Star date: 13th February 2012


Campaigners lined the entrance to Dogs 4 Us on Agecroft Road yesterday to raise awareness about puppy farms and the over supply of dogs in the UK.

Dogs 4 Us was investigated last March by Channel 5 News which looked into the puppy store's conditions and suppliers. The protesters held placards stating `True Dog Lovers Don't Support Puppy Farms' and `Exposed by Channel 5 News', as passing cars honked support,

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Puppy Farm Protest Dogs 4 Us Salford Puppy Farm Protest Dogs 4 Us Salford Graham Norton Against Puppy Farms
Jenni Falconer Against Puppy Farms Dogs Trust Against Puppy Farms
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Campaigners waving placards and shouting slogans lined the entrance to the Dogs 4 Us puppy store on Agecroft Road yesterday to raise awareness of the puppy industry, which they believe puts profit before the welfare of dogs.

Last march, Channel 5 News broadcast a major expose of the puppy industry, centring on Dogs 4 Us stores and puppy farms in Wales (see here). Meanwhile, celebrity dog lovers like presenters Graham Norton and Jenni Falconer have come out in support of the Dogs Trust campaign against what it calls `Battery Farmed Dogs' (see here)…

"Battery farming of dogs is a horrible, horrible practice" says Graham Norton  "and I hope that the Dogs Trust campaign will highlight to future dog owners how to avoid fuelling this trade."

Yesterday, customers going into Dogs 4 Us and passers by were certainly made aware of puppy farming, with many drivers tooting their horns in support.

"We've had a great response today" said campaigner Michael James "Dogs Trust research shows that 95% of people are against puppy farms  - but people aren't aware of where the puppies come from. This place was exposed on a Channel 5 documentary and we don't think their policies have changed. They are still getting their supplies from puppy farms in Wales and Ireland, we believe, maybe not all their dogs, but they don't breed them on site. A real dog breeder would not need to use a pet shop to sell their dogs."

Michael pointed out that there are 150 dogs are being put to sleep every week throughout England because there's not enough homes and rescue centres haven't got enough space for them.

"The last thing we need is puppy farming and puppy shops selling more and more puppies when there loads of them in rescue centres needing homes" he explained "About 63 Staffies a week are also being put to sleep, and I rang this place a week before Christmas and they said they were getting more Staffies in – there's a massive over breeding problem with Staffies."

Dogs 4 Us has been targeted, campaigners say, because of the size of its operation and the secrecy that surrounds the conditions in which the puppies are obtained and kept. Apparently, the campaigners were not allowed to take photos inside the kennels and details are sketchy about the parentage of the puppies the store is selling.

"Why can't people see the puppies' parents?" asks Michael "Many reputable breeders allow you to go in their house and see the parent with the puppies, and that they've been brought up around people, and children. A lot of people who have gone in here today to get dog food have come out and told us that they'd bought puppies from here years ago before they knew there was a problem. And that the dogs have either been very ill and cost a lot in vets bills, or are not right in the head, because they've not been brought up around humans and have been taken from their parents at a very young age."

Another campaigner added: "We can't say that animal abuse goes on here… but they are giving the animal abusers a chance to sell their dogs."

Meanwhile the slaughter of hundreds of homeless dogs each week continues, while the puppy farms rake in the profits…

Dogs 4 Us has left a comment on its website (see here) disputing the campaigners' claims…

"We feel at Dogs 4 Us that it is time to set the record straight in relation to various pet forums that have sprung up on the internet. This very small percentage of people in the U.K. are trying to discredit our good name by linking us with puppy farms. This is utter nonsense and does not represent what Dogs 4 Us is all about.

