader. Can't remember the girls you name. I recently caught up with George Dowson who lived in Mulgrave St at number 3 I think. I moved to NZ in 1965, still here. Been back to UK a few times over the years but just don't fancy the long plane flight these day's. Nice to hear from some one who remembers me.
Stephen Senior wrote
at 13:43:35 on 04 April 2018
Hi does anyone remember the Senior & Walton family's I was born in olive st. Dad was Henry & Mam was Lillian Ne Walton.
Bernard Finnigan wrote
at 01:08:08 on 02 April 2018
To Sandra Lambert(nee King). Weren't we in S2 at St Alberts in 1964 ?
Lyn hotchkiss wrote
at 10:55:54 on 12 March 2018
Hi Carl Nov 21 2017 Tontine St ran from Cross Lane through to Albion St opposite to The Hippodrome.
Sandra hamblett wrote
at 08:09:25 on 11 March 2018
Hi Sandra (Lambert) yes I remember you, my maiden name was Johnson, I lived in Plymouth St, we used to catch the No1 bus across the road from your house to school. Looking back, Albert Park was a real gem, something for everyone. Nice to hear from you.
Lyn Hotchkiss nee Ganley wrote
at 13:30:02 on 04 March 2018
Hi Marjorie, who was your Mum, we moved in to West Wilton Place about 1950 had she moved by then? West Wilton Place had about 11 houses each side, even numbers had lobby's, cellars and skullerys and the backs faced backs of shops on Cross Lane. Odd numbers backs faced backs of houses of Myles St which only had this one side and they faced wall of the railway sidings. At the end was Kirkham St just one side of houses that faced the end of West Wilton and they backed the back of shops on Liverpool St. Jo St was the wee side St beside the side of the Carrlton cinema. Wilton St was the St the other side of the cinema and between the Nor West pub. The railway wall went from Liverpool St all around to the rail bridge on Cross Lane
Sandra Lambert was King, wrote
at 12:09:26 on 08 February 2018
Went to Start Albert's RC Salford 6. Born Great Cheetham Street facing Albert Park..does anyone remember me????
Mandy Ogden wrote
at 08:08:29 on 21 January 2018
Iv decided to put my search on Facebook. I was adopted at 6 weeks old , by my parents Jimmy N Margaret Ogden , iv always known i was adopted it's never been a issue or hidden , Jimmy my dad died 16 years ago and made me promise to try n find my birth family , especially my birth sister who was adopted 2 years before me , My name when I was born was Tracey Mcloughlin born 8th April 1964 I was adopted through the Salvation Army my sister was adopted through The Catholic Caring Offices and may not even know she has a sister she was known as Ann Mcloughlin born in 1962 , my birth mum was Joan Mcloughlin she lived in Salford when I was born , Enville Road in Pendleton , she worked as a dental receptionist , I believe my birth dad's name was Ronald Barr or Ball , he also lived in the same area ... my birth mums parents was from Glasgow so ive been told and could have also had dealing with Johoviers Witnesses and could have moved to Little Hulton , I have tried in the past to trace without success , and I'm not getting any younger , it will be my last try this ... I only have my children n grandchildren and my children's grandparents and my niece left as family , I would love to meet my blood birth family , fix the jigsaw to my life , I would love for my son n daughter n grandsons to know where there mum n grandma came from , and for my birth family to know them as they are amazing , and my world , If anybody knows anything or anyone could you please get in touch with me , it would really be appreciated. COULD ALL MY FRIENDS ON HERE PLEASE SHARE AND ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO SHARE THIS FOR ME I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL ......Thanks Mandy xxxxxxxxx Katie Crook John Christine Bleakley Lee J Lee Brenda Wane xxxxxx
sam wallwork wrote
at 08:23:20 on 16 January 2018
Anne quinn wrote
at 07:01:12 on 07 January 2018
Hi a reply for Phil boardman 11 December 2017 what a nice surprise someone remembers mrs Hadock and Mrs bampin at st Sebastians primary school and even having photos too ! Would it be possible if u could email the class photo would be very much appreciated thank you anne
Patrick Lawrence wrote
at 08:41:35 on 03 January 2018
Hi, i lived in snowden street salford 7, its demolished now. I went to st Andrews Secondary school between 1971/1976. Mr Lundy was the head teacher, i also remember Mrs Stapleton, Mr Cahil, Mr Isherwood, Mrs Murry, Mr Lawrencson, to name but a few.Just wondering does anyone remember them. I heard the school burned down, is their any photo's?