"We have been trading for over 45 years at our Manchester branch and for 3 years at our Leeds site. During this time we have serviced many customers and repeat customers who also recommend us to their family and friends and quite a few celebrity customers too!"



paula.ellis wrote
at 14:44:29 on 21 August 2017
i visited this place Sunday 20th august 2017 we bought a dog 13 yeas ago from there i have to say this place should be shut down dogs in a disgusting state staff rude i will never buy from this place again RSPCA should go in and take a look at the state the dogs are in shame on them call them selves dog lovers
Shirley wrote
at 21:21:28 on 19 July 2016
I bought a Yorkshire terrier puppy Back in 2002, from mayfield kennels pendlbury Manchester the day I bought puppy home it started coughing badley. I took my pup vets next morning my vet said I can't vaccinate this puppy it's got kennel cough my pup was ill nearly died 6.weeks of treatment its glands were up so could not be vaccinated for 6.weeks may field did not care lady put phone down on me when I told them. If I'd of known the illness was due to puppy farm would never of gone there thee breed brother sister father daughter these poor pups suffer brain disease bad fits please RSPCA. Close them down stop cruelty now poor little puppy's suffering badly because of evil gready people close dogs 4 U.S. Down how many have to suffer dogs for us is helping puppy farms its disgusting
Ally wrote
at 22:14:30 on 28 June 2016
Been to this place today and it really should be shut down, can only think the local council are getting back handers allowing it to stay open. Puppies are docile, quiet and look unclean. Weeping eyes on some and they look sad and scared of human contact. The kennels are full of poo and when I questioned a member of staff she just shrugged her shoulders whilst standing in the corner - She couldn't have cared less! I asked about JRT's to be told they might get some on their next delivery on Thursday, jeez they don't even know what dog breeds are being delivered when? What does that say. Puppy farmers in disguise changing extortionate prices £1000 for some breeds... reported to RSPCA.
Booted of Broughton wrote
at 10:28:27 on 20 May 2016
Can't believe these wretched people are STILL at it! - see last week's BBC Panorama investigation into "Dogs 4 Us".
Jo Brett wrote
at 12:54:22 on 15 March 2016
We looked at getting a rescue dog first but there was nothing suitable to re home with small children at that time so we bought our family pet Cairn Terrier from D4US 2006. This was before we knew anything about puppy farms etc. He will be 10 this year and I put that down to the fact he has been cared for loving by us. Even the vet says he appears happy, healthy and younger than he actually is. When we were choosing our pet we originally was going to buy a miniature Schnauzer but there was only one left when we got there and my husband agreed it didn't look good. It was unresponsive and docile. So we opted for the healthier more active Cairn that was the most responsive from the puppies it was with. We were lucky I guess going off the other comments on here. We fully researched what breeds were suitable for our family and circumstances etc. We wanted a family pet for life not just for christmas. I don't like the food they promote and give the puppies, now that I have researched it and found that to be bad for dogs too! We changed our dogs diet to a healthier brand of dried food, another reason he is still with us now I think. We do not condone puppy farms and now we are more informed we will look to buy a companion for our pet direct from legally licensed breeders or re home a rescue dog now that the children are older. It still breaks my heart knowing that puppy farming still thrives in this country and doesn't look like ending any time soon.
Michele donnelly wrote
at 12:44:50 on 19 February 2016
We bought our boxer dog From here nearly 5 years ago and I have to say he is the most well behaved, beautiful natured boxer ever, we have 4 children whom he adores, he was so easy and quick to train, has never chewed anything he shouldn't , everyone comments on how well bahaved he is as they heard boxers could be quite hyper/crazy dogs , he is just an absolute perfect pet and is now a huge part of our family .
PAM Lpool wrote
at 08:10:25 on 17 February 2016
It seems here one makes a comment and others jump on the bandwagon. What is the truth here. We purchased a tricolour border collie in Sept 2001 and we have only just lost her a couple of weeks ago, work out her age yourselves. What a beauty, she never cost us a penny other than food and annual check, and manicure !!! Do your checks before buying - go elsewhere then.
Non beliver wrote
at 15:40:47 on 05 February 2016
Those dogs at Dogs4us would love this article, the comments section is full of SPAM.
Judie wrote
at 11:03:59 on 05 February 2016
I brought a Labrador puppy home from there which I bought in I think 2004. We had him 4 days. He had diarrhoea every morning we had him and when we went downstairs every morning the floor was covered. His eyes were heavy and black. Looked so poorly. We took him back and complained. We paid £450 and got £350 back! Nasty to take £100 off us! Never ever buy from there. I was young and had never bought a dog before.... It totally put me off....
allisondogroom wrote
at 05:38:53 on 22 January 2015
My sister bought a dog from this place 18 yrs ago the made up dog lovers certificate means absolutely nothing as for pedigree dogs is rubbish!!! wonder how many would test for a full breed with a dog DNA test???? My sisters dog was traced to be from a puppy farm in Denmark at 18mths it bite my 3yr old neice in the face and was put down. Every potential puppy buyer should be made aware of the pitfalls to contemplating getting a dog from Dogs R US - Never buy a dog from here get one from a home breeder with the mother stop funding this disgrace
Carol Q wrote
at 10:51:32 on 03 January 2015
I bought a bichon frise from dogs4us, she recently died age just 6years and for all of her life suffered from severer allergies. The vet said she also contracted demodex mites from the mother when she was born because of her very poor immune system. This condition made her really ill for years. We have spent thousands of pounds at the vets just to try and give my precious Katie a decent life. I am truly heart broken at her loss, on Katie's papers it says she was from South Wales and I believe now she was from a puppy farm. I would say to anyone thinking of buying a puppy from dogs for us to stay away.
Andy wrote
at 06:31:50 on 17 July 2014
My cat stayed there many times, she always seemed well looked after and they were keen to show me where she stayed. As for the puppies on sale, has anyone actually contradicted Dogs 4 Us statement that all their dogs are from licensed breeders? The dogs I've seen there didn't look ill or in bad conditions or in any sort of bad condition themselves to be honest.
Phil wrote
at 05:55:53 on 17 April 2014
I bought an Alsation from them yrs ago. He had a hernier and died before he was 1yr old. Disgusting traders. ANY PLACE THAT HAS DOGS READY FOR SALE 24/7 IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. ADOPT DONT BUY FROM ANY BREEDERS.
Birty wrote
at 07:56:35 on 20 December 2013
My Mrs bought a dog from here last year and it has bitten me and her sister for no reason what so ever. One minute you stroke him the next he bites. Also my Mrs sister comes in from work and he goes mad and bites her. Why is this when he has known her since he first came home?
Stephen Hardacre wrote
at 13:28:26 on 24 October 2013
I bought my labrador bitch from here with my boys.she was born on3.03.2008.she has just died today aged just five with liver cerosis 23.10.2013.Has anyone else bought a dog born on thos date contact me @ hardacre54@gmail.com
Laura wrote
at 15:44:11 on 15 October 2013
DISGUSTING PLACE!!! I bought my shih tzu from here she has had skin problems all her life and died a few days ago at the age of 6. A relative of mine also bought a dog from here who was very ill from the moment they got him and died after just three days of having him. The company showed no compassion and said he could choose another. The puppies who are not chosen are put down it is such a horrible business and I would never buy from here again.
Dog lover, pissed off with handbag pup owners wrote
at 16:52:52 on 11 September 2013
Sarah L wrote, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, oh Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. Tell you something Sarah L, you should not be allowed to own a dog if you just turned up and bought the "cute little one" why did you not ask to see the bitch when you bought your Collie? A decent responcable and knowledgeable puppy buyer would DEMAND this before buying a pup???? Maybe a dog is not for you, it ain't a fashion accessory you know.
Sarah L wrote
at 09:39:43 on 10 September 2013
I purchased my border collie from D4U. Within 3 years we had to put her to sleep due to a tumour on her brain. During the 3 years we had her, she suffered with skin problems. Even our vet told us never to buy from D4U again as they use puppy farms based in Wales and Ireland. Manchester and Cheshire dog homes can also back this up, as can Dogs Trust. We now have a springer spaniel but really did our homework first. He was bought where his parents and granparents could be seen and in a family environment and was brought up with other pets. There are also good dogs looking for rehoming, so the dogs homes are good places to start. Many of my friends and family have rescue dogs including ex lab dogs. ALL are loyal companions. Demos outside places like D4U and Astra Zenica (help free the lab beagels) are held on a regular basis
Sick of spammers wrote
at 05:42:43 on 07 July 2013
Babs, give it a rest you spammer, you clearly have something against this business for whatever reason, justified or not I don't know, but please do not insult the intelligence of the average Salfordian. You have been spamming this article since Feb 2012, get over your gripe and get on with your life. Just give it a rest.