Irene Kerkham wrote
at 05:20:17 on 31 December 2017
Hello. Does anyone remember the Stirrup family. Father Jim, Mother Vera who had 4 children Barbara, Marlene, Malcolm and I think the younger boys name was Melvin. They lived in Broughton also anyone who went to Claremont Open Air Schoolin the middle and late fifties?.
Lynda McLoughlin nee Downes wrote
at 06:28:52 on 20 December 2017
Hi. My sisters and I went to st Sebastian's 1960 onwards. I remember Mrs Woolley? And the Whit Walks. My sister was Jacinta- one of the tthree Fatima. Hildren. Whit walks about 1962? I have class photos of us four downes girls somewhere. We lived at Harding st Pendleton. Happy days.
Phil Boardman wrote
at 19:04:22 on 11 December 2017
Miss Haydock and Miss Bampin (Headmistress). Ah, I remember them well. I still have my class photo from St Sebastian's that features them both.
Vincent McCann wrote
at 17:52:55 on 05 December 2017
A reply for Marjorie Kortis. The Carlton Cinema was on Cross Lane and there was West Wilton Place and Wilton Street nearby,I have an old A to Z map. I used to go to the Carlton, Salford Market was on the opposite side of the road. Hope this helps, Vincent.
Vincent McCann wrote
at 12:59:21 on 05 December 2017
Hello Everybody, I lived in Yearsley Street Off St Stephen St Salford 3 and attended Salford Cathedral Boys School, leaving in 1946 age 14, anybody know me? I now live in Bury.
joseph de biase wrote
at 15:30:31 on 26 November 2017
hi ... i went to st marks on heath st...in 1969 and then went to st andrews tetlow lane salford 1970 to 1975...looking for any fotos of the schools and classroom fotos...anybody can help me.? thanks...
Carl Evans wrote
at 16:06:51 on 21 November 2017
Does anyone have any knowledge of Tontine Street please
Dennis Mulliner wrote
at 16:37:55 on 12 November 2017
Many thanks to Steve for his reply regarding the dentist on Langworthy Road. I have tried to email him direct but my emails are bouncing back.
Anne quinn wrote
at 06:56:53 on 30 October 2017
Hi does anyone remember Perry Stanley who lived on Hedwig street whit lane my sister Caroline and myself lived on the streets from 1963 to 1972 we played together on the croft making dirt butties don't ever recall eating them lol we went to st Sebastian primary school but moved up to higher broughton 1972 as our street as u know was being demolished .
Anne quinn wrote
at 09:36:36 on 29 October 2017
Hi does anyone remember mrs Haydock and Mrs bambpin teachers at st Sebastians primary school Douglas green whit lane back the early 1960s and 1970s ? Also does anyone have any group class pictures from 1968 or 1969 would be grateful how to get hold any thanks ?
Alan smith wrote
at 14:51:14 on 28 October 2017
I lived in pine Street pendleton off broad Street on one corner was bloors chemist on the other corner was t&a royles bakery where I worked for a while.i went to Halton bank school me and my brother dennis I then worked at Crawfords biscuits Duncan Street off old field road then I did my national service. when I returned salford had altered. I then moved around a bit and ended up at B.O.C at Swinton worsley for 37 years I am now retired and live in audenshaw tameside anyone remembers me you are welcome to e.mail me it is nice to see all the old picks but I cannot find one of pine Street anyone help????
Anne quinn wrote
at 04:28:17 on 26 October 2017
Hi does anyone remember Perry Stanley who lived on Hedwig street whit lane my sister Caroline and myself lived on the streets from 1963 to 1972 we played together on the croft making dirt butties don't ever recall eating them lol we went to st Sebastian primary school but moved up to higher broughton 1972 as our street as u know was being demolished .
Steve Hawkes.hawke@sky.com wrote
at 15:16:55 on 24 October 2017
IN reply to dennis mulliner the dentist on langworthy road was mr haines rosemary used to sing to you whilst you were anithatised
David Endsor wrote
at 06:29:06 on 20 October 2017
Hi All, Great Site, does anyone remember Johnny fielder, he went to St peters school with me in the 60s, it would be great to hear from him...
Winnie Benson wrote
at 19:39:57 on 13 October 2017
Does anyone remember the Goodman family from Bury New road and Cheatham Hill. Barnett was a photographer. his son Louis was my father . They had a guest house near Strangeways Prison. His brothers Harry and Benny. I would love to get in touch with any relative. I only know of Carol Ann Johnson and don't know how to contact her. Any photo's of the area near Strangeways would be good. really interested in the Ascension school and St Boneface Catholic school. Any Salford workhouse records or photos/ just so much I would appreciate.