babs wrote
at 06:32:57 on 06 July 2013
To the buyers who have recently bought sick pups,please contact admin@puppylovecampaigns.org They will tell you which puppy farm your pup was bred on.
Laura wrote
at 08:31:01 on 03 April 2013
I bought a golden english cocker spaniel from this place and my mum bought a s h i h t z u. We had no idea what this place was all about until after and thankfully while both dogs are fine we'd never recommend anybody buying from here now we know.
Dog Lover wrote
at 15:57:14 on 09 January 2013
Please - BUYER BEWARE Purchased a puppy from this place in October - and before you moan, we had tried Manchester dogs home (where our other, older dog is from) Cheshire DH, Bleakholt, Dogs Trust, Rescue places in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Liverpool and the RSPCA - we jumped through more hoops than we thought possible. Conned on Gumtree and paid out for a pedigree pup, which had to be euthanised 10 days later because of health issues - so we sued through small claims. Thought we were doing the right thing in going here as they have a 6 month guarantee. What a joke - pup so ill intensive care nearly neeeded. So riddled with worms and Campylobacter. This is a infection from dirty kennels and has to be treated with human anti-biotics, we went back for a second worm treatment, but our vet said that with the count in his poo, he looked like he had never been treated since birth. He is still having problems. It would have been cheaper to buy from Crufts. You ring them up and they accuse you of being irate and they say they don't care. If you mention legal action they say , "Go ahead"! Please - think before you buy!
cantona wrote
at 22:05:38 on 05 January 2013
Salford. From your comments I can only think you have shares in this Licensed puppy farm.
robert mcmahon wrote
at 18:29:38 on 02 December 2012
me and my daughter bought a dog each from dogs 4 us i wish i would of done my research first both dogs had a diseased leg when they were just out of there guarentee we complained to dogs for us who made it quite clear they could not care less, they should be shut down please dont buy from these there are plenty rescue dogs of all ages, our 2 dogs are now fine and loved but the vet said they will always need medical care.
Jessica wrote
at 17:40:46 on 01 December 2012
I went to this place yesterday to look at some stuff for my puppy in the warehouse. My sister and I decided to take a look kennel. My sister and I were appalled by what I saw! Puppies who were very young and not with there mother, as on its door had a note "Ready on 30/11/12". The conditions were not pleasant, not at all. I won't be going back there any time soon. They need to shut down its kennels. Those dogs are not being cared for adequately. Disgusting
deb wrote
at 15:56:58 on 12 November 2012
you would not sell your child for profit, so there for why buy someone else young, puppies should be with their own mum, if you want a baby make your own, or sweep up the results of many dogs that have been abandoned who have no choice,
Peter holdsworth wrote
at 21:40:25 on 21 September 2012
I been told today that the owner is peter hemingway the owner of living world in armley leeds i belive this man was responceable for leave dead animals in with living ones not feeds them and just not looking after the safety higene or well being of the animals will never shop at this store again please promote animal adoption
Jodie wrote
at 06:59:08 on 17 September 2012
I visited dogs4us today for the first time and I have to say I was absolutely appalled at the conditions those puppies are kept in. I found it heartbreaking and very disturbing. Every single cubicle that housed the puppies had poo in. Some of the puppies were even playing with it as they were so bored. Every puppy had weeping eyes and some who were as young as 7 weeks old were alone in there cubicle. I want to now do whatever I can to get involved in helping to close this awful place down !!! I cannot believe that the RSPCA or the council haven't done this already !!!!!
ruth wrote
at 20:40:06 on 19 August 2012
my daughter bought a basset hound from dogs4u. from the start the pup suffered terrible health problems dogs4u got one of their vets to see the pup who gave it some antiboitics.the pup continued to suffer dreadful skin rashes and infections that smelt terrible.dogs4u refused to have any more to do with the pup or treat it,or offer any compensation to my daughter who was paying out massive vet bills. the pup finally had to be put to sleep as recomended by the vet as it's kidneys failed.dogs4u didn,t want to know.
Hannah wrote
at 06:17:34 on 18 August 2012
I visited this place and was very happily told the truth about the origins of the pups. Even if all the puppies are not from 'puppy farms', they a kept in appalling conditions, some 7 weeks old and kept alone; I was partially tempted to buy a Rottweiler puppy simply as I couldn't bear the manner in which he was being kept. But I knew it would be wrong to allow the kennels to profit. Although I think it is fantastic that the profile of such places are being raised, I would also like to raise the issue of dogs being bred for appearance. I would like to use my story as an example: We longed for a pug, but refused to buy an animal who had been bred so much for looks it would cause them health problems. We were looking for conscious pug breeders, people who were trying to breed the pug snout out so the poor animals could actually breathe. We rand several breeders with our wishes, my mother ended up it quite an argument with one women who stated that she didn't believe in cross breeding as it was cruel. My mother retorted saying she thought it was disgusting that people were willing to put an animals health at risk simply to make it 'look more expensive'. We ended up with Ruby, our stunning little pugapoo! We visited her home and her mum and dad and couldn't be happier! Ruby has had one litter herself and we hope she has one more; there isn't a chance in hell we would have let her puppies go to people who simply had the cash, we had a lot of applicants and people offering way above necessary; but we chose the most suitable homes and receive pictures regularly. Anyway... I didn't mean to bore, I just wish to illustrate how rewarding it is to buy a dog for their personality rather than looks and knowing they've had a happy start in life! Visit the dog at home please! And, I would love to see a new list of breeders, dedicated to breeding out genetic problems rather than enhancing them for more cash... Rant over. Keep protesting.
Gemma K wrote
at 21:55:49 on 22 June 2012
For anyone interested, the demos are continuing at D4U on a regular basis, the next one is the 22nd of July. Please feel free to join us to protest against the horrific industry of puppy farming and the shops that support it.
at 21:49:53 on 10 June 2012
NEW PROTEST TODAY. And yes i honked in support and have been trying to raise the profile of it ever since. I have been in this place several times (just to look! won't spend my money in that place) Its not great but its not horrendous. The puppies are not happy though and the staff are rude. They don't accept outside applications for work so sorry @DNOON your rant about providing jobs is nonsense. they work on nepotism, WHY? To HIDE their questionable working practises. (PS I work and live in Salford and I am not an 'animal activist' - next argument please..?) I dont care for the KC too much but i will say this - the advice on their website is EXCELLENT. if you can't meet the puppy's mum (and dad is good but mum at the very least) or see your pup-to-be in the environment it grew up in, talk to the breeder and keep in touch with them long term - YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A PUPPY - you don't know WHAT you are doing, you are putting your greed and image before the needs of the dog and are probably ignorant about how best to raise it. (if you don't do your research at the start...) My breeder vetted me (pardon the pun) in great detail. I even signed a contract stating I would care for my dog. I did it happily. She came with all her jabs, wormed, microchipped, insurance and even food! and she cost 100's of pounds LESS than that money making machine did. My breeder was wonderful and when she was leaving she cried. That's someone who cares is it not?! When I asked about the breeders they used at this 'puppy world' they got defensive and angry. BAD SIGN. when I asked about the puppy's parents. same response. No photos, no contact details. this place needs to be avoided and to all the STUPID CELEBS LIKE WAYNE ROONEY who have bought these puppies and have their ugly mug on their wall... you are part of the PROBLEM. idiots. and to: @SALFORD you clearly work there or have some affiliation with the place. You are bias and its a clear as the nose on your egg splattered face.
easy_c wrote
at 06:10:53 on 22 April 2012
Some ppl commenting on here..... honestly check out the channel 5 footage. @Salford... these places are not properly checked, if they were, THERE WOUDLNT BE A PUPPY FARM PROBLEM!!! Myself & my partner have recently taken on a little lady jrt, shes 5 & spent her life as a breeding bitch on an Irish puppy farm, we took her on from a rescue who helps save dogs like her on a weekily basis. She was simply turfed out by the breeder when she had served her use. She has a horrendeous ear infection, skin infection, riddled with worms, has a prob with 1 of her nipples....this little dog is still, after her poor treatment so loving & no matter what probs arise (as we have only had her 2 weeks so are treating them) we will get her sorted. Anyone who supports places that sell puppies from puppy farms...ie a place with lots of diff breeds, where u cant see the mother...go check out some rescues, websites etc & see the state the pups mums end up in!!!! Open ur eyes to this sick cruel trade, if u dont u are REALLY living in a dream world!!!!