Maureen Brown been Phelan wrote
at 09:08:51 on 11 October 2017
Hi Rose
Dennis Mulliner wrote
at 18:44:50 on 24 September 2017
Does anyone remember the Dentist's name on Langworthy Road in the 1950/60's? His nurses name was Rosemary and I think she was his sister?
Maureen Brown née Phelan wrote
at 09:34:01 on 12 September 2017
I remember being at school in St Thomas,s. Kath Beckett is my sister and Roseleen Kinney my cousin by marriage .It would be good to hear from you Rose and Kathleen Kinney. I have lived in Australia for the past 30 years. Maureen Brown .Nee Phelan .
kath beckett nee Phelan wrote
at 06:33:43 on 10 September 2017
Kath Beckett nee Phelan...dates I attended St. Andrews Tetlow lane was 1962 - 1966....not as above...
Susanne Greenwood wrote
at 12:28:55 on 03 September 2017
Hi to kath smith 15 zebra st, I lived at 16, and I remember sharing maternity dresses with you and kath shaw. I was married very young and had 2 little boys. I remember your son Colin and daughters Joanne? Suzanne? Very happy days. I'm sure I met your mum years later on Leicester road, she wanted to go home to Tully st. But I took her back to the home through Manley park. She told me you had moved to prestwich hills. Hope you are all ok, take care.
Louise Thomas wrote
at 18:01:27 on 29 August 2017
Hi there. I love reading all the comments about Salford in days gone by. Does anyone remember Albert Lloyd or his mother Daisy Lloyd or his father Albert Edmund Lloyd who was a dentist and lived at 170 Bolton Road. My mother was Albert's first wife I think he may have passed away in 1964.Albert may still have lived on Bolton Road up until 1964.I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information on the Lloyd family.
joan Howard wrote
at 08:42:49 on 23 August 2017
Hi My family lived in sussex street,both of my brothers emigrated in the 60's, Dougy Howard went to Ontario, he was the manager of the Olympic wrestling team in the 1970's. Peter went to New Zealand. xx
Steve Prescott wrote
at 10:10:24 on 05 August 2017
Hi Jeanette Burke (nee Bowker) Are you the same girl who went to St Clements Primary, and left in 1970/1 and then onto Pendleton girls high? I left and went onto Salford Grammar with Steven Grimshaw, Billie Pollard and Keith Johnson.
derekwarren wrote
at 15:32:52 on 13 July 2017
Francis Santos. Hi Frances I can understand completely what you mean regarding the Hightown and Cheetham Hill area it's now a dump, a disgrace, you did the right thing in getting out, We'll just have to remember how it used to be. I now live in the Cliff area of Salford. My mam died a good few years ago and Lillian my eldest sister lives in Burnley, David my younger brother lives in Edenfield thats on the other side of Bury. I still see Billy Hoars I dont know if you remember him he lived in Lime Street first house on the left from Waterloo Rd just behing Needoffs bakery I also see Peter Carraher, his wife Mary died a few years ago. I was really sorry to hear about your Jack he was a nice lad, so sad. Keep well and give my regards to Roseleen. Derek..
kath beckett wrote
at 16:56:49 on 01 July 2017
Janet Murphy..I remember Freddie Fielder...he was in my sisters class...Maureen Phelan....I knew his sisters...they lived near me in the 70s and 80s on North Cliffen lane Salford 7. Freddie lives in Simister but may have moved..not sure. Also...Giant Haystacks...Martin Ruanne..sadly died was in my sisters class..at the old school St. Thomas's before St. Andrews was built. I went to St. Andrews in 2962 till 2966...
kath beckett nee Phelan wrote
at 16:56:46 on 01 July 2017
Rosaleen Kinney...I was in Mrs. Doyles class at St. Andrews. Left in 1966. Mrs. Doyle used to get annoyed with me 'cos I could do shorthand and typing for Mrs. Neil but not very good at algebra for her. I mean..who needed Algebra after they left school??....She used to give me the cane every day 'cos I had a long fringe..like Cathy McGowan. Lads in my class were Kevin Healey..Michael Handley...Jaroslaw Kopchyk..twin Zenio....
Stan bibby wrote
at 09:14:29 on 01 July 2017
M e & my three brothers Stuart, Keith @ Bryan lived on Union st, & then Frank Colin Court, went to St Andrews ahough lane, then Ascension & then onto Broughton Modern, anyone remember us ?