YorkieGuy wrote
at 18:06:52 on 04 April 2012
I have visited the Salford unit, and was shocked to see puppies being purchased on a whim, one a GSD being paid for on credit cards and then taken home on the back of a motorbike!!! The people purchasing puppies were not asked anything about their lifestyle, reason for wanting to own a dog etc. As a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, I build up a relationship with anyone on my puppy waiting list, before the puppies are even born. The policy at Dogs4us appears to be if people have the cash or credit card then they get the puppy, no questions asked, and with no regard as to the puppy's future welfare. To me this is VERY VERY wrong.
krys wrote
at 22:16:44 on 28 February 2012
salford the breed standards are owned and enforced by the breed clubs and the breed clubs are the ones who can change them.yes the kc say they 'own' the standards and in a copyright form they do but its the breed clubs who issue them, write them, and compile them.the kc has MADE them change them recently because of the adverse exposure of this program.but what the program doesnt tell you is of all the money spent by the kc on research into hereditary diseases and health screening especially withthe animal health trust.yes its shocking to show the same pics over and over of a dog thats got health issues but its not so shocking to show you the many thousands of healthy dogs who are healthy due to the breeders cooperating with the health testing conducted by the kc.the kc has even introduced mate select to help breeders to reduce health issues by being guided by geneticists.breeders now sit studying inbreeding coefficients in order to reduce the amount of inbreeding.puppy farmers dont spend a penny on this because they want to make money from breeding and therefore dont spend any money on health issues unlike responsible show breeders.theres good an bad in all walks of life yes theres some bad show people but theres far more good ones who have the welfare of their breed at heart.puppy farmers dont give a fig about health issues or defects in pups.theyre too busy breeding their next litter of unhealthy pups to worry about that!
marta falco ainley wrote
at 11:10:20 on 28 February 2012
I am very grateful to those protestors who are trying to protect from people, who should by now be aware of puppy farms and their very cruel treatment of breeding bitches and stud dogs. If anybody didn't watch ' PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED ' tonight on BBC 4 you can see it on the BBC 4 website -enter BBC 4 -Pedgree Dogs Exposed and watch this programme - Once again, the Kennel Club have colluded with breedersl to continue to produce dogs with terrible deformaties. I've just sent Kennel Club an email. Go to their website and click on Contact us at the bottom and you'll see where you put your name etc., and a comments box.
salford wrote
at 04:18:51 on 23 February 2012
@Krys Well you had better tell the kc that then,look at this link from their website http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/210 They set the standard for the 'perfect specimen' of every kc Reg dog breed and the breed clubs follow,some breed clubs are trying to improve their breed since Pedigree dogs exposed was aired but for breeds like,bulldog,pekes and german shepherds etc it's going to take years of reversal of their breeding ethics to bring their health back.
krys wrote
at 18:52:38 on 22 February 2012
Actually salford yet again your information is incorrect. Its not the kc who owns and sets the standards its the breed clubs. The kc is just a central registry. But it IS the kc who keep getting the stick from uninformed people. the KC have also stepped in to change the breed standards of some breeds because the standards don't promote healthy breeding. I get sick of seeing incorrect information spread about the KC by people who don't know anything about them
Winston Smith wrote
at 11:44:54 on 22 February 2012
Andy, until not that long ago, slavery, bull baiting and freak shows were all legal. Then enlightened people came along and changed things for the better - usually peacefully and with well reasoned argument. That's all that's happening here.
salford wrote
at 11:44:34 on 22 February 2012
You've got a point Andy...let's say all kennels which are inspected and licensed and legal etc: got closed down,It would not change the demand for puppies (not everyone wants an older rescue dog) so the private breeders,unregulated and unlicensed breeders would breed and sell more pups for even more profit....in many ways it would drive it all 'underground'
ron wrote
at 21:35:06 on 20 February 2012
Get a grip Andy, there are no hidden agendas. Take a look at Australia and USA where protests outside pet shops happen every week,and with much bigger crowds then Manchester. No one tries to label them animal rights activist, they are treated with respect for what they do. Why Dogs4us, let me ask you why not? Have they not been compliant in the puppy trade for 45 years and boasted about it to anyone who will listen? Times are changing people want ethical pet shops that don't sell puppies.
Andy Cheighton wrote
at 17:10:50 on 20 February 2012
couldn't you just as well say that all people who breed dogs are contributing to the over-supply of dogs? Why single out DOGS4US? If conditions are that bad, then UK law is being broken, and the RSPCA could investigate. I suspect some other agenda here, such as private breeders wanting less competition.
Robert wrote
at 21:59:48 on 19 February 2012
The whole point of these peaceful protests (no matter what D4Us say about them) is not to stop a legitimate business from operating but to draw the attention of the public to the horrendous conditions the parents of many of the pups being sold by them are enduring! This is about puppy farming to feed stores like Dogs4Us. Never loose sight of the reason for these protests! Pupps and kittens should not be sold in this way like going out to shop for a new TV or Washing Machine, We are talking about living, breathing, feeling, bleeding, hurting animals. Many of the pups will sadly end up being pts or their owners experience problems which lead the dogs into rescue. Many others will have genetic problems which may require endless vet treatment. Remeber that the guarantee that D4U bang on about DOES NOT cover hereditary or congential problems. BUYER BEWARE.
salford wrote
at 17:08:41 on 19 February 2012
It Is the kc who set the breed standard for every Pedigree dog breed in uk and therefore the kc are responsible for dictating to breeders how their dog should look and all for the show ring,the kc is big business and have dictated 'the standard' to breeders for years, have you seen the state of german shepherds back legs which the kc GSD standard set ?...crippled dogs for show !!
Heva wrote
at 12:13:59 on 19 February 2012
I am so glad that yet again people are getting lots more information and stories on this place... On several visits to this place I have had long conversations with 'buyers' and managed to talk them out of spending silly amounts of money on a poor example of a dog never mind certain breed. Equally as amusing is their doglover register which they magically print off the computer or even hand write which means sod all.... You could register a litter of yorkies as dobermans and no one even has to see them or verify them. Go Dogs Trust....£80 including vacc, chip, food, collar, lead, neutering and back up for LIFE.....BARGAIN!!!!!!!
krys wrote
at 05:03:34 on 18 February 2012
havent got much tiome for the kc but i have to say the kc arent responsible for the health problems in dogs,the breders are!the kc has had a softly softly approach ot the breeders and bred clubs for years and dont dictate tot ehm what they must and must not do.so things have got worse.but a lot of breed clubs are responsible and have actuially eradicated defect from breeds of pediogree dogs and do actually invest millions of pounds supporting the animal health trust and doing research into the genetics of health problems so sorry if i had to choose id much rather support the kc rather than this dogs4us who have never spent a cent on promoting good health,genetic testing or anything else to make sure the dogs are healthy.pedigree dogs exposed is all about shock tactics.the kc have now sent a stong message to breeders who show dogs so that judges now may not put up dogs with exaggerated features and actually have to penalise them.the kc have introduced health testing like hip dysplacia,von willebrands,cervical spondylosis etc and have done so for many years.its not their fault if some breeders dont test for these problems.they cant hold a gun to peoples heads and make them do it.dedicated show breeders do test their stock and so are more likely to sell you a healthy pup.puppy farmers dont test for anything as all theyre concerned about is MONEY! ive never been on a protest against dogs4us but id certainly go now!
stacey parkinson wrote
at 05:01:01 on 18 February 2012
DOGS4US say they only use licenced breeders DUH most puppy farms are licenced by the local authority who want to spend a day in the conditions these poor bitchs are kept they would soon change there minds
Dnoon wrote
at 04:50:26 on 18 February 2012
Don't bother Protesting anymore
Robert wrote
at 04:49:17 on 18 February 2012
Pedigree Dogs Exposed - the update 27/2/2012 http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2012/09/Pedigree-Dogs-Exposed-Three-Years-On.html will be very interesting.
Winston Smith wrote
at 16:40:04 on 17 February 2012
If the Kennel Club think these places are bad, they must be bloody awful: "Do not buy a puppy or a dog from these sources, as they will have had the worst possible start in life, and are far more likely to have health and temperament problems" (from Robert's link to the Kennel Club below)
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Star date: 19th October 2018