Frances Santos wrote
at 06:46:34 on 27 June 2017
Hi Derek Warren: Well, I left first and went to the US, then when our Dad died, Kath and Rosaleen decided to give it a try as well. Vera, the oldest, is in Stockport, and Jack stayed in Manchester. I was back there 2014-2015, for 5 months. What a change. All the areas we knew are gone. The Post Office on Waterloo Rd and the Cheetham Hill Library were total wreck's and they were always so nice back in the day. Rosaleen said to say 'Hello' - how's your family?
Linda Brown wrote
at 15:06:25 on 15 June 2017
Hi Paul You very kindly sent me a photo of COOK St Pendleton where I have fond memories of my grandma who lived there. However I did print it off and for some reason the photo. Has gone grainy... With hindsight it would have been better to frame it ..could you please forward that photo again so that I can do that and preserve it? Many Thanks, Linda Brown. X
derekwarren wrote
at 15:35:08 on 04 June 2017
Hi Francis. Its great to hear from you, I remember you and your family well mainly your Jack a great lad so sorry to hear he died was he living abroad like you girls, I also remember your mam a lovely quite lady always with a smile, and your dad every night out with Mr Webb calling in their pigeons. I left Sycamore st in 1964, When did you leave Hightown and how is it you all ended up in USA. I dont know that after Ernie & Norman left Lime st Peter Carraher moved into the their house I beleive they went to Australia. Regards Derek
jacquie berry wrote
at 05:44:52 on 17 May 2017
Hi. My Father died in 1912 aged 100. He was born in Henrietta S. Pendlebury, Salford. I remember the house where my Grandma lived, can remember every bit of it. The scullery, the outhouse,One of the bedrooms had been made into a bathroom, the tiny sitting-room no-one ever went in and the dining room with the old black fire with the ovens at the side. I remember a shop across the road and I seem to remember a huge wall at the other end of the road with (I think) a factory behind it. There was also a park at the back of the house and the house looked like the one in the above photo with a little back yard exactly like the one on Coronation Street with a pebbled alley between the houses. My Grandma lived in the second house and the lady next door used to crochet (or knit) little outfits for dolls. I'm 72 now but remember everything as if it was yesterday. I anyone has a photo of the street I'd love it, will keep on searching.
Paul Adams wrote
at 16:14:56 on 13 May 2017
Hi. My Grandad and Grandma Adams lived in Mulgrave Street with my Dad Jim and his two brothers John and George
Bridget Frances Santos wrote
at 05:52:23 on 11 May 2017
Reply to Derek Warren: Yes. Derek, we lived next door but one to the Webbs, our next door neighbours were the Carrs - remember Ernie and Norman? Where are you living these days? I am in Portland, Oregon, and my sisters Kathleen and Rosaleen are in Florida. Our Jack died in 2015. It was good to hear from you. All the best to you and yours, Frances
Janet Murphy nee Bazeley wrote
at 09:14:14 on 09 May 2017
Hi Everyone Love reading about the old days in Salford I lived in Ollier St off Halliwell Lane, Salford 8, then Warren St. Cheetham. I went to St.Annes school, Crumpsall then St. Thomas's junior and senior then on to St.andrews when it was first built. I was in Mrs Doyle's class approx. In 1964 My classmates were Kathleen Semple, Maureen Logan, Freddy fielder Terry McDonald....has anyone heard of them over the years?
Steve oliver wrote
at 06:05:14 on 09 May 2017
I lived in zebra street Salford 7 I attended Marlborough road school in the 50s until going to north Salford boys school and leaving in the60s there was a message about the ice cream man from garnet street his name was joe he worked for serreties ice cream next to smiths chippy where you could get pigs trotters and tripe !
Carolinz derossi wrote
at 05:57:07 on 06 May 2017
I was just wondering if anyone can remember my auntie nellie...She lived in Edward street lower broughton salford 7...Her married name was greenhalgh and her husband name was Harry..She had a cake shop onsilk street and was a very well known and much loved by everyone who knew her...I lived in Blackburn and used to go for my holidays...I was a trainee hairdresser then and practised on many a ladies head in salford...The highlight of my holidays was a trip to the twisted wheel and most of my friends from Blackburn used to descend on my auntie nellies for breakfast the morning after she never batted an eyelid....She was loved by all of my friends at that particular time...I wisn those days where back...I have got such special memories of life in lower broughton...
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