Three earth tremors have been recorded by the British Geological Survey near where Cuadrilla has begun fracking in Fylde..."The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered" says David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at the University of Glasgow.

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Star date: 19th October 2018


EDL Protest
Saturday 20th October 12:30pm
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Having abandoned plans to march in Didsbury this weekend, the fascist EDL is instead holding a rally in Manchester tomorrow, and Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have called for a counter demonstration, backed by politicians and trade unions... "The EDL are never welcome in our city" says Kate Green MP "We stand together against division and hate."

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Star date: 18th October 2018


Peterloo, the movie, starring Maxine Peake, was premiered in Manchester last night at Home. The Salford Star was not invited but we did manage a non-exclusive twenty second interview with Salford director Mike Leigh on the red carpet, and a viewing at the peasants' overflow on Deansgate. Is it any good? Read our review and that crucial interview with Mike Leigh.

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Star date: 17th October 2018


As Theresa May was locked in Brexit talks in Brussels, this morning Salford City Council, Bellway Homes and Swinton residents' Saving Our Neighbourhood group were meeting to try and resolve horrendous problems around the Campbell Road natural green space, where the developer is attempting to build 241 houses.

The Council and Bellway have been brought to the table after constant protests by residents..."I think that's the only way we're going to get anywhere" said Barry Woodling of Saving Our Neighbourhood as residents demonstrated yet again outside the Civic Centre.

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Star date: 16th October 2018


Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, slated the Tory Government in Parliament yesterday, pointing out "What a terrible irony it is that the first day of Green Great Britain Week is the day that fracking is due to commence..."

Today, Vivienne Westwood performed a break dance to Abba's Dancing Queen on Cuadrilla's 'draconian injunction line' outside the Preston New Road site in a dig at Theresa May's hopeless jig at the Tory conference and to stand up for the right to protest.

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